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Crisis solution (January-June 2012)
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Press evaluation:

30/06/2012: HR monitoring slack in absence of OHCHR: ICJ (rep), Rights activists against ordinance ruleOppose bid to form TRC,panel on disappeared thru shortcut (ht), PLA integration: Oppn mellows on committee meeting (kp) [???], Former PLA chief says frustration in cantonments running high (rep), Koirala in bid to woo Madhesi parties, leaders: His odds though improving, still stacked against him (ht) [Nepal's dilemma is that Bhattarai only has legitimacy as a caretaker PM. Neither he nor the opposition nor the president have any legitimacy to form a new government!!], UML dissidents to press leadership for CA revival (rep)

29/06/2012: In face of furore,govt plans more case withdrawals: In Cabinet, PM presents 16 cases for amnesty, by Pranab Kharel (kp) [Without justice no future!!], Govt preparing for TRC through ordinance: Rights defenders say such a move will be tantamount to institutionalising impunity, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Nefin meet to decide on new party (kp), Federalism clearly unacceptable: Pradip Nepal (rep) [?????], Sushil solicits TMDP support for nat'l consensus govt, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep) [Better say: in search for a majority government led by the NC!!], Taking care of the caretaker: The opposition may not like it, but the caretaker government can remain legally in power until elections are held, by Anurag Acharya (nt) [You even better say: There is no legal way to change it!!], Has history’s wheel come full circle? CPN-M to submit 40-point demand to Bhattarai, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Consensus on consensus: Consensus is not going to happen simply because we all wish for it. It has to be created, by Narayan Manandhar (kp), National deconstruction: Political identity, by Anuj Mishra (ht)

28/06/2012: Duncan stands behind aid for ethnic groups (kp), UK minister refutes allegations of donors stirring ethnic conflict (rep), UML spawns more divergence on federalism, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Language barrier: Promoting regional tongues (rep), NC, UML young guns snub ‘eyewash’ meet with PM (kp), No man's land: Prime Minister Bhattarai continues to mess up but that’s only half the problem (kp), Failure spectacular: Political failure can lead to only one thing: public trauma, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Whad'ya know? Political opinion in Nepal, by Biswas Baral (rep), Implement obligations, urges CEDAW panel: Thorough investigation of sexual abuse during time of conflict sought (ht 28/06/2012)

27/06/2012: PM’s position different from mine, says Dahal: Bhattarai’s ‘won’t quit’ remarks tick off Maoist boss, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), PM says he is ready to quit (rep), Oppn says PM remarks smack of despotism (kp), UML weighs fielding Oli as PM candidate (kp) [Just as Koirala from the NC, Oli has already been rejected by the people!!], ministerial candidate (ht), Oli UML’s primeIn NC, it’s either Deuba or Poudel, says KC (kp), Baidya party vows to topple Bhattarai (kp), CPN-M donation drive injects fear into businessmen (ht), CPN-M worries over degrading sovereignty, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Now, Matrika’s Maoist party splits (kp), Civil society leaders stress consensus (kp), Civil society urges PM to work for consensus (rep), NA seeks decision on application fee (ht) [????], Maoists gear up for integration, by Kiran Pun (rep), NC, UML not to attend AISC meeting as govt prepares to start army integration from next week (nn) [???? The situation is urgent and serious, but they behave like little children!!], 20 new parties waiting for registration, by Gani Ansari (rep), A long stalemate: The PM has to walk the fine line between asserting authority and knowing limits since legitimacy of his authority is contested, by Prashant Jha (kp), Sources of conflict: From caste discrimination to conflict-era crimes, challenges remain in creating social harmony, by Umesh K. Bhattarai (kp), Federalism: Voices of the ordinary; Time to take debate to the public, by Naresh Newar (rep)

26/06/2012: Nefin mulling party of Janajatis: Sherpa, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp), UML dissident tow: District chiefs warn against drastic move (rep), PM says will stay put, hold CA elections (kp), I’ll stay till next CA election, says Bhattarai: Terms opposition parties’resignation demand childish; Warns of situation like Feb 1,2005, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Maoists, UML ask NC to, pick its candidate for PM (kp) [In this critical situation Nepal needs a charismatic PM! There is no NC politician with this qualification! Stop these endless power games and think of people an country!], Invitation to a deposing: Some actors in the opposition parties are urging the President to sack the Prime Minister, a move that’s both ignoble and unconstitutional, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), Baidya party proposes revolt (kp), Maoists’ new demands stall integration: Nepali Army writes to MoD seeking clarity on some issues, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht) [The former fighters' demands are justified! Why did the army wait so long? The PLA did not lose its war against the royal army! What counts now is durable peace!!], Flawed process: Whither restructuring? (rep), Budget through ordinance: Court summons govt; Gives 15 days to submit explanation (ht), Party reforms (ht), Federal fallout: Nepal at crossroads, by Chandra Lal Pandey (rep)

25/06/2012: CPN-Maoist is third largest force, Baidya tells President (kp), PLA integration: Army may begin process next week, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Nepal Army gears up for integration, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), CPN-M pitches for round table conference (ht), CPN-M brings 'roadmap' for ending political crisis, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), New CA election as scheduled: Uprety, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp), CA polls on Nov 22, if parties wish: Uprety (rep), Polls must be held by March, says CEC Upreti (ht) [???], CA Election within April 13 next year if not possible on November 22: Acting CEC (nn), PM Bhattarai dismisses demands for resignation; vows to hold election on Nov 22 (nn), NC, UML leaders project Sushil as consensus candidate for PM (nn) [He has not the qualification, he has been rejected by the people in 2008, and he is one of the party leaders who were most responsible for the failure of the CA!!], Maoist behind CA fiasco, says Sitaula (ht) [People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones!!!], Mind the gap: Bickering parties should at least agree on vital issues of running the state (kp), President and PM are on a path of confrontation, interview with Shyam Shrestha (kp), Maoists get dose of their own medicine: Opposing budget in past boomerangs on UCPN-M (ht), An election too far: It is better to form a body including all the parties in the past CA to write the constitution, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp), Divided Maoists And Shattered Dreams, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), The continuing political impasse: The way out, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), The true picture: Federalism from the ground, by Mukesh Khanal (rep), The will of bourgeoisie, by C.K. Lal (rep)

24/06/2012: Beautiful people: Recognising ethnicity-based states is respecting the history and pride of ethnic communities, by Rishi Adhikari (kp), Three-day NEFIN gathering on current deadlock (rep), Friction in UML over federalism: A section of party opposes CC-endorsed 7-province model (kp), UML passes 7-province model amid dissent (rep), UML panel to draft white paper on CA: Will try to assess dissolved Assembly’s four-year term (ht), CPN-M to discuss round-table idea with other forces (kp), Dahal against statute from round-table conference (kp), NC appeals prez to form new govt (ht) [??? Sorry, I forgot: Nepal belongs to the party leaders, may they be rejected by the people, non-inclusive, incompetent, corrupt or whatever! Hopefully, caretaker president Yadav stands to his honest line that he has followed so far!], CPN-Maoist fails to take any decision (ht), Ministry backtracks on top cop transfers, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), TMDPN, UCPN-M to form alliance for forthcoming election: Yadav (ht), Privilege of privilege: What you don’t realise is that you can’t tear apart a country that has never united in the first place, by Pranaya SJB Rana (kp)

23/06/2012: Ex-combatants rue integration process let-up (kp), CPN-Maoist to unveil protest programmes (kp), Beyond unity govt formation, CPN-UML leaders at a loss (kp), Unity govt for statute: Deuba (kp) [The non-inclusive party leaders have neither the qualification nor the legitimation to write the constitution! They are the reason for failure of the CA!!], NC to take struggle, consensus side by side (ht) [If Nepal is a multi-ethnic, etc. country, why are about 50% of the NC central leaders male Bahuns and not only 6.5%?? The NC leadership does not represent the population of the country!!], UCPN (M) ready to give up govt leadership: Dahal (nn)

22/06/2012: UML proposes seven states on capability-identity basis: The party's Janajati and Madhesi leaders have rejected the proposal tabled by the chairman, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Khanal proposes seven pradeshes on the basis of multi-ethnicity, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), UML leaders for seven multi-ethnic provinces, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Dissident UML leaders for CA reinstatement (ht), UML dissidents to hit streets, by Maoj Basnet (kp), UML dissidents to struggle within party (rep), NC panel for addressing Janajati federal demands (kp), Paudel stresses on consensus (ht), Cops’ transfer: SC seeks explanation (kp), EC to seek clarifications over NTV chief's demotion, by Gani Ansari (rep), Return properties, complete peace process: Congress (ht), NC demands completion of integration process (rep), Will to power: Any exercise of the “power to remove difficulties” under article 158 of the Interim Constitution to enable consensus may come under the Supreme Court’s scrutiny, by Semanta Dahal (kp), Split ends of a revolution: What was surprising about the great Maoist breakup this week was the lack of fuss, by Anurag Acharya (nt), The revenge of the radicals: Mohan Baidya spinning off from UCPN-Maoist represents more than an interchange of punctuation marks, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt), Giving conflict victims a voice: Those most directly affected by the war can play a role in addressing its legacy, by Simon Robins (nt), Politics of Fragmentation, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn)

21/06/2012: Disgruntled UML leaders meet up (ht), 'Disappointed' UML dissidents sulk in Dhulikhel (rep), Foreign powers disturbed social goodwill: UML (ht) [It is a myth that there was social harmony in a single identity based unitary state!!], UML to dissidents: Seek solution within party (rep, UML's Janajati-Madhesi leaders not to quit party for now; but will continue to boycott party meetings (nn), Report proposes martyrs’ categorisation: Urges govt to confer martyrdom only on those who really deserve honour, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Unity govt can shrink trust deficit: NC, UML, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Government defends transfer of top cops (ht), SC moved against code breach (ht), EC wants poll laws soon (ht), 'Nepal at risk of becoming a failed state' (rep), NC, UML no to full-fledged budget sans political consensus (rep)

20/06/2012: EC tells govt to scrap top cops’ transfer: Says the move contravenes commission’s code of conduct, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Four parties start talks to find consensus (rep), Vertical split: It’s hard to see the new Maoist party implementing its agenda (kp), Experts see bleak prospects for Baidya’s party, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), The radicals strike back: The Maoist split will make any deal on the future roadmap more difficult, but it may mean a more accurate representation of political constituencies, by Prashant Jha (kp), Point of departure: Fallout of Maoist split (rep 20/06/2012), Rival Maoist parties wooing cadres in former heartlands, by Janak Nepal, Kashiram Dangi and Krishna Gautam (kp), Party split dissappoints Maoist cadres in east (ht), New party essential to achieve goals of People’s War: Baidya, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), 'People's revolt' not an immediate possibility: Baidya, by Kiran Pun (rep), CPN-Maoist against parliamentarianism: Baidhya says door for unification open if Dahal,Bhattarai reform themselves (ht), Maoist-padlocked house unlocked after 10 yrs (kp), Nod to ordinances exception, not rule: Prez adviser, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Move on: A new CA gives people the opportunity to decide on federalism, by Shikhar Prasad Acharya (kp), Multi-ethnic provinces yes, single-ethnic model no: UML chairman, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep)

19/06/2012: Baidya camp forms breakaway Maoist party: Formal announcement of birth of Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist to be made today, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UCPN-M splits, CPN-Maoist born: Door open for unification talks; Says urban revolt the way ahead, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), UCPN (Maoist) splits, by Kiran Pun (rep), Dahal-Baidya tiff, a recapitulation (kp), UML national conclave starts; dissidents faction boycott, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), UML bid to forge ‘broader alliance’ against Maoists, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Unity govt only way out, says UML: CA poll impossible without statute amendment (ht), TMDP for one Madhesi party (rep), Govt transfers top cops; EC left fuming again, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Transfer of cops violates election code of conduct (ht), NTV acting chief punished for airing Oppn event live (kp), NTV chief demoted for airing oppn rally, by Prakash Acharya (ht), New bourgeoisie: The Nepali Congress is losing the trust of the class that has traditionally supported it, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), The Congress conundrum, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (ht)

18/06/2012: CPN UML stands against ethnicity-based federalism, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Reinstate Ang Kaji, Rai tells UML (kp), UML's national cadres' meet kicks off amid boycott by Janajati, Madhesi leaders (nn), Fresh CA elections: Only held fast to your orders, PM tells apex court (kp), Prez pities ‘wasted’ time, state of flux (kp), Find way out pronto: Prez; Warns parties against failure to forge consensus, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Start talking: Negotiations over the govt should proceed along with those on more pressing issues (kp), New Maoist party in a ‘couple of days’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Baidhya proposes name for breakaway revolutionary party, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), We’re ready to take leadership of revolt, interview with Netra Bikram Chand 'Biplab', UCPN-M (kp), Floating options: If the CA could act as parliament, then a parliament can aslo act as CA, by Akanshya Shah (kp) [The failure was not caused by the inclusively elected CA but by the non-inclusive and partly not elected party leadership! A smaller but inclusively elected CA or parliament would be ideal as long as non-elected party leaders are excluded from the constitution writing process and the decision is with the CA and not with the leaders!!], New CA not in Nepali Congress’ plan of things, by Prakash Acharya (ht), No cooperation until Maoists mend ways: NC leaders (rep) [??], Court order sought to protect voting right (ht), Youths move SC for voting rights (rep) [In future, all citizens should have the right to vote if they have reached the age of 18 on the day of whatever election!], Opposition inciting President to stage a coup: PM’s political aide (nn), President’s role: Consideration of transitional state, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Govt preparing to bring regular budget: Opposition says ‘only special budget is valid’ (ht), 17,800 people died during conflict period, says Ministry of Peace (nn), Need for Inquiry Commission on CA's failure, by Gyan Basnet (nn)

17/06/2012: Sherpa’s expulsion stirs up a hornets’ nest in CPN-UML: Not in a position to remain in the party, respond Janajati leaders, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), NEFIN terms Sherpa’s expulsion from UML party ‘shameful', says it is motivated to sideline indigenous nationalities (nn), Dissidents may boycott UML meet (rep), Party dissidents warn of boycotting NC programmes (kp), NC indigenous wings, leaders urge supporters to boycott party programmes, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), NC ethnic leaders up the ante (rep), TMDP not to forge electoral alliance: Not to accept new constitution promulgated from outside CA (rep), Baidya camp vows to form new party: Accuses party leadership of failing to address interests of people, country, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Baidya or Thapa likely as chief of new party, by Kiran Pun (rep), Better we divorce‚ says Baidhya, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Team Baidya’s planning (kp), UCPN (M) establishment still wants unity as Baidya floats name for new party in national gathering (nn), Dahal to NC, UML: PM will step down in the event of consensus (kp) [Who among the leading politicians has a similar qualification for the job??], Olive branch to NC, UML: Dahal on damage-control mode after a vitriolic attack (ht), 27 parties gang up against govt: Task force to enforce protests (kp), Dahal initiates talks for consensus: NC, UML say PM ́s exist from Baluwatar a bottomline for consensus  (rep), Oppn parties to intensify protests: Announce programme from June 19 to July 9 (ht), Gender equality in students' politics: Still a far cry, by Kokila K.C. (ht), Taking stock, by Gopal Thapa (rep)

16/06/2012: UML calls 27-party meet; NEFIN secretary Sherpa’s membership scrapped (ht) [Long live Bahunbad! Expell the Janajatis and you will be a disappearing minority in future politics!], No alternative to CA for new statute: PM, Dahal (rep), ‘Let’s begin a fresh consensus journey’: Maoist boss says he’s ready to explore options to end deadlock; urges hardliners to remain united (kp), Baidya Proposes Revolt As Line Of New Party, by Kiran Pun (rep), Maoist hardliners headed for splitsville (ht), Indian experts stress unity govt in Nepal, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Coalition partners threaten to quit (ht), Limbuwan no to CA revival (ht), Justice Bam declared martyr in breach of criteria, by Kiran Chapagain (rep) [Then you will have to declare every murdered person a martyr!!], Put it to a vote: State restructuring, by Murari Sharma and Bhagirath Basnet (rep), The new force, by Binit Gurung (rep)

15/06/2012: Prez may amend statute, poll laws, says EC panel, by Anil Giri (kp),  Find alternative, I'll quit: PM to parties (rep) [Nepal is not the property of party leaders!! A new government needs legitimation through an elected parliament!], Baidya faction holds Dahal, PM responsible for CA dissolution, by Kiran Pun (rep) [All party leaders, including Baidya, share responsibility!!], Silence of the foxes, by C.K. Lal (rep), Children of war: UN delisting Maoists from groups using minors in conflict is welcome (kp), Transitional justice process elitist: Report (ht), The assassin creed: The unsolved murders of Ranju Jha and her colleagues as well as that of Justice Rana Bahadur Bam will aggravate impunity and weaken the state (nt), Let people decide: Nepal is no longer a docile society, and the people know their rights, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp), Seize the time: Deep inside we know we cannot support the leaders who have given us only pain, suffering and false sense of nation-building, by Sagar Onta (kp), Despair and hope in Dolpo: "Politics is only for the leaders. We never expected anything from the  constitution", by Dewan Rai (nt)

14/06/2012: Prez discusses CA polls with EC commissioners (rep), Govt violated poll code, says EC (kp), UML welcomes Janajati leaders’ decision for talks (kp), Dissident leaders won't be in bad books: UML (rep) [But exclusive Bahun leaders who were responsible for the CA failure should be in the bad books!], UML for common identity-based states: No action against dissidents for their views on federalism (ht) [This means conservative upholding of the non-inclusive status quo!!], Staying afloat: Parties should at least come together on issues of common interest; budget is one (kp), FNCCI demands full and timely budget (kp), Congress announces nationwide protests: Demands PM’s resignation for building consensus (ht), NC to boycott PM, ministers (rep), No unity without course correction of leadership, interview with Mohan Baidya (rep), PM Bhattarai sanguine about TRC formation (kp), Justice and deterrence: Establishment of rule of law, by Gyan Basnet (ht), Don’t take martyrdom lightly: NHRC to govt (ht), Hollowing center: Radicalization of Nepali politics, by Biswas Baral (rep), New glue: In this interregnum, when the old is undergoing death spasms, and the new hasn’t been born, societal glue needs renewal, by Pramod Mishra (kp)

13/06/2012: The battle ahead: The conflict has become tougher. There is a pushback on inclusion from the internationals and older parties, by Prashant Jha (kp), Pressure on UML to embrace identity-based federalism: Indigenous, Madhesi leaders urge party to lobby for revival of dissolved Constituent Assembly, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), UML dissidents press single-identity model, CA revival, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), UML Janajati leaders want CA resurrected, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), President Yadav speaks out: Budget only after consensus (kp), President against populist budget (ht), Will guard statute, prez assures oppn (ht), Oli takes pot shots at Maoists; says other parties should take govt leadership from Maoists to end current crisis (nn) [Politicians like Oli who have been rejected by the people in the elections have no right to claim positions in state and government!!], The roadmap: Current political crisis, by Bhim Udas (rep), Not too late: Maoist infighting, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep), Class struggle: Steeped in identity problem, by Gopal Thakur (ht), Study finds Nepal peaceful than most South Asian nations (nn)

12/06/2012: 24 UML district chiefs press leadership for multiple-identity, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), With no CA, justice for conflict victims uncertain, by Kiran Chapagain (rep) [The party leaders never wanted justice! It's now easier for them without the CA!], Keeping the record straight: We believe that political consensus among major parties is essential for holding election, by Baburam Bhattarai (kp), Political consensus crucial to hold polls: PM (kp), Petition seeks SC for PM’s ouster (ht), PM tries to woo foreign envoys (ht), Oppn parties protest caretaker govt (kp), Oppn parties vow to scuttle govt’s ordinance plans (kp), Block budget thru ordinance, prez urged: NC, UML say consensus a must before govt makes move (ht), President Yadav asks Finance Minister to introduce budget through consensus (nn), Govt, opposition parties at odds over ordinances, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Congress stages protest rallies (ht), Maoists putting the squeeze on entrepreneurs: Demand work, money for ex-fighters, by Bhanubhakta Acharya (ht), A new party it is, says Bhandari (kp), It’s splitsville for MJF-Democratic: Expelled MJF-D Co-Chair Sharat Singh Bhandari to announce new party (ht), Bhandari to form new party, calls national gathering, by Gani Ansari (rep), The way out of here: Instead of reviving an expired Constituent Assembly, holding another CA election will strengthen Nepali democracy, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), For fulfilment of task: Consensus, not confrontation, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht), Brouhaha surrounding May 27 deceit, by Jacqueline Swarajya Prasai (nn)

11/06/2012: Closing ranks: Outnumbered with a 30:70 population ratio, Bahun-Chhetri groups from all odd camps are closing ranks, and the remaining 70 percent is getting organised, by Narayan Manandhar (kp), Big picture politics: Sustained political deadlock will further erode mainstream parties’ legitimacy (kp), UML in no mood to consider Janajati leaders’ demands, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Baidya turns down Dahal's talks offer, by Kiran Pun (rep), PM to brief diplomats on CA dissolution (kp), The democratic flag: Benevolent dictatorship, by Slok Gyawali (rep), Frictions over federalism, by C.K. Lal (rep), Reduce CA strength, before elections: CEC; Says late November not suitable for polls, by Ananta Raj Luitel and Santosh P. Pokharel (ht), Can’t put people on the voter list without citizenship card, interview with Neel Kantha Uprety, acting Chief Election Commissioner (kp), NC, UML urge President to reject ordinance on budget (nn), Oppn parties to hit the streets against govt plan to introduce budget through ordinance (nn), The Maoist intention: To capture state power, by Kuvera Chalise (ht)

10/06/2012: CA revival conditional: Dahal; Says basis for unity with the hard-line faction has increased (kp), ‘CA revival possible after deal on identity-based federalism’, interview with Pushpa Kamal Dahal (kp), June 15 may see birth of new party: Gajurel, by Ajit Tiwari (rep), CPN-UML to issue white paper on CA fiasco, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), RPP-Nepal demand: Hold fresh election or revive 1990 statute (kp), RRP-N in show of strength: Demands govt led by sitting or former chief justice to hold CA poll (rep), There is no going back (rep 11/06/2012) [!!!], Proposed CA Poll Mired In Controversies, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Referendum: A Better Alternative, by Pradip Thapa (nn)

09/06/2012: Cutting criticism rains down on Maoists: Congress, UML, 19 other parties urge consensus, warn UCPN (Maoist) of ‘inevitable downfall’, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Dahal slams NC, UML federalism stances (ht), Election, no CA rebirth, says PM, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp), UML tells leaders to heed party policy (ht) [The male Bahun leaders are always right! Obey to them or face punishment!!], Why Madhesi parties split, by Gani Ansari (rep), Elderly conflict victims yet to get compensation, by Dilip Poudel (rep)

08/06/2012: Stateless in new Nepal: Inclusion without citizenship is impossible, by George Varughese and Pema Adams (nt), Mother country: Only the Taliban treats women worse (nt), "Even slaves are treated better", by Sushila Budathoki and Mina Sharma (nt), UML district chiefs bat for ethnic-based provinces (rep), NC ethnic leaders for mixed-identity provinces, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Govt declares Thanet martyr (kp), NEFIN calls off general strike in Terai after govt declares Tharu martyr (nn), Legal eagles at variance over CA rebirth, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Khanal, Dahal dwell on ways to consensus: Hold talks on political scenario (ht), Stage set for parties’ mass meeting: NC, UML and 19 other parties urge all to be part of the protests, by Arjun Paudel (kp), 22 parties plan show of strength today (rep), Anti-govt mass meeting brings thousands of people at Khulamanch (nn), MPRF-D seeks clarification from nine CC members (rep), Still call the shots: Including Pahadi-dominated Tarai districts in the proposed Madhesi state would be counterproductive for Madhesis, by Murari Sharma (kp) [Language is only one aspect of identity! It has to be handled carefully after decades of Nepalization und migration towards the Tarai!], PM’s Rio+20 visit deemed inopportune: Parties, diplomats say time to focus on home issues,not foreign junkets, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Unceremonious Death of Constituent Assembly, by Tilak Rawal (sp), CA has failed, and so has the Interim constitution: It will be equally foolish for the president to even consider reviving Constituent Assembly that ended as a failure, by Yubaraj Ghimire (sp) [Not the CA but the party leaders were the failure! It's time for them to quit and to restore the CA!!], “It is wrong to say we have constitutional vacuum”, interview with Surya Dhungel (sp)

07/06/2012: Class, caste and creed: Dominance continues, by Namrata Sharma (ht), Congress janajati leaders threaten to quit party, by Arjun Paudel (kp), NC’s Janajati leaders also threaten to quit over differences with party leadership on identity-based federalism (nn), NC ethnic leaders press for identity in federalism (rep), CA cannot be revived: Angkaji (ht), Two ways out: All-party agreement is prequisite for both elections or CA reinstatement (kp), Leaders start giving CA rebirth a thought, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), CA resurrection an option, Deuba to PM, by Prakash Acharya (ht), PM, Dahal, Morcha to blame: UML; Diplomatic representatives ask if Assembly elections can be held again (kp), NC, UML to boycott CA polls (rep), Bhattarai has no moral ground to continue: Nepal,  by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [None of the party leaders has moral grounds to continue or even to take over!!!], Creating space for dialogue (rep), Dahal sets conditions to quit as party chief, by Kiran Pun (rep), MPRF-D expels two more central committee members (rep), Between the lines: Exclusion and ethnicity, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep) [Once more one of the distorting articles by this author! There may be many Bahuns and Chhetris who are disadvantaged for economic reasons, but other groups are excluded right from the beginning because of their ethnicity! The author should look into the history of modern Nepal and her Hindu state politics!], A way out: New constitution, by Sukhdev Shah (rep), UN political rep busy in political parleys (nn), Concerned, Yang meets Dahal (kp), Dahal apprised of China’s concerns (ht), NEFIN: Declare Dhan Bahadur a martyr (kp), NEFIN bandh hits life in some parts of Terai (nn), NC leader shot by Maoists ten years ago dies (nn), Peace fundamentals: The process' success is determined not only by CA election but societal transformation, integration of the Maoist army, and a new constitution, by Karin Landgren (kp)

06/06/2012: CA resurrection an option, says Dahal: Gachhadar slams idea as ‘useless debate’, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Talks to revive CA on: Dahal (ht), We are ready to discuss CA reinstatement: Dahal (rep), NC, UML to diplomats: PM stay illegitimate; Donors express dismay over CA dissolution, by Anil Giri (kp), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML in bid to woo European diplomats: ‘Some EU, Scandinavian nations using clout to cajole the opposition into joining Maoist govt’ , by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht) [The CA was dissolved according to the decision of the SC and after NC and UML prevented an inclusive federal setup for a rudimentary constitution! The current caretaker government is legitimate and should be joined by other parties!!], Norway minister urges political consensus (rep), UML throws dinner party to foreign diplomats as it scrambles to pacify Janajati leaders (nn) [Hopefully, the diplomats are aware that they have only met the Bahun leaders of this non-inclusive party!!], Preparations for anti-govt show of strength on (kp), June 15 meet to announce split: Gajurel; New party to support opposition’s protest for consensus govt (ht), Will the Maoist party split at last?, by Kiran Pun (rep), MJF-L gives Bhandari the walking ticket (kp), MPRF-D expels Bhandari, by Gani Ansari (rep), PLAs who opted for integration worried (ht), Combatants deprived of basic health care, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Political deadlock could lead to fiscal jeopardy, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep), A ray of hope: A constitution for the women, by Naresh Newar (rep), Which way from here? An all-party council should be formed to write the constitution, run the government and conduct polls, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp) [The party leaders, who have already been responsible for the failure of the CA, are an uninclusive lot with no understanding for the excluded masses and, as such, they are not qualified to write the constitution!!], Post-May 27 path: Calls for a political solution, by Govind Raj Joshi, Nepali Congress (ht), The new maze: Everyone has lost out, some more than others. Politicians should mourn, and reflect about what went wrong, by Prashant Jha (kp), NEFIN stages protest as Tharu activist injured in police firing dies (nn), The Politics of Consensus, by Basanta Lohani (nn)

05/06/2012: Rudderless drift: The dissolution of the CA leads to increased radicalisation and fragmentation of political forces, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Hands are tied, Prez says on PM ouster, CA revival (kp) [President Yadav proves character and is, nevertheless, helpless since the situation cannot be solved in a legitimate way!!], Ex-NC lawmakers seek CA revival: Prez says he’ll only act on basis of political consensus (ht), Maoist chair Dahal says CA can be reinstated through consensus among parties (nn) [This makes no sense since the SC wil scrap it either!!], PM blames fight: over federalism for CA dissolution (kp), Anti-govt alliance gears up for showdown (kp), 19 parties mull holding rally to clarify govt move (kp), We are ready to support oppn parties to make PM resign, says Maoist leader Gurung (nn), NC, UML, fringe parties aiming at ‘massive’ protest on Friday: Discuss ways to make programme a success; To finalise mode of demonstrations today (ht), Fringe parties thwart counter rally against NC, UML (rep), PM's resignation bottom line: Koirala, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Call for consensus amid blame game (ht), Visiting Norwegian minister calls for consensus (nn), MJF-L rift surfaces with Bhandari’s reply (kp), Internal rift in MPRF (D) at boiling point, by Gani Ansari (rep), Things fall apart: Split in the Maoist party could impact the larger political process that looks fragile (kp), Madi bus blast victims yet to see justice, by Prem Dhakal (rep), Money matters: Banking in a federal model, by Bishal K. Chalise (rep), CA dissolution, and way forward: Serious questions arise, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), UN Human Rights Council urged to monitor Nepal's 'increasingly precarious' rights situation (nn)

04/06/2012: Nefin campaign to expose 'anti-federalists' (rep), Not naming states along ethnic lines rejects identity, interview with Prithvi Subba Gurung, CPN-UML (kp), Party leaders apathetic to caste-based discrimination, by Prakash Adhikari (kp), UML leaders put heat on leadership, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Majority for provinces on mixed-identity basis, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [i.e. the majority of a Bahun dominated institution!!], UML's indigenous, madhesi leaders boycott party's CC meet over differences with party leadership on identity- based federalism (nn), NC’s 61 former lawmakers seek CA resurrection (kp), 61 NC ex-CA member demand reinstatement of CA (rep) [This would definitely be better to solve the current hopeless situation than giving the solution into the hand of party leaders. The problem: both ways have no legitimation! So, the best solutions are new elections of a CA and formation of an interim government composed of intellectual non-party persons from civil society and public life!], Amendment to statute must for holding polls: EC; Commission officials apprise Prez, PM of hurdles they face (ht), EC wants laws, constitution amended for polls, by Gani Ansari (rep), Ruling parties decide to gear up for polls (nn), Maoists, Morcha to hold poll parleys with other parties (kp), Ruling tie-up puts consensus on back burner. UCPN-M, UDMF plan to counter opposition parties, polarise society, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), PM Bhattarai not to give up (rep), Resigning would be running away from my responsibility, interview with PM Baburam Bhattarai (rep), True to form, by Murari Sharma (rep) [Inclusive federalism is not a question of state names! All future federal states will be multiethnic; but they are only inclusive if there are chances for relative majorities other than Bahun and Chhetri! The original proposal of the inclusively elected CA provided such states! Why did NC und UML not agree? It was the task of the CA, not of the party leaders to decide the federal setup!!], BMF asks President to oust PM Bhattarai (nn) [The president has not only to protect but also to abide by the constitution (Art. 36A)! The constitution does not give him the right to dismiss the PM!!], Constitutional crisis: A Maoist creation, by Arjun Narsingh K.C., Nepali Congress (ht) [???], The fallout: Impact of Maoist split (rep), Tiff in MJF-Democratic intensifies: Gachhadar, Bhandari factions claim greater following of cadres (ht), Artificial unity: Realignments and splits are not bad for democracy in the long run (kp), Investigate this: The death of the CA has spawned many rumours. To ensure a second CA doesn’t carry the same fate, an independent judicial inquiry commission must be established to investigate what went wrong, by Gyan Basnet (kp), The way forward (ht)

03/06/2012: Shameless Nepalese Politicians Heading To Making Political Instability (km), UML floats new proposal to woo its disgruntled leaders (kp), UML to form high-level commission to address concern of disgruntled indigenous, madhesi leaders (nn) [But your 'high level' is absolutely in the hands of male Bahuns! They are disqualified for this job!!], UML forms high-level commission on federalism, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Maoist split likely within June 15: One of the founders is all set to register a new party, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Hardliners’ riders for UCPN-M unity: Party chairman for Baidhya, PM for Thapa (ht) [How do you want to change the government without a parliament??], Madhesi Front urges Prez to end deadlock: Wants him to dismiss Bhattarai govt and forge consensus among parties (kp) [The solution of the situation is almost impossible, but such procedure would be another putsch!!], BMF urges Prez to end political crisis (rep), Bhandari prepares stiff reply to MPRF-D (rep), Bhandari at risk of disciplinary action: Blamed for aiding anti-federalist forces; Deadline to furnish clarification today (ht), NC blames Maoists for fiasco (kp) [People who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones!!] (kp), CA was only a strategic tool for Maoists: Congress (ht) [And why did you prevent an inclusive federal set-up as basis for a rudimentary constitution at all means???], CA dissolution conspiracy to capture state powers: NC (rep), UML launching campaign to force Bhattarai’s resignation (ht), Four wasteful years, by Chandan Sapkota (rep), What’s in a name: In the federalism debate, the contention that names are devoid of any meaning is baseless and politically motivated, by Shuv Raj Rana Bhat (kp)

02/06/2012: Janajati leaders may quit UML, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Ethnic dissent in UML at boiling point, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Split in Maoist party imminent: Baidhya faction may take up arms if not allowed to protest peacefully, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), More PLAs seek retirement Even 2,000 may not opt for integration, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), PLA selection for integration soon: Panel awaiting details of combatants (ht), 19 parties declare nationwide protests (kp), Parties launch anti-govt stir (ht), Khanal asks President to appoint new prime minister (nn) [The president has no right to do so! The parties must do what they hav not done for years: They must cooperate in the interest of the country without power ambitions!!], President not to override constitution (ht), I will breach party discipline for Madhes cause: Bhandari (rep), FinMin says pending bills thru ordinance, by Rajesh Khanal (kp), Strings attached: The flipside of federalism, by Dinesh Aryal (rep), Growing incidents of violence have human rights defenders worried (ht)

01/06/2012: Democratic deficit: Abiding by democratic procedures in the CA would have delivered a constitution; The NC and UML leaders no longer have the moral authority to claim to be the real democrats, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Indigenous leaders for all party government (rep), Ex-CA members in despair, Thira L. Bhusal (rep), CIAA halts ex-lawmakers’ last perks (kp), Don’t interfere, PM tells apex court (kp), Court sacrosanct, says PM: Govt defends statute amendment bill; Refutes contempt charge (ht), PM initiates overtures for consensus (rep), Call all-party meeting, civil society tells Prez (kp) [But please exclude the current party 'leaders'!!], PM seeks NC prez Koirala's support to form national consensus govt (nn), NC, UML, fringe parties to launch nationwide protest to press PM Bhattarai to resign (nn), CPN-UML leaders urge consensus government formation (kp), UML seeks unity govt till polls: Says that’s the only option for tackling post-CA scenario (ht), ‘Ready’ to discuss Janajati agenda (kp) [???], Rift resurfaces in MJF-Loktantrik (kp), MPRF-D seeks clarification from Sharat Singh Bhandari, by Gani Ansari (rep), EU, Japan upset by constitution failure (kp), CA failure worries global heavyweights: International community calls for political consensus (ht), Rallies for, against ethno-federalism: Student demonstrations rock City (ht), At the midnight hour: The dissolution of the Constituent Assembly and the call for fresh election could be another Maoist bid to capture the state, by Ram Sharan Mahat, Nepali Congress (kp) [A historically and politically distorting article! The anti-reformist veto politics of the NC has been mainly responsible for the failure of the peace and reconstruction process!!], Unfinished business: The number of people awaiting justice reveals the level of emotional and mental distress in our society, by Jagannath Lamichhane (kp), Nepali people short-changed in search of statute: What now?, by Ajita Singh (ht), We have a situation here: No constitution at all may be better than a fatally-flawed one (nt), Death of an institution: The Constituent Assembly provided an example of how not to write a constitution, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt) [The responsibility goes to all party leaders, not the Maoist ones only! And special responsibility goes to NC und UML!!], Conveniently left: Nepalis have moved on, but our communal communists are still dreaming of utopia, by Rubeena Mahato (nt) [This article represents a misunderstanding of identity based inclusive federalism! Please don't bash the Maoists for what all party leaders have responsibility!!!], Out of the darkness: A national unity government with elections by November is the least parties can now give dejected Nepalis, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Truth without justice is an insult, by Robert Godden (nt)

31/05/2012: Indigenous leaders to form party (rn), Indigenous nationalities to form party or alliance, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), UML tries to woo Janajati leaders, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Drive against anti-federalists (ht), Morcha decides to go for CA polls (kp), Madhesi leaders divided over election alliance with Maoists, by Gani Ansari (rep), GP gets cour deadline to clarify polls: Giving him 10 days to explain things, the Supreme Court, however, refuses to stay the move (kp), SC issues show-cause to govt over poll bid (ht), SC gives PM 10 days to furnish written clarification, by Sundar Khanal (rep), Prez ‘cannot call’ for unity govt formation, by Anil Giri (kp), Delicate balance: PM, opposition to find common ground, quickly form unity govt (kp), Keep talking: Rebuilding the trust (rep), NC gearing up for protests (ht) [Once again, the NC wants power in its own hands but it has no alternative to the steps initiated by the current PM!!], Mahat against fresh CA polls ht), UDMF for new CA poll (ht), UML calls for political consensus (ht), Students hit streets for PM’s resignation (ht), Big parties blamed for CA failure (ht), Wait and watch: Pre-election politics, by Biswas Baral (rep), Monarchy and 1990 statute forever gone, interview with Purna Man Shakya (rep), Power of the unelected: Conceptual and behavioural clarity about the past is absolutely essential for successfully moving forward, by Pramod Mishra (kp), In murky waters: Things began to go wrong after political consensus failed to materialise after the 2008 CA elections, by Narayan Manandhar (kp) [Till today, NC und UML do not understand that they have lost people's trust in the 2008 elections and why this happened! Their unjustified demand for the leading role has destroyed the peace process and constitution writing!], UK official stresses political dialogue (kp), UK disappointed over CA dissolution (rep), EU, Norway, Switzerland regret failure of Nepal's parties to forge consensus on statute (nn), Japan urges political parties to make fresh efforts to write constitution (nn), Shot four times by masked assailants, justice Bam dies during treatment at Norvic Hospital (nn)

30/05/2012: Lulled by betrayal: An uneasy calm has descended after the latest failure of the political class (kp), Challenge of nation-building: The death of the CA is a tragedy; its failure reflects the enormous resistance to reshaping Nepali society, by Prashant Jha (kp), Janajatis to form broader alliance for election (rep), Prez assures PM of full cooperation (kp), Prez declares government caretaker (rep), EC gears up for fresh CA polls, by Gani Ansari (rep), EC wants legal hurdles cleared first, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Bhattarai insists unity govt is the only alternative, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Hang on, Prez tells government: Asks Cabinet to look into daily affairs until a new one is formed (kp), Prez wants govt to hold polls? PM’s personal secretary thinks so, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Prez asked to exercise his powers for consensus govt, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), NC, UML sister wings demand PM step down (kp) [This is the only thing these short-minded politicians think of!!], Congress, UML up in arms against Bhattarai’s move (kp), Petition challenges govt's CA election decision (rep), Polls Only Alternative (rn), UN chief unhappy over CA death Calls on parties to end the present political crisis (kp) [Sorry, but Nepali party leaders are only good for destruction!!], Dissolved CA yet to pay Rs 20m in rent to ICC, by Samik Kharel (kp), Towards the new, by Namrata Sharma (rep), What next? Future course of federalism, by Mahabir Poudyal (rep), The way ahead: Electing new CA, by Damakant Jayshi (rep), Odds Heavily Stacked Against Govt., by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Couple claim relief for murder of their sons during insurgency, by Prakash Baral (kp), Where to begin: Grassroots politicians do not believe in giving priority rights to one particular ethnicity, by Mukesh Khanal (kp) [Nepal still has a system that gives priority rights to one particular ethnicity on all levels of state, society and economy! Other groups must get priority in the federal states if this shall be changed nationally in the long run!!], Constitutional bodies to remain headless: No parliamentary hearing, no appointment, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Constituent Assembly without Constitution: Last court of appeal, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), SC seeks govt's clarification over CA dissolution (nn), Nepali Winter in an Era of Arab Spring, by Nishchal Pandey (nn)

29/05/2012: Delayed justice: Equality for all ethnicities, by Naresh Newar (rep), Elegy for an Assembly: The Assembly members chanted outside the CA building hours before it died, demanding a meeting to be held. They realised too late that they had been deceived, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), All systems considered: Intellectuals should engage in discussions on a viable model to create the preconditions necessary for the eventual democratisation of Nepal, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp), What legal experts say, by Sundar Khanal (rep), People find Republican day hollow, by Shreejana Shrestha (rep), Row over voting plan led to CA dissolution, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Sad End Of CA (rn), 'Power greed behind failure to bring statute' (rep), Height Of Incompetence, by Syam K.C. (rn), Leaders hold Subas Nembang responsible for CA's failure (rep) [The party leaders have been the by far most responsible culprits! They should not have to play any future political role but they already continue their power games unabated!!], CA dissolution sparks protests: Irate party cadres burn effigies of PM, top leaders of major parties (kp), Oppn warns of uprising against unilateral move: NC,UML and others unite to counter ‘unconstitutional bid’ (ht), Prez advised calling polls unconstitutional: PM caretaker, Speaker defunct, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Fresh polls could deepen crisis, say Indian experts (kp) What is the alternative? Uncontrolled power in hands of the incompetent, corrupt and power-greedy party leaders??], NEFIN stands in favour of fresh election (nn), CA demise sends parties towards fresh polarization (rep), The Republican Future (rn), Baidya gears up to form new party (kp), NC, UML, fringe parties want PM out, by Arjun Paudel and Bhadra Sharma (kp), As ‘quit’ calls mount, Maoists say PM will stay (kp), Present govt to continue: Dahal (rep), President directs Bhattarai govt to work in caretaker status; assures of 'peaceful and democratic outlet' (nn), In far-west, euphoria mutes sadness, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Living With The Wrong Identity: A sad refection, by Prem Khatry (rn), Sigh of relief as harrowing bandas end (kp),Security stepped up in eastern region: Agitating Broader Madhesi Front calls off all protest programmes for now (ht)

28/05/2012: CA goes sans statute; govt plans fresh elections, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Assembly dead, what next?, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), CA term expires, polls set for Nov 22, by Arjun Bhandari and Prakash Acharya (ht), CA dissolved after epic failure (nn), That sinking feeling: After four long years, Nepalis get another CA elections (kp) [This only makes sense if you make the new CA an absolutely independent institution that is totally free from any kind of intervention by party leaders! Only those leaders that become elected members of the CA shall have the right to take part in constitution writing! Besides, the degree of inclusiveness should even be better than last time!], Federalism dispute leads to CA dissolution, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep) [Correct is: Most from the exclusive circle of leading party politicians never wanted the constitutional changes they had promised to the people in 2006!!], NEFIN says parties and their leaders will be ‘punished’ for failing to ensure new constitution (nn), Twisted democracy (rep), Best option (ht), CA's demise: Political class stands discredited (rep) [Better say: It has lost the very last rest of its credit!], NC, UML cry foul; say poll decision illegal (kp), Govt authorised hold to elections, claims PM (ht), Prez silent; to talk with experts first, by Anil Giri (kp), Elections can't be held in a hurry: Commissioner, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Who all stand to gain from another assembly ballot: New forces may erode vote banks of Big Three, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (ht), Power politics reason behind failure to draft constitution (rep), How Constituent Assembly met its death, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Day began with hope, dusk dashed it all: No agreement as Madhesi parties,Tharus averse to multiple pradeshes in Tarai, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Some ‘dirty’ members brought disrepute to CA (kp), Protests, clash, dances, songs before CA demise (kp), Anxious people vent utter outbursts, despair (kp), The rise and ‘fall’ of Dahal (kp), People in Far west fear situation will worsen, by Gunaraj Luitel (rep), Districts see no respite from banda (kp), Indigenous caucus flexible on statute: Open on naming of states (ht), Madhesi morcha bargain continues (kp), One Madhes movement gains momentum (ht), When strikes for identity became norm rather than exception (ht), The harmonium players: Constitution and ethnic aspirations, by C.K. Lal (rep), The Last Day And The Biggest Uncertainty, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), The cycle repeats: Vicious cycle of poverty and instability is keeping Nepal down (kp), Shape of things to come: Theoretically there are advantages and disadvantages of ethnic federalism. But various contextual factors are important for its success and sustainability, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp), National assets: Federal Nepal requires an inclusive language policy, by Gopal Sijapati Magar (kp), Racing with history, by Kunda Dixit U(nn)

27/05/2012: Hectic parleys make no headway: Parties pass the buck to each other as futile consensus bid amplifies uncertainty, by Pranab Kharel and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), A day of failed negotiations, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Talks fail, CA dissolution inevitable, by Ram Kumar Kamat Prakash Achaya and Tika R. Pradhan (ht), CA members demonstrate in Assembly premises (nn), Four political forces close to deal on federalism based on multiple identities as House secretariat prepares preliminary draft of constitution (nn), Chances of constitution promulgation increase as Baluwatar meet ends on positive note (nn), Experts see three possible scenarios (kp), Emerging scenarios post-Constituent Assembly (ht), No statute today will leave political, constitutional void, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Is Dahal facing Hamletian dilemma?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Team Baidya comes tough (kp), Baidya's new idea to save parliament, by Kiran Chapagain and Kiran Pun (rep), No compromise on federalism: Baidhya (ht), Nembang warns leaders of chaos, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Lawmakers fear failure to promulgate constitution will defame them (kp) [Defamed are the so-called party leaders!], Pre-deadline demonstrations flare (kp), NC, UML set for no-trust motion, by Bhadra Sharma (kp) [???????], NC, UML mulling no trust motion (ht), Valley cops on the qui vive, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), Security forces put on high alert, by K.P. Dhungana (rep), Prez office gears up for statute promulgation, by Anil Giri (kp), Intellectuals against ethnic federalism (ht), Crisis looms large, says civil society (ht), UML ethnic lawmakers pounce on Chairman Khanal, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [We Bahuns are the party, not thou Janajatis, Dalits and Madhesis!!!], Federalism proves hard nut to crack (rep), Does Nation Get New Constitution Today?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Shutdowns affect life across country (kp), Limbuwans declare own state and statute (ht) [!!!], Far West protest continues (kp), Far-west sees longest bandh: Life paralysed for over a month (ht), Continued bandh in Tarai hits life no end (ht), Govt signs 7-pt deal with agitating Karnali group; commission on Karnali to be formed (nn), Please, prove me wrong: Current political crisis came with clearly flagged warning signs, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp), The momentous day is here: A new Nepal with 10 or 14 states will be the country’s achievement, not its weakness, by Abhi Subedi (kp), United we will stand: There is an urgent need to understand the potential ramifications of identity-based federalism, by Rajju Malla Dhakal (kp)

26/05/2012: Wrong, again: Yet another case of judicial overreach (rep), Leaders close to deal on federalism: Maoists set priority rights precondition on multiple identity-based provinces, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Fat chance of compromise among parties: Leaders content passing the buck on each other for failure to meet statute promulgation deadline, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Draft constitution the only option: NC, UML, by Arjun Paudel and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Election if CA fails to produce statute, Lawyers suggest UML (kp), Talks 'more serious' but inconclusive (rep), Second round talks underway in Baluwatar (nn), CA meeting deferred once again (nn), Various groups demonstrate in capital as leaders sweat over possible crisis after May 27 (nn), Talks have failed, tearful Maoist vice chairman Shrestha says (nn), New statute in the making 'quietly', by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep) [??????], UML asks lawmakers to stand by party's decisions (rep) [The constitution is not the decision of party leaders but of the inclusively elected members of the CA!!!], Baidya for fresh mandate if no deal on 14 provinces (rep), Maoists to hit streets if CA dissolved (kp), Ethnic stirrings worry mixed-community families, by Chandani Hamal (rep), Misplaced priorities: Constitution and protests, by Shrochis Karki (rep), Consensus, Confusion And Crisis In Politics, by Shambhu Ram (rn), Flurry of shutdowns causes boundless public suffering (kp), Strikes in east hit patients hard (ht), Continued attacks on press worry journos Scribes cry foul, say police mute spectators (ht), Separate Kali Gandaki state sought (ht), Tarai districts reeling under shutdowns: Rallies, slogans, agitations rule the region (ht), Limbuwans warn of declaring own state (ht)

25/05/2012: SC stays govt bid to extend CA term: Says govt decision not in line with its previous verdict, Interim Constitution, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Apex court stays govt bid to extend CA term: Says Cabinet decision disrespects SC order; Reiterates authorities must abide by verdict, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), SC strikes down CA extension bill, by Sundar Khanal (rep), Maoists unhappy with apex court order: Some Morcha leaders term the decision positive, others displeased, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC, UML hail SC decision, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), ‘No alternative to statute by Sunday’, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Self-serving qualms on CA term extension, by Biswas Baral (rep), 15 parties slam government: Lambaste move to amend constitution (ht), Final countdown SC's non-extension of CA means parties will have to find some common ground by May 27 (kp), Overhaul or suspend CA regulations: Leaders, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Political course ahead remains hazy (rep), Harm reduction:The Supreme Court deadline has left no choice for the parties but to work night and day, fine-tuning the draft along the lines of agreements and declaring the constitution on 27 May (nt), Big three agree to issue constitution within May 27; disputed issues to be settled by CA-turned-parliament (nn), CA meeting deferred again (nn), Four party meet over May 27 crisis ends without making concrete decision (nn), UCPN (M) decides to wage struggle if CA is dissolved without promulgating constitution (nn), Bhattarai to stay put (ht), BMF objects govt bid to extend CA term (rep), Sitaula resigns, NC’s presence in govt ends (ht), NC quits govt over CA extension row, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Status Of Justice, by Raj Kumar Siwakoti (rn), Is CA Our Leaders’ Rubber Stamp?, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Unending bandas cause suffering across nation (kp),  After a tirade, Nepal toils to pacify fuming Maoist chairman, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Report: Nepal towards full-spectrum impunity: Amnesty says the parties government in the subverted justice by favouring withdrawal of criminal charges (kp), AI slams human rights record: Says war-era crime, widespread torture being overlooked (ht), Pressing againt violence: The attacks on the media must be taken very seriously as they are a direct attack on press freedom, by Shyam K.C. (kp), Identity, mobilisation and the state: With aspirations of more groups recognised, Nepal will grow stronger, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Asia indigenous peoples’ body calls for social justice (ht), No respite from Tarai bandh related vandalism (ht), Janakpur tense the whole day (ht), Limbuwan bandh hits life in eastern region (nn), Future federal fights: Natural resources-sharing figures nowhere in federating of states; brace up for confrontations and conflicts, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp), National identity crisis: At a time when we should be valuing our multiple, intersecting identities, we are being told to choose a single, overarching definition of ourselves, by Rubeena D. Shrestha (nt), A fresh people’s mandate: Referendum on ethnic federalism or fresh elections for a smaller assembly with a six-month mandate may be the best way to address the impending political deadlock, by Damakant Jayshi (kp) [The problem were not the elected CA members but the party leaders, especially the not elected!!], Experts seek fresh polls for statute-making body (ht), Pressure to name Kapilvastu a capital (ht)

24/05/2012: Moment of truth: Federalism and ethnicity, by Anagha Neelakantan (rep), Nefin-govt deal displeases NC, UML, by Roshan Sedhai (kp), After 9-pt deal, indigenous leaders see challenges ahead (rep), Govt, Tharus seal 10-pt deal (kp), 'Undivided far-west' campaigners reimpose bandh against govt-Tharu deal (nn), Govt can't fool people all the time, interview with Rajkumar Lekhi (rep), Life in east comes to a standstill (ht), ‘No compromise on Madhes issues’ (ht), Tarai closure continues (ht), Let’s build a nation that reflects unity in diversity, by Anil Shah (ht) [For this, an inclusive federal system is a precondition as the failure of the 1990 system has proved!!], NC, UML wings oppose ethno-based federalism: Demand promulgation of statute in four days (ht) [Long live Bahunbad and exclusive politics!!], Positive extension: An opportunity to transform Nepal (rep), Disappointing: Political leaders have pushed the country to a statewhere we have to choose between getting a new constitution or violating existing provisions (ht), PM will not step down now: Maoists, Morcha (kp), NC, UML cast aside CA extension idea: Miffed, parties say Bhattarai must go, and quick (ht) [The constitution cannot be promulgated on 27 May! Responsible is not Baburam Bhattarai but Sushil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Ram Chandra Paudyal, Ram Sharan Mahat, Madhav Kumar Nepal, K.P. Oli, Jhala Nath Khanal, Ishwor Pokharel, Mohan Vaidya, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, etc., etc.!!!], Congress, UML pile pressure on PM to step down: Set riders for CA term extension; Call for parties to forge consensus, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Ruling NC, UML press PM to resign, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), UCPN (M) decides to remain in power until constitution is promulgated (nn), President Yadav for constitution within May 27 (nn), Writs challenge CA extension bid, by Pranab Kharel (kp), SC moved against govt move to extend CA term: Petitioners seek stay order; Slam Cabinet decision as contemptible (ht), SC stays CA term extension decision (nn), Party sister organizations against CA extension (rep), Congress leaders demand party call back ministers, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Cong likely to recall its ministers today, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), I'm no longer in the cabinet: Sitaula (rep), DPM Sitaula says he is no more part of current govt as NC prepares to recall its ministers today (nn), Round five: Widening distrust means compromise in the coming days will be more difficult (kp), Goodwill rally for peace, harmony, timely statute (kp), Protracted shutdown affects life across districts: People organise rallies for social harmony, demand an end to banda culture (kp), Piecemeal approach: Instead of signing deal after deal that are disavowed soon after by someone or the other, the solution perhaps lies in having all agitating groups and parties converge on a mammoth roundtable, by Deepak Thapa (kp) [With these 'political leaders', this will lead to nothing as well! They simply do not want changes and inclusion! They do not want democratic structures! They do not want the constitution to be written! They are not interested in the people and the country!], A doomed move: Prachanda's miscalculation, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep), Economically Viable Federal States, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Call for gender-friendly statute (ht), Govt failed to provide truth, justice to victims: Amnesty report (nn) [see AI report 2012 on Nepal]

23/05/2012: In House, govt seeks three more months for CA: Bill registered; UCPN (Maoist), Madhesi Morcha say extension fully justifiable; Ruling parties confident of bill passage, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), CA extension plan: How it all happened at last, by Anil Giri (kp), Govt registers bill seeking CA term extension: Wants three more months; Cold-shoulders SC order; Ignores Congress, UML’s reservations, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Unconstitutional, say legal eagles (kp), Constitutional legitimacy lost, political legality in question, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Maoist chair confers with President Yadav (nn), Parties agree to extend CA term by 3 months more, by Kiran Chapagain and Gani Ansari (rep),  NC objects to Cabinet decision (ht), NC says no to CA term extension terming it against rule of law; insists upon promulgation of constitution within May 27 (nn) [There is no inclusive constitution draft that can be promulgated on May 27! And you party leaders are responsible! You should resign from politics en masse!], NC, UML express reservations over term extension, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Party sister organizations against CA extension (rep), Baidya faction sees 'conspiracy' in CA term extension proposal (nn), Three separate writs filed at SC against CA term extension proposal (nn), NC, UML warn Madhesi, janajati lawmakers of disciplinary action (rep) [These party leaders should be brought to court! The CA has been elected inclusively to enable all population groups to include their interests in the new constitution and not the interests of the Bahun leaders!!!], UML leader Nepal demands PM Bhattarai's resignation (nn) [Long live the power games of the male Bahun politicians!!], UML officially demands PM Bhattarai's resignation (nn), Govt, janajati groups sign 9-pt deal; banda called off: Government agrees to go for ethnicity-based federalism, adopt proportional, inclusive electoral system, by Roshan Sedhai (kp), Indigenous nationalities withdraw all protest programs after govt guarantees identity-based federalism (nn), A broader consensus: Engaging the dissent is good for both NC and UML (kp), Ethnic NC leaders make a u-turn on federalism, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Vice-chairman’s drive against party decision riles UML, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Limbuwan front warns of revolt (ht), Tuesday’s banda less violent People in several places take out rallies for communal harmony (kp), Vandalism defines Nefin shutdown (kp), Mofussil media protest attacks (kp), Vehicles torched, journos attacked (ht), Bandh hits life in east hard (ht), Dalits hold demonstrations across the country, demand special rights (rep), ‘Declare Myanglung regional hub’ (ht), New balance of power: There’s no need to see conspiracies when none exist, this is a natural upsurge and parties should backtrack from May 15 pact, by Prashant Jha (kp), Caution advised: Danger of ethnic discord (rep), Thousands attend rally for social harmony (nn), Can of worms: Ethnic federalism, by Murari Sharma (rep), Parties Must Act Before Any Misfortune Befalls, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Words as weapons: Dangerous speech is an early-warning sign of violence. This is a fear in hearts of Nepalis today, by Erisha Suwal (kp), Red-tapism hits peace process, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht)

22/05/2012: Second day of Nefin banda paralyses life, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), Govt-ethnic group talks stall, by Roshan Sedhai (kp), Govt-NEFIN dialogue to call off bandh fails, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), NJSC, government talks inconclusive (rep), Tactical mistakes: While the anger of the protestors these past days was justified, some of their actions only damaged their cause, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Misbehaviour of agitators flayed from all quarters (ht), Better late: Halfway statute meaningless (rep) [!!!], New demand for Madhes (kp), Maoist volte-face queers statute pitch: Dahal comes up with 10-pradesh proposal; Congress, UML reject it, say breach of deal, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Major parties urge Janajatis to call off bandh and opt for negotiated settlement of demands (nn), Second round of talks between govt and Janajati leaders fail; bandh enters day 3 (nn), Concerned, Prez nudges PM, leaders Asks them to promulgate statute by May 27, do something about bandas, people’s sufferings, by Anil Giri (kp) [This is contradictory!!], NC, UML leaders for 5-pt deal as basis, by Arjun Paudel (kp), NC, UML reject single identity provinces, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Proposals clash in inter-party talks, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Pranab Kharel (kp), Leaders urge restraint on agitating groups (rep) [The Bahun politicians play their non-inclusive games as always before and say the people should shut up!!], Banda's no cure (rep), BMF forms team for talks with govt (rep), Top brass floats CA term extension: Tell President situation complicated, time short, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Running out of time (ht), Youth leaders press NC, UML chiefs for statute by May 27 (rep) [The statute has to be written and passed by the elected CA members and not by the party leaders!!], Bandh paralyses Valley for second day (ht), Clashes at Imadol, Naya Bazaar mar stir (ht), Clashes, vandalism across country: Public at the receiving end; Shutdown triggers price hike (kp), Attack on scribes continues (kp), Mediapersons underscore safety of press (ht), FNJ submits memorandum to home minister (rep), Prolonged bandh deteriorates life in eastern region (ht), Strike cripples life across nation (ht), Waste disposal blockade against ethnic states, by Nirjana Sharma (kp), ‘Merge Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari into one state’ (ht), Now, a ‘pure’ Kusunda man seeks his share in new statute, by Purna B.K. (kp), Kusunda calls for separate state (ht), ‘Declare Khotang  provincial capital’ (ht), FNCCI, students union to organise mass gathering for peace, national harmony (nn), A fine balance: Nepali polity in regional context, by Dinesh Bhattarai (rep), Peace Still a Challenge, by Prem Khatry (rn), Prelude To Disaster, by Shyam K.C. (rn), From war to peace: Ongoing reintegration of Maoist combatants reminds that peace process is not over yet, by Mukesh Khanal (kp), UML’s disciplinary body warns lawmakers against defying party decisions (nn) [According to the interim constitution, the inclusively elected CA members have to be absolutely free in their vote!!!], Maoists, UDMF agree for voting in CA if parties fail to reach understanding on thorny issues (nn), CA, House meeting deferred once again (nn)

21/05/2012: Face the facts: The old mindset that Nepal will disintegrate if an identity-based approach is recognised is not tenable, by Lok Raj Baral (kp), Violent Nefin strike throws normal life out of gear, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), Bandh coordinator alleges infiltration (ht), Banda enforcers attack press vehicles; PM, others condemn, by Nirjana Sharma (kp), NEFIN bandh enforcers target media: Over 25 vehicles of mediapersons vandalised, torched; Police round up 54 vandals in Capital (ht), Condemnation galore of violent shutdown: Rights, professional groups flay attack on press (kp), Nefin banda hits nation to the hilt (kp), NEFIN set precondition for talks with Govt (rep), Janajatis to talk only to PM, possibly today, by Roshan Sedhai (kp), Four-party meeting deferred till today: Prachanda incited Janajatis, claims Khanal (ht), UDMF denounces 'suppression of protests' (rep), Eastern region bears the brunt of bandhs (ht), Strike hits most parts of country: Enforcers vandalise public property, clash with cops (ht), Agitating Muslims come to terms (kp), Muslims call off stir (ht), Muslisms win battle for identity, by Gani Ansari (rep) [And what does it mean?], No dividing districts for the sake of states: NC (kp) [The delination of district boundaries in the early 1960s have been a tool to prevent ethnic majorities and to force the Hindu state! If you want an inclusive state, you must not reject boundary changes!!], Tharu cadres quit party (kp), Rallies taken out for communal harmony, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal and Raju Adhikari (rep), Rautes demand ‘forest’ state, by Durga Lal K.C. (kp), Rautes demand free movement in jungles, by Gajendra Bohara (rep), Big 3, Morcha talks hit roadblock: Constitution on time, Dahal insists; Time running out, says Poudel, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Three-party meet cancelled as UML backs out, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Vegetables, fruits rot as strike shuts downs Kalimati market (rep), Stirs bleed transport sector dry (kp), Federalism isn’t the vehicle to solve all inequalities, interview with Chaitanya Mishra (kp)

20/05/2012: Statute amended to meet May 27 deadline (ht) House okays amendment to fast-track statute (rep), Bandhs disrupt life in east (ht), Agitating bodies join forces: Indigenous, Madhesi leaders to back each other’s stir (ht), Life comes to a standstill in Tarai (ht), Madhesi, indigenous groups unite against 11-province model, by Gani Ansari (rep), Call in NC for 5 Madhes states (kp), Five pradeshes sought in Madhes (ht), NC lawmakers from Tarai for 5 provinces (rep), UML gen secy shocked over UDMF volte face on 11-province deal (rep) [??], Dahal seeks revision to deal on 11 states; The pact should be implemented in letter and spirit: Singh, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), New agreement on federalism on Sunday: Dahal (rep), Don’t divide Myagdi, say locals (ht), Federal states to get budget (ht) [Such things are to be decided by the CA! The federal states must be autonomous units with their own tax income!], Why the haste? Army Restructuring, by Govind Prasad Kusum (rep)

19/05/2012: House set to make 12th amendment to Interim Constitution (nn) 296 lawmakers stand against 11 pradeshes (ht) [The constitution is the independent decision of the CA, not that of the party leaders!!], Around three hundred lawmakers stand against three party deal on 11-province federal model (nn), 14 UML lawmakers demand 11-state model be corrected (ht), NC, UML warn UCPN-M not to back-pedal on deal (ht), Deal on 11-province model is preliminary: PM, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Three parties meet over demand for review on 11-state model (nn), New agreement on federalism on the cards: Dahal (nn), Tharu extend banda; others strike elsewhere, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal and Pushpa Raj Joshi (rep), Brahmins, Chhetris not indigenous groups: NEFIN (ht), BMF, indigenous nationalities to launch joint protest (nn), Major parties to campaign in favour of 11-state agreement (ht) [Once again: The party leaders do not have the legitimacy to decide this!!], Bandhs disrupt normal life in east (ht), Upendra Yadav-led Madhesi alliance shuts Terai (nn), Govt-Muslim talks inconclusive as Muslim leaders want senior leaders to participate in negotiations (nn), Different places of capital declared restricted area (nn), NC, UML not to send new ministers to govt (rep), Time for a rethink, by Sukhdev Shah (rep)

18/05/2012: Debate on forms of governance, states rages on, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Final countdown: Morcha, Maoists close to settling 11-state row; NC, UML not keen on taking back proposal (kp) Madhesi lawmakers throw spanner in statute works, Madhesi lawmakers block House, by Ram K. Kamat and Tika R. Pradhan (ht), by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Broader Madhesi Front all set to protest 11-province model (kp), UDMF sticks to its guns, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Maoist, Madhesi lawmakers obstruct parliament, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), JP Gupta writes to UDMF top brass from jail (rep), Call for indefinite strike in Madhes (ht), Shutdown hits Tarai districts hard (kp), Eastern Tarai reeling under strikes (ht), Tug of war over provincial capital (ht), General strike hits education, businesses hard: Public vehicles stay off the road; Strike against identity-based federalism will continue, says Joint Struggle Committee (ht), Wave of protests hampers normal policing in Valley: Police say social crimes on the rise due to daily strikes (ht), Indian diplomat in Birgunj ‘seeks’ a ‘storm’ in the Madhes, by Bhusan Yadav (kp), Dahal inquires with Indian ambassador over consular’s controversial remarks (nn), Three-party leaders demand expulsion of Indian Consulate General for inflammatory remarks; Govt to ask India to 'recall' him (nn), India’s centre-state ties lesson for Nepal, by Mahesh Acharya (kp), Locals rally for undivided Sankhuwasabha, by Siddha Raj Rai (rep), Agitation for single Far West lifted; Tharu struggle remains, by Chitraga Thapa, Mohan Budhair and Ganesh Chaudhary (kp), Bahun-Chhetri banda ‘trailer’ throws life out of gear, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), Far-west remains shut, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal and Pushpa Raj Joshi (rep), Strike withdrawn, Brahmins, Chhetris now adibasis (rep) [Yes, please make them inclusive now, e.g. only 6.5% of all positions to be filled by male Bahuns!!], Brahmin-Chhetris withdraw indefinite strike after being awarded Adivasi Janjati status (nn), RPP-Nepal's bandh leaves partial impact in capital (nn) [?????], 11 provinces to sap nation’s finances, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Debate on federal Nepal: Whose identity is it anyway?, by Damakant Jayshi (rep), Dahal in talks about sacking Maoist MPs flouting party policy (kp), Democracy now, by Gyan Basnet (kp), Last minute wisdom, by Shyam K.C. (kp), Identity and good governance: Strong correlation exists, by Basanta K. Pokharel (ht), After a people's war: We can have federalism if we must, but it is guaranteed to keep Nepal poor, by Bihari K. Shrestha (nt) [Who belongs to 'Nepal' in your interpretation? Besides, the party leaders without legitimation have decided for multiethnic and not for identity based federal states!!], Damage control mode: Despite the deal on the constitution we face the twin dangers of a demagogue president presiding over a country disintegrating into inter-ethnic squabbles (nt), Fooling some people all the time: A new constitution may eventually be declared on 27 May but the compromised document will leave many dissatisfied, by Anurag Acharya (nt), The losing game: We are too busy fighting amongst ourselves to notice what we have lost, by Rubeena Mahato (nt), New Reconciliation Commission, by Jeeva Raj Budhathoki (sp), Blanket amnesty would create great concerns, interview with Asko Luukkainen (sp), Some Scenarios Beyond May 28, by Surya Dhungel (sp)

17/05/2012: Life in Tarai comes to a grinding halt (ht), Cops, locals clash (ht), Protesting Tharu Struggle Committee forms talks team (nn), Deal on 11 states slammed (ht), Police intervene in Janajati protest, scores injured (rep), Far-west bandh ends (ht), Bahun-Chhetris enforce Nepal Bandh again protesting against federalism based on identity (nn), UDMF leaders feel betrayed: Madhesi ministers in dilemma over quitting, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), UDMF divided over quitting govt, by Gani Ansari (rep), Women take to street for equal rights (rep), Parties squabble over President, PM’s powers, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Focus now on power division between Prez, PM, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [This will be absolutely unimportant if you don't solve the issue of ethnic and gender inclusion!!], Two of a kind: Race for presidency, by Biswas Baral (rep), Maoist meet backsdeal on statute (ht) [???], Pro-ethno-federalism UML MPs to face action (ht) [Long live Bahunbad!!!], State restructuring: Ethnic considerations, by Homraj Acharya (ht)

16/05/2012: Half measure: The political mood and Constituent Assembly numbers favour identity-based federalism; But the parties have postponed the issue to shift power back to dominant communities, by Prashant Jha (kp), Finally, deal on 11 states, mixed governance model, by Phanindra Dahal and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Draft of agreement among parties (kp) [text of the agreement], Parties cut a deal, break long-drawn deadlock: Compromise sets the premise for constitution promulgation by May 27; Federal commission to look into thorny issues (ht), Parties resolve all contentious issues, by Kiran Chapagain and Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Taskforce to put 3-party deal into writing (rep), NEFIN slams deal, warns of chaos (kp), Morcha, Janajatis slam provinces ‘sans identity’, by Pranab Kharel (kp) [The change in boundary deliniation once again produces ethnic minorities in the provinces and divides ethnic mainlands! This is obviously the intention of the Bahun leaders!!!], Deal on federalism stirs hornet’s nest, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), NEFIN terms deal on 11 states sans identity 'grave betrayal'; UDMF also expresses disapproval (nn), Ethnic groups, Madhesi parties object to three-party agreement, by Gani Ansari (rep), Indigenous groups, lawmakers, Maoist Baidya faction strongly object to four party agreement (nn), Indigenous groups take to street against three party agreement (nn), UDMF dismisses 11-state federal model (nn), Banda affects Tarai districts (kp), Bandh cripples life in Tarai (ht), Bandh continues in Terai; Far west further choked as bandh enters day 20 (nn), Kailali witnesses clashes, by Mohan Budhair and Chitranga Thapa (kp), Rana Tharu in mass assembly of Far-West supporters (rep), Muslims’ stir in Phase II (kp), Muslims to agitate (ht), Team Baidya spits venom (kp), Baidya wants NC to take lead in constitution drafting process (nn) [???], Statute in sight, all’s well that ends well, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Prakash Acharya (ht) [???], Prez summons House meeting (rep), CA meet postponed (nn), After deal, UML decides to join Bhattarai-led govt, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Pokharel to lead UML team (rep) [Only to mention: He has been rejected by the voters; he is against identity based federalism; he denies the right of the UML MPs to free vote in the CA!!], Ban concerned over rising tensions (kp), Valley put on high security alert Prohibitory zones in city may be extended (ht)

15/05/2012: Ghosts of the Panchayat: Behind the faade of a Panchayati model the latest anti-federalist tactic reveals a fear of democracy, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), Dahal vows to push rights of indigenous nationalities (rep), NEFIN seeks UML’s support to federate country based on ethnicity (nn), The identity battle Rana Tharus in Far-West, by Bikram Rana (rep), Top leaders agree on mixed system of governance, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), NC floats 3 federal models (kp), UML for parliament to settle unresolved issues (rep) [All issues have to be decided by the inclusive CA, not by the party leaders!!!], Baidya faction demands timely constitution (rep), Big 3 close to consensus on knotty issues, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parties to sign consensus deal today, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Parties likely to seal deal today, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), Parties agree on 11-state federal model, mixed governance system with directly elected President; UML to join govt (nn) [!!!!!], UNSG Ban urges Nepal's parties to rise above their differences; expresses concern over rising tensions (nn), Far West strike, day 18: Four die for want of treatment (ht), Tension runs high in Dhangadhi as Maoist cadres clash with undivided Far West demonstrators (nn), Far West stir: Govt: Public opinion if need be, by Anil Giri and Pranab Kharel (kp), Top political honchos say referendum will be held in Kailali, Kanchanpur regarding demand for ‘undivided’ far-west (nn), Agitators unhappy with parties’ proposal, by Chitranga Thapa and Mohan Budhair (kp), Into the wild: All the regimes that have ruled the country failed to improve the people’s conditions, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp), Voting to draft constitution: Future restructuring provision necessary, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht), Kidnapping convict lawmaker Gupta gets voting rights in CA (nn) [???? According to article 65 (c) a member of the CA must not have been convicted of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude!!!]

14/05/2012: Top parties hit impasse in state-nomenclature talks: NC, UML say states must choose names; Give them options, say Maoists, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Blame game as negotiations stall (rep), Dahal’s protest plea riles NC, UML (ht), Dahal urges indigenous nationalities to counter 'anti-federal' forces (rep), NC floats twin options: Party to go for ‘neutral’ names or ones picked by provincial assembly (kp), Let provinces decide their name: NC (rep), UCPN (M) for promulgating constitution by May 27; sticks to 11-state model (nn), Action will be taken against those who defy party decisions, interview with Ishwor Pokhrel, CPN-UML (kp) [This is a total misinterpretation of the rights and duties of the CA!! The inclusive composition of the CA makes no sense if the CA members are bound to the decision of the Bahun leaders of their parties who often have been rejected by the voters!!], Leaders now weighing the CA extension option, by Phanindra Dahal and Pranab Kharel (kp), Questionnaires bounce back to CC subcommittee (kp), Questionnaire back with sub-panel: Constitutional Committee stuck on trivial details, by Ram Kumar kamat (ht), CC returns questionaire back to subcommittee (rep), CC meeting postponed indefinitely as sub-committee seeks time to finalise questionnaire (nn), Far-west leaders fear communal conflict (ht), Banda on; relief in Kanchanpur, by Ganesh Chaudhary, Mohan Budhair and Chitranga Thapa (kp), Banda fuels fear of food shortage in Far West, by Chitranga Thapa and Mohan Budhair (kp), Strike continues in far-west: Talks team urged to return home on 17th day of protest (ht), Mid-western region folk brace for more shutdowns (ht), Bandh hits life in nine eastern districts (ht), Schools shut against banda, by Binod Bhandari (kp), Life becomes unbearable in far-west as bandh enters day 18; 22 districts in Terai also shut (nn), Federal anxieties, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep), Angst in Maithil heartland, by C.K. Lal (rep), Lost in transition: Why has the question of retroactivity been ignored in the transitional justice mechanism?, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), State restructuring: Hurdles of constitution building, by Ajit N.S. Thapa (ht)

13/05/2012: Talks on federalism fail to resolve rift: Parties laying groundwork for voting process (kp), Leaders differ on definition of multi-identity, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), NC brass talks to janajati leaders: Asks them to stick to party’s official position on federalism (kp), Obey party line, NC tells lawmakers (rep) [This is a total misinterpretation of the rights and duties of the CA!! The inclusive composition of the CA makes no sense if the CA members are bound to the decision of the Bahun leaders of their parties who often have been rejected by the voters!!], No compromise on ethnicity-based federalism, says Dahal (nn), Second rung Madhesi leaders furious against 3-4 provinces in Tarai (rep), Thamis agitated (ht), Leaders pitch for Limbuwan state (ht), Govt conspiring to bring sponsored constitution: Gajurel (rep), Disputes shuttle between CC and subcommittee (rep), Banda leaves far-west high and dry, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Talks on undivided Far West ‘positive’: Government negotiators to present issue to top leaders (kp), Tussle over Far-west, interviews with Ramesh Lekhak (NC) and Mahesh Chaudhary (UML) (rep), Brahmin-Chhetri alliance gives govt 3 days to address concerns (kp), In thy shoes (rep) [For many groups this is difficult after more than 200 years of exclusion under a Hindu ethnicity based state identity!!], Protests continue across districts (kp), UML flexibility falters as Oli reigns supreme (kp), Making it work: Models of federalism, by Ambika P. Adhikari (rep), Avoid the bloodshed: Reconciling competing claims, by Murari Sharma and Bhagirath Basnet (rep), Promote ESC Rights, by Raj Kumar Siwakoti (rn), Prolonged shutdown hits: life, adds to hardship, by Chitranga Thapa, Mohan Bushair and Ganesh Chaudhary (kp), Thapa suggests emergency way of extending CA term (kp)

12/05/2012: Parties near deal on 11 provinces: May ask provincial parliaments to name the multiple identity-based states on their own, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC, UML push for 11 pradeshes: Continue to oppose single identity-based proposal to federate the country, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Subcommittee mandated to finalise questionnaires (kp), CC sends disputes back to subcommittee (rep), Maoists for consensus on naming provinces (rep), Leaders close to deal on 11 provinces, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), Khanal: Toe party line on ethnic-based federalism, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [This is a total misinterpretation of the rights and duties of the CA!! The inclusive composition of the CA makes no sense if the CA members are bound to the decision of the Bahun leaders of their parties who often have been rejected by the voters!!], State restructuring on ethnic identity will invite civil war: PAPAD (rep) [PAPAD predominantly represents Bahun circles, the main profiteers of the Hindu ethnicity based unitary state!!], Govt, Brahmin-Chhetri Samaj talks go in vain (kp), Govt, Bramhan Chhetri alliance talks fail (rep), Govt, far-west talks inconclusive (rep), 22 injured as protesting groups clash, by Mohan Budhair, Ganesh Chaudhary and Chitranga Thapa (kp), Kailali clashes leave 45 injured: Undivided far-west supporters, Tharus scuffle, by Shivaraj Bhatta (ht), Private sector worried as bandas make a comeback (kp), Bandh continues to affect valley: Taxi torched; Nine detained from Kathmandu, Lalitpur for violence; Strike triggers protest rally in Kirtipur (ht), Agitators ruin public property on Day Two (ht), Two-day banda cause output loss of over Rs 4.5b (rep), Tourism industry unnerved by bandas (kp), NC firm against single ethnic identity-based federalism (kp), Civil society against ethnic federalism (ht) [Civil society, as well, is totally dominated by Bahuns and Chhetris!!]

11/05/2012: CA voting process hits questionnaire hurdle, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), CC preparing questionnaire for voting (ht), CC struggles to prepare questionnaire (rep), Constitutional Committee's failure to forward questionnaire puts off CA meeting again (nn), Federalism gets mazy asdemand for states risesShutdowns over state restructuring cripple life across country (kp), Lawmakers form alliance to press for single identity-based provinces: To vote together on disputed issues of constitution-drafting, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Madhesi, Janajati CA members join hands: Threaten to cross floor to pressure NC, UML (ht), NC lawmakers opt out of party stance: Ally with like-minded lawmakers from other parties (kp), Madhesi, Janjati lawmakers unite for identity-based federalism, by Gani Ansari (rep), Big parties differ over 'party whip' on CA members (rep), NC discusses indigenous lawmakers demands (rep), UML lawmakers warned against defying party line (kp), UML chairman Khanal instructs lawmakers to vote for six-province federal model (nn), Bahun-Chhetris to intensify protest; Nefin slams plan (kp), Bahun-Chettris continue protests against ethnicity-based federalism (nn), Banda cripples life across the country (rep), Protestors cut 132 kV transmission line, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Banda leaves foreign tourists without food, water, by Santosh Pokharel (rep), No peace at all on the western front: Agitation, closures in far and mid-west against proposed division continue unabated, by Shivaraj Bhatta (ht), A day marked by bandhs (ht), Federalism accord hope ‘still alive’ (kp), UCPN (Maoist), NC fail to agree on names of federal provinces (nn), Giri floats new name for country (kp), The times they are changing: The politicians have landed us in a mess by not listening to the electorate, but there is still time to change that, by Anurag Acharya (nt)

10/05/2012: Promise of a New Nepal: There is plenty of evidence that some of the worst excesses of the Old have become even more magnified in the New. But none of that detracts from our achievements so far, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Ball in CA court as major leaders put knotty statute issues to vote (kp), Madhesi, ethnic lawmakers unite (kp), CA readies to conduct votes on disputed issues (rep), Singular, multiple identity row mars state re-do talks, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Federalism still a tough row to hoe for parties: Now stuck on identity, not viability of provinces, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Prakash Acharya (ht), Parties' meeting inconclusive, by Kiran Pun (rep), UML goes for 11 states now (kp) [??], UML stands by 7-province model (rep) [??], Jumbo Far-West talks team heads for Capital (kp), Far-west talks team en route to Kathmandu (ht), Health in power: Identity and healthcare, by Lhamo Yangchen Sherpa (rep), The right size: Before reorganisation of the Army, right-sizing and democratisation are essential (kp) [!!!], The weakest link: In a world where individual attributes are celebrated, there’s gradually less room for celebrating caste or ethnic characteristics, by Manish Gyawali (kp), Patients get sick of far-west bandh (ht)

09/05/2012: Tharuhat demand separate province, by Bikram Giri (rep), Madhesi, Tharus, caucus one on state restructuring, by Gani Ansari (rep), NC now floats 9-province model, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), UDMF toughens its stance: To stick to one Madhes Pradesh for now, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Continued shutdown spells trouble, crisis, by Chitranga Thapa (kp), No talks yet with far-west agitators, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Pahad Ghar: Identity and restructuring, by Dharma Adhikari (rep), Restructuring endgame: The parties dismiss emerging movements at their own peril. Compromise only after judging strength; but engage with all, by Prashant Jha (kp), Voting on contentious issues of constitution to begin in CA from Thursday (nn) [The CA has not been elected as a voting machine! It is the outstanding task of the inclusive CA, and not that of the exclusive and partly rejected party leaders, to elaborate, discuss and write the constitution!!!], Leaders doubt timely statute (ht) [Those ruining the country for selfish interests should not be called 'leaders'!!!], Parties ‘close’ to consensus (kp), Parties refuse to budge, talks hit blind alley: Consensus turning out to be a wild-goose chase (ht), Settle thorny issues first, says UML (kp) [Yes, you should have settled them almost four years ago!!], SAC shelves Army restructuring plan, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), SAC throws cold water on proposal, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Halt NA restructuring for now: SAC tells govt, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Congress ‘picks’ 3 more Cabinet candidates, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Running in circles: A national consensus government without an opposition is a risky choice, by Bipin Adhikari (kp)

08/05/2012: Unresolved questions: There are many unresolved matters that are as crucial to the federalism debate as the delineation of provinces, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Widen the vision: Time has come for an inclusive round table meeting with Janajatis, Dalits, women and Madhesis, by Prem Phyak (kp), Parties seek time till today for consensus: Constitutional Committee meeting tomorrow, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp), CA meeting deferred till Wednesday (nn), Statute by May 27 not possible: CC Chair Acharya, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), NC, UML agree on finer points of federalism, forms of governance (nn), Major parties close to agreement on form of governance, state restructuring (nn), 'Autonomous Madhesh province' is bottom line: Madhesi Front (nn), Delay in Cabinet pick as NC camps engage in blame game (kp), UML sets two preconditions for joining ‘consensus govt’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp) [It's irresponsible to set precondicions for this absolutely unnecessary change of government that disregards the urgent interests of people and nation!!!], CPN-UML to support govt from outside (rep), Maoist-UML meet inconclusive: Govt’s move to reshuffle ministers objected (ht), UCPN (M), NC muse over options for bringing UML on board (nn), Federal fears: Political class should work towards convincing people of Far West that they’re being heard (kp), Bandh hits patients hard in far-west (ht), Far-West banda: Govt talks offer gets fair response, by Chitranga Thapa, Mohan Budhair and Mohan Shahi (kp), Life becomes intolerable in Far-West as bandh enters Day 12 (nn), Sitaula team to talk with Far-west region strikers (rep), Life comes to standstill in east (ht), PM backs Army’s structure re-do proposal (kp), PM stresses army restructuring: Says old structure is irrelevant in present context (ht), National security policy before NA restructuring: Lawmakers (rep), CA Court fails to ‘live up’ to expectations, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Anti-federalism party leader fears for life: Chitra Bahadur KC tells prime minister he has only 5 days to live (kp),  War of the courts: Unavoidable conflict, by Gyan Basnet (ht)

07/05/2012: Parties seek two more days to resolve disputed issues of constitution; CC meet also put off (nn), Wild wild west: The call for an ‘Indivisible Far West’ is a ploy being used by political leaders to benefit from both the hills and the Tarai, by Deepak Chaudhary (kp), Far-west defies call by Big III (ht), Top leaders' call enrages agitators, banda to continue, by Bikram Giri (rep), Big three renew call to far western agitators to end bandh (nn), Restructuring of ministries raises a few eyebrows, by Pranab Kharel and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp) [The whole process of exchange of government at this critical point of time is a farce that only serves the interest of NC und UML leaders to prevent the timely conclusion of the constitution with a Maoist led government!!!], Poudel’s PM prospects pale: Deal forged with Prachanda to make Koirala next PM’, by Arjun Paudel (kp) [None of the three NC top leaders is qualified for the post of PM! Koirala has even been rejected by the electorate!!], UML to stay out of govt, for now, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML not to join govt: Central committee decides to play constructive role in statute drafting, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), UML decides not to join govt, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Sitaula elevated to DPM a day after becoming minister (rep), Appointments in constitutional bodies: Change of guard likely to delay process (ht), Baidya loyal students’ demo against ‘Indian interference’ (kp), Defining identities, by Shrochis Karki (rep), Unholy alliance would’ve jeopordised the constitution, interview with Bimalendra Nidhi, Nepali Congress (kp)

06/05/2012: Constitution talks make no headway (kp), Consensus on federalism, governance elusive
Parties have until tomorrow to agree before issues are put to vote in CA
(ht), Can’t trust political parties on federalism yet: Mahato, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Tharu banda affects life (kp), Muslim people stage protests (kp), Far West strike called off
(kp), Far west bandh continues despite joint call by big three parties (nn), Far-west left high and dry for 9th day (ht), Act now: Crisis in Far-west (rep), Demands for Birgunj as capital of Madhes state (rep), Bhattarai inducts 12 ministers, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), PM swears in 12-minister Cabinet: UML, fringe parties to join govt tomorrow (ht), Eleven ministers from Maoist, NC and UDMF sworn in [Ashaming power theatre once again!!!], MPRF-R sees red over Yadav continuing in new cabinet (rep), Deuba faction riled as Sushil picks ministers, by Arjun Paudel (kp), NC rift surfaces on government issue (ht), NC's Deuba faction boycotts CWC meeting (rep), UML likely to join Bhattarai Cabinet amid pressure (kp), UML 2nd rung leaders feel party will join govt (rep), Turbulence ahead: Post-May 27 climate, by Biswas Baral (rep), PLAs unite for fresh revolution (ht)

05/05/2012: Midnight deal (rep) [Obviously, this deal is not really worth the papers it has been written on!!], Rifts in parties hit unity govt bid: NC, UML fail to pick Cabinet candidates; Parties say will finalise names by evening today, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Baidya wants deal scrapped (kp), Baidya faction opposes 5-pt deal (rep), NC under pressure to stick to party position (kp), Settle intra-party disputes before party joins govt: Deuba (rep), UML CC members say no to joining new govt, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML CC members flay five-point deal: Nepal stands by agreement, says there was no alternative (ht), UML CC meeting: Majority press party to shun Bhattarai-led govt (rep), Bhattarai to form new govt today: 26-member Cabinet on cards; Congress,UML yet to decide names (ht), New cabinet likely to have two dozen ministers, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), PM Bhattarai to unveil new cabinet today; Shital Niwas asked to prepare for oath ceremony at 5 pm (nn), Far-West shutdown drags on, by Chitranga Thapa and Mohan Budhair (kp), Bandh hits common man in Far-West, by Shivaraj Bhatta (ht), Far west reels under crippling strike, by Dil Bahadur Chhantyal and Bikram Giri (rep), Bandh sparks shortage of essential commodities in far west (nn), Call for oppressed lot to unite: Time for marginalised to fight for their rights: Mahato, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Chance for peace, by Sukh Deo Muni (Frontline)

04/05/2012: Deal signed to form unity govt in 2 days: All 48 ministers quit; Bhattarai to resign before statute promulgation; NC-led govt to hold polls, by Phanindra Dahal (kp) [A deal that  means nothing for a good constitution as basis of future Nepal! It only underlines the continued power greed of unable Bahun politicians!!], Parties strike deal at the stroke of midnight: Unity govt under Bhattarai in two days; Nepali Congress to take over before May 27, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Tika R. Pradhan (ht) [The first is o.k. and should have happened months ago; the second is absolutely unneccessary and does not reflect the vote of the people!], Ministers resign en masse at midnight, by Thira L. Bhusal rep), Baidya faction not to join consensus govt (nn), UCPN (M) retains Shrestha, Bogati in unity govt; Baidya faction skips meeting (nn), CA meeting put off for four days (nn) [No problem! It's enough if the Bahun leaders clear their power games and decide on the constitution issues! The CA may just say yes in the end!!!], Far-west bandh enters seventh day (ht), Far-West banda triggers food shortage (kp), Lost all hopes, say war-missing’s kin, by Rajkumar Karki (kp), Re-framing politics-public administration relationship: For better governance, by Anuj Mishra (ht), Dangerous minds: A few ruthless leaders must not jeopardise democracy just to fulfill their personal ambitions and greed, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Together we stand: Let's learn from the chimpanzees, who cooperate to survive, by Alok K. Bohara (nt), Beware of the future: Us-vs-them ethno-chauvinism is drowning out moderate, sane and rational voices, by Rubeena Mahato (nt), Federal express: In the tinder dry terrain of Nepal's political summer, the conditions are right for a blaze that could rapidly engulf the whole country (nt)

03/05/2012: First draft of constitution almost ready: Constituent Assembly appoints experts’ panel to fine-tune language, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Maoists in eastern Tarai oppose 10-state model, by Khilanath Dhakal (rep), Broader Madhesi Front calls stir (ht), United we stand: A fresh federal model, by Alok K. Bohara (rep), Generosity and justice: NC and UML leaders are fooling themselves if they think they can shortchange the marginalised; Ethnic activists are fooling themselves if they think that they can have the lion’s share at others’ expense, by Pramod Mishra (kp), PM's call fails to impress far western agitators; bandh further hits life on day 7 (nn), Shutdowns across country hit life (kp), Ruling alliance urges opposition to join govt (kp), Desperate measures: A vote of no-confidence in gov’t will only stagnate constitution-drafting process (kp), Parties agree on unity govt under Bhattarai: PM to dissolve Cabinet after talks among four forces today; To invite all parties in CA to join new govt, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Bhattarai to dissolve Cabinet today: Parties reach too close to a deal on national unity govt, forms of governance, federalism, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Prakash Acharya (ht), Prime Minister to dissolve cabinet today, by Ameet Dhakal and Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Three major parties, UDMF all set to pave way for formation of national unity govt (nn), Sitauala likely to lead NC's team in unity govt as Deputy PM (nn), Info Minister trashes reports about formation of new national unity govt; says cabinet will only be reshuffled (nn) [???], PLA selection schedule soon, says govt, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht)

02/05/2012: Parties amend rules to prepare first draft: Amendment opens door for referring contentious issues of statute to CA for voting, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parties to vote when push comes to shove: Leaders vow to continue talks but voting highly likely tomorrow, by Ram Kumar Kamat and OPrakash Acharya (ht), CA regulations amended to decide disputed issues by vote (rep), Dahal: No compromise on directly elected Prez (kp), Sheer procrastination (ht), NC, Maoists in showdown over national unity govt, by Arjun Paudel (kp), Heated debate in NC over no-trust motion (rep) [They must be crazy; at least, they are absolutely irresponsible!!], UML mulls over vote of no confidence: To seek help of an NC section, Maoist hard-line faction, by Bhadra Sharma (kp) [Power is morer important than writing the constitution!!], NC to go to great lengths to lead unity govt: Mandates top leaders to put party at helm before promulgation of statute (ht), NC demands House session; no official decision yet on no-trust motion (nn), Parties Motivated Only By Self-Serving Interest, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Life hit to the hilt on 6th banda day (kp), Far-west banda disrupts life, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Normal life thrown out of gear in various districts of far west, mid west due to bandh (nn), Strike hits Chitwan and eastern Nepal districts too; bandh peaceful so far (nn), Upendra Yadav led Madhesi alliance announces protest programmes (nn), Muslim community worried whether their rights will be enshrined in new statute (nn), Turbulent Tarai: Only a full investigation will reveal the truth behind the bombing in Janakpur (kp), Terror grips Janakpur as locals hear another blast; police yet to confirm (nn), Gender balance: Equal rights for women, by Bijan Pant (rep), Failure to change: Instead of responding to the marginalised, NC has decided to be the face of Nepali conservatism. This is suicidal, by Prashant Jha (kp), Clash of the courts: The arrival of a constitutional court will represent a huge institutional imposition within our justice system and inevitably lead to conflict, by Gyan Basnet (kp), Workers demand 10 percent representation in state bodies (kp)

01/05/2012: Major parties at odds over Far-west, by Shivaraj Bhatta (ht), 22 lawmakers against undivided far-west (rep), Parties mull putting statute issues to vote, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Deal eludes parties, vote beckons, by Arjun Bhandari and Prakash Acharya (ht), Last-ditch effort today to avert vote on thorny issues (rep), Leaders finally agree to go ahead with voting to settle thorny issues (nn), Ruling parties to remain in power until new constitution is promulgated (rep) [Everything else would be absolute nonsense!!], Unwanted distraction: No-trust motion is a no-no at this stage (rep), A new beginning?, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (rep), Federalism And The Right To Self-Determination, by Gyan Basnet (rn), 4 die in Janakpur blast: Over 30 injured, 14 seriously, by Suresh Yadav (rep), Promising actress among blast dead (rep), Who is Rajan Mukti? (rep), 4 dead as blast rips thru Mithila sit-in: 15 of 18 hurt in Janakpur explosion airlifted to Capital; Mukti-led JTMM owns up act (kp), Sugary drink, betel nuts and the bang, by Shyam Sundar Shashi (rep), Janakpur blast condemned (kp)

30/04/2012: Federalism: Ethnic fronts step up their pressure campaigns, by Pranab Karel (kp), Ethnic leaders warn of burning new statue (ht), Tharus join forces for undivided Tharuhat, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Demonstrations across districts; banda called off, by Chitranga Thapa (kp), Far-west bandh cripples normal life (ht), Hindu extremists can exploit cow issue: NC (rep) [???], The next revolutionists: Dalits in Nepali politics, by C.K. Lal (rep), No Ethnic Names, Please!, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn) [??], Oli surprised at 12-state plan (kp), Federal compromise: It is heartening to see parties willing to move away from their rigid positions (kp) [The 14 state proposal of the CA was already a compomise! Every further compromise is a step towards future disaster!!], Parties likely to head for a unity govt showdown, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Unity govt talks eclipse constitutional issues, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Prakash Acharya (ht) [????], Nepal talks of CA term extension (kp) [???], CA may last till mid-July: Nepal (ht), Money for justice: Barring amnesty to “six unpardonable crimes” must be the condition for any support to the TRC by the international community, by Suhas Chakma (kp), It’s not that everything will be lost or won on May 27, interview with Purna Man Shakya (kp)

29/04/2012: Alliance to press for Tharuhat state (kp), Tharu alliance for integrated Tharuhat state (rep), Banda shuts Kailali, Kanchanpur (kp), No fragmented far west: Locals, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Baidya rejects 10-province model, by Raju Adhikari (rep), UML floats 12-state federal model: NC leader KC dubs UML change of stance ‘double standard, breach of understanding’, by Phanindra Dahal and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Change of heart tactic or compulsion?, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML for seven units, directly-elected PM (ht), UML leader says ethno states not acceptable (ht), Let's go either for 7 or 12 provinces: UML, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), NC ‘firm’ on 7 provinces: Acknowledges ethnicity as a basis of federation (kp) [This is not possible with 7 provinces and the current 75 districts that have been delineated to prevent ethnic inclusion!!], NC, UML could agree to 10 to 12 pradeshes, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Prakash Acharya (ht), Second phase of Muslim protests from May 2 (rep), Bandh calling for 'undivided far western' enters day 3 (nn), ‘Consensus delay makes statute draft uncertain’ (kp), CC meeting ends without taking up agendas due to absence of top leaders (nn) [???], PLA fighters sacrificed for peace, constitution: Pun; Says ex-combatants surrendered their aspirations for the sake of nation (ht)

28/04/2012: SC turns down writ against ethnicity-based federalism (nn), Sherpas, Karnali people stage protest demanding 'autonomous provinces' (nn), Cong comes up with 7-state model: Says 75 districts will remain intact;  Maoists, Madhes parties reject proposal (kp), NC proposes seven provinces sans names: Pradesh Sabhas to decide what to call them; No district to be divided, by Ram K. Kamat (ht), Nepali Congress floats 7-province model, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), No going beyond 7, say UML leaders, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Voting on 14 units if 10 denied, says Dahal (ht), Maoist model sparks protest in Far-west (ht), Parties still at loggerheads over state restructuring (rep), Parties show no sign of relenting on their positions on federal model (nn), Parties yet to discuss size of federal parliament, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), A disastrous road: Ethnic federalism, by Keshav Bhattarai and Darlene Budd (rep) [After more than 200 years of ethnic unitary state, ethnic federalism has become a must!!], India’s role in peace process crucial: Ban, by Mahesh Acharya (kp) [??]

27/04/2012: Bahun leadership and federalism: Opposition to multi-ethnic federalism may incur greater losses to the traditional political parties, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Maoists for 10 identity-based states: Madhes-based parties positive; NC, UML say proposal against Hattiban understanding, by Phanindra Daha and anab Khare (kp), UCPN-M pitches for 10 federal units: Nepali Congress, CPN-UML condemn outright, say proposal ignores economic capability, by Arjun Bhandari and Ram K. Kamat (ht), Maoists propose 10 states, one centrally-run zone, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), NC floats seven-province federal model (nn), Muslim community enforces two-hour strike in valley (nn), Push for directly elected prez (kp), 42 UML lawmakers oppose mixed model (rep), Constitution writing: The missing debate, by Ameert Dhakal (rep), TRC through ordinance: Rights defenders warn parties against doing wrong to victims (ht), Mixing things up: In an effort to seek a 'win-win' arrangement, let's not settle for something that will make us all losers, by Anurag Acharya (nt)

26/04/2012: Calls for states put east in a state of confusion: Will leaders be able to avert the impending threat of ethnic tension?, by Somnath Bastola (ht), Indigenous leaders warn of stern protest if their rights not enshrined in new statute (nn), Caucus unhappy with deal (kp), Prez, PM to share executive powers: Directly-elected president to be head of state; to exercise certain prerogatives, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Federalism a political hot potato for parties: Leaders pitch proposals, fail to reach accord, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Top leaders to forge deal by Friday, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep) [A deal is not the solution! Anything else than identity based federalism will lead to a disaster!!], Cong, UML MPs against huge House (ht) [A 150 member House of Representatives should be enough! The other chamber must be the representation of the federal states on the national level and should not have more than 3-5 representatives from each province depending on population!], 385-member strong House too big: NC leaders (rep), UML ready for give and take: Khanal (kp), Hardliners plan to tage protest in CA (kp), BMF for common Madhesi stance on thorny issues (rep), CA meeting deferred till April 29 (nn) [No problem, the CA is an absolutely unimportant institution! Better let the incompetent politicians write the constitution!!], Strengthening The Nepal Peace Trust Fund, by Durga Nidhi Sharma (rn), Revival Of Hope For The Constitution, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Think justice: The government cannot keep victims and the Nepali people in the dark about the parameters of the upcoming TRC, by Yadab Bastola (kp)

25/04/2012: NEFIN banda affects Tarai districts: Group demands ethnicity-based federalism; Violence marks shutdown in Udayapur (kp), Bandh affects normal life in Tarai (ht), Ethnic group leaders a dissatisfied lot (kp), Lawmakers press for identity based federalism, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Clamour for 14 federal states (kp), Muslims submit memos to CDOs across country (kp), Parliamentary committee seeks to end caste based discrimination (nn), Maoists to propose Chitwan as federal capital of Nepal; claims other parties are also 'positive' about it (nn), Parties’ decision to have jumbo federal assemblies slammed, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parties agree tentatively on election system (ht), 325-member lower house, 60-strong upper agreed (rep), Maoists for mixed model with directly elected prez (kp), Top NC leaders asked not to give up stance (kp), Weighing the options: Finding a balance for executive power in form of government is tricky (kp), CC seeks two more days to resolve remaining disputes (nn), PLA to recommend up to 30 for NA majors, 60 for captains, by Kiran Pun (rep), Conflict victim lies in wait for treatment, by Prakash Baral (kp), Martyrs family grapples with unfulfilled promises, by Rudra Khadka (rep), Can't even think of another extension, interview with Subas Chandra Nembang (rep), No Time For Dilly-dallying Tactics, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Justice System: Impunity And Reconciliation, by Raj Kumar Siwakoti (rn), In breach of protocol: While pretending to be a constitutional president, Ram Baran Yadav has already launched his next election campaign, by Prashant Jha (kp) [See also The hero: Evaluating Ram Baran Yadav, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep 26/04/2012), an article against ethnic demands and criticism that is glorifying the president and turning a blind eye to his misbehaviours], State re-structuring: Basic human rights vital, by Hemang Sharma (ht)

24/04/2012: ICJ, HRW say no to amnesty for serious crimes (kp), Rights bodies worried over amnesty pact (ht), Terai districts hit by NEFIN strike for ethnicity-based federalism (nn), Minister pitches for ethnic federalism (kp), Two dozen Muslim demonstrators including seven lawmakers arrested (nn), Parties reach understanding on electoral system, form of governance (nn), From French to Finnish Model, by Ameet Dhakal (rep), Lawyers at variance over Constitutional Court: Some want it for ever, not just for 5 years, by Pranab Kharekl (kp), Lawyers divided over Constitutional Court (ht), Parties settle judiciary, citizenship issues: Forms of governance,election system and federalism continue to trouble top leaders, by Prakash Acharya and Tika R. Pradhan (ht), New constitution to have interim one’s citizenship terms (kp), CA put off to give leaders more time (kp) [Yes, the framing of the constitution is the task of (partly rejected) party leaders and not that of the elected representatives of the people!!!], Parties get two more days for negotiations (rep), Breakthrough Tuesday: Leaders (rep), NC in a fix over joining Bhattarai-led govt (kp) [Maybe your last chance to wake up, NC!!], Catch-22: Federalism debate, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep), Law v justice: Regardless of whether it is the political or the civil society that demands it, justice always remains the end and rule of law the means, by Apurba Khatiwada (kp), Indian states’ elections: Clue to our constitution drafting?, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht)

23/04/2012: Maoists flexible on federalism (kp) [The Bahuns once again make their deal agains the interests of the excluded population groups! Another uprising will be preprogrammed!!], 12 Tharu organizations for three provinces in Tarai, by Chandni Hamal (rep), Muslims seek their share in imminent federal structure (kp), NEFIN threatens to take up arms (ht), Bill seeks to fast-track statute writing process (kp), Deal on mixed model ‘almost at hand’: New constitution to have provision of a Constitutional Court to be set up for five years, by Phanindra Dahal and Bhadra Sharma (kp), 3-party nod to Constitutional Court: UDMF agrees; Tenure five years; To be headed by chief justice, by Ram Kumar and Prakash Tika (ht), Minor hurdles: Debate surrounding Constitutional Court and citizenship have room for compromise (kp), Leaders agree on mixed system of governance, by Thira L. Bhusal and Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Half the story: Against the tide, by Ramesh Khatry (rep), Emulating engagement: Constuitution drafting process, by Shrochis Karki (rep), There’s a crisis of confidence in top three parties, interview with Upendra Yadav (kp) [You should also include the Madhesi parties into your critics!!], Parties Under Pressure From All Sides, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), Jailed ex-minister’s plea to attend CA (ht) [???], Truth Commission: For rule of law, ending impunity, by Suman Adhikari (ht), Life is still a struggle for Kayasthas (ht), Martyrs’ families want constitution on time (ht)

22/04/2012: Beyond numbers: Restructuring talks should be widened (rep), Newar leaders pile pressure for Newa Autonomous State (nn), Indigenous nationalities demand ethnic identity-based federalism (nn), Chhetris say no to ethno-states (ht) [But they never said no to more than 200 years of ethnic unitary state!], Paper promises: Nepali women’s political and civil rights continue to be limited only to pacts and promises, by Bhawana Upadhyay (kp), Parties poles apart on judiciary, citizenship: NC, UML ‘backtracked’ on constitutional court deal (kp), Disputed issues: Maoists, Morcha team up (kp), Parties fail to reach deal on issues of new statute, by Ram Kumar and Prakash Tika (ht), Differences over constitutional court hinder consensus, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Big III plotting not to draft statute: Yadav (ht), CC meet postponed till Monday afternoon (nn), Gajurel, Gurung in blame game, by Raju Adhikari (rep), Maoists, UDMF for giving continuity to Bhattarai-led govt till new constitution, by Gani Ansari (rep), Public at receiving end as NC, UML activists at war on roads (kp), Will the sky fall? Post-May 27 scenario, by Murari Sharma (rep), Water wall: To destroy caste-based hierarchies, cultural practices and ingrained beliefs need to change, by Erisha Suwal (kp)

21/04/2012: Ethnic lawmakers’ caucus piles pressure on parties, by Bhadra Shama and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Diverse group pile pressure on statute, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Lawmakers against north-south divide (ht), Limbuwan panel seeks 14 provinces (kp), Tharu leaders discuss separate province, by Chandni Hamal (rep), ‘Madhes will be divided into two states’ (ht), Police detain Muslim leaders (rep), Khanal says party against ethno-based federalism (ht), Transitional justice mechanism: Govt likely to table new bill through ordinance (kp), Campaign against amnesty pact (kp), Civil society objects  to blanket amnesty (ht), Commission could rub salt on war-time wounds, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Parties differ on ‘criminal’ MP issue (ht), Under pressure, Big Three in marathon talks on contentious issues (rep), Maoist top brass, Madhesi Front for giving continuity to Bhattarai govt; agree to form common position on statute (nn), UCPN (M), NC 'ready' for package agreement on thorny issues (nn) [???], Cantonments to be venue for combatant selections (rep), PLA brass refuses fund transfer funds to party HQ (rep)

20/04/2012: ‘Ethno-based states a must’: Marginalised groups warn of spurning new constitution (ht), Tarai lawmakers up in arms: Form Comprehensive Madhesi Front to press regional issues (kp), Madhesi leaders rise to Madhes cause (ht), 7-province model unacceptable: NEFIN, NIWF (rep), ‘Ethno-federalism not accepted’ (ht) [Says Bahun Khanal who oviously sees no negative effects of more than 200 years of ethnic unitarism!], Over two dozen Muslim protesters arrested (nn), Big 3 parties decide to go for a single commission: Not good an idea, say leaders studying two pending bills (kp), Nod to Integrated Reconciliatory Commission: To replace TRC, commission on missing, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Top leaders prepare for 'blanket amnesty', by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Woo Maoists or accept our model, UML tells NC, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Cong, UML discuss pricky statute issues: Dwell on federalism, forms of governance, judiciary (ht), Persuade Maoists to your proposal or accept ours: UML asks NC (rep), PLA integration: Board ready to set process rolling (kp), Final count: PLAs opting for integration down to 3,161 (ht), 3,129 for integration (rep), ‘1,700 fighters had joined YCL’ (kp), Illusions galore: The people are up to their necks in illusions and don't know who, or what, to believe anymore, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp), Beyond left and right: The current need for the centre is to retake the space invaded by the radicals in the last 15 years, by Tika P. Dhakal (kp), Mind what you speak, but speak your mind: Nepal's transition is not being driven by issues at hand, but by those that will follow once the constitution is declared, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Nepal’s diversity is much greater than many countries, interview with Shoko Noda, UNDP Country Director of Nepal (sp), The Abyss Stares Back, by Dipak Gyawali (sp)

19/04/2012: Activists tell parties to shun blanket amnesty (ht), Major parties agree to merge two commissions on truth and reconciliation, disappearance (nn) [???], CA meet to start statute drafting: Parties say will continue intra-party discussions for final give and take (kp), Procedures to okay statute to be cut (ht), CA to start voting on thorny issues from April 23 (ht), NC, UML in bid to find common statute stance (kp) [Nevertheless, you are still a minority!!], Madhesi, Janajatis to deliberate on constitution Thursday (rep), Maoist chair Dahal says ethnic identity-based federal states is his party’s ‘bottom line’ (nn), Madhesi lawmakers form cross-party front (kp), Madhesi MPs to press for autonomous Madhes, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Serving the mind: We need to think about empowering all Nepalis by expanding their imagination, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Number of NA aspirants sees a free fall: Down to 3,194; experts say final integration number could be between 2,000 and 2,500, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Regrouping work concludes at fourth division (nn), Parade of pride as low-rung soldiers become officers, by Ankit Adhikari (kp), PLA men cry foul over post recommendation, by Kiran Pun (rep), NA forms selection committee (rep), Ex-Prez, PMs to get quarters, staff (rep) [This is only practicable if you don't change the government every few months as it is tradition in Nepal! Else, it is a form of corruption!!], Ordinance to reviveformer bigwigs’ perks (ht), Cautious hope: Constitution and future polity, by Biswas Baral (rep)

18/04/2012: SC to govt: Don’t withdraw serious criminal cases; Bins writ against case withdrawal; asks govt to amend 1998 working procedures, by Pranab Kharel (kp), SC bar on letting off heinous criminals (ht), Incorporate int’l provisions in TRC, PM told (kp), Muslim leaders form alliance to press demands (rep), Leaders seek 5 more days to settle issues (kp), Parties seek 5 more days for resolving disputes (rep), Parliamentary committee approves five day deadline for parties to resolve dispute (nn), Major party meet ends without taking up agendas (nn), Number of combatants choosing voluntary retirement continues to increase (nn), Spurt in retirement numbers headache for finance ministry, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep), Army wants directorate structure finalised first, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Finalize leadership, posts in directorate, says army (rep), President Yadav congratulates PM Bhattarai for recent development in peace process (nn), Poudel will lead unity government: Koirala (kp) [May god save Nepal! Only a government led by UCPN-M leader Bhattarai is rational!!], Pact on PM, prez election on cards: Sub panel seeks more days for consensus, by Prakash Acharya(ht), Maoist chairman says his party will not give up position of directly elected presidential system (nn), Spirit of Hattiban: Intense negotiations show a renewed enthusiasm to find compromises (kp), Last Hour Compromises Can Clear All Hurdles, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn) [But there is also the great danger that minimum requirements for durable peace are missed!!!], The India hand: Acknowledging Indian role is being honest to history. It does not take away from the domestic drivers for change, by Prashant Jha (kp), Midway solution: SC vs constitutional court, by Raju Prasad Chapagai (rep), Fresh beginnings, by Kul Chandra Gautam (rep)

17/04/2012: Discussions ‘positive’; deal on the horizon: Political symbolism rather than substance biggest achievement of talks held at Hattiban Resort, by Phanindra Dahal and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Parties move closer to deal on constitution: Hope to remove all the bottlenecks in next meeting; Likely to forge consensus by tomorrow, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Leaders narrow differences on thorniest issues, by Thira L. Bhusal and Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Leaders to seek five more days to resolve disputes as Hattiban meet fails to arrive at consensus (nn), 'Divided Madhes unacceptable' (rep), One Madhes, one state not viable, says Mehta (kp), Muslims demand separate identity in new constitution (ht), Handle with care: All sides must handle the remainder of the integration process with sensitivity (kp), Voluntary retirement: 5,498 fighters, and counting (kp), 5,840 retired by Monday (rep), Fighters’ interest in army wanes (ht), And what of India? India and UCPN (Maoist), by Kanak Mani Dixit (rep), Turning heads: The rotational system guarantees that all you need to do to become PM is wait your turn, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp)

16/04/2012: Final negotiations on statute begin (rep), NC, UML for 6-8 capability, identity-based provinces, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Nandalal Tiwari (kp), Federalism to top parties’ agenda (ht), Major three, UDMF resume 'decisive talks' at Hattiban Resort; expected to forge consensus on thorny issues by evening (nn), Marathon meeting at Hattiban Resort yields no result; leaders say meeting ended on positive note (nn), PLA combatants fast opting for retirement (kp), 4,080 combatants retire (rep), Increasing number of Maoist combatants choosing retirement over integration into NA (nn), Remarkable Progress (rn), No politics please, new code tells ex-fighters (kp), Govt forms new directorate under Nepal Army (rep), Govt nod to ToR on Army integration (kp), Integration plan gets govt approval (ht), Integration alone is not the end of the peace process, interview with Satya Pahadi, Minister for Peace and Reconstruction (kp), UN secy gen hails progress (kp), UN concerned about transitional justice (ht), Acute savior syndrome: Presidential activism, by C.K. Lal (rep) [!!], Time to act: Upgrading national security, by Govind Prasad Kusum (rep), No More Illusion Now, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), The path between: Internal and external dynamics have led Bhattarai, and lately Prachanda, to conclude that peace and constitution is the only option available before the party, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp), Guaranteeing entrepreneurial right: Coherent provisions must in constitution, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht), Bandh partially affects life across country (ht), No to bandhs (ht), Security men bar Janajati leaders from reaching close to talks venue (nn)

15/04/2012: Ethnicity based federalism: Maoists, Morcha firm on their stands (kp), UDMF, Maoists enjoying alliance, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Parties finalise disputed issues on integration: Sort out technical matters on general directorate, ranks, training period and selection mechanisms, by Phanindra Dahal and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Conundrum cracked, integration hopes up: Proposal endorsed to give momentum to process, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Cabinet approves AISC's breakthrough deal in peace process (nn), Integration number likely to be around 3,000, by Kiran Pun (rep), Deal reached on technical issues of integration, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Darai to lead PLA in integration (rep), Voluntary retirement going in full swing (kp), Maoists, UDMF agree on fresh recruitment in NA, by Gani Ansari (rep), Madhav Nepal warns Gyanendra of jail (rep), Right to honor, by Madan Bahadur Dhami (rep), Party in govt to shut nation for three days: Janamukti Party says bandh for peace, statute (kp) [???], Janamukti Party calls off three-day bandh (nn), Opposition leaders say they will not join Bhattarai govt (nn), Leaders stay overnight at Hattiban Resort for decisive talks on thorny issues related to constitution drafting (nn)

14/04/2012: Parties ready for final give and take: Maoists, Congress to soften their stances on federal model, forms of governance (KP) I won't okay statute that dismantles Nepal: Prez, by Madhusudan Guragain (rep) [The reason for disintegration is more than 200 years of Hindu ethnic unitary state! A president who has not been elected by the people has no right to veto a constitution that has been written by the CA elected by the people!!], ‘Won’t okay statute that threatens nat’l integrity’, by Manoj Basnet (kp), Former NEFIN chief cries foul against President Yadav's remarks (nn), Statute hurdles cleared: Khanal (kp), Directly-elected PM a rallying point: Khanal (ht), UML chairman reiterates prime ministerial model (rep), Work to discharge retiring Maoist fighters resumes: Taskforce to present its proposal at Saturday’s meeting, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), 638 get voluntary retirement by Friday (rep), Ruling partners decide to give continuity to Bhattarai govt (nn), NC, UML unlikely to join Bhattarai-led coalition, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Conflicting signals: Blanket amnesty would violate the clear position of the UN that there should be no amnesty for the most serious crimes of concern to humanity, by Robert Piper (rep)

13/04/2012: A paean to PLA sacrifice, NA leadership (ht), Peace process at ‘irreversible’ stage: PM urges opposition to help transform incumbent govt into a national unity one, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Task force on brink of integration breakthrough, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Peace back on track: PM (rep), PM’s proposal fails to impress NC, UML (kp), Oppn leaders thumb down call for national consensus govt (kp), Baidya faction unveils second-phase protests (rep), Dahal's move against party CC decision, interview with Mohan Baidya rep), ‘Maoists can’t be flexible anymore’ (kp), Sharma: Fresh tension brewing in cantonments (rep), Fighters stall regrouping process (ht), Maimed combatants fighting hard to get their voices heard (ht 13/04/2012), India, United States praise peace progress (kp), Taskforce set to iron out outstanding differences (kp), SC quashes writ on Madhesis’ hiring (kp), No ifs and buts: Here in Nepal's remote outback, federalism holds the promise of making government more accessible and accountable, by Anurag Acharya (nt)

12/04/2012: Complying with int’l norms riskless, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Focus on TRC: Justice must be seen, by Gyan Basnet (ht), Panel to sort out thorny issues (kp), All divisions under Army (kp), Cantonments under NA's firm control (rep), All for one: Tuesday’s all party agreement on integration is welcome (kp), I took a bold, risky step: Dahal; Says breakthrough paves way for unity government, timely statute, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Why I did what I did, by Pushpa Kamal Dahal (rep), ‘Audacious’ Dahal claims credit for integration: Says a bold decision was need of the hour to resolve political deadlock for the sake of country (ht), Baidhya faction spills PLA handover anger on streets (kp), Badiya faction-led alliance announces fresh stir against ‘fascist govt' (nn), Maoist infighting: Police, Maoist protestors clash (rep), Soldiers’ presence irks PLAs: Personnel allowed in after talks with commander (ht), Koirala bats for NC led govt before May 27 (rep) [?? If there is something that Nepal does not need at this juncture of history, it is an NC led government! The failure of the 1990 system should not be repeated!!], Koirala hopeful of another surprise (kp), Politics of divisiveness, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep) [The author once again writes against ethnicy based federalism and denies the fact that some 200 years of Hindu ethnic unitarism is the reason for the current state of social divisiveness!], Few states most viable: Acharya, interview with Narahari Acharya, Nepali Congress (rep)

11/04/2012: Army takes charge of PLA fighters, weapons: Opposition hails progress; Parties one on resolving issues, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), NA troops, APF assume security arrangements in PLA cantonments (nn), PLA cantonments, arms containers with army, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), 200 PLA fighters flee Hattikhor, by Narayan Sharma (kp), Clashes in camps expedite NA take over, by Prakash Acharya (ht), PLA clashes impede regrouping process: It may have adverse impact on peace (ht), Why the cantonments imploded?, by Kiran Pun (rep), ‘SC’s integration is betrayal’: Hardliners to burn effigies of Dahal, PM Bhattarai (ht), Betrayal of revolution: Baidya faction (rep), Last minute hassles (ht), Urgency in cantonments delays TRC, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), UDMF to let go of key demand (ht), Nepal risks blacklisting as Baidya faction opposes organized crime bill (rep), All for one, by Tika P. Dhakal (rep) [an article against ethnic federalism that mentions the ethnic values abroad but does not see the suppression and exclusion of ethnic groups inside Nepal under the Hindu ethnic unitary state!!], Jingo all the way: There is no real difference between working in armies and working in the private sector in foreign countries, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp), Conflicts of our times: From Balochistan to Myanmar, religious, ethnic and linguistic identity is a defining feature of political conflicts. Nepal has a historic chance to address it right, by Prashant Jha (kp), Stateness, identity inflation and the opportunity cost: To ponder over, by Anuj Mishra (ht)

10/04/2012: Fast track agreed for statute promulgation (kp), Article 70 to be amended for new statute (ht), Leaders to amend constitution to speed up statute drafting (rep), PLA voluntary retirement process to start today: Top leaders of major political parties to settle contentious issues, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Integration likely to be delayed: SC unable to startwork as PLAs are settling internal scores (ht), PLA to let voluntary retirement move forward, by Kiran Pun (rep), Maoist combatants skip voluntary retirement program, by Chanbdani Hamal (rep), Form panel to pick eligible PLA: NC, UML; Say Selection Committee a must before statute debate, by Arjun Bhandari (ht) [Stupid argument! You only have 47 days to complete the constitution! Run both tasks parallel!], Looking nowhere (ht), Commanders thrash combatants, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep), Janamorcha shuts down Valley (kp), Madhes-based parties ready to reconsider ‘One Madhesh’ demand (nn), Limits of legality: Strict insistence on the rule-of-law is often opposed to demands for justice, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Parties agree to conclude peace process before focusing on constitution (nn), Baidya faction dubs PLA handover as 'surrender' (nn)

09/04/2012: Two at a time: There is no point in delaying the negotiations on the constitution (kp), Parties agree to shorten statute drafting process (nn), Maoists to select, send 5,000-6,000 fighters: Process to award voluntary retirement to start on Tuesday; NC says no objection over self-selection process (kp), PLA cantonments tense over rank issue, by Kiran Pun (rep), Special panel casts doubt on regrouping (ht), PM committed to vacating camps by April 12: NA to guard 12 cantonments, APF 3; SC members to observe process (ht), Integration to be delayed by 5 days (rep), Maoists seek agreement on remaining issues, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Peace far cry even after integration, says Thapa (ht), Poudel says Maoists made false promises (rep) [Yes, and the NC boycotts reforms overdue for long!!], Leaders plan marathon talks on capital's outskirts (rep), Big III split once again: Isssue of reconciliation the bone of contention (ht), Prosecutions will have to take place—sooner or later, interview with Trilochan Uprety,  senior legal Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office (kp), Kathmandu partially affected by Rastriya Janamorcha's Bagmati zone bandh (nn)

08/04/2012: Parties unfazed even if there is no time to lose: Constituent Assembly has a long list of tasks to sweat over (kp), PM urges parties to focus on urgent task, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC-led consensus govt by May 13: Sitaula, by Gajendra Bohara (rep) [He must be insane! There is neither time to change the government before May 27 nor is there any reason to have it been led by the conservative NC, the big failure of the 1990 system!!], CC sends SRC reports to dispute resolution panel (rep), Koirala: Ethnicity no basis for federation (kp) [Long live the state based on Bahun ethnicity!!], PLA commanders called for ‘emergency’ meeting, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), PLA regrouping could be delayed (ht), PLA surveys stall in lack of Maoist directive (rep), AISC teams reach cantonments to handover combatants, weapons to Nepal Army (nn), Three party meet to discuss formation of Truth Commission inconclusive (nn)

07/04/2012: Maoist factions hold parallel rallies: Launch diatribes against each other; Dahal skips both camps’ programmes, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoist factions hold separate shows: Talk of revolt an emotional outburst: PM; Dahal falls ill, skips gathering (ht), Sushil threatens to topple govt, by Aman Koirala (kp), NC: No-confidence motion against govt (ht) [Do everything to prevent the constitution!],  Revolt if statute not ready by deadline, says Mahara (ht), CC starts debate on SRC report (nn)

06/04/2012: Parties agree to resolve differences by April 17: Want CA to vote if disagreements persist beyond deadline (kp) [The writing of the constitution is the task of the elected CA either and not that of, to a greater part, rejected party leaders!!], CC gets final 12 days for consensus on statute, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Nembang floats new schedule, leaders game, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Charter of rights: Every individual and community’s rights should be formally protected in a multicultural society, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Compensating truth The state cannot - and will not be allowed to - turn its back on justice for the victims of the conflict, by Suman Adhikari (kp), Cleaning out the closet: The Maoists, Nepal Army and Police have to face the victims and tell them what really happened during the war, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Truth without justice: It would be better to have no Truth Commission at all than a toothless commission, by Ram Kumar Bhandari (nt)

05/04/2012: Spl panel okays time-bound plan to vacate PLA camps: Fails to resolve contentious issues of army integration (kp), PLA integration begins in a week, by Prakash Acharya and Lekhnath Pandey (ht), Parties agree integration but differences remain, by Kiran Chapagain and Gani Ansari (rep), AISC endorses action plan to conclude army integration work by April 12 (nn), House committee sets April 18 deadline to settle thorny issues (nn), BAC to ask top leaders about peace, statute (rep), Baidya faction unveils its version of statute (rep), MPRF calls national gathering to discuss strategy (rep), Playing the part: UML leaders should realise that their current intransigence will not benefit the party (kp), Koirala bats for north-south federal set-up (ht) [Yes, please uphold the administrative division of the Hindu state!!], Identity is prosperity: The constitution must address the grievances of the marginalised, with ethnicity-inclusive federalism, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Wrong prescription: Form of federalism, by Suresh Pranjali (rep), Birds of same feather: Arguably, by Biswas Baral (rep), Over the rainbow: If peace and constitution are the people’s mandate, then justice through the TRC and agreement on the parameters of federalism, before May 27, are non-negotiable, by Bidushi Dhungel (kp)

04/04/2012: Imminent deal: It is time for a breakthrough in the peace process (kp), Failed talks setoff blame game: PM trying to prolong tenure: Sitaula; UML, NC demand a non-issue: Maoists (kp), No statute until peace concludes: Koirala, by Suresh Yadav (rep) [untimely, stupid and incompetent comment!!], Sidelined, UML seeks its share in peace process: Congress-Maoist tie-up on crucial issues raises its eyebrow, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), NC, UML parting ways on peace process?, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), Baidya, Thapa fault Dahal in communist jargon (rep), House panel to seek clarification from political parties on failure to forge consensus on constitution drafting (nn), Monarchy gone for good: Muni (ht), Trajectory of the right: The dakshinpanthis will gain political strength not on the monarchy plank, but on that of Hindutva and a unitary state, by Prashant Jha (kp)

03/04/2012: Dangerous deadlines: Failure to reveal what happened over the conflict years will be tantamount to legitimising it, by Seira Tamang (kp), Peace ministry perplexed by conflicting displaced numbers, by Gani Ansari (rep), Parties fail to endorse action plan on integration: Disagreement erupts on resolved issues of norms of entry, ranks, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parties find integration an issue too intricate: Special panel meet fails to reach understanding, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Differences persist over education, rank (rep), Gird yourself for dignifiedintegration: Dahal to PLA, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), CA members put heat on top brass: Press parties to work for constitution drafting at full throttle (kp) [Sorry, but changing the government is mor important to them!!], Lawmakers step up pressure (ht), NC’s turn to lead: Koirala (kp) [One of these obstinate 'leaders'! Win a majority in the next elections, then you may lead!!], UML's Pokharel, Rawal trying to derail peace process: PM (rep), Statute without ethnicity-based provinces unacceptable: Baidya (kp), Baidya faction for 'pro-people' statute (rep), Return to insurgency would be suicidal: PM (rep)

02/04/2012: Truth shall set you free: Go-ahead for the formation of the TRC is heartening but points of caution remain (kp), Parties come under fire from rights activists: Say leaders hell-bent on blanket amnesty by hook or by crook (ht), No amnesty to Rautahat murder convicts: SC, by Sundar Khanal (rep), Political parties should think about alternative: VP Jha (rep) [There are no alternatives! Four years should have been used reasonably!!], Disputes over training, ranks persist: Leaders reluctant to divulge details arguing that it could derail consensus (kp), Rank determination delays integration plan (rep), Bhattarai having second thoughts on integration?, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), PLA begins selection of combatants for integration (rep), Maoists decide to reactivate YCL (kp), Shun revolutionary ideals: Dahal to YCL (rep), Parties wasted time on forming and removing govts, interview with Pushpa Bhusal, Nepali Congress (kp) [This is still their main concern! See recent statements by your party chairman!!], Making politics inclusive: Back to basics, by Shrochis Karki (rep), NC to oppose ethnic states, says Koirala (ht) [But you have nothing against the ethnic Tagadhari state that is in existence for more than 240 years!!], The communist cauldron, by C.K. Lal (rep)

01/04/2012: Morcha calls for statute with federalism, identity (kp), No federalism, no statute: UDMF (rep), Madhesis, janajatis warn of disintegration (ht), Parties agree to remove clause prohibiting amnesty from TRC bill (kp) [????], BIG III thrash out all outstanding issues: Even heinous crimes could be pardoned (ht), Three-party meet put off upon NC’s request (nn), Maoists to send a div chief to NA (kp), No headway yet on integration modality (nn), Law ministry to finalize TRC, disappearance bills, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Media alliance presses for timely constitution: Urges parties to work in unison on twin tasks (kp), Choose wise: Selecting a common language is important, by Gopal Sijapati Magar (rep), Middle ground: Bias of SC judges shows on Madhesi issues, by Anand Jha (rep)

31/03/2012: Parties join hands for a major breakthrough: As the May 27 deadline nears, Friday’s ‘important step’ is likely to give constitution making process a fillip, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Upbeat, party leaders vow compromises if consensus elusive (kp), Statute promulgation by May 27: Bhattarai should quit after integration is completed; NC may take helm, interview with Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Nepali Congress (kp) [Stop these power discussions once and for all! No change of PM before May 27!!], Peace process now irreversible (rep), Major breakthrough in integration process, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Cantonments to be vacated by April 12 (rep), Three parties okay TRC bill terms: Say they will follow int’l standards while forming commissions (kp), Big 3 agree on TRC, disappearance commission, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Incomplete constitution not acceptable: Madhesi leaders (nn), UDMF's first-ever rally in capital Friday (rep), Terrible follies: Prime Minister and corruption, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep)

30/03/2012: Debate on SRC reports to continue (ht), SC Verdict: A Serious Call (rn), Skipping provisions 'must' to bring statute by May 27, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), PLA integration to see a ‘breakthrough’ today: Special Committee likely to announce a deal on Friday morning, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Combatants choosing integration to be 'handed over' to NA by April 12 (nn), Technical 'bugs' delaying integration plan, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), CC sets criteria for jobs in constitutional bodies (kp), Class Conflict Behind Political Crisis, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), The whims of the powerful: Kul Chandra Gautam may claim to speak for the good of the nation, but he represents a narrow tendency that is damaging to Nepal’s political process, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Pathology of a postponed visit: I feel proud that I have done service to my nation and honoured the sentiments of millions of Buddhists around the world, by Kul Chandra Gautam (kp), Political stagnation drags country down (ht), Major parties agree to form TRC, disappearance commission (nn)

29/03/2012: Discussion on SRC report to conclude today (nn), Debate on SRC report to continue one more day (nn), Supreme Court refuses to review decision on CA term extension, by Pranab Kharel (kp), SC deals death blow to executive, legislature: Scraps PM,Speaker’s review petitions; Reiterates no more CA term extension, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), No more CA term extension: SC, by Sundar Khanal (rep), Emergency a way out, but ‘it will be catastrophic’ (ht), Party leaders say not disheartened; vow to work on twin tasks (kp), Unprecedented security in the run-up to May 27: Plan to thwart threats in lead-up to CA deadline (ht), Maoists seek senior ranks for PLA (rep), NC, UML spurn Maoist proposal, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), CC meeting deferred till April 2 (nn) [?????], Subcommittee takes strong exception to judges' remarks (rep), Warring Maoists avert split till May 27, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Prachanda at crossroads, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep), Call to form powerfulhuman rights body (kp), Challenges Of Human Rights In Nepal, by Raj Kumar Siwakoti (rn), Anxious neighbours: The kind of federalism Nepal will have is a matter of concern to both India and China, by Prakash A. Raj (kp), Conflict and women victims: Grave injustices, by Kopila Adhikari (ht)

28/03/2012: SRC report ill-thoughtout, say CA members (ht), SRC failed to meet expectations: Mahat (rep) [Better say: Nepali Congress interests!!], Marx and Hachhethu: Debating federalism, by Nitya Nanda Timsina (rep), Possibility of CA term extension ends as SC upholds its previous decision (nn), Turning point: The deal is almost done. Expect integration to kick-start soon, and draft constitution by May-end, by Prashant Jha (kp), PLA integration: Differences over action plan hit Spl panel meet (kp), NC, UML say integration must be conducted as per seven-point pact (nn) [No, integration must  be conducted in a way to safeguard durable peace!!!], Govt forms committee on democratization of NA (rep), Nepal slams ‘corruption’ in judiciary: Unfair to blame institution because of a few cases, say justices, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Judges, top leaders meet to iron out differences, by Sundar Khanal (rep), Maoists for cutting short NA screening, NC opposes (rep), Thapa to cadres: Prepare for revolt (kp), Be ready to encircle cities: Thapa tells cadres, by Post B. Basnet (rep), We will support no-confidence motion: Gajurel; Says Baidhya faction is ready if opposition parties table one (ht), Maoist establishment side to hold CC meeting unilaterally: Bid to make hardliners attend continues though (ht), Maoist 'establishment faction' reaffirms stance on peace, statute (nn), Rival Maoists On Collision Course, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Seized land sale: Team Baidya ‘raking in millions in commission’, by Durgalal KC (kp), Yadav is new MFJ-Glawmakers’ leader: Ousted minister rues lack of chance to clarify (kp), Come and get it: Women will not rise to high positions in politics by wandering around complaining, by Saloman Rajbanshi (kp), Conflict victims still await relief provided by the state (nn)

27/03/2012: SRC federal model finds not many takers in CA meeting (kp), ‘SRC reports skirt key issues’, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Lawmakers rap SRC report (rep), Failing sight (ht), Consensus unlikely on integration plan (rep), Roots of discontent: Although the strategy of the radical Maoist faction seems confused, their grievances resonate widely among the party’s rank-and-file, by Aditya Adhikari (kp) [!!!!!], Maoist boss to take ‘bold decisions’; Says parties inching closer to deal on issues; ‘final give-and-take talks will yield results’ (kp), ‘Hassles remain in integration process’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Sons of five farmers should lead country: Prez (rep) [Only persons who have been legitimated by the people should lead the country!!], ‘Peace process first; will talk the rest out’, interview with Sushil Koirala (kp) [You have 60 days!!], Agriculture minister Datta gets the sack (kp), PM sacks Minister Dutta (rep), Protest against cow slaughter (kp) [Nepal is a multiethnic and multicultural state, not a Hindu state! Please correct the law correspondingly!!]

26/03/2012: SRC reports tabled, CA discussion today: There’s no other option but to promulgate statute by the May 27 deadline (ht) Negotiations galore: Critical constitutional issues should be resolved in the near future (kp), Grave crisis if statute bid fails: PM; Says constitution will be promulgated even by taking some ‘extra time’ after May 27, by Phanindra Dahal (kp) [Please tell all the stubborn veto players that extra time is not possible!!], We can’t even imagine a constitution without federalism, interview with Pradip Gyawali, CPN-UML (kp) [???], Headless constitutional bodies: House committee gives PM two weeks to fill vacant positions (kp), Revolution in the air? April is the month of turbulence in Kathmandu. What’s in store this time?, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep), Systems theory, by Madhu Raman Acharya (rep), Legacy of growth: PM Bhattarai is under fire for poor governance. Yet historians could judge him more kindly for his trade and development initiatives, BIPPA, West Seti, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp)

25/03/2012: CA resuming business today, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), SRC report presented in CA; discussions to start from Monday (nn), CA term won’t be extended, says Bhattarai: Fringe parties accuse major parties of causing confusion (ht) [There is no legitimacy for an extension!!], Peace within reach (rep), Parliamentary committee gives 10 more days to CC for resolving disputes (nn), Maoist factions agree on two-pronged policy (kp), What are the Maoist hardliners planning?, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Getting it right: Shaping federal Nepal, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (rep), Looters' republic: Against the tide, by Ramesh Khatry (rep), Consensus Statute Looks Elusive, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

24/03/2012: No headway in constitutional talks (kp), Constitutional panel at loggerheads: NC, UML for integration before statute (ht), Lawmakers to up pressure campaign (kp) [The promulgation of the new constuitution must be taken out of the hands of the so-called 'leaders'! It should be the free decision of the elected representatives of the people!!], CA members to launch campaign for statute (ht), Nembang collects opinion on SRC report (kp), PM seeks Army support to prepare action plan (kp), Disqualified fighters occupy party office (kp), Integration process: A tough nut to crack; Sources say problems galore before agreement reached on modality, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Minister Giri given marching orders: PM’s decision to sack her ‘will not’ affect coalition govt, by Pranab Kharel (kp), PM sacks Labour Minister Sarita Giri: Replaces her with Malwar Singh Thapa (ht), PM sacks Sarita Giri on four grounds, by Kiran Chapagain and Gani Ansari (rep), Baidya camp teams up with 12 groups: Front unveils common policies (kp), Maoist hardliners get fringe parties to rally around them for constitution: Form joint front; Unveil struggle programmes (ht), Plato's Cave: Ethics, capitalism and power, by Murari Sharma (rep)

23/03/2012: Spl panel nod to bring out action plan in five days, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), 5 days to ready integration procedures, norms (rep), NC not to flinch on PLA: No further compromiseon integration:Shekhar Koirala, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Bhattarai will stay put, says Dahal (kp), Party divided but to stay united, claims Dahal: Says Bhattarai will not step down, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Party radicals conspiring to split party, derail peace process: Dahal, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Maoist hardliner faction announces protest against govt with support of fringe parties (nn), Unpopular agenda: Relevance requires change in Maoist hardline stance (kp), Disqualified fighters in war against party: Capture Maoist offices in Surkhet; Say protest in last stage (ht), Erring Ministers Defile Government Reputation, by G.K. Pakavath (rn), That’s taxpayer money: Despite their tall claims to be working for the people, all governments in Nepal seem to feel that the people always come last, by Shyam K.C. (kp), Political Parties And Democracy, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn)

22/03/2012: UN report decries deal on amnesty: Delay in formulating witness protection law questioned (kp), Families of involuntarily disappeared people picket Congress HQ (nn), Human rights activists against forming: Truth and Reconciliation Commission (ht), SRC reports to be discussed at CA full House on Sunday (ht), Muslims demand separate identity (rep), UDMF: No to non-federal statute (rep), Resign on moral grounds: Opposition to PM (rep) [Are you stupid? There is no time to form a new government! Conclude peace and constitution immediately!!!], CC meet in limbo after Baidhya turns down Dahal’s proposal (ht), Dissolve govt before calling CC: Baidya (rep), Maoist hardliners discuss possibility of alliance with fringe left parties (nn), Political Consensus: A Seeming Will-o’-the-wisp, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Failure to lead: If the political leaders deliver the constitution, they will make history. Otherwise, they’ll become history, by Pramod Mishra (kp)

21/03/2012: Clear choice: Federalism and ethnicity, by Krishna Hachhethu (rep), EU urges urges parties to ensure timely peace, statute ‘Blanket amnesty will cause much concern’ (ht), Senior EU official says no blanket amnesty (rep), Integration deal in two days: Dahal; Says process moving ahead as per 7-point understanding (kp), Dahal-PM camp to woo hardliners (kp), Party unity only if radicals adopt line of peace: Dahal, by Kiran Pun (rep), MPRF-D warns of stern move if peace not concluded in three weeks (rep), Erring Ministers Defile Government Reputation, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), An open letter to Prachanda: Take one more “bold decision” and kick-start the integration process. You will get all the credit for the political settlement, by Prashant Jha (kp), Dying hope (ht)

20/03/2012: PM quizzes Minister Giri, State Ministers Sah, Yadav (rep), Withdraw support to government: MPRF-D, by Gani Ansari (rep), Maoists no more a party, only a ‘united front’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Dahal-Bhattarai faction hits out at Baidya camp: Accuses rivals of derailing peace, constitution (kp), Dahal faction for ending groupism: Maoist hardliners say their strategy will be to form ‘party within party’ (ht), Party on the verge of split: Dahal, by Post B. Basnet and Kiran Pun (rep), Living Under The Shadow Of Disunity, by Prem Khatry (rn), Central region NC gathering starts: Leaders rue lack of clear position on federal model, by Shankar Acharya (kp), L’affaire Lumbini: The cultural-political warriors’ propaganda against Prachanda eclipses larger national interests, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp)

19/03/2012: UN report to sound alarm bell against Nepal’s blanket amnesty, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Boiling over: Maoists should take public fury against them as a wake-up call (kp), Parties near deal on ranks for fighters (kp), NC, UML ban foreign trips (kp), Morcha plans mass meeting for ensuring statute, federalism (kp), The prosperity paradigm: Sidelines, by C.K. Lal (rep), Ultimatum, Urgency And Uncertainty, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), Constitution writing process has become undemocratic, interview with Pampha Bhusal, UCPN-Maoist (kp), Spectator citizens: There are large political risks at stake in restricting citizens to spectators in the making of their own future, by Seira Tamang (kp)

18/03/2012: Baidya faction vows to unseat govt (kp), Hardliners unveil plan to topple Bhattarai govt: May go for no-confidence motion (ht), Dr. Baburam Bhattarai Stays On, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km) [see part 2 (25/03/2012), part 3 (01/04/2012), part 4 (08/04/2012), part 5 (15/04/2012), part 6 (22/04/2012), part 7 (29/04/2012), part 8 (06/05/2012), part 9 (13/05/2012), part 10 (20/05/2012), part 11 (27/05/2012), part 12 (10/06/2012), part 13 (17/06/2012), part 14 (24/06/2012), part 15 (01/07/2012), part 16 (08/07/2012), part 17 (15/07/2012), part 18 (22/07/2012), part 19 (29/07/2012), part 20 (05/08/2012), part 21 (12/08/2012), part 22 (19/08/2012), part 23 (26/08/2012), part 24 (02/09/2012), part 25 (09/09/2012), part 26 (16/09/2012), part 27 (23/09/2012), part 28 (01/10/2012), part 29 (07/10/2012), part 30 (14/10/2012), part 31 (21/10/2012), part 32 (28/10/2012), part 33 (04/11/2012), part 34 (18/11/2012), part 35 (25/11/2012), part 36 (02/12/2012), part 37 (09/12/2012), part 38 (16/12/2012), part 39 (23/12/2012), part 40 (30/12/2012), part 41 (06/01/2013), part 42 (13/01/2013), part 43 (20/01/2013), part 44 (27/01/2013), Part 45 (03/02/2013), part 46 (10/02/2013), part 47 (17/02/2013), part 48 (03/03/2013), part 49 (10/03/2013), part 50 (17/03/2013)], President urges leaders to toe constitution line (kp), Prez presses leaders on peace, statute (rep), Endless pain for war victim, by Krishna Prasad Gautam (kp), Prez presses parties for consensus: ‘Speculation that president will take over laid to rest’ (ht), Fringe parties warn Bhattarai: Say PM should either control political disorder or resign (ht)

17/03/2012: Maoist hardliners to unveil anti-PM protest plan today (kp), Baidya faction gives one week deadline to PM to step down (nn), Political advisor says PM Bhattarai won't step down (nn), PM asks oppn for senior rank for PLA fighters (kp)

16/03/2012: The Final Countdown, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp), Under pressure, leaders abort junket: Major parties ask leaders not to leave Capital until May 27 (kp), Accountability of donors in question, by Phanindra Dahal (kp) [!!!], Ethnicity-based federalism unacceptable, says Deuba (kp) [You never understood that an ethnicity based unitary state, as it is still uphold by most political parties, has always been unacceptable for the majority of the people! This alone is the reason for the current demand of ethnicity-based federalism!!], UDMF supports Tharu stir, by Gani Ansari (rep), Anti-federalist strike triggers protests (ht), UCPN-M not to go for ethnic federalism (ht) [???], Complete integration in 7 days: UML to government, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), PLAs threaten to derail peace process: To retire if denied Brig Gen post (ht), Commanders threaten to opt out of integration (rep), Oppn ready to offer colonel rank to combatants: Dahal (kp), Securing the insecure: It’s time national security policy focussed on issues like energy rather than just the usual ticking of the military box, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp), A step back to step forward: There is plenty to be cynical about, but we are inching ahead on peace and constitution, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Restructuring Commission Report, by Prakash A. Raj (sp), Full Circle of Incongruities, by Dipak Gyawali (sp), Judging In Deed, by Yubaraj Ghimire (sp)

15/03/2012: Critical juncture this, but ‘irresponsible’ leaders raring to go on junkets, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parties differ on crime-accused lawmakers’ status (kp), Dahal for Dhungel's exemption, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [No impunity for criminals!!], Hardliners forming paramilitary force (kp), Ex-combatants rallying against Dahal, govt, by Kiran Pun and Gajendra Bohara (rep), Gurung demands resignation of PM Bhattarai (nn), Why PM floated disputed proposal (rep), Big 3 leaders shamed into vowing to mend citizenship rules, by Anjali Subedi (rep), Parties get 10 days for consensus (ht), Who’s in charge? Political spoilsports’ insistence on taking the number of service years to provide equivalence of ranks to Maoist fighters should be seriously reconsidered, by Deepak Thapa (kp), UML objects to Bhattarai’s army integration plan (ht), ‘Parties should meet people’s aspirations’: Carter hopes Nepal will uphold principles of democracy (ht), Tharuwan bandh hits far-west: Locals demand to enshrine their identities in the statute (ht)

14/03/2012: The golden mean: Far more than integration, parties will be judged on how they navigate through the federal challenge. Turning a blind eye to it is no solution, by Prashant Jha (kp), Parties agree to remove procedural hitches regarding SRC report, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Victims' non-acceptance of relief package worries govt, by Gani Ansari (rep), Special Committee meet a dud; leaders say all hope is not lost, by Phanindra Dahal (rep), CC gets 10 more days to resolve contentious issues (nn), PM fails to assuage oppn anger: Congress, UML say Bhattarai’s document smacks of malice, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), NC, CPN UML: PM's proposal disappoints (rep), Baidya camp builds up ‘resign PM’ call: Dahal faction says demand aimed at derailing peace, constitution processes, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Bhattarai should step down, says Baidhya, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Right the size: The Army’s huge size makes Nepal one of the most army-centred countries in the region, by Ek Bahadur K.C. (kp), Tharu group enforces transportation strike in five mid western districts (nn)

13/03/2012: Kin of disappeared announce protests (rep), Integration process likely to begin at last (rep), Parties agree to present SRC report before CA (nn), Special Committee meeting: Chances of breakthrough slim (kp), Tuesday's Special Committee will produce integration calendar: Dahal (rep), CC meet inconclusive yet again as party leaders seek two more weeks to thrash out differences (nn), Danger ahead: Maoist, non-Maoist divide (rep), Pie in the sky: Swiss model, by Murari Sharma (rep), Maoists want NC to be more flexible: Decry Deuba’s remark on ‘revising 1990 statute as option’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Two govts possible for peace and statute: Nepal Blames PM Bhattarai for lacking courage (kp) [To form one government after the other is absolutely useless as long as there is no interest in peace and constuitution!!], Paradigm shift: The conflict between the Maoist and non-Maoist parties is no longer the most significant cleavage in Nepali politics, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Feudal order's new incarnation: Having accepted the constitutional process, the Maoists must respecting its norms and obligations, by Ram Sharan Mahat, Nepali Congress (kp) [This is true, but also for all the other political parties!!!], AISC fails to make headway on integration as NC, UML snub PM's proposal (nn), Govt-KJWP sign five-point deal (nn)

12/03/2012: Nembang for shortening statute writing process (kp) Parties to follow int'l norms in TRC bill (rep) [?????], Writ petition against case withdrawals (rep), Integration plan likely tokick start this weekend: PM calls Special Committee meeting on Tuesday (kp), Armed forces will seize power after May 27: Thapa (rep) [??? When will he be interrogated by police and handed over to a law court??], Leaders, parties have besieged me: PM (rep), Indecisive Talks And Urgency Of Time, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), Enacting revised 1990 constitution an option: Deuba (kp) [Unbelievable statement by a totally disqualified poltician!!!], Fear and loathing: Rather than looking forward to it, some are beginning to dread a new constitution, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), The constitution is not going to be drafted, interview with Devendra Raj Panday (kp)

11/03/2012: Political Dialogue Among Politicians In Nepal, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), Govt decides, apex court overrules, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Citizenship by descent: Govt decision may brew friction among state organs, say experts (kp), Stray socket bombs found in cantonment: PLA spokesman says IEDs might have been stored for fishing, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Maoists ‘don’t trust’ NA: Hence demand for top post in directorate, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Limited senior posts leaves commanders in dilemma, by Kiran Pun (rep), The real culprits, by Sugat Ratna Kansakar (rep), Communist Leaders Reek Of Money, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

10/03/2012: Chitwan leaders reject SRC report (rep), Maoist combatants shift as camp closure process gains momentum, by Mohan Budhauir (kp), Gajurel against inclusion of Madhesi youths in army (rep), Citizenship by descent : Govt-Morcha deal riles Oppn, hardliners (kp), NC to hold nationwide rallies (rep), No going back: Federalism in Nepal, by Biswas Baral (rep), Anti-federalism banda affects life in Far-West, by Chitranga Thapa (kp), Peace costs us more than war: Ex-PLAs; Say the conflict has benefited senior leaders (ht)

09/03/2012: The torment of Nepal's broken families (rep), Rights activists for TRC bill sans blanket amnesty (ht), Wanted: revisionists and reformists: There is only one thing wrong with that picture: Balkrishna Dhungel was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Ujjan Shrestha in Okhaldhunga in 1998 (nt), Murder convict lawmaker Dhungel says he will not go to jail under any circumstance (nn) [?????], Government decides to go for statute amendment: Oppn parties say decision unacceptable (kp), UCPN (M), Madhesi Front agree to amend constitution to change citizenship provisions; 3000 Madhesis to be recruited in NA (nn), Ruling parties agree to amend constitution, military law, by Gani Ansari (rep), Dahal proposes unity govt to Koirala (ht), Consensus govt unlikely soon: Dahal (rep), PLA camp merger starts at Shaktikhor, by Binod Tripathi (kp), PLA integration as agreed: Dahal (kp), ‘Madhesis won’t accept statute sans federalism’ (ht), Voices from the east: Some are demanding that Morang, Sunsari and Jhapa be made a state named Morang, by Deepak Chaudhary (kp), Lose-lose situation: Dividing Nepal into feuding feudal fiefdoms  is not the solution, devolving power is , by Bihari K. Shrestha (nt), Whose Madhes? The corrosive politics of hate gets all the headlines, but ordinary Madhesis just want jobs, by Rubeena Mahato (nt)

08/03/2012: Crucial UN report on Nepal conflict shelved: Rights body in Geneva awaits ‘right time’;  May release summary ‘soon’, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), ‘Don’t give blanket amnesty’ (ht), Germany against blanket amnesty (rep), Congress in east okays inclusive state structure (kp) [How is this inclusive?], NC regional meet suggests 7 states (rep), Form of government: Disaggregated executive, by Anuj Mishra (rep), Maoist hardliners want PM gone fast, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Gachhadar warns of withdrawing support to Bhattarai-led govt: Gives a month for progress on peace, statute (ht), Leadership yet to implement party decisions, interview with Khadga Bahadur Biswakarma, UCPN-M (rep), Three party meet deferred due to lack of internal discussions (nn), Dahal meets Koirala; says breakthrough likely in next round of three-party meeting (nn)

07/03/2012: Pla integration : NA’s integration proposal ‘clashes’ with Army Act (kp), 13 cantonments to be vacated by Thursday, by Kiran Pun (rep), Why successive meetings yield no result, by Post B. Basnet (rep), NC issues cautious warning, by Shankar Kharel (kp) [A multiethnic federal state causes less division than a unitary one that is totally dominated by one caste!!], NC won’t accept ethno federalism, says Koirala (ht), Doom and destiny, by Prakash Chandra Lohani (rep) [An article in defence of former putschist king Gyanendra Shah, the greatest danger to democracy in recent decades!], MJF-Ganatantrik presses hard for 4-pt agreement (kp), Uncertain federal project, by Prashant Jha (kp), Germany seeks conducive political climate to continue support to Nepal (nn)

06/03/2012: Human rights situation precarious: ICJ, HRW, AI (rep), Rights bodies decry blanket amnesty (kp), Parties in agreement on criminal case withdrawals, by Kiran Chapagain (rep) [All parties support crime and impunity! They are disqualified to represent the people on the way to a new Nepal!!], Justice elusive for rape, torture victims, by Janak Nepal (kp), 7 yrs and no ‘apology’ for murder, by Prem Nepali (kp), Orphaned by conflict, girl worries about studies, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp), Maoist brass softens stance; says peace process end first, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Disaster looming, warns UML, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML doubtful of peace, statute by May 27, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep) [It's your active responsibility as well!], MoD rues Army move on integration plan, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Form of governance: Choose wise, by Gauri Pradhan (rep), Taboo no more: Talk of Madhes seceding and merging with India doesn’t hold water, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp), Money for nothing: Role of foreign donors in promoting ethnic federalism in Nepal deserves scrutiny, by Prakash A. Raj (kp), Federalism based on caste, ethnicity will divide country, says NC prez Koirala (nn) [The current state is already based on a single caste, Mr Bahun!!], Chhetri Samaj announces talks panel (kp), Banda affects life in various districts (kp), Disqualified combatants' bandh hits life in eastern region for third consecutive day (nn)

05/03/2012: Big 3 parties take up transitional justice mechanisms (kp), Leaders likely to finalize TRC bill soon (rep), Maoists float options on TRC, disappearance bills, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Human rights violations: No justice, no peace, by Gyan Basnet (ht), NHRC inquires with govt about decision to withdraw court cases (nn), Oh, impunity!, by Mukesh Khanal (rep), ‘Don’t fumble with federalism’: Unitary statute unacceptable, says MJF-N Chairman Yadav, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), MJF-Loktantrik leadersdemand PP meeting (kp), War was not for ranks: Gajurel (kp), MPRF-D lawmakers' ultimatum to Gachchhadar (rep), Minister Datta aids illegal betel nut export to India, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep), Maoist mindset is that absolute state capture is impossible, interview with Minendra Rijal, Nepali Congress (kp), ‘Peace process’ confusing for many Indian leaders, by Mahesh Acharya (kp)

04/03/2012: Murder, Inc.: Criminals cannot be forgiven (rep), Security Council to forward revised National Security Policy to CC (nn), Maoist factions at odds over new deal: Baidya followers repeat calls for PM's resignation, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Differences over rank will not stall integration: PM (kp), Maoist stance softening: A shift from taking peace, statute ahead together (ht), Rank issue continues to snag three-party meet (rep), NC, UML reject Maoist proposal: Providing Brig Gen post will have negative impact on Nepali Army (ht) [How this? The NA committed even more crimes than the Moaist in times of insurgency!!], Opposition to Gachchhadar mounts in MPRF-D, by Gani Ansari (rep), Road to ruin: Cost of federalism, by Murari Sharma (rep) [There are other roads you should mention as well: endless corruption, power greed of 'leaders', veto politics in the name of conservative values, continued ethnic politics in the interests of a single caste, exclusion of the majority of the Nepali people, impunity, disinterest of politicians and parties in the needs of the country, etc.!], RJN bandh hits life in Dhaulagiri, Gandaki zones; eastern hilly districts also shut (nn), Terai-based armed outfit agrees to handover its weapons to govt (nn)

03/03/2012: Promises to keep, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Leaders fail to sell ideas, buy time: Put off CC meet till March 11 for consensus (ht), Govt drops criminal cases against 349, by Kiran Chapagain (rep) [Unbelievable impunity for fundamental crimes! The rule of law will never have a chance in Nepal!!], CC meet ends after just 15 mins (rep), US forces in 5 SAsian countries, including Nepal: Pentagon official (kp), US special forces stationed in Nepal: Govt intelligence, security agencies in dark, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht) [?????], US Embassy denies spl forces are in country (kp), No respite from explosions: Nine dead, 50 hurt in attacks in valley since Sept 1, 2006 (ht)

02/03/2012: Cong proposes blanket amnesty (kp) [??? Long live impunity!!!], PLA integration: Process as per seven-pt deal, 3 parties aver: Army ranks for fighters still a sticking point (kp), PAC probing work on Fast-Track, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Call for ensuring ethnic groups’ rights (kp), Dahal proposes brig gen for PLA: Cong, UML reject the idea; parties to hold talks again (ht), Farewell to arms: The peace process and constitution making cannot remain hostage to integration, by Ram Sharan Mahat (kp) [This is right, but you obviously only see responsibility on the Maoist side!!], CC meet deferred until March 11 after parties demand more time to thrash out differences (nn), Viability fallacies: Federations with less number of units have failed more frequently around the world, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Into the void: The lingering transition and un-negotiated political space are feeding into anarchist terror, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Again, three more months: Nepal's politics will be stormy in the coming months. The bottom line should be holding the ship of state steady (nt), Eastern districts hit by bandh demanding ‘Janjati’ status, reservations for Brahmins (nn) [In addition to the 50-95% of positions they already own??], Choice Of A Governance System: Scholars suggest, there are ways to reform system, rather than experimenting one system after another, by Surya Dhungel (sp), Called For Judging, by Yubaraj Ghimire (sp)

01/03/2012: 13 PLA cantonments to be closed down by March 10: NC, UML want quick progress on integration, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), 13 PLA cantonments to close down in 10 days: Special panel secretariat to begin work today, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Special Committee to close 13 cantonments (rep), Social agenda, by Shabda Gyanwali (rep), No to 'people's war', by Jainendra Jeevan (rep), Why were review petitions rejected, Supreme Court asks joint registrar (kp), Generalised precision: There are moderate voices on all sides of the federalism debate and it is these that need to be allowed to the fore, by Deepak Thapa (kp)

29/02/2012: NC, UML for urgent spl panel meet: Parties slam PM’s ‘reluctance’ to hold ‘real discussions’, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Bhadra Sharma (kp) UELFN prime suspect in Monday blast (rep), 500 police deployed for VVIP security, vital installations, by Shreejana Shrestha (rep), 4 Special Committee members demand PM call meeting (rep), Legitimacy crisis: The unease in the Madhes about the JP Gupta verdict reflects the region’s absence of faith in state institutions, by Prashant Jha (kp), Matter of fact: The International Criminal Court cannot and will not indict Nepalis for acts committed during the civil war, by Andrea Russell (kp)

28/02/2012: Relief for conflict victims still a far cry, by Binod Ghimire (kp), VDC offices yet to be reinstated, by Giru Prasad Bhandari (kp), Three killed as bomb goes off in heart of Kathmandu: Unidentified callers claim underground outfit hand; SJMM denies it; Cops find 'clues', by Manish Gautam and Roshan Sedhai (kp), Another whodunit, by Pranab Kharel and Ankit Adhikari (kp), Blast in heart of Capital kills three: Motive not clear; Govt rules out security lapse but says explosion shows threat’s only too real (ht),  Eyewitnesses share horrific experiences  ‘I returned from death’s door’ (ht), 3 killed in bomb blast at Babarmahal, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), From the blast scene, by Shreejana Shrestha (rep), Disqualified fighters warn of agitation (ht), Maoists to agitate for 'pro-people' statute (rep), Maoists trying to push peace process beyond May 27: Paudel (rep) [??], NC, UML ask PM to call AISC meeting (nn), Unarmed citizens: Labelling us as ‘people’s enemies’ seems to be part of a plan by Maoist bosses to instil fear in the broader civil society, by Kul Chandra Gautam, Subodh Raj Pyakurel and Kanak Mani Dixit (kp), Brothers in arms: In the federal debate, NC should consider the democratic struggles of Rais and Limbus, by Ram Chandra Pokhrel (kp), Rapti-Lumbini bandh paralyses life (nn)

27/02/2012: Despite reservations, Army chief’s proposal has institutional backing, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), PLA cantonments will go if brig gen rank given: Dahal (kp), Gupta conviction attack on Madhesi movement: UDMF, by Gani Ansari (rep) [No, it is only an overdue punishment of corrupt politicians!!], Gupta verdict against Madhes stir: Morcha (kp), Transitional hopes: Bhattarai’s image has taken a hit. Focusing on livelihood will help salvage it, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), Anti-federalism will lead to confrontation, interview with Raj Kumar Lekhi, NEFIN (kp), Three killed in blast outside NOC office; over half a dozen injured; underground outfit owns up responsibility (nn), Home Minister condemns NOC blast as 'cowardly act' (nn), NOC blast victims identified (nn)

26/02/2012: Let’s save ship from sinking: PM; Gachhadar threatens to pull out from govt (ht), PM ready for sacrifices for consensus govt (rep), MPRF-R mulls pulling out of govt, by Gani Ansari (rep), Calls for incentives rise; Maoists mull measures, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoist youth wing assured compensation (ht), Retired combatants mull joint ventures, by Kiran Pun (rep), Possibility of compromise on delineation of Madhesh state, interview with Upendra Yadav (rep), Big three decide to evacuate PLA cantonments within 3 weeks (nn)

25/02/2012: Demand for timely constitution: Lawyers hit streets; 150 held, freed (kp), Lawyers briefly held for protesting in no-go zone (ht), Dispute resolution: Three parties’ top guns share responsibilities (kp), Leaders split jobs to address pressing probs: Expect to hammer out a deal within a week; To give reasons today for stalled peace process (ht), Breakthrough in a week: Big 3 (rep) [Why not immediately? The people don't believe you any more!], Gear up for integration, CoAS tells his officers, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), PLA will get Brig Gen post, says Pun (ht), Federalism on ethnic lines will trigger disaster (ht) [The greatest disaster is the current unitary state based on ethnic lines!!], Action sought against CA members involved in crime (ht), Govt-JTMMP ink six point agreement (nn)

24/02/2012: Thorny issues forwarded to Big 3 chiefs (rep), Two to one: The parties should take the Army’s integration roadmap (kp), Special Committee asked to find way out of rank row (kp), NA should make 'concrete contribution' to conclude peace process: CoAS Gurung (nn), Banda affects life in East, Far-West (kp), JP Gupta stripped of CA membership (ht), Get on with it: What could be more 'anti-national' than holding the country's economy hostage?, by Paavan Mathema (nt)

23/02/2012: Statute drafting: Parties miss accord deadline (kp), NCP-Samyukta clarifies decision to withdraw support to govt (rep), Team Bhattarai to resist calls for PM’s resignation, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp) [Stop the endless call fro government change and concentrate on peace process and constititution!!], NA to discuss ‘road map’ with senior officials (kp), NC talks 6-state model with ethnic bodies (kp) [The alternatives are: 6 states to safeguard Bahunbad or a greater number of states to include ethnic diversity!!], Politics of paranoia: The brouhaha about ethnic states is either knee-jerk paranoia or hegemonic propaganda of those who fear true multiculturalism, heterogeneity and pluralism, by Pramod Mishra (kp), We’re inching closer to directly elected PM, interview with Narahari Avharya, NC (kp), Federalism in Nepal: Geo-physical compulsions, by Madan Kumar Dahal (ht), Eastern region, far west hit by strikes (nn), RPP-N enforces nationwide shut down of VDC offices demanding local bodies' election (nn)

22/02/2012: Tharus rise against bill on inclusion (ht), Murder of the decade: Maina Sunuwar’s case continues to symbolise an inability to break away from the reign of impunity, by Kopila Adhikari (kp) [Stop impunity once and for all! Bring all criminals from army, Maoists and political parties behind bars, including all those who have protected them in the past!!], Disqualified PLAs to enforce bandh (ht), NC, UML one against 'group-wise integration' (kp), Govt says sorry for D-Day snub (kp), Govt sorry for not observing Democracy Day (kp) [Why?], Apex court sends corrupt sitting minister to jail: JP Gupta pleads guilty, but says verdict ‘intended to sabotage’ struggle for Madhesi rights, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Minister Gupta convicted for graft: First incumbent Cabinet member to be jailed; Gets 18-month term, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Madhesi leader who switched many parties (ht), JP Gupta jailed for graft, fined Rs 8.4m, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), MPRF-R laments SC verdict on Gupta, by Gani Ansari (rep), Corruption convict Gupta suspended from party (nn), Spl Court judge who acquitted Gupta was mired in controversy, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Special Court judges who acquitted Gupta set to face action (nn), Restive Madhesh: The coming avalanche, by Daulat Jha (rep), State fragility syndrome: For strengthening response system, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht)

21/02/2012: Top leaders busy in parleys; seek to strike a ‘broader agreement’, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), Women, maimed PLA fighters to get aid package: Oppn parties reject ‘unilateral’ plan, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Kids stopping women fighters from joining Army, by Amrita Anamol (kp), Subcommittee descends into squabbles, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Govt, opposition clash over NA’s integration proposal (kp), Flaws in army plan are legion, say oppn parties: Accuse govt of trying to drag NA into controversy; Pun asks NC,UML to stop kicking up a storm (ht), PM gives integration proposal to Special Committee members (rep), Baidya faction YCL gives party 48-hr ultimatum (rep), First integration, then statute: Nepal; Says no constitution drafting till a deal on modality, by Arjun Bhandari (ht) [???], Acid test, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (rep), Transparent money: Growing levels of corruption, criminalisation of politics, widespread impunity and decreasing accountability shows us the importance of controlling money in politics, by Seira Tamang (kp), Territorial tension: Contending claims over proposed ethnic states reduce the chances of a new constitution, by Tika P. Dhakal (kp) [You forget that Nepal, so far, has been the ethnic state of the Bahuns and Chhetris! Territorial tension originated in the Gorkha conquest some 240 years ago!]

20/02/2012: Key leaders dwell on system of governance, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Decent suggestions: The parties should take Army proposal in spirit of appreciation (kp), Honorary ranks for PLA fighters a sticking point, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Dahal seeks parties' flexibility on integration (rep), AISC members engage in blame game over NA's integration proposal (nn), Dahal, Nepal talk turkey on peace, statute, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), NC, UML criticize govt for not marking Democracy Day (rep) [This day has always been a farce! It marked the beginning of restoration of absolute monarchy by Tribhuvan that was later concluded by Mahendra!], Democracy Day passes without official function: Oppn parties slam ‘undemocratic’ govt (kp), Fight Maoists for seized properties: Koirala, by Dilip Paudel (rep), Ethnic federalism: Designed to destroy, by Chhering Yonzon (rep) [see part 2, 29/02/2012], Rights violation cases‘fell sharply’ in 2011 (kp) [see English summary of INSEC report], 3,039 rights violation cases in 2011: INSEC (ht), Cultures gone wild: The political culture today is profoundly influenced by the Rana regime, by Puranjan Acharya (kp), PM stalling peace process to stay in power, interview with Gopal Man Shrestha, NC (kp) [Partly stupid arguments that ignore the destructive role of veto forces like the NC!!], Acharya rules out statute by May 27 (ht)

19/02/2012: Blocking Roads And Parliamentary Sessions, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), Peace ministry for life-long support for disabled PLA, by Kiran Pun (rep), NA confirms its ‘flexible’ stand: But reiterates its previous position on ranks (kp), Army refutes media reports on its proposal (ht), Major is top rank for Maoists, no group integration (rep), UCPN Maoist not to step back from demand of Brigadier General (nn), Maoist PLA combatants holding informal discussion regarding integration in Nepal Army (nn), Khas Kshetris warn of agitation (ht)

18/02/2012: Kin of conflict-era disappeared demand justice: Urge govt to make public whereabouts of the missing, form probe panels (ht), In abeyance, by Kopila Adhikari (rep), Experts seek statute: Say federal matters can wait (ht), Integration intricacies at last stage (ht), NA says its ‘briefing’ on integration was done as per Defence Ministry's direction; says combatants won’t get posts senior to Major (nn), Maoist chairman hits back at oppn parties over their reaction to NA's integration proposal (nn), Govt mulls special package for injured, disabled and female combatants with new born babies (nn), EC to parties: File facts or lose listing: Eighteen political parties have been given a week’s time, by Bhadra Sharma (kp) [The data provided by the NC looks extremely irrational or the party is not as important as it claims to be!], Circular issued due to Morcha’s pressure: DPM (kp), Citizenship circular under UDMF pressure: DPM (ht), CPN-UML obstructs House (kp) [???], UML obstructs House over killing of three of its cadres (ht), Gajurel threatens to obstruct parliament (kp) [???], In ‘temporary’ move, FATF spares Nepal (kp)

17/02/2012: Statute deadline looms: Speaker for constitution amendment (kp), Forms of governance talks in two days, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Accountability sought for war-era abuses (ht), Integration to begin by mid-March: Disputes on rank determination, training to be settled by the end of February (ht), Army’s new proposal raises opposition parties’ eyebrows: Different theories in circulation about its origin (kp), President Yadav meets Army chief Gurung (nn), Rs 10,000 pay for disabled fighters (kp), CA members from eastern region demand single province (nn), Supreme Court stays decision on citizenship, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Something’s not right: Caste bias persists due to our mindset and values and flaws within the Dalit movement, by Prawash Gautam (kp), Why was I singled out: JP Gupta: Tells Prez to question those who alienated Madhesis (ht)

16/02/2012: Prez prods parties on SRC report: Leaders get an earful for not owning up commission’s recommendations (ht), Federal service: UML has done well for being first to endorse a federal model (kp), PLA integration: Nepal Army gets more flexible, by Phanindra Dahal and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp) Integration in 15 days: Dahal tells president (rep), Maoists float ex-PLA outfit, by Kiran Pun (rep), Politics of 'others', by Jainendra Jeevan (rep) [Once again an article by this author that turns Nepal's political and social reality upside down in defence of traditional Tagadhari politics! It is not correct to group the latter as 'others'; you cannot name the groups that dominate all spheres of public life as 'others'. Bahuns and Chhetris should be called separate ethnic groups as well. But the reality still remains: Excluded are the Janajatis, Madhesi, Dalits and women in general, not the 'others'!!], A bad name: Stirring of resistance against the idea of inclusion, being strongly articulated at present, is driven mainly by the “There are poor Bahuns, too” argument, by Deepak Thapa (kp) [Read this, Mr Jeevan!], Govt makes last-ditch effort to avoid being blacklisted by FATF: President urges top party leaders to spring into action, by Mukul Humagain (kp), Nepal buys time to foil FATF fury on dirty money: Include key offences in Extradition Bill: NC (ht), Appropriate form of governance: The confusion continues, by Sandesh Shrestha (ht)

15/02/2012: One nation, many tongues: Language rights for all is a pertinent topic for discussion in our Constituent Assembly, by Gopal Sijapati Magar (kp), In bid to strike accord, UML comes up with two federal set-up models (kp), UML proposes 8-province, 12-province models, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), PLA commanders discuss army integration with Maoist top brass; NA chief's proposal draws ‘positive’ reaction (nn), Citizenship by descent: Explain legality, Supreme Court tells government (kp), Citizenship row blown out of proportion, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Citizenship furor (rep), CC meet deferred till Friday (nn), Bill on inclusion has Madhesi bias: Cabinet to table it soon despite criticism from opposition, by Prakash Acharya (ht)

14/02/2012: CC subcommitee to meet regularly (rep), People, not SC, will decide CA's fate: Dahal (rep) [???], Dahal threatens revolt if ’90 constitution revived (ht), I should not quitmidway, says PM, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp), Maoist boss cites ‘plots’, asks cadres to prepare for a revolt, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Purists and revisionists: Maoist rhetoric of ‘People’s War’ is telling of the party’s fissure (kp), Lawmakers demand Gupta resign: JP says non-Madhesi parties profiling him (kp), Underground outfits ‘eager’ for dialogue, by Lilabalav Ghimire (kp), Minority report: Economic criteria should be primary basis for state restructuring if we want to get the maximum benefits from a federal structure, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp)

13/02/2012: Counterrevolution’s mantra: The opposition to “ethnic” politics is hypocritical because the ruling elite does not see itself as an ethnic group, by Gyanu Adhikari (kp), Non-territorial federalism an imported conspiracy, interview with Khadga Bahadur Bishwakarma (kp), Chhetris seek ‘indigenous’ status in fed set-up (kp), Be prepared to quit, Dahal tells Bhattarai, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Special Committee to close 14 PLA camps: Remaining combatants to be relocated to 7 main, satellite cantonments, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), 14 cantonments to be closed (rep), Retiring PLA demand financial transparency (rep), Prez gnaws at Gupta remark (kp), Opposition demands Gupta's resignation (rep), Citizenship by Descent: Govt move challenged in apex court (kp), Constitutional calls: Party affiliations aren’t the best benchmarks for appointments (kp)

12/02/2012: Blocking Roads And Parliamentary Sessions, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), Time to form unity govt, PM tells other parties: Says there has been marked progress on peace (kp), Talks on unity govt gain pace, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Now, retiring PLA ‘moms’ up in arms, by Chetan Adhikari and Mohan Bushair (kp), Disabled ex-combatants threaten protest, by Kamal Thapa (rep), Putting the record straight: UN support to the Verified Minors and Late Recruits from the Maoist cantonments, by Robert Piper (kp), Constitutional appointments likely in a week: Lokman Singh Karki is Maoist, Madhesi favourite for CIAA chief, by Bhadra Sharma (kp)

11/02/2012: Information classification move: Government backtracks (kp), Govt change hubbub rocks Maoist meeting (kp), In UML meet, Khanal seeks Bhattarai ouster (kp) [Yes, please concentrate on continuous government ousting, not on peace and constitution! This is the best for Nepal!!], Swiss HR watchdog wants war-era abuses probed promptly (kp)

10/02/2012: Controversy over conflict-era property deals: PM ‘scraps’ decision; House back to business, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), House moves ahead after govt backtracks: Cabinet forced to rescind Jan 12 decision (ht), PM revokes decision on land deals, House resumes, by Thiras L. Bhusal (rep), Maoist hardliners seek Bhattarai’s resignation (ht), Baidya faction demands PM's resignation, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Maoist chairman downplays fresh dispute in party; says there is no immediate threat to govt (nn), Army gets govt letter to begin integration (kp), Retiring combatants worried about future, by Amar Khadka (rep), Only fighters can cash cheques: Special panel (kp), Special panel to ask banks to put PLA cheques on hold (ht), 30 complaints at secretariat against commanders (rep), Cops secure bank for fighters (ht), Thapa’s House talk silences Maoists (kp), NC leaders for talking federalism with other parties, ethnic groups (rep) [Wow, more than five years after Nepal has been declared a federal republic!!], Polls if no statute: Koirala (kp) [New elections would be absolutely useless because it will be the same incompetent and power greedy politicians that will stay for elections! It is time that Nepal gets rid of her current so-called leaders!], NC cadres enforce Kailali bandh (nn), A gathering storm: Kathmandu is choosing not to see another gathering storm over the Madhes, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Opportunity cost: Anyone deliberately out to destroy this country and sabotage the economy couldn't have done a better job than successive governments after 2008 (nt), "Back to square one?", interview with Yash Ghai and Jill Cottrell (nt), SRC Report Win-Win Document, by Madan Pariyar (sp), Sherpas Can Sustain Their Own States Too, by Lucky Sherpa (sp), Is Fascism Loktantra’s denouement? by Dipak Gyawali (sp), "Another Breakthrough Soon", interview with PM Baburam Bhattarai (sp)

09/02/2012: State restructuring: Parties at a loss how to handle recommendations (kp), 7 NC lawmakers demand single far-west state (kp), CA regulations amendment draft panel at odds (rep), Maoists assure opposition parties of a ‘compromise’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Property-transaction move to be rolled back (ht), Govt likely to revoke land transaction decision today, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Maoist-led govt craftily decides not to implement controversial decision for now to avert opposition backlash (nn), House resumes after PM Bhattarai announces revocation of controversial cabinet decision (nn), Baidya faction demands PM’s resignation for revoking cabinet decision (nn), Combating discontent: The Maoist party should use its resources to calm combatants (kp), Retired fighters made to sign blank cheques: Commanders filling them and withdrawing money from Agriculture Development Bank, by Kumar Luintel and Min K. Dahal (ht), Female PLA retirees seek more funds: Come down heavily on commanders for not keeping their promise (ht 09/02/2012), Combatants suspect misuse of Rs 3 billion from 'PLA fund', by Kiran Pun (rep), Tensions in PLA cantonments: 63 checks seized in Ilam (rep),by Amar Khadka (rep), YCL withdraws protests after 4-pt deal with Maoist leaders, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Political party financing: Whither transparency?, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep)

08/02/2012: Injured combatants rue party ‘apathy’, by Binod Tripathi (kp), Tension in all seven cantonments, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), ‘PLA cheque snatching was agreed to before’ (ht), Retiring Maoist combatants down in the dumps, by Kumar Luintel and Chintamani Poudel (ht), Combatant runs to police to save her money, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep), Maoist party to give cash incentives to YCL cadres: Party leaders fret about financial liability, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Party to pay YCL on par with PLAs: Cadres withdraw agitation in far west (ht), Maoists to provide cash relief to YCL members, by Kiran Pun (rep), Beleaguered UCPN (M) (rep), Appointments in constitutional bodies delayed: Top bureaucrats in running, prime minister yet to call for shortlisting, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), ‘Madhes could cut off ties with state’ (ht)

07/02/2012: SRC reports undermine far-west's unity: Leaders, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep) [In other words: You once again want to deny the rights and interests of the Tharu??], CIAA probe confirms massive deforestation in Far-West, by Bhadra Sharma (kp) [Yes, it's a really functioning region!!], Submit report today, CA panel told: Committee members, coordinator don’t agree on four main issues (ht), Now, YCL members seek their share, by Ganesh Chaudhary (kp), YCL rises against mother party in west: Cadres say they are the real combatants (ht), YCL men lock Maoist offices in west Nepal, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep), Pocketing fighters’ cash ‘party policy’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoists flayed for ‘pocketing’ fighters’ cash (kp), Cheque in, cheque out: PLA commanders take away fighters’ money as they get it (ht), Combatants' paychecks not snatched: PLA chief (rep), Maimed fighters voice grievances (ht), Combatants hit by departure blues: Many feel party leadershiptook them for a cruel ride (ht), Cheque seizure party’s internal matter, says PLA chief Pun (ht) [Sorry, but  is not an internal matter but blattant crime!], U.S. welcomes former combatants discarding uniform to rejoin society; announces Rs 155 m to facilitate army integration (nn), Oppn fury as PM ‘asks’ Army to begin integration process, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), NC, UML issue 7-day ultimatum to govt (rep), Dixit, Pyakurel, Gautam demand PM's view on Lalrakshyak threat (rep), Over 100,000 to get citizenship, by Gani Ansari (rep), People, politics and economy: Hard to digest, by Arun Kr. Shrivastav (rep), Dangers of federalism: Suitors for daughters, by Murari Sharma (rep), The federalist controversy: Despite much acrimony, there is ample ground for negotiation and compromise between the views of the two SRC factions, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), The future of sovereignty: The nature of Nepal’s federation will define and determine the future of Nepal’s independence, by Ranadhoj Limbu-Angbuhang (kp)

06/02/2012: Non-territorial province comes under Dalit fire (ht), Big III fail to find ways to clear House obstruction (ht), Big 3 talks yield no result (rep), A fresh start: Close oversight will keep ex-PLAs from going astray (kp), Disqualified fighters go berserk in Surkhet, by Motilal Poudel (kp), Disqualified combatants disrupt retirement process in Surkhet (rep), Maoist party ‘seeks’ fighters’ cash: Many combatants complain commanders snatched cheques, I-cards, by Bechu Gaud and Motilal Poudel (kp), PLA vows probe into allegations of check seizure (rep), NC tells Maoists peace its priority, not govt (kp) [? So far, they have talked the opposite!!], Time has come for NC to be at helm, says Koirala (ht) [Yes, this is what you always talk about! Not about peace and constitution!!], SC stays govt bid to deny access to info (ht), Disquiet at margins, by C.K. Lal (rep), Just politicians after all: Citizens and civil society allow the political class to misbehave, by Rajju Malla Dhakal (kp)

05/02/2012: State remaking: Key institutions under central govt suggested (kp), Maoists ‘positive’ on SRC report: Except for reservations on certain issues (ht), SRC provisions conflicting: Maoists (kp), Far west rises against SRC reports (ht), Parties to talk stalemate out (kp), Big III under pressure to build consensus, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), Big three to step up efforts for consensus (rep), Three party meet makes no headway as parties stick to their position (nn), CC meeting inconclusive (nn), Farewell process for PLA fighters begins in all seven cantonments (ht), Combatants discuss future plans as they shed camouflage uniforms (ht), Couples see a promising life ahead (ht), Combatants’ demands mar farewell process (kp), Rank dispute snags checks handover (rep), Combatants elated they’ll soon be home, by Chetan Adhikari (kp), Combatants-turned-YCL rue their lot, by Kiran Pun (rep), Pick me up, by Post B. Basnet (rep)

04/02/2012: No preferential political rights at provincial level: SRC (rep) [And Bahunbad has to be abolished at the centre and in the political parties immediately!!], Protest against SRC report: Demonstration before CA seeking single state in far-west (ht), Madhesis reject SRC reports (ht), Peace progresses as combatants go home, by Binod Tripathi and Bechu Gaud (kp), Voluntary retirement begins after hiccups (rep), Voluntary retirement likely to give lifeline to peace, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Our sacrifices being counted in money, rue combatants, by Dipendra Baduwal (kp), Discharge of combatants starts with distribution of pay cheques (nn), CC dwells on name of new statute, pluralism (ht), Parties working behind scenes on broad deal, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC claim to head new govt 'justifiable': Dahal, by Ajit Tiwari and Khila Nath Dhakal (rep) [Why? They don't have any politician qualified to be PM!!], Congress may lead next govt: Dahal (kp), Dahal now talks peace, later revolt: Speaks of both to suit the occasion (ht)

03/02/2012: Document sparks serious debates, by Bhadra Sharam (kp), Recommendation fails to please Madhes parties (kp), PM hands over SRC report to Speaker: Feb 12 new dispute resolution deadline (kp), PM hands in SRC report to CA chair (rep), PM to direct NA to begin integration process pronto (kp), I've directed Army for integration: PM (rep), Fighter farewell begins ‘today’, by Binod Tripathi (kp), Checks and Balances: A closer look at how states have chosen their forms of governance reveals their systems rising more from circumstance-driven evolutions, by Tika P. Dhakal (kp)

02/02/2012: PM to hand SRC report to CA chairman today (kp), PM to hand SRC report to CA chair today (ht), How majority, minority reports differ (kp), SRC members openly trade accusations (rep), SRC report draws Tharuwan flak (ht), SRC report anti-Madhes: MJF (nn), Carved in stone: Federal states should be carved keeping long-term in mind (kp), Can CC really do it in 2 weeks?, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), House stalled seventh time (ht), Dahal, Koirala mull endto political obstruction (ht), Dahal urges Koirala to let House resume its business (rep), Salary and ration for retiring combatants to stop from Feb 13 (rep), Bhattarai faction prepares to bolster hold on party, by Kiran Pun (rep), Action Plan On Good Governance and Economic Development: Rhetoric Or Reality?, by Kanhaiya Mathema (rn), Government’s Ambitious Action Plans: Implementation A Far Cry, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), On 2nd stay order, FNJ withdraws stir (kp)

01/02/2012: SRC fails to offer a way out: Submits two different reports amid friction, protest, by Bhadra Sharma and Pranab Kharel (kp), SRC majority report for 11 states (rep), SRC recommends 11 federal states for Nepal (rn), SRC report (rep), Same old differences: The State Restructuring Commission’s report hasn’t delivered grounds for further consensus on federalism and related issues, by Bidushi Dhundel (kp) [A Bahuni support for the minority suggestions! The proposed 6 provinces offer not positive future to the so far excluded majority of Nepal's society!], SRC members divided over five key issues, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), India to give NA copters: Indian Army chief coming to sign a deal, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), India, China rivalry over security aid worries lawmakers, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Wrong focus: While the country concentrates on statute, even basic human needs are being ignored, by Arun Gupto (rep), RTI Revision Invites New Trouble, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), PM pledges to revise information classification (kp), SC nixes govt move, again: Argues balance of convenience; Decision after final hearing, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Cabinet overrides apex court, by Prakash Acharya (ht)

31/01/2012: Divided SRC members agree to submit single final report: Minority group complains of being sidelined (kp) [The latter is normal for democratic procedures! The traditionally ruling minority must accept that it is going to loose its unjustified dominance under the new setup!!], Dispute resolution body's status questioned, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), ‘Maoists open to another party-led govt’ (kp), Alternative arrangement for withdraw of cabinet's land decision: Dahal, by Sher Bahadur K.C., Party set for people’s: revolt, warns Dahal (ht), Discharge of retiring fighters ‘from Friday’, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), PLA brass mulls new chain of command, by Kiran Pun (rep), The right to dissent: Public protests are a democratic and human right (kp), Get back to work: The parties should be pressurised to finish the peace process and write the constitution, by Jeetendra Dev (kp) [This is the urging task of civil society!], Presidential system: Can we ignore inclusive and proportional characters of the post?, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht)

30/01/2012: No blanket amnestyfor rights violators, suggests Tayler (ht), Dissenting SRC members to make their position public (rep), SRC Betrays The Hope (rn), Parliament disruption on (kp), Cabinet nod to war-era land deals: Govt asked not to backtrack (kp), Excuse for all times (ht), House now asks SC for CA term verdict review (kp), Statute issues: CC seeks extension of accord deadline (kp), Right to information (kp), Farewell for combatants: Cooperate: Dahal tells fighters; Commanders seek tax exemption in cash package, by Phanindra Dahal and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Combatants await 'uncertain' retirement, by Kiran Pun (rep), PLA brass won't cooperate with voluntary retirement, by Kiran Pun (rep), Voluntary retirements delayed by a day (rep), Govt's clarification on nomination (rep) [Yes, the nomination of 75% Bahuns as political nominees is indeed fully inclusive!! This is not the way towards a new Nepal!], Face challenges or resign, by Prakash Chandra Lohani (rep), ICC, Blanket Amnesty And Unjust Peace, by Gyan Basnet (rn), Priority rights are totally undemocratic and unacceptable, interview with Ramesh Lekhak, Nepali Congress (kp), That’s one bad idea, by Semanta Dahal (kp)

29/01/2012: Parties fail to keep word: Agree to revise CA calendar again (kp), Parties miss revised CA work plan deadline: No consensus on contentious issues even in three weeks; Setback for statute-making process, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), More time sought for consensus: Leaders want 20 days now (ht) [They do not want consensus, only power fights! Even 20 years would not be enough!!], Big 3 do it again, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), CC agrees to amend constitution drafting calendar; sets Feb 12 deadline to settle disputes (nn), Opposition parties obstruct House proceeding for 6th consecutive time (nn), Peace process independent of statute work, interview with PM Baburam Bhattarai (rep), Dialogue Of Nepalese Leaders, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), NC and UML should join government (rn), interview with Daman Nath Dhungana, Ethnic federalization in Nepal: Divide et impera, by Stephan Mikesell (rep), All the king's men, by Anand Jha (rep), Time To Go For An Executive President, by Nanda Lal Tiwari (rn), Madeshis’ recruitment to army: Govt replies to SC stay order; Minister defends Cabinet decision, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Armed Tarai group ready for dialogue, by J. Pandey (kp), PLA division chiefs tell Dahal to put combatants' discharge process on hold until agreement on rank determination (nn)

28/01/2012: SRC report fate hangs in balance: NC, UML threaten to disown it, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Bhadra Sharma (kp) [Once again, the minorities of NC and UML want to have their way! Basta!], Statute drafting in serious crisis (rep), 50/50 chance of new statute: Dahal, by Kiran Pun (rep), CC Chair Acharya calls all-party meet (rep), Review ruling, govt asks SC again, by Pranab Kharel (kp), PM moves courtagain over rejection order, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Farewell process to begin in 3 days (kp), Retiring fighters to head home from Tuesday, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), Maoists may halt peace progress until Feb 13, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp) [??]

27/01/2012: Govt extends SRC’s term (nn), House proceedings obstructed for fifth consecutive time over controversial land decision (nn), Land deals legalization decision: Govt decision strains parties-Maoist relations further (rep), Dahal against scrapping decision (kp), One step forward, two steps back: Pushpa Kamal Dahal is both the problem and the solution to the deadlocked peace and constitution process (nt), Govt gets more case withdrawal requests, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp) [No government has the right to grant amnesty and impunity to criminals!!], ‘Land Office’s authority encroached’: Lawyers warn of serious tyranny; Govt says move aims to ease land deals (ht), Dahal induces NC, UML to topple Bhattarai govt, by Post B. Basnet (rep) [???], Decision on farewell process ‘today’ (kp), Govt brings in another good governance plan, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), Govt brings programs for good governance, by Gani Ansari (rep), Bhattarai unveils ambitious dev plan: Plans to attract $1 billion in FDI, create 677,000 new jobs, by Mukul Humagain (kp), Government aims to generate 677,000 new jobs in six months, by Prithvi Man Shrestha and Ramesh Shrestha (kp), PM prescribespills for all economic ills: Promises what he calls ‘a great leap forward’ (ht), Govt unveils IAP for Economic Development and Prosperity (rep), Street drama: Youth groups shut down the country to protest a fuel price rise announced by their parent parties in government, by Anurag Acharya (nt), The way it’s done in Germany: The opposition should also be given power so that it can influence government policy, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), Good system, bad system: A good system depends on how the checks and balances and separation of powers prevail, by Mainy Dhital (kp), CA Does Need Time To Write Constitution, by Abhishesk Adhikarti (sp), “Parliamentary Parties Posing Hurdles To Peace”, by Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma (sp), Illusionism of Optics, by K. Uprety (sp)

26/01/2012: SRC members try to woo chairman (kp), Pile of stones: Parties’ lack of discipline poses a major threat to democracy (kp), PM says Dahal wavering in his support to govt, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UCPN-M, UDMF vow to keep alliance firm: Decide to be flexible to address opposition concerns to give impetus to stalled peace process (ht), Oppn parties continue to obstruct House over controversial cabinet decision (nn), Three-party meeting inconclusive after UCPN (M) refuses to revoke controversial decision to legalise war-time land transactions (nn), Peace, statute only after oppressed groups empowered: Maoist gen secy Thapa (nn), Banda cripples life; peaceful, say police (kp) [No bandh is peaceful since it violates the fundamental individual freedom rights!!], Vandalism undermines students’ stir (ht) [This is the reality of every Bandh!], Not in tune (ht), Right to information: Open up, by Simone Galimberti (rep), Final reflections: Frequent setbacks in the peace process is frustrating, but they are necessary to move ahead, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp), Free hand but no iron fist: A form with directly elected prime minister and ceremonial president could be an effective compromise, by Pramod Mishra (kp)

25/01/2012: Farewell to combatants ‘in a week’ (kp), Oppn parties want integration, farewell to go simultaneously (kp), Qar-era property decision: Govt ready to hold dialogue, says PM (kp), Govt inaffective as party played dual role: PM, by Kiran Pun (rep), Government's relief program a fiasco, by Kiran Chapagain (rep), Maoist paper focuses on revolt too (kp), UML not in favour of ethno-based states (ht), We have overcome: The Madhes Movement of 2007 dismantled the traditional concept of Nepali nationalism, by Deepak Chaudhary (kp), Guardian of justice: The Supreme Court must quickly extricate itself from the quicksand of politics, by Gyan Basnet (kp), Students' bandh ends at 5 pm (nn), Valley bandh affects CC meeting (nn), Students enforce bandh in Arghakhanchi, Dang and Pyuthan too (nn)

24/01/2012: SRC hits priority rights obstacle: Parties agree to extend panel term; States to choose names themselves (kp), SRC seeks a week more (rep), NC, UML set terms for nat’l consensus govt formation: Want govt to take back war-era property decision (kp), Cong, UML say govt move will be PM’s nemesis, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Undo land deal legalization for further talks: NC, UML (rep), Breakthrough next week: PM (rep), State structure and govt form: Off the mark, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (rep), Management Of Maoist Combatants And Peace Process, by Raj Kumar Siwakoti (rn), HRW raps govts, political parties: World Report says no government since 2006 showed will to tackle human rights issues (kp) [see HRW world report 2012, Nepal chapter see pp. 347-355], HRW report reveals ugly side of Nepal: No progress on liability for killings, disappearances; Govt failed to uphold and protect human rights (ht), 'Nepal backsliding on human rights' (nn), Here’s to El Presidente: A presidential system has higher chances of success in Nepal for three reasons, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp)

23/01/2012: Parties may not unlock statute deadlock timely (kp), Unwilling to budge: Political obstinacy practiced by parties is a dangerous trend (kp), Has reservations on military training decision: Dahal uncertain on settled issues (ht), Dahal backs radicals at Constitutional Committee, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), War-era property deals: Oppn parties threaten ‘serious confrontation’ (kp), Parties reject PM's proposal, obstruct House (rep), Amid oppn disruption, govt also ‘boycotts’ House: State ministers were supposed to attend Sunday’s session: Minister, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Parliament adjourned till Thursday: Prime minister accused of disobeying Speaker ruling on House address (ht), Maoist chief swears by ethnicity-based states (ht, More Madhesi leaders to visit Delhi (kp), Five years on, by C.K. Lal (rep), Rights For Few, Wrongs For Many, by G. K. Pakavath (rn), Fourth time still unlucky: The question of democratic consolidation must be resolved by national experience, not the virtues or vices of particular forms of governance, by Tika P. Dhakal (kp), Any unitary cultural and ethnic state in Nepal is not possible, interview with Krishna Khanal (kp)

22/01/2012: Indigenous leaders warn of bloodshed (ht), Dahal calls for new ‘broad’ agreement: Bats for unity govt to end stalemate, by Bhadra Sharma and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Taskforce head denies deal on governance model (rep), Spl panel suggests vacating 14 satellite cantonments: Maoist representatives oppose proposal, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Start and stop (rep), NC, UML want land deals legalization revoked (rep), PM defends govt decision to legalise insurgency era land transactions (nn), PM assures opposition parties legalisation of conflict-era land transactions will not be enforced immediately (nn), Opposition set to disrupt House session again protesting legalization of wartime transactions (nn), Koirala dares Maoists to rebel again (ht), Maoists can return to jungle if unwilling for peace: Koirala (rep) [And they should take the NC, UML and all the other parties with them if they are unwilling for fundamental reforms and a progressive constitution!!], Cong, UML plotting against Madhes empowerment: Gupta (ht), Dysfunctional government: Only in Nepal, by Ramesh Khatry (rep), Police taskforce prepares blueprint for federal set-up, by Pranab Kharel (kp)

21/01/2012: SRC to submit report on time (rep), Indigenous groups demand autonomy, by Rohit Rai (rep), 17 parties mull change of guard: Congress, UML proposal not clear if Bhattarai will be replaced, by Bhadra Sharma and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Seventeen parties obstruct House (rep), Oppn ramps up pressure on govt, UCPN-Maoist: Fears collapse of peace,statute-writing process; Obstructs House session seeking clear position (ht), NC won't be bothered if Maoists return to jungle: Sushil (nn) [??? He must be insane!!], Madhesi leaders divided over land deal legalization decision, by Gani Ansari (rep), Govt, ATMM ink six-point pact, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep)

20/01/2012: PM, speaker discuss ways to resume obstructed House (nn), Oppn parties obstruct House over legalisation of seized lands (nn), Supreme Court stays move to legalise war-era property deals (kp), Apex court stays govt decision: Asks authorities to appear before bench on Jan 25 for hearing, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Maoists ‘endorsed’ 12,000 land dealings, by Janak Nepal (kp), Maoist internal rift stalls peace, statute writing, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Opposition wants Dahal to rein in Maoist lawmakers (kp), Outside pressure forced Maoists to unite: Revolt is people’s ultimate right: Dahal, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Compromise on peace, constitution a mistake: Dahal, by Post B. Basnet and Kiran Pun (rep), Gear up for local polls, House panel tells govt (kp), House panel directs govt to hold local elections, by Gani Ansari (rep), Tipping point: Forming a government of national unity may be just the right opportunity to bring in clean technocrats (nt), Structure and stability: Globally the presidential system has encountered more major crises than the parliamentary system, by Mahendra Lawoti (kp), No citizenship in mom’s name: DAO, by Laxmi Maharjan (ht), More relief for war hit (ht)

19/01/2012: NC, UML team up against govt’s plan to legalise war-time property deals as SC issues stay order on it (nn), NC mulls an ‘improved’ parliamentary system, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), NC leaders say no to presidential system, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), CC makes no headway as Maoist hardliners insist on compulsory military training (nn) [???], Inclusive bill may face PSC oppn: ‘Bahuns, Chhetris cannot be categorised as others’ (kp), Exclusion illusions, by Jainendra Jeevan (rep) [An article against all statistical, historical, political, social and economic facts!! Long live Bahunbad!], Rhythms of governance: If peace is a pre-requisite for progress, one would argue that a parliamentary system is best suited for Nepal, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Relaxing the noose: The state-society bond should be loosened to quell growing frustrations among the citizenry, by Mukesh Khanal (kp), Dalits seek three states (ht), A Question Of Judicial Self-Indulgence, by Gyan Basnet (rn)

18/01/2012: ‘Stand up for your rights’ (ht), CC finalizes name of parliament (rep), Oppn slams legalisation of war-era land dealings (kp), Congress, UML obstruct House over govt move: Boycott meeting called by PM (ht), NC, UML dead against legalizing conflict-era property deals (rep), Patch Up In Maoists: Win Win For Feuding Sides, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), People and politicos, by Arun Gupto (rep), Political baggage: Criminalisation of politics is an inherited culture that needs to end (kp), Crime and Politics (ht), All thunder and no rain: The socio-economic change promised by the People’s Movement has not happened, by Prem Dangal (kp) [Please ask the conservative forces, like the NC and parts of the UML, why they do everything to prevent such necessary changes at any cost!!], Debating governance system: Focus on underlying issues, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht)

17/01/2012: CC approves name of legislature body (nn), Maoists plan to ask parties to put thorny issues to vote in Assembly, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Peace process to take a month more: Coalition pledges to ready draft constitution within four months (ht), Maoists Should End Rift For Peace, Constitution (rn), How long will Dahal-Baidya reconciliation last?, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Dahal seeks unity govt in place ‘pronto’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), NC, Maoist chiefs push for unity govt: Big Three, UDMF meeting on cards (ht), Dahal asks NC to join govt (rep), PM, Dahal assure Madhesi leaders on peace process (rep), NC, UML leaders walk out of meeting called by PM (nn), Govt allocates Rs 1.97 b for Maoist combatants opting voluntary retirement; appoints 10 ambassadors (nn), Ten years of Muktinath Adhikari's killing: What about us, by Suman Adhikari (rep), Still A Lot Of Difficulties, by Shyam K.C. (rn), Contemporary history shows blanket amnesty has failed, interview with Franois Zimeray, French Ambassador for Human Rights (kp)

16/01/2012: Maoist boss, Baidya meet halfway to mend fences: Hardline camp decides to support peace efforts; Dahal to consult Baidya faction in all major decisions, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoist CC ends on positive note: Party decides to stand united for peace and constitution (ht), Maoists to mobilize masses for 'people's constitution' (rep), UML youth wing threatens stir (kp), Stick to popularly-elected PM model: YAN tells UML, by Raju Adhikari (rep), ‘Mixed’ model isn’t solution to instability, interview with Lok Raj Baral (kp), Muslim community spurns report: Says it tarnished slain leader’s image (ht), Blanket amnesty bid gets flak: Human rights activists to stand against parties’ design (ht)

15/01/2012: Glitch In Peace Process And Constitution Writing, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), Co-opting UML leaders into CA on hold to include Koirala, Baidya (rep) [Please respect Article 63 (7a) of the Interim Constitution! The people had good democratic reasons to reject these 'leaders' in the elections!!], Prachanda Under Moral Pressure, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

14/01/2012: Directly elected prez not acceptable: Sushil (kp) [Yes, direct elections are too democratic and cannot be manipulated by politicians that have been rejected by the people!!!], NC Prez Koirala bats for parliamentary system, by Rudra Khadka (rep), UML flexible on system of governance: Khanal, by Raju Adhikari (rep), Maoist intra-party rift snags peace process (kp), Maoist hardliners harden stance: Say rapprochement not possible unless PM quits (ht), Dahal, Baidya factions at odds over working unity (rep), Outfit, govt strike agreement Tarai front aims to enter mainstream, empower people, by Rabi Dahal (ht)

13/01/2012: UML stance could swing the balance: Unlike Nepal, Khanal and Oli favour a mixed model (kp), Maoist infighting detains peace process: Constitutional Committee fails to settle disputed issues amid Baidhya faction’s kvetch (ht), Dahal paper ‘rigid’ on peace, statute: Baidya camp says won’t join Bhattarai govt, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Hardliners oppose silence in statute on land, asset ceiling (rep), NC disclaims Switzerland agreement on governance (rep), The streets and the theatre, by C.K. Lal (rep), New Nepal's old school: Kathmandu's powerful are reluctant to step out of coterie politics, by Anurag Acharya (nt), Hail to the chief: A directly elected president will entirely negate component of external blessing, by Tika P. Dhakal (kp), Combating Suspicion In Peace Process, by Jeeveraj Budhathoki (sp), “Political Leaders Are Betraying Us”, interview with Daman Nath Dhungana (sp), New Dalit Reflects on New Nepal’s ‘Pajerobaad’, by Dipak Gyawali (sp)

12/01/2012: French Human Rights envoy sounds alarm (ht), No headway on disputed issues as top leaders skip CC meeting (nn), UML chair says consensus govt a must (rep), Dahal says PM will stay; Baidya wants him to go: Prachanda proposal fails to woo hardliners, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Dahal woos Baidhya faction to join govt: Hardline camp to get important ministries, by Arjun Bhandari (htz), We won't join Bhattarai-led govt: Baidya faction, by Post B. Basnet and Kiran Pun (rep), Parties had okayed a mixed model with directly elected prez (kp), Poudel trashes reports of Swiss agreement as 'baseless rumours' (nn), The art of governing: Pradeep Giri’s proposal deserves some attention (kp), Locals seek their land occupied by Army, by Prakash Baral (kp)

11/01/2012: Raped during conflict, woman cries for justice, by Janak Nepal (kp), 16 parties tighten noose on Maoists: Seek accord to counter Maoist demand for directly elected prez, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), NC, CPN-UML to come up with common position on system of governance, by Gani Ansari (rep), Peace, statute may have to bear the brunt NC, UML anxiously wait for Dahal’s position after CC meeting, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Won't even think of changing PM: Dahal, by Post B. Basnet (rep), Oppn urges Maoists to enforce peace deal: Leaders say reluctance to implement pact is ‘blackmail’ (kp), Models of federalism for Nepal: Mind over matter, by Murari Sharma (rep), Parties At Loggerheads Over Form Of Governance, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), The nostalgia for 1990: To portray the 1990s as blissful, and to solely blame the Maoists is revisionist history, facts be damned, by Prashant Jha (kp), Lies and stereotypes: The public spaces are rife with lies about Madhesis’ ability to join the Army, by Pramod Mishra (kp), Bandh cripples normal life in six eastern districts (nn)

10/01/2012: SRC starts drafting report (rep), Statute drafting agreement: Hardliners’ oppn, Dahal absence stymie accord (kp), Madhesi, indigenous lawmakers for middle way over governance system, by Gani Ansari (rep), Must Bhattarai go? Dahal ponders: The Maoist boss is ‘willing’ to replace the PM, by Kamal Sigdel and Kamal Bhattarai (kp), Political deadlock: Maoist party, NC the masterminds, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoists under 16 parties’ lash (kp), UCPN-M backtracked on past deals: 16 parties (ht), 16 parties rally support against ruling UCPN (Maoist) dilly-dallying to conclude peace process (nn), 15 parties urge Maoists not to obstruct peace process (rep) [Please also include the conservative minded NC in your protests, the greatest veto player in the peace and reconstruction process!!], Cabinet committee okays bill on inclusion, by Bimal Gautam (rep), State-society relationship: United we prosper, by Sumit Sharma Sameer (rep), Federal attractions: From the economic perspective, the fewer the states, the better, by Sukhdev Shah (kp)

09/01/2012: Rhetorical pitfalls The blame games among the parties should stop (kp), NC, UML one on peace, divided on PM’s resignation, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), In House, Congress, Maoists trade barbs (kp), Maoist, NC leaders trade charges over delay in peace process (rep), NC leader Mahat warns of no confidence motion against PM Bhattarai (nn) [Stop these irresponsible power games once and for all and do the job you have been elected for!!!], CC meet inconclusive as radical Maoist faction negates issues resolved by dispute resolution sub-comm (nn), Voluntary retirement delayed due to political differences: Secretariat (rep), Dahal, Baidya settle for provisional arrangements, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Maoists likely to withhold documents of Dahal, Baidya (rep), Madhesi parties draft inclusion bill, by Gani Ansari (rep), Lot left unsaid in debate on proposed systems, by Prakash Rimal (ht), Lekhi takes to task big parties (ht), Bad company, by Alankar Khanal (rep), The angst of 'others', by C.K. Lal (rep), Stalled Peace Process And Resumption Of Blame Game, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn)

08/01/2012: Gurung proposes dissolution of dispute resolution body, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Baidya seeks PM’s resignation for ‘compromise’ with Dahal (kp), Thapa brings hope for hardliners: Loyals see in him much-needed leadership traits, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), UDMF 2nd rung lambasts inaction on 4-pt pact, by Gani Ansari (rep), MJF-N formally withdraws support to govt accusing it of being ‘most corrupt’ in Nepal’s history (nn), We want to go home early, say combatants (kp), PLA demands post of Major General for integration (nn), Special Committee fails to send teams to cantonments (rep), Big 2 issue clarion call to Maoist party: Implement seven-point deal immediately, demand NC, UML, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Bhadra Sharma (kp), Stalled peace process hits statute writing (kp), Congress, UML team up against UCPN-M (ht), Peace process stuck due to Maoists: NC, UML, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), UCPN-M rift has stalled peace process, says Cong president (ht), Pun blames NC, UML for stagnation (ht), The right precedent, by Tika P. Dhakal (rep), Against the tide: Reform or rot, by Ramesh Khatry (rep), Just a minute, honourables: The multiple identities of Nepalis should be considered while discussing state restructuring, by Prakash A. Raj (kp)

07/01/2012: Constitution to be endorsed in shortcut way: CA forms five-member panel to amend regulations, statute (ht), CA calendar reset yet again (rep), Peace process in trouble (rep), Peace process in trouble (rep), Parties In Parleys (rn), PM blames NC for delay in constitution writing, by Samundra Paudel (rep), Baidhya camp stands tough on its stance: Dahal side woos hardliners, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht), Slow pact execution irks NC, UML (kp), ‘Reconciliation, amnesty must’: Congress leader Deuba says he and ‘Prachanda’ should take moral responsibility for conflict-era atrocities, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp), MPRF decides to withdraw support to govt, by Gani Ansari (rep), NDA does it again; bomb goes off at New Road (kp), Hoax blast unleashes terror in New Road (ht), We the Nepali people, by Prakash Chandra Lohani (rep), Debate Over Federalism, by Ram Kumar Siwakoti (rn), A question of viability, by Pranab Kharel and Bhadra Sharma (kp)

06/01/2012: Brahmin, Chhetri listed as ‘others’: Bill sails against the wind; Parties at variance on some issues, by Bhadra Sharma and Pranab Kharel (kp), Inclusion bill mired in stiff opposition by secretaries, by Bimal Gautam (rep), Prez, PM’s ‘emotional appeal’ to replace TRC? Parliamentary taskforce proposes reparation for victims,no punishment for perpetrators, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht) [Nepal needs justice, not impunity!!], Speaker, chief whips discuss adjustments in CA calendar (rep), Forms of governance: An alternative thought on ongoing debate; Time to think why system is failing, by Prakash Rimal (ht), No compromise on parliamentary system: Koirala, by Tek Narayan Bhattarai (rep), Koirala warns of protests, by Janu Pangeni (kp), Discharged fighters’ banda paralyses life (kp), Ex-combatants call off agitation for now, by Phanindra Dahal (kp), Secretariat seeks Rs 2b to fund voluntary retirement (rep), Politics At The Crossroads Of History, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Conflict In UCPN-M: Content And Consequence, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn), Way to go, Your Honour: Judicial activism is needed when the government and the legislature fail to deliver, by Shyam K.C. (kp), Truth be told: The first task of TRC is to establish what happened during the conflict, by Tika P. Dhakal (kp)

05/01/2012: CC seeks deadline extension till Jan 29 (kp), Parties agree to tweak CA work plan: Aim for consensus by Jan 29; May 27 deadline unaltered, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Dahal softens stance on rivals: Inter-party polarisation prompts volte-face, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp) Will Maoist factionalism impact peace?, by Post B. Basnet and Kiran Pun (rep), UDMF to discuss new strategy (rep), Maoist-proposed governance model unacceptable: Koirala (kp), NC prez warns of nationwide protest against ruling UCPN (Maoist) (nn) [??], SC ruling on CA term: OAG readies application draft:  Cites three precedents for verdict review, by Pranab Kharel (kp), Ideological Discourses In Communist Parties Comparative Strengths And Weaknesses, by Mukti Rijal (rn), The perils of executive presidency, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp), Selectively liberal, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Faltering again (ht)

04/01/2012: NC seeks CA calendar review: Says deciding issues with majority votes will allow parties to stick to their guns (kp), Parties at odds over CA work plan revision: NC seeks time for consensus; UCPN-M,UML object to idea (ht), CC decides to amend constitution-drafting calendar; agrees to settle dispute by Jan 29 (nn), CC for another amendment in CA calendar of events (rep), A question of form: The mixed system is a bad idea not because Prachanda may become president, but because it will lead to policy paralysis, by Prashant Jha (kp) [see also response by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 05/01/2012), No power-sharing between PM and President: Sitaula (kp), UML argues over federal model, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Lawmakers ask major parties not to backtrack on issues agreed upon (nn), The endgame: Parties must work harder to meet the CA deadline (kp), ‘No statute with UML, NC in oppn’, by Prakash Baral (kp) [Yes, please join in! Time is running out! Veto players like NC and UML are the last Nepal is in need of!!!], Civil servants to replace all-party mechanisms (kp), All-party mechanisms at local bodies scrapped (rep), NC, UML concerned over dissolution of all-party mechanism (rep), Scrapping of All-party Mechanisms is against constitution: UML secy (nn), MPRF meet to discuss support to govt, by Gani Ansari (rep), System of governance (rep), Resolution next, by Dharma Adhikari (rep), Momentum Picks Up (rn), Bandh called by Hindu outfit partially affects life in Far-West (nn)

03/01/2012: Resurgence of Panchayat nationalism: Some of the current arguments against federalism are deliberately misleading and can only serve to polarise and divide society, by Aditya Adhikari (kp), Parties differ over governance forms (kp), Big three meet again as statute sub-committee fails to decide on form of governance (nn), Yet another change to CA calendar looms, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), CPN-UML lawmakers for not amending constitution drafting time table (nn), Prez thru electoral colleges, says NC: Rejects taskforce recommendation, by Arjun Bhandari (ht), NC shows flexibility on system of governance, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Govt to use its own resources to fund voluntary retirement (rep), Nembang draws PM's attention to delay in finalizing TRC (rep), Examining TRC's role: Rights and wrongs, by Shree Ram Adhikari (rep), So far so good (rep), Federating Nepal: Divide and rue, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep), Rights activists detained, freed (kp), Rights activists detained, released (ht), Anti poor policies: Price discrimination in public services is deeply offensive and discriminatory (kp), Draft of constitution to reach out to 6.4 m households (nn)

02/01/2012: Parties divided over who gets executive powers—PM or prez (kp), Parties in bid to compromise on issues (ht), Major Breakthrough In Constitution Writing (rn), UML mulling over two federal set-up options, by Bhadra Sharma (kp), UML gets into brainstorming mode on matters of federalism (ht), 20 days of farewell to retiring fighters, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), Combatants opting for voluntary retirement to go home in 12 days (ht), Dalit rights groups decry Insec report (kp), Govt, House to challenge rejection of SC verdict review writ, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht), Breaking the ice: Acrimony among the parties thawed last year (kp), Terms of compromise: With hard earned lessons after 2006, new determination in Prachanda to deliver on peace and constitution is heartening, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp), Parties should accept identity in federalising states, interview with Pushpa Kamal Dahal (kp)

01/01/2012: Parties inch closer to semi-presidential model, by Prakash Acharya (ht), Troubleshooter panel gets two days to resolve statute issues (ht), CC gives two days more to settle disputes, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep), Baidya threatens to overturn subcommittee’s decisions (kp), We will revoke deals struck by Dahal: Baidya (rep), Hardliners at a loss over future course, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp), ‘Farewell to retiring PLA fighters soon’ (kp), Bandh called by disqualified Maoist combatants paralyse normal life in Chitwan, Dhadhing and Makawanpur (nn), 6,000 Hello Sarkar complaints fall largely on deaf ears, by Bimal Gautam (rep), Panel for halt to recruitment by foreign armies, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Tarai armed group surrenders weapons (kp), SJTMM hands over arms to govt (nn), Ethnic outfit cadres held, by Lila Ballav Ghimire (kp), Vague clauses stymie citizenship via mom's name, by Anjali Subedi (rep), Making Or Breaking A New Constitution, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km), Facts and fiction, by Anand Jha (rep), Martyr here, martyr there (kp)

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