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Mayor’s construction firm embezzles NEA’s Rs 1.4 million, by Nagendra Upadhyaya (rep 17/11/2018)

Govt replaces ambassador to Israel Thapa with Shakya: Shakya is Prime Minister KP Oli’s sister-in-law (rep 16/11/2018)

Corruption case filed against DSP (ht 15/11/2018)

Driving licence vendor hits speed bump: Contractor produces only 45,000 digital driving licences of  the 500,000 ordered, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 14/11/2018)

Salary as well as pension for some ‘lucky’ ex-bureaucrats, by Dipesh KC (14/11/2018), Moral question to former bureaucrats (rep 15/11/2018)

CIAA files case against senior govt attorney Thapa (rep 14/11/2018)

Room for whom?  Public properties are owned by people, not by those at the helm of affairs (kp 13/11/2018)

Sajha GM files libel case against Nepal Republic Media (rep 13/11/2018)

Govt decides to recall its envoy to South Africa (rep 13/11/2018)

Coastal-Pappu venture close to be blacklisted: Irrigation Department to send papers to Public Procurement Monitoring Office within this week, by Sanjeev Giri and Bibek Subedi (kp 12/11/2018)

Baglamukhi Oil Stores sealed for giving short measure, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/11/2018)

180 army personnel face court martial (ht 12/11/2018)

Poaching and smuggling unabated under the nose of local authorities, by Bhagiswar Limbu (rep 11/11/2018)

Watchdog chief says joint effort required to eliminate corruption (kp 06/11/2018)

MPs, party honchos pocket funds meant for hiring PAs, chauffers: Height of moral deficiency, says ex-chief secretary Koirala, by Ashok Dahal (rep 06/11/2018)

Red tape, other charges mar free-visa-free-ticket scheme, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 06/11/2018)

Anti-graft body probes more Pappu projects: Seeks details of seven projects handled by joint ventures involving Rauniyar’s construction firm, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/11/2018)

Two doctors face lawsuit for ‘protecting rapist’ (kp 03/11/2018)

Vigilance exposes teachers’ avarice: Out of 7,920 permanent teachers of the Tribhuvan University, 1,410 moonlight in other colleges; Teachers conduct just  three to four hours of classes in a week instead of at least 12-15 hours  of classes (kp 02/11/2018)

Price hike of sand, stones affects rebuilding: Quake survivors accuse local crusher operators of profiteering, by Nagendra Adhikari (kp 03/02/2017)

Dhading DAO to investigate fake quake victims, by Harihar Singh Rathour (kp 03/02/2017)

Plans to hand out public land to squatters draw flak: Experts fear misuse by politicians in favor of party cadres, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 12/11/2014)

Donated rice sold in valley in bulk (kp 17/06/2014), NFC suspected of misdoings: DoCSM investigating ‘illegal’ sales of rice received as aid (ht 17/06/2014)

CIAA probes arbitrary fund release (ht 17/06/2014)

Education officials booked for corruption (ht 17/06/2014)

Under-secy fails to post bail, sent to jail (ht 17/06/2014)

Graft-accused official kills self, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 16/06/2014)

Graft case lodged against Siraha District Education Officer (ht 16/06/2014)

NOC manager faces fake certificate charge (ht 14/06/2014)

DAO papers on illegal crusher industries missing, by Manoj Basnet (kp 13/06/2014)

MoE under-secretary faces graftcharge worth Rs 40.5 million (ht 13/06/2014)

Kavre DAO starts probe into peace fund graft, by Manoj Basnet (kp 12/06/2014)

CIAA probes Bajura, Ramechhap VDCs: Social security allowance, development project fund use under scanner (ht 12/06/2014)

MoUD to investigate fraud cases in housing sector: Forms commission for the purpose, seeks detailed report along with policy recommendations within three months (ht 12/06/2014)

School principal accused of fund misappropriation (kp 11/06/2014)

CIAA miffed over release of NOC, DOHS officials, to appeal to apex court, by Santosh Ghimire (ht 11/06/2014)

1,346 MoHP appointments scrapped (ht 10/06/2014)

CIAA prosecutes VDC secy, staffers (ht 10/06/2014)

18 CAN officials dragged to court for graft (kp 09/06/2014), CIAA books CAN prez, general secy for graft: Seeks up to 10-year jail term for 18 officials (ht 09/06/2014)

CIAA probing alleged irregularities at Maoist cantonments, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 09/06/2014)

Collective fight needed towipe out corruption: Karki (ht 09/06/2014)

CIAA deploys teams to probe local body graft (kp 09/06/2014)

RBS recovers Rs 10m from over 200 staff, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 09/06/2014)

Graft watchdog books 29 officials for deforestation (ht 03/06/2014)

Department of Drugs  officials freed on bail (ht 31/05/2014)

CIAA seeks clarification for delay in MA60 operation (ht 31/05/2014)

CIAA investigation: Eight NOC officials held over bonus scam (kp 29/05/2014), CIAA rounds up eight top NOC officials (ht 29/05/2014), CIAA nabs top NOC officials for distributing bonus 'illegally', by Santosh Ghimire (rep 29/05/2014), CIAA chargesheets 20 NOC employees (kp 31/05/2014), CIAA charge-sheets top NOC officials for graft: Accuses them of distributing bonus to the staff while being in the red (ht 31/05/2014)

Suspended VC of PU among six held by CIAA (kp 28/05/2014), CIAA detains top PU officials (rep 28/05/2014), Purbanchal VC, honchos in CIAA charge sheet (kp 02/06/2014), Purbanchal University officials released: Special Court said CIAA didn’t have enough evidence (ht 06/06/2014), CIAA moves SC against Special Court decision (ht 11/06/2014), CIAA appeals against release of PU officials (ht 11/06/2014)

A corrupt region: Corruption as a regional issue must figure prominently at the upcoming Saarc Summit in Kathmandu, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 28/05/2014)

Over Rs 10 million recovered from RBS staffers (rep 28/05/2014)

CIAA probe brings DEO work to a halt, by Aman Koirala (kp 25/05/2014)

Eleven face graft charge (kp 23/05/2014)

Bureaucracy under political siege: Report (kp 22/05/2014) [see report by Transparency International Nepal]

VDC secretary on the run with funds, by Laxmi Sah (kp 21/05/2014)

CIAA raids tobacco firms (ht 20/05/2014)

Officials in CIAA net over irregularities while issuing driving licence (kp 19/05/2014)

CIAA files corruption case against Sajha Prakashan MD Jha (kp 19/05/2014)

CIAA raids transport office in Valley: Four officers among 12 suspects rounded up (ht 19/05/2014)

Govt to rent homes for VIPs after buying plan collapses (kp 18/05/2014) [This is another way of corruption! There are so many poor people who never had such weel-paid jobs!!]

Ex-health dept chief in CIAA custody, by Manish Gautam (kp 17/05/2014), Six senior health officials held, two suspended: Anti-graft body during investigation found they had embezzled money while buying medicine (ht 17/05/2014), CIAA nabs 6 senior health officials, suspends 2 others, by Arjun Poudel (rep 17/05/2014)

CIAA arrests officials while receiving bribe (ht 16/05/2014)

CIAA asks RBS to recover perks given to staff (kp 14/05/2014)

CIAA nabs Saptari officials on school funds misuse charge (kp 12/05/2014), Graft case filed against 14  officials for school aid misuse (ht 12/05/2014)

Corruption blamed for textbook crisis (ht 07/05/2014)

Smugglers ‘bribe’ forest officials, police (kp 04/05/2014)

Govt to bear all treatment cost of KP Oli, support NC leaders (ht 03/05/2014)

Corruption and Constitution: The drafting of a new constitution provides a valuable opportunity to take a broader view of corruption, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 28/04/2014)

Corrupt official faces action (ht 27/04/2014)

NTB misusing resources by amending Financial Bylaws, by Sangam Prasain (kp 26/04/2014)

Rautes being used by interest groups (ht 24/04/2014)

Police probe into alleged corruption (kp 23/04/2014)

CIAA nabs suspended undersecretary (rep 23/05/2014)

Politics And Corruption: Tales Of Healthy Twins, by Prem Khatry (rn 22/04/2014)

Auditor General's report reveals rampant corruption in DEOs, by Nirjana Sharma (rep 21/04/2014)

‘Substandard materials’ used to build police posts, by Bechu Gaud (kp 20/04/2014)

School swindles fund by providing fake data to district education office (ht 15/04/2014)

CIAA case against SI (ht 14/04/2014)

CIAA begins CAN probe (kp 12/04/2014), CIAA begins probe into CAN; All we want is transparency: Paras Khadka, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 12/04/2014), CAN to hold talks with cricketers: Promises to disburse salaries,allowances in a week; forms disciplinary committee (ht 13/04/2014), It’s over, crisis in cricket ends: CAN, cricketers agree on forming Planning and Monitoring Committee (ht 17/04/2014), Game on: The standoff between cricketers and authorities should serve as a lesson to all sports in the country, by Shyam K.C. (kp 18/04/2014)

Rs 1b spent on fake schools: CIAA, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 04/02/2014)

Funds meant for books in Karnali zone ‘missing’, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/04/2014)

Misuse of migrant workers’ welfare fund goes rampant, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 30/03/2014)

CIAA files graft cases against DoFE officials and manpower agencies (kp 27/03/2014)

Irregularities found in distribution of government subsidised logs: Forest officials and timber traders working in cahoots, forging documents to fatten their wallets (ht 27/03/2014)

CIAA to probe embezzlement  of conflict victims’ fund (ht 24/03/2014)

CIAA arrests nine DoFE officials (ht 20/03/2014), Nine DoFE officials held on graft charge (kp 20/03/2014)

Parsa schools misuse government funds, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 20/03/2014)

Lawmaker accused of misappropriating Rs 20m, by Birendra KC (kp 15/03/2014)

Govt misused migrant workers’ fund, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 13/03/2014)

Fight Against Corruption, by Shyam K.C. (rn 11/03/2014)

Political Corruption: Why Is The Barometer Rising?, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 08/03/2014)

Millions embezzled in construction of schools (ht 06/03/2014)

Customs officials adopt new methods of bribery, by Parbat Portel (kp 05/03/2014)

Parties eyeing development funds (ht 05/03/2014)

Corruption travails: Seven high-level commissions have been formed to reform the bureaucracy; yet, nothing has changed, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 25/02/2014)

CIAA nabs 4 ex-NEA officials (rep 21/02/2014), CIAA files corruption charges against 18 former NEA officials (nn 21/02/2014), Transformer scam: Former NEA honchos in CIAA net (kp 22/02/2014), Reprieve for ex-NEA officials (ht 27/02/2014)

Check and balance: Dr Govinda KC’s recent fast should motivate all to clean their respective sectors, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 20/02/2014)

Eight forest officers convicted of graft (ht 17/02/2014)

Over 80 officials, hiring agents face charge: Probe sees role of immigration officers, duty officers at airport desk and manpower agency owners in fraud, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 10/02/2014), Fraudulent nexus: The corrupt coterie in foreign employment can be smashed through transparency, vigilance (kp 12/02/2014)

Ex-official charged with corruption (ht 10/02/2014)

Parbat projects under CIAA probe (ht 09/02/2014)

TIA immigration remains pain for migrant workers, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 09/02/2014)

CIAA files case against govt employee (ht 06/02/2014)

CIAA scanner on fake schools (ht 03/02/2014)

HSEB Joint Secy Barakoti caught red-handed for accepting bribe, by Nirjana Sharma (rep 03/02/2014)

DoFE introducing ways to check malpractices, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 01/02/2014)

Combating corruption: Anti-corruption laws are ineffective in the absence of genuine political will, by Madhab Regmi (rep 30/01/2014)

Education sector under CIAA scanner (rep 28/01/2014)

Officials misusing government funds, by Bishal Bhattarai (rep 27/01/2014)

Fast track: Businesspersons choose to bribe service providers instead of bearing significant losses due to delays, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 26/01/2014)

Cantonment corruption: No concrete evidence against top Maoist leaders: CIAA, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 26/01/2014), Probe corruption in cantonments: Ex-PLAs (ht 04/02/2014)

Over 400 cases lodged at CIAA Surkhet since Sept (ht 26/01/2014)

Elderly allowances misappropriated (ht 26/01/2014)

Lawmaker misuses govt vehicle: He piled pressure on municipality for jeep (ht 24/01/2014)

CIAA begins probe into school graft, by Laxmi Sah (kp 23/01/2014)

CIAA nabs official for forgery (ht 23/01/2014)

CIAA moved against DDC contract appointments (ht 23/01/2014)

Officials colluded in embezzling fund (ht 21/01/2014)

FinMin seeks details on project contracts: Ministries had to give an update on status of contract signing by Jan 15, but none has done so (ht 20/01/2014)

Subsidised salt scam comes to light in Bajura: Traders selling it at exorbitant rates (ht 18/01/2014)

Police intervene sleepless protest against corruption in the Capital, by Weena Pun (kp 17/01/2014)

Tangled webs: Corruption in Nepal is very organised but the fight against corruption is disorganised and uncoordinated, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 17/01/2014)

Maoist cantonment corruption probe in limbo (ht 15/01/2014)

CIAA to probe export of river products (ht 14/01/2014)

Many primary schools exist only on paper: CIAA (ht 14/01/2014)

CIAA goes local, opens regional outlet in Hetauda (nn 08/01/2014)

Corruption in local bodies: Under CIAA scanner, by Bihari Krishna Shrestha (ht 07/01/2014)

News dissemination hurting investigation: CIAA (nn 07/01/2014)

Case against gas companies (ht 06/01/2014)

Ambassador Chalise under CIAA scanner, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 05/01/2014)

CIAA teams out to probe school funds, by Aman Koirala and Pratap Bista (kp 03/01/2014)

Graft charge against four (kp 02/01/2014)

Graft case against ex-SWC official (ht 02/01/2013)

Forest officials found involved in felling trees, by Surya Mani Gautam (ht 29/12/2013)

35,000 officials refuse to file property details, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 28/12/2013), Envoys, poll commissioner fail to submit asset details (ht 28/12/2013), Property report defaulters: CIAA seeks punishment against defiant officials (kp 30/12/2013)

RBS in soup for handing out bonuses illegally (ht 28/12/2013)

NIDC CEO arrested for financial crime (kp 28/12/2013)

CIAA files case against 12 persons (kp 27/12/2013), CIAA books 12 persons in land fraud case (ht 27/12/2013)

Perception of corruption: Why has Nepal improved significantly on the Corruption Perception Index?, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 25/12/2013)

CIAA chief lashes bureaucracy: Complains that civil servants are merely killing time and making money (kp 25/12/2013), Corruption rife in local bodies: CIAA chief (ht 25/12/2013)

SSP charged in fraudulent land deal (ht 23/12/2013)

CIAA raids Mahakali Irrigation Division (nn 23/12/2013)

Control use of pesticides in vegetables: CIAA (ht 23/12/2013)

Hospital under CIAA radar (rep 22/12/2013)

25 forest officials charged with graft (ht 21/12/2013), CIAA files case against 11 forest officials (rep 21/12/2013)

Lokpal Bill And CIAA, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 21/12/2013)

54 cabbies booked for taking people for a ride (ht 21/12/2013)

Pokhara sub-metropolis officials grilled (ht 20/12/2013)

Graft case against engineer (ht 19/12/2013)

OAG forms special office to deal with financial frauds, by Pranab Kharel (kp 18/12/2013)

Corruption And Culture, by Umesh Prasad Ojha (rn 17/12/2013)

CIAA issues road map to improve national highways: Asks authorities to show results within a month (ht 17/12/2013)

CIB nabs Everest Insurance AGM: Arrest comes less than a week after rounding up of firm’s ex-CEO (ht 17/12/2013)

CIAA acts on textbook crisis (kp 16/12/2013), CIAA directs education ministry to distribute textbooks on time (ht 16/12/2013)

CIAA files ‘loan’ graft case against 5 (kp 14/12/2013)

Anti-graft mechanisms ineffective, says Regmi (kp 13/12/2013)

Bankers rue CIAA intervention, by Dikshya Singh (ht 13/12/2013)

Misappropriation case: Ex-Everest Insurance CEO Shrestha held (kp 13/12/2013), Ex-CEO of Everest Insurance arrested (ht 13/12/2013)

CIAA fiat on medical waste mgmt (kp 12/12/2013)

Nobel, Universal medical colleges raided: CIAA investigating alleged irregularities in the institutes (ht 12/12/2013)

CIAA nabs six for loan fraud (ht 12/12/2013)

Kathmandu cabbies overcharging passengers, by Pratibha Rawal (rep 11/12/2013)

Govt urged to bring BFIs under CIAA scanner (kp 10/12/2013)

CIAA not satisfied with ‘success’ of anti-graft fight (ht 10/12/2013)

Revenue officials charged with graft (ht 09/12/2013)

CIAA files case against 13 officials (kp 09/12/2013)

DoFE director, official charged with graft (ht 07/12/2013)

Better Than Before, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 07/12/2013)

Foreign employment: 64 officials charged with corruption (kp 04/12/2013), CIAA takes obscure network to court (ht 04/12/2013)

Embezzlement slur on top cop (ht 04/12/2013)

Nepal less corrupt: Transparency International (nn 03/12/2013), Nepal better in new TI graft index (kp 04/12/2013), Nepal still among the most corrupt countries: Improves ranking to stand at 116th position, but there is still much for country to achieve (ht 04/12/2013)

SC asks CIAA to explain‘ intervention’ in pvt banks (kp 02/12/2013)

Schools creating ‘fake students’ to get fund released from DEO, by Prakash Singh (ht 01/12/2013)

Flawed strategies: Nepal, despite a history of anti-corruption efforts, lacks a coherent national-level policy on it, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 27/11/2013)

CIAA interference concerns pvt sector. Warns anti-graft body’s move could affect domestic and foreign investment in the country (kp 26/11/2013)

Govt to buy 50 homes for VIPs, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 23/11/2013), Home affairs: Can the govt provide homes for the poor, instead of VIPs?, by Rudra Prasad Dahal (kp 24/11/2013)

Two top army officers dismissed: Brigadier produced fake documents, major general authenticated the papers, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 15/11/2013)

CIAA seeks client, financial details from commercial banks (kp 15/11/2013)

Off the mark: Political parties are still far away from giving enough space to anti-corruption measures in their agendas, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 11/11/2013)

Fight against corruption to get more teeth: Special Court to constitute regional circuit benches with three justices at each unit (ht 09/11/2013)

Whom to punish: Without a system where people do not seek political patronage, we may not succeed in preventing corruption, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 31/10/2013)

IB to probe RBS ‘irregularities’, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 31/10/2013), IB Probes Illegal Payment Made To RBS Staffers, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 12/11/2013)

Govt offices under corruption probe (ht 26/10/2013)

Culture of corruption: The CIAA’s recent actions show that corruption is no longer an individual aberration; it has been institutionalised, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 23/10/2013)

‘Corruption-prone offices’ under CIAA scrutiny: Anti-graft body says it will raid these institutions soon,reveals no fixed date (ht 18/10/2013)

CIAA releases five DoI, DoFE officials: Were held on bribery charges (ht 11/10/2013)

CIAA preparing asset probe manual: Aims to bring kin of powerful people under investigation (ht 07/10/2013)

TI call to rid education of corruption (ht 07/10/2013)

Order to free NOC top guns challenged in SC (ht 03/10/2013)

Implementing CIAA orders a tough ask for metropolis: Civic body pins blame on DAO, ministries (ht 02/10/2013)

Half the picture: If it limits itself to prosecuting individuals for personal corruption, what is the difference between CIAA and a constable catching pick-pockets?, by Bishal Thapa (rep 01/10/2013)

Singh accused of milking funds from Dairy Development Corp (kp 01/10/2013)

CIAA files graft case against govt official (ht 01/10/2013)

New MBBS standards amid CIAA concerns (kp 30/09/2013)

CIAA rule ‘hits’ hotel business, by Shankar Acharya (kp 29/09/2013)

RTI And Corruption Control, by Dipesh Kumar Ghimire (rn 28/09/2013)

NOC trade union chief in CIAA custody (ht 28/09/2013)

Board allows NEA to receivereplacement, by Ashok Thapa (kp 25/09/2013)

Anti-graft crusade: The missing aspects, by Pranav Bhattarai (ht 24/09/2013)

Top officials of Nepal Oil Corp arrested by anti-graft agency for distributing bonuses despite loss (nn 24/09/2013), Bonus dole lands NOC officials in CIAA net, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 25/09/2013), Four top NOC officials in CIAA custody, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 25/09/2013), Unions defend NOC bonus, say board approved distribution (kp 26/09/2013)

Prakash, scion of Dahal family, appointed vice president of Nepal Olympic Museum (nn 24/09/2013)

CIAA's regional offices come into operation in all five development regions (nn 18/09/2013)

Cases filed against 22 NEA officials (kp 14/09/2013), CIAA prosecutes NEA officials, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 14/09/2013), Special Court seeks Rs 260 million bail, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 18/09/2013), Rs 240m bail sought from 21 NEA officials, two Chinese, by Gani Ansari (rep 18/09/2013), Power authority chief, supplier sent to jail (ht 18/09/2013)

Some Hope: Pervasive grtaft due to incompetent political leadership and bureaucracy have been strangling economic growth and scaring off potential investors, by Bhagirath Basnet (rep 14/09/2013)

CIAA raids shop, impounds truck (ht 14/09/2013)

Too little, too late? Arresting corrupt officials isn't going to solve the problem unless the system is thoroughly cleansed, by Bhrikuti Rai and Sunir Pandey (nt 13/09/2013)

CIAA arrests 4 ‘corrupt’ CAs (kp 12/09/2013), CIAA arrests Office of Company Registrar chief (ht 13/09/2013), Kawari sent to judicial remand for 15 days (ht 13/09/2013)

Migrant Woes: Several manpower operators admitted that in many cases they themselves issue fake medical certificates for pre-visa purpose, by Ishwar Rauniyar (rep 07/09/2013)

CIAA arrests DoFE section officer (ht 06/09/2013), DoFE official, agents held (kp 07/09/2013)

After CIAA directive Fewa lake being freed of encroachment (ht 06/09/2013)

Don’t Harass The Innocents, by D.M. Thapa (rn 06/09/2013)

Lokman Singh Karki's CIAA appointment: Apex court orders placing 2 petitions for final hearing (kp 05/09/2013)

More NEA officials in net (kp 02/09/2013), CIAA arrests NEA director, nine others: Chinese, Thai firms under anti-graft body’s scanner, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 02/09/2013), CIAA arrests 10 more NEA officials; Graft cases against road, health officials (rep 02/09/2013)

Corrupt officials prosecuted (ht 02/09/2013)

Beema Sansthan employees compel top mgmt to dole out hefty benefits, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 02/(09/2013)

CIAA tells KMC to preserve heritage sites (ht 30/08/2013), After CIAA order, KMC not to enforce deal with Sidewalkers, by Anjit Adhikari (kp 31/08/2013), CIAA withdraws stay against KMC contract (ht 03/09/2013), Hanuman Dhoka locals rue CIAA's latest order, by Pratibha Rawal (kp 03/09/2013)

CIAA raids Nepal Oil Corporation's regional office in Biratnagar (nn 31/08/2013), CIAA starts investigation of NOC regional office, by Shekhar Regmi (ht 01/09/2013)

Too early to judge CIAA's recent actions, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep 30/08/2013), Afraid of catching big fish: Top politicians don’t seem to be the target of Lokman Singh Karki’s selective pursuit of the corrupt, by Muma Ram Khanal (nt 30/08/2013), CIAA move sends ripples to revenue offices, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 30/08/2013)

Fill void left by NEA, DoI, DoFE arrests, says CIAA (kp 29/08/2013)

CIAA warns ministries, depts to change their tune or face music: Issues directives to secys,office chiefs asking them to act promptly (ht 29/08/2013)

Corruption watchdog seeks timely reforms (ht 28/08/2013)

Govt allows 'illegal' crusher mills to run for another year: Huge corruption suspected in decision, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 28/08/2013)

CIAA's Praiseworthy Moves, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 28/08/2013)

Encroachment of lakes: Field study ends, CIAA to come up with final report (ht 28/08/2013)

CIAA move against corruption wins hearts (ht 26/08/2013)

‘Schools show fake student data’, by Ghanashyam Gautam (kp 25/08/2013)

Misuse of govt vehicles a rare sight now: CIAA (ht 25/08/2013)

New drive to book rogue cabbies, cops: Taxi entrepreneurs included in joint monitoring team (ht 24/08/2013)

CIAA raids two airport-based govt offices related to foreign employment, arrests 35 officials (nn 23/08/2013), CIAA arrests 35
more govt officials
, by Bhadra Sharma and Roshan Sedhai (kp 24/08/2013), CIAA arrests 35 DoI, DoFE officials (ht 24/08/2013), Officials stop 100 Gulf-bound workers for not carrying required papers (kp 25/08/2013), DoFE officials sent to judicial custody: CIAA warns unions of politicking (kp 26/08/2013), 15-day remand for DoI, DoFE officials (ht 26/08/2013), 114 migrants turned away from the airport (ht 26/08/2013), Troubled travellers: CIAA’s arrests are commendable but should not be the end goal (kp 26/08/2013), Foreign employment agencies to protest against foreign-bound Nepali workers being turned away from TIA (nn 29/08/2013)

More DoFE staffers under CIAA scanner (kp 22/08/2013), DoFE Chief Binod KC under close scrutiny of CIAA, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 22/08/2013), DoFE chief surrenders before CIAA (ht 23/08/2013)

CIAA officials feel they deserve more: Say they have got nothing from government for their hard work (ht 22/08/2013)

NTransformer purchase scam: NEA big fish, 9 others in CIAA net, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 21/08/2013), CIAA arrests NEA chief, nine top officials, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 21/08/2013), Power corrupts: CIAA must now courageously uncover politicians involved in the NEA scam (kp 22/08/2013), Seven-day judicial custody for NEA chief, nine others (ht 24/08/2013), NEA transformer supply scam: CIAA files graft cases against 26, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 26/08/2013), 12-yr term sought for top NEA officials: All those who are being prosecuted automatically suspended from their service, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 26/08/2013), Chinese supplier offers to replace bad transformers, by Ashok Thapa (kp 29/08/2013)

Runaway bribes, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 21/08/2013)

Five immigration officials arrested for taking bribe (ht 21/08/2013)

2 customs officials at TIA arrested (kp 17/08/2013)

CIAA to probe Phewa onslaught (kp 17/08/2013), Fewa encroachment under CIAA scanner, by Rishi Baral (ht 23/08/2013)

BPKIHS faces CIAA music for blunder in results: Students had accused exam committee of anomalies (ht 17/08/2013), BPKIHS officials in CIAA custody (kp 19/08/2013), BPKIHS VC, top officials quizzed: CIAA places them under area restriction order in the capital (ht 19/08/2013)

CIAA chief warns NEA top brass (ht 16/08/2013)

CIAA to accept corruption complaints also from social networking sites (nn 16/08/2013)

CIAA chief Karki orders tax evaders booked (ht 14/08/2013)

Bid to rein in free govt rides (ht 14/08/2013)

CIAA drags five NT officials to court (kp 13/08/2013)

CIAA diktat to keep Teej expenses in check (ht 13/08/2013)

Local bodies most corrupt: CIAA chief (ht 12/08/2013)

Anti-graft body to expand tentacles across country (ht 10/08/2013)

Bara DDC officials convicted of graft (ht 09/08/2013)

Varsity gets Rs 500m windfall from unions’ ‘vote-buying spree’, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/08/2013)

CIAA fiat to curb misuse of govt-owned vehicles (ht 07/08/2013)

CIAA directs public not to indulge in extravagance (kp 07/08/2013)

Rs 4 million meant for conflict victims embezzled by party leaders, activists (nn 06/08/2013)

Tighter security in place for CIAA officials (ht 06/08/2013)

Matter of perception: Corruption index, by Bishal Thapa (rep 06/08/2013)

In CIAA net, 10 NEA officials, 2 suppliers, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 05/08/2013), Transformer scam: CIAA arrests five top NEA officials; Special Court sends them to 10-day judicial remand (ht 05/08/2013), Five NEA officials sent to 10-day custody (kp 06/08/2013), Remand for five more NEA officials (ht 06/08/2013), NEA scam: Two more officials in CIAA net (kp 07/08/2013), Two more NEA officials arrested (ht 07/08/2013)

SSP in HQ for ‘timber smuggling’ role, by Jitendra Khadga (kp 04/08/2013)

Millions meant for war-hit embezzled, by Surendra Kafle (ht 04/08/2013)

Joshi appeals against his sentence (kp 02/08/2013)

CIAA geared up to open regional offices (kp 28/07/2013)

Fighting Corruption, Punishing The Guilty, by D.M. Thapa (rn 26/07/2013)

CIAA chief Karki reshuffles team (kp 24/07/2013)

Royals of republic: Leaders’ lavish lifestyles, by Barsha Paudel (rep 24/07/2013)

Parties to crime: Political corruption, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep 23/07/2013)

Gaur municipality under graft probe (ht 20/07/2013)

KMC officials under CIAA, NVC scanner (ht 19/07/2013)

CIAA raids ‘graft-stained’ Rautahat DDC, by Shiva Puri (kp 18/07/2013)

Ripe for reform: Political patronage is ruining Nepal’s anti-corruption efforts and reaping impunity, by Rup Kumar BK (kp 18/07/2013)

Graft watchdog settles 1,120 cases (ht 14/07/2013)

NVC finds Saptari the most corrupt district (kp 13/07/2013)

VDC secys pocket govt funds worth lakhs, suspended, by Byas Shankar Upadhyaya (ht 12/07/2013)

Subsidies for remote districts: Mugu folk say half rice is sold midway, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 12/07/2013)

Corruption in the name of marginalised Chepangs: DFID says Nepal Chepang Sangh embezzled around Rs 10 lakh grants (ht 11/07/2013), Nepal Chepang Sangh draws flak for embezzling fund (ht 14/07/2013)

13 taxi drivers booked on a singleday as complaints mount (ht 11/07/2013)

Corruption alleged at PU (ht 11/07/2013)

Political parties most corrupt in Nepal: Survey (nn 09/07/2013), Parties ‘most corrupt’ institutions in Nepal, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 10/07/2013), Cancer of corruption afflicts state organs: Nepali parties, Parliament, bureaucracy, judiciary most corrupt: Transparency International (ht 10/07/2013), Unsavoury corruption (ht 11/07/2013), Corrupt country: TI’s latest survey results (rep 11/07/2013)

Ex-minister ‘doled out money’ to cadres: Narayan Kaji Shrestha gave away development funds, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (ht 09/07/2013)

Irregularity suspected in road construction (ht 09/07/2013)

Mid-Western University under CIAA scanner (ht 09/07/2013)

Tackling Corruption, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 06/07/2013)

Bias seen in NMC monitoring, by Manish Gautam (kp 03/07/2013)

Lokman Singh Karki appointment as ciaa chief: Supreme Court puts off hearing for fifth time, by Pranab Kharel (kp 03/07/2013)

Karki briefs Regmi on CIAA’s anti-graft action (ht 03/07/2013)

TU VC, 23 others face CIAA action (ht 01/07/2013)

CIAA watches bigwigs for source of their wealth (kp 29/06/2013)

Graft case filed against govt staffers (kp 28/06/2013)

Probe recommends sacking tainted official, by Anil Giri (kp 27/06/2013)

Bill the President: Until the country has the same health package for all its citizens, the state cannot treat the President, by Suman Khadka (kp 25/06/2013), President’s health condition ‘absolutely normal’ (ht 25/06/2013), More equal: President Yadav’s recent medical trip perpetuates our feudal past (kp 26/06/2013)

Graft alleged in road funds (kp 22/06/2013)

Dahal asks for chopper to visit flood-hit areas (ht 22/06/2013) [??? Then every Nepali citizen can demand the use of helicopters for free!!]

Joshi moves apex court against graft conviction (kp 19/06/2013)

Land officers land in trouble (ht 15/06/2013)

Valley’s local bodies under investigation for corruption (ht 13/06/2013)

NEA documents under CIAA scanner (kp 10/06/2013)

The corruption scenario: Supply side remains the target, by Pranav Bhattarai (ht 04/06/2013)

CIAA raids road tax centres (kp 03/06/2013)

CIAA to target those suggested by Lamsal panel (ht 01/06/2013)

VDC secy lists self as dead to get relief (ht 01/06/2013)

CIAA acts tough on banks, I/NGOs, by Bhadra Sharma and Prithvi Shrestha (kp 29/05/2013)

1 million textbooks meant for students of community schools go missing, by Binod Ghimire (kp 27/05/2013)

Corruption drama: We are living in the most complex and difficult phase of corruption in the history of Nepal, by Abhi Subedi (kp 26/05/2013)

NEA chief involved in irregularities worth millions, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 26/05/2013)

As high profile cases gather dust, CIAA keeps busy in petty issues, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 24/05/2013)

After secretary files, CIAA chief now eyes ministers (kp 22/05/2013)

Karki to secys: Address grievances or face action (kp 21/05/2013)

Karki dared to probe graft in PLA camps (ht 21/05/2013)

CIAA tells local dev authority to satisfy public (kp 18/05/2013)

Watching the watchdog: The new auditor general can counter balance the controversial appointment of a new CIAA head (nt 17/05/2013)

CIAA files graft case against surveyor (ht 17/05/2013)

CIAA warns govt officials of action (ht 15/05/2013)

Locals forced to pay bribe for citizenship, by Arun Gyawali (ht 14/05/2013)

Rautahat DAO raids district hospita: Ex-chief being probed for allegations of taking bribe for appointments (ht 14/05/2013)

CIAA urges public to blow whistle on corrupt (ht 13/05/2013), CIAA asks people to file graft charges (kp 13/05/2013)

Landowners ‘received’ identity cards as landless, by Kamal Panthi (kp 11/05/2013)

CIAA asks MoF to submit details of VAT evaders (kp 10/05/2013), CIAA directs authorities to crack the whip (ht 10/05/2013)

Distant normalisation: Nepal has one of the finest laws to tackle corruption, but in the hands of the wrong person, that law can be lethal (rep 10/05/2013)

Breaking down: Karki’s appointment and parties’ unprincipled compromise is bad news for democracy (kp 09/05/2013), Amid oversight concerns, Karki assumes office; 2-member CIAA board dangerous: Experts (kp 09/05/2013), Heads of constitutional bodies assume office: CIAA chief vows to effect a change within fortnight (ht 09/05/2013), From where will Karki begin? The head of anti-graft body has challenges galore with pending cases abound, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 09/05/2013), Prez, party offices in blame game of sorts, by Phanindra Dahal (kp 09/05/2013), FB,Twitter abuzz with Karki appt stricture, by Samik Kharel (kp 09/05/2013), Civil society leaders picket Congress office (kp 09/05/2013), NC leadership keeps mum (kp 09/05/2013), UML meeting terms decision unlawful (kp 09/05/2013), Agitating student unions call off today’s strike programme (kp 09/05/2013), Move comes under lawyers’ body lash (kp 09/05/2013)

Apex court reopens Khadka's petition (ht 01/05/2013)

Forest officers on run after smuggling bid exposed, by Hari Sharma (ht 26/04/2013)

Civil servants point at politicians’ nexus with businessmen: Blame, albeit obliquely, political leaders for syndicate in public service sectors, by Prakash Acharya (ht 25/04/2013)

Cops arrest convicted fraudster (ht 24/04/2013)

Not aware of action against Karki, Dahal replies to SC, by Pranab Kharel (kp 23/04/2013), UCPN-Maoist chief sticks up for Karki as CIAA head: Says political parties have no knowledge of former chief secretary being indicted ever (ht 23/04/2013), Hearing begins on Karki’s CIAA appointment (ht 24/04/2013), Taking back Karki name ‘best option’ , by Ghanashyam Gautam (kp 24/04/2013), ‘Rayamajhi indictment not binding’ (kp 29/04/2013), Rayamajhi recommendations not binding, says Karki: In his response to the court, the former chief secretary presents a case in which the SC revoked departmental action against a DSP accused by the Rayamajhi Commission, by Pranab Kharel (kp 29/04/2013), Lokman Karki calls writ against CIAA appointment unfortunate: Says Rayamajhi Commission report not above the law; claims SC intervention in the case unnecessary (ht 29/04/2013), Apex court vacates stay on bid to name Karki CIAA chief (nn 29/04/2013), SC order paves way for Karki’s appointment as CIAA chief; Apex court didn't prolong the stay arguing the situation is premature: NBA, by Pranab Kharel (kp 30/04/2013), SC clears decks for Karki's appointment as CIAA chief, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 30/04/2013), Parties still split over Karki appointment, by Phanindra Dahal (kp 01/05/2013), 33 parties warn not to appoint Karki: Say they won’t register with Election Commission (kp 01/05/2013), Rift appears in CC as Karki prospects high: Parties’ help sought not to makehim CIAA chief, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 05/05/2013), CIAA chief appointment: Changed UML stance on Karki irks UCPN-Maoist (ht 05/05/2013), Civil society group stages dharna against plan to appoint Karki as CIAA chief (nn 05/05/2013), Constitutional council names Karki CIAA chief (nn 05/05/2013)

Parsa DEO funds non-existent school (ht 23/04/2013)

DDC Rautahat defies ministry, CIAA, by Madan Thakur (rep 21/04/2013)

Medical School inspection: Anti-graft authority smells irregularity, by Manish Gautam (kp 18/04/2013)

Reform Health, Education, CIAA tells govt (ht 18/04/2013)

Ambulances ‘misused’ in Chitwan, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 17/04/2013)

CIAA drags 87 people to court for corruption in development projects in Dhanusha (nn 15/04/2013), CIAA takes 87 to spl court for ‘pocketing’ DDC funds (kp 16/04/2013), 16 Dhanusha DDC staffers suspended (kp 17/04/2013), Case for Rs 11.3m, not Rs 300m (kp 17/04/2013)

AG report indicts govt, public entities: Says their questionable expenses half the size of budget, by Kuvera Chalise (ht 12/04/2013), Gross misuse of govt funds continues: Since 2003-04 till last fiscal year cumulative questionable expenses stood at Rs 204.26 billion (ht 13/04/2013)

CIAA allows govt to implement telecom policy (kp 10/04/2013)

Rules of the game: Ravi Raj Shrestha and Lokman Singh Karki symbolise the unequal application of law (kp 09/04/2013)

Fund misuse: Prez asks ministry to name beneficiaries (kp 07/04/2013)

Show us the money: Government's utilization of tax, by Angel Sharma (rep 07/04/2013)

Damauli-Banauli VDC secy charged with graft (kp 05/03/2013)

SSP Shrestha gets boot on charges of foreign currency smuggling (nn 05/04/2013), Ministry gives SSP Shrestha the sack, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 06/04/2013)

Hospital staff held on graft charge: Procedure not followed in making new appointments (ht 05/04/2013)

No hand in Karki’s appointment, CIAA tells apex court, by Pranab Kharel (kp 04/04/2013), Should Karki pay, while othersmake hay? (ht 04/04/2013), CIAA against prosecuting Karki (ht 06/04/2013), SSP sacked over currency scam (ht 06/04/2013), Justice postpones hearing on ‘personal grounds’ (kp 08/04/2013), SC puts off hearing on Karki’s appointment (ht 08/04/2013), SC again postpones Karki hearing: Presiding Justice ‘unable’ to hear petition on ‘personal grounds’ (kp 10/04/2013), Karki nomination outside govt purview: Regmi (kp 19/04/2013)

Officials allegedly involved in customs fraud yet to be caught, by Rishi Ram Poudyal (kp 03/04/2013)

Bribery thriving in Sarlahi offices: NVC, by Aman Koirala (kp 02/04/2013)

CIAA directs govt not to implement new spectrum policy (kp 28/03/2013), Ministry, NTA in quandary after CIAA directive (kp 29/03/2013)

CIAA commissioner: Anti-graft activist warns of stir against Karki appointment (kp 18/03/2013), Karki named to head CIAA: Panel urges UML chief to backtrack (kp 20/03/2013)

Hand that feeds: Corruption inside NGOs can be often be traced to donors themselves, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 13/03/2013)

NVC probes TUTH ‘irregularities’ (kp 12/03/2013)

Stop power abuse: NVC to electricity office: Order follows investigation into alleged misuse of authority and state facility by officials (ht 10/03/2013)

Officials above secy level to face greater scrutiny, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 07/03/2013)

VDC to CIAA corruption plagued, interview with Sharada Bhusal (rep 07/03/2013)

Systemic malaise: There’s an urgent need to rejuvenate anti-graft efforts (kp 01/03/2013)

Minister’s bid to capture forest land foiled (ht 24/02/2013)

Don’t squander funds, CIAA tells government (kp 23/02/2013)

Anti-graft activists held ahead of death fast (kp 23/02/2013), Anti-corruption protesters end up behind bars (ht 24/02/2013), Fight against graft to continue in police custody (ht 24/02/2013), Campaigners defy govt crackdown, by Samik Kharel (kp 25/02/2013), Anti-graft crusader in ill health, by Samik Kharel (kp 27/02/2013), Frail, anti-corruption crusader vows to continue fast, by Samik Kharel (kp 28/02/2013), Anti-corruption activist's health worsens as fast-unto-death enters day six (nn 28/02/2013), CIAA asks Bhusal to break anti-graft fast (kp 01/03/2013), Anti-graft strike enters Day 7 (ht 01/03/2013), Govt reaches out to crusaders (kp 02/03/2013), Anti-graft crusader Bhusal ends death fast after govt pledge, by Bhadra Sharma and Samik Kharel (kp 03/03/2013)

Court indicts bank promoter for fraud (kp 15/02/2013)

CTEVT office raided, documents held on anomaly suspicion (kp kp 13/02/2013), CIAA seals Standard Determination Division Office at CTEVT: Action prompted by allegations of financial irregularities in granting of affiliation to nursing and medical colleges (ht 13/02/2013)

Employees ‘misappropriate’ amount, by Ishwori Neupane (kp 10/02/2013)

Dhanusha budget misuse: CIAA quizzes consumer committee representatives, by Shyamsundar Shashi (kp 06/02/2013)

Defence sphere at high graft risk, says TI, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 04/02/2013), 'Nepal defence sector at high risk of corruption' (nn 04/02/2013)

Panels to present graft reports in Maoist closed session, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 03/02/2013)

New policy to recover misused local funds, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 02/02/2013)

DFID launches 'anti-corruption and counter fraud strategy' (nn 01/02/2013)

Touring PM, ministers drain Rs 5m in 8 mths (kp 28/01/2013)

Traders say customs giving hard time after bonus cut, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 28/01/2013)

NOC forms team to investigate bribe scam (ht 18/01/2013) [There must be an independent investigation! Anything else is nonsense!!]

Police accused of ‘extorting’ trucks loaded with buffaloes (kp 15/01/2013)

Graft panel for suspending 62 Maoist leaders (kp 14/01/2013) [Such kind of commission has to be independent! Culprits cannot investigate themselves!!]

SSP Shrestha’s fate hangs in balance, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 13/01/2013)

Head teacher accused of misusing school fund: Locals say he embezzled the money for personal use (ht 13/01/2013)

Apex court convicts former NOC chief of graft (nn 09/01/2013), SC convicts former NOC chief Sharma of corruption (kp 10/01/2013), Ex-NOC chief gets one-year jail for graft (ht 10/01/2013)

The other half: Private sector corruption, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 08/01/2013)

CAAN appointments in controversy: Disqualified candidates move CIAA, accusing officials of nepotism (ht 04/01/2013)

Penalty elusive for controversial Bir director (kp 03/01/2013)

10 NEA staffers face music for assisting power tariff defaulters (kp 02/01/2013)

Secy effects massive reshuffle at CIAA, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 29/12/2012)

NOC forms team to probe corruption charge (ht 28/12/2012) [There must be an independent probe team!!]

Private perceptions: The private sector’s views on the corruption problem is difficult to gauge, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 27/12/2012)

Elimination of corruption: Wishful thinking, by Surendra R. Devkota (ht 25/12/2012)

Telecom spectrum allocation lawful: CIAA; Anti-graft body’s ruling contradicts PAC decision which had suspected ‘irregularities’ in allocation, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 25/12/2012), Former PAC members say spectrum controversy will be re-investigated, by Ramesh Shrestha and Bhadra Sharma (kp 26/12/2012)

Corruption charge filed against forest minister (kp 23/12/2012)

NEA staffers seek ‘extra money’ for power connection, by Ashok Thapa (kp 23/12/2012)

Don’t even think about it: Studies have proven that people do not act illegally when they think they are being watched, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 21/12/2012)

NVC recovers bounced cheques from TU body (kp 19/12/2012)

Illegal chicken import: Two under-secys among suspended quarantine officials (kp 17/12/2012)

Foul play: PM has earned infamy by replacing a competent manager by his sister-in-law (kp 14/12/2012)

‘VDC secys embezzle Rs 6.6 m annually’ (ht 10/12/2012)

Ramechhap folk denied social security funds, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 09/12/2012)

Govt efforts to tame corruption ineffective, says PM (nn 09/12/2012), Bhattarai rues graft control failure (ht 10/12/2012)

Crooked ways: The improvement in Nepal’s corruption index is telling of the fact that much more remains to be done, by Shyam K.C. (kp 07/12/2012)

Land encroachment goes unchecked in Dailekh (kp 06/12/2012)

TIA Runway & Helipad Scam: CIAA probe reaching nowhere, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 05/12/2012)

Nepal 139th in global corruption index (nn 05/12/2012), Nepal among most corrupt nations: TI (kp 06/12/2012) [see TI report], Nepal 139th out of 174 countries in Global Corruption Index (ht 06/12/2012)

Apex court rejects Khadka’s appeal (kp 04/12/2012), No review of Khadka case: The ex-minister also not allowed to walk free (ht 04/12/2012)

8 officials suspended for govt funds misuse (kp 03/12/2012)

Local govt representatives’ integrity in question: Four VDC secys of Saptari suspended for gobbling up widows’ funds (ht 03/12/2012), Four VDC secys, division engineers suspended for corruption (nn 03/12/2012)

5 cops caught red-handed taking bribe (kp 02/12/2012), Five traffic cops caught taking bribe (ht 02/12/2012)

12 Dhanusha officialsto face action for graft (kp 01/12/2012)

DoFE officer suspended over bribery charges, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 30/11/2012)

Birgunj sub-metropolis funds misuse: Probe begins, by Shankar Acharya (kp 29/11/2012)

Former joint-secy convicted of graft (kp 28/11/2012), Former joint secy convicted of graft: Sabitri Rajbhandari becomes first woman ex-bureaucrat to get jail term for corruption (ht 28/11/2012)

Another ex-official sent behind bars (kp 24/11/2012)

Spl Court slaps 18-month jail on former secretary (kp 23/11/2012), Former defence secy convicted of graft: Handed down 18-month jail; Slapped with Rs 6.6 million fine (ht 23/11/2012)

Corrupt integrity: Role of integrity in corruption control, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 22/11/2012)

Ex-minister’s vehicle seized: Auction set to start soon, says district court (ht 19/11/2012)

Schools ‘misuse’ scholarship funds (kp 09/11/2012)

Dealing with dirty money, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 07/11/2012)

Breaking the vicious cycle: Corruption and development, by Sukhdev Shah (rep 06/11/2012)

Panchthar DEO asked to return misused funds, by Labadev Dhungana (kp 02/11/2012)

Joshi heads CIAA, vows to combat corruption (kp 01/11/2012)

Saptari symptoms: Politicians in collusion with bureaucrats have embezzled billions meant for local development, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 30/10/2012), Donors unite to fight funds misuse, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 09/11/2012)

Bribery thriving in Rolpa DFO: Traders, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 29/10/2012)

CIAA to take up Kumar Belbase bribery scandal, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 27/10/2012)

Corruption in Nepal Police: Off the beaten path, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 27/10/2012)

Cantonment corruption: Nepal’s peace negotiators have sought an easy and quick access to peace—to buy peace rather than to build it, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 22/10/2012)

SC clips judicial, quasi-judicial powers of PAC: Says parliamentary panels encroaching NAC’s autonomy, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 22/10/2012)

Belbase graft case tip of iceberg: Tape scandal points out a subtle but widespread corruption in bureaucracy, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 21/10/2012)

Minister Belbase caught on tape asking for bribe, by Bhadra Sharma and Roshan Sedhai (kp 20/10/2012), Put in papers: PM to Labour Minister; Belbase's party denies bribery charges (nn 20/10/2012), Minister Belbase resigns
over bribery charges
, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 21/10/2012)

Pokhara sub-metropolis faces graft investigation, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 20/10/2012)

Maoist corruption probe panel misses deadline (nn 19/10/2012) [Corruption has to be checked by an independent institution, not by a panel of the offe nders! This is ridiculous!!]

CIAA to investigate ‘nepotism’ (kp 17/10/2012)

A clear line must be drawn between politics and criminality, interview with Kuber Singh Rana (kp 15/10/2012)

Maoist graft report to be made public on Oct 19 (ht 15/10/2012)

Race for CIAA chief: Banskota likely to pip three others, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 10/10/2012)

Sugar price scam: Consumer forum asks CIAA to probe ‘irregularity’ in Salt Trading, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 10/10/2012)

PM, 13 ministers yet to furnish property details, by Rudra Pangeni (ht 10/10/2012)

Tanker operators stealing LPG en route to destination, by Bhushan Yadav (kp 10/10/2012)

Khadka’s review petition (kp 09/10/2012)

Malady of misuse at the local level: Bureaucratic path is not the answer, by Mukti Rijal (ht 08/10/2012)

Education Minister’s daughter taking govt vehicle for spin: Using it for personal purpose; Officials complain they don’t have a ride (ht 06/10/2012)

Former secy convicted of graft: Special Court sentences Pokharel to one and a half years in jail, fines Rs 58.5m (kp 05/10/2012), Ex-Home Secy gets 18-month jail: Court imposes Rs 5.8 million fine on Padam Prasad Pokhrel (ht 05/10/2012)

Court convicts former FinMin posthumously, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 04/10/2012), Late ex-minister Sharma convicted: Special Court asks confiscation of Rs 22.7 m from family (ht 04/10/2012)

CIAA moves apex court against Kharel’s acquittal (kp 03/10/2012)

Corruption spree: Government officials vindicate the public claim that corruption has increased manifold, by Udaya R. Wagle (kp 02/10/2012)

Stop facilities for ex-officials: CIAA (ht 02/10/2012)

Barriers to anti-corruption initiative, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 30/09/2012)

Doctors without borders, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 30/09/2012)

Rotten deals: Peace can be bought in the political markets through the currency called corruption, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 25/09/2012)

Birgunj customs officials involved in fake invoices, by Shiromani Dhungana (ht 24/09/2012)

Probe of graft charge against politicians in final stage: CIAA (ht 24/09/2012)

Corruption charge against Dahal, PM, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 22/09/2012), UML youth move CIAA against Bhattarai, Dahal: Accuse Maoist leaders of embezzling billions (ht 22/09/2012)

Keeping it dark: Climate aid expenses are mandatorily made transparent to the donors while they remain unavailable for the taxpayers, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp 21/09/2012)

Ungodly practice at god’s abode! PADT shows unconvincing records of Pashupati income for Teej day (ht 20/09/2012)

Social security fund to be monitored (ht 20/09/2012)

Rautahat VDC secys under CIAA scanner, by Shiva Puri (kp 20/09/2012)

Open corruption flouting all norms: Deadly politician-criminal nexus, by Gyan Basnet (ht 17/09/2012)

Deforestation in Dandeldhura: CIAA drags 196 to court, seeks Rs 43m from them, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 17/09/2012)

CIAA ‘pursuing’ charges of corruption in cantonments (kp 17/09/2012)

CIAA to investigate graft in Maoist cantonments: It’s waiting for reports of two UCPN-M panels (ht 05/09/2012)

Probe on arms purchase begins: ‘Nepal Police bought at inflated prices’ (ht 05/09/2012)

Record corruption cases in 2011-12, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 03/09/2012)

Top cops under CIAA scanner for graft: Anti-graft body launches investigation into property details of DIG Singh and SSP Chand, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 01/09/2012)

Ex-joint secy gets 15-month sentence (kp 29/08/2012), Ex-bureaucrat convicted of graft SC slaps 15-month jail term, Rs 12 million fine (ht 29/08/2012)

UCPN (Maoist) district leader admits taking ‘donations’ from contractors involved in construction of international airport in Pokhara (nn 28/08/2012)

Govt suspends 18 officials for misusing funds, by Bhadra Sharma and Shyamsundar Sashi (kp 27/08/2012)

Dishonesty to cost 21 officials dear (kp 24/08/2012)

Black property: Illegally amassed wealth of politicians needs investigating (kp 24/08/2012), Confessions of a politician: Despite being a politician writing on politics, Prakash Chandra Lohani’s book is not all subjective and filled with political rhetoric, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp 24/08/2012)

Licence to loot: In the absence of local governance, Dipsung VDC in Khotang has become a hotbed for corruption, by Saindra Rai (nt 24/08/2012)

Corrupt(ion) Verdicts, by Narayan Manandhar (tg 22/08/2012)

Who’s next? A strong CIAA means many powerful politicians in jail. That’s why the anti-graft body is weak, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 22/08/2012)

Metro police stations sans phones following ‘misuse’, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 21/08/2012)

CIAA likely to be more ineffective after secretary’s retirement: Govt not botheredto fill vacancies at anti-graft body (ht 21/08/2012)

JCFL's Gupta convicted of corruption; sent to prison for 4 yrs (nn 17/08/2012)

Catch ‘em all: Khadka’s conviction must have sent shivers down the spines of many ministers, past and present, by Shyam K.C. (kp 17/08/2012)

The larger picture: Recent conviction aside, major anti-corruption efforts have halted (kp 15/08/2012)

SC slaps NC leader Khadka 18 months jail sentence; Rs. 9.5 m penalty for corruption (nn 14/08/2012), Khadka's supporters take to streets against SC verdict (nn 14/08/2012), Former minister Khadka convicted of graft: SC sentences him to 18 months in prison; Slaps Rs 9.47 million fine, by Pranab Kharel (kp 15/08/2012), SC verdict draws widespread applause, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 15/08/2012), Will give in, says convicted Khadka (kp 16/08/2012), NC leader Khadka makes political charged statement as he goes to jail (nn 22/08/2012) [You would lose future elections either! NC politicians currently don't need others to make themselves ineligible!], Khadka
submits self, sent to prison
, by Pranab Kharel (kp 23/08/2012), NC leaders for probing judicial graft (kp 25/08/2012)

Lost in transit: Funds allocated for marginalised groups should reach them in full (kp 07/07/2012)

Graft-plagued districts in focus Govt assessing their performance (ht 05/08/2012)

‘Sthapit siphoned off Rs 38.5m’ (kp 01/08/2012)

CIAA grills NAC chief (kp 01/08/2012)

Final verdict on graft case against former minister Khadka on Aug 14 (nn 31/07/2012), Khadka case final hearing on August 14 (kp 01/08/2012)

SC stays ordinance on state facilities to VVIPs (nn 31/07/2012), SC stays govt move to provide state facilities to former VIPs (kp 01/08/2012), SC stays state facilities to ex-VIPs again, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 01/08/2012), No country for luxury: VIPs should consider what they’ve given before extracting benefits (kp 02/08/2012) [!!!], Former PM Chand also returns state-owned vehicle (nn 02/08/2012), Two former PMs, ten CJs yet to return govt vehicles (nn 03/08/2012)

As pressure mounts, Nepal, Poudel hand back vehicles to govt (kp 27/07/2012), YAN warns to confiscate state-owned vehicle used by VIPs (nn 28/07/2012), More bigwigs buckle under pressure (kp 30/07/2012)

Cast a wider net: CIAA needs mandate to investigate the Army, private sector, (I)NGOs, parties and the judiciary (kp 27/07/2012)

Govt in bid to fight cancer of corruption, by Prakash Acharya (kp 24/07/2012)

Army corruption to come under CIAA ambit, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 24/07/2012)

Govt proposes extradition and legal assistance treaties to combat corruption, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 23/07/2012)

Head teachers charged with corruption (kp 20/07/2012)

Ex-envoys flouting rules, yet to returnred passports: Most of them were political appointees, say officials (ht 18/07/2012)

Govt announces big perks for VIPs (rep 18/07/2012), Ex PMs, Home Ministers, CJs and Speakers to get lifelong state largesse (nn 18/07/2012), SC moved over ordinance (kp 27/07/2012)

Ethics in business: Role of corporate governance, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 14/07/2012)

Corruption And Water Resources, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 14/07/2012)

50 projects under NVC scanner (ht 13/07/2012)

Corruption in ongoing development works in Dailekh (nn 11/07/2012)

Ex-minister Khadka’s hearing put off again (ht 03/07/2012)

Cabinet panel okays anti-graft action plan (kp 03/07/2012)

69 ex-MPs yet to part with red passports (ht 30/06/2012)

Urgent Reforms, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 30/06/2012)

SC convicts ex-customschief of corruption: Slaps nine-month sentence, fines Rs 3.2 million, confiscates property (ht 28/06/2012)

Pumps widely divert cheaper diesel to industries, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 17/06/2012)

Ex-MPs yet to return red passports: 231 former CA members haven’t complied with NVC fiat, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 15/06/2012)

Poverty Fund charters helicopters, by Rudra Khadka (rep 13/06/2012)

Special Court starts hearing on Joshi graft case (nn 11/06/2012), Hearing on Joshi corruption case (ht 12/06/2012), Hearing on graft case put off (ht 21/06/2012), Final hearing on Joshi case on July 25 (kp 22/06/2012)

3 big parties accused of pocketing dev fund, by Krishna Acharya (kp 07/06/2012)

11 ex-MPs fail to return vehicles (ht 04/06/2012), CIAA says get vehicles back from ex-MPS: Directs authorities to do the needful at the earliest (ht 06/06/2012)

CIAA halts ex-lawmakers’ last perks (kp 01/06/2012)

CIAA revokes Dhungel's appointment (rep 25/05/2012)

Official convicted of amassing property illegally (kp 23/05/2012)

Court summons CA on Gupta’s membership (ht 23/05/2012)

Corrupt’s choice: Transport, land and immigration offices, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 22/05/2012)

Private Sector And Corruption, by Anirudra Neupane (rn 21/05/2012)

Revenue chief gets six months in jail for graft (ht 17/05/2012)

Vicious cycle: Corruption during transition, by Anuj Mishra (rep 16/05/2012)

Comprehensive anti-graft action plan on anvil: To be tabled in Cabinet soon for approval (kp 16/05/2012)

CIAA stops export of betel nuts (kp 15/05/2012)

Holes in Education Ministry account book: Rs 20 billion unaccounted for; PAC sub-panel seeks action (ht 15/05/2012)

Shake it up: Restructuring CIAA, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 12/05/2012), Whither We Go?, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 13/05/2012)

Former LDO, engineer sent in judicial custody (kp 05/05/2012)

Ex-minister for culture held on fraud charge (ht 05/05/2012), Former minister Prasai accused of selling land using fake papers (kp 06/05/2012)

Report shows how judge, attorney got sacked, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 05/05/2012)

CIAA drags 41 officials to court, by Bhadra Sharma and Laxmi Sah (kp 01/05/2012)

CIAA scrutiny of Cabinet decisions must for controlling policy-level corruption, by Kamal Raj Sigdel (kp 01/05/2012)

Misappropriation thrives in unrepresented local bodies (kp 01/05/2012)

Political Transparency, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 28/04/2012)

CIAA directs ministries not to transfer funds to politicians’ pet projects (kp 27/04/2012)

CIAA tells govt not to misuse budget (ht 27/04/2012)

CIAA summons KMC chief Adhikari (kp 27/04/2012)

Top traffic cop slams 'smear campaign' (rep 26/04/2012), Am squeaky clean, says traffic DIG (kp 26/04/2012), DIG Rai challenges all to prove he’s at fault (ht 26/04/2012)

CIAA delves into misuse of PLA funds (ht 26/04/2012)

Stop fund transfer, dole-outs, PAC tells govt (rep 25/04/2012)

SC upholds Special Court decision (kp 25/04/2012)

Gupta seeks to attend CA meet (kpo 25/04/2012)

Forms Of Corruption, by Pranav Battarai (rn 21/04/2012)

NHRC members seek CIAA help: File corruption chargeagainst two colleagues, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 21/04/2012)

Ex-Prez, PMs to get quarters, staff (rep 19/04/2012) [This is only practicable if you don't change the government every few months as it is tradition in Nepal! Else, it is a form of corruption!!]

Corruption watch: The anti-graft body CIAA requires some transformations to fight corruption (kp 19/04/2012)

CIAA appointment: Supreme Court asks govt to allow Baral to assume office (kp 19/04/2012)

Army, parties may come under CIAA watchlist, by Anil Giri (kp 18/04/2012)

Judge quits to escape JC probe: Sharma’s verdict on ex-minister Gupta was questioned, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 18/04/2012)

MoAC secy under scanner: Chaudhary had gone abroad without PMO’s prior approval (kp 15/04/2012)

No red herring: Corruption in security sector, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 15/04/2012)

Wagle to get jail waiver (kp 12/04/2012)

Sudan scam: Special Court finds ‘serious lapses’ in CIAA investigation, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 11/04/2012), Home Ministry turned blind eye (ht 11/04/2012)

CIAA to probe clean-up drive (kp 11/04/2012)

Magar does it again, by Samiksha Koirala (rep 10/04/2012), Minister Magar seek clarification from TIA, NAC officials for 'leaking information' (rep 11/04/2012)

NB Insurance embezzles Rs 58m of public funds, by Rupak D. Sharma (rep 10/04/2012)

Convicted ex-IGPs still enjoying state facilities, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 09/04/2012)

Challenges Of Anti-Corruption Battle, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 07/04/2012)

Man in the mirror: When Madhav Nepal speaks of corruption, he should know that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, by Shyam K.C. (kp 06/04/2012)

SC seeks treasury dole-out details: Wants names of recipients of govt largesse since 2006-07 (ht 06/04/2012)

Special Court acquits former IGP Kharel, again, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 05/04/2012)

Special Court convicts ex-IGP Bohora of corruption; slaps 18 months jail sentence (nn 03/04/2012), Bohara convicted of corruption, slapped jail term, Rs 2.68m fine, by Sundar Khanal (rep 04/04/2012), Former police chief Bohara sent to jail on graft charge (kp 04/04/2012), 18-month jail term for former IGP Bohara, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 04/04/2012)

Terrible follies: Prime Minister and corruption, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 31/03/2012)

Frequent fliers: That it requires a sojourn abroad to have any meaningful discussion among politicians is viewed with suspicion by many here in Nepal, by Deepak Thapa (kp 29/03/2012)

Spl court sends IRD officer to jail, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 28/03/2012)

CIAA tightens net around DG Yadav, by Samik Kharel (kp 27/03/2012)

Government suspends TEPC chief Shrestha (kp 27/03/2012)

Officer faces CIAA corruption charge (kp 26/(03/2012)

Graft cases put on SC backburner: Panel’s recommendations for speeding up verdict being ignored (ht 23/03/2012)

SC yet to clear 340 corruption cases, by Pranab Kharel (kp 21/03/2012)

Prison is no deterrent: The only thing corrupt people are afraid of is losing their illegally-amassed wealth, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 21/03/2012)

Corruption and democracy: Any relation?, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht 21/034/2012)

CIAA seeks Pokhara airport details, by Samiksha Koirala (rep 20/03/2012), Pokhara airport MoU signed before calling construction bid (rep 22/03/2012)

Dig Deeper And Further, by Shyam K.C. (rn 20/03/2012)

Frugal PM gives Rs 20m for Maoist Everest bid, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 17/03/2012), Condemnation mounts as govt gives Rs 20m to Dahal son’s Everest team (kp 17/03/2012), Dahal son’s Everest team to get crores: Govt draws flak for doling out money; NC, UML youth wings warn of protests (ht 17/03/2012), Misspending Of State Coffers (rn 18/03/2012), Country outraged by ‘birth of new princelings’; Students to govt: Rescind move in 24 hrs, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/03/2012), Prakash's team shuns govt aid (rep 19/03/2012), Maoist ‘princeling’ bows to public pressure, rejects state money (kp  19/03/2012), The Prakash Dahal scam, by Shrochis Karki (rep 20/03/2012)

CIAA summons state minister Laxman Mahato (rep 16/03/2012), State minister grilled for ‘graft’, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 17/03/2012)

Leaders, officials on the take: Complaint, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 14/03/2012)

A Flickering Hope, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 10/03/2012)

Domino effect: Progress on graft, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 06/03/2012)

Minister Datta aids illegal betel nut export to India, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 05/03/2012)

Under-secy held on Rs 40m graft charge (kp 05/03/2012), Corruption-accused under secy of Foreign Employment Promotion Board sent to judicial custody (nn 06/03/2012)

Govt staff accused of illegal land sale, by Manoj Basnet (kp 04/03/2012)

Hushed up, CIAA letter to SC on ex-registrar probe, by Kamal Raj Sigdel and Bhadra Sharma (kp 03/03/2012)

Missing NAC aircraft wheels found at New Delhi airport (kp 02/03/2012)

Minister's aide caught taking bribe (rep 29/02/2012), State Minister Mahato’s personal assistant caught taking bribe, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 01/03/2012), Minister’s aide held for graft: Caught red-handed with Rs 50,000 bribe (ht 01/03/2012), Forest state minister under CIAA scanner (rep 02/03/2012), Phone conversation shows minister's role in bribery (rep 03/03/2012)

Out on a limb: Nepal's forests are threatened by politicians protecting illegal loggers and corrupt forest officials, by Dewan Rai (nt 24/02/2012)

On a roll: Surpeme Court should continue on its march against the corrupt (kp 23/02/2012)

JP Gupta jailed for graft, fined Rs 8.4m, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 22/02/2012), MPRF-R laments SC verdict on Gupta, by Gani Ansari (rep 22/02/2012), Apex court sends corrupt sitting minister to jail: JP Gupta pleads guilty, but says verdict ‘intended to sabotage’ struggle for Madhesi rights, by Pranab Kharel (kp 22/02/2012), Spl Court judge who acquitted Gupta was mired in controversy, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 22/02/2012), Minister Gupta convicted for graft: First incumbent Cabinet member to be jailed; Gets 18-month term, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 22/02/2012), Madhesi leader who switched many parties (ht 22/02/2012), Dilli Bazaar jail now home to three ex-ministers (ht 22/02/2012), Corruption convict Gupta suspended from party (nn 22/02/2012), Special Court judges who acquitted Gupta set to face action (nn 22/02/2012), Gupta's indictment (rep 23/02/2012), JP Gupta stripped of CA membership (ht 24/02/2012), Gupta’s party to seek SC verdict review (kp 26/02/2012) [???]

Authorities clueless about status of CDCs, by Manoj Poudel (kp 22/02/2012)

IC misappropriation through fake customs documents: Bankers threaten halt to IC transactions, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep 22/02/2012), DRI vows to take action against banks (rep 24/02/2012)

State-owned firm selling pilfered fertilizer packages, by Khilanath Dhakal (rep 22/02/2012)

Transparent money: Growing levels of corruption, criminalisation of politics, widespread impunity and decreasing accountability shows us the importance of controlling money in politics, by Seira Tamang (kp 21/02/2012)

Irregularity slur on Sajha chairperson (kp 18/02/2012)

Making them bare it all: Money is not everything, but following it reveals a lot about the way our public institutions function, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 12/02/2012)

Sudan scam: 3 ex-police chiefs get 2 yrs in jail, 31 officers cleared, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 14/02/2012), Sudan scam: 5 convicted, 31 get clean chit: Special Court sends 3 former police chiefs, two suppliers to slammer, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 14/02/2012), Swift courts: The first verdict on Sudan Scam is welcome change (kp 15/02/2012)

Legalizing corruption: Nothing to lose, by Sukhdev Shah (rep 14/02/2012)

CIAA probes ministers’ property, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 08/02/2012)

CIAA probe confirms massive deforestation in Far-West, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 07/02/2012)

NAC suspends 16 employees (ht 06/02/2012)

CIAA case against two engineers (kp 04/02/2012)

Lights, camera, action! The PM’s action plans may have the best of intentions, but they are not sufficient to curb corruption, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 02/02/2012)

Forest officers suspended for 'timber smuggling', by Gajendra Bohara (rep 01/02/2012)

Wrong diagnosis, by Mukesh Khanal (rep 30/01/2012)

Missing NAC aircraft parts: Probe seeks action against 26 officials (kp 30/01/2012)

Migrant workers greasing TIA officials’ palms, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 30/01/2012)

Reduction in bribery cases? Legalizing corruption!, by Sukhdev Shah (ht 30/03/2012)

Guidelines on fund distribution lands NPC in hot water (rep 28/01/2012)

Corruption case filed against health minister, by Manish Gautam (kp 28/01/2012)

CIAA says helipad crumbled due to poor construction (kp 28/01/2012)

Political Party Finance: A Source Of Corruption: Party politics in Nepal have for long been bounded by intense competition power, by Tanka Raj Niraula (sp 27/01/2012)

40 Jumlis bring corruption case to centre: Say contractors, officials misused Rs 500,000 irrigation budget, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 26/01/2012), Jumla calling: Local corruption cases shouldn’t have to make it to the centre (kp 27/01/2012), Succour to 16 ‘stranded’ Jumla locals (kp 10/02/2012)

CIAA finds no foul play, gives clean-chit to NT plans (rep 22/01/2012)

Civil Society And Anti-Corruption-II, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 21/01/2012)

Fall from grace, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 21/01/2012)

Sudan scam: CIAA all set to file ‘supplement case’, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 18/01/2012)

CIAA stops selection process of NEA head (rep 17/01/2012)

Irregularities least at MoHP (ht 17/01/2012)

Top officials misusing road funds, says probe (kp 16/01/2012)

Local level corruption: Finally, some hope, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 14/01/2012)

Cop suspended for accepting bribe (kp 14/01/2012)

Give up dual facilities, CIAA tells minister (rep 13/01/2012), Minister’s facilities blocked (kp 13/01/2012)

WFP food ‘sold’; CIAA orders ignored, by Khagendra Awasthi (kp 12/01/2012)

PAC grills NA, Defence officials: Army denies irregularity allegations (kp 12/01/2012)

PAC refers frequency licensing scam to CIAA (rep 10/01/2012)

One Bold Step Towards Order At The Bottom, by Prem Khatry (rn 10/01/2012)

Parliamentary committee directs govt to 'bring back' military antiques auctioned off to US company (nn 10/01/2012)

Reopen Joshi case: SC to Special Court (rep 09/01/2012), SC redirects Joshi case to Spl Court, by Pranab Kharel (kp 09/01/2012)

CIAA halts APF recruitment, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 09/01/2012), Irregularities in APF selection test: Directive from headquarters led to indefinite postponement of results (ht 09/01/2012)

Corruption watch (kp 09/01/2012)

PAC subcommittee recommends CIAA probe in license, frequency allocation, by Samiksha Koirala (rep 09/01/2012)

CIAA team monitors Dadeldhura forest To probe tree felling case (ht 08/01/2012)

Polymer note printing scam: Pande duo face CIAA probe, by Rupak D. Sharma (rep 07/01/2012)

Corruption In Security Sector, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 07/01/2012)

TU funds misuse on CIAA radar, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 05/01/2012)

Curbing corruption (kp 05/01/2012)

Special Court begins final hearing on Sudan scam (kp 04/01/2012)

House panel to probe military antiques sale (kp 04/01/2012)

Tainted former chief credit officer of MNDB traceless for two weeks, by Manoj Adhikari (rep 03/01/2012)

Ex-PM aide won’t part with car (ht 03/01/2012)

Corruption and political parties: The rot within, by Pranav Bhattarai (rep 01/01/2012)

Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA)

Transparency International - Nepal (TI-Nepal)

Transparency International Nepal. National Integrity System Assessment – Nepal 2014. Kathmandu

Statement on the CIAA and reports on investigation of Social Science Baha (SSB) and Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) (BNAC 01/10/2016)

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