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Crisis solution (December 2006)
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Press evaluation:

31/12/2006: No agreement on restoring all police posts: Mahara (nn), Maoists not to let secys, posts work (samn), No deal on restoring all police posts: Mahara (kp), Maoists threaten to beat up, chase cops (kp), 15 displaced families return (kp), Leaders seek inclusive statute (samn), UML leader plea on constitution (samn), 'Two ballot papers in CA impractical' (samn), Govt accuses Maoists of hindering polls (samn), Maoists against Madheshi-Pahadi tussle (samn)

30/12/2006: PM wants to settle problems with JTMM, too, through talks (nn) [This means that you will have to leave the politics of Tagadharibad immediately!!], Prachanda agrees on return of police posts: PM, by Harsha/Madhav/Binod (kp), UN monitors to kick in from mid-Jan: Martin (kp), Arms monitors to be trained: Martin (samn), Dismissal of 6 top palace officials advised, by Yuvraj Acharya (kp), WFP waiting for govt-Maoist pact, by Tilak P Pokharel (kp), Both RPPs complain to OHCHR (kp), Compensation for Nepalgunj damage, by J Pandey (kp), Govt to compensate riot victims (samn), PM for checks, balances in statute (samn), Constitution needs changes: Nepal PM (Dawn), Activists for early enaction of statute (samn), NC yet to decide on Monarchy: Rambaran (samn), People will vote for republic: CPN-UML (samn), Team finalizes arms storage sites (samn), Joint team reaches Rolpa’s Dahaban (samn), Migrant Nepalis fume at denial of rights (samn), Nepal: A year when people buried the monarchy (wi)

29/12/2006: NRNs’ fail to get voting rights (nn) [They only want money from NRN, not their participation!], Government starts preparations for providing citizenship certificates to 3 million (nn), 3 million will get citizenship, by Milan Mani Sharma (kp), ‘PM could be authoritarian’ (kp), Koirala for curtailing some powers of PM in interim constitutionNormalcy restored in Nepalgunj, by J Pandey & Janak Nepal (kp), Curfew lifted, 8-party leaders in Banke (samn), Nepalgunj unrest unfortunate: PM (kp), Riots opened our eyes: PM Koirala (samn) [O.k., stop talking and start politics of inclusion with corresponding changes in the planned interim constitution and with democratization of the internal party structures!], Enemies of peace (kp), Leaders call to provide immediate relief to Nepalgunj victims (nn), Govt pledges compensation to Nepalgunj riot victims (nn), 6 UN monitors arrive (kp), Six UN arms monitors arrive; Martin concerned over obstruction of RPP activities (nn), No more bandas please!, by Khagendra N Sharma  (kp), Is National Reconciliation Irrelevant?, by  Keshab Poudel  (sp), Still Too Fragile: The show of brute force by the Maoists over appointment row exposes the fragility of the peace process, by Sanjaya Dhakal (sp), On Peace Mode: The Maoists reshuffle their party organization to suit the needs of peace time (sp), Mission At Home: The famed Gurkha soldiers could take up the job of initial monitoring of arms and armies, by Sanjaya Dhakal (sp), A year of living anxiously: In 2006, we learnt to trust our hopes rather than our fears , by CK Lal (nt), Starting over again (nt), Will New Year revive height of controversy in Nepal? (wi), Open your eyes: We can choose to fight with words in the constituent assembly, or guns on the streets, by Sheetal Kumar (nt), Interim statute draft changed: CPN-UML (samn) (nn), 

28/12/2006: Curfew still on, senior leaders of eight parties to visit Nepalgunj (nn), Parties smell conspiracy in Nepalgunj, urge restraint (kp) [When will they understand that the conspiracy is their own politics of exclusion??], DAO lifts curfew in Nepalgunj (nn), Eight-party leaders visit Nepalgunj; normalcy returns (nn), Goodwill rally urges social harmony: Nepalgunj heads for normalcy, by J Pandey and Janak Nepal (kp), Good-will rally held amidst curfew (samn), Govt forms probe commission (kp), Panel to probe Nepalgunj incidents (samn), Team formed to recruit ex-Gurkhas (nn), ‘Police posts, VDC offices to be restored by mid-Jan’, by Ninod Bhandari and Bhim Ghimire (kp), Maoists to leave Prachandapath for communist unity (nn), Provisions related with CJ appointment in interim statute are OK, says Giri (nn) [Don't forget, he hailed the kings at times of royal dictatorship!], Leaders ask govt to check communal riots (samn), Nepali Muslims want their rights ensured (kp), ‘Monarchy should be abolished soon’ (kp), Maoist offense (kp), Dia Logic: Lost nation, lost pride, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (kp), Importance of TRC, by Kesab Prasad Bastola (kp), Nepal is not a Hindu land for Hinduism to claim its crown, by Prakash Bom (kp), UN HR body asks Nepal to end impunity (samn), Nepal's Interim Constitution: Its Features & Flaws, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (Scoop)

27/12/2006: 23 injured when locals, policemen clash with Maoists (nn), Locals, cops clash with Maoists, 23 hurt (samn), Curfew clamped in Nepalgunj: One killed in clash, by J Pandey (kp), Curfew imposed as riot breaks out (samn), Clashes rock Nepal town (tc), Riots break curfew in Nepal border town (Peninsula), Riots in Nepal border town (Gulf Times), Curfew lifted for three hours in Nepalgunj (nn), Curfew re-imposed in Nepalgunj; thousands join in peace rally (nn), Curfew reimposed, security stepped up in west Nepal town (International Herald Tribune), Indefinite Curfew Imposed After Riots in Nepal: Dissatisfaction with the interim constitution expressed, by Umesh Shrestha (on), Govt to form high-level panel to probe Nepalgunj riots (nn), Govt forms probe commission on Nepalgunj unrest (nn), Government releases Rs 36 million for cantonment infrastructures (nn), Extra Rs 36m for Maoist camps (kp), Parties demand early enaction of statute (samn), MPs want HLPC report implemented (kp), Punish culprits of rights violation to end impunity: Sundh (nn), Govt to support IDPs’ return (kp), Details on damages for war-hit sought (samn), 577 ex-Gurkhas apply to monitor arms (kp), Maoists issue land ownership certificates (kp), Ambassadors and politics, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Can peace & Maoists coexist?, by Hari Bansha Dulal (kp), Eight injured in police lathi-charge (samn), What Youths and Media Could & Should Do?, by Krishna B. Bhattachan (tg), Difficult road ahead in Nepal’s ‘new era’, by Shyam Bahadur (Gulf Times)

26/12/2006: Govt to mobilise teams for distributing citizenship certificates (nn), Judiciary faced pressure from royal regime: Ex-acting CJ (nn), SC acted under royal duress: ex-CJ (samn), 15 injured, 400 stranded in NSP banda: Life across terai affected (kp), Strike called by dissident party cripples southern Nepal (Gulf Times), Curfew imposed in Nepalgunj (nn), Curfew imposed in west Nepal town following clashes (International Herald Tribune), Curfew imposed in western Nepal town following ethnic clashes (Relief Web), Protesting NSP (A) cadres manhandle journalists (nn), Nepalgunj curfew extended, one killed (nn), NSP (A) disowns role in Nepalgunj riot; parties call for restraint (nn), Government alert to maintain law and order in Nepalgunj, says Home Minister (nn), Newars Demand Autonomy in Nepal: The Newa Republic Front for Autonomy hold rally in Kathmandu, by Umesh Shrestha (on), Govt to restore police posts: VDC secys to be in villages by Jan 9 (kp), Pact on revival of police posts (samn), Maoists oppose govt decision to re-establish police posts (nn), PM seeks Maoist cooperation for CA polls (samn), Conflict Aftermath: Homeward bound from Delhi, by Gopal Khanal (kp), 5 injured as 4 student groups clash (kp), RPP men forced to chant anti-king slogans (kp), Govt to organize regional security conferences (kp), Former mayors’ meet disrupted (samn), 2 lyrics for anthem to be set to music (kp), The rush to regret, by Manjushree Thapa (kp), National traps, by Avantika Regmi (kp), Royal visit called off to avoid possible danger: PM Koirala (pd), Isolated Nepal king forced to cancel holiday (Reuters), Nepal's PM cancels king's vacation (Yahoo), Logistics handed over to PLA (samn)

25/12/2006: NSP (A) bandh affects normal life in Terai districts (nn), Interim constitution is anti-Madhesi, says Mahato (nn), Students obstruct meeting of RPP Nepal (nn), Govt to reinstate police posts, send back VDC secretaries (nn), Prepare five basic infrastructures in cantonment sites: Rights Activists (nn), ‘Roads to cantonments too bad’ (kp), RCCC officials interrogated (nn), Ojha Panel Grills RCCC Officials (samn), Interim statute within ‘10 days’ (kp), Nepal to soon get interim Constitution: report (Hindustan Times), Ex-Gurkhas eager about govt offer, by Kosh Raj Koirala (kp), Gurkhas to monitor Nepal arms (samn), Ex-Gurkhas respond well to job offer for arms management (pd)

24/12/2006: PM, Prachanda discuss current political situation, appointments (nn), PM to consult parties on key decisions (kp), PM asked to ake parties into confidence (samn), Maoists likely to bag four envoys’ posts (samn) [Their party affiliation is of minor importance, but the majority of up to 90% of them must be women, Dalits, Janajati and Madhesi!!], Maoist activities might delay CA Polls: DPM Oli (nn), Religious leaders against secular Nepal (samn), Indian religious leaders demand Nepal be declared a Hindu State (nn) [Leave religious fundamentalism in secular India!!], 'Maoists won't sink in parliamentary quicksand' (kp), Carter Center team arriving early Jan, by Kiran Chapagain (kp), 3 containers returned: Combatants, arms less than that claimed, by Binod Tripathi (kp), Newars to bar royalist activities (samn), Newars unhappy with interim constitution (samn), Planning a better Nepal for all, by Marty Logan (Dawn)

23/12/2006: Nepal bandh withdrawn (nn), Nepal Maoists call off two-day strike over envoys (Reuters), Maoists withdraw call for Nepal shutdown (Khaleej Times), Maoists Call Off Two Day Strike: The week's developments in Nepal, by Umesh Shrestha )on), Rebels call off strike, Koirala firm on envoy nominations (Hindustan Times), PM not to withdraw ambassador nominations (kp), Govt suspends appointment of envoys (samn), Prachanda, Bohara discuss situation (kp), UML to PM Koirala: Take allies into confidence on all key issues (nn), Rayamajhi urges government to publicise probe report (nn), Joint team inspects cantonment site, by Saraswoti Karki (kp), UN for gender balance on arms mgmt (samn), Rights violations (kp), Understanding and not understanding, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp), No appointments till interim government is formed, says Sherchan (nn), Coat of arms not up to mark: artists (samn), Bush On Low Flame: The Maoists are giving truce a chance, but their patience seems to be fast running out, by Daniel Lak (oi)

22/12/2006: Government and Maoists to invite applications from ex-Gurkhas to monitor arms (nn), 111 ex-Gurkhas to be recruited: arms monitoring (kp), UML-Maoists discuss current political situation (nn), Sundh urges Maoists to respect human rights (nn), Joint inspection team visits PLA camps in Ilam, Sindhuli (nn), Govt breaching peace pact: Maoists (samn), 'Envoys appointed to avert CA polls' (samn), Prachanda says talks with government on to resolve the standoff (nn), UML urges govt to withdraw decision (kp), Don't act silly, by Ameet Dhakal (kp), Implementing probe commission report, by Khagendra N Sharma (kp), Business as usual: Bandas are part of mainstream politics, by Sharad KC (nt), Point well taken: More bandas are not the way to go, but this one had a reason, by Daniel Lak (nt), Untouched: For far-west Nepal’s dalits, the peace process has been a bitter return to old realities, by Naresh Newar (nt), The division of spoils: All sides need to have a say in decision-making, by CK Lal (nt), Myopia: As one movement winds down, another one, as insidious, is escalating, by Sheetal Kumar (nt), Put out this fire (nt), Talk to the tarai (nt, originally in Ghatana Ra Bichar, 20 December), Interim constitution draws INJSC flak (samn), Nepal Maoists to mount protests on govt (Gulf Times), Nepal: How Real Is The Maoist Peace Camp?, by Sanjay Upadhya (Scoop), Finalization of Interim Constitution: Emerging New Polarization, by Keshab Poudel (sp), No Check, No Balance: A new interim constitution follows the communist model by barring the people who may oppose its preamble, by Keshab Poudel (sp) [and those who have alwas been excluded: women, Janajati, Dalits, Madhesi!], “Peace And Stability Is Essential For Social And Economic Transformation”, by Paolo Spantigati (sp), UN Is Working Hard To Provide Support, by Ian Martin (sp)

21/12/2006: UML asks govt to withdraw nominations, urges Maoists not to head for collision course (nn), Sharma says PLA may take up arms again (nn), NA responsible for the custodial death of Maina Sunuwar: OHCHR (nn), Maoists change party structure; to continue protest programmes (nn) [Where are the women? What about appropriate shares of indigenous peoples, Dalits, Madhesis? What is the difference from the Bahunbad as practised by the other political parties?], Citizenship by birth can be catastrophic, says KC (nn) [There has never been any problem for the male Bahuns/Chhetris to get citizenship for their foreign wives! Where's the difference? Where's the problem? These Bahunbadis will never give up their narrow-mindedness!], Fissures develop within SPA, could trigger fresh polarization (nn), DPM Oli calls Maoists to abide by the pacts (nn), 15 monitors to arrive next week: UN approves $9.3m for Nepal peace, by Kiran Chapagain (kp), Govt sits on nominations (kp), Forgive, not forget: Truth & reconcilation, by Ghanashyam Ojha (kp) [Reconciliation has its limits: Those who have killed, tortured or ordered to do so have to be punished!], Nepal Army still protecting killers: UN (wi), U.N. slams Nepal's army over torture convictions (Reuters), Torture, impunity & justice system, by Raj Kumar Siwakoti (kp), RPP objects exclusion (kp), Mahara warns of not joining interim govt (samn), Nepal Maoists to continue protest against new appointments (wi), Uneasy hush in Nepal as Maoists' strike call countdown begins (wi), After ultimatum, Maoists begin show of might (Gulf Times), Save Nepal peace pact from getting into peril, by Chiranjibi Kafle (Relief Web), Powerless king: It could be the end of the monarchy in Nepal (Deccan Herald)

20/12/2006: Feud in Nepal over envoys (Asian Age), SPA leaders divided over govt appointments (nn), Govt to settle differences through talks (samn), Manisha aunt to be envoy to Delhi, by Sudeshna Sarkar (Asian Age) [a family deal], Teams to distribute citizenship from Jan 15 (nn), Govt. to re-establish displaced police posts by mid-January: Sitaula (nn), Armed Maoists leave camps in protest; Maoists issue 10-day ultimatum (nn), Banda enforced in Valley (kp), Strike, demos paralyse life nationwide (samn), Thousands of CPN armed men desert camps, some remain outside (pd), Maoist siege after govt names envoys, by J Hemanth (tc), Maoists paralyse Nepal over envoy dispute (wi), After ultimatum, Nepal Maoists begin show of might (wi), A banda of intimidations and brute force (kp), Recent Maoist protest programmes will not affect peace process: PM Koirala (nn) [The warmonger Moriarty is active again with no understanding of Bahunbad!], Maoists call banda for Dec 31, Jan 1: To withdraw if govt revokes political decisions (kp), Maoists' 10-day ultimatum to govt (samn), 44 IDP’s of Mugu return home (nn), Britain positive about involving ex-Gurkhas in arms management (nn), Government releases Rs 110 million for Maoists (nn), Arms mgmt delay might retard CA poll: Nepal (kp), Ex-policmen want their jobs restored (kp), A sad farce (kp), Peace into pieces?, by Surendra Phuyal (kp), Has Nepal become an indeterminate state? (tg), Peace building, democracy and development begin with compromise rather than polarization, by Dev Raj Dahal, Head, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Nepal office (tg), Language Politics in Nepal in the Changed Political Context, by Ram Kumar Dahal, Department of Political Science, TU (tg), Current Political Situation in Nepal: Will the constitution prepared by the constituent assembly bring positive peace in Nepal?, by Krishna Bhattachan, Central Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Tribhuvan University (tg)

19/12/2006: Justices ready to take oath before interim parliament: CJ Poudel (nn), ‘We will take oath in interim parliament’ (kp), Arms and armies management as soon as UN team arrives: Sitaula (nn), Govt nominates 14 envoys (kp), Govt names envoys, Maoists not happy (samn), Nepal rebels oppose appointments (BBC News), Maoists announce Valley Bandh today (nn), Nepal Maoists call nationwide strike over envoys, by Gopal Sharma (Reuters), Bandh affects normal life in the capital; countrywide (nn), Strike action called in Nepal (Aljazeera), Nepal rebels strike to protest government's unilateral appointment of envoys (International Herald Tribune), Maoists Call One Day Strike in Kathmandu: Government fails to consult former rebels over important appointments, by Indra Dhoj Kshetri (on), Fresh discord in Nepal as rebels call strike (Reuters), Mahara says new appointments could seriously affect peace process, Khanal says UML also in dark (nn), Lawmakers criticise government; urge to call back decision (nn), Joint inspection of PLA camps cancelled as Maoists protest govt appointments (nn), DPM Oli defends nominations of ambassadors; Maoists to continue protest (nn), CA poll hangs in balance, by Bishnu Budhathoki (kp), Restore the state (kp), Parties and policies, by Aditya Baral (kp), Gagan hits out at monarchy (samn), 'UN must expedite monitoring of weapons' (samn), Gurkha force to monitor Nepal peace deal (Daily Times), Compromise in Nepal (Washington Times), Nepal's interim constitution (Hindu)

18/12/2006: Govt names envoys to 14 diplomatic missions (nn) [Among them 5 Bahuns including one woman and 5 male Chhetris: This is not a new beginning but continued eclusive politics!], Maoists irked over naming of ambassadors (nn), ICJ warns of dire consequence if CA polls postponed (nn), Eight-party unity will continue: MK Nepal (nn), Interim constitution only after verification of Maoist arms and armies (nn),  Former CJ Upadhyaya to head NHRC (nn) [He may be a respected person but it is another step to uphold male Baunvad!], Half-revolution dangerous: Gujaral (kp), Maoists going election-centric (kp), Arms Monitoring: Gurkha option gains strength, by Tilak P. Pokharel (kp), Loktantra rejuvenates Rolpalis (kp), SPA allies protest interim statute (kp), Interim Statute (kp), Interim statute historic document (samn), Politicians seek 'committed judiciary' (samn), Rehabilitation: A forbidden fruit?, by Anga R Timilsina (kp), Politics of knowledge, by Prabodh Devkota (kp), PM advised to remain impartial, unbiased (samn), UN ready to feed Maoist soldiers (wi)

17/12/2006: NC protecting monarchy: Bohara (nn), NC is monarchy's bulwark: Bohora (samn), Nation moving towards republic set up: Aryal (nn), Interim statute makes PM all powerful, by Yuvraj Acharya (kp), Leaders laud interim constitution (kp), Leaders hail interim statute (samn), Nepali political leaders express happiness over finalization of interim constitution (pd), Parties ink interim constitution (samn), Nepal interim statute strips king powers, by J. Hemanth (tc), Nepal's king ill-placed for a comeback: officials, analysts, by Deepesh Shrestha (Yahoo), As Nepal Shakes Up Ancient Order, All, Including Monarchy Itself, Is Up In The Air, by Somini Sengupta (Day, Connecticut), Nepal parties, Maoist rebels approve interim constitution (Gulf Times), Rebels agree key step in move to end Nepal bloodshed, by Bijaya Acharya (Scotsman), All powers for Prime Minister of Nepal, by Ameet Dhakal (Hindu), Nepal parties, Maoists okay draft constitution: King to have no right in state affairs (Daily Star), NSP (A) announces protest programme (nn), UN monitors arriving within 10 days; assessment report is ready (nn)

16/12/2006: Leaders put their signature in the interim constitution (nn), Nepal finalises interim constitution (oi), Nepal approves draft constitution (Aljazeera), Interim constitution approved in Nepal, by Bijaya Acharya (Reuters), Interim statute hammered home: Silent on head of state, by Yuvraj Acharya (kp), No space for king in new statute (samn), Nepal king will no longer be head of state (wi), NSP (A) writes 'note of dissent' on draft of interim constitution (nn), Nepal's Monarchy Suspended: Political parties reach agreement on the interim constitution, by Umesh Shrestha (on), Suspend monarchy in interim constitution, by Prakash Bom (kp), Another milestone in Nepal's peace process (pd), Nepal interim constitution removes king (Washington Times), Nepal parties, rebels approve interim constitution (Reuters), National animal issue bogs down Nepal peace talks (Daily Times), Lawmakers demand to publicize Rayamajhi Commission's report (nn), No interim government before arms management: Singh (nn), Interim constitution a historic step forward, say leaders (nn), Nepal's new constitution is country's sixth statute (wi)

15/12/2006: SC rejects case against King (nn) [Crimes should never be protected by any law!], NANDRON formed (nn), Over dozen injured in scuffle during RPP-Nepal’s 'pro-King' rally (nn), 35 monitors ready to be deployed: Canada backs out, by Kiran Chapagain (kp), Pro-monarchy leadership to face protest (kp), Maoist behavior could impede CA polls: Singh, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp), Relent now (kp), Contradictory messages, by Khagendra N Sharma (kp), Democratizing the Democrats: At a time when pressure is building to promulgate the new interim constitution, the problem of Nepal is to democratize the democrats, by Keshab Poudel (sp), Untold Miseries: The miseries of internally displaced persons are yet to be addressed despite the cessation of violence, by Sanjaya Dhakal (sp), Lack Of Tolerance: Can democracy flourish in an environment of intolerance? (sp) [Is it intolerant to oppose persons who have supported grave human rights violations?], Ending Of Impunity Is Crucial, by Lena Sundh (sp), Makeshift peace, by Naresh Newar (nt), The rest of Nepal: Tensions remain taut, and democracy a distant memory, by Daniel Lak (nt), Debunking myths: …of the constituent assembly versus the status quo, by Sheetal Kumar (nt), War of nerves: Hope is all the Maoist cadre have, and the seven parties are taking it away, by CK Lal (nt), House trained (nt), “We can ask the UN to leave”, interview with Baburam Bhattarai by Navin Singh Khadka (nt, originally in BBC Nepali Service, 11 December), SMS poll wants King as head of state (samn), King's role delays interim statute (samn) [He has destroyed the constitution of 1990 and he has ordered to kill and hurt the people! How can there be any discussion on the future role of such person?], Religious groups demand Hindu state (samn), Royalists take to the streets in Kathmandu (wi), King Gyanendra's supporters begin regrouping (Hindustan Times), PM, Maoists, UN agree to start work soon (samn), Nepal statute stalemate continues (samn), Nepal's government, rebels try to work out differences over constitution (International Herald Tribune), PM seeks ILO support for rehabilitation of conflict-hit children (nn), Maoists discuss party strategies, interim statute (nn), Top leaders’ meeting resumes at PM’s residence (nn), Baluwatar deliberations very close to reaching understanding on interim statute (nn)

14/12/2006: PM, Martin agree to start verification of arms and armies soon (nn), UN technical assessment mission visits two cantonment sites (nn), Home Ministry urges IDPs to register (nn), Leaders affirm CA polls by mid-June (kp), CA polls may get delayed: CPN-UML (samn), Social inclusion crucial for lasting peace: Sundh (kp), Sundh seeks panel to monitor peace deal (samn), ‘Dozens killed during ceasefire’ (kp), 43 people killed since April: NHRC (samn), Edging out the Maoists, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (kp), Contours of constitution making, by Gopal Krishna Siwakoti (kp), War after peace, by Sanjeev Satgainya (kp), Interim statute to be finalized soon: PM (samn), Interim statute to be ready today (samn), Top leaders' meeting yet to begin (nn), Top leaders gather in Baluwatar, prepare to finalize interim constitution (nn), Talks on interim constitution postponed yet again, will resume on Friday (nn), TAM members talk peace process with women, Dalit and indigenous communities (nn)

13/12/2006: SPA-Maoist top leaders' meeting underway (nn), Top leaders’ meeting ends inconclusive; next meeting tomorrow (nn), No CA polls if interim constitution delayed: Gautam (nn), Stopgap arms monitoring not viable: PM (kp), Interim constitution will be finalized soon: PM (nn), 43 people killed during truce: NHRC (nn), India hands over 70 arms containers to Nepal (kp), Arms storage containers handed over to cantonment coordinator’s office (nn), Bad weather hinders UN cantonment visits (kp), Displaced yet to return, living in dire straits, by Shyam Sundar Sashi (kp), Nation, narration and song, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Political ethics, by Khemraj Lakai (kp), Writing on the wall, by Trilochan Upreti (kp), State of Governance in Nepal, by Dev Raj Dahal (tg)

12/12/2006: 70 arms storage containers arrive from India (nn), UN technical mission consults with child rights groups (nn), Bandh cripples normal life in eastern Nepal (nn), NC (D) forms committee to see to disputed issues in interim constitution (nn), PM Koirala meets with Nepal, Deuba; top-level meeting Wednesday afternoon (nn), PM, Prachanda talk statute, arms (samn), PM to call top-level meeting by Wednesday: Promulgate interim statute now: Prachanda to PM (kp), UML, PFN want interim constitution now (nn), UML seeks early promulgation of statute (samn), PM's remarks create problems: PFN (samn), Prolonging transition (kp), Mahara warns of fresh revolt (nn), Mahara warns of renewed Maoist revolt (samn), 'Clarify stance on interim statute' (samn), Nepal running out of time for lasting peace (wi), Not good enough, by Manjushree Thapa (kp), JTMM sets conditions for talks with govt (samn)

11/12/2006: PM Koirala, Prachanda discuss draft of interim constitution (nn), Top leaders gather at Baluwatar to discuss draft of interim constitution (nn), Leaders to take up interim statute row (samn), Interim statute only after arms settlement: PM, by Yuvraj Acharya (kp) [Sounds like Moriarty's politics of war!], Tug over arms foils interim set-up (samn),  Draft interim statute not to be tampere (samn), Delay in CA polls could derail peace process, says Dr. Bhattarai (nn), UN technical assessment mission begins work (nn), Jumbo UN mission holds 1st meeting (kp), Take action against king: CMDP (kp), HR groups for enforcement of RC report (samn), Govt will bring guilty to book: Gyawali (samn), Abuse complaints backlog soars, NHRC can do nothing (kp), Nepal's peace process 'at risk', by Charles Haviland (BBC News), Maoist victims threaten armed struggle (samn), Should Koirala get Nobel prize? (wi) [Why shall he get this prize? He is on the best way to prevent durable peace!], Nepal: Putting back the pieces together, by Bhuwan Thapaliya (Global Politician)

10/12/2006: Negotiators to hand over draft constitution to top leaders (nn), 8-party bosses to finalise statute (samn), Talks on Nepal's interim constitution fail to solve key issues (pd), Head of state, army, poll system still unsettled (kp), Nepal king continues to block new constitution (wi), New statute must curb graft: Nembang (samn), Int'l Human Rights Day being observed; PM says Nepalis won't have to live under fear (nn), Impunity must be ended: Sundh (kp), Implement Rayamajhi Commission report to end culture of impunity: Rights activists (nn), US House urges Maoists to renounce violence (nn), Shun violence for good: US House to Maoists, by Kiran Chapagain (kp), Kin of missing await return of beloved (samn), Peace process moving smoothly: Sherchan (samn), Peace accord flayed (samn), Interim constitution and interim cabinet only after arms management: PM Koirala (nn), Talks teams to submit interim constitution draft to top leaders on Monday; ‘most issues settled’ (nn)

09/12/2006: Top leaders to finalise the draft of interim constitution (nn), Statute talks delays poll process (samn), Differences persist, by Yuvraj Acharya (kp), Impunity, social discrimination must end: OHCHR-Nepal chief (nn), PSC can monitor appointments at corporations, army and police: Shakya (nn), PSC seeks govt attention (samn), ‘Appoint commissioners in bodies’ (kp), Martin signs arms mgmt deal (kp), UN begins arms mgmt process in Nepal (samn), Deal Between Nepal's Gov't., Maoists Inked: A political milestone achieved and a hope of lasting peace, by Santosh Salik Shah (on), UN assessment team to arrive Monday (kp), Maoist role crucial for new Nepal: Deuba, by Mohan Budha Air and Chitranga Thapa (kp), Kin of insurgency victims in a lurch, by Dambar Singh Rai (kp), Peace deal or peace meal?, by Shakun Sherchand Leslie (kp), Prachanda wants to be president of Nepal (samn), Maoist chief Prachanda eyes presidential post (Gulf Times), Maoists shouldn’t obstruct peace: Deuba (samn), Nepal for proportional representation (samn) [And how shall this work if all seats are reserved for the unrepresentative MPs elected in 1999?], Dismissed security men on warpath (samn), Much needs to be done, says AHRC (samn), Monitoring of PLA camps, army barracks to start within in 2-3 days (nn)

08/12/2006: Donors urge govt to make appointments in key state agencies (nn), UN assessment team arriving early next week (nn), UN assessment team to visit Nepal from Monday to plan for full-fledged mission (UN News Service), UN monitors expected in 2 weeks: Martin (kp), UN sending 35 arms monitors within three weeks (Relief Web), Taking Time: Due to UN processes the monitoring of arms management has not started yet, pushing back other agendas like interim constitution, by Sanjaya Dhakal (sp), Monitoring task may fall on ex-Gurkhas (samn), Maoist proposal on monitors rejected (samn), Certified problem: Accurately assessing the size and strength of the PLA will be a nightmare, by JB Pun (nt), King, crown prince made to pay tax, by Bishnu Budhathoki (kp), Kin of Nagarkot victims stage sit-in protest (kp), Memories of torture, by Ghanesh Dhakal (nt, originally in Kantipur, 2 December), Perverted Opinion: Rayamajhi Commission's report sparks a new round of controversy, by Keshab Poudel (sp) [??], MPs demand probe panel report in House (samn), Maoists are opportunists: Mohan Bikram (kp), Maoists, UML unclear on republican front (samn), Effecting accord (kp), NC and monarchy, by Ameet Dhakal (kp), Political parties & inclusive democracy, by Khagendra N Sharma (kp), Women after war, by Naresh Newar (nt), Revolting Against Discrimination: With the restoration of democracy, women pluck courage to speak out against socio-cultural discrimination and violence, by Sanjaya Dhakal (sp), Change management: The Nepal Army isn’t going anywhere, which is why it must be made accountable, by CK Lal (nt), Born again: It isn’t just Nepal that’s new, GPK and PKD have also reinvented themselves, by Purushottam Dahal (nt), Prachanda JBR and The Great Hysterical Pupil’s War, by Foreign Hand (nt), Paid off (nt, originally in Himal Khabarpatrika, 2-15 December), Birds on a wire (nt), “Thanks”, by Tulsi P. Uprety (sp), Interim constitution likely today (samn), Neo-socialism can spread: Prachanda (samn), Nepal's Maoist chief eyes presidency (Channel News Asia), Peace process in Nepal (Asahi Shimbun), Tripartite agreement on arms and armies management signed (nn), Negotiators promise to finalize interim constitution by Saturday (nn)

07/12/2006: Implement Rayamajhi Commission report, MPs tell govt (nn), Govt, Maoist negotiators continue homework on interim constitution (nn), Ian Martin briefs Prime Minister about his New York consultations (nn), Martin not to sign arms pact in haste (samn), U.N. arms monitors to arrive in Nepal this month (Reuters), U.N. team to arrive in Nepal this month to help oversee peace process (International Herald Tribune), Press freedom abuses growing despite peace agreement: IFJ (nn), We are capable of monitoring the management of arms, says GAESO official (nn), Ex-Gurkhas will not be official UN monitors: Martin (nn), Interim constitution in ‘few days’: PM, Prachanda for stopgap arms mgmt, by Yuvraj Acharya (kp), Koirala no more a consensus leader: Nepal (kp), Women threaten poll boycott (kp), President of interim period, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (kp), 'Peace hinges on timely poll' (samn), Royalists begin money flight from Nepal (samn) [!!], Gyanendra’s $700,000 junket bill stuns Nepal (Gulf Times), The Republic of Nepal? The future of the monarchy is no longer certain, by Phanindra Prasad Dahal (on), Displaced people not able to get land (Relief Web)

06/12/2006: Ian Martin returns, says UNSC is determined to help Nepal (nn), Interim constitution soon: Minister Gyawali (nn), PM, Prachanda discuss implementation of agreements (nn), Deuba says majority in his party want the King out (nn), Did poet Maila make a mistake?, by Shekhar Kharel (kp), Nepal raps PM, by Lila Baral (kp), NC conspiring to delay CA polls: UML (samn), Post-April appointments ignore inclusive state structure: Report (kp), Change now! (kp), ‘New Nepal’ and transitional challenges, by Surendra Phuyal (kp), New Nepala la Sikkim or Bhutan? (tg), Conflict Resolution Process and Reforming the Judiciary under the Present People's Democracy, by Bharat B. Karki, Head of the Law Department, Faculty of Law, T.U. (tg), UN stamp on PLA strength soon (samn), Congress condemns Maoist violence (samn), NC against federalism, says Sujata (samn), ‘Arms monitoring, statute interlinked' (samn), Nepal's rebel leaders complain to prime minister over delays in peace process (International Herald Tribune), King Be Made President, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (Scoop) [a critical comment on Minister Gopal Man Shrestha's stupid suggestion]

05/12/2006: Finalization of satellite camps after Martin's return (nn), Maoist victims stage rally, demand representation in interim parliament (nn), UN campaign on IDPs launched (kp), UN seeks safe return of displaced people (samn), ‘Arms monitoring, interim statute interlinked’ (kp), UN resolution puts Nepal on focus (samn), CPN, UN to complete monitoring, authentication next week, officials (pd)

04/12/2006: Home Minister wants to make peace with JTMM too (nn), Singh chairs a new united front (nn), Martin could return on Wednesday (nn), UN agencies to start campaign for IDPs (nn), Five bases for new Nepal: Acharya (kp), ‘Republican front before CA polls’ (kp), NA starts clearing landmines (kp), Nepal army, Maoists now must defuse 12,000 landmines (wi), Diplomatic frivolity, by Madhab P Khanal (kp), ‘They are state-rendered stateless citizens’, interview with Hridayesh Tripathi (kp), Meet on PLA camp management held (samn), Nepal's royal road to disaster, by Dhruba Adhikary (Asia Times, 04/12/2006)

03/12/2006: Women leaders to launch agitation if 33 percent reservation is not implemented (nn) [The decision to give a seat to all those elected in 1999 is a clear testimony that the leaders of the political parties do not want give seats to women, janajati, dalits and madhesi!!], Women seek 33% seats in state mechanism (samn), Autonomy, federalism Maoist agenda (samn) [You are right, Prachanda, but this must start immediately, not after the promulgation of a new constitution! Your agreement with the parties is not satisfiying because it allows the parties to retain their old establishment!], Interim constitution will be ready within a few days, says Gyawali (nn), Nepal stresses unity among republican forces (kp), UML chief calls for republican alliance (samn), UN should rally behind Nepal: UK (kp), Press flayed for distorting Nepal facts (samn), Royalists begin 'save King' campaign in Nepal (wi), PM not in favor of shouldering monarchy against people's wishes, says Tarun Dal leader (nn)

02/12/2006: Majority of people are in favour of democratic republican set up: survey (nn), 88% Nepalis favour republic: INSEC poll (samn), UNSC adopts plan to assist Nepal (nn), UNSC adopts plan to assist Nepal, by Tilak P. Pokharel (kp), UN backs Annan’s proposal on Nepal (samn), UN Security Council OKs Assistance for Nepal Peace Deal, by Peter Heinlein (Voice of America), US aid shouldn’t benefit Maoists: Moriarty (kp), US may rethink aid flow: envoy Moriarty (samn) [This man does not give up to destruct the peace and reconstruction process!], ‘Republican front necessary for new Nepal’ (kp), Maoist duo for republican front (samn), Lahures turn squatters, by Deependra Baduwal (kp), Five fundamentals for New Nepal, by Shambhu Ram Simkhada (kp), 'Delay in polls may cause instability' (samn), HRW for judicial probe on disappearances (samn), UML keeps mum on interim PM issue (samn), Nepal, Maoists miss deadline for forming an interim govt (Gulf Times), New direction, by Deb Mukharji (Frontline)

01/12/2006: HoR can declare Nepal a republic: Speaker Nemwang (nn), House can declare a republic: Speaker (samn), Conspiracies on to hamper CA polls: UML general Secy. (nn), Senior Maoist leaders call for 'broader republican front' (nn), House probe committee finds NA Colonel guilty of killing a UML MP (nn), Nepal likely by Monday: UNSC resolution on, by Kiran Chapagain & Tilak P. Pokharel (kp), NC and monarchy (kp 01/12/2006), NC under republican pressure, by Khagendra N Sharma (kp), Maoist goodwill on test, by Anga R Timilsina (kp), “Maybe (janajatis) should have their own political party”, by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, chairperson of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (nt), Rights group urges Nepal justice, by Charles Haviland (BBC News), Still missing, by Naresh Newar (nt), Mend in Nepal: Next June’s CA election is looking like a mirage, by Kiran Nepal (nt), So far so good: Nepal’s unique attempt to manage the conflict locally is an example to the rest of the world, by Chitra B. Gurung (nt), Loving to hate Girijababu: GP deserves praise, but there’s a reason why he’s getting so much of it, by CK Lal (nt), New money (nt, originally in Kantipur, 27 November), “National power”, interview with Jhalanath Khanal, Permanent Central Committee member, CPN-UML (nt, originally in Budhabar, 29 November), The week after (nt), Teams continue talks on interim statute (samn), Women leaders hand over memo to PM (samn), Nepal interim government delayed, but no snags seen, by Gopal Sharma (Reuters), Nepal interim government delayed (Khaleej Times)

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