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Charts and tables

Nepal government chart (updated 19 June 2018)

Election results 2022 and Parties in the House of Representatives (July 2023)

Parties in the House of Representatives (June 2018)

Parties and MPs in the House of Representatives after the 2017 elections

Nepal's political parties (updated 30 September 2017)

Local political structure (updated 30 September 2017)

Election results 2017: (see also several comments on the Nepal Observer website)
Local elections (1st - 3rd ballot and total)
Pratinidhi Sabha: Partywise results (with some comparisons to 2013)
Pradesh Sabha: Province 1, Province 2, Province 3, Province 4, Province 5, Province 6, Province 7

Election trend, 1959-2013 (updated 16 July 2017)

CA elections 2008: Results and comparison to 1999

Election results 1991 and 1994 compared (as well as result of local elections 1997)