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Permanent crisis (current year) [partially commented link collection]

Since the Delhi Agreement between seven parliamentary parties and the insurgent CPN (Maoist) of 22 November 2005, the people of Nepal have been waiting in vain for the promised realisation of an inclusive democratic system. Although the then putsching monarchy was abolished and a constitution was passed in 2015 after long power struggles between the political parties, even this was the sole work of the exclusively male leaders of the three major parties, predominantly male Bahuns. The appropriate participation of all social groups, as provided for in the interim constitution of January 2007, did not take place. In this respect, the constitution of 2015 even represented in part a step backwards compared to the interim constitution.
Thus, apart from the abolition of the monarchy, not much has changed since the 1990 system. Numerous fundamental human rights continue to be disregarded. There is no inclusion of all social groups. All power and the majority of all state functions are still in the hands of male Khas Arya, especially male Bahuns.  The latter make up hardly 6 percent of the population, but the identification of the state and its society and culture, in short the nationalist image of the state of Nepal, is still based on the culture and partly narrow-minded, anarchic, patriarchal and socially discriminating view and thinking of this small minority. As long as this state of affairs continues and the failed generation of political leaders of all parties is not replaced by a younger generation that is inclusive, open-minded, receptive and not exclusively oriented towards personal power interests, there will be no end to the crisis situation.

Since today's political parties and their leaders are proven to be disinterested in solving the crisis and, to make matters worse, supporters of the long-failed systems of monarchy and Hindu state are trying to use the failure of politics to revitalise their own interests, the title of this sub-page has been changed from Crisis solution to Permanent crisis.

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Crisis solution (current)

29/05/2024: For women in foreign employment, the way to empowerment back home is not easy : Stories of three women who returned from abroad for good and started a new life back home, overcoming barriers aplenty, by Sunita Baral (kp), Undrinkable : Safe drinking water is a fundamental right. The authorities are duty-bound to fulfil that (kp), A budget that overlooks federalism : The government prioritises strengthening federalism, but the policies don’t reflect that, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Budget 2024/025: Charting the country’s economic course, by Srija Khanal (kh), Rs1.86 trillion financial plan with lofty goals : Economists say the carefully organised fiscal plan is bloated and will boost growth. But it could also push up inflation, by Sangam Prasain (kp), Government to set up peace fund to address conflict victims’ concerns : Rs1 million was offered in relief to the families of those killed or forcibly disappeared during the decade-long Maoist insurgency but many have been left out (kp) [This alone is not enough for justice! Furthermore, the amount of not even 7,000 euros is completely inappropriate.], Hearing on writ against Home Minister Lamichhane postponed (kh), House panel will probe cooperatives linked to home minister, others : CPN-UML’s Surya Thapa leads the seven-member committee, which has representation of five parties, by Anil Giri (kh), Numbers of youth seeking foreign employment opportunities surge, by Sabita Khadka (rep), 4,035 migrant Nepali workers died abroad in three years (rn), Translate Republican Ideals Into Reality, by Namrata Sharma (rn), Help Nepal combat climate crisis, by Jagadish Dahal (ae),Chinese envoy in Nepal courts controversy with apology demand from journalist over X post (rep) [This is not the first time he has failed to show diplomatic manners. China has had better ambassadors in Nepal!], Debate erupts in Nepal over Chinese Ambassador Song’s social media conduct (kh), Campaign objects to Chinese Ambassador’s threats to journalists (kh) , Perceived agriculture budget decrease due to lower fertilizer prices: FinMin Pun (rep) [The agricultural budget does not do justice at all to the importance and urgent needs of agriculture. So let's continue to drive up food imports and send even more young people into labour migration!], KMG Chairman Sirohiya released on general date (rep), Deuba’s residence hosts opposition parties’ meeting: Madhav Nepal joins discussion (kh) [!!??]

28/05/2024: Prachanda, do you hear us? It is striking that even the monarchists hadn’t quite harassed and intimidated KMG like this, by Mitra Pariyar (kp) [Politicians like Dahal, Oli and Deuba talk a lot, often nonsense, but they don't see, don't read and don't listen!], Kailash Sirohiya to be transferred to Kathmandu for medical treatment (kh), Dhanusha court extends KMG chair’s remand by three days : The man whose citizenship number matches Sirohiya’s is under pressure to remain silent, by Ajit Tiwari and Matrika Dahal (kp), Parties agree on probe panel TOR. Finalisation today : Home minister’s name won’t be mentioned. Panel will have three months to investigate the cooperatives scam, by Anil Giri (kp), NC endorses agreement to form parliamentary probe committee (kh), Why people have low expectations from budget : Because the country is at the peak of social despair, the new budget should address problems of the youths, say experts, by Purushottam Poudel (kp),, Next fiscal year to be a ‘Year of Economic Reform’ : Govt projects an economic growth of 3.9 percent for fiscal year 2024/25 (kh), Budget 2024/25: Average life expectancy 71.3 years, literacy 76 percent (kh), Government allocates Rs 60 billion to provinces and Rs 88 billion to local governments (kh), Government to lift ban on marijuana, brand local alcohols (kh), Government raises VAT on cigarettes and alcohol (kh), Women are unequally vulnerable to disaster risk : Gender issues are just an afterthought in contemporary DRR policies and practices, by Priya Kamarcharya (kp), Republican Rhetoric And Reality : The political parties and leaders that galvanised their forces to establish a new governing system have failed to translate the rhetoric into reality, by Nanda Lal Tiwari (rn), Madhes folks in Kathmandu to draw govt attention for Chure preservation, by Raj Karan Mahato (ae), Electoral system and political stability, by Jeetendra Dev (ae)

27/05/2024: People are now listening to democratically elected authoritarian leaders : It is shocking to me that some killings are considered non-serious, and could lead to de facto amnesty for those responsible, interview with Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnès Callamard by Binod Ghimire (kp), Asian Human Rights Commission condemns arrest of KMG Chair Sirohiya : Accuses Home Minister Lamichhane of political vendetta to silence the press (kp) [Those responsible should be arrested and brought to justice instead of Sirohiya, including all those who support the machinations out of pure greed for power and protect the really guilty from prosecution!], Writ petition filed in SC seeking removal of RSP chairman Lamichhane from his position as Home Minister (rep), Representatives from various fields come together to condemn Sirohiya’s arrest : They termed the arrest an attempt to suppress voices from other critical communities (kp), Dhanusha District Court extends Kailash Sirohiya’s detention by three more days (kh), Former administrative officer confirms signature on Sirohiya’s citizenship is his : Kashiraj Dahal, retired official, was interrogated by police in connection with the document (kp), Reminiscing last week: From Sirohiya’s arrest to PM’s vote of confidence (kh), LSP Chair Thakur worries over non-implementation of agreements (kh), 3.8 million Nepalis receive Social Security allowance (kh), Elderly in outlying Achham villages trek up to three days to collect social security allowances : Efforts by some local units to distribute allowances from ward offices have faced challenges owing to resource crunch and poor internet, by Menuka Dhungana (kp), Cooperative misappropriation: Baluwatar talks yield no breakthrough (kh) [There will be no solution as long as it is more important for the parties to protect their politicians!], SC hearing on petition against Home Minister Lamichhane and Attorney General Pokharel on Wednesday (kh), Government claims economic indicators improving amid political chaos : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal told Parliament he prefers not to resort to ordinances to present the new fiscal budget (kp), Kleptocracy casts a long shadow in Nepal, by Vidhu Prakash Kayastha (ae), SC nullifies Chief Minister Adhikari’s vote of confidence, Gandaki govt collapses (kh), Adhikari removed from chief minister’s post after Supreme Court’s order (nlt)

26/05/2024: Challenges of Nepali democracy : The actions of Prime Minister Dahal and his partners show that staying in power is their only goal, by Abhi Subedi (kp), NC holding protest in capital against cooperative fraud today (kh), New Congress proposal delays formation of House panel to probe cooperatives scam : The main opposition wants to name the cooperatives that the home minister received loans from and their office bearers in the probe terms of reference (kp), Back to streets, co-op victims ask coalition to honour past deals : Depositors scammed by cooperatives gather for the third phase of protests in order to recover their savings, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Sirohiya’s arrest unconstitutional and against the law: Former President Yadav. If there was any mistake in the citizenship certificate, the CDO could have sent a letter to the individual and corrected that, by Deepak Pariyar (kp), 21 editors of outlets across Asia call on PM Dahal to stop media intimidation : The umbrella body requested an immediate cessation of further police action and facilitation of a fair and appropriate legal process in the Sirohiya case (kp), Investigations reveal fake licenses were issued ‘under higher orders’ (rep), Parliament endorses govt’s policies and programs amid obstruction by NC (rep), Court Holds Key To Solve Political Disputes, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Govt arrears surge to over Rs 1.18 trillion: OAG Report (kh), Unified Socialist urges PM to end parliamentary obstructions (rep)

25/05/2024: Kailash Sirohiya’s case is an outcome of administrative flaws, experts say : Many allegations levelled against Kantipur Media Group chairman don’t need jail even when proven, they argue (kp), Amnesty International calls for Sirohiya’s immediate release : Secretary General Agnès Callamard asks Prime Minister Dahal for the reason behind arresting the KMG chairman (kp), KMG Chair Sirohiya hospitalized due to heart issues (kh), Rs 2400 billion outstanding public debt (kh), Parties inch closer on parliamentary probe of cooperatives scam : Leaders say Nepali Congress agreed to avoid the mention of Rabi Lamichhane in panel’s terms of reference, by Anil Giri (kp) [Not mentioning Lamichhane may be in the interests of maintaining the government's power, but certainly not in the interests of the rule of law!], CK Raut advocates for directly-elected executive for political stability (kh), Call For Embracing Republican Virtues, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn)

24/05/2024: Cooperatives victims to launch protests starting today (kh), Sirohiya to be presented at court for remand extension (kh), KMG chair Sirohiya’s remand extends by three days (nlt), Parties divided over naming Lamichhane in probe panel ToR : Opposition insists on investigating the home minister. Coalition says targeting an individual sets bad precedent, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [It is not about any individual, but about the Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Of course he must be included in the investigation. But the government is obviously more concerned about maintaining its parliamentary majority!], Global media bodies take serious exception to KMG chairman’s arrest : Sirohiya must be released and the work of the KMG protected, not hindered, says RSF (kp), KMG chair Kailash Sirohiya’s defence at Dhanusha district court : His lawyers on Wednesday explained how discrepancies had crept into Sirohiya’s citizenship card, as well as the official records. The arrest is needless as the defendant has no chance of altering the evidence when not in custody,’ they say (kp), Business organisations object to arrest of Kantipur publisher : The FNCCI, CNI, NCC, and AAN, among others, say the tendency of arresting anyone just based on a complaint is problematic (kp), The cry of Chure : The region’s degradation impacts the lives of all Nepalis, and the government must act fast to save it (kp), Police intervene in demonstration by families and relatives of Nepalis in Russian Army (rep) [This is what you would call great support from the government?]

23/05/2024: The Arrival of Communist Panchayat System, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), Push ahead with probe against home minister on dual passports and cooperatives fraud : A joint letter submitted by 31 editors to PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal on the arrest of KMG Chairman Kailash Sirohiya (kp), Congress vows to toughen stance on home minister investigation : Many leaders now say Lamichhane must quit for abusing his office to settle a personal score, by Anil Giri (kp) [Dahal will probably have to make a decision: Is the rule of law more important to him or saving his ruling majority by suppressing the investigation of the truth?], Sirohiya’s arrest draws widespread condemnation : More than two dozen editors conclude that the government had arrested KMG Chairman Sirohiya with the intent to pile pressure on, and instill fear in, the media fraternity (kp), Society of Professional Journalists questions motive behind Sirohiya’s arrest : Calls on the government to reaffirm its commitment to free and unfettered press (kh), Arrest of Kailash Sirohiya is deeply concerning: IFJ (kp) [see statement by IFJ], Supreme Court allows writ petition against letter aiming to shield Lamichhane : Attorney General’s Office on May 7 issued him a letter saying there are no cases against him in cooperatives fraud (kp), Amid parliamentary deadlock, what are the alternatives for introducing the budget? (kh), Burdens of bad air : While we do well in air quality monitoring, there is a gap in our mitigation measures (kp), An unbreathable future for children : The effect of air pollution on children and their families goes beyond health, by Ayush Joshi and Arun Rai (kp)

22/05/2024: Beyond Quotas for Women's Political Empowerment, by Aastha Pokharel (rep), Vendetta against media : Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane has exposed his anti-democratic character with the arrest of Kantipur Media Group chairman (kp), Dhanusha Police cite 6 grounds for arresting Kailash Sirohiya : Sirohiya in custody of District Police Office, Dhanusha (kh) [The reasons given may need to be clarified, but they are never enough to justify the arrest of a media boss whose publications reveal the machinations of many a politician on the basis of meticulous research. There have been politicians who did not even have Nepali citizenship, participated in elections and then even became Deputy Prime Minister! Others have unhinged the state and constitution and continue to manipulate political events and want to become PM again as soon as possible. Still others have been facing murder charges for years and still hold leading state offices. The list could go on and on. This is a targeted attack on the free media, nothing else!], Sirohiya presented at Dhanusha District Court, police seek five-day remand (kh), Arrest of KMG Chairman Sirohiya not a press freedom violation: RSP. "Distinction must be made between a profit-driven private enterprise and diligent journalist" (kh) [Okay, then Mr Lamichhane should be arrested immediately, because a distinction must be made between an upright politician who is interested in clarification and corrupt people who are interested in enrichment.], PM’s response: No personal grudge against Sirohiya, will be released easily through judicial process (kh) [This arrest is serious and inexcusable. Besides, how can a politician announce in advance what a court will decide? This is an abolition of the separation of powers!], KMG Chair Sirohiya to be presented at Dhanusha District Court for custody extension (kh) [The accusation could have been cleared up without an arrest!], Freedom of press, accountability, and transparency are guiding principles: US (kh), Leaders across political spectrum condemn Sirohiya’s arrest : Members of ruling and opposition parties, as well as the civil society, have denounced what they termed ‘hasty’ and ‘vindictive’ arrest of the Kantipur Media Group chairman (kp), Editors pen letter to PM expressing concern over KMG Chairman Sirohiya’s arrest (kh), PM Dahal urges public not to ‘overreact’ on Sirohiya's arrest amid legal proceedings (rep) [Clear protests against an attack on press freedom are not an overreaction! The government-owned newspaper Gorkhapatra only devoted a short note to the incident. Rising Nepal is completely silent on the matter. This strengthens the suspicion of manipulation from government circles!], Dhanusha District Court grants three-day-remand against KMG Chair Sirohiya (kh), Mismatch in PM Dahal’s assets raises eyebrows : It is clear that either he lied in 2016 or he is lying now, says Transparency International Nepal ex-chair Khem Raj Regmi, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Mr Lamichhane would call this sufficient reasons for immediate arrest!], Children from impoverished families missing school or struggling with attendance : Dropout rates and irregular attendance are high among girls, says Achham local unit official, by Menuka Dhungana (kp), Pitfalls of performative politics : All politics is performance, and any politician is only as good as his last act, by CK Lal (kp), NC to launch street protests against cooperative fraud : To demand Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane's resignation (kh), SC orders registration of writ petition against Home Minister Lamichhane and Attorney General Dr. Pokharel (rep)

21/05/2024: The  Nepali Puzzle : Nepalis are disgusted by political leaders due to their inability to show behaviors befitting the republic, by Lok Raj Baral (rep), Intricate web of alliances shaping Nepal’s political landscape (kh), Coalition steamrolls trust vote amid opposition protest : PM Dahal wins his fourth confidence vote in 16 months, by Anil Giri (kp), Fourth trust vote in 16 months for PM Dahal (ae) [Stable and competent governments, like PM Dahal's, simply need a vote of confidence every few weeks!], Experts find fault in Rabi Lamichhane’s ‘whataboutery’ approach in Parliament : Though he got the opportunity to speak at Parliament after insisting on it for two months, he didn’t present any convincing evidence to prove the allegations wrong, experts say, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Off the rails : Deputy PM and Home Minister Lamichhane’s Parliament speech on Sunday set a dangerously low bar for decorum (kp), Resolve Cooperatives Row Right Away, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Recessionary fallout on banking : The economic revival looks challenging if the government fails to take bold countercyclical measures, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Mountains in the spotlight, by Pratik Ghimire (ae), Dhanusha Court grants permission to issue arrest warrant against KMG Chairman Kailash Sirohiya (kh), KMG Chairman Sirohiya approaches SC seeking an order to prevent his arrest (rep), KMG Chairman Sirohiya alleges strategic intervention in media (rep), KMG Chairman Sirohia arrested, police preparing to take him to Janakpur (rep), Arrest of KMG Chairman Sirohiya a planned conspiracy by Home Minister Lamichhane: Senior Journalist Ghimire (kh), SC receives another writ against arrest of KMG Chair Sirohiya (kh)

20/05/2024: Democracy in Distress?, by Ishwar Dev Khanal (kh), Reminiscing last week: Policies and Programs amid political turmoil (kh), PM Dahal taking a vote of confidence for fourth time today (kh), PM Dahal seeks vote of confidence amid NC obstruction (kh), Janamat Party decides to give vote of confidence to PM Dahal (kh), PM Dahal secures vote of confidence with 157 in favor (kh), PM Dahal’s vote of confidence: Pressure amid political rifts (kh), Unpaid and abused in jobs, women warn against seeking Gulf employment : When Bindra Devi Pariyar was ill, her Kuwaiti employers tortured her by pouring boiling water on her, and locked her in cage, by Tripti Shahi (kp), People with disabilities demand personal assistance services : NHRC has accused the police of using excessive force even as people with disabilities were protesting for their rights, by Manudhree Mahat (kp), The more things change : The long march for Chure conservation is suggestive of Nepali state’s neglect of the grassroots (kp), If Oli continues to manoeuvre, there might be other coalitions : In the long-run we will be in competition with the Congress but to safeguard democracy we should be together, interview with Ghanashyam Bhusal, CPN (US) (kp), Unavoidable Realism of Nepal’s Geopolitical Strategy, by Nabraj Lama (rep), Women lead the way in Kathmandu city management, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep), No deal on ToR of coop probe panel (ae) [Only those who have something to hide stubbornly refuse to be investigated!], NC Vice President Gurung writes letter to Speaker demanding action against Home Minister Lamichhane (rep)

19/05/2024: Kleptocracy and Urgent Need for Reform, by Ganga Thapa (kh), Major parties agree to form panel to look into cooperative scam : The parliamentary committee will be formed based on the terms of reference prepared by a four-member task force, by Anil Giri (kp), Discord over inclusion of Rabi Lamichhane’s name in fraud probe (kh) [Of course, Lamichhane's role must be clarified. The public has a right to know. Otherwise, the commission makes little sense. The political parties must finally stop giving prominent politicians a blanket licence!], Operatives on Cooperatives : Now, the word “thug” is synonymous to cooperative business, if not the image of a specific political leader, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), JSP Chair Yadav moves SC seeking stay order against PM Dahal’s vote of confidence proposal (kh) [According to Article 100 of the Constitution, the PM has the right to raise the question of confidence at any time. What is the SC supposed to say?], Marching from Madhesh to Kathmandu for Chure conservation : Campaigners for controlling unchecked deforestation and haphazard extraction of sand and stones in the region, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp), Speakers are supposed to be neutral. Not all succeed in the role : Many Speakers in Nepal’s parliamentary history have courted controversy for failing to maintain impartiality, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [Presidents also have to be neutral, but BD Bhandari always supported the machinations and lies of KP Oli!], Committee to select office bearers for transitional justice bodies remains idle : The panel was formed last month despite reservations from the conflict victims and human rights defenders who want legal amendments before appointing office bearers (kp) [Justice for the victims is not desired by the politicians, as this could jeopardise their ambitions for power!], Bench, bar and barkeepers : The question confronting the Nepal Bar Association today is whether its members should practise law or politics, by Semanta Dahal (kp)

18/05/2024: As the rift widens, Congress becomes suspicious of prime minister’s motive : The main opposition party is yet to decide whether to obstruct Parliament on Monday (kp), Discussion between PM Dahal and NC leaders underway to end parliamentary deadlock (kh), PM Dahal agrees to form probe committee: Nepali Congress (kh), Meeting with Nepali Congress ends on positive note: PM’s Secretariat (kh), Speaker Ghimire to hold talks with key political leaders amid parliament impasse (kh), No caution even as toxic air takes heavy toll on public health : Pollution shaving 6.7 years off the lives of people residing in Siraha, and 6.2 years in Saptari and Rupandehi districts, by Arjun Poudel (kp) [Inaction by a completely incompetent government that only cares about political power struggles!], Quake-hit Jajarkot villages reel under water shortage after sources dry up : The magnitude 6.4 earthquake last November damaged 480 drinking water projects in Jajarkot, Salyan, and Rukum West districts, by Krishna Prasad Gautam and Harihar Singh Rathour (kp) [Another case of denial of immediate assistance!], Government set to relax party split rules : A faction with 40 percent support in either parliamentary party or central committee can launch a new party, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Democracy Needs Healthy Countervailing Power, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Parliamentary probe committee focusing on individual not feasible: Ishwor Pokharel (kh) [What a moronic statement! If a deputy PM is accused of corruption in this way, these accusations must be investigated individually without delay. This is the right of all citizens of the country! It must be ensured that the country is not ruled by corrupt elements. It should also be in Lamichhane's interest that this is clarified publicly!], Parties agree to form parliamentary probe committee to investigate cooperative fraud case (rep), NC President Deuba urges govt to address rights of Nepalis working abroad (kh) [This is important, but in the long run, jobs must be created in Nepal. All previous governments have failed to do this, including those led by Deuba!]

17/05/2024: Tension in Parliament widens rift between parties (kh), Ruling coalition and opposition on collision course : Scuffle after Speaker calls Lamichhane to rostrum, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Congress questions Speaker’s role after House drama : Accuses Devraj Ghimire of taking orders from UML chief (kp), Hope and trust with RSP : The president of the RSP is the rock star face of the party and that face is seemingly blurred, by Randhir Chaudhary (rep), PM Dahal seeking vote of confidence on May 20 (kh), Why is PM Dahal seeking a vote of confidence on May 20? A move likely to counter Nepali Congress in the parliament (kh), NC decides not to back down on demand for parliamentary committee to investigate cooperative fraud case (kh), PM Dahal, Oli, and Lamichhane hold talks at Singha Durbar (kh), Parliament meeting delayed after opposition seeks time to address assembly (kh), HoR meeting postponed to Sunday (rep), PM Dahal, NC leaders’ meeting scheduled for Friday evening postponed (kh), NC employs strategy to unite opposition against ruling alliance (kh), Opposition parties unite to demand parliamentary probe into cooperative fraud case (kh), Parliament deadlock: Why NC refused three-point agreement? (kh), Bridging education and employment : We must explore innovative strategies to effectively manage human resources and combat unemployment, by Prakriti Nepal (kp), SC directs implementation of employment plan for sidewalk vendors (kh), Soon, monsoon : Still reeling from last year’s flood, Kagbeni braces for another rainy season, by Anita Bhetwal (nt) [Another case of denial of immediate assistance!], What is lost cannot be repaid : Climate breakdown puts the very survival of a community in Nepal’s Mustang region in question, by Wen Stephenson (nt), 71.3 : Nepalis are living longer, women have longer lives than men and the population is ageing (nt), Who cares? Amnesty International issues scathing report on caste-based discrimination in Nepal (nt)

16/05/2024: Oli’s brinkmanship : Dahal may be on the throne, but it is clear who is setting the rules of the game, by Anurag Acharya (kp) [Why is he not actually being prosecuted for his constitutional violations, lies and machinations of 2020/21, including instigating the then president to support them?], Economic Challenges and Fiscal Responsibility, by Kalyan Shrestha (kh), Himalaya in Dilemma, by Binoj Basnyat (kh), Patan High Court clears Lamichhane of rape charge : Bench says the victim was not a minor at the time, and there was insufficient evidence to confirm rape, by Binod Ghimire and Dil Kumar Ale Magar (kp) [A disconcerting judgement that smacks of patriarchal thinking and celebrity protection!], Kin say girl shot by former teacher after she refused to withdraw rape complaint : Incident occurred on May 3. Suspect at large. Police clueless of his whereabouts. Family struggles to pay hospital bills, which have reached Rs500,000, by Parbat Portel (kp), Court issues interlocutory interim order against recognition of Rai-led party : Summons both sides for next hearing on May 21 (kp), Inviting judicial overreach : We repeatedly see that the court is being asked to rule on what are essentially political disputes (kp), Call For Debating Electoral Reforms, by Mukti Rijal (rn), Coalition dynamics and governance challenges in Nepal, by Vidhu Prakash Kayastha (ae), Dr. Govinda KC admitted to hospital after health deteriorates (kh), Dr. Govinda KC ends his hunger strike (kh), RSP declares no formation of parliamentary committee amidst NC obstruction (kh) [If Lamichhane really has a clean record, why is he so vehemently opposed to a commission of enquiry and prefers to plunge the country into political chaos? That stinks to high heaven!]

15/05/2024: Coalition rolls out ‘routine’ policies and programmes : Congress calls it a formality, says it does not need discussion in Parliament, by Anil Giri (kp), Policies and programs: Climate change issues take center stage (kp), NC’s obstruction in Parliament aimed at splitting coalition: RSP, by Gyanu Ghimire (kh) [And why does the government refuse to simply have the allegations investigated? The Nepalese public also has a right to know and the government has a duty to clarify this!], The erosion of morality in Nepali politics, by Pawan Adhikari (rep), Nepali Congress firm as ever on demand to form probe committee : The party says it allowed the President to present the policies and programmes as there was no parliamentary precedent of barring the head of state from doing so, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Fiscal federalism update : The national budget should acknowledge provincial and local governments, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Is judicial supremacy trumping constitutional supremacy in Nepal? Judiciary must be the last resort to decide the country’s political course, but trend is just the opposite, experts say, by Binod Ghimire (kp), 16th Plan: Govt aims for 7.3% economic growth and $2,351 PCI (kh) [And what is the reason for these utopian targets?], 16th plan estimated to cost Rs 11.1 trillion: NPC reports (kh)

14/05/2024: Reviewing Amnesty’s report on Dalits : Caste is so sacred for many Nepalis that they would rather go to jail or die than flout caste rules, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Case filed at SC against PMO alleging exclusion of Dalit representation in current govt (rep),  Time to Revamp Electoral System?, by Shobhakar Parajuli (kh), K P Oli’s Machinations Brew Instability and Distract from Policymaking in Nepal (kh) [!!!], NC to allow govt to present policies and programs in Parliament (kh), Nepali Congress obstructs House of Representatives meeting (kh), Cabinet approves government’s Policies and Programs : President Ram Chandra Paudel to present policies and programs in Parliament today (kh), Parties dig in as efforts intensify to end House deadlock : If Congress gives its green signal, President Paudel will present policies and programmes in Parliament today, by Anil Giri (kp), Kagbeni residents fear monsoon havoc amid government inaction after last year’s flooding : Local units cannot prepare for disaster management as it requires huge funds and expertise, so provincial and central governments must take measures to reduce the risk, says expert, by Basant Pratap Singh (kp) [But the politicians are so busy with constant power struggles and changes of government that they can't worry about such unimportant things!], From the centre to the provinces: The diminishing influence of regional parties. They once presented a formidable challenge to mainstream parties. Now the same forces are reduced to fringe positions,grappling with intra-party feuds and divisions. Experts say relevance of regional forces is still there, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), President Paudel unveiling govt’s policies and programs (kh) [Partly utopian as always, partly violating fundamental human rights, such as the right of all citizens to political engagement!], Nepal aims for self-sufficiency in fruit, animal and fish production (kh), Govt to form dedicated regulatory body for cooperatives’ supervision and regulation (kh), Govt pledges to allocate land to 500,000 landless people (kh), Government to implement ship registration provisions (kh), Government commits to year-round Melamchi Drinking Water supply in Kathmandu (kh), Government prohibits teachers from political party membership (kh), Govt proposes to scrap or postpone ‘unnecessary’ infrastructure projects (rep), Government’s policies and programs: Embracing the ‘IT Decade’ (kh), Doubt that policy and programmes will be implemented, says main opposition NC (nlt)

13/05/2024: No stone should be left unturned to ensure justice for conflict victims : Organising the Investment Summit ahead of the 2026 LDC graduation has reinforced the message that Nepal’s market is open and ready for private investment, interview with United Nations Resident Coordinator in Nepal Hanaa Singer-Hamdy (kp), Deputy PM Upendra Yadav resigns (rep), JSPN withdraws support to Dahal-led government (ae), Upendra Yadav challenges EC’s recognition of Janata Samajbadi Party, files writ at Supreme Court (kh), Reminiscing last week: Political rifts and Mt Everest ascent (kh), No sign of end to Parliament deadlock, as day to unveil policies and programmes approaches fast : Despite the time running out, the meeting between Prime Minister Dahal and Nepali Congress leaders couldn’t yield any result, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), NC to not seek Home Minister’s resignation following parliamentary probe committee formation (kh), Nepali Congress’s continued obstruction raises concerns and questions : "The government should be concerned, not us," says Dr. Mahat (kh), 7 years on, Nepal and China still at odds over BRI execution : Bureaucrats and politicians blame geopolitics for delay, apart from Nepali leaders’ reluctance to take Chinese loans, by Anil Giri (kp), Unfit for consumption : Lack of regular monitoring has allowed eateries to serve contaminated food to consumers (kp)

12/05/2024: Reparation no substitute for truth and prosecution, say conflict victims, activists : They ask for uniformity among state bodies on addressing the victims’ reparative needs, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Incidents of press freedom violation on the rise in the past one year (rep) [see report by Freedom Forum], Probe panel row casts shadow over budget presentation : Ruling party leaders hopeful of a deal but main opposition rules out any compromise without the panel’s formation, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), PM Dahal flexible to forming parliamentary probe committee, claims NC leader Lekhak (kh), Are Gagan and Shekhar charting strategy against Rabi? (kh), Between politics and education : Political parties will harm education if they continue using students and teachers for politics, by Abhi Subedi (kp) [The abuse of teachers and pupils for party political interests is reprehensible, but difficult to avoid, as the basic right of all people to political engagement must be respected in a democratic state.], Dr Govinda KC begins 22nd fast-unto-death demanding PM Dahal’s resignation (rep), Maoist Center withdraws support to Madhesh govt, two ministers resign (rep), UML withdraws support to Madhesh govt (rep), JSP Nepal-led govt in Madhesh Province loses majority, preparations to form a new govt underway (kh) [Oh, what fun it is! The parties continue to do what they do best: Toppling governments, breaking agreements, forming new coalitions, splitting parties, etc. And everything is coordinated by the national level of the supposedly federal state....]

11/05/2024: Caste discrimination against Dalits is systemic and widespread: Amnesty International report : There is an urgent need to take special measures to improve the situation of Dalit women and girls, the organisation says in a new report (kp) [see Amnesty International report], Pokhara metropolis finds Lamichhane involved in cooperative fraud (nlt), Thapa, Lamichhane trade barbs as House meet fails on Day 1 : Home minister dares Congress leader to establish his guilt. Thapa challenges Lamichhane to prove his innocence, by Anil Giri (kp), NC signals allowing Parliament to function to unveil govt’s policy and program (kh), NC calls parliamentary party meeting to strategize on continuing parliament obstruction (kp) [Nepal's democracy in action: ruthless power struggles, parliamentary blockades, pointless chatter, corruption, nepotism, but no constructive politics!], Power Politics Detrimental To Stability, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Dr. Govinda KC initiates 22nd fast-unto-death, calls for Prime Minister’s resignation (kh)

10/05/2024: Family Rights Nepal raises issues of Nepali citizens’s foreign spouses and children deprived of natural rights due to unclear laws (rep), Budget session of the Parliament to begin today (kh) [Sure?], Budget session uncertain as NC stands firm on demand for probe committee (kh), Nepali Congress vows to block parliament over fraud probe committee demand (kh), Experts highlight need for realistic budgeting in tackling economic challenges (kh), Private sector urges massive capex booster to revive economy : Presenting a wishlist for the upcoming budget, industrialists say a larger capital injection would encourage them to pump the money as well (kp), After split in JSP-Nepal, politics hots up in Madhesh over fate of coalition  : Leaders weighing options in anticipation of Upendra Yadav’s party leaving Singha Durbar, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Cruellest crime : The grabbing of children organisation’s land is a disturbing reminder of other recent major land scams (kp), Small projects will be handed to Province and Local levels: PM Prachanda (rn) [You still have an extremely centralist mindset, Mr Dahal! In a federal state, provinces and local levels have the right and should also have the means to decide on and implement independent projects. They do not have to be decided and delegated by the national government. That is not federalism!]

09/05/2024: Child marriage and teenage pregnancies afflict Achham : Despite being outlawed, underage marriages persist. As teenagers elope and often get pregnant, parents are forced to arrange their marriages, by Menuka Dhungana (kp), Leadership battle brewing in Unified Socialist Party, by Gyanu Ghimire (kh), JSP row: Yet another faction emerges; leaders opt for neutrality (kh), JSP's split threatens political stability (rep) [Which stability??], Nepali Congress may allow Lamichhane to speak in Parliament : The main opposition plans to disrupt proceedings as soon as he concludes his statement as it insists on parliamentary probe, by Anil Giri (kp) [Another pointless parliamentary session looms: no laws passed, no rational discussion of the budget, just endless power struggles between stubborn politicians and parties!], Political parties shift stances based on convenience : In two recent cases of gold smuggling and cooperative funds embezzlement, the Congress and the UML have opposite positions on how to probe them, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Karki’s excesses in Koshi : The Koshi chief minister’s fall from power is sadly accompanied by a fall from grace (kp), Understanding Nepali bureaucracy : Excessive power to 'karmacharis' leads to a lack of efficiency in public institutions, by Sushav Niraula (kp), Avoid Duplication For Resource Efficiency, by Mukti Rijal (rn)

08/05/2024: Experts call for carving feminist policies including foreign policy : Nepal has been unable to translate its constitutional and international commitments on gender equality, Ansari says (kp), PM Dahal assures of ‘innovative approach’ in upcoming budget (kh) Finance Minister faces dilemma amid PM’s budget interference (kh), Ruling parties reject ‘targeted’ inquiry into home minister : Instead propose setting up a panel with a mandate to look into the problems of the cooperative sector as a whole, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Koshi chief minister Karki refuses to quit, dismisses need for floor test : As per a March 4 deal, a UML leader is supposed to become the new chief minister, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Civil society leaders demand dismissal of President’s Advisor (kh), Nepal from the perspective of Beijing, by Simone Galimberti (ae)

07/05/2024: CZOP urges govt to prioritize child rights issues (rep), Ministry Reports: Nearly 80% of women still face violence in Nepal (kh), Janata Samajbadi Party registered amid legal confusion : Recognition by election body based on regulations of a law, which was replaced by ordinance that lapsed 3 years ago, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [The Political Parties Act 2017, which is undemocratic in several passages, was amended by the Deuba government in 2021 with manipulative intent by ordinance. According to Article 114 of the Constitution, this amendment is invalid as it has not been approved by Parliament. Consequently, the original version of the law applies.], Divided we fall : The breakdown of alternate political forces damages the health of Nepali democracy (kp), Newly-formed JSP faction to uphold support for Dahal-led govt (rep), With the split of JSP-Nepal, ruling coalition narrowly saves the govt from collapse, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Prime Minister Dahal denies involvement in JSP split (kh) [Of course, but who still believes in Dahal's words?], Coalition’s future uncertain after JSP split, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Hospitalisation should not be counted in judicial custody, says doctors’ body : Recommendation comes amid growing trend of high-profile detainees seeking hospitalisation to avoid prison stay, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Wildfire of global crises : The talk of clean, green, or renewable energy is only tokenism or sugar-coating, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Devising a gender-responsive budget : Using the amount allocated for the GRB on infrastructure development undermines women’s rights, by Indu Panta (kp), FWEAN asks govt to prioritize women entrepreneurs in new budget (rep), Shelter needed for Jajarkot quake survivors: Karnali CM Kande (kh) [Denial of assistance despite great promisses!], Parties fail to reach agreement on parliamentary obstruction, NC insists on investigation against Rabi (kh), NC accuses govt of protecting Home Minister Lamichhane in fraud case (kh), Home Minister Lamichhane refutes need for probe, cites Attorney General’s clearance (kh), Inclusive Election in Nepal, by Dev Datta Joshi (rep), Accord Top Priority To Poverty Alleviation, by Uttam Maharjan (rn)

06/05/2024: Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal, a ruling partner, splits : A faction led by federal council chair Ashok Rai applies to register a new party at the Election Commission, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Ashok Rai-led Janata Samajbadi Party officially registered at EC (rep), Gandaki Speaker announces majority in favour of Chief Minister Adhikari, Congress protests : The opposition party objects to Speaker Dhital’s recognition of 30 as a majority in the 60-strong provincial assembly, by Deepak Pariyar and Pratiksha Kafle (kp), Do it together : Ruling and opposition parties must join hands to collectively tackle co-operative fraud (kp), It does not suit the Congress to change its position on transitional justice : The main intent behind demanding a parliamentary probe against the home minister is to ask for his resignation once the probe committee is formed, interview with Padam Giri, Minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs (kp), UML Chair Oli advocates leftist unity (kh) [These are once again completely selfless ambitions on the part of Mr Oli, who just a few days ago categorically rejected a merger of the left!], Status of RTI implementation in Nepal : RTI implementation is still challenging despite the RTI act promulgated over 15 years ago, by Umesh Pokharel (ae)

05/05/2024: Dalit women in local governance : Political parties must understand that quotas don’t ensure adequate and meaningful resources, by Sajhana Tolange (kp), Dahal hints at House panel on cooperative cash embezzlement : Prime minister informs Congress chief Deuba about plan to refer the issue to a House committee for investigation, by Abil Giri (kp), Sudurpaschim Chief Minister Sodari’s trust vote uncertain as UML buys time : Assembly meetings scheduled for Friday and Saturday deferred due to dispute, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [Power struggles and the changing of coalitions and governments, usually in breach of original agreements, are the exclusive tasks of the political parties!], ‘Development’ putting communal living in danger : As open spaces in the valley are slowly being encroached, people are deprived of chances to live communally, to rejuvenate mentally and to have a safe space when disaster strikes, by Anish Ghimire (kp), Urgent action needed as delayed rain threatens Nepal's Terai, by Menaka Hamal (rep), JSP splits during Upendra Yadav’s overseas trip, seven lawmakers registering new party (kh), Faction exiting Upendra Yadav-led JSP to remain in ruling coalition, affirms support for govt (kh), These are the seven lawmakers exiting from Upendra Yadav-led JSP to form new party (kh)

04/05/2024: 11 ministers opt to keep their property details secret (kh) [This is very revealing!], Experts warn against hasty change in electoral system : As two major parties peddle the narrative of a flawed system that elects hung parliament, direct election is no panacea, observers say, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [The problem is the political parties and not the electoral system. Despite serious manipulation in the run-up to the elections and even greater social exclusion and nepotism, none of the ‘major’ parties are able to secure majorities. A purely direct election system is not very democratic and would still not bring about any political stability with these power-orientated ‘top politicians’!], Experts stress recognition of indigenous communities’ rights to foster sustainable tourism, by Aesha Bajracharya (rep), Ethical Leadership: A Hard Nut to Crack for Many Leaders in Nepal, by Fr. Augustine Thomas (rep), Culture Key To Spurring National Integration, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn)

03/05/2024: Media freedom in Nepal : Despite the constitution guaranteeing legal provisions, there has been little progress in implementation, by Umesh Pokharel (kp), Press under Pressure : When the other pillars of democracy fail to act as check and balance, the press has to step in to hold power to account, by Sonia Awale (nt), Media Action Nepal report highlights 34 press violation incidents over the year (kh), Governments not protecting press freedom, report says (kh), Internet disruption in Nepal as Indian firm cuts services : Airtel, India’s leading vendor, halted services for around 5 hours over outstanding payments by Nepali private ISPs, by Krishana Prasain (kp), RPP leader Basnet out of contact after police issue arrest warrant in embezzlement case (kh), Fires continue to ravage homes, displace people : Ten houses gutted in separate incidents in Solukhumbu. Two elderly killed in Dhading village. Displaced without shelter and enough food in Saptari, by Madhav Aryal (kp), Kathmandu's pollution at hazardous level, tops chart of world’s most polluted cities (rep), Unbreathable : The government has failed to provide people with clean air, depriving them of a basic human right (kp), Climate Change Exacerbates Forest Fires, by Asmita Khanal (rn), Nepal will need an investment of Rs 6.1 trillion to produce 28,500 MW of electricity by 2035, by Hari Prasad Sharma (rep), Over two dozens bills stalled in previous parliamentary session yet to be registered for deliberation, by Ishwari Subedi (rep) ]You can be sure that the politicians are already thinking about how they can prevent this in the coming session. After all, their pointless power struggles are what they were elected for!]

02/05/2024: NHRC to stay away from office-bearer nomination panel : Conflict victims want amendments to transitional justice bill before the process to appoint office bearers begins, by Binod Ghimire (kp), RSP after Ilam : Congress and UML continue to be the mainstays of Nepali politics. They are still hard to challenge (kp), Messages from Ilam and Bajhang : The tropes used in politics are temporary, and a leader’s charisma cannot inspire voters for long, by Lok Raj Baral (kp), ISPs warn of possible internet disruption : Nepal’s telecom regulatory body has asked the central bank not to provide foreign exchange and bank guarantees to the ISPs until they clear their taxes (kp), Nepal’s labor exodus drives Indian laborers to fill gaps in domestic factories, by Aesha Bajracharya (rep), Rs 635.7 mln revenue collected from mountaineering in two months (rn) [That's not even 45 million euros! Considering the severe environmental and waste problems caused by mountaineering, this is peanuts!], Every state organs must function well, by Jagadish Dahal (ae), Supreme Court sets new precedent, distinguishes marital rape from rape in a landmark ruling, by Bhasa Sharma (rep) [According to the patriarchal Nepalese way of thinking, women become the property of their husbands when they get married and have to be submissive?], Internet services disrupted in Nepal, bandwidth restriction by Indian company (kh)

01/05/2024: Ilam bypoll: Fillip for old parties, reality check for RSP : Experts say traditional parties remain relevant and identity politics continues to thrive, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Damak’s business tower stands deserted ahead of inauguration (kh), NHRC calls for promoting labor rights (kh), Unified Socialist is quietly weighing a new alliance : Leaders of the reluctant member of the ruling coalition say Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal can’t be trusted in the long run, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [Power monger KP Oli leaves no doubt that he would like to wish Madhav Kumar Nepal and his party to hell and PK Dahal always turns his colours to the wind anyway to keep his power!], PM Dahal is ready to do anything for power: Dr. Baburam Bhattarai (kh), Government recognises forest fires as disaster but neglects victims : Impoverished forest fire victims are struggling in hospitals unable to pay for medicines, by Arjun Poudel (kp), A new approach to legislation in Nepal : To enhance transparency in law-making, citizen’s true involvement and ownership should be ensured, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Putting People And Planet Before Profit, by Namrata Sharma (rn), Finance Minister asserts 4.5 percent economic growth potential (rn) [This unrealistic assumption contradicts all national and international expert committees!], Why did the investment summit fail to produce the desired result? (ae), Rights organisations call for addressing problems of agriculture labourers (nlt)

30/04/2024: Problem in provinces : The provincial-level leaders should stop acting as puppets of their political masters in Kathmandu (kp), Communist Party of Nepal (Bahunbadi) : Even if Nepal becomes a classless utopia, it will remain infested by caste hierarchy, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Kathmandu ranks as world’s most polluted city : Air quality data reveals alarming PM2.5 levels (kh), Pollution rises in Kathmandu, people urged to wear masks (rn), UML’s Bhandari wins Bajhang by-poll, Suhang Nembang widens lead in Ilam : The ruling UML appears poised to win both the seats in the bypolls held in Ilam and Bajhang (kp), UML’s Suhang Nemwang emerges victorious in Ilam-2 : UML gets 27,772 votes; Nepali Congress 21,942, and Dakendra Thegim 11,457 votes (kh), RSP’s Milan Limbu fails to secure 10% votes in Ilam-2 (kh) [Is the RSP another short-lived party that claimed to be alternative but then wasn't?], Insights from the Ilam-2 by-election (kh), GEFONT Report: 21.7% of industries fail to pay minimum wage (kh), Court quashes petition against Adhikari’s appointment as chief minister : The apex court suggests resolving the dispute through floor test from the provincial assembly (kp), Third Session of Karnali Province prorogued without passing any bill (rep) [Thanks to anti-democratic national leaders!!]

29/04/2024: Preserving Nepal’s Indigenous Communities : Assessing the Need for Expanded Protected Areas, by Sasha Sunuwar (kh), Toxic air is giving young children asthma : Doctors say it could damage lungs, and urge prompt medical attention for symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Fires continue to devour forests across various districts : Wildfires usually start from March in Nepal, when farmers burn the crop residue on the fields and the threat keeps growing until April-May, by Madhav Aryal and Durgalal KC (kp), Gandaki Province reports cases of forest fire at 467 locations (rep), Ruling and opposition parties close ranks to assure investors : Leaders stress that political instability is no threat to investments as policy stability creates an investor-friendly climate (kp) [??], Congress’s gamble against Rabi : The NC’s obstruction of Parliament and muzzling of Lamichhane will not help get their votes back, by Naresh Koirala (kp), Hearing on 'murder' case against Agni Sapkota scheduled in SC after 17 years, by Bhasa Sharma (rep), Nepal’s Media fraternity battles disinformation, by Sameer Sharma (kp), Recurring Prisoner’s Dilemma in political landscape, by Yuvraj Chaudhary (ae), Nepal govt bypasses parliament to allow commercial projects in protected areas, by Abhaya Raj Joshi (Mongabay)

28/04/2024: Nepal Investment Summit 2024 begins in Kathmandu (kh), Nepal investment summit begins today : More than 1,700 investors from 55 countries will take part in the two-day event. The last summit was held in 2019 (kp), Govt to solicit letters of intent for 20 projects, primarily hydropower, at 3rd Investment Summit (kh), Congress objects to last-minute ordinance to amend multiple laws : Government awaits President’s approval of the legislation aiming to streamline provisions to attract foreign investors (kp) [The laws already should have been changed by parliament when the NC was still part of the government!], Kathmandu tops list of most polluted cities worldwide (kh), Polling peaceful in Ilam, Bajhang : As ballots are gathered, election officials are preparing to begin vote count early today, by Parbat Portel and Basant Pratap Singh (kp), Government retains disputed provisions in new media council bill : The communications ministry on Thursday registered the bill, which envisions a committee led by its secretary to select the chairperson and members of the council, by Binod Ghimire (kp), What Ails Our Loktantra?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn) [The politicians, especially the so-called top leaders!]

27/04/2024: By-elections underway in Ilam and Bajhang, to continue till 5 pm (kh), Investment Summit approaches, but key ordinance pending : Ordinance to amend laws to remove hurdles yet to reach President. Officials say Sheetal Niwas will get it today, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [An ordinance is only temporarily binding and requires confirmation by the parliament elected by the people at its next session (Article 114 of the Constitution). This is not a trustworthy investment guarantee! It is a serious omission on the part of the government not to have passed the necessary legislative amendments through parliament in good time!], Victims of cooperative scams lament government apathy for arresting GB Rai : Demand Prime Minister Dahal’s intervention to resolve the problem, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp), Nepal awash with trademark, patent infringement plaints : Industry insiders say it takes years for infringement settlement because the Department of Industry, which handles the cases, is not a fully judicial body, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Navigating Nepal's Labor Rights Landscape, by Anupam Bhattarai (rn)

26/04/2024: Nepal fails to make progress towards delivering truth, justice and reparations to victims of Maoist conflict: Amnesty (nlt), Youth attempts suicide amid police torture over Facebook comments against home minister, by Tapendra Karki (rep) [The Maoist-led government is even committing new human rights violations through the police, who are fond of torture!], Aftab Alam, three others get life terms over 2008 killings : Rautahat Court convicts them of killing at least two people in Rajpur of the district on the eve of 2008 CA elections, by Shiva Puri (kp), District Court Rautahat sentences four individuals including Aftab Alam to life imprisonment, by Madan Thakur (rep), Pokhara Int’l Airport corruption scandal deepens : Former ministers under scrutiny as CIAA digs deeper (kh), Special Court orders judicial custody for Sunil Paudel over illegal wealth acquisition charges (rep), CIAA files corruption case against 10 persons, including Land Revenue Office staff in Solukhumbu (kh), Time to declare EVMs’ end : Don’t allow more public money to be drained by this project (rep), Stakeholders call for transparency as Beijing pushes for early implementation of BRI projects in Nepal (rep), Kathmandu takes lead as world’s most polluted city (kh), Air pollution takes its toll on Nepal’s tourism capital : As smog levels soar in Pokhara, travel trade entrepreneurs fear worse days ahead for the popular tourist destination, by Deepak Pariyar (kp), Government neglect leaves villages without piped water : Bad roads extend travel time between Ilam headquarters and Mangsebung Rural Municipality to over six hours although the distance is just 80 km, by Laxmi Gautam (kp), Ensure migrant workers’ voting rights: Lawmakers (ae) [The right to vote is one of the fundamental rights of all Nepalese citizens. The SC instructed the government to guarantee this right a long time ago. But this right is still denied to 25 per cent of the citizens!], Nepal’s investment climate myths (ae)

25/04/2024: The return of the chhau : Our campaigns to educate the people about the ills of ‘chhaupadi’ are inadequate (kp), Fire destroys 110 homes in Mahottari : Displaced families are sheltering at a local school. Relief immediate priority, officials say, by Sunita Baral (kp), Top court intervenes in Gaur massacre case : The Supreme Court orders the Rautahat District Police Office and the District Attorney’s Office to furnish written clarifications for not investigating the mass killing of 2007 (kp), New provincial cabinets slow to take full shape : From court cases to differences among ruling partners, chief ministers are struggling to appoint ministers (kp) [Nepal's so-called top politicians lack any understanding of federalism. They identify democracy with power struggles and are thus destroying the future of the country!], Evidence-Based Policy Making in Nepal: Challenges and the Way Forward, by Rakshya Silwal (rep), Election Key To Democratic Politics, by Mukti Rijal (rn), SC hearing on fake Bhutanese refugees case involving ex-deputy PM Rayamajhi today (rep), MoEST seeks EC’s help in identifying teachers linked to political parties (rep) [The right to be involved in political parties and to actively participate in political life is one of the fundamental rights of every human being in democratic constitutional states; this must therefore also apply to Nepalese teachers!], Former Minister Aftab Alam gets life imprisonment for Rajapur bomb incident (kh)

24/04/2024: Chhau sheds reappear. Deep-rooted tradition, failed campaign blamed : Four years ago, a one-off campaign was launched by the government to dismantle menstruation sheds, but there was no follow-up, by Menuka Dhungana (kp) [Why don't men go to cow sheds during their wives' periods when they can no longer stand being under the same roof as their wives?], Tensions escalate as UML Chair Oli and Unified Socialist Chair Nepal engage in war of words (kh), Who will save the current coalition?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), No immediate chance of Congress, UML partnering for poll reforms, leaders hint : As rumours swirl of two biggest parties uniting to topple Maoist-led government soon, UML leaders defend the coalition, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [Such statements by politicians mean absolutely nothing in Nepal!], Make Nepal a land of truth, by Jagadish Dahal (ae), Putting out the flames : The government must take a multipronged approach, bringing together various stakeholders to make wildfires a rarity (kp), Geoeconomics of alternative energy : Political negotiations can help Nepal benefit from Chinese power projects as long as India is kept out of the arrangement, by CK Lal (kp) [Be sure, this would be contrary to US power interests!], Nepal's Seismic Struggle and Ongoing Recovery Dynamics, by Raju Thapa (rep), Third Investment Summit: Government to showcase 150 lucrative projects (ae), SC issues show cause order in Gaur Massacre case (kh), SC to hear case against former Speaker Sapkota’s alleged involvement in murder (kh)

23/04/2024: Resham Chaudhary, convicted in Tikapur murder case, ineligible for party membership: Ranjita Shrestha (kh), Parliament obstruction will persist unless formation of probe committee on Home Minister’s alleged fraud: Dr. Shekhar Koirala (kh) [Yes, parliament is primarily an instrument for politicians and parties to play their power games! Laws can also be passed without parliament by means of ordinances, as Oli, Dahal and Deuba have repeatedly shown in recent years!], Oli, Dahal against communist reunification in haste : During the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Nepal Communist Party, the two leaders hinted at the need for left unity, albeit cautiously, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [Of course, both see themselves as the one and only godlike left-wing leaders. But neither can be called a communist!], Not how it works : The undue involvement of province heads and speakers in provincial politics is most troubling (kh) [Politicians see themselves as being above the law and not responsible to parliament, the judiciary and the people!], Costs of missing construction code : A strong “code of conduct” on public construction can help improve the socio-economic life of Nepal, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Govt amends nine laws through ordinance to attract investors, by Dilip Paudel (rep), Populism and Nepal’s democracy, by Sushil Thapa (ae)

22/04/2024: Mountain villages bearing direct brunt of climate change : Avalanches and landslides intensify in the upper regions while droughts and heatwaves have surged in the plains, by Arjun Poudel (kp), After Gandaki, government formation in Sudurpaschim challenged in court : The Nepali Congress has accused both provincial heads of flouting the constitution (kp), Oli’s long game : As always, the UML chief has made a calculated move. Yet he controls only part of a large political puzzle (kp), Direct election of prime minister and chief ministers way out of instability : Just like a set of elite people has captured Kathmandu’s politics, another set of elites has captured the politics of Janakpur, the capital of Madhesh Province, interview with Tula Narayan Shah (kp)

21/04/2024: Health of the republic : Despite many governmental instabilities at the centre and the provinces, the republic's future is secure, by Lok Raj Baral (kp), Relatives of Nepalis serving in Russian military up in arms with a set of demands : 295 have formally sought repatriation of their kin fighting the Russia-Ukraine war (kp), What to expect from the investment summit : Despite policy reforms, bureaucratic red-taping and lack of implementation play the spoilsport in foreign investments, by Bibhuti Kharel (kp), Cotiviti controversy mars Investment Summit in Nepal : The lawsuit filed right before the investment summit clearly sends a bad message to the investors, by Anupam Bhattarai (rep), Coalition Unity Under The Strain?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), A dozen laws to be amended through ordinances: PM Dahal (kh) [That's really democratic. Parliament can be abolished permanently. With his 11 per cent voter support, Dahal will remain PM in the long term and his party cannot fall any further. Costly elections can be spared and the money invested in corruption instead. Only the constant coalition changes under PM Dahal will continue. After all, this is what Nepal's politicians understand by democracy. (Satirical, but not entirely out of touch with reality!)

20/04/2024: Lack of investment-friendly laws raises concerns as Investment Summit approaches, by Dilip Paudel (rep) [The main thanks go to Dahal, Oli, Deuba and others, for whom their manipulation of power was more important than the unimpeded legislative work of parliament!], 19 hydropower projects to be showcased at investment summit (rep), Beijing’s message: Won’t tolerate anti-China activities in Nepal : Parties and stakeholders should be involved in projects, CPC leader tells Nepali Maoists, by Anil Giri (kp) [This wording makes it sound as if Nepal is a subordinate vassal state of China!], This is not a cursed nation; rather a nation drained by leeches: Home Minister Lamichhane (kh) [Even if you should be clean yourself, Mr Lamichhane, you can't rebuild the country by joining forces with the power-mad and often failed forces!], Gandaki CM Adhikari assigns portfolios to Deepak Manange and Hari Chuman (kh) [A person with a criminal past should not be made a minister!], Nepal’s polical crossroads: Struggles, strategies, and Indo-Nepal equation (kh)

19/04/2024: Pokhara Int’l Airport: Investigation exposes corruption and construction flaws : China displeased with CIAA's investigation; Embassy exerting political pressure, by Ishwar Dev Khanal (kh), Lamichhane seeks to discuss GB Rai with Malaysia minister : Foreign ministry sitting on home minister’s request fearing he may influence the fugitive’s deportation, says source, by Anil Giri (kp) [The quagmire seems to be getting worse and worse!], Provincial heads proxies of Kathmandu to meddle in regional politics: Congress. The main opposition is unhappy with their roles in Sudurpaschim and Gandaki provinces, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [The role of the Governor or Chief of State in the Constitution is confusing and fits the misconception of federalism. Although executive power lies with the Provincial Council of Ministers, there is a representative of the central government, whom the Constitution calls "Chief of State", but who is bound by the directives and recommendations of the Provincial Council of Ministers. A representative of the national government should not be called "Chief of State". This reflects centralised state thinking!], NC accuses Gandaki and Sudurpaschim province chiefs of unconstitutional moves (kh), Government formation in provinces getting knottier : Experts blame central leaders’ interference and the electoral system for instability in all provinces, by Purushottam Poudel (kp), Provincial bottlenecks : The crises in provinces arise from the duplicity of political parties (kp), Teachers’ union challenges Education Minister Shrestha's policy on political affiliation (rep) [This is correct and justified on the basis of international concepts of democracy and fundamental human rights!], In Pictures: Families of Nepalis in Russian Army begin hunger strike (rep), The rise of high-rises : Nine years after the 2015 earthquake, Kathmandu has to ask: how safe are the new tall structures, by Sonia Awale (nt), Going up in smoke : The smoke blanketing Nepal this week is not just from forest fires but also burning wheat stalk after harvest, by Chandra Kishore (nt)

18/04/2024: MD role makes Lamichhane accountable for Gorkha Media wrongs: Law experts : Company Act and National Penal Code define managing director as a responsible position, by Puruhottam Poudel (kp), Political uncertainty clouds Nepal’s investment summit : Government plans to dangle 148 potential projects before investors at the third investment summit starting April 28, by Sangam Prasain (kp), Koshi chief minister writes to Speaker to block resolution motion against him : A majority of provincial assembly members want to remove Karki from the special session of the assembly, by Binod Ghimire (kp), On the right track : Eliminating partisan politics from educational spaces could greatly improve the quality of education (kp), Deuba-Nepal meeting shakes up power dynamics (kh) [Democracy means politics for the people and with the legitimisation of the people. Political power is a by-product that is based on the will of the people and not on the manipulations of long-failed politicians for the sole purpose of maintaining their power.], Shore Up Adaptive Social Protection, by Lok Nath Bhusal (rn), Unified Socialist-led govt will be formed in Sudurpaschim Province: Rajendra Pandey (kh) [The irrational and anti-democratic power struggles of the power-hungry and completely incompetent national leaders are simply disgusting!], Dahal and Oli meet amid speculations of Nepal aligning with Deuba (kh) [You flawless Democrats, is it time for another change of government?], Lies, damn lies and digital media, by Mohan Gajurel (ae)

17/04/2024: It’s Time for Women to Take the Lead, by Prakriti Nepal (kh), Revisiting provincial structures : Instability in the provincial governments is unacceptable. Such turmoil has dissatisfied the public, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Questioning PM Dahal: What is hindering good governance? Prime Minister Dahal says, “National consensus has eroded” (kh), Has UML had a change of heart about probing Lamichhane? Biggest party in the coalition had been staunch defender of the home minister implicated in cooperative fund misuse, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [The power ambitions and personal interests of top politicians outweigh the rule of law and good governance!], Government to crack down on teachers engaged in partisan politics : Ministry of Education asserts action aligns law, court orders, and international practice (kp) [This is definitely not a practice in truly democratic states! All citizens have the fundamental right to be politically active. Let's take Germany as an example: teachers are active in political parties in large numbers and many of them hold public office, at best taking temporary leave of absence for practical reasons and then returning to their teaching jobs. Punishing teachers for their political engagement is a crime!], Sudurpashim Province Head Miya makes fresh call for government formation : Rejects both claims by Nagarik Unmukti lawmakers, by Arjun Shah (kp), Nearly 200 private schools in Kathmandu Metropolis apply for name changes : The city office says plans to strictly enforce the rules once the deadline expires (kp) [What nonsense! Instead, the quality of the education system should be improved!], Madhesh lawmakers resort to vandalism in provincial assembly : Accuse Speaker Ramchandra Mandal of taking ahead proceedings forcefully (kp), Why Federalism has Become Risky for Nepalese Democracy, by Hari Prasad Shrestha (rep) [The problem is not federalism, but the politicians' lack of understanding of democracy and federalism!], Why does a by-election matter for national politics?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

16/04/2024: Dalits and ritual pollution : Dalit freedom is impossible until they question the beliefs and practices of untouchability in rituals, by Mitra Pariyar (kp),  Aging with Dignity: Voices from elderly reveal changing times and hopes for the future, by Pushpanjali Basnet (kh), Unified Socialist’s Sudurpaschim switch strains federal alliance :After creating divisions in the province, the Ranjita-Resham power struggle causes rifts at centre, by Purushottam Poudel (kp) [This is due to the centralised mindset of the top politicians in Kathmandu and their lack of understanding of federal politics. However, co-operation with a convicted murderer must be rejected.], Looking ominous : Public anger over the co-operatives crisis could soon boil over. Political parties must act now to avert a disaster (kp), Nepal's Forests in Flames: Echoes of Urgency and Hopeful Solutions, by Ayush Raj Gyawali (rep), Focus On Good Governance, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Communist unity or just a coalition of convenience?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae) [Whatever! Endless power struggles, manipulations and the constant breaking of agreements will remain!], Is Nepal really a ‘yam between two boulders’?, by Simone Galimberti (ae), Addressing Complex Governance Challenges, by Kalyan Shrestha (kh), Education Minister, Chief Election Commissioner discuss action against party-affiliated teachers (kh) [The chancellor of all universities must be the prime minister, but teachers are denied the fundamental right to be involved in a political party. This is extremely strange!]

15/04/2024: Laws on marital rape still murky in Nepal : The separation of rape law and marital rape law, and other legal loopholes have denied victims of spousal rape real justice, rights activists say, by Manushree Mahat (kp), I am for a fully PR system with a five percent threshold : Leaders don’t want overseas voting because that will swing results in unpredictable ways. But technically, online voting is feasible, interview with Neel Kantha Uprety (kp) [Excellent statements by a former Chief Election Commissioner!], Reforms needed to increase women’s participation in elections: Chief Election Commissioner (kh), Wasted winter : Worst fears about the winter session of the federal parliament have unfortunately come true (kp) [Thanks to Nepal's irrational and state-destroying politicians!], Reminiscing Last Week: Political evolution amid by-election preparations (kh), Envisioning South Asia Alongside Southeast Asia, by Binoj Basnyat (kh), Escalating Middle East crisis threatens Nepali economy : Remittances, the biggest source of foreign currency, could take a hit along with trade and tourism, experts warn, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Two Nagarik Unmukti lawmakers claim Sudurpaschim chief minister post : Longstanding dispute between party chair Ranjita Shrestha and her husband Reshamlal Chaudhary leads to conflicting claims from the party, by Arjun Shah (kp) [Nepal should have at least two Chief Ministers for each province. This would make it much easier for the national party elites to allocate posts. It would be best if these posts were then refilled every six months, not counting changes in coalitions at national level. What a marvellous federal democracy!], Unified Socialist will form alliance with NC in Sudurpaschim: Rajendra Pandey : Might create ripples in other govts (kh) [In a federal state, this should have no impact on other provinces. But the decision must ultimately be made by the provincial level of the party, not by the national party leadership!]

14/04/2024: Victims decry TJ office bearers selection panel without amending law : Rights activists say government trod the wrong path by forming the committee before revising the transitional justice law, by Binod Ghimire (kp), 'Victim blaming'- Nepali society's response to sexual violence, by Aastha Pokharel (rep), Decision to prorogue House session irks Nepali Congress : The main opposition calls a joint meeting of party lawmakers to discuss the government move amid its demand for a home minister probe (kp), Enhancing public service delivery: The labor permit approval model (rep), Kathmandu DAO lifts ban on protests from Maitighar Mandala to Baneshwor amid public pressure (rep), Political Stability Still Elusive, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn) [Political stability can only return when Oli, Dahal, Deuba and numerous other power-orientated politicians retire from the political business and a generation that is hopefully ready to deliver takes over responsibility!], Only 52 per cent budget spent in nine months (rn), SC orders reinstatement of NUP’s Sudurpaschim lawmaker Indira Giri (rep) [!!!!], Govt spending increases under new FinMin (rep) [Increased spending in the last months of a fiscal year is completely normal in Nepal!], Govt adopts policy to increase expenditure through budget transfers (kh) [The budget must be approved by Parliament. This also applies to any changes to it. The government must not simply do what it wants], Ruling alliance agrees to handover Sudurpaschim govt to Nagarik Unmukti Party for a year : The provincial government would be led by ruling alliance in rotation (kh) [What anti-democratic and anti-federal nonsense!], Resham Chaudhary faction forms alliance with NC and Unified Socialist in Sudurpaschim (kh) [Resham Chaudhary is a convicted criminal with whom no one should enter into a coalition!], Bhim Rawal criticizes Sudurpashchim CM tug-of-war, deeming it contrary to Constitution (kh), No chance of monarchy restoration in Nepal: NC President Deuba (kh) [And no chance of a return to the Hindu state either, Mr Deuba!]

]13/04/2024: Restriction on prominent public spaces lifted; Ministry mulls action against vandals (kh), Maitighar-Baneshwor area opens up for demonstrations and protests (kh), Pandemic cut Nepal life expectancy by three years : Decline almost double the global average during the pandemic period, says The Lancet report, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Home ministry instructs district authorities to closely monitor religious conversions : Security agencies and semi-government agencies have regularly reported to the home ministry and local administration offices about ‘rampant’ forced conversion (kp), Cabinet asks President to prorogue House session : Recommends Anjan Shakya for National Assembly seat. Panel to nominate office bearers for transitional bodies (kp), Ensure Stability For Functional Governance, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Expenditure review: Only 32 percent of allocated expenditure utilized until third quarter of FY 2080/81 (kh)

12/04/2024: Nepal’s Struggle with Federalism, by Karl-Heinz Krämer (kh), Government bet big on current House session. It turns out to be a dud : With closure of winter session of Parliament days away, several crucial bills will fail to become laws this time too, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Politicians who confuse democracy and government responsibility with an endless struggle for power are to blame!], Resham-Ranjita discord sparks fear of Nagarik Unmukti Party disintegration, by Gyanu Ghimire (kh), Grand graft inquiry a good idea, but not feasible, say experts : Some term demand for probing all since 1991 ‘political stunt’, warn against making it a tool of political vendetta, by Anil Giri (kp) [Revenge would be the wrong way to go, but Nepal should decide whether it wants to continue to be ruled by politicians, many of whom are corrupt or otherwise criminal and only have their own personal gain in mind!], One-third women representation an important achievement, but not enough: Former President Bhandari : She stresses on striving for proportional representation while also safeguarding the opportunities that are already achieved (kp) [Without an end to patriarchal thinking and behaviour, the equal participation of women will remain a pseudo-issue!], Debate on electoral system : Ever since the country adopted a new constitution in 2015, no single party has secured a majority to govern the country independently, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae) [There are only a few democratic states in which a single party has a majority capable of governing. The problem is the parties' inability to form coalition governments and their politicians' individual desire for power. After the 1999 elections, the NC had an absolute parliamentary majority, but within three years there were three different NC governments before Gyanendra's coup!], Govt recommends parliamentary session closure from April 14 (kh), Govt forms Recommendation Committee to appoint TRC officer-bearers (kh), People and mountains are thirsty in eastern Nepal : Governments invest in pumping water up from rivers to convince farmers not to migrate out, by Mohan Mainali (nt)

11/04/2024: What hinders women’s meaningful representation : Achieving true gender equality requires policies that respect, value and treat women equally, by Rabina Shrestha (kp), Being a woman in Karnali -Three days in Jajarkot and Rukum!, by Samjhana Bista (rep), Dahal under growing pressure to probe his home minister : As fringe ruling parties too want issue sorted, UML leader accuses opposition of trying to drive a wedge in coalition, by Anil Giri (kp) [There simply must be nothing that could tarnish the power ambitions of the top politicians. It's probably time to put them all under the microscope.], Mediation Key To Break Political Logjam, by Mukti Rijal (rn), Top court bars Gandaki government from taking decisions with long-term consequences : The order issued by Justice Binod Sharma applies until a final verdict is passed (kp), Koshi Province: Tensions rise as govt and opposition lock horns over Assembly dissolution (kh), Koshi Head Khapung summons special provincial assembly session : UML, Maoist members demanded the session as chief minister refuses to go for floor test, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Dalit ex-chief of district body alleges caste-based abuse : Somnath Portel accuses Dambar Giri, an ex-vice-chair of Haldibari Rural Municipality, of verbally abusing him with caste-related derogatory words, by Parbat Portel (kp), ‘Invisible’ hand stopping civil aviation bills: Lawmaker. Private sector says government should immediately pass the bills that have been languishing for years; time to get rid of the dead horse—Nepal Airlines, by Sangam Prasain (kp), Little-known armed group detonates 'pressure cooker bomb' at Ncell tower in Sindhuli (rep), NUP’s Kailash Chaudhary set to be elected as Sudurpaschim CM (rep) [Yes, the politicians really can't bring enough chaos into the country!!!], Shekhar Koirala advocates unity between UML and Nepali Congress (kh) [That's right, the current government has been in office for far too long and urgently needs to be replaced after just over a month. But it doesn't matter which of the old failed politicians is in power.]

10/04/2024: Kathmandu Valley’s toxic air exacerbates respiratory illness : With air quality deteriorating, experts warn of heightened risk of infection from viruses including the coronavirus, by Arjun Poudel (kp) [And the RPP is making the situation even worse by blocking numerous roads with its nonsensical demonstration and driving up vehicle emissions!], Saving Kathmandu from pollution (rep), What were they thinking? The budget cut has had a devastating impact on Bir Hospital, much to the dismay of poor patients (kp), Acting on its threat, Nepali Congress obstructs House of Representatives : The tug of war between ruling parties and the opposition over parliamentary probe of home minister continues (kp), After Congress, RPP also seeks Lamichhane’s scalp : The monarchist party got incensed after police beat up its demonstrators during Tuesday’s rally in the Capital (kp) [The RPP uses every opportunity to destroy the democratic-republican system and the power-hungry and supposedly democratic leaders of the other parties are too stupid to realise this!], The allure of monumentalism : Elected versions of tinpot tyrants are erecting structures of self-aggrandisement across the country called view towers!, by CK Lal (kp), Crucial laws await necessary amendments as govt expedites preparations for Investment Summit : Govt is showcasing 125 feasible national level projects in the summit scheduled on April 28-29 (rep) [Instead of pushing ahead with legislation, politicians are blocking parliament and devoting themselves to what they do best: Power struggles!]

09/04/2024: Kathmandu tops as the world's most polluted city in terms of AQI (rep), Will NC and UML form a new alliance?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), In Gandaki this time : Major parties are adding to the unpopularity of provinces and also doing grave damage to the constitution (kp), House of Representatives meeting today (kh), Impasse persists as coalition rejects Congress’ probe call : The party threatens House obstruction as Lamichhane, accused home minister, prepares to present a bill today, by Anil Giri (kp), Nepali Congress disrupts parliament session, calls for cooperative fraud investigation (kh), HoR Meeting postponed until Wednesday (kh), HoR obstruction: Speaker Ghimire calls meeting of Chief Whips (kh), RSP makes counter-demand to form high-level probe committee to investigate all high-ranking individuals (rep) [Yes, this should be self-evident, even if it sounds as if prominent politicians are normally protected!], Nepali Congress, RSP Lock Horns, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Chasing the FDI mirage : Nepal must ruthlessly review its dismal performance in attracting a sizable foreign direct investment, by Achyut Wagle (kp), NC appeals SC to invalidate appointment of Gandaki CM Adhikari (kh), The Coalition Crush Saga: A Tumultuous Chapter, by Anupam Bhattarai (rep), Role Of Youth In Local Governance, by Jagdish Ayer (rn), Challenges Of Implementing Constitution, by Uttam Maharjan (rn) [The implementation of this constitution is definitely not wanted by the leading politicians. They break the constitution whenever they want and only use it to further their power struggles.]

08/04/2024: Youthful Oli : Top party leaders’ claim to forever be around only breeds cynicism among the change-hungry public (kp), UML defies top court precedent to form government in Gandaki : Nepali Congress, the largest party in the assembly, is set to challenge the province head’s decision to appoint Khagaraj Adhikari the chief minister, by Binod Ghimire (kp), NC to challenge Gandaki Chief Minister appointment in Supreme Court (kh), Meeting convened by Speaker Ghimire ends in stalemate as ruling alliance rejects to form parliamentary committee : The NC has been advocating for the establishment of a parliamentary committee to probe the cooperative fraud case (kh), Fractured discourse : When public opinion is divided and media agendas are cluttered, we witness fragmented discourse, by Dharma Adhikari (kp), What do the people want?, by Jeetendra Dev (ae), Will our leaders improve?, by Saroj Bhattarai (ae) [No, never!], Curfew extended in two local levels in Sunsari amid ongoing disputes (kh), Maoist Center withdraws support from Koshi provincial govt (kh) [The constant interference of central level leaders in provincial affairs is completely undemocratic, anti-federal and highly politically destabilising!], Sudurpaschim Province lawmaker Indira Giri dismissed from position (kh) [The Political Parties Act gives party leaders completely inappropriate power! The loss of party membership or the expulsion of MPs from parliament must be subject to the highest conditions and must not be so easily decreed by a single person!]

07/04/2024: Nepali Congress seems to be uniting on fighting elections with own might : Deuba, a vocal supporter of poll alliances, now publicly backs a proposal to go to the elections independently (kp) [This is already much more democratic than power-orientated alliances, but it also requires better protection of regional and federal interests and, finally, appropriate social inclusion. There is still a long way to go!], Is NC Losing Political Compass?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Analyzing Marital Rape Laws in Nepal, by Ruchi Dhital (rep), Jhapa's Rs 2 billion business tower remains vacant ahead of inauguration (rep) [One of the various insane projects for which KP Oli is responsible in his home district!], Tobacco use on the rise in Nepal, 34.1% of population addicted (rep), NC protests against UML leader Adhikari’s appointment as Gandaki CM (kh) [Nepalese politicians obviously do not understand that they have to abide by court decisions!], Ilam-2 by-election sans women candidates (kh), Over 50,000 people will participate in the demonstration: RPP Chair Lingden (kh) [Wow, 50,000 people out of 30 million will allegedly demonstrate in favour of a return to Hindu state and monarchy. This is indeed overwhelming. Obviously, the majority of people still remember the fortunately abolished system as negative as it was!]

06/04/2024: Pro-monarchy RPP emerges kingmaker in provinces : Ruling coalition turns to it to form provincial governments after a month of abandonment. Party still non-committal, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [The anti-republican, anti-secular and anti-federal RPP is trying to use the weaknesses of the other parties to destroy the few important achievements after Jana Andolan II as soon as possible! And the repeatedly failed top politicians clinging to power are too stupid to realise this!], Oli baits UML leadership wannabes, says he will lead for 20 more years : Party chairman ratchets up rhetoric, amid calls for promoting new generation of leaders (kp) [This exactly confirms the previous comment!], Five Sunsari local units under curfew : The move followed a violent clash between youth groups, by Arjun Subedi (kp), Curfew remains in place across five local levels in Sunsari district (kh), Jobs being created in Nepal lack quality: Experts. Each year, about 900,000 Nepali youths leave the country as migrant workers and students. The figure reflects that the quality and quantity of jobs created in Nepal do not meet the needs and aspirations of the youth, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Hunger is a Serious Problem in South Asia, by Hari Prasad Shrestha (rep), National pride projects’ costs skyrocket by Rs 1,050 billion, putting strain on state economy, by Dilip Paudel (rep), Education Should Spark Critical Discourse, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn)

05/04/2024: Rs1.47 billion extra paid in Airbus A330s deal, probe shows : After five-year study, CIAA files cases against 32 including sitting and former officials, and foreign suppliers, by Sangam Prasain and Binod Ghimire (kp), Lumbini, Sudurpaschim chief ministers quit without facing votes of confidence : The provincial governments collapsed as a consequence of the shift in the federal coalition, by Ghanshyam Gautam and Arjun Shah (kp), Is Nepal already in a geopolitical trap?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Clash in Sunsari leads to police firing six aerial shots, curfew clamped (rep), Sunsari DAO extends prohibitory orders to three more municipalities to avoid untoward incidents (rep), Lessons not learnt, homework not done : Nepal’s identity is reflected not by the names of schools, but by the quality of instruction in them (nt)

04/04/2024: Unheeded, unhealed : Some conflict victims might be divided, but the issue of transitional justice won’t die down (kp), Of women and strongmen : Hardly have women begun to creep to the top and men already think women have too much power, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Transparency International raises concerns over Toyam Raya’s nomination for Auditor General (kh), Kathmandu ranks second most polluted city worldwide (kh), Flood survivors struggle to rebuild their lives 15 years on : A massive flooding of Koshi River in 2008 destroyed over 4,600 hectares of croplands in Sunsari. Many people are still unable to clear sand from their fields, by Binod Bhandari (kp) [!!??], Congress says panel to probe home minister is still its bottom line : Asks ruling alliance to form a parliamentary committee by next House meeting (kp), Gandaki, Karnali chief ministers resign in changed political situation : Dispute between Nagarik Unmukti Party leader couple Ranjita and Resham heats up Sudurpaschim politics, by Pratiksha Kafle, Tripri Shahi and Arjun Shah (kp), SC dismisses both committees of NRNA (rep) [Thanks to Nepal's political parties for their infiltration of even the most positive institutions!]

03/04/2024: Melodrama for monarchy : The monarchists' idea that the return of constitutional monarchy will solve Nepal’s problems is nostalgic, amnesiac and ahistoric, by Naresh Koirala (kp) Insurgency victims divided over timing of law amendment : A group says amendment first, another urges swift appointment of office bearers to two commissions, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Food security and climate resilience : Inadequate adaptation and mitigation strategies put the nation's food security and livelihoods in jeopardy, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Emptying out : As politicians squabble for power and perks, people continue to move out of rural Nepal for lack of basic amenities (kp), World Bank predicts modest growth for Nepal’s economy : The global lender says the country will grow by 3.3 percent this fiscal year, nearly half the government’s projection, by Sangam Prasain and Krishana Prasain (kp), Cannot accept BIMSTEC to replace SAARC, says Minister Shrestha : The House of Representatives approves the charter adopted in 2022 by the fifth Bimstec summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka (kp) [But SAARC has only existed on paper for a long time now and, in view of the almost insoluble ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan, hardly has any prospects! Nepal must look after its own interests and the government is responsible for this!], KMC warns to take action if institutional schools fail to adopt names reflecting Nepali identity (rep) [Yes, and people whose parents have given them a non-Nepali first name must change their name within a week! What nonsense and a blatant violation of personal freedoms! But then the English names of political parties must also be changed immediately!! Even the word "Party" should not be allowed! And what about "Kathmandu Metropolitan City"?], NUP Chairperson Shrestha directs party’s provincial assembly members not to give vote of confidence to Sudurpaschim CM Shah (rep) [In a federal state, this should be the exclusive decision of the provincial MPs of the Party. In other words: Nepal is not a federal state!]

02/04/2024: Songs of hate : Singers often overlook controversial subject matters, not least caste and gender discrimination, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Addressing youth aspirations : Harnessing the energy and hopes of the youth is integral to sustainably realising Nepal’s development aspirations, by Divya Rana (kp), Ruling alliance decides allocations of CMs in seven provinces (rep) [What anti-democratic bollocks! In a federal state, the parties of the national government have no say over the provincial governments!], UML secures CM post in Karnali Province following federal-level consensus (kh) [Long live the non-existent federal state thanks to the centralist attitude of the national party leaders!], Bagmati Chief Minister Jamkattel wins trust vote after deal with Unified Socialist : The CPN (Unified Socialist) has been promised leadership of two provinces in return for backing Jamkattel, by Subash Bidari and Arjun Shah (kp), Minister Sharma calls for media content to promote political transformations (kh), Mayor Sampang stages solo demonstration in Kathmandu (rep), By-elections : Litmus Test For Parties’ Popularity, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn)

01/04/2024: Reminiscing Last Week: Political maneuvers, economic surges, and cultural revelries (kh) [A very extensive trip at state expense for a foreign minister!], No significant hurdles in BRI implementation process: Foreign Minister Shrestha (kh) [And what later?], Protesters in Kathmandu demand protection for Nepali citizens serving in Russian Army (kh), Nagarik Unmukti meeting erupts in violence as factions stand firm (kh), Nagarik Unmukti Central members accuse Resham Chaudhary of threatening violence (kh), UML, Maoist Centre in talks for common candidate in Ilam-2 : Rastriya Swatantra Party, another coalition partner, has picked Milan Limbu as its candidate (kp) [Preventing free and fair elections by means of agreements between the autocratic party leaders. Isn't that what you call democracy in Nepal?], Ruling coalition agrees to let Unified Socialist lead Sudurpaschim govt (kh) [This is true federalism: the central party leaders decide which government is formed in a province. In order to maintain power at national level, the provincial government may also be led by a party that has received relatively few votes.], The mad rush : No sooner are the political parties out of the government, they want to jump right back in (kp), Gagan’s crusade against coalition culture : He may be blamed for triggering the collapse of the Congress-Maoist alliance, but he needn't worry, by Mohan Guragain (kp), Remittance-fuelled economy has historically been detrimental to Nepal : We have to treat the issue of energy trade with India with the sensitivity it deserves. Energy supply is a sensitive issue for India, interview with Biswo Poudel (kp)

31/03/2024: Constitutional Council convenes to address vacant posts in constitutional bodies (kh), House discord lingers amid calls for probing home minister : Congress has sought home minister’s resignation over his suspected role in misappropriating cooperative savings, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [A lack of transparency and the rule of law, as well as endless power struggles, corruption and protectionism continue to dominate Nepal's undemocratic, anti-federal and socially non-inclusive politics!  Parliament is once again in danger of failing to deliver what the sovereign people elected it to do!], Nepali Congress tries to capitalise on differences in ruling coalition : The largest party is looking to woo the second largest with the offer of constitution amendment among other things (kp), Space, heritage and architecture : Land grabbing scandals involving politicians threaten architects’ poesy in urban space management, by Abhi Subedi (kp), SC delivers justice after 13 years of suffering: Durga Prasai (kh) [A large part of the Nepalese population, which was discriminated against under the Hindu state, had to wait centuries for Nepal to be declared a secular state, even though Nepal's still ruling high-caste male elite has hardly implemented this so far. It remains to be hoped that fundamentalists like Prasai will be prevented from making Nepal a Hindu state again. Those discriminated against under the Hindu state would be elated.]

30/03/2024: Karnali villages are emptying as water sources dry up : Of 366,370 households in the province, only 130,000 have reliable access to drinking water, by Krishna Prasad Gautam (kp), Nepali on front line of Russia-Ukraine war pleads for rescue : He asks fellow Nepalis not to be fall into traffickers’ tricks. Families of victims are frustrated at lack of help, by Anil Giri (kp), PM ‘ignored’ directive on civil aviation bills, parliamentary committee says : Passing the two long-pending bills requires splitting Nepal’s aviation body, a vital step to remove Nepal from EU air safety list, by Sangam Prasain (kp), Adaptation To Transitional World Politics, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn)

29/03/2024: Dahal and Deuba meet as conflict victims grow weary : The two leaders convened after victims pressed Dahal over stalled transitional justice process (kp), KMC sets deadline for private schools to adopt Nepali identity in names (kp) [Completely unimportant nonsense and undemocratic paternalism!], Tapping into foreign debt markets : Nepal is unlikely to domestically secure huge investments to fulfil its ambitions, by Pragres Acharya and Shabda Gyawali (kp), NC President Deuba nominates 10 members to party’s cooperative department (rep) [Nominations by the all-powerful party leader are extremely democratic. Nominating only male Bahuns speaks for excellent social inclusion. After all, male Bahuns make up almost six per cent of the population!], How Long Will Remittance Sustain Nepal's Economy?, by Laxman Kafle (rn), Focus on transitional justice (ae), Nagarik Unmukti directs to withdraw support given to Sudurpaschim govt (kh) [Once again, the central leadership of a party decides how the party should behave in a province. This is further proof of th]e complete lack of understanding of a federal state!], Minister Bhandari assures to make arrangement to promote Nepali dress code twice a week in state institutions (kh) [What does "Nepali attire" mean in a multiethnic, multicultural state? Hopefully, Khas Arya attire is not being defined as national attire here!], People's Movement : Overdependence on foreign employment instead of creating jobs domestically spells disaster for Nepal's economy, by Ramesh Kumar (nt), Homecoming : Nepal has to plan for the day when more migrant workers start coming back, so they can contribute to the economy (nt), Trials and tribulations : Nepal must bring technology, critical thought and best practice to restore public faith in its judiciary, by Aastha Dahal (nt), Ending TB is possible, and cost-effective : But not unless Nepal is serious about treating latent and active cases in tandem, by Sonia Awale (nt), Nepal's Transitional Justice: Gender Based Or Gender Biased : Transitional justice mechanisms exhibit various shortcomings, such as the inadequate addressing of gender-based violations and concerns, particularly those impacting women, by Keshab Poudel (sp)

28/03/2024: Instability only constant in Nepali politics : Our coalition politics is no closer to finding common ground for the nation’s good, by Meena Bhatta (kp), PM Dahal calls Constitutional Council meeting (kh), Government rejects rights commission’s secretary pick citing lack of transparency : Constitutional rights body asserts autonomy, claims that executive can’t demand confidential documents, by Binod Ghimire (kp), BRI: What’s the plan? More than a specific initiative, this is a question of how Nepal balances its strategic interests (kp), Nepal-China agree to conclude BRI Implementation Plan 'soon' as Beijing presses for swift implementation of BRI projects, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Civil Service Bill On The Anvil, by Mukti Rijal (rn), National Assembly Vice Chairman Urmila Aryal resigns (kh)

27/03/2024: Nepal requests China-backed AIIB for soft loans : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, on Monday, urged a visiting AIIB delegation for a policy arrangement for concessional loans to Nepal (kp), Equality For Dalits Remains A Far Cry, by Namrata Sharma (rn), Nalgad ward offices collect money from quake victims (rn) [??], Peace process to conclude based on national consensus: PM Dahal (kh) [Does "national consensus" mean the exclusive participation of the minority of the socially non-inclusive male top politicians and their parties or the comprehensive inclusion of the victims and the social majority of the country?]

26/03/2024: Who is not corrupt? The politics of vote-buying has replaced ideological and ethical competitions in elections, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Human Trafficking - An assault of the human civilization, by Aslesha Luitel (rep), Need To Ensure Balanced Development, by Uttam  Maharjan (rn), Ruling Alliance On Rocky Route, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Urgency across the aisle to curb RSP’s popularity, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

25/03/2024: Justice, when? The Supreme Court directive is an opportunity to put the derailed transitional justice back on the right track, by Suman Adhikari (kp), Rabi’s Freudian slip : It’s Rabi versus Rabi now, and in this duel between the two selves lies the potential loss of media freedom (kp), RSP rejects UML’s election alliance proposal in Ilam-2 : Advocates “friendly competition” (kh) [No more power manipulation, please. Agreements in the form of alliances are the opposite of free and fair elections!], Ambiguity: The Key Obstacle for Nepal’s Determined Aspirations, by Binoj Basnyat (kh), Reminiscing Last Week: Mahara’s release and political machinations (kh), New forces grew from the seeds of alternative politics we sowed : We can’t rule out the possibility of party unity with new forces. We shouldn’t be rigid, interview wirh Ranju Darshana, general secretary, Bibeksheel Sajha Party. (kp), JSP lawmaker Deepak Karki appointed as state Minister of Health (kh), Bring Cooperatives Swindlers To Book, by Ballav Dahal (rep), Nepal’s current crisis and the way out, by Jeetendra Dev (ae), Woman consumes poison in National Women Commission premises (kh), Low literacy rate among people with disabilities raises concerns (kh)

24/03/2024: Nepal’s federal fed-up : The institutionalisation of federal intervention will erode provincial democracy and autonomy, by Semanta Dahal (kp), What is the possibility of NC-UML alliance?, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), Is Broader Left Alliance In Offing?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn) [Apart from the greed for power and the authoritarianism of their top politicians, Nepal's pseudo-communist parties do not have much in common!]

23/03/2024: Law revision must for transitional justice progress, victims say : Parties disagree over categorising killings, indirect victims of conflict, reduced sentencing, and reconciliation refusal, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Only 27% of population has access to pure drinking water (kh)

22/03/2024: Ailing institutions, stagnating economy : Political leadership shapes a nation’s fate, while institutional change is prerequisite for economic growth, by Durga Gautam (kp), Is Prachanda’s move aimed at making Rabi the PM? Amidst Speculations: Ravi Lamichhane's Political Trajectory, by Arun Baral (kh), Conflict of interest : The Congress is duty-bound to push for a fair probe against the home minister (kp), The opposition’s role in Parliament (ae), Govt aboli, shes National Land Commission (rep) [??], HoR session suspended for 10 days as Speaker-led team departs for Switzerland (rep) [Parliament has nothing urgent to do anyway, or what?], Parliament at Standstill: Speaker flies to Switzerland with Party Chief Whips, Deputy Speaker uninformed (kh), Enhance Legislative Accountability With PLS, by Suravi Rijal (rn), Krishna Bahadur Mahara released on personal guarantee (nlt) [Typical s]pecial treatment of accused politicians and other celebrities: Hospitalisation instead of prison and then release on mere personal guarantee!], Detained individuals bypassing custody to reach hospital raises concerns: Home Minister Lamichhane (kh)

21/03/2024: Power shift at centre, turmoil in provinces : Chief ministers scramble to save positions by expanding Cabinets in a last-ditch effort, by Pratiksha Kafle and Ajit Tiwari (kp) [This is a consequence of the Nepalese politicians' misunderstanding of federalism!], Mr Prime Minister, here is the evidence that Home Minister Lamichhane received money (with full report) (kh), Form probe by March 31 or face House disruption, Congress warns government : The main opposition wants an in-depth investigation into Home Minister and Rastriya Swatantra Party chair Rabi Lamichhane’s suspected involvement in cooperatives fraud (kp), Trigger warning : Lethal weapons in Durga Prasai’s possession should make the state rethink its firearms licensing policy (kp), Women racing to the top : Male whiners perhaps fail to appreciate that women are now massively invested in education, by Deepak Thapa (kp)

20/03/2024: Mr. Uthal-puthal in doldrums, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), Ruling five-party alliance unveils an ambitious ‘vision statement’ : If this coalition fails to deliver, the nation will slip into crisis, warns Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (kp) [The country has already been in crisis for a long time!], Congress rejects PM’s defence of Lamichhane : CPN-UML chief Oli dismisses the main opposition party’s call for a parliamentary probe on the home minister, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Dissecting pre-budget discussions : There has been a lack of serious review regarding why our spending capacity has not improved, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Political economy of development, by Kamal Raj Dhungel (ae)

19/03/2024: Nuwakot Dalits: A grim story : Water is considered a superconductor of ‘caste pollution’ in our Hindu-dominated society, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Let House function : The ruling and opposition parties shouldn’t waste time before trying to hammer out a compromise (kp)  [The so-called party leaders are causing the death of Nepal's democracy with their power struggles!], PM Dahal defends Home Minister Lamichhane amid fraud allegations : "Reports confirm innocence," says Dahal (kh), NC seeks probe into home minister over cooperative scam : Swatantra Party lawmaker urges Congress to accept Lamichhane as home minister citing his public support (kp), Nepali Congress calls for Home Minister Lamichhane’s resignation over fraud allegations (kh), NC demands formation of parliamentary probe committee to look into charges against DPM Lamichhane (rep), UML Chair Oli rules out possibility of forming parliamentary committee to probe cooperative fraud as NC threatens to obstruct parliament (rep) [What arrogance!], NHRC requests govt to protect lives of cooperative victims participating in hunger strike (rep), Former Speaker Mahara, a gold smuggling suspect, arrested at last : The vice-chair of the ruling Maoist Centre has been remanded to four days in custody (kp), Maoist Center delays decision on Krishna Bahadur Mahara’s fate (kh), Prachanda likely to serve full term as PM: KP Oli (kh) [This is another typical politician's lie. The truth is that he himself wants to become PM again as soon as possible. Yet he should no longer be entitled to such an office after his attempted coup in 2020/21!], WSF 2024 reveals true face of Nepal's communist rulers, by Lok Bhattarai (rep), AWC urges swift action on transitional justice following recent judicial decisions (rep), Reinvigorate Provincial Governments, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Census data exposes widespread occurrences of child marriage, by Surendra Kafle (ae)

18/03/2024: Federalism brings services and politics closer to people, interview with EU Ambassador Lorenzo by Ishwar Dev Khanal (kh), Krishna Mahara, arrested in gold smuggling case, flown to Kathmandu (kh), Maoist Center’s Krishna Mahara transferred to CIB after arrest in gold smuggling case (kh), Old doubts : People are afraid that ‘compulsions of coalition’ will again spare the guilty in the latest gold smuggling case (kp), Former Vice President Pun’s advisor Gurung released on bail (kh), Rupandehi District Court grants permission to police to detain Dipesh Pun for 8 days (rep), Court grants permission to remand Mahara in custody for four days (kh), Court grants permission for Mahara to remain in hospital (kh) [??], Maoist Center calls office bearers meeting following Mahara’s arrest (kh), Reminiscing Last Week: Politics, gold smuggling probe sparks action (kh), All eyes on Sumana Shrestha over how she handles school education bill : Shrestha had a radical view of education reform and strongly opposed the bill before she became the minister (kp), Nepal is a yam between three boulders : You can’t clearly distinguish between international and domestic factors responsible for the change in ruling coalition, interview with Khagendra Prasai by Thira L Bhusal (kp), Political Uncertainties, by Deepak Kumar Nayak (SAIR)

17/03/2024: Misuse of alliances in political power-lust : To be fair to Dahal, changing colour is a common trait among most Nepali politicians, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp) [Dahal, Oli and Deuba have failed repeatedly. Their immediate withdrawal from active politics is a basic prerequisite for a better policy!], PM Dahal foresees new power dynamics to expedite government operations (kh) [Dahal fails to mention that without the electoral alliance with the NC, his party would have won far fewer seats in parliament. Moreover, it is not his job to turn Nepal into a communist state!], Nepal’s public debt reaches Rs 2.288 trillion (kh), Nepal's debt reaches around Rs 2.4 trillion, with an additional Rs 200 billion accumulated over past eight months (rep), Economy faces sluggishness but not crisis: Finance Minister Pun (kh) [???], NC attack on Home Minister is aimed at toppling govt: UML Chief Whip Bartaula (kh) [What is the difference to the UML policy before the party joined the government? The behaviour of all parties is completely reprehensible and irresponsible towards the state and the people!], Court gives executive four months to set up juvenile courts : In their absence, rehabilitation of children is affected as regular courts often fail to properly handle the cases (kp), Karnali folk return to oil lamps as electricity supply proves unreliable : Nine out of ten districts connected to the grid but residents face frequent power cuts (kp), Long march as resistance : Usury victims have introduced a strong  nonviolent protest in the so-called revolutionary socialist Nepal, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Bumpy Road Ahead For New Alliance, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn)

16/03/2024: Decades after joining CEDAW, Nepal struggles with implementation (kh), As political parties swap seats, they change their views of ‘tainted’ ministers, too : After Congress is pushed to opposition, it obstructs House asking prime minister to clarify on charges against home minister (kp) [This is what Nepal's politicians mean by unbiased investigation and punishment!], Diarrhoeal outbreak risk rises as mercury ticks up in quake-hit districts, by Arjun  Poudel (kp) [Failure of the government to provide timely assistance!], Gold Smuggling Case: Cabinet decides to take probe committee’s report for implementation. Political ties in gold smuggling test government’s integrity, say experts (kh), Attorney office challenges district court verdict on former cricketer Lamichhane : High Attorney Office Patan says punishment handed to Sandeep Lamichhane is insufficient, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp), World Consumer Rights Day: Here’s why Nepali consumers are upset. Consumers are being cheated left and right, yet the government appears to be making minimal effort to address the issues, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Entertainment Face-Off : Kollywood or Parliamentwood, by Bimal Pratap Shah (rep)

15/03/2024: Nepal ranks 146th on Human Development Index: UNDP report (kh) [see complete report by UNDP, Snapshots and Specific Country Data Nepal], KMC reviving ancient names of local heritages (kh), Elite capture : The usurpation of the PR system by imposters has sowed suspicion about the idea of representation (kp), House of Representatives meeting postponed due to NC obstruction (kh) [The abuse of parliament and thus the prevention of the passing of urgently needed laws continues, regardless of which parties are in government or in opposition!], Skeletons in the Cabinet : Some Cabinet members who have become ministers again despite nefarious pasts, by Shristi Karki (nt), Poor cash-rich Nepal : The country’s coffers are full, but the economy is anemic because of poor investment climate, by Sonia Awale (nt), ‘Bank Account for Daughters, for Secure Life’ programme ineffective in Karnali : The provincial government has not deposited the promised amounts in the girls’ accounts for the past two fiscal years, by Krishna Prasad Gautam (kp) [So much for the credibility of politicians' statements!], Plural histories of school education : Nepal needs more diverse historical works on schooling that go beyond state-centric perspectives, by Pratyoush Onta (kp), Nepal's Quest For Political Stability, by Rameshwar Baral (rn), Gold smuggling case: Former Vice President Pun’s son Dipesh arrested in Kathmandu (kh), Police nab nine including Bibeksheel Sajha’s Chair and General Secretary (kh)

14/03/2024: Court orders parties not to abuse proportional representation system : Constitutional Bench directs them to follow constitutional spirit of giving space to under-represented populations, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [The leading politicians do not abide by the constitution and subordinate laws or court orders, i.e. they will continue to pursue their non-inclusive nepotism system!], In numbers we trust : Dahal has got the vote of confidence again. But the scenes on Wednesday suggest turbulence ahead (kp), UML leader Gyawali rules out UML-Nepali Congress coalition (kh) [What does this statement mean in a world of politicians who never really mean what they say and for whom lies are just fine for the realisation of political power interests?], Govt advocates file petition at Patan High Court for stronger action against cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane in rape case (kh), Parliamentarians not to remain spectator if government turns rampant: Lawmaker Thapa (kh), NC protests over appointment of Rabi Lamichhane as Home Minister amid fraud investigation (kh), Home Minister Lamichhane pledges actions against officials involved in gold smuggling investigation lapses (kh), Writ petition filed at Supreme Court seeking legal recognition for live-in relationships (kh), Seven more Nepali nationals serving in Russian Army killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict (kh), NRB data shows economy not out of recession (ae), A pivot balancing three great powers, by Durga Lamichhane (ae), Child serving time for mother's mistake in overcrowded Kalikot Jail (rep)

13/03/2024: Court orders government to appoint leaderships at transitional justice bodies : The top court has given a month for the government to start the selection process (kp), PM Dahal seeking vote of confidence today (kh), House of Representative meeting commences, PM Dahal seeking vote of confidence (kh), Prime Minister Dahal secures vote of confidence in parliament (kh), PM Dahal receives vote of confidence for the third time; 157 MPs vote in his favor (rep), Resham Chaudhary instructs party lawmakers not to vote in favor of PM Dahal (kh), Prabhu Sah’s AJP decides to extend vote of confidence to PM Dahal (kh), NWPP decides against giving vote of confidence to PM Dahal (rep), Financial Literacy Aids Earning, by Namrata Sharma (rn), Gender equality begins at home, by Shivani Chenjong (ae), FinMin Pun linked to a gold smuggling network!, by Tapendra Karki (rep)

12/03/2024:  Politics of chicanery : The disregard for integrity among leaders has muddied the entire political pool, by Achyut Wagle (kp), PM Dahal has his hands full with a difficult coalition . Voices of unease among partners. UML’s Pradeep Gyawali accuses ‘some elements’ of attempting sabotage, by Anil Giri (kp), Narayan Dahal elected National Assembly Chair : In the voting that took place on Tuesday, 39 votes were cast in favor of his candidacy, while 17 votes were against the proposal to elect him (kh), Janamat Party withholds vote of confidence for PM Dahal, decides to file candidacy for Ilam and Bajhang (kh), NC aims to retain Chief Minister positions in provinces, seeks support from smaller parties (kh), NC leaders suggest President Deuba initiate dialogue with RPP (kh) [??], Nagarik Unmukti issues whip to vote in favor of Prime Minister Dahal (kh), Government, loan shark victims reach agreement : Government to form an inquiry commission. Struggling committee withdraws protests (kp), It’s only words : The UML claims high ideals to explain its support for the Dahal government. There is room to doubt it (kp), Federalism For Effective Governance, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn)

11/03/2024: Nepalis deserve better politicians : Through the recent change of guard, we got a confirmation once again that trust and commitment are not valued currencies in politics, by Simone Galimberti (ae), Politics of pardon : Arbitrary pardons and commutation of jail terms are part of a long trend of criminalisation of Nepali politics (kp), End of Prachanda : With the change in political alliance at the center, there will be an inevitable avalanche in provincial governments, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), ‘Worry’ as Nepal’s forex reserves soar to record Rs1.84 trillion : Huge reserves mean lack of investment and may lead to further decline in economic growth, say experts, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Political wrangling affects parliamentary performance-Lawmaker Chaudhary (kh), Women Empowerment Has Long Way To Go, by Ballav Dahal (rn), 'I became candidate for NA Chair owing to my contribution to party' (rn) [If you were a woman and your name was Pariyar or BK, for example, you would never have been selected no matter what you did for the party. Mr Dahal. As a male Bahun, your chances increase to 80-90 per cent, but  the close relationship with the PM is of course decisive.], Cabinet recommends President Poudel to dismiss governors of three provinces, appoint new ones (rep), Costly ministerial makeovers: Over Rs 600,000 spent on refurbishments with each ministerial change in Kathmandu (rep) [!!!!]

10/03/2024: Dispute over secretary appointment divides Human Rights Commission : As an international team assesses commission's performance, calls grow for an executive decision to end the controversy, by Binod Ghimire (kp), The rule of the third : Dahal has done a lot of talking. It's time to justify his position through swift action, by Mohan Guragain (kp), Maoist Center to present Narayan Dahal as National Assembly Chair candidate (kh) [Nepotism in its purest form, as this is the Prime Minister's brother!], RSP: Rise and risks : Certain concepts floating in the orbit of political science may explain what is going on with RSP, by Sucheta Pyakuryal (kp), Maoist Center betrayed NC and people deserting coalition: Former DPM Khadka (kh) [The accusation is justified, but coming from an obviously corrupt politician who should no longer hold any political office at all until his guilt or innocence has been legally clarified, this sounds strange!], Madhes-based parties form working alliance (kh), SC concludes President’s amnesty for murder convict Regal contrary to Rule of Law (kh)

09/03/2024: Contradictory Conduct Infests Party Politics, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Top court cautions executive against arbitrary pardons: Recommends assessing convict’s jail time, remorse and health status for presidential pardon eligibility, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Federal government overstepping provincial and local authorities: Study : Parliamentary study calls for removing federal offices that encroach on the jurisdictions of subnational governments (kp), Ending the Pandemic of Violence Against Women and Girls, by Deepanjali Shrestha (rep)

08/03/2024: Report shows Nepal ahead in closing gender gap. Ground reality is different : Men benefit from state subsidies, particularly those meant to help women become independent entrepreneurs, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Survivors Need Support To Fight For Justice, by Sanjita Timsina (rn), International Women’s Day: Implement laws meant to empower women, by Jivesh Jha (ae), Rural women deprived of reproductive health rights : At recent health camps in Achham, fewer people chose permanent family planning. Patriarchal attitudes and preference for sons blamed as root causes, by Menuka Dhungana (kp), Breaking barriers for women in foreign policy : With equal opportunities, meritorious women can contribute to IR with their intellectual insights, by Shradha Arjyal Joshi (kp), Dahal blames Congress to justify new alliance : ‘This is not called flexibility. This is political dishonesty,’ says the Congress chief whip about the prime minister’s frequent changes of alliances (kp), Sparks fly after collapse of Maoist-NC ruling coalition (ae) [What can you expect when a PM repeatedly breaks his promises and agreements just to maintain his power and blame his failures exclusively on others? The new government won't last long either, be sure, especially as Oli still thinks and acts the same way!], PM Dahal stresses constitutional provisions for women’s rights on International Women’s Day (kh) [And why don't you respect these constitutional provisions? Why, for example, are there only 4 women among the 22 cabinet members so far?], AAIN leads charge against the unacceptable informalization of labor relations (ae), Ilam by-election: RSP to contest independently despite being part of coalition at center (kh) [This is the absolutely correct procedure for democratic elections! Dealings are manipulative and anti-democratic and distort the will of the voters!], Ruling coalition will continue for next four years: UML Chair Oli (kh) [This is exactly what Dahal and Deuba said about the previous coalition until recently!], New power equation fosters hope and political stability: UML Secretariat (kh) [What a load of bollocks! Both Dahal and Oli stand for instability and unpredictability!], Ruling coalition comprises controversial figures: Maoist leader Bhusal (kh), Catapulting to Singha Darbar : The more things change in Nepali politics, the more they remain the same (nt), What difference does it make? Most Nepalis are convinced these main men of the new coalition will bring little positive change to their lives (nt), Pokhara epicentre of Sino-Indian rivalry : The Great Game between China and India is being played out in this scenic tourism capital, by Durga Rana Magar (nt)

07/03/2024: How are different social groups faring? There is a need for disaggregated data by social groups to understand it, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Usury victim continue their protest for justice on Thursday (kh), PM Dahal-led cabinet: Get to know the ministers (kh), 20-member Cabinet has a mix of old and new faces : The largest party, Nepali Congress, is already plotting to deprive the new Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led coalition of majority in the House of Representatives, by Anil Giri (kp), Ground firm for transitional justice bill’s passage: Leaders : The change in government coalition will not impact the legislative function, House committee chair says, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Deputy Speaker raps centre’s reluctance to empower provinces : Nari magazine hosts ‘Nirbhik Nari’ interaction in Biratnagar of Koshi Province (kp), Government short of Rs25 billion to pay pensions : Pension management office seeks more funds from finance ministry, by Prithvi  Man Shrestha (kp), JSP unveils cabinet nominees: Upendra Yadav to lead party in cabinet with role of DPM and Health Minister (kh 07/03/2024) [The proportion of women in the cabinet is now only 18 per cent. Long live the patriarchy! Women are only nominated if a party has more than three ministerial posts and at least seven such posts are required if two women are nominated!], 157 MPs on the ruling bench in parliament! (rep), EC rejects Resham Chaudhary as Nagarik Unmukti Party Chair, affirms continuity with Ranjita Shrestha (kh)

06/03/2024: The great ‘tamasha’ : The latest change of coalition is more indication of politics bereft of ethics. Most top leaders are culprits (kp), Prachanda’s politics is back!, by Ishwar Dev Khanal (rep), New ruling coalition struggles to strike power-sharing deal : As the shape and size of the emerging alliance is still unclear, there is uncertainty over which party gets what, by Anil Giri (kp) [This is exactly what Nepal's politicians live for. They are at best only marginally interested in substantive policies that are orientated towards the country and its people!], Lawmaking at the local level : Unlike the local laws, delegated laws enforced by the centre reportedly promote corruption, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Political changes in Kathmandu make provincial governments shaky : As UML comes into ruling fold and the Congress shifts to the opposition bench, provinces are feeling the ripples (kp) [The misunderstanding of federalism on the part of Nepalese politicians is unbearable!], Bagmati Province: NC ministers resigning en masse today (kh), Maoist Centre withdraws support to Lumbini Province government (rn), CPN (Maoist Centre) withdraws support to Sudur Pashchim govt (rn) [This is a fine federal state. All decisions on the provincial governments are made and ordered by the national leadership of the parties!], PM Dahal remains busy in political meetings : Holds talks with Jhalanath Khanal, Rabi Lamichhane and KP Oli (kh), Political buzz in Kathmandu as PM Dahal engages in meetings (kh), NC President Deuba spearheads discussions to forge inclusive democratic alliance (kh) [In view of the renewed political failure, wouldn't it finally be time to step down from all political offices and leave such a decision to a younger generation?], A hard lesson for Congress and Deuba, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Rights groups urge Nepal to revise transitional justice law for accountability (rep), China expresses hope for political stability and economic progress in Nepal following new govt formation (rep) [Why does China expect political stability from this new government, in which the autocratic left-wing party leaders, who are constantly at odds with each other, only have a relative majority?], Newly appointed ministers sworn in (kh)

05/03/2024: Caste discrimination in online spaces : Technological advances have complicated the problems of the caste victims, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), NHRC demands fair investigation of Chitwan school incident (kh), The state of State Capture, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), Factors that led Dahal to ditch alliance with NC, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Left alliance, Chapter II : No government can succeed without a minimum level of trust and coalition culture (kp), Growing rift, Oli’s overtures ended Congress-Maoist coalition : Some in the Nepali Congress see external hand in the break-up, but leftist politicians attribute it to long-running differences between Dahal and Deuba, by Anil Giri (kp), New coalition partners cement comradeship with 8-point deal : Maoist Centre to get upper house chair. PM’s post to be divided between Dahal and Oli, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Small parties demand CM positions for support in PM Dahal’s new government formation (kh) [Yes, Nepal is still a centralised state. Politics at provincial level are always closely linked to events at national level! This is not federalism!], CPN (Maoist Center) ministers suspended in Gandaki Province amid political shifts (kh), Sudurpaschim Province CM Shah suspends three Maoist Center ministers (kh), Nine years after adopting federal constitution, federal civil service law remains elusive : Government registered the new bill at Parliament for second time after the previous bill was withdrawn in 2021 after gathering dust for more than two years at the lower house (kp), Janamorcha criticizes new coalition, warns of threat to democratic achievements (kh)

04/03/2024: Caste-based discrimination: A call for equality and change, by Prabin Kumar Yadav (ae), Ruling coalition collapses, new cabinet formation underway (kh), CPN-Maoist to form new coalition government with CPN-UML, RSP (nlt), Coalition govt collapses; parties, including UML, gear up to form new Cabinet (rep), Meeting of new ruling alliance underway at Baluwatar (kh), New alliance ‘course correction’ in Nepal’s politics: Maoist leader Poudel (kh) [A real course correction can only take place without the involvement of the repeatedly failed politicians Dahal, Oli and Deuba!], Prachanda to lead govt for two years, followed by Oli (kh) [Nepal is facing further dark times under the leadership of power-hungry but incompetent politicians who have still not been called to account for their past!], Country will see turmoil as long as I am alive: PM Dahal (kh) [??????}, NC shifts to opposition as Deuba accuses PM Dahal of betrayal (kh), Ruling coalition forms 4-member task force to allocate ministries : Oath of new ministers scheduled at 5 PM (kh), Janamat Party seeks clarification on role in Madhes and federal govt before coalition decision (kh), Balendra Shah treading authoritarian path, say rights activists : They are ‘troubled’ by City police’s use of force on Wednesday against street vendors (kp), We need a national outlook to solve the problem of street vendors : There is a fundamental question: Why can’t we accommodate human beings while we are ready to accommodate vehicles?, interview with Mahendra Subba (kp), Enfeebled assembly : The upper house of Parliament is not being allowed to play its desired role (kp) [Both chambers of parliament are abused and manipulated, from elections to legislation to the dissolution of parliament.], Raisina, Ram and Nepal : Nepali politicians old and new are competing to pay homage to the BJP’s brand of religious politics, by Biswas Baral (kp), Cultivated instability instead of positive renewal, by Karl-Heinz Krämer (Nepal Observer 85)

03/03/2024: Retiring National Assembly members want changes in its working : They question the upper house’s composition and say there are discriminatory legal provisions against it (kp),
PM Dahal prepares for Cabinet reshuffle ahead of parliamentary address (kh), Prime Minister Dahal begins groundwork for Cabinet reshuffle : While an exact modality is to be worked out, most members of the Cabinet could be replaced, by Anil Giri (kp), Is Ruling Alliance On The Skids?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Republic established through martyrs’ sacrifices, irrefutable: Minister Sharma (kh), Rana calls to reframe gender issues, up women’s participation : Congress leader Arzu Rana Deuba says Nepali women entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges (kp), Civil society leaders ask KMC Mayor Balen Shah to apologize to street vendors (rep)

02/03/2024: Over 30,000  quake survivors in Rukum West receive first installment (rep) [That's what you call quick, when the PM had promised immediate help only four months ago!], Shifting Choices Of Public Life, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Promoting Political Harmony Via Lullabies, by Anupam Bhattarai (rn)

01/03/2024: Opposition party plans to obstruct HoR meeting today (kh) [A political party that blocks the work of the people's representatives is anti-democratic! Protest must take a different form.], Speaker Ghimire directs govt to respond to opposition queries on March 4 (kh), Prime Minister Dahal admits government failed to deliver as per expectations : Dahal painted a bleak picture of revenue collection. By the end of January, only 74 percent of the revenue target was met (kp), Fate of NC-Maoist coalition, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Whose metropolis? The gentrified Kathmandu of Balen’s imagination, we are afraid, will be a city without a soul (kp), Today’s national news in a nutshell (kh), Online violence escalates due to lack of proper legislation, by Bhasa Sharma (rep), KVDA prepares to stop illegal land-plotting, by Bhuwan Sharma (rep), The accelerated mass migration out of rural mountains is proof that federalism is malfunctioning, by Chetan Adhikari (nt) [Those responsible are the so-called top politicians who insist on centralised power and who, despite their constant failures, declare that they are indispensable!]

29/02/2024: No point pretending : The state seeing loan shark victims in Parliament premises as a security issue should fool nobody (kp), Loan shark victims stage ‘whistle march’ from Bhrikutimandap to Baluwatar (In Pictures) (rep), Cooperative, microfinance and loan shark victims complain of govt neglect (ae), Federalism implementation in priority, says Prime Minister Dahal (nlt) [A basic prerequisite for this would be for politicians and parties at national level to finally abandon their centralised mindset. For example, they must stay out of provincial politics or if the national government changes, this must not have any influence on the provincial governments! Another task of federalism is the decentralisation of power and better inclusion of the regional population, something that the Hindu monarchy had failed to do for centuries!], Constitution would fail if marginalized voices remain unaddressed: Lawmaker Pramila Kumari (kh), Maoists up the ante against Congress on Assembly chair : Prime minister’s party decides to field candidate for upper house leader and shun poll alliances, may seek UML’s help, by Anil Giri (kp), Disputes among elected officials leave several local units in Sarlahi paralysed : People have been deprived of essential services, teachers of salaries and beneficiaries of social security allowances, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp), Avoiding over-development : Nepal must be warned about the dangers of excessively focusing on economic growth, by Hridesh Gajurel (kp), Nepal paying 29 percent higher tariff for electricity imports from India than its exports to southern neighbor : The NEA paid as high as Rs 16 per unit for imported electricity in this dry season (rep), Corruption and Moral Bases of Democracy, by Mohan Nepali (rep), Should Nepal extend its LDC graduation deadline?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

28/02/2024: Of plebeians, plutocrats and populists : There are laws in place that proscribe usury, but their enforcement is fraught with institutional hurdles, by CK Lal (kp), Ministerial decision inflicts hardship on government employees, by Laxman Sharma (kh), Kathmandu among top three most polluted cities for air quality (kh), Calls grow in Maoist Centre to toughen stance against Congress : Maoist leaders criticise Nepali Congress leaders’ Mahasamiti reports and a faction’s Hindu state demand, by Anil Giri (kp), Damaging delay : The failure to carry out a detailed damage assessment after the Jajarkot earthquake has caused great hardship (kp), After revamping Japan labour deal, Nepal plans pacts with ten other nations : Developed economies are in a race for high-skilled workers, and are adjusting immigration policies to attract them (kp) [Such pacts should only be a supplement. The government's real duty is to create jobs at home! Remittances only help the economy optically!], Govt throws out G2G deal with Japan to supply workers through manpowers, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Remittance is buoying a crises-ridden economy, by Kamal Raj Dhungel (ae), CPN (Maoist Centre) designates province in-charges (rn) [Including so "many" women. This "revolutionary" party is so gender inclusive and is working for the abolition of patriarchy. And then all these non-Khas Arya, wow!], Rajendra Mahato reaches Maitighar Mandala to defy ‘prohibited area’ decree (kh), LDC graduation: Nepal seeks extension of facilities, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Dr. KC warns of intense protest to expedite TRC Bill in parliament (kh)

27/02/2024: With no post-quake assessment, Jajarkot victims risk neglect : Four months since the quake, damage assessment is yet to start. Government says priority now is temporary shelters, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Network of deputy chairs demand revision on bill designed to amend Local Government Operation Act (kh), Nepal faces inflation risk from Red Sea disruption, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Baglung’s Muslims struggle for burial ground : When a woman died last month, the community had to charter a vehicle to take the body to the neighbouring Gulmi district for burial, by Prakash Baral (kp) [Such problems could increase if the Khas Arya minority prevails with its demand for a return to the Hindu state!], Would Mahato’s exit from LSP bring any substantive change in national politics? Mahato aims to set up an ‘alternative’ political force whose goal is to establish a ‘pluralistic nation-state’ (kp) [No, it wouldn't! Nepal does not need new parties, but finally democratisation, rejuvenation and better social inclusion within the existing ones on the basis of republicanism, federalism and secularism!], Police implement ban on pedestrian activity along footpaths around Singha Durbar (rep) [????], ‘Lawmakers themselves escorted microfinance victims into parliament due to political maneuvering’, by Tapendra Karki (rep), Debtors storm through parliament gate, 50 held (ae), Weeklong detention for protesters of loan sharking and microfinance exploitation (kh) [The behaviour of these desperate people may be unlawful, but the reaction of the obviously disinterested state seems excessive!], Opposition Takes Centre Stage, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Ilam by-election: NC picks Khadka, UML eyes Suhang as parties prepare for showdown (kh)

26/02/2024: Reminiscing Last Week: NC affirms support to coalition; protests, and key directives (kh), The poverty paradox : The steady rise in urban poverty calls for a shift in the country’s rural areas-centric approach (kp), Authorities prepare to relocate loan shark victims from Bhrikutimandap (rep) [The politicians want to spare themselves the sight of the suffering people whose concerns they should actually be taking care of!], Govt’s bid to evacuate Bhrikutimandap disrupts loan sharking victims’ talks (kh), 49 protesters arrested for breaching prohibitory orders and entering restricted area in Baneshwor (rep), Loan sharking and microfinance victims protest inside parliament premises (kh), Lawmakers advocate for swift post-earthquake reconstruction (kh) [This is exactly what the leading politicians promised four months ago as part of their political tourism programme!]

25/02/2024: International Tribunal on Evictions calls for action as forced evictions continue despite constitutional protections, by Aesha Bajracharya (rep), Misinformation posing a growing threat to democracy, by Nishu Ratna Bastakoti (rep), UML outraged over PM Dahal’s absence in parliament, demands accountability : Speaker Ghimire directs government to address opposition queries (kh), House committee likely to decide on transitional justice bill within a week : The committee is likely to advance the bill with a vote as chances of a consensus look slim (kp), Military diplomacy in focus amid mega peacekeeping exercise : As US Indo-Pacific commander arrives, high-level Chinese military delegation is due to visit Kathmandu in March, by Anil Giri (kp) [Blatant exertion of influence as part of an unabated power struggle between China and the USA in Nepal!], Bill to amend Political Parties Act presented in HoR (kh) [This law needs a fundamental revision. In its current form, it primarily serves an autocratic party leadership and lacks democracy and social inclusion regulations!], NC Mahasamiti meet : Sends Tremors Among Coalition Allies, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Meet Poll Pledge, by Parmeshwar Devkota (rn)

24/02/2024: Pork barrel fund idle as officials struggle to fund quake relief : Based on the number of registered beneficiaries, over Rs4 billion will be required to fund the temporary shelters, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), As government holds off action against minister, Speaker issues third ruling : Prime minister had pledged action after receiving the Balkumari incident probe report (kp), Grasp Shifting Trends In Party Politics, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Concerns raised over impact of fake information on political progress (kh) [This is very serious misbehaviour and falls under the term political corruption!]

23/02/2024: NC and Sanaatan State: Myth or Reality, by Chhering Yonzon (rep) [The number of NC politicians advocating a return to the Hindu state during the Mahasamiti seems disproportionately high. This is due to the fact that at the upper levels of the NC, similar to the other parties, there are predominantly (male) Khas Arya, who simply do not want to understand the multi-ethnicity of Nepal and the centuries-long discrimination of non-Khas Arya under the Hindu monarchy!], Unconventional convention : Hindu state agenda divides the Nepali Congress as religious tension grips the Tarai, by Shristi Karki (nt), Contrary to government claim, Parliament turning ineffective even in new session : The winter session has barely two months to go. Various ministries are said to be working on 109 bills, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Major political parties hold meetings focusing on Mission-84 (rep) [These parties stood for election just over a year ago and those who were elected must finally do their job and stop talking about what will happen in just under four years' time!], Unveiling Nepal’s protectionist paradox: Bootleggers, baptists, and consumer consequences : What do industry and labor want from the regulators? They want protection from competition, from technological change, and from losses that threaten profits and jobs, by Subhekshya Ghimire (nlt), Loan sharking victims demand DPM Shrestha’s resignation (kh), CPN-UML demands govt to present Balkumari incident investigation report in parliament (kh), Parliament session disrupted by opposition, meeting adjourned (kh), Foreign aid spending remains poor compared to use of domestic resources : Spending on Asian Development Bank support stands at eight percent and 14 percent in the case of the World Bank in the first half of the current fiscal year (kp), Get Tough With The Corrupt, by Lok Deep Thapa (rn)

22/02/2024: Fragile sentiments : It is time for everyone to come together and celebrate cultural-religious vitality—not virulence (kp) [A return to the Hindu state, as demanded by the RPP and other radical fundamentalists, would have exactly the opposite effect!], Nepal’s demographics: Then and now : We now know for the first time how the different provinces have been doing, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Rift persists in Congress over electoral alliances : Party chief Deuba says the country’s situation doesn’t allow the largest force to embrace Hindu state agenda, by Anil Giri (kp)

21/02/2024: Shunned and silenced : The long struggle of the women who were sexually assaulted or raped during the conflict period continues (kp), Nepal delays reply to UN concerns over transitional justice : Four UN special rapporteurs had given Nepal 60 days, until February 15, but officials say they need more time, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Coalition will continue, but Congress will contest next elections independently, says Gagan Thapa : Presenting their papers at Mahasamiti, General Secretary Sharma stresses the coalition has no alternative, while party veep calls for curbing corruption (kp), National Assembly reflections : Parliament is where a goat’s head is shown and a dog’s meat is sold, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), RPP to demonstrate across country to exert pressure on govt to meet its 40-point demand (rep) [This sounds like the 40 demands that the CPN (Maoist) presented to then PM Deuba in January 1995. Unlike the RPP's demands today, the Maoist demands at the time were largely rational and largely in line with the state policy guidelines of the constitution, which were ignored by the Deuba government.], Inside the NC, voices in favor of Hindu state are gaining ground, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae) [This is where the NC shows its true face and makes it clear that it is not a socialist and democratic party that stands up for the concerns of all citizens of the country, but a club for the preservation of the power and privileges of the small male Khas Arya elite!], Final hearing begins on writ seeking dismissal of 110 lawmakers elected through proportional representation system (kh) [Then one could also say straight away: the elections to the Constituent Assemblies and the adoption of the new constitution were not based on the interim constitution. Consequently, all governments and parliaments since then would be illegitimate and should be dissolved immediately. While the former statement is entirely true, it does not help the country and its people in view of the chaos caused by the top politicians and now also the Hindu fundamentalists and monarchists!]

20/02/2024: Kathmandu ranks fourth most polluted city worldwide (kh), Incidents of violence against women on the rise: INSEC (rep), Cases of human rights violations surged by 27 percent in 2023. Involvement of government bodies in human right violations in notable number of cases (rep), Caste in Gurkha communities : The patron-client system has become extinct, yet untouchability is still practised among the Gurkhas, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Urban poverty is on the rise, while rural poverty keeps falling : Experts call for creation of more jobs in order to address the livelihood issues of the urban poor, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Thapa’s proposal against poll alliances gets Deuba’s nod : Without specifying the changes, the Congress chief called for revision of the constitution of Nepal, by Anil Giri (kp) [Just as King Birendra spoke of timely reforms to the panchayat system before the 1980 referendum without specifying them?], Data for effective development : Despite some positive trends, persistent disparities continue to mar the landscape of progress in Nepal, by Ximena Del Carpio, Pippa Bird and Faris Hadad-Zervos (kp), Need To Streamline Public Holidays, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Nepal an advocate for peace and equality: PM Prachanda (rn) [At least in part, the PM must be talking about a different country. Nepal continues to be characterised by extreme social non-inclusion and the denial of the final peace process through justice for the victims of the insurgency!], SC directs govt to curb road disruptions for VVIP traffic (kh) [!!!], What should Nepal prioritize during the upcoming investment summit? Will the upcoming Investment Summit also be centered on how foreign investments can help achieve the SDGs? What should Nepal do?, by Simone Galimberti (nlt)

19/02/2024: Making Nepal more inclusive, by Simone Galimberti (ae), Conflict-era rape victims’ trauma compounds : Records at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission show that among the 63,700 cases it received, 314 are related to rape or sexual violence from the insurgency, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Various groups organize protest at Maitighar demanding justice for Ajit Mizar (In Pictures) (rep), Reminiscing Last Week: Lalita Niwas verdict to Prachanda’s call for Maoist unity (kh), CIAA should appeal acquittal of politicians in Supreme Court : We concluded that no court can say that the Lalita Niwas land is not government land. We had strong evidence to prove that, interview Sharada Prasad Trital, head of the Lalita Niwas land grab probe committee (kp), Bansbari land: Billionaire Binod Chaudhary evading investigation : Faces allegations of encroaching upon government land in various locations across the country (kh), Journalists denied entry to Democracy Day ceremony in Tundikhel (kh), Federalism unleashes ernormous potential: PM Dahal (kh) [Why do you and your autocratic colleagues like Oli and Deuba not implement and develop the federal system, but abuse it for your own power interests?], Worth preserving : We would do well to internalise the enormous costs at which recent democratic changes have come (kp), Opposition parties press prime minister to sack Minister Jwala : Demand comes after probe says Jwala’s negligence was a contributing factor for the Dec 29 Balkumari deaths (kp), Cold tarps are forcing families back to damaged homes : A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Jajarkot, Rukum West and Salyan on November 3 killing scores and damaging around 8,000 public and private houses, by Biplab Maharjan (kp), Air pollution responsible for premature births, low weight : Neonatal deaths have not declined in the past five years, according to a study, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Mounting public frustration tests Nepali democracy : Longevity of democracy rests on effectively combating corruption and economic transformation, say experts, by Anil Giri (kp), Nepal’s health sector under the budget knife : Experts warn budget cuts could undo the progress the country has made in the health sector over the past several years, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Ncell tax fraud architect assumes key role at Nepal Telecom Authority (kh) [Corruption in perfection!], Two members of the hooligan ‘Sanubhai’ group released on bail (kh) [???], How strong is internal democracy within political parties? (rep) [It is in a pitiful state!], How democratic are our parties (ae)

18/02/2024: Speaker Ghimire directs ministers to respond to lawmakers within seven days (kh), Delay in vital law enforcement denies judiciary financial autonomy : The court has to follow a complex bureaucratic process in order to meet some of its financial obligations, by Binod Ghimire (kp), A group in Nepali Congress gears up to raise the Hindu state agenda at Mahasamiti meeting : The party’s central working committee has rejected the agenda’s inclusion in the upcoming Mahasamiti meeting. On Saturday, the group, however, made public its four-page dossier (kp), Liberating academia from partisan politics : For that, we must implement merit-based selection process in top positions, by Kiran Paudel (kp), Madhesi man faces harassment from man referring himself as DSP (kh), Disturbing incident unfolds in Kathmandu as a Madhesi youth harassed in Kathmandu (kh)

17/02/2024: MoFAGA prepares draft bill to suspend local executive for six months (rep) [A serious attack on democracy and federalism!], Love, a ‘deadly trap’ for Dalits!, by Pabitra Sunar (rep), NC leaders, including 22 central members, to announce Special Campaign for Sanatan Hindu State today (kh) [To identify the state and the nation with a single culture and religion is a crime against the multi-ethnic and multi-religious society of Nepal! The country is not the property of predominantly male high caste Hindus, even though they have pretended to be for centuries!], Congress leaders’ reports criticised by own for ‘falling short on solutions’ : 22 central members memo Deuba demanding reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu state, by Anil Giri (kp), DAO Kathmandu extends prohibited zone duration for two more months (kh), Clarity sought on ‘policy decisions’ as ex-ministers cleared in land scam : Bill to amend the CIAA law seeks to bar probe into such decisions of Centre and provinces without defining them, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp) [Impunity continues to apply to politicians without restriction. Is this what the government promises under ruthless investigation or should judges be subject to the instructions of the executive?], Media trials and their impact on the judiciary, by Diwakar Dhakal (rep)

16/02/2024: Not rising Nepal : Statistics tell us the poverty rate has declined, the reality is different for the poorest Nepalis (nt), ‘50% children with cancer are out of medical services’ (kh), Lalita Niwas land grab: 12 convicted, Gachchhadar acquitted (nlt), Ex-officials convicted, politicians acquitted in Lalita Niwas scam : Two years jail for several convicts including Bhatbhateni’s Gurung, ex-secretary Basnyat, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Of course, what else? Politicians will always be spared because they are above the law!], Implementation of Constitution and Challenges, by Kalyan Shrestha (kh), Seven years is not a long time for federalism’s institutionalisation, EU envoy says : Presenting a strong defence of federalism, she said that Nepal’s constitution provides for political stability (kp), Clamour for Hindu state : A political ideology that favours nativism and monoculturalism has no place in a democracy (kp), NC leaders advocate for Vedic Sanatan Hindu State in special proposal (kh) [The 22 signatories are in no way representative of the Nepalese population! You might as well declare Nepal a Tharu, Gurung, Limbu or Sherpa state, which would be just as absurd!], Foreign aid decreases by Rs 77 billion (rep), Budget Must Stimulate Economy, by Lok Deep Thapa (rn)

15/02/2024: Congress group aims to put Hindu state on party meet agenda : While proponents say the party should listen to people’s voices, others dismiss the agenda as a non-starter (kp) [Those who advocate a return to a Hindu state ignore the multi-ethnicity and the multi-cultural and multi-religious character of Nepalese society. Such people oppose social inclusion and are therefore anti-democrats. Political parties that advocate such policies should be ignored! They only stand for the preservation of power and privileges of a predominantly male small elite!], PM Dahal advocates halting outflow of funds for higher education from Nepal (kh), Maoist representatives want direct elections for leadership positions : So far, the party’s general convention only elects central members. Other committees and office bearers are picked from the central committee, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [This party too thinks in authoritarian terms and doesn't think much of basic democratic principles!], As air in Kathmandu Valley deteriorates to hazardous level, patients of respiratory illness rise ; A low-pressure system formed in the west caused cloudy conditions throughout the country on Wednesday, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Old story, new twist : The saga of Nepali youth dying in senseless foreign wars like the one in Ukraine should stop (kp), Remittance: Myths and truths : Although Nepal receives a lot of remittance, it is quickly depleted due to the country’s heavy imports, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp), Democratising Party Leadership Essential, by Mukti Rijal (rn), Special Court slaps guilty with cash fines of up to Rs 8 million and two-year jail term (rep), Bhatbhateni owner Min Bahadur Gurung gets 2-year prison sentence in Lalitaniwas land grab scam (kh), Lalita Niwas Land Grab: Leaders acquitted; employees found guilty (kh)

14/02/2024: Promote Human Rights And Inclusion, by Namrata Sharma (rn), Death toll from People’s War waged by the Maoists stands at 18,076: New data (rep), Glass half empty : The latest living standards survey points to all the ways the Nepali state fails to invest in its citizens (kp), Dahal offers lip service of leadership transfer at Maoist Centre statute convention : Party chief does not seem positive about imposing age and term limits for office bearers because he still wants to be in control, says a leader (kp), ‘Another world is possible’: Socialists of the world to convene in Kathmandu this week : People involved in socialist movements from 92 countries will take part in the five-day World Social Forum-2024 (kp), Legalization of same sex marriage paves way for inclusion and equality, by Arjun Oli (rep), Navigating Tradition and Progress: Same-Sex Marriage Recognition in Nepal, by Mona Sharma and Dikshya Aryal (rep), LGBTIQA+ community: A continuing struggle for social acceptance, by Mitali Bharadwaj (ae), High Court deems govt nomination of Health Council Members illegal (kh), Internal democracy and compliance with rules must prevail: CEC Thapaliya (kh)

13/02/2024: Reflections on 17 years since the “People’s War”, by Gyanu Ghimire (kh), “People’s War” achievements are nation’s common assets: PM Dahal (kh) [What achievements? Social non-inclusion persists, as does patriarchy; women are at best second-class citizens, Dalits are discriminated against and are victimised. Justice for the victims of the insurgency is still denied. The poverty rate is high. The constitution was created by the traditional ruling male elite, not by the inclusively elected representatives of the people; promises made during the People's War are often not honoured. The electoral system is manipulated and abused. Civil liberties are often restricted. The federal state exists mainly on paper. Corruption is rampant and is covered up by the political elite. The most important achievement of the People's War remains the abolition of the monarchy and the Hindu state, but it is precisely this that is increasingly being called into question. Support for your party has fallen to a meagre 11 per cent. Voters are simply fed up with narcissistic politicians like Dahal, Oli and Deuba. How are you going to change that?], Nepal sees less than expected decline in poverty : Poverty fell from over 25 percent in 2011 to just over 20 percent in 2023, says the Fourth Living Standard Survey, by Krishana Prasain (kp), 20.27 percent of Nepalis are living under the poverty line (rep), Partnership with Congress not beneficial, says PM Dahal : Yet, he has no immediate plan for a new alliance, by Anil Giri (kp), Commitments and contradictions : The government has started some good initiatives but struggled to follow through (kp), Higher Education Bill: A fiasco : The travesty of the proposed bill is that no authority is willing to take its ownership, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Numerous laws remain unformulated: NA Chair Timilsina (kh)

12/02/2024: Alliance plans to push TJ bill via vote if no consensus : Multiple attempts to build consensus have failed as ruling and opposition parties refuse to budge from their stands (kp), Financial irregularities rampant at all three government levels: CIAA Chief Rai (rep), PM Dahal accuses Nepali Congress of betrayal : Says it is high time that his party reevaluated the coalition dynamics (kh), Maoist Center leaders face criticism for opulent lifestyles and ideological ambiguity (kh), Conventional wisdom : At a minimum, Dahal should declare that he will step down as the head of his party after a specific time (kp) [Party leaders like Dahal, Oli and Deuba will never resign. They are convinced that Nepal needs their endless failures and misbehaviour!], Demography, digitalisation and diaspora will catapult RSP to power : The party doesn’t equate an inclusive liberal democratic order with federalism. We should worry more about the ends, not the means, interview with Swarnim Wagle (kp) [The proposed abolition of the provincial level means federalism without federalism and safeguards the rule of the centralised male high-caste elite in a socially non-inclusive state oriented towards Hindu ideals. What is different from the last few decades? The non-realisation of federalism is due to the centralist attitude of that very elite and the RSP obviously wants to be part of it!], Nepali women face harsh realities of foreign employment in Gulf countries, by Sabita Khadka (rep), Reminiscing Last Week: Parliament, Giri Bandhu Tea Estate and SC (kh), Archaeologists call for halt to defacement of Lumbini heritage sites : Concerned over the construction of structures, Unesco threatens to put Lumbini on ‘Heritage in Danger’ list (kp), Ministry instructs agencies to prepare the health budget within previous ceiling : In the current fiscal year, 35 percent of national health budget was slashed. This hampered several healthcare programmes including maternal health, child health, family planning, and nutrition (kp), Paving the path to prosperity : Investment in road infrastructure is a prerequisite to attracting local and international tourists, by Roshee Lamichhane (kp), Judge Acharya transferred to Mugu following release order for Arun Chaudhary (kh), No public holiday on Falgun 1, says Ministry of Home Affairs (kh), The Red Alert : The State is hell bent on owning all the means of production and curbing freedom of speech and human rights, by CK Raut (rep), What puts Nepal’s democracy in peril?, by Sushil Thapa (ae)

11/02/2024: NC-Maoist Conflict: Oscillating between normalcy and intensity (kh), Panel recommends revision to a dozen laws before investment summit : A member says if they sort out the land acquisition, purchase or lease issue, half of the investment-related problems will be solved (kp), Kathmandu Valley Air Pollution Turning Heaven into Hell, by Madhav Karki (rep), Street vendors stage protests against KMC  (rep), Birgunj Mayor Singh admits during interrogation of having two wives, by Bimala Gupta (rep)

10/02/2024: Bind Leadership To Constitutional Ideals, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Impoverished Netuwa community seeks recognition and rights as minority Dalit caste : The government provides a Rs4,000 monthly social security allowance to impoverished communities, but Netuwas are deprived of this benefit, by Amrita Anmol (kp), Damak View Tower faces crisis in operation, by Dhruba Bhattarai (kh) [When short-sighted politicians like KP Oli interfere in nonsensical mammoth projects in their home districts to secure their re-election....], Koshi government and agitating group ink five-point deal : The Province 1 Renaming Joint Struggle Committee agrees to adopt peaceful protests to press its demands, by Binod Bhandari (kp), A call for responsible legal practice, by Saroj Bhattarai (rep)

09/02/2024: Democracy Day to be marked for three days (kh) [King Tribhuvan promised democracy in 1951, but paved the way for royal autocracy in the following years, which was perfected by his son Mahendra. Today, party politicians are obstructing the implementation of democracy. There is nothing to celebrate! Democracy is not the imitation of royal power and arrogance by party politicians!], Prime Minister Dahal says he favours publicising Lal Commission report : Promises to call a meeting of the ruling alliance to decide the matter (kp), Eye on land : Nepali politicians, bureaucrats and business mafia have been using land to make illegal profits (kp), Discarded heroes : Electricity consumers valiantly fought through years of darkness like soldiers in battle, by Bishal Thapa (kp), Experts call for harnessing remittances for development : Say the growth in remittances has fueled imports, but the money is hardly being used in employment-generating activities (kp), Susta rural municipality launches monetary scheme to discourage child marriage (kh) [The reasons lie in the extremely patriarchal way of thinking, its reflection in politics and laws, the permanent non-inclusion of women and archaic cultural practices in society. They cannot be solved with money!], Koshi govt and identity-based agitators reach five-point agreement (kh), Correcting policy failures in Nepal, by Umesh Raj Rimal (kp), Address Chief Ministers’ concerns, PM tells Singhadurbar (ae) [This concern is so fundamental that a head of government should have some idea of what this should look like, which he has so far been actively involved in preventing! A PM cannot delegate everything!], Nepal facing terrible brunt of Russia-Ukraine war, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

08/02/2024: Nepal takes big step to avoid money laundering greylist : House passes amendments to anti-money laundering law, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Court quashes permit to Giri Bandhu estate to swap land above legal limit : Law was revised in 2020 to add provision for exchanging excess land or selling it to pay liabilities after firm closure, by Binod Ghimire (kp), On Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), Federal government buys time to set up provincial police, devolve powers : Local units want significant shares of radio frequency royalty, taxes raised from natural resources, and other rights, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Still no real interest of the central level in the implementation of the federal system!], Nepal becomes top troops contributor to UN peacekeeping missions : As of November 30 last year, 6,247 Nepali personnel were serving in conflict zones (kp), Growth, at a cost : More remittance isn’t something to celebrate if we can’t pump it into building national capital (kp)

07/02/2024: Nepal's peace dilemma : The failure to conclude the transitional justice process undercuts the achievements in the structural transformation of Nepal, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), Light Feb calendar belies government pledge of more effective Parliament : Two ruling parties’ events clash with the House of Representatives’ schedule, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [The politicians continue to believe that the citizens are stupid and do not recognise their constant lies!], Schoolgirls come together to combat outdated pratices : Young girls rally against social ills, urging female relatives to shun harmful traditions like Chhaupadi, child marriage and caste-based discrimination, by Tularam Pandey and DB Budha (kp), Three including Arun Chaudhary released amid controversy (kh) [Only ordinary citizens are subjected to the full rigours of justice. For prominent people, especially those from political parties, there is always a loophole! A constitutional state looks different!], Gagan Thapa demands accountability: No leniency for those involved in public land encroachment, citizenship forgery, or cooperative fraud (kh), Lawmaker Singh accuses coalition government of sheltering corrupt figures (kh), SC overturns land swap decision involving Giri Bandhu Tea Estate made by former Oli government (kh), What is Giri Bandhu Tea Estate scam? (kh), Maoists first became top upper house force. Now they claim chair : Prime Minister Dahal denies having given word to Congress on making Krishna Prasad Sitaula Assembly chairman, by Anil Giri (kp), Maoist Center’s bid for NA Chairman sparks outrage within NC (kh), Money foreign workers send home jumps by 25 percent : Remittances rose to Rs733.22 billion in the first half of the current fiscal and the foreign exchange reserves ballooned to a record high of Rs1.81 trillion (kp), Deportation of Chinese volunteer exposes Maoist Center’s power struggle and betrayal (kh)

06/02/2024: Dangerously deluded monarchists : Sensible Nepalis should aim for the secular republic's reformation and revitalisation, by Mitra Pariyar (kp) [In particular, the person at the centre of the monarchist ambitions should be brought to heel immediately!], Of alternative voting methods : Nepal must assess its capacity to implement absentee voting and digitalise elections, by Arjun Thapa (kp), Don’t waste the winter : People will be closely following the new session of parliament to see if it meets their expectations (kp), Reform in reservation is necessary, by Ritesh Panthee (rep), Will TRC Bill Be Endorsed ?, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn) [Quite unlikely! If it does, the result will still be unsatisfactory for the victims. Potential offenders should not decide on such laws!], Proposal to prevent child marriage (ae), Families of Nepalis in Russian Army protest outside Russian Embassy in Kathmandu (kh), Nepali students take more money abroad than paid by tourists here (kh), Maoist Center asserts claim for National Assembly chairmanship (kh) [Hurray for the undemocratic and manipulative electoral politics of the Nepalese parties!]

05/02/2024: Perversion of democracy : It would be laughable for the leader of the seventh largest parliamentary outfit to lead the government (kp), Major parties shouldn’t forge electoral alliances among themselves : The continuity of the present coalition is necessary to complete the remaining tasks of the peace process and for the effective implementation of the constitution, interview with Barshaman Pun (kp), Former lawmaker and Civil Cooperative promoter Tamang gets three-year jail : Ichchha Raj Tamang is fined Rs1.72 billion. All defendants’ properties will be confiscated, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Political Will Must To Curb Corruption, by Ballav Dahal (rn), Saud’s approach with big powers, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

04/02/2024: Quake-displaced people battle inclement weather : Around 34,000 earthquake-displaced people are living under tents in Jajarkot and Rukum West, according to government data, by Mahersh KC (kp), UML renews bid to pull ruling coalition down. Will it succeed? The party tries to foment discord in the Congress-Maoist alliance. Madhav Nepal’s prime minister prospects make UML chief jittery, by Anil Giri (kp) [As long as power is passed back and forth between Oli, Dahal and Deuba, there can be no question of a successful policy. It would be particularly bad if a PM came back who had staged a coup against the constitution and the state in 2020/21!], Electricity trade deal with India divides stakeholders in Nepal : Supreme Court orders the government to explain why the 10,000 MW export agreement’s implementation should not be halted, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Nepal's economy and federalism : Confronting the policy blunders of the past is a must for the renewal of the faltering federal republic, by Kiran Paudel (kp), Draft bill on higher education disappoints experts : Educationists say the prime minister vowed to reform higher education but the bill reeks of the same old mindset of political and bureaucratic control of universities, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Stop setting dangerous precedent (rep), Conspiracy Theories Galore, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Is Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission really weak? What can be done to make it more functioning and relevant? When human rights violations occur and the citizenry expect a prompt and swift intervention, the Commission’s “grand” mandate and mission often crumble to pieces, by Shrawan Adhikari and Simone Galimberti (nlt)

03/02/2024: Salyan and Surkhet report highest number of rape cases among 10 Karnali districts : In most rape cases, the perpetrators of the crime are usually the victims’ family members, according to police, by Biplab Maharjan (kp), Dahal, Oli discuss ways to resolve transitional justice disputes : The opposition leader says the bill to amend the Enforced Disappearances Enquiry, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act should be finalised in consensus after some revisions (kp) [Both are not really interested in justice for the victims.], 'VIPs' get admitted to the hospital to evade detention, by Tapendra Karki (rep), Foul play apparent in Bansbari land transfer, CIB says : Transfer was done illegally allegedly with the intent of grabbing the property for its real estate value, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), UML Chairman Oli accuses President Paudel of crossing constitutional limits (kh) [It leaves you speechless that Oli, of all people, is taking a stand on this. As PM, he has repeatedly broken the constitution and other laws in close co-operation with Paudel's predecessor Bidya Devi Bhandari, grossly disregarded SC judgements and spread brazen lies!], Peace process to accelerate with the consensus of political parties: Prime Minister Dahal (kh) [What matters is justice for the victims, not the consensus of leading politicians, who are also among those responsible for the crimes of that time!]

02/02/2024: Mend ways : The political parties should think about resolving the key problems that the country is facing (ae), Nepal Army Inc. : A mad rush for money has eroded the legacy and legitimacy of the institution (kp) Soaring Debt : Nepal’s public debt soars as the country continues to borrow to fund low-return projects, by Ramesh Kumar (nt), Development = Destruction : Kickback-driven maldevelopment is destroying Nepal as megalomania and kleptomania go hand-in-hand (nt), World Social Forum in Kathmandu : Gathering will bring 30,000 Nepali and international participants to Kathmandu on 15-19 February (nt), Dam dangerous : Proposed reservoir inside Shivapuri National Park carries more risk than reward, critics say, by Ramesh Kumar (nt)

01/02/2024: Insurgency victims come up with 27-point demand : Want extrajudicial killings and unlawful killings listed as serious human rights violations and the authority to reduce penalties resting with judiciary, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Break the cycle : Most loan shark victims will continue to be denied justice unless the local bodies become more active (kp), Nepal’s tryst with Corruption Perceptions, by Narayan Manandhar (rep), NHRC Report Card: Action recommended against 66 right violators (ae), Now, Nepal Army wants to operate a textile factory : Amid criticism of its involvement in business ventures, the force comes up with plan to revive Hetauda Kapada Udyog (kp)

31/01/2024: Constitutional watchdog names 60 persons implicated in serious human rights abuses : Those incriminated include top police and government officials, and politicians, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Nepal ranks 108th in Corruption Perceptions Index : Nepal climbs two spots in the global rankings but remains in the category of countries with rampant corruption (kp)

30/01/2024: Fending for themselves : There can be no excuse for the poor handling of the post-disaster situation in Karnali’s quake-affected districts (kp), Nepal ranks 108th in Corruption Perception Index with slight improvement (kh), Nepal remains on list of countries with rampant corruption, by Bhasa Sharma (rep), Orphanising federalism : There is a lack of research-based policy-making institutions within the government system, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Experts call for more proactive handling of new and old security threats : At a function in Kathmandu on Monday, speakers from diverse sectors discussed the interplay of regional and global powers in Nepal (kp), Investigation committee rejects Ncell share transaction; recommends further scrutiny (kh), Study committee finds faults in Ncell deal : Says claim Nepal had an unfavourable business climate was baseless (kp), Safeguarding the Legacy of Martyrs : To forcefully declare a member of a certain party as a martyr is an act of insulting the real martyr and defaming the word martyr, by Saroj Bhattarai (rep), Time to preserve traditional ecological knowledge : Our compensation and relocation schemes disregard traditional ecological knowledge, by Badri Baral (ae), Unlocking Opportunities: Empowering Financial Inclusion in Rural Nepal : For women in rural areas who continue to face low literacy rates and various gender-based barriers, access to and use of digital financial services is not a small task, by Santosh Adhikari and Menila Kharel (nlt)

29/01/2024: After assembly elections : People are getting fed up with this never-ending drama of self-centred politics (kp), Supreme Court intervenes to make rights commission’s role more effective : Successive governments have implemented hardly 15 percent of its recommendations (kp), Loan sharking victims to march again towards Kathmandu for justice (kh), China says rivals trying to sabotage its ties with Nepal : Visiting Chinese leader asserts BRI is not a debt trap and expresses concerns over investment climate, by Anil Giri (kp), Royal Massacre 2001 will be subject to reinvestigation: Prime Minister Dahal (kh), Safeguarding the Legacy of Martyrs, by Saroj Bhattarai (rep)

28/01/2024: What delays the rehabilitation of earthquake-displaced people : Since November, 35 homeless, mainly senior citizens and minors, have died, by Krishna Prasad Gautam (kp), Dalit women: empowered or imperilled? We must ensure equitable access to resources to ensure Dalit women’s active political participation, by Samiksha Baral (kp), Supreme Court says it cannot pass verdicts solely on the basis of media coverage : The court also raises questions over continued delays in advancing the transitional justice process (kp), Rifts in Congress, Maoists on reviewing ties after Koshi loss : Champa Karki of ruling coalition lost National Assembly vote on Thursday, sowing seed of mistrust in the alliance, by Anil Giri (kp), Escaping the remittance trap : Nepal should wean itself off remittances and transition to healthier and more sustainable growth model, by Hridesh Gajurel (kp), From Constitution to Kitchen: Nepal’s Journey to Food Rights, by Raju Prasad Chapagai (rep)

27/01/2024: Maoist Center affirms stability in federal coalition despite Koshi floor-crossing (kh), PM Dahal announces declaration of 3,000 additional martyrs soon, promises comprehensive recognition (kh) [You'd better finally get justice for all the victims from the time of the uprising!], Former King Gyanendra Shah expresses concerns over misconceptions about himself and his family (kh) [And what about the feelings and suffering of the people during your coup in 2005, when they were beaten, maltreated and arrested on your orders!]

26/01/2024: Particracy vs Democracy, by Kalyan Shrestha (kh), “Political parties must adopt a proactive approach”, interview with Devendra Paudel, CPN-MC (kh), UML loses seven upper house seats, even as it pulls off surprise victory in Koshi : The party falls to the third position as the Maoists become the largest force in the National Assembly, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Elections in Nepal are a rigged farce! Once again, there can be no talk of social inclusion. The politicians should finally stop lying about this!], National Assembly election sparks distrust in ruling coalition : Maoist Center emerges as the largest party, UML the third party in the National Assembly (rep) [A party that was elected by just 11 per cent of voters a year ago now has 30 per cent of the seats in the National Assembly. In Nepal, this is called "honouring the will of the people!" The NA has degenerated into a socially non-inclusive object of manipulation by the political parties!], Single women unable to build temporary shelters : Many have not registered for reconstruction aid. Even those who lack the physical and human resources to build a temporary shelter, by Tripti Shahi (kp)

25/01/2024: Nepal launches milestone action plan on business and human rights : The adoption sends a strong message to investors that Nepal is a good place to do business, stakeholders say (kp), Parties tour country to interact with people : Analysts say the political campaigns will not do much of public good besides engaging their cadres (kp), Voting in progress, results expected today (kh), Koshi Province steals the spotlight in NA election (with photos) (kh), NA Elections: 60% turnout so far, results expected today (kh), Successful conclusion of NA Election across seven provinces, results awaited this evening (kh), Alliance with other parties a must as single party unlikely to obtain majority: NC Prez Deuba (rep) [But please not by means of anti-democratic manipulation in the run-up to elections!], Why has the RPP announced street protests?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae) [The questions should be: Why are unconstitutional demands allowed to be made that are against the interests of the country's multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society as a whole? What about the women, Dalits, Janajatis, Muslims and to some extent Madheshis in the event of a return to the Hindu state? Why did 17,000 people have to die if the political system is to be reset to the exclusive system of a small male pahadi elite after less than 20 years? Why was the royal family not sent into exile after the abolition of the monarchy? When will the leaders of the ruling political parties finally realise that it is they who have enabled the increased activities of the anti-people forces in the first place?], Smart mobility for Hetauda: A path to sustainable development, by Prasannata Lamichhane (ae), Women Commission urges govt to take action on unlawful children’s homes (kh), SC releases full text of directive order to amend NHRC Act (kh)

24/01/2024: The neglect of federalism : Concentration of power at Singha Durbar overshadows the idea of grassroots-level governance, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), PM Dahal’s push for cabinet reshuffle faces coalition discord (kh), Government working on 109 bills to give more business to Parliament : The Cabinet has recommended the President summon the winter session of Parliament on February 5, by Binod Ghimire (kp), UML is pursuing a monarchy agenda: Gagan Thapa (kh), Challenges of misinformation : Emerging AI tools will result in a playground of information manipulation in the upcoming elections, by Ujjwal Acharya (kp), Silent Sacrifices Beyond Borders, by Prakriti Adhikari (rep), We all have responsibility to develop our country: PM Prachanda (rn) [Then the top politicians of all political parties should resign immediately, because you are all the main reason for the country's inadequate development, the continuing lack of social inclusion and the stubborn refusal to create a federal, secular and democratic republic!]

23/01/2024: Uncommitted committees : The elected Parliament should be the first agency to offer much-needed hope to the people (kp), Gandaki CM Pandey demands adequate rights to province (kh), Labour migration, gender and caste : Working abroad is not all bad for the marginalised as it brings much more than financial gains, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Growing Yadav-Raut rivalry unfolds at foundation-laying event : Observers call it ‘vote-bank politics’ (kp), UML submits 751-point demand to govt (rep), NAM’s Relevance And Nepal's Stance, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Women leadership lacking in Badghars (rn), Is traditional media dying?, by Prerana Marasini (ae), Govt recommends Parliament session on Feb 5 (kh)

22/01/2024: Let people protest : Trying to maintain public order by banning peaceful demonstrations is a fool’s errand (kp), Speaker alerts House panels against work duplication : Multiple committees probing the same issue and releasing clashing directives has become a pattern, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Federal parliament in a bind (ae), Centre should have a reserve force for contingencies : The police adjustment process should be handled more cautiously as police personnel work with arms and ammunition, interview with Jaya Mukunda Khanal (kp), RPP-UML form alliance for NA election in Koshi (kh) [Similar mindset?], Enhance National Assembly’s Dignity, by Ballav Dahal (rn), Clash in Rajbiraj leaves Education Minister and three MPs injured (kh)

21/01/2024: Why Nepal needs deliberative democracy : Deliberative democracy could strengthen federalism at grassroots level by bringing people really closer to the decision making, by Simone Galimberti (nlt), Provinces versus Kathmandu : Attitude towards federalism in Nepal is still marked with scepticism, by Semanta Dahal (kp), Anomalies That Beset Left Parties, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Remaining works of peace process to be completed on consensus: PM Prachanda (rn) [Consensus with the victims and their families or consensus among top politicians, some of whom bear great responsibility for the crimes of the past?], Remaining works of peace process to be completed soon: PM Dahal (kh), Russia holds back release of Nepali nationals enlisted in its army: PM Dahal (kh), Russia to compensate families of those killed in war, says Foreign Minister Saud : 13 Nepali nationals have been confirmed killed in Russia’s fight against Ukraine. Moscow official wants families to go to Russia to claim compensation. Nepal says not feasible (kp), HoR Speaker, National Assembly Chairman send letter of reminder over delay in appointing Secretary General of parliament (rep)

20/01/2024: Mahato plans new Madhesh movement. But will it take off? Observers and rival politicians see poor prospects, by Anil Giri (kp), Employees of fraudulent cooperatives hung out to dry : As they grapple with lost savings, unpaid salaries, anger, and threats from desperate depositors, their lives highlight the collateral damage of a broken cooperative system, by Aarati Ray (kp), Main opposition UML plans agitation against Pushpa Kamal Dahal government : Addressing a party meeting, Oli said the government would be unseated by breaking up the ruling alliance (kp) [Replacing an incompetent PM with an even more incompetent one, who, on top of everything else, staged a coup against the state and democracy a good three years ago, is not really helping the country!], Building Rational Political Order, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn)

19/01/2024: CPN-UML’s intent to break ruling coalition: How justifiable? (kh), Supreme Court declines to impose restrictions on security personnel using metal bullets (kh), Communist unity top on agenda as Chinese flock to Nepal : Watchers say they are trying to lay ground for a Nepal that is no threat to China. This includes tackling other powers, by Anil Giri (kp), Democracy And Civic Consciousness, by Bibhav Pokhrel (rn), Impact Of Federalisation On Healthcare, by Pallav Bhusal (rn), Trends in Chinese investment in Nepal, by Nihar R Nayak and Purushottam Poudel (ae), Stick to neutrality (ae), The occupation of Tundikhel : Residents and activists protest Kathmandu mayor’s decision to further constrict the last of Kathmandu's open space, by Sahina Shrestha (nt)

18/01/2024: Ensure Justice To Conflict Victims, by Balmukunda Regmi (rn), After months of pressure, Dahal orders police force adjustment across provinces : Prime minister gives Home Minister Shrestha and other senior officials 15 days for the task, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Triggering mistrust :The police must be sensitised on the need of exercising maximum restraint during public protests (kp) [They believe they have the right to beat, torture and kill people. This was the case under the royalist-absolutist panchayat system and it hasn't changed to this day!], RPP Chairman Lingden announces non-participation in govt (kh) [Anti-democratic and unconstitutional parties like the RPP have no place in government!], DPM Shrestha advocates prioritizing domestic power consumption over exports (rep), Will save country from turning into old age home: DPM Shrestha (rn), Attempt of assault on Durga Prasain in Baglung (rep) [Such anti-social and anti-democratic demagogues must be fought with powerful arguments and upright democratic action and not through crime!], Cabinet reshuffle after NA election (kh)

17/01/2024: The weight of patriarchy : Nepali women continue to be persecuted in the name of outdated traditions (kp), Signs of strain emerge within the ruling coalition (kh) [After a year at the latest, this is absolutely normal in Nepalese politics, as the so-called top politicians are primarily concerned with power and privileges and see their obligation to pursue policies that are geared towards the welfare of the country and its citizens as a secondary task at best, which they are not up to anyway!], Long hair symbolizes the nature of a rebel: CK Raut. Rebellion in Strands: Unveiling the Political Odyssey of CK Raut (based on interview), by Gyanu Ghimire (kh), Foreign employment: 539 deaths in six months (rep), Concerns mount over rising Nepali migrant deaths : Around 15 Nepali workers die abroad each month. Reports says 95 migrants from Gandaki Province died abroad in the first six months of this fiscal year, by Pratiksha Kafle (kp) [This is also a consequence of climate change, economic inequality and the government's inability to create jobs at home!], Check Youth Exodus, by Dixya Poudel (rn), Nepal to review SDGs (rep)

16/01/2024: The ills of pending electoral reforms : Democratising Nepal’s political parties has been a Sisyphean endeavour, by Achyut Wagle (kp), President urges effective implementation of constitution to end public frustration : Though the constitution is excellent, Nepali people have not been able to benefit from it, Paudel told leaders (kp), Diversifying diaspora and remittances : Nepal must come up with strategies to ensure remittances are repatriated by all, not just labour migrants, by Sanjit Shrestha (kp), End Overdependence On Remittance, by Uttam Maharjan (rn), Five, including police personnel, accused of gang-raping 14-year-old girl in Mugu (kh), Unified Socialist warns of exit from ruling coalition (kh), Nepal to present NVR report on SDGS to UN body by July (kh)

15/01/2024: NIC instructs universities to implement Right to Information laws (kh) [The right to information is a fundamental right that is very often not even respected by the government!], Budget mid-year assessment reveals national fiscal deficit (kh), Govt collects Rs 515 billion in revenue, meets only 77 percent of the target for first half of current FY (rep), Govt remains incapable of raising capital expenditure (rep), Student unions one on converting private schools into trusts : A bill registered in Parliament by the Dahal government in September doesn’t make conversion mandatory, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Weeks after auto-renewal of trade treaty with India, Nepal wants revision : The bilateral trade treaty was automatically renewed in November without addressing several of Nepal’s concerns, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Deepening water crises : Addressing the impacts of temperature and precipitation changes isn’t within our institutions’ scope, by Madhukar Upadhya (kp), National Assembly can serve as a coordinating body between federal units : The upper house needs more women who have worked in the field of women’s empowerment, interview with Bimala Rai Paudyal (kp) [The entire political system needs social inclusion, especially in leading positions: Women, Dalits, Muslims, Janajatis, Madheshis. Male Bahuns, for example, should only be represented by six per cent at most. Even today, they act as if they own this country! This is in contrast to the promises made by all political parties in 2006. Social unrest will be unavoidable at some point. The perverse demand for a return to Hindu state and monarchy further aggravates this!], President Paudel urges leaders for complete implementation of Constitution (kh) [Not with this generation of so-called political leaders!]

14/01/2024: Right to protest under threat : Despite the strengthening of human rights, the repression of protests persists in Nepal and worldwide, by Marissa Taylor and Ashmita Sapkota (kp), Echo chamber in Nepali media : There has been no progress in institutionalising press freedom and ensuring editorial independence, by Bhanu Bhakta Acharya (kp), Ex-NC minister Aftab Alam’s trial resumes from today (kh), Hearing on Aftab Alam case postponed (kh) [It's always the same!], Ruling alliance finds equation in Koshi tricky to win upper house seats : Party leaders find it challenging for Sitaula to win the votes of all members of the party and coalition partners (kp), Data show inflation easing but people don’t feel it : According to Nepal Rastra Bank, the year-on-year consumer price inflation moderated to 4.95 percent in the mid-November to mid-December period (kp), Maximum election expenditure for NA candidate set at Rs 350,000 (kh) [Since the NA election is held by a relatively small electoral body and the voting behaviour has already been arranged in advance by the party leaders, it is reasonable to ask why there is any major expenditure at all, unless it is to buy votes!]

13/01/2024: Resham Chaudhary elected party chair. Does the law allow it? Constitutional lawyer says presidential pardon doesn’t mean Chaudhary got a clean chit on the 2015 killings (kh) [Murder trials against other politicians have been delayed for many years. Can Nepal still be described as a state governed by the rule of law?], Widening Boundaries Of Politics, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Understanding Phenomenon Of Nepali Exodus, by Sugam Gautam (rn), The political system is under threat from parties nominating losers to National Assembly: Rabi Lamichhane (kh)

12/01/2024: No state for women : Nepali mothers can confer citizenship to their children, but conditions still apply, by Neha Gurung (nt) [Only males are real Nepalis and they are best from the so-called high Hindu castes! This country belongs to them! Only men are real Nepalis and they are best from the so-called high Hindu castes! This country belongs to them! Therefore, they have to bear the burden of holding all responsible posts!], Victim’s cry for justice met with disbelief and counteraccusations, by Sita Neupane (kh), Transitional justice commissions get one more extension but legal issues remain : MPs accuse government of not showing urgency to find consensus on amending the law, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [There will be no willingness to do justice for the victims as long as those responsible on both sides of the conflict are in power today!], Nepal's TJ law needs more progress: Human Rights Watch (rep) [see HRW report on Nepal], Much ado about nothing : Without a commitment to end the process right, term-extension of the TJ bodies is meaningless (kp), South Asia amid global contestations : What we need is a unique, irreplaceable and functional regional organisation, by Sisir Bhandari and Rajib Neupane (kp), Nepal’s geopolitical challenges and Prithvi Narayan Shah’s teachings, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

11/01/2024: Why has the transitional justice process not moved ahead?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Deuba exhibiting despotism in the party, interview with Arjun Narsingh KC (kh), Health workers manning Covid desks on Nepal-India border unpaid for six months : Amidst the increased workload and health risk following a resurgence of coronavirus cases, the health workers feel cheated, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp), Oli and the hubris of ‘great’ Nepal : No one should bother reading about Oli’s hallucinatory visions of Nepal’s past, by Deepak Thapa (kp), Challenge To Define Vision Of Socialism, by Mukti Rijal (rn)

10/01/2024: Rape trial in Nepal is an endless journey, by Sabina Acharya (nlt), Teenage girls in Rukum East live in terror of outdated traditions : Deep-rooted customs where young girls are forcibly hauled away and abducted by men for marriage persist in several areas of the western Nepal district, by Durgalal KC (kp), Conflict victims, rights defenders, lawyers, professionals and other citizens welcome SC decision to cancel People’s War Day (rep), A nation on the move, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Parties kill National Assembly’s spirit : Among those being elected, there are no field experts. The post-election upper house will also be less inclusive, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Power-hungry and authoritarian male high-caste politicians are systematically destroying all aspects of democracy and social inclusion of the modern Nepali state!], Six years of provincial assemblies : Around 450 laws have been enacted across the seven provinces, but they often look like a replica of federal laws., by Khim Lal Devkota (kp), India reluctant on power purchase from China-funded projects: PM (kh), Kathmandu District Court sentences Sandeep Lamichhane to 8 years in rape case (kh), RPP seized opportunity in Koshi Province, our advocacy for the end of federalism prevails: Bhakti Sitaula (kh) [Anyone who runs for political office that he wants to abolish is deceiving the citizens of the country! The RPP should immediately withdraw from all Provincial Assemblies!]

09/01/2024: Silence and shame in Ajit Mijar’s killing : Caste hatred often precipitates caste violence, and hardly any criminal is sentenced to jail, by Mitra Pariyar (kp), Conflict victims, rights defenders and professionals welcome invalidation of the ‘People’s War Day’ by the Supreme Court : In February last year, Dahal government had declared Falgun 1 as People’s War Day. The conflict victims as well as the civil society members had objected to the government’s decision (nlt), Nepal’s Dream: Tale of broken promises, unfulfilled ambitions, by Ishwar Dev Khanal (kh), Parties turn the National Assembly into a platform for losers, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), National Assembly candidacies fuel discontent in ruling coalition, Congress : Senior Congress leaders express dissent. Alliance partner Janamat Party revolts by fielding two candidates (kp), Partnership Among Ruling Alliance, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn), Nepali women in foreign policy : Despite an inclusive constitution, appointment and recruitment are highly male-dominated, by Anjan Shakya (kp), Bista unanimously elected as Speaker of Koshi Province Assembly (rep) [Bista and his party want to abolish federalism and thus the Koshi Province as soon as possible! How can such a politician be made Speaker of the Provincial Assembly? Politicians of the anti-democratic and anti-constitutional RPP should not be allowed to hold state offices!], No respite for earthquake victims, by Rajendra Karki (ae), Conflict-affected families of security personnel urge PM Dahal to address their genuine concerns (rep)

08/01/2024: Reminiscing Last Week: NA Scheduled Election Ignites Tensions (kh), No to collusion : The failure of ruling parties to share upper house seats with CPN-UML must be celebrated (kp), Fringe ruling parties unhappy over Assembly seat-sharing : Janamat, Nagarik Unmukti and Loktantrik Samajbadi parties get no candidacies, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Sher Bahadur Deuba’s Vision Revisited : “You Nepalis are good at talking, but you have not worked!”, by Raj Kishore Yadav (kh), Administration and Barahathawa protesters reach agreement : With the deal, family agrees to receive the body of the man killed on Friday, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp), Attorney General under political pressure not to appeal to SC against former minister Khand (rep) [This is how Nepal's dishonest politicians fight crime and corruption!], Use of mother tongue should be increased: Minister Sharma (rn) [Make knowledge of at least one national language, other than Nepali, compulsory for access to all public and political offices. This would increase the importance of these languages enormously and also improve the chances of applicants who are not native Nepali speakers!]

07/01/2024: Protests continue in Barahathawa for second day : Barahathawa Municipality’s decision to upgrade and hand over a 15-bed municipal hospital to the province triggered the violent protest on Friday, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp), Jaishankar Sah's mortal remains left on road for 72 hours (rep), Barahathwa tense: 'petrol bomb' thrown at police, police fire teargas shells on protestors, by Madn Thakur (rep), UML left to fight upper house election with own strength : Even with the main opposition out of picture, ruling parties are struggling to finalise names of coalition candidates, by Anil Giri (kp), NC President Deuba prepares to make Sitaula Chairman of National Assembly (rep) [At present, around two thirds of NA members of parliament are Khas Arya (population share < 30 per cent). Deuba is doing everything he can to increase this proportion! In order to make the NA more socially inclusive, no more Bahuns should currently be elected (nominated) at all!]

06/01/2024: Prohibitory order enforced in Sarlahi following protest-related fatality (kh), Curfew in Sarlahi local unit after man dies in protest : Local residents were protesting a municipal plan to hand over a health post to provincial authorities. Protesters claim the man died from police bullet, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp), Child marriage, teen pregnancy exacting heavy toll on Bajura girls : Efforts to curb child marriage ineffective due to deep-rooted traditions, local officials say, by Arjun Shah (kp), Rethinking Geopolitical Labels: An Asian Perspective on 'Global South' and 'Middle East', by Prem Lamichhane (rep), Building Trust In Public Institutions, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Nepal has no dearth of working-age population, by Manjima Dhakal (rn), Govinda KC and supporters arrested in Maitighar protest (kh), Ruling alliance rejects collaboration with CPN-UML in NA election : Alliance meeting at 4 PM, official decisions awaited (kh), NC’s Shekhar Koirala faction demands four seats in NA elections (kh), Coalition parties fail to reach consensus on NA elections seat-sharing (kh), National Assembly member elections: NC demands 13 seats, while Maoists claim 7 seats (rep) [The members of the two chambers of parliament should be nominated exclusively by the leading politicians of the parties in secret consultation. That would finally be a real "democracy"! It would also save a lot of money if there was no need to involve the responsible voters!], The country seeks change: RSP Chair Lamichhane (kh) [There will be no change as long as power keeps shifting back and forth between the failed and anti-democratic politicians Dahal, Oli and Deuba!]

05/01/2024: Federal express : Kathmandu never really devolved power to provinces to give federalism a chance to!  work, by Sonia Awale (nt), The F word : Federalism has failed not because the system is flawed, but because Nepal’s politicians have (nt), The marginalised on the margins : Two Nepali families on either side of a path suffer from state neglect, but one is much doing better. Why?, by Sonia Awale (nt), Nepal and India review relations, sign 10,000MW power export deal : Delhi grants Rs10 billion for reconstruction of structures destroyed in Nov 3 earthquake, by Anil Giri (kp), Former PM Khanal denounces Dahal-led government’s agreement with India as “anti-national” (kh), School education bill getting knottier : At the House committee, representatives of local units and teachers’ organisations make contradictory demands, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Will declaring an emergency help accelerate infrastructure projects? Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal floated the idea of declaring a state of emergency to speed up infrastructure development in his address to the nation last week, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), NC close students demand PM Dahal’s resignation (kh), Covid coming: Nepal is again witnessing coronavirus cases. But there seems to be little preparation (kp), Hindu nation and constitutional monarchy should be restored: RPP Nepal Chairman Thapa (kh) [What are the "interests of the nation"? Those of the male Khas Arya or those of the country's multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society? Sorry, I forgot, only the barely 15 per cent male Kas Arya are real Nepalis who own the country! Dalits, Janajatis, Muslims and women in general simply have to accept this!], Everywhere I go, I hear Nepalis calling on me to save Nepal: Former King Shah (rep) [You are obviously talking to the wrong people! People's resentment is understandable, but people who have suffered under monarchy and Hindu state cannot wish them back!], Curfew imposed in Barahathawa, Sarlahi (kh), Sarlahi’s Barahathwa tense as hotel owner dies in police firing (rep) [Once again!], Local administration of Sarlahi enforces curfew till Saturday morning after a person died in police firing (rep), Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar expresses displeasure over simultaneous Chinese officials' visit to Nepal (rep) [???], Accountability For Good Governance, by Lok Deep Thapa (rn), President Paudel raises alarm over rural depopulation due to lack of employment opportunities (rn), National Assembly: Whose representation matters? (rep) [Anti-democrats at work!], Monarchy ended with the massacre of Birendra’s family, interview with KP Oli (ae)

04/01/2024: Civil society group urges govt to exercise caution in agreements with India (rep), Nepali citizens express concerns about agreements with India (with full text) (nlt), UML may secure six seats in NA election if it backs TRC bill (kh), Daily surge in housing applicants overwhelms authorities : Many people displaced by the November 3 earthquake are still languishing in flimsy tents and huts due to delays in the distribution of housing grants, by Krishna Prasad Gautam and Harihar Singh Rathour (kp), Change starts at top : Doing away with the provision of the PM and political leaders in top positions will help reform universities (kp) [!!!!], Absence of Dalits in the private sector : Caste-based preference motivates workers to focus on ‘chakari’ rather than skills, by Abhishek Jha (kp), How Does Technology Affect Politics? Social media has disrupted traditional political landscapes, empowering individuals to engage in public discourse like never before, by Hari Prasad Shrestha (rep), Former King Gyanendra Shah meets five RPP leaders in Bhairahawa (rep) [Coup preparation by a Hindu fundamentalist minority? The Shah monarchy once created the non-inclusive state of men from so-called high Hindu castes. And now the ousted monarch claims in all seriousness that all Nepalis are equal for him. Presumably this means, as in the Panchayat period, the eradication of all ethnic languages and cultures!]

03/01/2024: Three years on, monsoon-displaced people in outlying Bajura settlements await rehabilitation : A total of 519 families have been displaced over the past three years after their homes were destroyed by heavy rains, government data show, by Arjun Shah (kp), Winning Justice Can Be A Hard Struggle, by Namrata Sharma (rn), Leveraging Political Interests Amidst Democratic Shadows, by Ishwar Dev Khanal (kh), Ruling coalition grapples with NA seat allocation dilemma : 19 National Assembly seats remain contentious, by Gyanu Ghimire (kh), Maoist Center asserts claim on six seats for upcoming NA election (kh) [Megalomania of an increasingly insignificant party?], Ruling coalition to hold talks with UML regarding NA election (kh) [When elections turn into a farce!], Parties in talks as UML angles for upper house seats : PM wants to accommodate the opposition in the Assembly hoping for help in passing the transitional justice bill, by Anil Giri (kp), UML’s strategic moves fuel alliance uncertainty, by Gyanu Ghimire (kh), Ruling coalition meeting convened for NA seats discussion ends inconclusively : Next meeting scheduled for Thursday (kh), Dissatisfaction within ruling coalition, minor parties warn to quit government (kh), Flying away from despondency : The poor youths have always been pushed out of the country to wherever they could find work for survival, by CK Lal (kp), Is Tribhuvan University grappling with decline in academic standards?, by Pushpa Raj Joshi (rep), SC seeks government response for not formulating climate change laws (rep)

02/01/2024: How development projects can go wrong when they disregard the rights of the indigenous people : Hydropower is the cleanest form of energy. But should it come at the cost of indigenous people being abused and oppressed simply because they want to have a say on how such development projects will impact their lives?, by RK Tamang and Simone Galimberti (nlt), Economic slump takes toll on sustainability of free media : Nepali media industry needs immediate rescue with favorable legal/policy environment and financial support so that press freedoms would be survived, protected and promoted, by Taranath Dahal (nlt), Time for fifth generation reforms : Fact-based periodisation is important to capture the long evolution of Nepal’s reform process, by Achyut Wagle (kp), Ministers trade blame over Balkumari deaths : Parliamentary committee urges investigation into transport minister Prakash Jwala and Labour Ministry, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Families of Balkumari clash victims, government sign four-point agreement : With the deal, the families agree to receive the dead bodies and the government pledges ‘extra relief’ in addition to the Rs1 million announced on Saturday (kp), Kamal Thapa advocates systemic change amidst critique of current governance mode (kh) [The monarchy and the panchayat system, of which Kamal Thapa was a part, have failed even more and were even worse than what the politicians of today's political system, which is actually not a bad one, are disfiguring!], Three more Nepalis in Russian Army die in Russian-Ukraine conflict, toll climbs to 10 (kh)

01/01/2024: Dahal’s hubris, inflation and misgovernance : Nepal’s remittance quickly travels back overseas due to our failure to utilise it in the productive sector, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp), You can’t blame bureaucrats for your failure to lead the country : Besides undertaking regular development works, politics should also create hope in people. But frustration is palpable everywhere, interview with Umesh Mainali (kp), Reminiscing Last Week: Govt’s crackdown on youths (kh), Police arrest 63 people, including RJP Chairman CK Raut, in Kathmandu (kh), Janamat Party Chair CK Raut and members released after detention (kh), Shots fired as Minister’s vehicle came under siege: Home Minister (kh) [And the siege of a minister's vehicle justifies the police killing and injuring people with firearms? The government and the police need to change their attitude if Nepal is to be a state governed by the rule of law!], Home Minister losing control over police force: RSP Chair Lamichhane (kh), Perfect storm : Friday’s twin deaths should teach the state and its agencies to always err on the side of caution (kp), Coalition to decide this week on sharing Assembly seats : Leaders say ruling parties will field their candidates for seats they now hold. They plan to share UML-held seats , by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Hopefully nobody will think of calling these manipulations "democracy"!], PM downplays growing pessimism. Youth exodus suggests otherwise : Prime Minister Dahal tries to counter popular perceptions that Nepalis’ future is bleak, asking observers to look at positive national indicators too, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Address Concerns Of Youths, by Ballav Dahal (rn), 2023: A year to forget for major parties, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae)

Chronology of the failed creation of a socially inclusive multi-ethnic and multicultural Nepal:

days since Delhi agreement of political parties
days since the people forced King Gyanendra to end his putsch
days since Compreheive Peace Agreement; government, leading party politicians, former Maoists and army leaders still prevent conclusion of the peace process
days since promulgation of the Interim Constitution
days since elections to CA-I
days since elections to CA-II
days since promulgation of non-inclusive and until today not really implemented constitution through illegal procedure (text of constitution)
days since the federal system should have been implemented; still missing: numerous laws, infrastructure, fiscal regulations, naming of Province 1, etc.
6days since KP Oli became PM: most of the necessary working processes not really completed; instead, growing violation of fundamental rights, federal chaos, unabated nepotism, corruption and power struggles
days since PM Oli putsched and tried to destroy the democratic system with the help of President Bidya Devi Bhandari
days since the Supreme Court ruled that the merger of CPN-UML and CPN-MC to form the NCP on 17 May 2018 was illegitimate, thereby reactivating the two original parties
1days since the Supreme Court reinstated the House of Representatives again and ordered the replacement of Prime Minister KP Oli by Sher Bahadur Deuba; continued disregard of constitution and democratic principles
0521 days since PK Dahal became PM in cooperation with KP Oli, misusing the votes of former coalition partners, later returning to the parties of his election alliance and then again returning to the coalition with CPN (UML) producing highest political instability

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