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Crisis solution (July-December 2010)
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Press evaluation:

31/12/2010: NC to quit if RCP loses (kp), 2010 turns into ‘the year of banda’: 125 days of strikes in 365 days; Parties renege on commitments, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), Gendered justice: Nepal’s transitional justice process must take a gender-equality approach, by Gopal Krishna Siwakoti (kp), Don’t revive old cases, Maoists warn govt (ht), Total impunity: This timid government will not take action against Paras or the DPM’s son-in-law, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Parties’ Existential Politics, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Politics 2011, by Ameet Dhakal (rep), Ignored lessons: Unless our politicians internalise the lessons of 2010, we can expect a repeat performance, by Damakant Jayshi (nt), A year of false dawns: All across the country, there is a real sense that the people have been let down by their leaders, by Narayan Shrestha (nt), 2010's men: A bad year for the Maoists, a good one for the president and the army, and status quo for the rest of the politicians, by Prashant Jha (nt), "I think there can be an agreement": An exclusive interview with Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (nt), UCPN (M) makes unilateral request to UN for extension of its mission's stay (nn), TMLP suffers vertical split (nn), UN Secy-Gen urges parties to end prolonged deadlock (nn), UNMIN can remain if govt and parties want: Landgren (nn)

30/12/2010: UN may return Nepali unit Sets Jan 10 date for APCs, logistics to arrive, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Extension OK if Maoists ready to play ball: NC; Party sets two preconditions (kp), 27-party nod for unicameral provincial legislature (ht), Sushil says UML's 'double standards' created deadlock; says NC is ready to sit in opposition (nn) [This is exactly where this party should sit according to people's vote!!], Limbuwan cadres turn attackers (ht), Feudalism, Federalism And Universalism, by Lok Nath Bhusal (rn), True essence of national reconciliation, by Kumar Regmi (rep)

29/12/2010: 27 parties approve taskforce decision on forms of govt, legislature (nn), Crisis certain if UNMIN leaves, warn Maoists, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UNMIN’s Extension: New Bone Of Contention, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Whose interest? (ht), Youths can bail out the country: I came to realise that the corrupt politicians are to blame for the present chaos, by Gayatri Shah, MP (kp), ‘Make statute child-friendly’ (kp), Kids could face ‘statelessness’ (ht), The second decade: Nepal is at a forked road; one path leads to progress, the other retreat, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Lost in transition: Nepal’s political parties need to redefine their roles and reconnect with society, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (kp), Role of institutions in the preamble: Consensus and ambiguity, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht)

28/12/2010: No talks if House is not convened, say Maoists (kp), Will winter session thaw
tensions? House to meet on January 9; Maoist leaders irked at delay
(kp), Hail to the Himalaya: The Maoists have forgotten about the social changes they promised, by Aruna Upreti (kp)

27/12/2010: Unity depends on Maoists: Three parties in a huddle to seek way out, by Mahesh Acharya and Phanindra Dahal (kp), Tripartite pact must before House session: Govt (ht), NC, UML mull regular House session only after PLA comes under Special Committee (nn), Big 3 at odds again (kp), 17-party meet a blow to three-party deal: Maoists (ht), Maoists walk out of three-party meeting (nn), UML ready to discuss change of guard, says leader (ht), Panel to fortify civilian control over Army (kp), An inconvenient truth, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep), Year of disillusionment, by C.K. Lal (rep), New constitution must for establishing rule of law: NHRC chair (nn), PM Nepal asks President to call regular House session on Jan 3 (nn)

26/12/2010: UNSC divided on UNMIN; four options open, by Phanindra Dahal and Mahesh Acharya (kp), Two high-level interfaces in Jan: The visits time with UNMIN’s departure and India’s entry into UNSC, by Anil Giri (kp), AISC secretariat members in Shaktikhor to seek combatants’ opinion on integration (nn), PM urged to lay groundwork: Consensus on integration modality first: Maoists (kp), UCPN (Maoist) objects to 17 parties’ decision on calling House only after consensus on new govt (nn), Pressure on to keep democratic alliance intact (ht), Khanal, Nepal worlds apart on government formation process (ht), UML leader sees Khanal in PM’s chair (ht), Don’t fall into power trap, says Congress boss: Accuses UCPN-M of trying to split NC through PM offers (ht), NC, UML positive on rotational system; Maoists skeptical (nn), Violent times: Student organisations are using violence to secure their interest (kp), The Struggle Of Two Lines, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

25/12/2010: Badal-led taskforce in limbo: Conflict over division of responsibilities coming in its way (ht), Strategic Fallacy Of The Maoists, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn), CPN-UML student wing brings Valley to a halt Further clashes likely between two unions (kp), Students quick study at flexing muscles (ht), 17 parties decide to continue 'democratic coalition' (nn)

24/12/2010: Top 3 for regular House session: Govt assures of convening Parliament within a week, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Maoists fall in line, House prorogued (ht), Unbelievable outcome (ht), Three roads lie ahead; which will they take?, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML calls PM on the carpet (kp), Secretariat to cisit cantonment on Sunday: Visit aims to win confidence of PLAs (ht), Not missing UNMIN: Asking UNMIN to stay on will only jeopardise the peace process, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt), Call to empower war-hit women (kp), Nepal improves rank in democratic index (kp), Democracy for the long haul: Democracy deepens over time, but only with the people’s continuous efforts, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Monarchy and Madhes: Despite the royalist rallies, the political force that will rise from Madhes will be democratic, by Chandra Kishore (kp), Of disappearances, and forensic science, by Sumina Karki (rep)

23/12/2010: No giving another term: Envoys (kp), UNMIN blues: Peace process is faltering; UN’s political presence makes sense (kp), Monitoring logistics only as loan: UNMIN; Had govt asked earlier,equipment would have come as grant assistance: Landgren (ht), Second sitting of the Special Session today; 20 parties to stand against Maoist proposal (nn), Maoist motion all set to flop: Special session resumes today; NC,UML to oppose proposals (ht), NC, UML to thwart Maoist plan: Agree to prepare action plan of Special Committee (kp), PM faces ire of partymen: A majority of UML lawmakers criticised Nepal for proposing NC leader Poudel as next premier (kp), Maoists won't proceed ahead with fresh election proposal if NC agrees to scrap Poudel's candidacy (nn), Maoists agree to end Special Session; regular House session to be summoned within a week (nn), Madhes parties’ thumb down to Maoist proposal (kp), Nationalism and its undercurrents: In times when multiple identities proliferate, patriotism shows itself in many ways, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Rights agencies urge govt to immediately investigate forced disappearances (nn)

22/12/2010: Big-3 seek early deal on UNMIN (kp), Govt formally seeks UNMIN logistics; Message to Maoists: Term won’t be extended, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Dahal confers with ambassadors over UNMIN term (nn), Landgren discusses UNMIN departure with PM Nepal (nn), Crucial three-party meet postponed as NC, UML decide to quash Maoist proposal in Special Session (nn), Top leaders under fire for not being serious: Accused of delaying constitution (ht), UML Parliamentary Party meet endorses party's decision to vote against Poudel's candidacy (nn), Minister forms new outfit: Claims to fight for the cause of Tarai people (kp), Interesting times: Expressions of a creative civilisation, drunken brawls and the antics of aimless parties wrapped up the fortnight, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Critical nationalism: Patriotic national identity is necessary, but its uncritical deployment is damaging, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Under the circumstances: Our rights status may not be perfect, but we have achieved a lot despite the hard times, by Trilochan Upreti (kp) [??], Race wide open: No clear winner in sight for PM (ht), No Easy Outlet To Current Stalemate, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Paradox of Nepalese politics: Leaders are often interested in ‘power’ than ‘public policy, by Dev Raj Dahal (tg), A Rendezvous with a Nation Regenerated, by Anand Aditya (tg)

21/12/2010: Maoists want UNMIN after Jan 15: Party decides to dissolve Young Communist League barracks (kp), Parties divided over UN mission presence, by Anil Giri and Phanindra Dahal (kp), Dahal discusses govt formation, UNMIN term extension with Koirala, Khanal (nn), Constitution still in sight, says Bhattarai, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Implosion stalks Maoists, by Ameet Dhakal (rep), Time will tell if I was right: “Principally, I am not against people’s revolt. I am not alienated”, interview with Baburam Bhattarai (kp), Standing idly by: The government policy of doing nothing but holding on to power in the hope that the Maoist party unravels is not sustainable, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Controversies over right to citizenship, by Rudra Sharma (rep) [The evils of Hindu monarchy and Hindu law are still deep rooted!!], Most disqualified combatants not in touch with govt (nn), MJF Loktantrik undergoes vertical split (nn)

20/12/2010: Procedure put on hold till Thursday (kp), Special session put off till Dec 23: Parties to try and forge consensus by then (ht), Panel for integration by 2013: UCPN (Maoist) registers note of dissent, by Phanindra Dahal (kp) [Why so late? It should have happened in early 2007 according to the comprehensive peace agreement of November 2006!!], Secretariat submits action plan, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), UCPN (M) against taskforce's term extension; decides to remove YCL camps (nn), 27 parties decide not to extend taskforce tenure (nn), UCPN (M) proposes extension of UNMIN's term (nn), Options are open for a consensus government, interview with Jhalnath Khanal (kp), Maoists ready to accept new UML govt: Gurung (nn)

19/12/2010: Govt, oppn at odds; fresh fiasco in offing: Parliament special session from 1 pm (kp), UCPN-M in bid to end political deadlock (ht), UML stance to put NC, Maoists in quandary, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Maoist supremo’s bid to tread the middle path, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Break The Political Logjam (rn), Rampant impunity abets HR violations: Govt foregrounds achievements (kp), CPN -UML Shoots Two Birds With One Stone, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

18/12/2010: No fence-sitting, SC tells lawmakers: Says candidate cannot be named PM unopposed, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Dev Kumar Sunuwar (kp) [Thanks! The fundamental rules of democracy are still alive in Nepal!], Majority vote must for PM: Provision that lets members stay neutral in voting nixed (ht), Mixed reaction of parties, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), ‘Democratic alliance’ against Maoist motion: UML urges NC to withdraw Paudel’s candidacy for PM’s post (ht), UCPN (M) demands scrapping of Poudel's PM candidacy (nn), EU concerned over deadlock (kp), Experts float a new integration formula: Proposal suggests integrating the combatants into three security agencies on the basis of their strength, by Phanindra Dahal (kp)

17/12/2010: House poised for another fiasco (kp), Dormant CA likely to meet next week (kp), Parties okay special session business: To submit a two-point proposal today (ht), Calling for clarity, letter by Karin Landgren (kp), Maoist combatats' integration: Secretariat asked to prepare action plan (kp), Special Committee seeks integration plan: Panel, secretariat members to meet today (ht), Maoists brood over a range of options, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Rift in UCPN-M mars statute-drafting, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), NC begins talks to counter Maoists (ht), UML not to stay neutral (ht) [Yes, continued controversy is the need of the hour, not constructive cooperation! The people thank you!], Righting the wrongs: The commitment to human rights has been forgotten (kp), Aiding impunity: Insisting that digging up the past will jeopardise the future is dishonest, by Damakant Jayshi (nt), What’s in a name? Accepting the people’s verdict is a requisite of democracy, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Unparliamentarily Exercises In A Parliamentary System, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Alone in the echo chamber: Like all parties, the Maoists continue to create enough noise to keep the people on top busy without doing anything for those at the bottom, by Indu Nepal (nt), Hollow loktantra: One does not have to be a Maoist to see the hollowness of Nepal's liberal democracy, by Prashant Jha (nt), SC bars lawmakers from remaining neutral during PM election (nn)

16/12/2010: Meet halfway: UNMIN to Nepal, Dahal (kp), What after we leave, asks UNMIN: Wants parties to expedite supervisory arrangements for PLA (ht), Will special House session break stalemate? It’s unclear yet what business the Parliament will talk (ht), Three-way split in UML’s apex body over special session: Maoist move proves to be a dividing factor (ht), ‘Impunity hobbling law, order situation’ (kp), Writ filed against national dress code (kp), Dress code challenged (ht), Limbuwan body goes hungry for statehood: Plans to mobilise 50,000-strong army for the cause; To form a parallel government if need be (ht), In the era of globalisation: Identity politics in Nepal, by Prabin Manandhar (ht)

15/12/2010: Maoists mull parallel structures: Say they are necessary to address problems at grassroots, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UML CC divided on Poudel’s candidacy: PM Madhav Kumar Nepal expressed dissatisfaction over the President’s call for a special House session, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Good sign: Opening of Parliament will help revive the democratic process (kp), Govt soft on human rights commitment (kp), Connecting the dots: Both domestic and external factors point towards a happy ending for Nepal’s four-year old peace process, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp)

14/12/2010: Prez calls House session on Dec 19 (kp), Parties go fifty-fifty over taskforce term extension (kp), Bend a little: If the Maoists show flexibility, it may help reduce the trust deficit between the parties, by Pranab Kharel (kp) [All sides must show flexibility, not only the Maoists!! Most of the NC politicians and many of those from the UML still stand for the status quo ante; Vaidya's line is unrealistic in the other direction! Both ways are no future for Nepal!!], UN seeks post-UNMIN role in Nepal: Wants to establish a special unit ‘to fill the void’ (ht), EU concerned about political imbroglio (ht)

13/12/2010: Maoists bent on House meet: After holding consultations, says Dr Yadav, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoists seek special session (ht), Legal experts suggest govt to call regular House session (nn), Majority govt is UML option now, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Time slipping away: The political class needs to make some crucial decisions (kp), Gendered citizenship: Laws should ensure women aren’t treated like second-class citizens in new Nepal, by Maina Dhital (kp), ‘Enshrining rights better than enacting’ (ht), 27 parties fail to decide on taskforce tenure as Dahal plays truant again (nn), DFID chief conveys concern of donor community on impact of current political situation on Nepal's development (nn)

12/12/2010: Grim human rights situation: Slack govt ‘dragging feet’ on treaty implementation (kp), Rights defenders decry media reporting (ht), Discord over arms control: Key domestic actors differ over army management, by Mahesh Acharya and Phanindra Dahal (kp), Taskforce shelves transitional issues: To focus on executive, legislature, judiciary (ht), Taskforce distributes progress report to all parties in CA for discussion (nn), Taskforce’s term ends (kp), Constitutional vandalism: Growing up in Nepal makes you believe that some things happen only in your country, by Dinesh Wagle (kp), UCPN-M Gen Secy declares Magarat state (ht), Headway In Statute Making!, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

11/12/2010: Defenders for HR compliant statute (kp), UNSC urges compromise (kp), UNSC calls parties to compromise for peace (ht), Govt funds land in leaders’ pockets: Projects mere papers; people duped, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Corruption rife in PM’s home district (ht), My presence or absence meaningless: Prime Minister Nepal says no one advised him against foreign trips (ht) [This is true, but the fact is the catastrophe!!], Federal House to have a say on statute issue (ht), Tarai forum to bar political leaders from Madhes (ht), Dahal calls on students to turn into 'militias' to fight conspiracies against change (nn), Taskforce deadline expires today (nn)

10/12/2010: Speaker throws down gauntlet: Authorise me to resolve crisis (kp), Govt to seek UN logistics after mission departure (kp), UNSC urges political compromise as end of its Nepal mission draws near (nn), Repeal biased laws, women rights activists tell the govt (kp), No 'discernable progress' in human rights situation (kp), Dalit Commission, OHCHR get uptight (kp), Parties agree on defining nation, state, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Moon, sun structure mars nat'l flag deal (kp) [Obviously, all Bahun leaders want that the flag remains a symbol of Hindu culture and politics!!], Bit by bit: The agreements on constitutional issues, though minor, are laudable (kp), Call for rights-friendly statute (ht), Priorities of the parties: They all want to be in government, but none is interested in finishing the constitution, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Parties In Internal Turmoil, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Better, not good: The 2006 system is an improvement, but only stands because so many Nepalis have seceded from it, by Prashant Jha (nt), What’s the difference? The Maoists accept multiparty democracy: They surprisingly are against pluralism, by Lok Raj Baral (kp), People’s view: The survey conducted by IDA found that the average Nepali is unenthusiastic about federalism, by Sudhindra Sharma and Bal Krishna Khadka (kp), Biplav for complete revolution: Says it need not be an armed conflict (ht), Central Legislature vested with sole rights to make statute amendment (nn)

09/12/2010: Dahal task force pegging away for breakthrough (kp), Taskforce crosses halfway mark: 100 prickly issues settled so far, 110 still on table (ht)

08/12/2010: People’s war, pluralism bone of contention (ht), Maoists call for special session; Deuba, Oli oppose move (kp), Smaller parties back Maoist proposal for special House session (nn), Passive politics: With an inactive parliament, political negatives can only grow (kp), Parties so close, yet so far (kp), Tales from the past: The simplicity of folklore holds lessons for Nepali politics, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Centre of confusion: The financial jurisdictions of a post-federated Nepal must be clarified to encourage investment, by Rudra Sharma (kp), Madhesi parties lash out at major parties: Say Big III ignoring statute, Madhes issues (ht), Why Gen Katawal is right, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (rep) [unbelievable statement!!], 'Historical injustice' if PLA not given due respect during army integration: Maoist leader (nn), Conflicting Interest and Constitution making in Nepal, by Dinesh Tripathi (tg), Half of Maoist combatants ready for rehabilitation: report (nn)

07/12/2010: Top leaders, officials hiding property: NVC, by Pragati Shahi (kp), Maoist supremo doing a tightrope walk, by John Narayan Parajuli and Kamal Dev Bahttarai (kp), Prachanda presses ANNISU-R for revolt, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), The shackles of dogma: The Maoists’ ideology lags far behind their political practice, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Maoist signature drive to bring House to life (kp), Impunity watch: Govt ups bid to enforce verdicts, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Taskforce hits preamble bar (kp), Transitional Justice in Nepal: A long way to go, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (ht)

06/12/2010: Indigenous caucus preparing paper (ht), Taskforce okays fiscal policy: New constitution to adopt a three-pillar model, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Taskforce agrees on economic policy (ht), Taskforce meeting ends after parties fail to agree on statute preamble (nn), Secretariat members pledge to inject life into rehab process (kp), Adaptive leadership: Flexibility is required from each political party if we are to achieve the intended result, by Trilochan Upreti (kp), UNMIN’s passage (ht), Save The Peace Process (rn), Mainstreaming the Maoists, by Hari Bansha Dulal (rep)

05/12/2010: Pascoe urges rehab before UNMIN exit (kp), Peace in a pass, says Pascoe: UNMIN not to get another extension; Nepal to be on UNSC watch for three years (ht), Exit strategies: UNMIN’s fast-approaching departure is rife with opportunities (kp), More leaders embark on foreign trip (nn), 16 leaders leave for junket to Stockholm: Set to discuss issues related to the new statute in Swedish capital, by Prakash Acharya (ht) [a very special and unexcusable form of corruption and misuse of not existing funds!!], ‘House only if Maoists let pass budget’ (ht) [No problem! Nepal needs neither budget nor peace nor a new constitution as long as the Bahun lords can play their power games!!], Plan for women’s uplift: Vow to end violence, ensure equal participation, by Dev Kumar Sunuwar (kp), Gender-biased citizenship provisions, by Kirti Thapa (rep) [Long live male Hindu traditionalism of Bahunbad!!], Rights activists discuss policies (ht), Parties agree to adopt PPP economic model in new statute (nn)

04/12/2010: Pascoe dares parties to do it in just days (kp), UN for post-UNMIN-exit watch: Govt urges mission to leave behind logistics for monitoring use, by Lekhanath Pandey and Santosh P. Pokharel (ht), UCPN-M eats words on economic policy, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Settle statute issues sans delay: Nembang (ht), Newar representatives press for separate Newa state (ht), Maoists In The Midst Of Ambiguity, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn)

03/12/2010: Govt, Maoists sharply divided: Pascoe arriving today; Leaders at variance over priorities, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Special panel on PLA ignoring UNMIN advice, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), UN political chief starts high- level parleys on post-UNMIN scenario (nn), Big parties poles apart (kp), Taskforce split on State’s objective (ht), Taskforce fails to decide on economic policy (nn), Mission impossible: Can the Maoists live with not getting everything they want?, by Prashant Jha (nt), Domestic Politics & Neighbors, by Lok Raj Baral (sp), Leadership of Muscle and Money minus Morals, by Dipak Gyawali (sp)

02/12/2010: Countdown begins: Nepali politics will face some of its biggest tests in the next two months, by Narayan Manandhar (kp) Blueprint for PLA takeover unveiled: Sectretariat plans to dissociate combatants from party by Dec, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), AISC secretariat plans to take over management and monitoring of PLA cantonments before UNMIN term ends (nn), Maoists want one half of PLA combatants put up for integration, other half for rehabilitation (nn), Mandatory military training for adults talk of taskforce (ht), Junket mania grips political leaders, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Taskforce meet fails to make headway as top leaders play truant (nn), Dispute spectre haunts Maoists again: Party braces for heated discussions, ‘new round of fight’ that begin today, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoist nationalism (ht), Let them decide: People’s participation means giving citizens the full responsibility to shape their future, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (kp), Vanguards of peace: The nation’s human rights defenders remain vulnerable and under-recognised, by Ayushma Pandey (kp), Limbuwan body to raise millions for decisive stir (ht), Bandh shuts nine eastern districts (ht)

01/12/2010: Statute’s fate uncertain: Leaders lack sense of urgency, rues Acharya (kp), Panel secretariat finally gets a chief, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Special Committee secretariat gets coordinator, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), A range of govt decisions (kp), Defiant PM leaves for Cambodia (kp), High-flying PM on another junket (ht), Katawal speaks for a ‘ceremonial king’ (kp) [The uncontrolled army remains a grave danger to peace and democracy!!], India to 'stay away from Nepal deadlock' (nn), Maoist leaders do a volte-face on India, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Another hiccup at Taskforce meet as Maoists press for compulsory military training for citizens above 18 (nn), Banality of hope: Paudel and Dahal in essence want to continue political marginalisation of the majority, by Pramod Mishra (kp), The Maoist endgame: Despite the sophisticated machinery of the Maoist party, its endgame may be a bit mundane, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), New Twists To Unsteady Politics, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Limbuwan bandh affects normal life in eastern region (nn), Rural women speak up against social evils (nn), Human Cost of Conflict, by Hari Bansh Jha (tg), Political Dynamics, Political Inclusion and Reduction of Grievances, by Lal Babu Yadav (tg)

30/11/2010: Tough moment for Dahal, but a victory for now, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Conflict-hit women isolated: Report (kp), Improve condition of conflict-hit women: Rights groups (nn), Expert on Nepal denies India role in political stalemate (kp), Maoists don’t take India as arch foe: Muni (ht), Comrade Dahal's Risky Mission, by Sukhdev Shah (rep) [???], Katawal against debate on Nepali Army democratisation (ht), Balananda Sharma appointed coordinator of AISC secretariat (nn) [??], Cabinet approves PM Nepal's foreign junket; promotes, transfers top Army and Police officials (nn), President Yadav dissatisfied with PM's series of foreign trips (nn), PM Nepal says his foreign trip won't hamper efforts to end deadlock as he embarks on five-day visit to Cambodia (nn)

29/11/2010: Post-UNMIN plans: ig Three yet to build mechanism to fill void, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Impunity Watch: Judiciary denied muscle power; Govt turns down request to provide separate unit of police force, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Anil Giri (kp), Speaker Nemwang says foreign trips of senior UML leaders will prolong deadlock (nn), Plenum hangover: A hardening Maoist stance may lead to greater political inflexibility (kp), Palungtar plenum exposed true colours of UCPN-Maoist, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (ht), Maoists urged to toe line: Envoys call on parties to consolidate peace (kp), Maoists, NC want House summoned (kp), India to an extent is responsible for the current political impasse, interview with Sukh Deo Muni (kp), Dahal tells Muni he is not an ‘anti-Indian’, that India is not ‘main enemy’ (nn), I sink, therefore I am, by Alok K. Bohara (rep), Spectacle of little mutinies, by C.K. Lal (rep)

28/11/2010: Nepal’s nay to resume House (kp), ‘House will be called after consultations’ (ht) [Please take time! There are still 6 months left to do nothing but fighting for power!!], Pull your weight, Nembang tells parties, interview with Subas Nembang (kp), Kin of disappeared, martyrs speak up, warn Prachanda (ht), Madhav Kumar's last laugh, by Ramesh Khatry (rep), A Missed Chance, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km)

27/11/2010: UN panel seeks new mechanism: Wants minors dissociated from Maoist commanders (kp), Monitor discharged child soldiers: Heller (ht), President sounds peace alarm (kp), Prez in parleys to convene House (ht), PM for summoning House after consulting parties (nn), Ministers vow to flout SC ruling (ht) [Ministers who deny the supremacy of law must be dismissed immediately], Call for tough laws against grave crimes (ht), MMT warns of armed uprising (ht), Federalism: Why & how?, by Sanjeev Pokharel (rep), UCPN (M) extended plenum concludes; decides to stage revolt if constitution not written on time (nn)

26/11/210: Pascoe coming again on Dec 3; To assess peace progress (kp), UN official arriving on peace mission (ht), PLA fighters ‘ready’ for people’s revolt (ht), Multinational statehood: Nepal will not disintegrate from degeneration of the nation-state concept, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Caretakers all of them: Nepal has been enduring the misfortune of being ruled by one caretaker government after another, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Comprehensive Peace Accord: Is it a moribund agreement?, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), Is the CPA still relevant? Communists need enemies for their survival, even if they have to invent them, by Damakant Jayshi (nt), Widening gulf: One stance unites the Maoists and complicates the road ahead – the status of the PLA, by Prashant Jha (nt)

25/11/2010: Donor fatigue: Frustration over the political impasse has peaked (kp), PLA rehabilitation, integration: Secretariat seeks full shape (ht), Three-way vertical split comes to the fore, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Government urged to ensure access to justice to victims of caste based discrimination, gender based violence (nn), People's no to ethnic federalism, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep) [It's not easy, but what alternative will you offer to the majority of the Nepalese people that has been excluded since Prithvi Narayan Shah's forceful unification? Very little has changed after 2006 so far! Give the people the educational background that they need for such surveys and the result willö be totally different!], President Yadav requested his Sri Lankan counterpart to act as 'mediator' to end Nepal's political deadlock: Reports (nn) [Hopefully his 'solution' in Sri Lanka will not be applied in Nepal!!]

24/11/2010: Int’l donors a worried lot: Call on leaders to renew focus on critical issues (kp), Donors threaten to withdraw support if political impasse' continues (nn), Carter Centre worried about peace process threats (kp), Carter Center urges end to deadlock (ht), UN team urges Maoists to implement agreement (kp), UN delegation on children on armed conflict meets Dahal (ht), Govt in no mood to summon parliament session soon (nn), Speaker says can't act against House hooligans (ht), Black Friday And Maoist U-turn, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Melodrama or politics? The finance minister gave a new twist to the melodrama by declaring that he would put his torn briefcase in a museum, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Time to heal: The only way to reconcile past injustices is by embracing the path of forgiveness, by Pramod Mishra (kp)

23/11/2010: Friday fallout a windfall for PM, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Speaker Nemwang urges govt to summon House immediately (nn), Convene House’s winter session at earliest: MJF-N (ht), India’s role vital after UNMIN exit, says Yadav (kp) [??], After Palungtar plenum, by Ameet Dhakal (rep)

22/11/2010: 4th anniversary of CPA: Process costly, peace elusive, by Phanindra Dahal and Bhadra Sharma (kp), 12-point Understanding: Now, after five years, by Izumi Wakugawa (ht), Both govt, Maoists flouted CPA: NHRC (kp), ‘CPA pledges not implemented’ (ht), Maoist moves bring parties together: Seven parties suspect UCPN-M intent (ht), Political imbroglio: A new political settlement is the only way out of the current mess, by Narayan Manandhar (kp), Maoist assault inside parliament, by Prakash Chandra Lohani (rep), Time for course correction, by Hari Bansha Dulal (rep)

21/11/2010: Prime ministerial election in limbo (ht), House prorogation stalls prime minister election, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), NC flays ‘boisterous’ Maoist behaviour (ht), Rights bodies annoyed (ht), NHRC, OHCHR warn failure to implement human rights commitments may jeopardize peace process (nn), Maoists’ House hustle draws flak (kp), Unruly lawmakers to be called on carpet (ht), UML demands action against rowdy Maoist lawmakers for attacking Finance Minister (nn), ‘No legal way for action against Maoist MPs’ (kp), Paudel's candidacy in limbo after parliament session ends (nn), Nemwang asks govt to resume House at the earliest (nn), Envoys stress concerted effort on peace, constitution (ht), Conflict, Constitution And Durable Peace, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Case for dual citizenship, by Ram Pratap Thapa (rep)

20/11/2010: Maoists hold House ransom; budget by ordinance, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), UNMIN awaiting Maoist reply (ht)

19/11/2010: Fourth conclave cuts no mustard: 3 parties back to drawing board on govt formation (kp), PLA in plenum flouts CPA: UNMIN, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), NC, UML object to PLA fighters’ presence (ht), Together, gentlemen: Only collective political resolve will help resolve pressing issues, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Cabinet awaits statute amendment before approving budget; budget speech to be delayed by few hours (nn), Budget uncertain as top-level meet ends inconclusively (nn), PM gives 'clean chit' to UCPN (M) on Naxalite issue (nn), Though Late, Positive Results Possible, by Dev Gurung (sp), Deadlock Thanks To Maoists, by Shekhar Koirala (sp) [Yes, they should bow to the will of NC and UML because both these parties together have almost as many MPs as the UCPN-Maoist alone! The NC politicians may have been rejected in the elections by the people, but they are, nevertheless, the embodiment of democracy!!], Prachanda: Lost Hope, by Yubaraj Ghimire (sp)

18/11/2010: No proof Maoists trained Naxalites, says APF chief, by Shanker Acharya (kp), Big Three inch closer to rotational system (kp), National character: In democracy, leadership should reflect the character of the people as a whole, by Ranadhoj Limbu Angbuhang (kp)

17/11/2010: 8-party bid for new path (kp), Parties agree to amend statute for budget (ht), Impunity watch: 300,000 cons on the loose, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), SC stays govt move (kp), SC stays presidential power to pardon (ht), It is time to consolidate gains: UN expected to play more meaningful role to ensure peace, interview with Surya Subedi (kp), Insecurity waxes worse in Tarai (kp), Discordant voices: Maoist leaders say one thing to cadres and another to public (kp), Outdated songs: Educating people to shed old hang-ups would be the only way to build a common, just and fearless future, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Maoists, India At Odds, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn)

16/11/2010: Big Three agree to bring full budget, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Big III agree on tabling budget (ht), Parliament defers 17th round: Move aimed at finding alternative, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Are 601 Members Required To Write The Constitution?, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Home truths on dual citizenship, by Paras Kharel (rep) [A male Bahun speeks out on things he obviously does not understand! The main question is not money but desh bhakti of Nepali citizens who did not give up their citizenship really voluntarily!!]

15/11/2010: Taskforce resolves issue on party formation (kp), Ideology not to block party formation: Taskforce fails to discuss land ceiling for want of time, End PM race: 7 parties (kp), Hush-hush deal (kp), Talks positive, but vital issues undecided, interview with Ram Saran Mahat (kp), Third round of 'secret-talks' underway at Gokarna (nn), Congress leader in blame game race? (kp), Paradox of choices: The Speaker appointing the prime minister is a bad idea (kp), Runoff election unlikely today (ht), Big three decide to defer 17th round of PM election (nn), PM election deferred to Nov 19 (nn), Prachanda’s ‘new document’ sparks suspicion, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Baidya pushes for power-grab move, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Looks good: As a party in transition, UCPN (Maoist) stands at a crossroads, by Gopal Thapa (kp), Writing on the wall: Time is short for the parties to create conditions for UNMIN’s orderly departure, by Karin Landgren (kp), Hooliganism And Corruption Of Politics, by G.K. Pakavath (rn), Unbearable lightness of absurdity, by C.K. Lal (rep)

14/11/2010: CJ’s advice: O House, heal thyself! (kp), CJ says parliament must act (ht), Speaker expedites consultations: NC argues SC decision paves way for Poudel’s victory, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Party whips define SC verdict in own way (ht), Paudel intensifies consultations with leaders, lawyers (kp) [You have been rejected 16 times! To make you PM nevertheless would have nothing to do with democracy!], Next prime ministerial election likely to be deferred (nn), Seven-party meet on PM election fiasco ends inconclusively (nn), NC asks Speaker Nemwang to declare Paudel as PM unopposed (nn) [You really want to make the most irresponsible candidate PM in an illegitimate way???], Maoist internal war on: Factions seeking cadres’ support (kp), UML options on govt system (kp), Federalism & ethnicity In Nepal, by Sanjeev Pokharel (rep), Right to form party subscribing to any ideology secured in the new constitution (nn)

13/11/2010: Verdict opens Pandora’s box: SC ruling leaves parliament in a fix, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Experts divided over SC verdict (kp), NC deciphers SC directives on prime ministerial elections as indirect ruling to elect Paudel as PM unopposed (nn) [Poudel's irrational and undemocratic election behaviour should never be awarded! A great majority of ther people's representatives does not want him to be PM!!], NC won’t withdraw Paudel’s candidacy, says Koirala (ht), Big three parties to talk ‘roadmap’ next, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), India’s accusation untrue: Chemjong (kp) [Says the Minister for Peace and Reconstruction!!], Maoist differences spill over papers, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp), Maoist top guns’ agenda for plenum (ht), Policy on gender equality to be enforced (ht)

12/11/2010: Big Three pretty close to package deal: Dahal (kp), Talks going great, says Maoist Chair: It’s serious,lively and definitely positive this time around (ht), Three-party conclave fruitful: UML (kp) [Please take time! You still have six months of fighting time before you must extend the CA term once again! You should use all this time exclusively for your muddy, criminal power games!!], Fringe parties ask govt to clarify its position over Naxalite training; cry foul over expenses of 3-party meetings in luxury resorts (nn), Court verdict ruffles feathers (kp), SC options will bedevil Nembang, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Continuing PM elections is meaningless: Legal eagles (nn), Battle of two, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), ‘UCPN-M under int’l pressure’: DPM says Maoists want to vacate cantonments promptly (ht), Transitional justice: Creation of the TRC, by Gopal Krishna Siwakoti (ht), Parties’ Capability Questioned, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (kp), Medieval mindsets: The high level task force has stooped low in its treatment of Nepali women and citizenship, by Damakant Jayshi (nt), Bijukchhe holds India responsible for deadlock (nn)

11/11/2010: SC tells Speaker to end impasse, by Dev Kumar Sunuwar (kp), Find alternative to futile polls, SC tells House: Directs Speaker,parliament to work on 3 options for a way out, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Now, the Speaker (ht), Paudel not to quit even if he loses 100 times (ht), Have government, will integrate PLA: Maoists, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Sujata’s spin on Naxalites’ training issue (kp), Citizenship for NRNs a partial achievement: NRN leaders (Special Report) (nn)

10/11/2010: Heavy on taxpayers: The leaders do not seem to realise what it means for the taxpayers to see their money being squandered recklessly (ht), Big Three run around in circles (kp), Leaders unsure of breakthrough, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Trio faces fringe parties’ fury (kp), Thakur lashes out at major parties: Says they must abide by past agreements first (ht), Bijukchhe levels charge against UML: Says the party completely failed to take firm stance on any political issue (ht), Pressing concerns force government’s hand, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Politics in retreat: Mere escapes to hermitage could be costly for Nepal and Nepali politics, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Secret Parley And People’s Expectation, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Contours of renaissance: Madhes could look into its own new-found political identity and long creative history, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Bhattarai refutes Indian allegation (kp), Bhattarai terms allegations undue provocation (ht), Sole aim of report on Indian Maoists getting training in Nepal was to detach Maoists from peace process: Pun (nn), Cabinet will take up Naxalite training issue: DPM Koirala (nn) [Why should an lazy army that is under UN observation and out of military training for more than four and half years train a foreign insurgent army that is in active fighting against its own state for years??], People will declare new statute from the streets if CA fails: Bogati (nn), SC directs Speaker to review parliamentary regulation to make PM election fruitful (nn)

09/11/2010: Big Three conclave offers no results again: Differences over government formation persist (kp), Big III mull 4 options for forming govt (ht), NC to shun power-sharing deals that ignore peace, statute issues (ht), MKN, RCP hold out little consensus hope: Dev Gurung blames Congress, UML for talks failure (kp), Maoists of Nepal, change!, by Sukhdev Shah (rep) [Not only the Maoists have to change fundamentally! The people of Nepal have elected the Maoists with a clear relative majority; this should be respected and not the will of India!!], War-widowed women working warmly, by Mohan Budhair (kp), Commitments to establish transitional justice mechanisms should not justify impunity, by Anthony Cardon and Raju Prasad Chapagain (kp), Demystifying federalism: Contrary to popular (mis)conceptions, diversity is an asset to any federal system, by Sanjeev Pokharel (kp), 'Parties should be serious towards forging unity among them' (nn)

08/11/2010: PM Nepal says 'secret-talks' failed due to lack of honesty (nn), ‘Secret’ talks failed due to NC, UML: Maoist (ek), Hattiban meet paved way for consensus: Dev Gurung (ht)

07/11/2010: Failed Leaders And Corrupt Nation, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km) [see part 2 (14/11/2010), part 3 (21/11/2010), part 4 (05/12/2010), part 5 (19/12/2010), part 6 (26/12/2010), part 7 (02/01/2011), part 8 (09/01/2011), part 9 (16/01/2011), part 10 (23/01/2011), part 11 (30/01/2011)]

06/11/2010: Top leaders begin ‘decisive talks’: Meeting to continue today (kp), Two-day ‘secret talks’ of big three parties conclude without concrete agreement (nn)

05/11/2010: Taskforce finds consensus on citizenship issue (ht) MKN proclamation fallacious: Leaders (kp), Wyss urges for consensus: Calls on leaders to prioritise peace, statute (kp), Build trust for peace, statute: Wyss (ht), Discharged fighters warn govt, by Mohan Budhair (kp), The missing factors: The Big Three are overlooking key points necessary to form a solid government, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), SC upholds CA term extension (ht)

04/11/2010: Big Three fail to bridge rift: ‘Package deal’ still elusive, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), 'PM Nepal didn't propose to make Poudel PM for one month' (nn), Impasse end by Chhath: Big III (ht), Govt rubs salt into war victims’ wound, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), ‘Maoist control of cantonments cause of trust deficit’, interview with Krishna Prasad Sitaula (kp), Beating around the bush: The Maoists should do their fair share, but it doesn’t help the image of Nepali Congress to adopt a ‘take it or leave it’ approach, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), Taskforce resolves citizenship row; NRN's to get citizenship (nn), Statute drafting: Seal on single citizenship (kp), Taskforce one on single citizenship (ht), Taskforce tenure extended till Dec 11 (nn), PM Nepal 'threatens' to submit reign to President (nn) [?? The president does not have any executive powers!!], Congress minister slams PM Nepal's remarks (nn), 16th round of PM election today (nn), PM elections: Poudel gets rejected for the 16th time; next round on Nov 15 (nn)

03/11/2010: Panel picks Nepali as central govt official language (ht), States can choose official language (kp), NC aye to Maoist govt if it creates ‘solid ground’ (kp), Paudel’s riders for backing Dahal as PM (ht), Prime Ministerial race in apex court: What lends gravity to the case, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Penance and introspection: A Gandhian march from Jhapa to Kanchanpur for national reconciliation would be good for our politicians’ souls, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Political calculus in Madhes: Extremist forces are trying to gain a foothold; But mainstream parties can still make a comeback, by Chandrakishore (kp), National interests yet to be defined, interview with Bala Nanda Sharma (kp), Isn’t UNMIN Packing?, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn)

02/11/2010: Political instability frustrates donors, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), Bhattarai for package solution: A day is enough if parties have will power (ht), BRB for package scenario, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Statutory bodies stay headless, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Most of disputed issues settled (ht), Swiss Speaker for Nepali model of federalism (kp), Poudel scores 15th defeat goal (kp), PM race gets nasty, leaders exchange barbs (ht), SC verdict on PM poll on Nov 10 (ht), NEFIN plans stir to ensure indigenous people’s rights (ht), Parties preparing to cancel out Poudel's candidacy by amending parliamentary regulation: Gautam (nn), NC 'ready' to accept Dahal as PM provided UCPN (M) commits to peace, constitution (nn)

01/11/2010: Executive head to lead new mechanism (kp), Executive head to chair CC-like body (ht), We want to turn over a new leaf in our relationship with India, interview with Pushpa Kamal Dahal (kp), Dahal offers a way out (kp), Bhattarai ready to be Prime Minister, by Rajan Bhattarai (ht), Lobbying brings to fore rift in party (ht), Fifteenth round of PM election today (nn), Poudel makes a habit of being rejected as he fails for 15th time; next election on Nov 4 (nn), Congress should quit PM race, says Sujata Koirala; Sees plot to finish democracy (ht), Nepal talks about foreign assistance suspension threat (ht), Facilitating integration of Maoist combatants, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep)

31/10/2010: Big Three mull rotational PM system, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Taskforce nears consensus (kp), Judiciary final interpreter of constitution, by Arjun Bhandari (kp), Executive head will assume chairmanship of Constitutional Council: Taskforce (nn), Upper House in a federal system, by Sanjeev Pokharel (rep)

30/10/2010: High-level panel pledges judicial independence, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Maoists, Delhi look for thaw, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), There is an urgent need for a post-UNMIN regime, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Tarai insecurity: Forces asked to act fast, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Still a man's game: The Constituent Assembly has 33 percent women; that does not explain women's poor participation in the constitutionbuildingprocess , by Alexandra Delaney and Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), 14th round of PM poll no better for Paudel: Another edition scheduled to be held on November 1 (ht), Speaker draws lawyers’ fire, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht)

29/10/2010: Backpedal Col Basnet decision, ICJ tells govt (kp), Revoke Col term extension: ICJ (ht), Let Wisdom Dawn On Our Leaders, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Don’t interfere in politics: Nembang; Says prime ministerial poll is the legislature’s prerogative (ht), Is the ongoing peace process headed for inevitable failure? Engaged as they are in the blame game, parties appear bent on missing the Jan 14 deadline, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Congress not to quit PM’s race (ht), PM election: Poudel's losing streak continues (nn) [Where is the civil society that teaches him and his party the fundamental rules of democracy and responsibility??] , Major breakthrough on statute drafting as Dahal-led taskforce upholds judiciary's independence (nn), Int’l workshop on transition to federalism concludes (nn), Though Late, Positive Results Possible, by Dev Gurung (sp), When Nepali Termites Drive Out Its Bees, by Dipak Gyawali (sp), The Crowds Of October, by Yubaraj Ghimire (sp), “The Task Force Has No Constitutional And Legal Status”, by Nilamber Acharya (sp), Drawing A Battle Line, by Saroj Dahal (sp)

28/10/2010: Sub-panel split over language (kp), Plenum first, rehab work later: Maoists, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), High-level taskforce meeting inconclusive (nn), Mend ties with India, China tells Maoists: Dahal keen on trip to New Delhi, by John Narayan Parajuli and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), ‘Always ready for talks with India’, interview with Agni Sapkota (kp), In the muck: It is impossible to fight graft without political will (kp)

27/10/2010: Nepal seeped in corruption: TI (ht), Limbuwan banda affects east (kp), EC sends talks invite (kp), Paudel misses lady luck in 13th attempt (ht), Action overdue (ht), Satyagraha and constitution: When Ram Chandra Poudel says the never-ending PM polls is his satyagraha, he is well aware of the vacuity of his statement, by Abhi Subedi (kp) [Poudel's behaviour is criminal, nothing else!!], The Madhes Renaissance, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Deputy PM Gacchhadar slings mud at UNMIN: Says it has outlived its utility (ht) [But you still have done nothing to promote peace! Please don't waste the money of peace loving nations for your political games!!], Mistrust, Differences Are Here To Stay, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Dahal returns from China; prescribes trilateral talks for strategy on Nepal (nn), Maoists to take to streets if govt presents budget forcefully: Dr Bhattarai (nn)

26/10/2010: Poudel to taste 13th defeat (kp), PM election: Poudel fails to get elected for 13th time (nn), BAC sets date for 14th round of PM election (nn) [Mr Poudel is obviously insane and should be banned from further destruction of the peace and renewal process!!], Experts’ committee agrees to disagree on rights-related issues (ht)

25/10/2010: NC, Maoists differ on basic principles: High-level taskforce’s term extended until Nov 4 (kp), Taskforce gets 11-day extension to deliver (ht), Maoists will stay in oppn, says Baidya, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Backs Major Basnet to hilt (kp) [Politicians without legitimation continue to promote impunity and to prevent the rule of law!!], Just a beginning: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the politicians abandoned their habit of agreeing to disagree?, by Shyam K.C. (kp), No agreement as yet on vital constitutional issues, interview with Ramesh Lekhak, Nepali Congress (kp), No peace, no constitution, by Kanak Mani Dixit (rep), CA chairman Nemwang returns from Canada; urges parties to end meaningless PM elections (nn)

24/10/2010: Maoists will not object to NC-UML led govt; is ready to sit in the opposition: Vaidya (nn), It’s all just tall talk, no concrete action, by John Narayan Parajuli and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Parties set to extend taskforce’s term (kp), Statute issues still not sorted out (ht), High-level taskforce gets 11 day extension (nn), PLA commanders’ China jaunt irks govt (kp), Govt may ask UNMIN to give details of visit (ht), PM Nepal says govt will punish PLA men for China visit without prior info (nn), Find The Middle Ground, by Ritu Raj Subedi (ht)

23/10/2010: Keep Basnet on hook: OHCHR (kp), OHCHR unhappy with govt decision; Says Col Raju Basnet’s term extension violates human rights (ht), Parties’ wrangling goes on unabated (kp), Don't die for the top post, advices PM: Says ambition for the top post mainly to blame for the protracted political gridlock (ht), One Horse Race, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn)

22/10/2010: Taskforce’s much ado about nothing (kp), Taskforce fails to iron out major issues (ht), Deadlock thriving in tough political times (kp), UNSC urges parties on PLA rehab plan: Pascoe visit likely in December (kp), Pull up socks before Jan 15, UN tells parties (ht), No half measures, please: Either OHCHR has to be fully committed to the cause of human rights in Nepal or it might as well shut shop, by Suhas Chakma (kp), OHCHR raises serious concerns with term extension of tainted Army officer (nn), Unmet expectations: Democracy has failed to provide expected poverty solutions, by Mukesh Khanal (kp), The value of deadwood: PKD is suddenly the most flexible leader in Nepali politics thanks to RCP’s defunct candidacy, by Damakant Jayshi (nt)

21/10/2010: Maoists lower bar; offer a ‘solution’ (kp), Parties for unicameral provincial legislature (kp), Unicameral House proposed in provinces (ht), Give and take: Constitutional matters call for more debate and compromises (kp), Rudderless nation: Vaulting ambition of individual leaders is the biggest impediment to breaking the impasse, by Aditya Baral (kp), Making of a revolution: The continued failure of the political and constitutional systems is forcing people to think about alternative arrangements, by Siddhartha Thapa (kp), UN Security Council urges Nepal to expedite peace process (nn), Landgren raises alarm over lack of progress in peace process (nn)

20/10/2010: Panel makes headway; 9 prickly issues settled, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Parties sorting out statute-related issues (ht), UCPN-M to become flexible on key issues in new constitution (nn), Pascoe doesn’t see UNMIN term extended (kp), Let’s walk the talk, says Pascoe (kp) [interview], President calls for consensus on major issues (ht), Do something, prez again tells parties (kp), Cultural melange: The rest of the country would do well to emulate the Kathmandu Valley’s mongrel identity and consciousness, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Form of governance: Philosophical, psychological basis for decision, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), Is Nepal already a failed state?, by Bishwambher Pyakuryal (rep), Parties agree for unicameral legislature in federal states (nn)

19/10/2010: Taskforce lacks constitutional authority: CC chair (nn), Taskforce 'finalises' nine disputed issues (nn), Taskforce settles 9 differences on governing structure (ek)

18/10/2010: Paudel prioritises PLA issue ahead of statute (ht) [A democratic and inclusive state as well as the end of the domination of male Bahuns in all spheres are equally preconditions for a durable peace in Nepal!! Please resign from the PM run, Mr Poudel! You are not qualified!!]

17/10/2010: Prez, PM wish Happy Dashain (nn) [Which notable political and social achievements are you talking about, Mr President??], Prez, PM, leaders, ex-king wish happy Dashain (ek) [Why do you mention Mr Shah and not all the other commoners??]

16/10/2010: Amendment in constitution, CA Regulations could end PM election mess: Nemwang (nn), Pascoe urges for consensus (ek), VP Jha questions honesty of Madhesi parties (ht), Caste Based Discrimination and the status of Dalit Community in Nepal, by Yuba Koirala (tg)

15/10/2010: Process likely to get new push after Dashain (kp), Statute principles will be based on past deals, says Maoist chairman, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Poudel floats Satyagraha idea (kp) [??], As I like it: Whether a move is foreign interference or not depends on if its serves some vested interests, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), UN political chief urges swift action to meet Nepal's peace process deadline (nn)

14/10/2010: Maoists at statute helm: Peace process may get renewed lease (kp), Prachanda nominated taskforce coordinator (ht), High-level taskforce pledges speedy works on constitution (nn), Nepal, Dahal discuss ayes and nays (kp), Khanal fires salvo at NC (kp), Jhalanath ready but not keen to be PM: Says party strength not real criteria (ht), Dashain homework: Parties should find a way out during the holidays (kp), Penalise Maj Basnet: UN tells govt, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Bidhya tries to cozy up to NA (kp), Leading by example, by Krishna Man Pradhan (kp)

13/10/2010: PLA integration: Panel conjures PM to hammer out a solution (kp), Taskforce gets nowhere fast: PM to take up integration issue with Maoist chair, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), UML trying to squeeze oil out of sand: Baidya (ht), ‘Political parties are responsible for prevailing deadlock’, interview with Mohan Vaidya (ht), Censorship and democracy: Political parties are learning to operate in an atmosphere of diverse views, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Dalits seek privilege in statute (ht), Taskforce for constitution (rep), Dahal to head taskforce formed to forge consensus on statute-drafting (nn), Democratic Impulse of Social Movements, by Dev Raj Dahal (tg)

12/10/2010: Task force formed to iron out differences (kp), Parties unwilling to forge consensus: Nembang (ht), BRB pitches for Maoist-led govt, by Manoj Basnet (kp), Confrontation looms, warns Bhattarai (ht), Battle with royalists on, says Khanal (ht), Poudel won't pull out his PM candidacy: NC gen secy (nn)

11/10/2010: UNMIN provides PLA info to govt (kp), UNMIN hands over PLA data to govt: 70 fighters have left camps (ht), Big Three’s war of nerves continues, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Three-party pact likely before Dashain (ht), A dozen times, result zilch! Prime minister poll: The downhill road (kp), Paudel justifies umpteenth bid at prime ministerial post (ht) [Isn't there anybody who teaches him the fundamental rules of democracy, elections and state responsibility??], Quitting prime ministerial election is futile, interview with Ram Chandra Poudel (ht), From the mind (ht), Gachhadar spits venom at Big 3 (kp), Madhes parties sceptical about peace process end, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Maoists must get leadership of unity govt: Bhattarai (nn), The UML-Maoist pact aimed at forging broad consensus, interview with Ishwor Pokharel (kp), Point of departure, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (kp), Nepali solutions, by Geja Sharma Wagle (kp), Maoists' road ahead, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Nemwang asks parties to forge consensus to amend CA Regulations (nn)

10/10/2010: SCS doing what it does best... nothing!, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), UNMIN provides info on Maoist army personnel to Peace Ministry (nn), Futile polls tainting nation’s image: Khanal (kp), Minister Bhandari roots for Poudel (kp), Poudel fails to get elected for the twelfth time (nn), Poudel says he should be elected to PM post as he is the 'sole, unopposed' candidate (nn), ‘Fixing date for futile polls is a compulsion’, interview with Subas Chandra Nembang (ht), Big three meeting inconclusive again (kp), Mistrust worsening deadlock: Nembang (ht), Bhattarai warns country may become Cambodia or Afghanistan if parties continue to bicker over paltry issues (nn), Monarchy will be restored at the earliest: Thapa (nn)

09/10/2010: UNMIN submits details to govt, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Pascoe’s visit renews hope: Parties urged to focus on integration (kp), Stuck integration plan mars peace bid, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Will speak if people ask me to: Ex-king (kp) [There will always be persons in favour of monarchy, but they are in a minority! If you really love Nepal, please stop talking, be satisfied that you are not punished for your putsch, and live as a commoner!!], Major parties trying to pass the buck to CC, by Arjun Bhandari (ht)

08/10/2010: Pascoe wants row settled before UNMIN leaves (kp), 100 days of opportunity: Pascoe; Says complete PLA merger before UNMIN leaves (ht), End to impunity, NA’s democratisation crucial: Pascoe (kp), Parties fail on integration
plan deadline
(ht), Eleventh round of PM polls, too, a dud (kp), Poudel vows to keep
contesting till nth time
(ht) [Such an irresponsible man is not fit for any office in the country!!], Sheer apathy (ht), Birds of the same feather: Perhaps the answer to Ram Chandra Poudel’s adamant stance can be found in PM Nepal’s inauguration binge, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Scratch my back: Patronage politics explains why Nepali politicians are not responsive to people’s demands, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Debate on forms of governance on (ht)

07/10/2010: Pascoe parleys peace: NC never against UNMIN, clarifies Sushil (kp) [??], Continued UN support must: PM; Says world body can help in PLA fighters ’rehabilitation (ht), Pascoe urges parties to show political will to conclude peace process in the next 100 days (nn), NC, Maoists harden stance, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Parties poles apart on PM poll: Maoists, UML don’t buy NC proposal to buy time (ht), PM poll enters eleventh round today (nn), Poudel fails to get elected for the eleventh time; 12th episode on Oct 10 (nn), An inconvenient truth:  Opponents of Poudel’s candidature cannot shy away from the democratic process when it doesn’t suit their agenda, by Yurendra Basnett (kp)

06/10/2010: Maoists snub NC deal: Say Poudel should pull out from PM race first (kp), 10th round poll unlikely today, says Paudel (ht), Govt under ICJ pressure: Asked to implement pending judicial orders pronto (kp), Bring killers to book, end impunity: ICJ (ht), Samuel engages in interactions: Pascoe arriving today on a two-day visit (kp), Pascoe arriving today to discuss peace process, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Maoism after Mao: Do our Maoists have an original and complex Marxist/Leninist/Maoist thinking needed to understand the intricacies of the emerging world?, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Peace by piecemeal: Piecemeal agreements among the parties have the potential to patch up differences in the peace process, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), Government structure & fiscal federalism, by Bishwambher Pyakuryal (rep)

05/10/2010: Integration talks begin in earnest: Pascoe to assess pact implementation (kp), Impasse to stay through Dashain: With the festival near, the three major parties don’t seem to be in a hurry to patch things up (kp), Singh puts forth condition for NC's withdrawal from PM race; Shrestha slams it as 'unreasonable' (nn), Big Three parley inconclusive as NC refuses to budge from its stance (nn), PM Nepal denies possibility of new govt before Dashain festival (nn), Govt delay costing country dear, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Nilambar rings statute alarm bell (kp), ICJ urges Nepal govt to cease obstruction of justice (nn) [see press release by ICJ]

04/10/2010: 22 parties for new date for new govt (kp), Parties to bury disputed issues (kp), NC invites UML, Maoists for discussing its 'consensus proposal' today (nn), Khanal urges NC not to doubt UML-Maoist pact (nn), Debate on forms of government from tomorrow, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), NA, UK mission differ, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Citizenship is the strongest basis for identifying Nepalis, interview with Nilkantha Uprety (kp), PM for tabling budget by Oct 27: Essential services to be halted after mid-November (ht), PM Nepal issues instruction to get full budget by first week of Kartik (nn), The regional parties: The vital role they play, by Ram Dayal Rakesh (ht), In a state of suspended animation, by C.K. Lal (rep)

03/10/2010: NC, Maoist bad blood mounting: UML, Maoists talking tall: Poudel, Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Nepal asks Paudel not to quit PM’s race (ht) [The longer can Nepal stay in office!!], Bhattarai warns nation will face 'constitutional crisis' if NC refuses to quit PM race (nn), Stop Futile PM Poll, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Some headway in PLA integration: Time-bound action plan within four days, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parties agree to put into effect action plan for combatants, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), HRW asks UK for pressure on Nepal: Charges against Maj Basnet baseless: NA (kp), 27 parties agree to discuss thorny issues in CA (nn)

02/10/2010: NC, 10 parties to ask Speaker to act (kp) [??], Deal first, withdrawal can wait, says Paudel (ht) [???], Poudel bent on Lone Ranger act, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), End The Futile Exercise (rn), US hopeful of early govt formation (ht) [??], Statute: 'A bundle Of compromises', by Bhimarjun Acharya (rep), UCPN (M) will launch stir after Dashain: Gajurel (nn)

01/10/2010: PM poll: Poudel gets 9th mauling, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Ninth run-off hands Paudel defeat: Nine NC lawmakers find household chores more important than poll (ht), Maoists should be allowed to lead new government as PM election has become 'meaningless': Bhattarai (nn), I am ready to lead consensus govt: Khanal (nn), SC order on PM poll fiasco (ht) [!!], CA to keep parties on statute toes (kp), CA chair gets consolidated report: High-level meeting on October 3 to discuss contentious issues, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Top NA officials fret over political mess (kp) [??], SC junks writ on Prez’s Katawal move (kp) [??], SC limits prez to ceremonial role: Says no to privileges, immunity, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht) [!!], Rights activists lash out at parties (ht), Enough Is Enough, by Shyam K.C. (rn), No women, no peace, by Shreya Thapa (rep), Old leaders of New Nepal: We are an incredibly young country, the leaders are incredibly old, by Indu Nepal (nt)

30/09/2010: 100 lawmakers call for CA meet before Dashain Ask Nembang to settle thematic committee reports through voting (ht), Deuba, Dahal excel at playing hooky, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Ninth round of PM election today (kp), Ninth run-off offers no hope (ht), Cloud number nine: No option to new government and consensus politics (kp), Poudel voted out again; next PM run-off on Oct 6 (nn), Speaker urged to end poll process (kp), Big III begin parleys: NC floats conditions for pulling out of PM race (ht), Maoists, UML cold-shoulder NC (kp), UML leaders oppose PM move on budget (kp), Nepal not in chaos: ICG (kp) [see ICG report (29/09/2010)], Poudel sets 'condition' for withdrawing PM candidacy (nn), Army chief row ends with SC annulling writ on Prez move (nn)

29/09/2010: Major parties stick to their stance, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Breaking the impasse: Sushil Koirala should take a leaf out of Girijababu’s book when it comes to negotiating with the Maoists, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Writ to nullify PM election (kp), Writ filed against 'neutrality' provision in CA Regulations (nn), NC ready to pull out of PM’s race (ht), NC reiterates it won't pull out of PM race (nn) [There is no race! Please be responsible to nation and people or leave politics!!], Eleven parties urge NC to quit PM race; suggest Speaker Nemwang to use his 'prerogative' to end deadlock (nn), NC-Maoist meet to find 'common ground' ends inconclusively (nn), Nepal’s leap forward: Political instability remains the hurdle, by Kamal Raj Dhungel (ht)

28/09/2010: Silver lining to deadlock cloud?, by John Narayan Parajuli and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Poudel says he won't quit PM race under pressure of leftists (nn) [Sounds extremely stupid! And this man wants to be PM??], Pascoe coming to take a fresh look (kp), UN, NA to bring demining campaign to end by next year (kp), The long march: Towards an open, democratic and transparent society, by Krishna Sapkota (kp), EU asks govt to implement OHCHR recommendations (nn)

27/09/2010: Dahal keeps his word, pulls out of race (kp), Maoists quit PM bid, ask NC to follow suit, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Withdraw call gets more strident, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Ending deadlock, amending regulations (ht), Taking stock (ht), Right stand, wrong approach (rep)

26/09/2010: NC-UML heading for divorce: Congress dubs UML-Maoist deals fraudulent, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Eighth round of PM election today; UCPN (Maoist), UML to boycott election process (nn), Fiasco awaits eighth PM run-off also (ht), NC not to withdraw candidacy (kp), Unfazed Poudel to do a solo act, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), PM asks Poudel to support consensus by withdrawing candidacy (nn), UCPN-M ‘officially’ registers withdrawal of Dahal’s candidacy (nn), Dahal withdraws from PM race; House rejects Paudel for eighth time; next election on Sep 30 (nn), SLMM to remain neutral yet again (kp), UMDF ro continue with neutral stance (ht), Boycott this meaningless poll: Khanal (kp), Maoists to give PM race a miss (ht), Interpretation Of UML-Maoist Deal, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Democratic Exercises In Nepal, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km)

25/09/2010: New PM quest seems hopeless: Two days before the 8th round of prime ministerial polls, the search looks as remote as it did on July 23, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoists, UML working on consensus (ht), No UML-Maoist unity: PM Nepal, by Shankar Acharya (kp) [Not only Oli and Bhandari will prevent this but also Madhav; suffering is the country because of the continued stalemate!!], Parties may not toe deadline line (kp), PM poll on despite UML-Maoist pact (ht) [Poudel's stand is absolutely irresponsible!!], Losing its way: In the three years since the Madhes uprising, the movement has not resulted in any real gains for the people, by Pranab Kharel and Ujjwal Prasai (kp), Khambuwan groups unite (ht), Three Madhesi parties to remain neutral in Sunday's PM run-off (nn)

24/09/2010: Maoists, UML push for new course (kp), Maoists, UML urge Speaker to end ‘fiasco’, seek viable alternative (ht), NC sees 'conspiracy' behind Maoist-UML deal (nn), No possibility of unity among leftists: PM Nepal (nn), Dahal meets NC president (kp), Congress, UML take exception to ‘training’ for cantoned fighters (kp), Nepal’s Row With UN, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Round and round in circles: It would be naïve to see recent developments as a breakthrough, by Prashant Jha (nt), OHCHR-Nepal calls for independent unit to probe extrajudicial killings (nn), Independent probe sought (ht), ‘State killed 57 in Tarai in 29 months’ (kp), Rights wronged in Tarai: OHCHR; Says 57 killed arbitrarily in two yrs (ht), Ex-king can’t overstep: PM (ht), “Few Signs Of Progress Towards Constitution”, interview with Suresh Acharya (sp)

23/09/2010: Deadlock likely to stay: Maoists won’t quit if NC doesn’t (kp), UNMIN to focus on peace: Calls on parties to expedite integration process (kp), UNMIN to exit after Jan 15: Landgren (ht), Room to deal: Integration and rehab talks require flexibility of all sides (kp), Concern over Sindhuli, Gulmi incidents (kp), UNMIN concerned about PLA activities (ht)

22/09/2010: Maoists serious about resolving PLA issues, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Ex-king fails to grace Indra Jatra, by Prasun Singh (kp) [Open revolt by Hindu fundamentalists!], Home-abroad partnership: Last week’s developments show there are enough wise Nepalis who care for the country’s collective future, by Pramod Mishra (kp 22/09/2010)

21/09/2010: UNMIN chief hails peace process progress here (kp), New process after both hopefuls quit: Nembang (kp), Left tie-up for govt a no-no: UML (kp), Unintended transformation: The Maoist party has changed greatly over the past four years and its traditional political tools are no longer very useful, by Aditya Adhikari (kp)

20/09/2010: Finally, a hope: Recent developments may be beneficial to the peace process (kp) Maoists weigh govt alliance with UML (kp), Maoist-UML coalition ‘possible’, by Tika Ram Pradhan (ht), There is legal provision for withdrawal of PM candidacy, interview with Subas Chandra Nembang (kp), Prachanda seeks special session of parliament (ht)

19/09/2010: Maoist, UML pave unity govt ground?, by John Narayan Parajuli and Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML asks NC to pull out of PM race: Call follows a three-point deal with UCPN-M (ht), Speaker floats options to parties (kp), Paudel refuses to budge (ht), Power-sharing with Maoists unlikely, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Begin afresh (rep), PM election getting unnecessarily protracted to derail peace process, Dahal claims (nn)

18/09/2010: Exit Dahal from PM poll race: Maoist-UML deal ends possibility of a democratic alliance govt (kp), Dahal urges NC to back off from PM election (kp), Khanal urges NC to withdraw PM candidacy (nn), UN mulls extra efforts for peace, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Veep’s secretary held for ‘sedition’ (kp), VP Jha's PA arrested for maintaining links with Terai armed outfit (nn)

17/09/2010: Special panel okays PLA directive: Agrees to form 12-member secretariat body, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Maoists to detach PLA from party: Concept of two armies thing of past, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), PLA combatants come under Special Committee (nn), UNMIN gets ‘last’ extension: Mandate to expire on January 15: Security Council (ht), UNSC resolution on UNMIN (kp), Good riddance?, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp), UCPN-M, UML reach 3-pt understanding; Dahal to withdraw PM candidacy (nn), Supreme court scraps CC recommendations, by Dev Sunuwar (kp), CIAA, EC appointments scrapped, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht)

16/09/2010: UNMIN gets final four-month extension, by John Narayan Parajuli and Mahesh Acharya (kp), PLA rehab under 4-pt deal (kp), Maoists want Pun to head mechanism (kp), We won’t obstruct NA recruitment: Pun (ht), Towards a ‘state-nation’? Balancing fissiparity and state integrity is the challenge before our CA, by Deepak Thapa (kp), SC scraps appointments in constitutional bodies (nn)

15/09/2010: More letters on UNSC table, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Govt, Maoists bury the hatchet in letter and spirit: Send separate letters with same spirit to Ban Ki-moon; Seek four-month extension for UNMIN (ht), Pressure mounts (ht), UNMIN extension: A crisis is seemingly averted, but who knows (kp), Peace Process Necessitates Revival, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn), Nepal CA body is already in a death bed, interview with Khum Bahadur Khadka, Nepali Congress (tg)

14/09/2010: Govt, Maoists one on UNMIN extension, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Nepal, Dahal strike deal on UNMIN: UN body to stay for four more months with existing mandate, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Govt, UCPN (M) send identical letters to UN for extension of UNMIN term (nn), Prez seeks expert advice, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), SLMM may vote for Poudel: Karna (kp), UCPN-Maoist to revolt for power: Kiran (ht), Playing with fire: Politics of brinksmanship is extremely dangerous (kp), Ulterior motives: Sections of NC and UML are questioning the very legitimacy of the peace process, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Democracy, Maoist strategy and India: In the Nepali context, by Uddhab Pyakurel (ht), Dahal, Poudel will fall flat in 8th round too: Khanal (nn), Maoist chairman talks of 'new process' before next PM run-off (nn)

13/09/2010: Govt, Maoists ‘inch closer’ to 5-pt deal (kp), Govt, Maoists agree to send joint letter (ht), Govt, Maoists reach 4-point understanding on peace process; agree to extend UNMIN's term by four months (nn), Nepal’s int’l image ‘tarnished’, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), There are two sides to the peace agreement, interview with new British ambassador John Tucknott (kp), Towards a pariah state: A complete disregard for domestic and international opinion will isolate Nepal, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), PM makes bid to woo Madhes-based parties (ht), Can it work? (ht), Peace & Birds Of Passage, by Kanak Mani Dixit (rep), Maoists' ultimate aim is to capture state power through people's revolt: Baidya (nn), Caretaker PM accuses UCPN-M of attempting to ‘revolt’ (nn), President Yadav consults legal experts on political deadlock (nn)

12/09/2010: Govt, Maoists fail to sit for UNMIN talks (kp), Bijukchhe blames India for deadlock (kp), Taskforce to work out consensus (ht)

11/09/2010: Differing letters from Nepal befuddle UN, by Mahesh Acharya and Phanindra Dahal (kp), Govt floats 6-point draft: Maoists say discussions are positive (kp), Maoists’ talks with govt on UNMIN ‘positive’, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), PM begins parleys on joint letter (ht), Elusive horizon: Having failed to elect a Prime Minister for the fifth time, Nepal continues its quest for democracy to make Jan Andolan II a success, by Deb Mukharji (Frontline)

10/09/2010: Maoists send a separate letter Request UNMIN mandate is kept intact (kp), UNMIN likely to get 60 more days: Maoists seek six-month extension, with no change in its mandate, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), UNSC will give a rollover: Envoys, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Gurung wants talks on UN monitoring of NA (ht), Into darkness: It is unlikely that the current bunch of incompetent leaders can deliver the constitution, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Wrong focus: Citizens must unite to push for a timely constitution, by Joshua S. Leslie (kp), Private sector ready to absorb former fighters (ht), Private sector ready to employ ex-combatants (nn), New imbalance: We've come a long way from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2006, but shifting sands have got us into trouble, by Prashant Jha (nt), Special Security Plan falters: Despite government claims, eastern Nepal is still under the sway of armed groups, by Sita Mademba (nt), Maoist PLA expels combatants involved in crime (nn), UCPN-M decides to block new bills; Saturday’s CC meeting to discuss PM run-off (nn)

09/09/2010: UNMIN extension: The UN has no interest or desire to prolong UNMIN’s life by a day more than necessary, by Karin Landgren (kp), Mandate-cut CPA breach: Landgren (ht), UNMIN bone in govt gullet: ‘Ban Ki-moon’s report ignores realities’, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Let it be: The wise course of action is to extend UNMIN mandate as it is (kp), UN to get Maoists’ letter (kp), Maoists miffed with govt letter to UN; Dahal writes to UNSG requesting six months extension of UNMIN term with current mandate (nn), Envoys confer with Maoist chairman (nn), PM parleys with envoys of permanent UN member states over UNMIN row (nn), Disappeared’s deaths registered (kp), A case for pluralism: In a multicultural and multiethnic society like Nepal there is no alternative to a pluralist polity, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (kp), Strike affects eastern region (ht), 15 central leaders quit Limbuwan outfit (ht), Quite stationary (ht), What derails democracy?, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep), Sliding into anomie & chaos, by Madhab P. Khanal (rep)

08/09/2010: Govt for keeping current mandate: Makes 4-month term request to UNSC, by Anil Giri (kp), Prime Minister seeks four-month extension for UN mission (ht), Govt writes to UN for UNMIN term extension; RSG paints grim picture of Nepal's peace process (nn), Ex-foreign ministers slam Ban’s report (kp), UNMIN has to stay as it is, by Dilli Raj Khanal (rep), Vote, lawmakers, vote (rep), Clear case of unlucky seven, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Tape scandal draws flak: NC, civil society activists demand probe (kp), House adjourned over audio tape scandal (ht), Money, lies and audio tape: Forget the tape, what about C.P. Mainali’s bribery allegation against the Maoists?, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Blast rocks Land Revenue Office in Mahottari; bomb found at Maoist party office (nn), Nepal’s Quest for Inner Party Democracy, by Dev Raj Dahal (tg)

07/09/2010: Ban for letting UNMIN stay on (kp), Govt to seek four-month extension (kp), PM to have last word on UNMIN mandate (ht), Speaker calls on parties to find a way out of stalemate, by Arhun Bhandari (ht), Speaker floats two alternatives, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), MJF likely to vote for Maoists (kp), Three Madhesi parties to remain neutral in PM voting (nn), UDMF again decide to stay neutral as MJF (D) show 'optimism' to vote in favor of Maoist PM candidate (nn), PM elections: Poudel also fails to get elected (nn), Caretaker PM asks Dahal, Poudel to study UML concept paper (nn), A question of trust (ht), Seventh round of PM election today (nn), Fix it: There could be negotiations for a coalition which is largely acceptable (kp), Army recruitment row stays put, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Déjà vu: The consequences of the current struggle to elect new PM may be unimaginable, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Cabinet to decide on Mahara tape scandal (ht)

06/09/2010: Whose debacle is it anyway?, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Contest for coveted PM chair goes for a six (kp), End meaningless neutrality (rep), Split in Madhesi Morcha? No, says MJF (kp), Rift in UDMF comes to fore (ht), Armed group renews threat (kp), Govt to urge United Nations to reduce UNMIN role in Nepal, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht) [Taking the resistant army out of UNMIN controll is a fast way to end the peace process!!], UNSG for maintaining current mandate of UNMIN (nn), Praetorian proclivities, by C.K. Lal (rep), BJP shows concern over controversial audio tape (nn) [The Indian Hindu fundamentalists show where the wind blows from!], NA takes part in JMCC meeting (nn), AISC extends Technical Committee's term by another four months (nn)

05/09/2010: Peace Process Under Threat, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), Doubts cloud 6th round polling too, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), SLMM may abstain, again, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Dev Gurung pins hopes on Madhesi lawmakers (ht), Madhesi front to stay neutral in today's PM election (nn), MJF-Nepal boycotts PM election breaching UDMF alliance (nn), Sixth round yet another fiasco? (kp), Round six PM poll to repeat same old story (ht), PM elections: Poudel also fails to get elected (nn), Next PM election on Tuesday (nn) [What is it good for?], Oli’s change of heart (kp) [Orders from India to this not elected politicians?], Indian envoy Sood confers with caretaker PM (nn), Only NC-led government will give outlet to nation, claims Koirala (nn) [Definitely not! The NC is a non-democratic, not inclusive, oligarchic and not reformative party that wants to prevent urgently needed reforms und peace!!], Why we did what we did, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp), NC, UML demand probe on controversial audio tape; govt spokesperson says CIAA can investigate (nn), UCPN-M to look for alternative ways if today's election, too, fails; dubs audio tape scandal as a conspiracy (nn)

04/09/2010: UML under SLMM heat: Madhes parties threaten to vote for Maoist candidate, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), UDMF still undecided on voting (ht), Khanal punctures new PM hope: Claims both candidates will lose the September 5 prime ministerial run-off (ht), RPP to vote for NC's Poudel (nn), ‘Nation at the most dangerous stage’ (kp), PM talks UNMIN with US, UK, Japan envoys (ht), UK roots for UNMIN: Envoy calls on PM Nepal (kp), Maoists caught in another controversy; audio tape depicts Mahara asking for Rs 500 million from Chinese man to ‘buy’ parliamentarians (with audio) (nn), Maoist leader trashes audio tape scandal (nn), Audio tape scandal is a conspiracy to ruin UCPN-M's image: Mahara (nn)

03/09/2010: UNMIN mandate: DM seeks int’l help on Army monitoring (kp), Defence Minister intensifies consultation for revision of UNMIN's mandate (nn), PM Nepal starts diplomatic consultations on UNMIN mandate (nn), UNMIN Endgame? The UNMIN is being pushed out of the picture – with unforeseen consequences (sp), NC again dismisses calls for withdrawal of PM candidacy (nn), NC to contest 6th round: Says Maoists must renounce violence, arms (kp), Dr Bhattarai says Maoists ready to pull out from PM race if NC reciprocates (nn), Madhes parties not to budge from stance: Rumour about backing Maoists a ‘tactic to pressure UML’, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Nitty-gritty politicking: The Maoist-Madhes dynamic may yet gel to give Nepal a prime minister next week, by Prashant Jha (nt), UML holding country hostage: Experts (kp), The Money Power: With the sixth round of voting to elect a new prime minister round the corner money threatens to play a decisively dominant role to influence the outcome, by Saroj Dahal (sp), Rise of identity politics: Contrary to many predictions, identity politics has become more salient, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Minority rule, majority rights: The big parties have failed to deliver; maybe it's time to give the small ones a go, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Political deadlock: Preventing destabilization urgent, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht), MJF and MJF (Loktantrik) hint at support to Maoists; TMLP, Sadbhawana stick to previous decision (nn), Unknown Pain: The peace agreement of four years ago has yet to bring a sigh of relief for the families of the disappeared (sp)

02/09/2010: Maoists to pull out after 6th round (kp), Maoists to explore new political landscape (ht), Lekhi warns govt (ht), Against normative Nepali-ness: To be happily unaware of particular social histories is unpardonable, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Insecure nation: Ineffective security mechanisms and increasing threat to ordinary civilians hint at a failed state, by Shobhakar Budhathoki (kp), When will their wait for missing kin end?, by Damodar Bhandari (ht)

01/09/2010: Consensus still elusive: Parties pass the buck to each other, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Dahal hints Maoists could withdraw PM candidacy (nn), Anti-India nationalism: The moribund, outdated nationalism has been raising its ugly head again both on left and right, by Pramod Mishra (kp), UNMIN and the Nepal Army: Through the looking glass, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (ht), Disappearance: The Neglected Issue, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), Peace, government and constitution (Himal Southasian)

31/08/2010: Letter to UNSC likely this week (kp), UN monitoring of NA ‘must stop’ (ht) [... says peace and reconstruction opponent Bhandari!], Thinking UNMIN (ht), Status of disappeared still a mystery (ht), Victims stay lost as hope is hard to find (kp), Kin of missing in anguish, by Shiva Apriya and Rishi Baral (ht), You just can’t dent the official armour: Such is the level of impunity within the police force that very rarely do feathers get ruffled by media reports, by Baburam Kharel (kp), Politics as the art of the possible: So why beat around the bush?, by Ajit N.S. Thapa (kp)

30/08/2010: Rules are rules: The peace agreements should be adhered to by all sides (kp), Shameless power struggle, by Hari Bansha Dulal (ht), Madhesi front to vote this time (ht), National concern (ht), Monarchy in any form a no-no, say Maoists (kp), Maoists dismiss pro-monarchy tag (ht), UNMIN tenure: Govt to figure out UN response first, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Govt told to cut UNMIN mandate (ht), PM discusses UNMIN term extension with Chinese, Russian envoys (nn), Reality check: The CoAS has exceeded his authority in his call for UNMIN’s ouster, by Suhas Chakma (kp), Disappearance Commission: Govt under rights bodies’ pressure (kp), 'Give justice to victims’ families’ (ht), International Day on Disappeared: UN urges govt to obey court ruling on outlawing forced disappearance (nn), Embassies urge action on pending cases (ht), Conflict wounds too deep to heal: Govt apathy fuelling fury among victims, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp), Parties ‘shielding’ criminals in Banke, Dang: Wanted man becomes Congress regional president, by Janak Nepal and Durga Lal KC (kp)

29/08/2010: House panels turn ineffective after govt stepped down (nn) Worried prez seeks an end to impasse (kp), President makes consensus call: But Big III stick to their guns (ht), President urges fringe parties to increase role in conciliating major parties (nn), NC ready to sit in opposition, says Sushil (nn), Call for 'people's revolt' amplifies (kp), Extend UNMIN tenure till peace process success: MJF (kp), Parties advice PM Nepal not to make haste in showing the door to UNMIN (nn), UNMIN extension: Panel for extension, new mandate (kp), Embassies urge prompt action on cases of disappearance (nn), RPP-N comes to UN body’s aid (kp) [These die-hard royalists and Hindu fundamentalists only want control of the PLA not that of the NA because such step would help to end the peace and reconstruction process!!], Clarify cultural monarchy stance: PM (ht) [?? The insatitution of monarchy has already been abolished because it has putsched against state, constitution and people! How can a caretaker PM talk such nonsense?], Caretaker Government, On The Horn Of Dilemma, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), MJF-N to partake in the next PM run-off; but won’t reveal yet who will it support (nn)

28/08/2010: UNMIN tenure: Maoists seek six more months (kp), Maoists lobbying hard for UNMIN stay: Leadership meets P5 envoys,prime minister (ht), No UNMIN cap on NA: Rawal (kp), The missing: More than 1,000 people 'disappeared' during the Maoist war, but their families still do not know what really happened to their loved ones, by Deepak Adhikari (kp) [Most of them were disappeared by the army! These crimes must be solved and the culprits must be punished before you can exclude the army from UNMIN oberservation!!], Integration of Maoist combatants impossible: Caretaker PM (nn) [??], Dahal bolstered, for now: Shrestha, Thapa support his document (kp), Youths’ caveat against federalism: Say more challenges ahead while adopting it (ht) [This can only be claimed by Bahuns, not by disadvantaged sections of society!!], Ongoing politics & way forward, by Sukhdev Shah (rep), President urges top leaders to form common concept for institutionalising democracy (nn)

27/08/2010: PM proposes limiting role of UNMIN here, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Dahal meets PM Nepal to press for UNMIN's term extension (nn), Talk on UNMIN term extension (ht), NA soldiers on to stick to its stance: Ruffles PLA feathers by snubbing JMCC meeting (ht), PLA parries Army over UNMIN stand (kp) [The most violent phase of the insurgency faced the confrontation of two armies, NA and PLA, with none of them being able to win the conflict by arms! Both of them have to be scanned by an independent group like UNMIN if there shall be endurable peace soon! Impunity must be ended for criminals from both armies immediately!!], Defense Minister blames UNMIN of being 'spokesperson' to Maoists (nn) [This minister who has has been rejected by the people in the elections, is one of the greatest obstacles to the peace process!!], Supreme Court rap brings government to its senses: Assures apex court it will respect human rights, to prosecute violators and end impunity (ht), The disappeared and the disquiet of those left behind: On the International Day of the Disappeared, 30 August, we should remember the personal stories behind the statistics, by Robert Godden (nt), Same road: Their husbands were taken away from them by opposing sides during the conflict, but they journey in pain together, by Srijana Acharya (nt), Stolen lives: The Disappearances Commission should ensure justice, not obstruct it, by Ram Kumar Bhandari (nt), Stay on the path: The Maoists’ best option is still peace and constitution (kp), Political Drama In The Name Of PM’s Election, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Linguistic limbo: How best to incorporate ethnic languages into the traditionally Nepali dominated public sphere, by Saroj Dhakal (kp)

26/08/2010: Dahal under fire for ‘wrongs’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Baidhya, Bhattarai oppose Prachanda (ht), NA’s UNMIN exit call, parties remain at loggerheads, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), UNMIN hand-in-glove with Maoists, claims NA: Its sole aim is to prolong stay in Nepal at the cost of peace process: Confidential report, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht), NA decides to boycott JMCC meeting (nn), Nepal Army to boycott JMCC meet (kp), JMCC meeting cancelled following Army boycott (nn), UNMIN's mandate: Nepal Army must be kept out of UNMIN’s purview, by Ram Sharan Mahat (kp) [Will Nepal face a military coup soon that is supported by conservative forces? Politicians, army leadership and royalists must be aware that this may lead to the end of Nepal's existence!!], NC nay to candidacy pull out (kp), NC says no to UML proposal (ht), Next PM? Got to be Dahal or Poudel, by Damakant Jayshi (rep)

25/08/2010: UN body’s fate hanging on edge of three alternatives (kp), Rijal also attacks UNMIN (kp), CoAS should join a party, says Baldev (ht), UML raises alarm against rightists (kp), Revived Nepal Monarchy could be collective strength of China and India, interview with Bal Krishna Neupane (tg), Former crown prince Paras Shah says there was international power behind abolition of monarchy (nn), UML to hold talks for unity dispensation (ht), Hypocrisy abounds (ht), Maoist CC meeting: Dahal rules out withdrawal of candidacy; Baidya, Bhattarai table separate proposals (nn)

24/08/2010: PM poll flops fifth time, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Sixth round polls Koshi crosses danger mark on September 5 (ht), Protracted race and the way ahead: UML must explain how withdrawal of candidatures helps, by Prakash Rimal (ht), Government looks for options to UNMIN, by Anil Giri (kp), UNMIN under fresh NC fire (kp), UNMIN's term extension (rep), Army chief begins lobbying to stop extension of UNMIN term (nn), 2,000 discharged Maoist fighters under UN care (kp), UML unity plan picks up pace, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), No ifs and buts, say Maoists: Want integration, statute to move ahead simultaneously, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Man in a hurry: Using and disposing of friends and rivals lies at the root of Prachanda’s strategy, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Vital national interests: Nepal continuously suffered from its leadership for whom core national interests were negotiable, by Ranadhoj Limbu-Angbuhang (kp), Civil, military relations: An overview, by Khimlal Devkota (ht)

23/08/2010: Accord to defer it if vote fails: PM polls today (kp), Legislature parliament voting fifth time for post of PM today (nn), Madhes parties adamant (kp), UML's proposal (rep), NC scoffs at UML plan: Maoists okay if Congress agrees to withdraw candidacy (kp), NC not to pull out of PM’s race (ht), NC decides to forge separate consensus proposal to end election impasse (nn), Diaspora calls parties to end political crisis (ht), Can it work? (ht), Leaders Frustrate People (rn), Disabled clamour for rights (kp), State restructuring on ethnicity misunderstood, interview with Om Gurung (kp), New party for grand ethnic coalition (ht), Finance ministry alerts parliament of imminent financial crisis due to lack of full budget (nn), Caretaker govt may present budget (ht), Prospects of building democracy at crossroads: The view from democratization studies, by Ganga Thapa (ht), Veil of neutrality, by C.K. Lal (rep), Fifth round of PM election turns out to be another fiasco; next election on September 5 (nn)

22/08/2010: Mission must stay: Maoists (kp), For Maoist leader UNMIN and peace process go hand in hand (ht), Boot camp: The use of violence has been instituted in the psyche of Army officers, by Lilu Thapa (kp), PLA integration: UML moots four-month timeline (kp), UML politburo meet: Floats paper for peace, statute, consensus (ht), Maoist-led govt acceptable if UML proposal accepted: UML gen secy (nn), NC office bearers decide not to withdraw Poudel's PM candidacy (nn), UML leaders informally agree to renew PM candidacy (nn), Big Three get fringe parties’ ultimatum (ht), Fringe parties to boycott House after August 23 (nn), Monarchy if  people want it, says Paras (ht) [What the people want became very clear after the royal putsch!!], Is UML To Blame For Deadlock?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Opportunism is killing UML, by Murari Sharma (rep), Dahal finds 'failure' of parliamentary system behind inability to elect new PM (nn)

21/08/2010: UNMIN has to go, says Army: Mission wants Big Three parties’ call on term extension, by Phanindra Dahal (kp) [The voice of those who are against peace and reconstruction, those who want to hide their crimes], Decide fast on UNMIN term: Landgren (kp), Election is the only legal alternative, says Sushil Koirala [who hilself has not been elected by the people!!] (ht), NHRC calls for Prez intervention: Rights body chief flays govt for promoting impunity (ht), Fiscal crisis ahead: Nembang (ht)

20/08/2010: Maoists unsure who ‘main enemy’ is: Party to decide whether it’s India or regressive forces within, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Litmus test: It’s time Maoist leadership tested its mettle in the aboveground democratic politics (kp), The bumbling bunch: History will not spare any of the political parties if they do not get their act together, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Protracted disunity among parties baffles CA chairman (ht), Wither Nepal’s Peace Process?, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Twin crises: Nepal is not a failed state, but the illegitimate, undemocratic makeshifts are holding up the transition, by Prashant Jha (nt), UNMIN chief meets leaders of 'big three' to discuss extension of its tenure (nn), Federalism: Expounding Authority, by K. Uprety (sp)

19/08/2010: PM poll deferred till Monday (ht), UML hypes up bid to form govt, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Maoist secy Gajurel sees India's hand behind UML, Madhesi Front's stance (nn), The Saran doctrine: The would-be prime minister of Nepal would have to be loyal to India, by Gopal Khanal (kp), Strikes hit life in districts (ht), 12-point Understanding: Is it a root of the present malaise?, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), Arms Down! For Shared Security, by Kul Chandra Gautam (rn) [see part 2 (20/08/2010)]

18/08/2010: Enough is enough, Prez tells PM (kp), Nepal calls on Prez, fails to convince (ht), Today’s PM poll likely to be put off (kp), Round V likely to be put off (ht), Fifth round of PM election postponed to Aug 23 (nn), SLMM still undecided (kp), Madhes-based leaders harp on govt under one of them (ht) [?? The ideal person would be a female Janajati or Dalit!!], India hell-bent on not allowing a Maoist prime minister: Sharma (nn), ‘Maoist letter a step forward’ (kp), Unfortunate tottering (ht), Do it right: The responsibility to lead Nepal in the right direction lies on the shoulders of our top Bahun leaders, by Pramod Mishra (kp) [This exactly is the reason why Nepal's future seems to be dark!!], The Mao metaphor: In Nepal, Mao Zedong may have been reduced to a metaphor of power, and armed revolution, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Final verdict on Prez move on Sept 23 (ht), Final verdict on case against CoAS reinstatement on Sep 23 (nn), Bandh called by fringe party partially affects normal life in various districts (nn)

17/08/2010: CPN-UML sticks to its neutrality guns: Vows to work for a ‘new course’ (kp), NC leaders again request UML for support; say UML's 'neutral position' is to be blamed for deadlock (nn), Maoists open to options: Seek UML favour if consensus bid fails, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoists again ready to support UML for a govt with 2/3rd majority support: Gurung (nn), JMCC to resolve Army, PLA recruitment row (kp), Youths dream: Peace and prosperity, by Surath Giri (ht), Planning For Social Transformation, by Prem Khatry (rn), Nefin's Banda (rep)

16/08/2010: NEFIN agitation paralyses country (kp), NEFIN chakkajam hits life (ht), A case of Cabinet lethargy, by Dev Kumar Sunuwar (kp), Civil society on fence: Analysts (kp), Maoists, UML reject NC plan (kp), NC, Maoists to withdraw candidacy if consensus forged (ht), Fifth round of PM election likely to fail as UML renews its call for withdrawal of PM candidacy (nn), Dahal tells Khanal he is ready to withdraw PM candidacy for 'national consensus' (nn), Hope on horizon: The long stalemate may just enable the formation of a consensus govt (kp), Banda imperils nation: Over 100 strikes in eight months (kp), Sensitisation of people: For quality leaderships, by Bhavani Dhungana (ht), End experiments, by Hari Bansha Dulal (rep)

15/08/2010: UML, NC to seek basis for unity (kp), NC, UML agree to disagree again: Talks to iron out differences to resume today (ht), 23 parties want Maoist unity govt plan (ht), High time PM race ended: Baidya (kp), Bhattarai for common candidate (kp), Let third candidate lead govt: Bhattarai (ht), Lawyers talk turkey on poll fallout: Debate on CA dissolution versus a majority govt (kp), SLMM forms taskforce to prepare code (kp), Decisive stir from August 17: NEFIN: Says it’s all for timely constitution (ht), NEFIN not to repeal banda (kp)

14/08/2010: Muddling through, by Biswas Baral (kp), Tharus against One Madhes (ht), Major parties get a dressing down: Run-off sideshows non-parliamentary,  non-political, say fringe parties (ht), Talks on sharing resources dull? Only four CA members present at interaction (ht)

13/08/2010: Maoists take flexible stand in PM race, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Maoists flexible on opting out, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Acharya cautions parties against taking shortcuts (kp), Wish he were here: Girija Prasad Koirala was keen to end the marginalisation of Prachanda during his last days, by Sarita Giri (kp [??], Ex-king meets former Indian ambassador Rajan (nn) [????], Don't wanna break up: The Madhesi movement has no leader who commands wholehearted respect of all the Tarai dwellers, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Patronising behaviour: With Nepali politicians  kowtowing to flawed Indian policy, it's no wonder we're not moving forward, by Prashant Jha (nt)

12/08/2010: UML spoke in PM poll wheel (kp), Koirala seeks alternative from Maoists, UML (ht) [How shall this work on a rational and legitimate basis???], Maoists' totalitarianism led Madhes-based parties to deny support: Minister (nn), SRC to get final shape after August 18 PM-run off (nn) [??], Muddled ministries pass buck, by Anil Giri (kp), Embassy reply cuts little ice: Maoists: Leaders’ conflicting statements complicate issue within party (kp), SC seeks govt response (kp) [related to army crimes], Clear all semi-judicial detentions: Apex court (kp), NEFIN to enforce chakkajam on Sunday (ht), Acharya seeks civil society intervention for statute (ht), Vice chair of CA shows ray of hope (ht), Seized properties & political misunderstandings, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (rep), UCPN (M) ready to withdraw PM candidacy if NC agrees to do so (nn)

11/08/2010: UML not to dwell on majority govt (kp), House panel summons FM Koirala: Enquires about alleged threat to Maoist lawmaker (ht), House panel call to banish diplomat (kp), Diagnosis and cure: India needs to be more subtle and respectful in its diplomatic moves, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Paudel vows to stay in fray (ht), UML to blame for fruitless prime ministerial election: Poudel (nn) [Please don't fool the people! Even with the support of the UML you will get less votes than Dahal! In the name of people and country: Please find a consense!], UML endorses 9 pt consensus proposal; restates neutral position in PM race (nn), NC acting prez says party will not back out from PM race (nn) [The NC constantly gets about 20% of the votes! This is phantastic; voting can go on for years as long as the politicians are paid! By the way, Sushil Koirala is one of the numerous 'leaders' of the NC that have been rejected by the people in the elections because the party has totally failed under the 1990 system!!], Sharma seeks constitution amendment for consensus (ht), Any way out? (ht), There is a way: If nothing works, the three big political parties could lead the government in rotation, by Shyam prasad Mainali (kp), Way ahead, by Prakash Chandra Lohani (rep), Bhattarai's turn, by Sukhdev Shah (rep), AHRC asks govt to hand over Major Basnet to police (ht), EU calls for ending recruitment debate (ht)

10/08/2010: Maoists set new terms: Say open to fresh start for consensus (kp), UCPN-M proposes, NC disposes, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), House panel summons PM, FM (kp), Money in politics, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep)

09/08/2010: NC seeks UML help (kp), NC seeks UML support to form govt (ht), UCPN (M), NC ask each other to pull out of PM race (nn), BRB, Saran meet stirs ‘row’' (kp), Bhattarai’s meeting with Saran triggers controversy in UCPN (Maoist) (nn), Dr Bhattarai downplays internal dispute (nn), Lawmaker Sharma seeks govt security (kp), CA to vote to end disputed issues (kp), Indigenous people up the ante, by Dev Kumar Sunuwar (kp), No alternative to national unity govt, interview with Baburam Bhattarai (kp), Challenge of change, by Shambhu Ram Simkhada (kp), Note of dissent: Look who’s here (kp), Do act (ht), Managing monsters, by C.K. Lal (rep)

08/08/2010: Maoists still keen on leading government (ht), Main oppn no to ‘new course’ (kp), Khanal prescribes unity govt as only panacea (ht), Khanal defends stance on polls (kp), UML-NC meet ends inconclusively as both parties stick to their guns (nn), Maoists to seek Indian response (kp), UCPN (M) to summon Indian Ambassador for clarification over alleged threat to party's lawmaker (nn), NA nay, PLA aye to JMCC, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Limbuwan Council shuts nine eastern districts (ht), Banda cripples East (kp), No End To Murky Politics, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Democracy In Disarray, by Mulibir Rai (rn), Nepalese Politics Of Electing a Prime Minister, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km)

07/08/2010: Fourth round a fresh fiasco, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), No PM, no surprise, no shame! Fourth round too concludes without electing prime minister (ht), Flux rules; NC, Maoists cosy up (kp), New PM on Aug 18 (rep), UCPN (M) to hold 'serious talks' with parties for Maoist-led unity govt (nn), Poudel not to quit PM race (nn), CPN-ML cleaves, was it money? (kp), CPN-ML splits, leaders throw brickbats at each other (ht), I’m threatened: Lawmaker (kp), India’s special envoy wraps up visit (kp), A wasted month, by Biswas Baral (kp), Insurgency victim deprived of relief, by Arun Gnawali (ht), Eastern districts closed by Limbuwan (nn)

06/08/2010: Consensus is the buzz word: Saran says UCPN-Maoist must be given respectable space (ht), Maoists try to allay Indian concerns, by Anil Giri (kp), Claims, denials of floor crossing rife, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Nepal prepares for fourth round of election for prime minister today (nn), CPN ML suffers split as party's four former lawmakers decide to back Maoists in PM election (nn), Pressure on PM hopefuls to pull out, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Withdraw-candidacy call (kp), End uncertainty (ht), One chance only: Here’s the deal; the UML’s vote for the Maoists is the crucial factor to end the deadlock, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Bhandari launches tirade against PLA (kp), The real experts: Community advocates know more than self-declared, degree-holding experts, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Systemic failure: We need to find a way to change the system, not the players, by Ashutosh Tiwari (nt), Hard choices: It's easy to lambast politicians, but the current crop are under extreme pressure right now, by Prashant Jha (nt)

05/08/2010: UCPN (Maoist) at war within, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC to block Maoist bid to take helm SLMM a crucial force, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Madhes parties have ace up sleeve, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), UML asks Madhesi front to stay neutral: Unity govt possible if Paudel,Prachanda withdraw from prime ministerial race: Speaker (ht), Election for PM: Message from three rounds, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), Where Are The Moral Obligations?, by Shyam K.C. (rn), Concern Over Political Impasse (rn), Neutral? Nah, they are incompetent!, by Bhimarjun Acharya (rep), Special panel to resolve row, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Special Committee 'instructs' Maoists stop PLA recruitment drive (nn), Delhi dispatches a Special Envoy (kp), India's special emissary in town (ht), Sahan's brief: Propping up the last government only delayed and undermined the fragile peace process, by Suhas Chakma (kp), Indian special emissary Shyam Saran intensifies political parleys; meets Maoist, NC and UML leaders (nn), Confirmation bias: Most Madhesis probably do not even know that Army service is open to them, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Delusive communist unity, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep), Beware, The People's Republic Of Nepal!, by Kanak Mani Dixit (rep), Maoist women lawmakers try woo their Madhesi counterparts (nn)

04/08/2010: Enough is enough: Parties have failed the people (kp), UML pushes for new course: Maoists, Congress reject Khanal’s proposal (kp), Withdraw candidacy: BRB aide (kp), NC to bow out in fifth round (ht), NC to seek other options if fourth PM election also fails (nn), MJF to call floor crossers on carpet (kp), Madhes-based parties in govt assure caretaker PM they will not vote for Maoists in next PM election, too (nn), All is well: There is no need to repeat the worthless exercise for the fourth time without adequate homework on consensus, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Now, PLA in recruitment drive (kp), PLA to enlist fresh fighters (ht), Breach of pacts: UNMIN (kp), Talk time: There needs to be wider debate on the democratisation of the Nepal Army (kp), Politics in a mess: The present party leaders can rightly be called the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Failed state syndrome: Is Nepal becoming a failed state and a hot bed for foreign interference?, by Geja Sharma Wagle (kp), Nepal on “lease” (tg), Foreign intervention in govt formation unacceptable: UCPN (M) (nn)

03/08/2010: New PM plan a hat-trick flop, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Rift in UDMF, 11 cross floor (ht), SLMM soft towards Maoists, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Much ado about nothing (ht), The stalemate continues, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), All frustration (ht), Third time unsuccessful (rep), Fourth round of election on August 6 (nn), NA restructuring report submitted in rush (ht), 3-year plan for NA revamp (kp), Fresh military recruitments breach peace process: UNMIN (nn), PLA also starts fresh recruitment drive (nn), PLA announce fresh intake (rep), Revitalisation of civil societies: For new constitution, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (ht), SC orders on Sadbhawana leaders to disclose Anandi Devi's whereabouts (nn)

02/08/2010: SLMM seeks NC, Maoist stance, by Ishwar Rauniyar and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UML to be PM poll spectator again (kp), Madhes front keeps all in suspense (ht), Much amiss in UDMF riders: Nepali Congress (ht), ‘UCPN-M has 310 votes’ (ht), Meeting between Maoists and Madhesi leaders before PM run-off ends inconclusively (nn), Deep rifts in UDMF as leaders disagree with each other over vital issues (nn), Maoists attempt to win-over Madhesi Front with a revised 'commitment letter' (nn), NWPP announces support to Dahal (nn), End it now: The impasse over PM election is harming state interests (kp), PM run-off turns out to be yet another damp squib; MJF lawmakers breach UDMF decision to stay neutral (nn), Army to declare 3,464 vacancies (kp), NA begins fresh recruitment; announces vacancy for 3,434 positions (nn), Ex-Maoist combatants into crime (kp) [This also has to do with the government's failure to integrate and rehabilitate them!!], Monarchs without crowns: Our present leaders can be called Nepal’s new monarchs without the fancy headgear, by Shyam K.C. (kp), They're more violent: Incidents of religious conflicts are not only rising in Nepal, their form has changed too, by Monika Timsina (kp), ‘One Madhes, One Pradesh’ negotiable, interview with Jaya Prakash Prasad Gupta (kp), Identify the problem, by Hari Bansha Dulal (rep)

01/08/2010: UCPN (M) casts about for success (kp), Maoists reject self-determination right for Madhes: Say yes to autonomy, but with same status as other Tarai states (ht), Madhesi front nay to Dahal, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), NC maintains 'silence' over UDMF's major demands; says issues need to be discussed further (nn), Madhes-based parties still undecided about whether or not to vote on Monday (nn), No time to lose: Something has to be about the Maoist combatants if the peace process is to advance, by Keshar Bahadur Bhandari (kp), Ethnic outfit attacks police station in Ilam (nn), Electing A New Prime Minister In Nepal, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km)

31/07/2010: Fringe parties pitch for unity govt: Urge Maoists, NC to withdraw PM candidacy (kp), Fringe left plays Dutch uncle: Asks both Prachanda and Paudel to withdraw candidacy (ht), Madhesi front to vote for Prachanda: MJF; NC may opt out of PM race: Sujata (ht), UCPN (M) rejects 'one Madhes' demand (nn), Prachanda pays court to Bijukchhe for support: Hopeful of getting NWPP backing in the August 2 election (ht), Khanal’s PM candidacy withdrawal writ quashed (ht), Maoist chairman vows to come up with 'consensus strategy' if Aug 2 run-off fails (nn), ‘PLA integration conditional’ (kp), NA preparing to recruit more soldiers (nn), Away From Consensus, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn), Translate Rhetoric Into Action (rn), Meritocracy, Not Democracy, In Nepal, by Rajat Sharma (rn)

30/07/2010: Leaders mull all-embracing arrangement, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Maoists snub one Madhes demand (kp), Dahal says no to any agreement that could lead to disintegration of the country (nn), NC courts fringe parties; claims Maoists looking to 'seize power' (nn) [There's obviously no intion from NC to seize power?!], NC ready to withdraw its PM candidacy, Sujata reveals (nn [Does Poudel know this?], UNMIN raises integration alarm (kp), Women’s views on statute get scant priority (ht), Women MPs seek to unlock deadlock: Women members of the CA blame male-dominated politics for stalemate, by Rubeena Mahato (nt), An open letter to the Big Guys: We young MPs must rise above the party line and remember that we, too, represent the people, by Sunil P. Pant (nt), Slow Death Of Peace Process, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), It's getting stale, mate: The third round is unlikely to knock a government into shape, by Prashant Jha (nt), 'UML to remain neutral in next PM run-off' (nn), “Nepalese Are Yet To Taste The Federal Democratic Republic Nepal”, interview with Narahari Acharya (sp), Maoist cantonment: Breaking Barriers, by Kiran Nepal and Saroj Dahal (sp), Constituent Assembly: Breathing It’s Last, by Saroj Dahal (sp)

29/07/2010: Rivals set for fresh fiasco, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Bhattarai bats
for unity govt
(kp), Yadav again flexes stir muscles (kp), Maoists express commitment to UDMF's demands in writing, but reject 'one Madhesh Pradesh' (nn), UML cadres lodge complaint against vice chairperson Bhandari (nn), Indian, US envoys intensify political parleys as new govt looks uncertain (nn) [foreign intervention?!], Escape artists: Ministers are losing bureaucrats’ support as the impasse drags on (kp), SC drops NA, PLA hiring cases, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), SC quashes writ against army recruitment: ‘Joint Monitoring Coordination Committee should resolve row’ (ht), A fine kettle of fish: Nepal is having a hard time naming a prime minister because of its faulty constitution, by Bipin Adhikari (kp), What Cost Political Uncertainty?, by Shyam K.C. (rn), UCPN (Maoist) ready to bring combatants under AISC: Bhattarai (nn), Khanal urges Dahal and Poudel to withdraw PM candidacy (nn)

28/07/2010: NC wooing UML, MJF for Round III polls (ht), Khanal dashes NC hopes (kp), UML’s Stance (rn), Apex court moved against PM Nepal, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Maoists to send rethink letter to UDMF (kp), Maoists to reply to UDMF in a day or two (ht), Politics of consensus (ht), Consensus for constitution: The Maoists and the Congress should follow the consensual approach of UML and Madhesi parties, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Third face of the coin: Grabbing power prime mover, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), Crisis of state: Without national leadership, the political crisis will continue to rear its ugly head, by Shobhakar Budhathoki (kp), Implications Of Policy Decisions, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn), Passive Nepal President (tg), Nepal’s Republican order has become defunct: Experts discuss Nepal situation (tg), Fulfill our demands first, Get support, interview with Upendra Yadav (tg)

27/07/2010: NC, Maoists seek UDMF demand revision (kp), NC to keep UML
alliance intact
(ht), UML to opt out if parties ally for power (kp), CPN-UML to abstain from Aug 2 voting (ht), Poudel asks Khanal to support him in August 2 voting (nn), MJF not to back NC unless it commits to UDMF terms (nn), If UML backs us, Madhesis will toe the line: Sapkota (ht), Maoist can of worms opens (kp), Village vacant as war victims yet to return, by Prem Kumari Ghale (kp), A day in Dadeldhura: Politics is still an uncertain and, at times, dangerous activity in Nepal, by Keith D. Leslie (kp), Janajati leaders arrested (ht), CA: Reflection On The PM Election Blues, by Prem Khatry (rn), UNMIN chief meets NC Acting Prez to clear the air (nn), A vote for moving forward, by Sukhdev Shah (rep)

26/07/2010: Written pledge evokes our support: UDMF (kp), UDMF seeks commitment from UCPN-M, NC (ht), NC positive about UDMF conditions (nn), NC lobbies for UML support (kp), Khanal denies he is in minority in party central committee (nn), House rule amendment ‘not possible’, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Parliamentary regulations cannot be amended now: Speaker Nemwang (nn), Maoists claim 'foreign interference' behind election fiasco (nn), Possibly Europeans should be more prescriptive, interview with Andrew Hall (kp), Derailment of democracy, by C.K. Lal (rep)

25/07/2010: Unwitting UML ties itself into knots: Maoists, NC no to rule amendment (kp), Dahal, Khanal chant left unity mantra (ht), Prez frets over poll impasse (kp), Oli proposing, Khanal disposing, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Mull and mend: Both the NC and the Maoists need to re-evaluate their recent history (kp), NC discusses next PM run-off with caretaker PM (nn), UMF wants NC's to come clear on its 'common document' for support during PM run-off (nn), Sujata fumes at party leadership (ht), Madhesi parties express conditional 'green signal' to Maoist PM candidate (nn), Suffer the people: With the kind of politicians and bureaucrats we have, good governance is a mirage, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (kp)

24/07/2010: It was a no-go affair again: Aug 2 date set for fresh round, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Another dud day; Round III on August 2 (ht), UDMF holds the key (ht), PLA integration bone in gullet (kp), Madhes factor stymies PM pick (kp), Sujata wags finger on consensus mode (kp)

23/07/2010: ‘Bit too early’ to expect anything: NC, Maoists not very hopeful, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Leaders mull way out if PM poll fails again (kp), Lawyers for law amendment (kp), NC's Poudel seeks pro-monarchist RPP-N's support for his PM bid (nn) [a wonderful ally for a new Nepal!], Sujata says NC should clear the path for Maoist led govt if it fails to forge consensus for national govt (nn), UML to boycott polls (kp), CPN-UML not to vote in PM’s run-off polls (ht), 'UML won't partake in Prime Ministerial run-off until consensus govt ensured' (nn), Madhes parties adamant, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), Madhesi front sets terms for support, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Madhesi parties set conditions for support as House prepares for prime ministerial run-off (nn), Maoist-Madhesi Front talks inconclusive; Front to stay neutral in today's voting (nn), Re-election for PM post gets delayed as parties busy themselves in flurry of meetings (nn), Change stance (ht), Off the ball: Whatever happens today, there is no alternative to politics of consensus (kp), Trial by media: hen journalists ignore the excesses of the security forces but pounce upon Maoist crimes, their neutrality comes into question, by C.K. Lal (nt), Strategic selfishness: The main principle motivating the stalwarts of Nepali politics is individual interest, by Prashant Jha (nt)

22/07/2010: Voting for new PM ends in fiasco: Prachanda pitted against Paudel in next round fixed for Friday, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Race for PM proves a non-starter, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Face-off between Maoists and Congress in offing, by Kamal Sigdel, Bhadra Sharma and Kamal Bhattarai (kp), Madhesi, fringe parties stay neutral (ht), Madhes parties stand firm, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), No PM in sight (rep), Agitation takes its toll on Metropolis (kp), Taking us for a ride: None of presumptive PMs had the decency to claim that people’s interest is uppermost in their minds, by Deepak Thapa (kp), The game theory: What would John Forbes Nash say about the current political impasse in Nepal?, by Saroj Dhakal (kp), Apocalypse no: The politico-economic costs and risks of a delay in the peace process can’t be imagined, by Surendra R. Devkota (kp), Realizing deliberative democracy: Opportunities and constraints, by Ganga Thapa (ht)

21/07/2010: Hot seat: Making somebody prime minister knowing that the person will fail is a waste of time, by Pramod Mishra (kp), The 3-Heroes: All is not well in Nepal! (tg), Big three's top guns in PM race: Dahal, Khanal, Poudel file candidacy; House likely to fail to elect premier, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai, Phanindra Dahal and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Prachanda, Paudel, Khanal in fray, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Galloping horse, by N.P. Upadhyaya (tg), UML chairman may opt out at last minute (ht), Madhesi parties holding the ace?, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp), No candidate likely to be elected as PM in today's election (nn), Maoists support UML chairman Khanal conditionally (nn), UML’s PM candidate Khanal close to securing 2/3rd majority; Maoist, MJF and CPN (ML) express support (nn), Setback for Khanal as Madhesi parties decide to stay neutral (nn), House to convene at 2 pm (nn), Museumising suffering: Let’s establish a museum to show how erstwhile regimes tortured and killed people, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Parliament fails to elect Prime Minister; re-elections on Friday (nn)

20/07/2010: Prime ministerial race a tight affair (kp), CPN-UML fails to see eye to eye (kp), UML’s predicament not over yet: Central Committee to meet today to decide on govt formation, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), UML names Khanal as prime ministerial candidate (nn), Congress hits berth hurdle (kp), Rift rattles Maoist party (kp), Maoist leaders air conflicting views: To back or not to back Khanal is the question, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Maoist chairman Dahal files his candidacy for PM post (nn), Madhesi parties yet to fixate on new govt (KP), MJF may stay in opposition (ht)

19/07/2010: CA okays new calendar of events: Nembang urges parties to go extra mile (kp), UCPN-M, NC woo Madhesi parties; CPN-UML to hold CC meet today (ht), UML deciding on prime ministerial candidate today (nn), Parleys continue to form government (kp), Point of departure: Poudel’s unanimous pick is a breath of fresh air for NC (kp) [Nevertheless is he one of the failed NC politicians of the 1990 system who prevented the development of a democratic und inclusive system! He does not stand for renewal!!], NC VP Poudel courts PM Nepal, CPN (ML) leader for support in prime ministerial race (nn), UML on fence over PM bid (kp), Maoist green signal to Khanal (nn), Bid to sideline Maoists: Kiran; People’s war not over:Lawmaker (ht), Feudalism is alive and well: Nepal’s pattern of land ownership is the result of over 100 years of autocratic regime, by Jagat Basnet (kp)

18/07/2010: NEFIN questions SRC relevance (ht), NEFIN plans month-long stir (kp), 22 parties express their 'disagreement' on formation of SRC (nn), It’s Poudel, Cong says in unison (kp), NC tries to woo Madeshi parties for govt leadership (nn), NC for Paudel as PM, asks Maoist support (ht), UCPN (M) keeps govt options open, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UCPN-M bid to avoid another ‘puppet govt’ (ht), UCPN (Maoist) seeks support of Madhes-based, fringe parties to form govt (nn), Fringe parties vie for power (ht), Outfits into squad formation: Disqualified fighters, retired Gurkhas among entrants, by Shankar Kharel (kp) [The full responsibility for this failed development goes to the so-called big three parties with their Bahunbad power games!!], A cup of sugar and some help: Nepal may be one of the few places whre politics as a profession has become systematised, by Sushma Joshi (kp)

17/07/2010: PLA integration: Now, NC has a proposal (kp), CPN-UML still harping on unity government, ba Arjun Bhandari (ht), Prachanda ready to support patriotic govt (ht), UCPN (M) ready for Dahal's alternative as future PM (nn), NC picks Poudel as prime ministerial candidate (nn), UML leaders discuss possibility of Khanal-led govt (nn), NC-Maoist meeting inconclusive as both stake claim over govt leadership (nn), 18 parties renew call for consensus among major parties (nn), UN rejects NA plea to okay peacekeeping training centre, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Madhes–based parties reactivate alliance: Decry state re-do panel formation (kp), Madhesi parties resurrect alliance: United Democratic Madhesi Front to engage state on Madhesi issues (ht), OHCHR asks Dahal to uphold rights (kp), Jockeying For Power, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn)

16/07/2010: Big Three settle on new schedule: Say new statute by April 13 next year (kp), Three parties make deal for peace, constitution (ht), NC, UML ready with proposal for consensus (ht), Fringe parties vent ire at Big Three (ht), NC to stake claim to govt leadership, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), UML busy in internal meetings to control reins of govt under Khanal (nn), The way to do it: A mix of criteria will have to be evaluated for the division of the nation into federal units, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Muddy waters: The political parties are too caught up in their own internal dilemmas to be able to forge a consensus with each other, by Prashant Jha (nt), Peace first, then constitution, please!, by Shirish Ranabhat (sp) [For the disadvantaged sections of society, i.e. the great majority of the Nepali people, there will be no 'peace' without a new constitution and a political system that is based on inclusion, participation, equal rights and chances, and a decentralized federal system!!], Why This Penchant for Form over Substance?, by Dipak Gyawali (sp), Promising and not Delivering, by Yubaraj Ghimire (sp), Rat Race: With no common cause to bind them together power remains the only goal for major parties, by Sushil Sharma and Saroj Dahal (sp)

15/07/2010: Big Three agree to set up SRC (ht), SRC members to be chosen by new govt; to begin work from July 31 (nn), 22 parties object to three-party decision on SRC (nn) [State restructuring and constitution or not the task of the government nor that of party leaders but the mandate of correctly elected (through FPTP and PR) MPs], Dahal bounty under mutiny: Dahal bounty under mutiny, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC to fish out PM trump card soon: To unveil peace roadmap today (kp), NC decides to lead next govt; few CWC members want party to sit in opposition (nn) [How a can a non-inclusive minority party, that has been severely punished for its failures by the voters, claim such things??], UNMIN digs in heels over non-paper row (kp), Things don't look good: The failure of the leaders to provide the CA a positive work environment is a real letdown, by Bipin Adhikari (kp)

14/07/2010: Countdown to July 21 (kp), Race for PM berth starts: Power equation picture still hazy (kp), Maoists seek govt take on integration (kp), UN backs UNMIN stand (kp), State of press freedom touches a raw nerve (kp 14/07/2010)

13/07/2010: Majority government's turn now (kp), Prez calls House to elect PM, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), House to elect new PM on July 21 (nn), Three-party efforts bite the dust (kp), 22 parties take big three to task for failing to reach consensus (nn), UNMIN integration plan comes under govt fire, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Rehabilitation now: The Maoist combatants may get fed up with the endless bickering and turn to violence, by Rabi Raj Thapa (kp) [The selfish, power greedy, and to a greater part not elected politicians will never understand how dangerous their political games are! The rehabilitation of all combatants should have been the task of the interim government of Girija Prasad Kopirala in early 2007 according to the compehensive peace agreement!], Fighter factor blocks unity, by Prakash Acharya ht)

12/07/2010: Big three fail to finalise timeframe for constitution writing (nn), Prez unlikely to oblige again: Set to ask parties to form majority govt, by Anil Giri (kp), No Maoist-led government at the current date, interview with Pradeep Gyawali (kp), Maoists ready to be flexible (ht), Congress to float peace roadmap (kp), Step forward: Detailed negotiations on integration and rehabilitation must start now (kp), Politics of words: Never-ending saga, by Binod Bhattarai (ht), Alternatives for managing Maoist combatants, by Kul Chandra Gautam (rep)

11/07/2010: Maoist prescription to get things back on track, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), UCPN-M brings out programmes on peace bid PLA to be brought under control of AISC (rn), Maoist Proposal For PLA Adjustment (rn), Maoist integration plan fails to please (kp), Proposal lacks bases: Sitaula (ht), NC, UML agree to disagree on Maoist proposal (nn), State re-do panel hangs (kp), NEFIN unveils stir programme (kp), On the balance of things: In short term state effectiveness must be sacrificed where necessary to augment state legitimacy, by Martin Searle (kp), Elusive Consensus, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Worsening security situation concerns UN (ht)

10/07/2010: UCPN-Maoist set to unveil 6-point action plan today (rn), UCPN (M) unveils dossier for consensus, proposes to bring combatants under Special Committee immediately (nn), Poudel throws hat in ring: Says his turn to lead a majority combo (kp), UNMIN’s integration schedule rattles PM (kp), PM warns against external meddling (rn), Robbed of our names: Before any physical development, before more autonomy, we long to live with our own names, by Phuntsok Dorjee (kp), Give Them Justice, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn)

09/07/2010: UNMIN paper offers 60-week time plan (kp), Non-territorial federalism: This system would address the needs of groups that are dispersed across the country, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Secular forever: If secularism is good for India, there’s no reason why it should be bad for Nepal, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp), Peace Process And Army Integration, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), The Gambler: Prachanda is exposed on multiple fronts, but may not recognise the limits of his power, by Prashant Jha (nt)

08/07/2010: Maoists to walk their talk, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp)

07/07/2010: Parties nowhere near unity govt deal (kp), Maoist leaders rue lost hopes, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), CPN-UML backs Khanal as PM, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Women lawmakers say high time for consensus (kp), Dalits under the upper caste heel in Siraha, by Bharat Jarghamagar (kp), Softly, softly: The Maoists need to apologise for trying to intimidate their critics (kp), Here's to the future: I don’t believe the advertised Pradesh bogies and threats of cessation in a federal setup, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Maoists must abide by past pacts: DPM (ht) [.. and other parties must not??], Armed outfit threatens to wage war (ht)

06/07/2010: Maoists hounding rights activists: ICJ (kp), UN starts investigation (kp), Parties throw gauntlet at Maoists: Ask the main oppn to implement May 28 pact (kp), Maoists fear same coalition with new PM (ht), Unhealed wounds: War victim is now a porter (kp), See you in court: The Maoist constitution has envisaged a three-tier judiciary: federal, state and local, by Prakash A. Raj (kp), 86 per cent NHRC recommendations have been ignored, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), 'Big three' set April 13 target for constitution drafting (nn)

05/07/2010: ‘Secret deal’ saw PM go: ‘Do’ said Dahal, ‘nay’ didn’t say Nepal, by Kamal Sigdel and Kamal Bhattarai (kp), NC,CPN-UML likely to keep coalition intact: Tell Maoists to implement first point of the May 28 deal, by Prakash Acharya (ht), NC, UML urge oppn to implement deal (kp), UCPN (M), NC discuss govt formation, army integration (nn), Maoists bare fangs at ‘rat’: Ex-kid soldier had told UNSC of her war travails (kp), Big 3 for new statute timetable (kp), Remote control: The parties might as well sit back and let the string pullers write the constitution, by Shyam K.C. (kp), Prachanda as PM can push through tough decisions, interview with Barsa Man Pun (kp), ‘Tharuhat giving children armed training on school premises’ (ht), The game is on, by Hari Bansha Dulal (rep), Sujata sings different tune now, claims NC will lead 'unity govt' (nn)

04/07/2010: Faking Democracy In Nepal, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), HRW urges govt to address impunity (kp), Allies’ terms for Maoists (kp), Maoists seek support to lead government: Parties say address issues of peace process,statute drafting first (ht), Stick together: One majority government was bad enough, another dysfunctional one would be disastrous, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), Time To Cleanse Politics, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

03/07/2010: NC projects Poudel as PM: Deuba camp chants own chorus (kp), Maoist spadework for govt formation (kp), Eleven parties for Maoist - led govt (rn), NC, Maoists lobbying hard to lead new govt (ht), Maoists urge UML to support for national govt under its leadership (nn), NC leaders turn down Maoist call for support to form govt (nn), Janajati-led govt must, says Pasang (ht), UN, EU urge parties to expedite efforts (kp), HRW asks govt to investigate Maoist role in killing during insurgency (nn)

02/07/2010: Prez gives parties a week’s deadline (kp), July 7 deadline to pick new PM: Maoists stake claim to lead govt, yet to decide on prime minister (ht), Maoists, UML both want themselves at the helm (kp), Fringe parties caution Big 3: Say it’s Maoist turn to respect May-28 deal (kp), Elusive unity: Madhav Nepal's exit is a positive move, but grants little certainty to the political process, by Prashant Jha (nt), Forces get ‘remain alert’ order (kp), Security beefed up after PM quit: Caretaker status doesn’t mean govt can’t act: Rawal (ht), Knots and bolts: A rupture in UCPN (Maoist) at this crucial juncture is in no one’s interest, by Bipin Adhikari (kp), Prosperous east: In the east, the mountains, hills and the Tarai can prosper as an integrated province, by Dambar Krishna Shrestha (nt), Choose wisely: I would say that a parliamentary model would be better than a presidential model, by Khagendra N. Sarma (kp), “Nepal is not a failed state yet”, interview with Surya Dhungel (sp), After the resignation: Destination Uncertainty, by Sushil Sharma (sp)

01/07/2010: Jaws drop as PM throws in the towel (kp), Nepal bows out with lambast-Maoist swan song, by Prakash Acharya (ht), But is it the solution? (kp), Seize the day: PM Nepal’s resignation means little unless it gets the desired results (kp), Confusion on even after PM’s off, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Maoists welcome PM’s decision (rn), UCPN (Maoist) decides to strive for national govt under chairman Dahal's leadership, forms three-member talks team (nn), NC’s turn to lead govt: Poudel (nn), UML to accept Maoist claim to govt leadership only if past deals implemented (nn), Alternative to chairman Dahal for PM post can be discussed: Baidya (nn), President sets July 7 deadline for formation of 'consensus government' (nn), Big parties start consultations over next govt (nn), Fringe parties want 'national govt' acceptable to all (nn), Call to smoothen House business (kp), Nembang raises statute alarm (kp), No News Is New News, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Conflict victims continue to live in trauma, injustice, by Arpana Adhikari (rn)
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