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With a uniquely fascinating premise, Gopi is a no-frills homegrown production that warrants a watch, by Timothy Aryal (kp 02/02/2019)

Digital distribution lifts Nepali film industry, by Krishana Prasain (kp 23/01/2019)

Nepali cinema: A tale of two timelines, by Sarans Pandey (ht 02/01/2019)

Nepali cinema’s identity crisis: The Nepali film industry had a few films to be proud of this year as art-house filmmakers switched into the mainstream, by Timothy Aryal (kp 31/12/2018)

Film as a medium of expression: Free of superstars, melodrama and item numbers, Katha ’72 takes the audience on a personal journey of self-discovery, by Abhimanyu Dixit (kp 15/12/2018)

Nepal, as it was: On two films by Austrian anthropologist Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf, by Amish Raj Mulmi (kp 30/11/2018)

Talking Nepali movies: Most Nepali movies are mixture of bad casting, bad direction and second-rate screenplays which most audience find extremely funny, by Rahat Poudel (rep 15/09/2018)

Tharu films on the rise (kp 31/08/2018)

Nepal’s film industry going great guns, by Krishana Prasain (kp 12/07/2018)

Indigenous film fest seeking to break barriers (kp 29/06/2018)

Film and Television Institute of India to train Nepali actors (kp 12/02/2018)

Kathmandu Short Film Fiesta in Jan (kp 28/11/2017)

Documenting South Asia: The 11th edition of Film Southasia begins on 2 November, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 27/10/2017)

All aboard, by Timothy Aryal (kp 19/08/2017)

Lomba to premiere at Nepal Indigenous Film Festival (kp 10/08/2017)

What Kollywood gets wrong: There are very few movies that offer hill audiences insights into the lives of individuals in the Tarai, by Bikash Gupta (kp 09/07/2017)

Dhanapati: ‘An obligatory commentary on Nepali society (kp 06/07/2017)

‘Indigenous films continue to struggle for screentime’ (kp 05/07/2017)

The award conundrum: Producers of two critically-acclaimed films, White Sun and Kalo Pothi, have decided to pull out of mainstream Nepali film awards, begging the question, ‘Are Nepali movie awards just a sham?’, by Timothy Aryal (kp 17/06/2017)

Breaking Kollywood’s glass ceiling: The Nepali movie industry might be in its golden period, but women filmmakers are still few and far between, by Aakriti Dhital (kp 12/04/2017)

Dharan film fest rumbles on: Day three of the fest saw more screenings, talks and panels, by Pratik Menyanbo (kp 15/01/2017)

qJust look around: Nepal has lots of fascinating  stories waiting to be told (kp 16/12/2016)

Hospital: Kesang Tseten’s latest film tells the story of how dedicated doctors strive valiantly to save lives in remote Nepal, by Jessica Cortis (nt 16/12/2016)

Bringing Shankhadhar to life: Though not without fault, The Lengend of Shankhadhar—Nepal’s first animated movie—is a veritable breakthrough, by Bijaya Ratna Asanbare (kp 10/12/2016)

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2016: This year the festival will screen films by film-makers from Nepal and our neighbouring countries, by Sophia Pande (nt 09/01/2016)

Acquainted with the night: Making the rounds at midnight with Kaanphata Jogis, by Anup Ojha (kp 26/11/2016)

Seen & Unseen On Screen, by P. Kharel (rn 24/10/2016)

Lights, camera, action: Nepali movies with home-grown content and themes are doing well (kp 23/09/2016)

Narrating Nepal: Rendezvous with director of critically acclaimed movie Kalo Pothi, by Smriti Basnet (nt 10/06/2016)

Nepali Movies On The Right Track, by Saroj Lamichhane (rn 04/06/2016)

Changing winds in Kollywood: Anagat promises to bring a shift in Nepali cinema, and to break the box of what people think of when they hear the word, by David Caprara (kp 28/05/2016)

First national indigenous film festival kicks off at Nach Ghar (ht 24/04/2016)

The elusive God: Ani Choying Drolma’s Bhetiyena Ishwor Ajhai tells the story of characters who are desperate to find God, by Timothy Aryal (kp 23/01/2016)

Film Southasia opens to warm reception (kp 20/11/2015)

Striking a delicate balanceDrawing the Tiger is a challenging project. It deals with the sensitive subject matter of the suicide of the key protagonist, by Surendra Lawoti (kp 31/10/2015)

Smoke and mirrors: A telefilm about air pollution and its link to health and climate, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 30/10/2015)

Clash of the worlds, by Preena Shrestha (kp 03/10/2015)

Hollywood Himalaya: Adventure epic has stunning digital scenery of Everest, but downplays role of Nepali climbers in the 1996 tragedy, by Madeline Zutt (nt 18/09/2015)

Curtailing creativity: Film Development Board must amend its new directives for filmmakers (kp 10/07/2015)

Screen Space Of Nepali Cinema, by P. Kharel (rn 20/04/2015)

In search of a lone crusader: Kesang Tseten’s new documentary explores two enigmas—caste and Dor Bahadur Bista, by Weena Pun (18/04/2015)

All eyes on her: Bhaskar Dhungana’s new Suntali is vibrant both in colour and content—a playful farce as well as a loving send-up of Nepali cinema, the film makes for a genuinely funny watch, by Preena Shrestha (kp 14/02/2015)

Pushing the Boundaries of Nepali Cinema, by Pragyan Thapa (rep 06/02/2015)

House of sand and fog, by Preena Shrestha (kp 24/01/2015)

How not to make a documentary: 'Manakamana' seems insulting both to the viewers and to the performers, by David N Gellner (nt 16/01/2015)

The colour of regression, by Preena Shrestha (kp 13/12/2014)

Mountain film festival: Seventy films from 20 countries will be screened at this year’s Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival 2014 (nt 05/12/2014)

Pneumonia takes away Kollywood actor Shrestha, by Anand Gurung (kp 11/08/2014)

Eighth Nepal Int’l Indigenous Film Festival from June 12 (kp 04/06/2014)

Good signs: Nepali movie industry was in hybernation; it has started taking a move toward right direction, by Shristi Kafle (rep 08/05/2014)

Talking movies: Nepali film industry has apromising future if it can evolve with the changing tastes of our moviegoers, by Nirmal Thapa (rep 01/04/2014)

Lights, camera, copy paste: Nepal's film industry needs to step out of Bollywood’s shadow, by Sarala Gautam (nt 21/02/2014)

Nurturing local storytellers: Filmmaker and critic Anup Subedi on mentoring the recently-held Indigenous Filmmaking Workshop in Palpa (kp 15/02/2014)

Brilliant Jhola: This film breaks the stigma that Nepali movies cannot be good cinema (ht 08/02/2014)


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