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Australian Ambassador Volk hands over medical equipment to Bir Hospital )rep 25/11/2021)

EU commits to green, resilient and inclusive development of Nepal (kh 25/11/2021)

German Ambassador Prinz hands over medical items to Health Ministry (kh 23/11/2021)

Govt, World Bank launch $80m REED project (ht 19/11/2021)

Trade, competitiveness and economic growth are our key priorities in Nepal, interview with Sepideh Keyvanshad, Mission Director for USAID Nepal (kh 15/11/2021)

Nepal receives just around half of the committed foreign loans : In the past five years, the government was able to claim just 30 to 54 percent of foreign loans committed by donors. Failure to spend on time and timely reimbursement blamed, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 10/11/2021)

Japan provides assistance for classrooms at Shree Malika Secondary School in Dailekh (kh 09/11/2021)

Reconstruction of Lo Gekar monastery begins with US pledge of $285,000 (kh 09/11/2021)

MCC headquarters concerned over delay in compact ratification : While the US grant has become a political hot potato in Nepal, a Maoist leader says  its endorsement by Parliament is unlikely before the upcoming general elections, by Anil Giri (kp 01/11/2021)

World Bank vice president Hartwig Schafer concludes Nepal visit : Multilateral funding agency emphasises support for green and inclusive development. Schafer commended the government’s Covid-19 response and focus on  economic recovery (kp 28/09/2021)

In the name of Development Aid, by Niranjan Mani Dixit (rep 26/09/2021)

Government, development partners join forces on Nepal's GRID (ht 25/09/2021)

ADB approves $60 million loan to Nepal (kp 21/09/2021)

A Letter to the Nepali People about MCC, by Jagadish Paudel (rep 21/09/2021)

To MCC or not to MCC : The MCC debate, explained, by Pranaya SJB Rana (rec 21/09/2021)

French govt provides additional health equipment to combat COVID-19 crisis in Nepal (kh 16/09/2021)

World Bank to provide assistance of Rs 5.87 billion to Nepal (rep 15/09/2021)

MCC officials wrap up visit hoping the US programme’s ratification : A message, however, is clear to Nepali leadership—it has already been too late and further delay could impact  economic recovery at a time of the pandemic, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/09/2021), What MCC is and what it is not, by Jagadish Paudel (rep 13/09/2021), Behind the anti-MCC protests : Will Nepal remain in the world’s democratic club or be a decoy agent for strategic powers?, by Achyut Wagle (kp 14/09/2021), MCC For Electricity Infrastructure, by Namrata Sharma (rn 15/09/2021)

MCC compact : Decide now : If the US does not revise the compact and if there is no broad political consensus, it is better to reject the compact than risk further instability, by Pragya Ghimire (ae 09/09/2021)

South Korea to provide oxygen concentrators worth $604,500 to Nepal (rep 31/08/2021)

NRNA-America sends 31.6 million worth of medical supplies to Nepal on behalf of US Government : NRNA-America and the US Department of Defense agree to assist Nepal during pandemics and disasters (kh 30/08/2021), Medical supplies worth 31.6 million arrive Kathmandu from US : NRNA-America and the US Department of Defense agree to assist Nepal during pandemics and disasters (kh 31/08/2021)

UK provides Rs 130 million aid to meet nutritional needs (ht 19/08/2021)

WB to provide Rs 7.12 billion concessional loan to Nepal (ht 20/08/2021)

CNI and UK Aid sign MoU for producing skilled human resources (kh 18/08/2021)

US provides additional support for urgent COVID-19 assistance in Nepal (rep 18/08/2021)

Antics of MCC critics : Given Nepal’s current situation, MCC or no MCC is not going to make any difference. The sky is not going to fall without the MCC, nor will we be having a heavenly ride with the MCC. Yet, the political forces in the opposition have found it to be a rallying cry, by Narayan Manandhar (rep 18/08/2021), Ratification imperative for MCC Compact Agreement : There is no aspect that undermines our constitution, foreign policy, autonomy or national interest, by Ram Sharan Mahat (kp 27/08/2021)

Lithuania extends support to Nepal to fight COVID pandemic (kh 17/08/2021)

ADB agrees to provide Rs 19.58 billion in grant to purchase anti-COVID vaccine (kh 11/08/2021)

Asian Development Bank approves $165 million loan for Covid-19 vaccines in Nepal : The finance will support Nepal to procure an estimated 15.9 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines, which will benefit about 6.8 million people (kp 23/07/2021)

Nepal-based INGOs appeal to global community for vaccines (ht 10/07/2021)

Israel donates medical supplies to Nepal to combat Covid-19 surge (08/07/2021)

America provides four raft boats to Nepali Army (kh 01/07/2021) [Very useful for rescue operations!]

Pakistan hands over financial assistance (kh 30/06/2021)

World Bank providing concessional loan of $ 150 million to Nepal to support resilient recovery from COVID-19 (rep 28/06/2021)

Anger grows in Nepal over Covid vaccine delays : “Nepalis died for Britain and India, now they are letting us die.", by Alisha Sijapati (nt 25/06/2021)

Italy provides health supplies to Nepal (kh 25/06/2021)

IFRC donates 100 units of oxygen concentrators to Nepal red Cross Society (rep 24/06/2021)

982 oxygen concentrators supported by World Bank handed over to govt (kh 20/06/2021)

Nepal urges development partners to help address investment gaps (kh 19/06/02021

Nepal’s vaccine woes continue as EU rules out plan to provide jabs directly : At least two diplomats say Nepal will get Covid-19 shots only through COVAX, which itself is struggling to secure doses, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 18/06/2021) [The EU is helping Nepal in the pandemic, but refuses to give away what the country needs most: Vaccine.]

Ireland & Denmark extend support to Nepal to fight COVID surge (kh 18/06/2021)

WB to provide $150 million to support Nepal’s pandemic response, recovery (kh 17/06/2021)

The joy of giving : In Boudha, Sonam Wangchen, a Buddhist monk, has been quietly helping thousands of people hit hard by the pandemic.This is his story, by Tsering Ngodup Lama (kp 16/06/2021)

Int’l community joins hands to support Nepal in combating COVID-19 surge  : Championing the Coronavirus Global Response initiative (kh 15/06/2021) [Yes, they are sending much-needed aid, but until this includes sufficient vaccine, Nepal's outlook remains strained!]

Germany pledges Rs 4.8 billion grant aid to Nepal (kh 14/06/2021), Germany pledges 34.4 million euros (ht 15/06/2021)

World Bank to provide assistance of about Rs 7 billion to Nepal (kh 12/06/2021), World Bank to provide US $ 60 million to strengthen Nepal’s higher education (rep 12/06/2021)

Germany supports Nepal to combat COVID-19 surge : German Ambassador hands over consignment Minister for Health at TIA (kh 08/06/2021) [So finally from Germany too, but as with most other countries, no vaccines!],

Germany supports Nepal in combating COVID-19 (ht 09/06/2021)

NRNA-donated 428 oxygen concentrators arrive in Nepal (rep 06/06/2021)

Denmark to provide 1.4 million AstraZeneca vaccines to Nepal (kh 06/06/2021)

Health supplies from South Korea arrive in Kathmandu (kh 05/06/2021), Nepal receives health materials worth Rs 22.5 million from South Korea (rep 06/06/2021)

Australia provides essential medical supplies to Nepal Army (rep 05/06/2021)

US to provide COVID-19 vaccines, relief supplies to Nepal : Nepal and Nepali people will remain grateful: PM Oli (kh 04/06/2021)

Health supplies from France arrive in Kathmandu : "France stands by the side with Nepal in its fight against the Covid-19 pandemic." (kh 02/06/2021)

Budget heavily relies on foreign funds for Covid-19 prevention : Government aims to get Rs 26.21 billion or 71.67 percent of the allocation for  the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Programme from foreign donors, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/06/2021)

World Vision aids medical supplies worth Rs 160 million (kh 31/05/2021)

Aid pours into Nepal, but where be vaccines? International community rushes oxygen and PPEs, but Nepal is not even getting the vaccines it paid for, by Sonia Awale (nt 28/05/2021)

Finland channels critical support to Nepal to combat coronavirus surge (kh 28/05/2021)

The UK must help Nepal : The British Parliament discusses Nepal’s Covid crisis after Nepalis organised a petition, by Sanyukta Shrestha (kp 27/05/2021), UK provides 260 ventilators and other medical supplies to Nepal (kh 28/05/2021)

New Zealand extends $1 mln support to Nepal (kh 24/05/2021)

WHO to provide essential supplies to South-East Asia region including Nepal (ht 23/05/2021)

US foreign aid to Nepal reaches Rs 5.84 billion : US announces additional support against COVID-19 (kh 21/05/2021)

Switzerland to aid emergency health supplies to Nepal (kh 19/05/2021), Medical supplies from Switzerland worth USD 8 million arrive in Nepal, by Monka Malla (rep 22/05/2021)

Social Welfare Council to ask international organisations to raise Covid-19 funds : Officials aim to generate around Rs2 billion this time, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 19/05/2021)

German NGOs ready to help Nepal in battle against Covid-19 (kh 15/05/2021)

US provides Rs 4.70 billion for COVID-19 control, prevention (kh 05/05/2021)

Oli asks parties for support to ratify MCC in Parliament : With the Nepali Congress and Janata Samajbadi Party in favour, the compact will likely  be ratified but the Speaker has to  agree to table it for vote in the House meeting, by Anil Giri (kp 18/04/2021)

Foreign aid to Nepal surged 26.87 percent to $2 billion last fiscal year, by Sangam Prasain (kp 09/04/2021)

Nepal to benefit from debt service relief amounting to NPR 582 million through EU contribution to IMF managed CCRT (rep 06/04/2021)

World Bank to help Nepal inoculate 72 per cent population : Signs 75-million-dollar pact with govt (ht 03/04/2021)

The World Bank provides loans and grant for a sustainable forest management in Nepal (sp 02/04/2021)

Nepal negotiating $150 million aid with ADB to procure Covid-19 vaccines : The World Bank has announced a $75 million loan to Nepal for the immunisation drive. With the economy  hit by pandemic for more than a year, the government is struggling to collect revenues, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp29/03/2021)

Germany agrees to provide Rs 1.4 billion in grant to foster Nepal’s Green Recovery and Inclusive Development (rep 24/03/2021)

Controversy surrounding MCC-Nepal : See that it is not suspended, by Dinesh Malla (ht 22/03/2021)

Government, World Bank sign $24m financing agreement (ht 20/03/2021)

World Bank to provide $75 million to support access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in Nepal (rep 19/03/2021), World Bank approves $75 million for Nepal to buy Covid-19 vaccines : It is expected to facilitate  vaccination of at least one-third of the population (kp 20/03/2021), No plans to procure vaccine developed in India despite Nepal giving it emergency use approval : Authorities approved the vaccine after review of third phase trial data, making Nepal  the third country to do so. But they say its price could put it away from Nepal’s reach, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/03/2021) [The financial support by the World Bank is meant to buy vaccine, not for corruption!]

Country receives foreign aid worth Rs 5.30bn in eight months (ht 15/03/2021)

World Bank providing Rs 2.92 billion to Nepal to purchase coronavirus vaccines (rep 01/03/2021)

MoF signs loan agreement with ADB for grid modernisation (ht 31/12/2020)

Foreign assistance worth Rs 90.54 billion pledged in first four months of current FY (rep 29/12/2020)

Government and ADB sign agreement (ht 24/12/2020)

Govt, World Bank sign $80m Rural Enterprise and Economic Development Project (ht 22/12/2020)

Asian Development Bank launches $9 billion vaccine initiative for its members : The move will help Nepal procure and deliver effective and safe vaccines (kp 12/12/2020)

Nepal gets support for green recovery from COVID pandemic (ht 12/12/2020)

Russia interested to invest in Nepal’s hydropower sector (ht 09/12/2020)

Delay in ratification could invite serious questions about MCC’s future, officials say : MCC office in Nepal says it hasn’t received any official letter seeking clarification on any provisions of the agreement, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/12/2020)

UK Provides Rs 678 million to WFP to help Nepali families cope with covid-19 and food insecurity (rep 04/12/2020)

Nepal’s MCC debate lessons : The MCC project got mired in a debilitating national debate, forcing the government to delay its discussion in parliament. Why did a transformative deal evoke such a fierce public debate?, by Bishal Thapa (ae 27/11/2020)

ADB approves $156 million loan to Nepal for Electricity Grid Modernization Project (rep 27/11/2020)

ADB approves $150 million in loans to Nepal to improve TIA, Gautam Buddha Airport (rep 20/11/2020), ADB approves $150m loan to upgrade two international airports in Nepal : The multilateral agency says the  project will help revive the country’s tourism industry (kp 21/11/2020)

Nepal, World Bank sign financing agreements worth Rs42 billion (kp 19/11/2020), Nepal govt, World Bank sign financing pacts worth $350m (ht 19/11/2020)

United States provides 100 ventilators to Nepal to combat COVID-19 (rep 13/11/2020)

Nepal, Switzerland sign agreement collaborating to build 200 bridges (kh 13/11/2020)

ADB supports the production of clean bricks in Nepal (kp 30/10/2020)

World Bank to provide Nepal over Rs 9 billion for project to boost agro sector, support post-pandemic recovery (rep 29/10/2020), World Bank approves $80 million project to boost Nepal’s agriculture sector, post-Covid-19 recovery (kp 30/10/2020)

The government goes borrowing as virus strangles revenue sources : Foreign aid commitments to Nepal in the first two months of fiscal year grow seven-fold, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 23/10/2020)

Holding Nepal to account : Our development partners like the IMF and the World Bank should rethink about funneling money into our state coffers without due diligence of service delivery, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (ae 16/19/2020)

Asian Development Bank to give $150 million for airport improvement works : $60 million will be spent on building an international terminal building at Gautam Buddha International Airport, by Sangam Prasain (kp 08/10/2020)

The way forward with the MCC Compact : It would be a wise decision for both Nepal and the US to go ahead with its execution with some changes, by Dinesh Pant (kp 02/10/2020)

MCC as a strategic choice for Nepal : This compact can substantially contribute to Nepal’s development profile, by Surendra Prasad Chaudhary (kp 25/09/2020)

World Bank approves $200m support to strengthen Nepal’s financial sector (ht 19/09/2020)

NCP likely to endorse MCC Compact with amendments (kh 10/09/2020), NCP chair duo propose endorsing MCC Compact through parliament after making necessary amendments (rep 10/09/2020)

UK pledges £45.8 million for Nepal’s COVID-19 response (kh 27/08/2020)

Government looks for more loans as debt balloons : Borrowing from World Bank and others is for capital expenditure and distributive programmes but experts warn it cannot go beyond 50 percent of GDP, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/08/2020)

Govt decides to take Rs 24 billion loan, Rs 4 billion grant (kh 18/08/2020)

MCC aid flow has stopped as government is still on the fence regarding the programme’s House ratification: With Parliament currently prorogued and no certainty as to when it will convene, there are concerns over early implementation of the projects under the American programme, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 14/08/2020)

Nepal received less than one third of committed foreign loans last fiscal year: Decrease in foreign loans, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic, has slowed down many development projects, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/08/2020)

Foreign Aid Vital For Development, by Ujjawal Gautam (rn 02/08/2020)

The MCC Compact is not a significant issue: The public has been tricked into following the wrong issue. The real issue is the mismanagement of available funds, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 27/07/2020)

Nepal, World Bank sign $450 million road project deal to boost post-Covid-19 recovery: This is the single largest value project that Nepal has signed with the World Bank (kp 19/07/2020)

Nepal Can’t Afford To Miss MCC Train, by Koirala Sabin (rn 15/07/2020)

Development partners’ dilemma: History is unlikely to look kindly upon donors that helped an exclusionary regime survive internal challenges, by CK Lal (kp 08/07/2020)

EU, UNICEF to prevent malnutrition in Nepal (ht 03/07/2020)

ADB approves $200 million loan to modernize power supply, distribution system in Nepal: The project is aligned with the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation program on intraregional power trade through cross-border power exchange (kp 30/06/2020)

Govt and World Bank sign $100m credit agreement (ht 25/06/2020)

Nepal mobilizes foreign assistance of Rs 360 billion in 11 months (rep 23/06/2020)

World Bank Country Office to be upgraded to Sub-Regional Office (ht 19/06/2020)

ADB, UNICEF join hands to supply medical equipment (ht 19/06/2020)

World Bank’s $450m road support in Nepal to spur COVID-19 recovery (ht 12/06/2020)

Government not to accept medical aid worth below Rs500,000: The Health Ministry has issued a set of standards that require donors from providing quality certified goods to following single window policy before making their donations, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 10/06/2020) [Can't the country need all kinds of help?]

ADB approves $250 million support for Nepal's Covid-19 response: The Covid-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support (CARES) Program is funded through the Covid-19 pandemic response option (CPRO) under ADB’s Countercyclical Support Facility (kp 27/05/2020)

Nepal gets $214 million disbursement from IMF: The IMF financial support will make a substantial contribution to filling immediate external and fiscal financing needs that have emerged due to Covid-19 (kp 08/05/2020)

MoHP gets medical assistance worth 45.3 million rupees (ht 07/05/2020)

Gopvernment and organisations at odds over distributing cash as relief: After the government prevented domestic and foreign non-government organisations from distributing relief in cash, they write a joint letter to draw its attention, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/05/2020)

Govt seeks immediate ADB assistance (ht 30/04/2020)

COVID-19: EU offers NPR 9.8 billion aid package to Nepal (kh 27/04/2020), European Union offers Rs 9.8 billion aid package to Nepal (kp 28/04/2020)

Nepal seeks additional funding from donors as revenue shrinks amid Covid-19 crisis: Government is looking at funds between Rs69 billion and Rs104 billion, equivalent to 2 to 3 percent of the GDP, to bridge the resource gap, officials say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/04/2020), Nepal among nations to receive debt relief from International Monetary Fund: Debt relief for six months will help Nepal channelise its financial resources towards vital emergency medical and other relief efforts, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/04/2020), Domestic and international NGOs start diverting funds towards anti-Covid 19 programmes: Social Welfare Council has allowed the non-governmental sector to procure medical equipment and run relief programmes, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/04/2020)

UK provides £802,000 grant to strengthen Nepal's response to COVID-19 (rep 13/04/2020)

Foreign aid to Nepal could go down due to Covid-19 pandemic, experts and stakeholders say: The global economy is bracing for a recession as the coronavirus crisis shifts to the United States and Europe, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/04/2020)

Nepal In Communication With Donors For Help To Fight COVID-19 (rn 30/03/2020)

US commits additional $1.8 million to Nepal to combat COVID-19 (rep 20/03/2020), German support to fight against COVID-19 (rep 21/03/2020)

With its financial condition improving, loans overtake grants in Nepal’s foreign aid portfolio: However, government officials and experts say the country’s current debt situation is comfortable, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 08/03/2020)

MCC In The Soup, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 01/03/2020)

Japan extends support for disaster resilience (ht 21/02/2020)

Japanese assistance for quality education in quake-hit areas (rep 19/02/2020)

ADB registered record disbursement for Nepal in 2019 (ht 18/02/2020)

WB approves Rs 22.82bn loan for reconstruction (ht 07/02/2020), World Bank giving additional credit of $200m (rep 07/02/2020)

Allocation for Nepal decreases by 33 percent in India’s budget: Nepal to receive Rs 12.8 billion in aid from its southern neighbour in the next fiscal year, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/02/2020)

Why Controversy Over MCC?, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 26/01/2020)

UAE giving $10m in subsidized loans to generate energy from waste (rep 13/01/2020)

Provincial and local governments barred from signing aid agreements with foreign donors: New standards on foreign aid endorsed by the Cabinet last week make Centre’s role necessary in accessing resources, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/12/2020)

China says it welcomes any foreign economic support—even the MCC—to Nepal: Chinese ambassador’s statement runs counter to the argument by some ruling party members that the MCC, as part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy, is against China, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/01/2020)

AIIB approves $112.3 million loan for rural electrification project (ht 23/12/2019)

Provincial and local governments told to accept foreign aid only after centre's approval: The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration issued a circular last week about the Cabinet’s decision on the matter, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/12/2019) [Forget the democratic and decentralised federal state! Long live the centralised Bahun controlled state!]

DCCs, local levels told not to accept foreign aid sans consent (ht 15/12/2019) [Centralist thinking remains to prevail!]

Increasing dependence on foreign loans calls for prudent use of the fund, by Rajesh Khanal (rep 12/12/2019)

EU, IOM Nepal to launch project on mainstreaming migration into development (rep 11/12/2019)

ADB gives $358 million loan for four new projects: The signing included a loan of $195 million to improve the highway section between Pokhara and Mugling (kp 11/12/2019)

World Bank is here to please 30 million Nepali citizens, interview with Faris Hadad-Zervos (ht 09/12/2019)

US suspends payment of $500 million pending ratification of Nepal Compact: The money will be spent on the Electricity Transmission and Transportation Project, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 06/12/2019)

Donor complicity: A troubling emergence in Nepali politics: Donors and multilateral institutions must not continue to ignore corruption to fulfil their own objectives, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (kp 25/11/2019)

ADB urges timely awarding of contracts: Says proper leadership and implementation priority key to executing projects (ht 21/11/2019)

Fifth TIFA Council meeting slated for December 12 (rep 21/11/2019)

A model for transparent development projects: To move the Millenium Challenge Corporation compact forward, stakeholders need to complete all required activities, like parliamentary ratification, expeditiously, by Troy Kofroth (kp 18/11/2019)

Japan to implement phosphorus-efficient paddy in Nepal: The two countries have signed a pact on research collaboration in the farm sector, by Sangam Prasain (kp 14/11/2019)

Nepal receives first-ever climate change project grant from Green Climate Fund: The fund will extend $39.3 million for building resilience of Chure region, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 14/11/2019)

Swiss govt provides Rs 2.1 billion grant (ht 07/11/2019)

ADB approves $50 million loan to improve food safety (ht 05/11/2019)

WBG delegation discusses federalism, diversified investment, reconstruction (ht 02/11/2019), Executive directors of the World Bank Group praise Nepal’s progress (rep 02/11/2019)

Danish Aid In Nepal’s Media Sector, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 02/11/2019)

War is an expensive business: Foreign aid played a big role in causing human and economic losses during the Maoist conflict, by L.S. Ghimire (kp 25/10/2019)

Nepal’s foreign aid expenditure is poorer than capital spending from local resources: Government data shows additional procedural layers involved in foreign aid mobilisation contribute to its poor spending, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/10/2019)

Asian Development Bank unveils five-year partnership strategy with Nepal: The bank expects to lend an estimated $500 million to $600 million on average during 2020–2022 (kp 12/10/2019)

Govt signs program implementation agreement with MCC: Agreement signing was a condition to start the 5-year clock for the largest US grant to Nepal (rep 01/10/2019)

US$ 10.5b education project in trouble: Mid-term review: World Bank and ADB skeptical about govt’s literacy achievement claims, not keen to further support SSDP, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 16/09/2019)

Govt, WB take stock of Nepal project portfolio (ht 13/09/2019)

Nepal receives $100 million grant to improve governance (ht 05/09/2019)

EU mobilizes 8.5m euros for flood-hit countries including Nepal (rep 25/07/2019)

WB renews $100m support for fiscal  federalism, public financial management (ht 13/07/2019)

Financial pact signed  between Nepal, Germany (ht 06/07/2019)

Donor-funded projects: Finance ministry rushes to get Rs 43b in reimbursements by fiscal-end; Officials hope reimbursements will help in easing pressure on a worsening balance of payment position (rep 27/06/2019)

Aid agencies revise operating guidelines (ht 19/06/2019)

US and UK join hands to combat human trafficking in Nepal: UK injects extra £4.5 million to $8 million Hamro Samman project (rep 14/06/2019)

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank okays first loan to Nepal: The $90 million loan will be used to build the Upper Trishuli 1 hydropower plant, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 11/06/2019)

Development cooperation policy sets priority for assistance from partners (rep 01/06/2019)

How UK aid is helping contribute to a prosperous Nepal, by Elizabeth G Sugg (kp 23/05/2019)

Investment summit: Will it reduce aid dependency?, by Ujjwal Pokhrel (ht 09/04/2019)

Progress of foreign aided agri projects dismal in first eight months (ht 09/04/2019)

Chinese development agency to aid 15 northern Nepali districts, by Anil Giri (kp 30/03/2019)

Government utilised less than half of loan pledges, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/03/2019)

$630 million compact to be tabled in Parliament, by Bibek Subedi (kp 16/02/2019)

Japan provides Rs 63m for strengthening quake-hit schools in Nuwakot (rep 16/02/2019)

Aiding socialist movement: By continuing to channel large amounts of development assistance through government systems, foreign aid is eroding the prospects of strong civilian non-State institutions, by Bishal Thapa (rep 12/02/2019)

The donor’s dilemma: We should conduct aid diplomacy by coming out of the ‘begging bowl’ mentality, by Hari Prasad Shrestha (kp 06/02/2019)

Foreign aid disbursement up 16pc, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/01/2019), Foreign aid in 5 provinces grows (kp 17/01/2019), 80pc of foreign aid disbursed via budgetary system (ht 17/01/2019)

Nepal seeks Japan’s help in a dozen projects, by Anil Giri (kp 10/01/2019)

Rs 514m worth deal inked for women’s empowerment (ht 22/12/2018)

Development Without Foreign Loans?, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 20/12/2018)

Japan to provide USD 500,000 to WFP Nepal for Karnali project (rep 19/12/2018)

Five donors to give provincial and local governments a leg up, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 09/12/2018)

‘Donor support imperative for country’s prosperity’ (kp 07/12/2018)

Aid is failing Nepal: The delivery mechanisms for development aid are financing the monopoly of the state and crowding out change agents, by Bishal Thapa (rep 04/12/2018)

Beware of foreign money: Funding intended to destroy our culture and religion comes cloaked in guise of conferences ostensibly for various humanitarian purposes, by Sundar Mani Dixit (rep 02/12/2018)

All that money: The question of whether foreign aid is effective or affective continues to be relevant, by Gabriel Jonsson and Dhananjay Shah (kp 26/11/2018)

Performance of ADB projects slows down, by Bibek Subedi (kp 24/11/2018)

Respect the processDevelopmental Partners should channel more of their aid through the budgetary system, by Tilakman Singh Bhandari (kp 22/11/2018)

EIB delegation to discuss support for energy sector: The delegation, led by Andrew McDowell, vice-president of the European Investment Bank responsible for South Asia, will make a four-day  visit to Nepal (kp 20/11/2018)

World Bank gives Nepal $155.7 million in financial assistance (kp 15/11/2018)

Need to ramp up investment in energy sector of country stressed (ht 30/10/2018)

Japan extends grant aid for implementation of rehabilitation of Sindhuli road (rep 26/10/2018)

Donor support to education wanes, by Binod Ghimire (kp 11/10/2018)

Nepal secures $200m from World Bank (kp 11/10/2018), WB to provide Rs 23.5 billion for financial, energy sectors: Development policy credits to come as budgetary support to Nepal (rep 11/10/2018)

Nepal gets $180m ADB loan to improve East-West highway; The project will also finance civil works and equipment packages to improve road safety along the East-West Highway (kp 05/10/2018)

Upgrading infrastructure: Nepal secures $133m credit from World Bank (kp 28/09/2018), WB to give $133m credit to support 477 bridges (rep 28/09/2018)

ADB loans $130m to improve water supply and sanitation (kp 28/09/2018)

Donors’ help sought for rebuilding (kp 22/09/2018)

Germany pledges Rs7.5b new grant to Nepal (kp 21/09/2018), Germany to provide support worth Rs 7.5 billion over two years (ht 23/09/2018)

World Bank okays $100m grant for energy sector: Despite having huge hydropower potential, Nepal relies heavily on electricity imports to reduce the electricity shortage in the country (kp 20/09/2018)

ADB okays $160 million to rebuild quake-ravaged schools (ht 12/09/2018)

DFID-aided project funds profit-making banks to expand business: Declines to disclose grant amounts to banks, by Sagar Ghimre (rep 04/09/2018)

Foreign aid and state building: Donors need to look at both institutions of representation and institutions of restraint, by Namit Wagley (kp 03/09/2018)

Nepal, World Bank sign $15m finance agreement (kp 25/08/2018)

UNDP, DfID to help local units implement climate projects (rep 24/08/2018)

Centre, central bank in funds duel: Government backs earthquake survivors while Nepal Rastra Bank wants to stop concessional loans (kp 19/08/2018)

‘Time to revise policy on foreign aid disbursement’: According to Finance Secretary Rajan Khanal, the  country has been able to utilise only half of the foreign aid in the last four years (kp 13/08/2018)

Pulling out all stops: World Bank in Nepal, by Faris Hadad-Zervos (ht 08/08/2018), World Bank okays new framework for Nepal (kp 09/08/2018)

Finance minister to seek more aid from World Bank, donors: In Washington, Khatiwada will solicit increased assistance for projects, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/08/2018)

ADB-financed projects continue to move at sluggish pace: Less than one-third of contract, disbursement of annual targets achieved (rep 03/08/2018)

Basket fund to serve state, local govts foreign aid: Finance Ministry officials say donors are eager to help build capacities of provincial and local governments (kp 02/08/2018)

Foreign aid in agriculture: Although agriculture is a prioritized sector in policy document and donors are involved in its development, it stands at seventh position to receive foreign aid, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 31/07/2018)

Pledge and reality: Although there is discrepancy between pledge and committed amount, World Bank has reassured NRA to meet the  pledge, by Chandra Bahadur Shrestha (rep 31/07/2018)

Will block ill-intended aid money: PM Oli (kp 29/07/2018)

Foreign Aid in Nepal’s Health Care Sector, by Balaram Chaulagain (rn 21/07/2018)

Nepal seeks India nod to switch $750m credit line (kp 20/07/2018) [No more need for reconstruction? The Indian conditions are as destructive as the Nepalese conditions on the work of NGOs under the guise of NIP!]

Aid donors also spent more on recurrent programs (rep 11/07/2018)

SC turns down foreign aid but law ministry accepts it (rep 11/07/2018), Project to enhance access to justice launched (ht 11/07/2018), US $4.6m access to justice project starts (kp 12/07/2018)

Follow conduct code, diplomatic community told (ht 11/07/2018)

Nepal clamps on India’s small project grants (kp 10/07/2018)

MoEWRI seeks investment from Japan (ht 03/07/2018)

Saudi Fund threatens to stop supporting Sikta if contractor not sacked, by Rudra Khadka (rep 27/06/2018), Heed the warning: Saudi concern on Sikta project (rep 28/06/2018)

SC turns down Rs460 million UNDP support, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 26/06/2018) [Improvement of human rights and rule of law not wanted? The suggestion to get more money through the budget instead sounds ridiculous againsts the background that this is not poassible and the budget, to a greater part, is financed by foreign money as well!], AIIB issues $1m grant to upgrade power grid (kp 26/06/2018) [Isn't this against govt politics of rejecting foreign aid and grants?? Doen't it make dependable? Or is it only because it effects infrastructure and not rights?], Govt accepting Rs 25 billion off-budget foreign aid annually (rep 26/06/2018)

US envoy hands over health centre (kp 14/06/2018)

Consent of MoFA a must to obtain foreign assistance: Prime minister (ht 05/06/2018)

Foreign assistance: Ask tough questions, by Alaina B. Teplitz (ht 30/05/2018)

14 bridges to be built with World Bank loan (kp 29/05/2018)

$500m US grant likely to enter Nepal from Sept 2019 (ht 26/05/2018)

Foreign aid to be used to fund large projects (kp 10/05/2018)

ADB to help govt mitigate fiscal deficit (ht 05/05/2018)

Govt renews controversial Indian embassy Small Grants Projects, by Surendra Paudel (rep 03/05/2018)

Norway, Germany hand over school (kp 28/04/2018)

German development bank pulls out of heritage rebuilding project (kp 27/04/2018)

MCA Nepal established to direct US-funded projects, by Bibek Subedi (kp 26/04/2018)

Humla to be linked with road connectivity under UK govt’s Rural Access Programme (ht 25/04/2018)

Finance Minister Khatiwada throws transparency norms to the wind: Holds a meeting with development partners and donors, but publishes press note in form of an ad with selective info (ht 20/04/2018)

Construction of German Technical School begins (ht 19/04/2018)

Donors pledging huge reconstruction funds skip NRA meet, by Sangeet Sangroula (rep 17/04/2018), Donors ‘reluctant’ to submit details to NRA (rep 18/04/2018), NRA seeks transparent funding from donors (kp 18/04/2018)

‘ADB will consider supporting Bhairahawa airport’, interview with Wencai Zhang (kp 16/04/2018)

Australia Awards to train 21 Nepalis in inclusive education (kp 14/04/2018)

ADB vice-prez assures continued aid to Nepal’s development (ht 13/04/2018)

FinMin entity to direct US-funded projects: The compact fund will be used to build robust energy and transport networks which will enable the country to attract more domestic and foreign investment, foster economic growth and reduce the incidence of poverty, by Bibek Subedi (kp 05/04/2018)

Most EU grants in non-priority soft sector (rep 27/03/2018)

Global donor agencies keen to conserve historical sites, by Ghanshyam Gautam (kp 22/03/2018)

WB to provide Rs27.8b in credit to Nepal (kp 22/03/2018), World Bank approves credit worth $266 million to Nepal (ht 22/03/2018)

China pledges rebuilding aid (kp 16/03/2018)

Japan pledges continued support (kp 11/03/2018)

Norway willing to support development of education (kp 09/03/2018)

Most of UNNATI projects in eastern hills behind schedule, by Giri Raj Baskota (rep 05/03/2018)

Reimagining development assistance: In the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, development paradigms have to change to fuel economic growth, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 27/02/2018)

Record high performance of ADB-funded projects (ht 24/02/2018), Project targets being met well, but challenges remain: ADB (rep 24/02/2018)

Japanese support for post-disaster psychosocial care (ht 22/02/2018)

Foreign-funded projects to go to local levels from next fiscal (rep 18/02/2018)

Japanese assistance for cancer hospital (ht 16/02/2018)

ADB to provide $100 million for Rural Connectivity Improvement Project (ht 13/02/2018), ADB provides $100m loan assistance to Nepal (kp 14/02/2018)

Japanese embassy hands over community centre in Kavre (ht 10/02/2018)

Nepal and UNDP pact will benefit 14,000 farmers (kp 03/02/2018)

ADB, Nepal government funded mountain project bears no fruit (ht 29/01/2018)

Japan to provide Rs 324m for food security (kp 26/01/2018)

The capacity for development: Many Nepalis abroad can do just about anything: the ones who stay back are often labelled ‘incapable’, by Anil Chitrakar (nt 26/01/2018)

World Bank provides Rs44.8b in loan to Nepal (kp 22/01/2018)

No need to worry: What will happen if President Trump cuts off US aid to Nepal? Impact will be felt in the short run, but we can be better off in the long run, by Niranjan Narsingh Khatri (rep 02/01/2018)

52% of country's foreign aid went to province 3 (rep 01/01/2018) [see Development Cooperation Report, FY 2016-17, by Ministry of Finance]

Foreign aid disbursement up 27 percent (kp 01/01/2018)

Record high foreign aid received in last fiscal year (ht 01/01/2018)

Govt phases out donor-funded social programmes (kp 31/12/2017)

Aid accountability: Nepal lacks internal capacity to spend development aid on time; policy analysts should closely follow how MCC grant is spent, by Pawan Roy and Saurav Raj Pant (kp 29/12/2017)

MoF prepares formation order to tap US grant (kp 29/12/2017)

Germany announces additional grant for Damauli-Lekhnath transmission line (rep 19/12/2017)

Power lines, substations being upgraded with ADB funding, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/12/2017)

WB provides $300m for housing rebuild (kp 18/12/2017)

JICA to help build disaster management park: The primary purposes of such park is to provide  temporary evacuation space and  to support rescue activities in times of disasters (kp 16/12/2017)

Saudi Arabia to support Rs 3b in reconstruction (rep 15/12/2017)

Japan extends support to Siraha hospital (kp 14/12/2017)

5.5m euro EU grant to CTEVT (rep 13/12/2017)

Japan to provide ophthalmic equipment (ht 12/12/2017)

Development partners to help govt (ht 10/12/2017)

WB approves $80m credit to support livestock development (ht 09/12/2017), WB to provide $80m for livestock sector (kp 10/12/2017)

ADB appoints new country director for Nepal (kp 24/11/2017)

Donors’ meet slated for Dec first week (ht 24/11/2017)

Leave the politics to us: Incoming ambassadors and donor agency heads have an opportunity to learn from the past, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt 24/11/2017)

Rs 43.8m Japanese aid for disaster risk reduction (kp 22/11/2017)

Government fails to properly implement ADB-funded projects (kp 01/11/2017)

Country seeks budgetary support from World Bank (ht 18/10/2017)

Rs 4.8m EU aid for post-quake recovery (kp 17/10/2017)

US embassy inaugurates temple restoration project (kp 17/10/2017)

WB okays $60m loan for training project (kp 03/10/2017)

ADB provides $150m in loan for urban dev (kp 26/09/2017), ADB to help improve urban services delivery, infrastructure in Nepal (ht 26/09/2017)

Rs 21m French aid for kids hit by flood (kp 23/09/2017)

Why aid fails: The first thing you might ask is why, in one of the poorest countries in the world, only 56.1 percent of the budget is going directly to poverty reduction, by Bishal Thapa (rep 19/09/2017)

Nepal, United States sign $500m grant agreement: Grant to be mobilised to develop 300 km of high voltage transmission lines and maintenance of 305 km roads, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 15/09/2017), Nepal must wait for ‘at least a year’ to tap $500m US grant, by Rupak D. Sharma (kp 16/09/2017), A matter of time: Government transitions and failure to maintain consistent policies over time may hamper investment grant pledges, by Chandan Sapkota (kp 18/09/2017), Buck the trend: Completion of MCC projects on time will encourage others to invest in Nepal (kp 19/09/2017)

France to help enhance country’s aviation sector (ht 15/09/2017)

$4.8m UN fund for flood victims (ht 12/09/2017)

EU funds 9-million-euro project for skilled human resources in Nepal (rep 12/09/2017)

ADB agrees to lend Rs17 billion to Nepal (kp 11/09/2017)

NPC, UN ink UNDAF for five years (ht 02/09/2017), Nepal signs development assistance framework with UN (kp 03/09/2017)

USAID launches 5-year $32.7m Kisan II project (kp 31/08/2017)

Japan offers flood relief: Japanese Ambassador Ogawa hands over first shipment of pledged relief goods worth Rs 23.4m to Home Minister Sharma (kp 24/08/2017)

US Embassy extends support for heritage restoration (kp 13/08/2017)

NBI signs MoU with FSFM (kp 09/08/2017)

‘No extension of India’s Small Development Project deal’: Federal system bars local units from taking funds directly from bilateral  or multilateral donors (kp 05/08/2017)

A potential investor: AIIB has vowed to invest in multiple infrastructure projects; Nepal should utilise this opportunity, by Nischal Dhungel and Sajal Mani Dhital (kp 04/08/2017)

Nepal bags $500m US grant (kp 04/08/2017), Government to accept assistance from MCC (ht 04/08/2017), MCC board approves $500m grant for Nepal (kp 19/08/2017), Nepal, US to sign $500m grant pact on Sept 14 (kp 04/09/2017), Govt to sign pact with MCC on Sept 14 (ht 06/09/2017)

WB likely to pull the plug on $37m solar project, by Bibek Subedi (kp 02/08/2017), NEA asked to retender grid-tied solar project (ht 02/08/2017), WB defends NEA’s move to hire Chinese firm (kp 05/08/2017)

A bad precedentDonors should introspect to find out if they are promoting good governance (kp 25/07/2017)

Govt yet to get Rs 42.65bn reimbursement (ht 24/07/2017)

Nepal, US to seal $630m deal in September (kp 22/07/2017)

Global Gag Rule could 'cripple' healthcare in Nepal, by Ethan B. Winter rep 17/07/2017)

Finland giving 20 million euros to support Nepal's education sector (rep 15/07/2017)

Nepal receives FDI commitment for 379 new projects: Pledges have gone up in terms of number of projects, but slipped with regard to monetary value (ht 12/07/2017)

ADB to extend $21m to support trade sector (kp 11/07/2017)

For Power Distribution: As Nepal improves its portfolio management, ADB has agreed to provide $150 million loan to help improve power distribution efficiency in Nepal (sp 07/07/2017)

Japan extends Rs 257 m grant for Nepal’s human resource development (ht 08/07/2017)

Japan donates eight ambulances (ht 06/07/2017)

Nepal set to bag biggest foreign grant from US: Deal will pave way for tapping a funding pool of $500m via Millennium Challenge Corporation, by Rupak D. Sharma (kp 02/07/2017) [To implement the projects within 5 years will be a great challenge for Nepal, else the funds will have to go back to th US. Generally, Nepal does not observe deadlines!]

ADB okays $150m loan to upgrade power supply (kp 01/07/2017)

7 injured in explosion during Maoist Centre’s election rally (kp 26/06/2017)

World Bank lends Rs19 billion for education sector reforms (kp 23/06/2017)

ADB worries about future of ongoing projects (rep 23/06/2017)

ADB-funded projects make slow progress (kp 22/06/2017)

AIIB promises huge investments in Nepal’s infrastructure development (ht 20/06/2017), AIIB to finance two mega projects totaling Rs 20b: Minister, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 20/06/2017)

Support sought to bridge resource gap in infrastructure sector (ht 19/06/2017)

IFC to invest another $7.3 million to finance small businesses (rep 13/06/2017)

16m euro grant deal for energy development (kp 10/06/2017)

Bringing aid back to basics: Nepal’s foreign donors can now go directly to the people through elected local governments, by Dinkar Nepal (nt 09/06/2017)

Nepal receives foreign aid pledge worth Rs 222.74bn (ht 28/05/2017)

ADB meet ends, pledge to support poor countries (kp 08/05/2017)

ADB to expand lending in Asia by 50pc by ’20 (kp 05/05/2017)

Donors commit to extend 75pc of funds (kp 23/04/2017)

Aid fragmentation continues as donor agencies scatter funds (kp 17/04/2017), 37pc foreign aid spent off govt channel, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 17/04/2017), Dev partners spending more money outside govt system: Report, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 17/04/2017), Aid fragmentation: Donors should fund bigger projects instead of scattering aid in smaller ones (kp 18/04/2017) [??], Mend your ways: The political parties and government must show determination to eliminate or minimize the evil influences of foreign money (ht 18/04/2017)

‘Support for local governments will be the focus for the future’, interview with Sakuma Jun, chief representative of JICA’s Nepal office (kp 14/04/2017)

World Bank extends $100m for financial sector stability (kp 12/04/2017), WB extends $100m budgetary support (ht 12/04/2017)

Post-development era: The donor downturn in Nepal comes as ‘development’ re-orients towards self-generated ‘progress’, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt 24/03/2017)

EIF support likely to drop in next phase (ht 15/03/2017)

Aid in pre-1990 Nepal: Both India and China have contributed to the building of infrastructure, seemingly with a mind to serve their interests, by Mahendra P. Lama (kp 08/03/2017)

Aid for trade: Govt, donors hold meeting (kp 07/03/2017), Govt prioritizes trade to achieve sustainable growth (rep 07/02/2017), Govt, development partners join hands (ht 07/03/2017)

$100m World Bank loan for reform plan (04/03/2017)

Rs 700 million EU aid for Nepal education sector (kp 03/03/2017)

Hungary ready to give Rs11b soft loan (kp 02/03/201)

Minister Mahat calls for more Swiss assistance (kp 28/02/2017)

ADB funded projects set record in Nepal (kp 27/02/2017), Stop politicization of development projects: ADB (rep 27/02/2017) [!!], Political parties criticised for nepotism while appointing directors for development projects (ht 27/02/2017), Ghost contractors a serious problem in project execution in Nepal, says ADB (rep 28/02/2017), ADB stresses on promotion of PPP (kp 01/03/2017)

Use of foreign aid: Many questions, by Atindra Dahal (ht 27/02/2017)

Japan to provide Rs 5.25 million for reconstruction of quake-hit schools (ht 24/02/2017)

Himalayan river basisns: 2nd phase of activities launched under SDIP2 (kp 22/02/2017)

China and France pledge further help in rebuilding efforts (kp 21/02/2017)

ADB to finance 2nd phase of Melamchi project (rep 21/02/2017)

Japan extends support to improve water supply in Pokhara (ht 16/02/2017)

US announces $300,000 challenge for data-driven solutions for food security (rep 10/02/2017)

MCC grants: Roads, electricity transmission projects to be picked on March 17 (rep 30/01/2017)

Foreign aid commitment up 40pc in first 6 months of FY (kp 29/01/2017)

US provided assistance worth $160 million to Nepal in 2016: According to the US Embassy in Kathmandu, the aid was issued in the areas such as health, education, agriculture, environment, and reconstruction (kp 27/01/2017)

Swiss financial assistance for improving road access (ht 27/01/2017)

Govt accepts Rs 16.37b WB loan assistance (kp 20/01/2017), World Bank to extend Rs16.37 billion loan (kp 24/01/2017)

KTM-Tarai fast track project: Donors showing interest to finance 76-km expressway (kp 04/01/2017)

Japan pledges Rs 1 billion for medical kit, food security (kp 29/12/2016)

‘Donors, INGOs influencing lawmaking process’, by Ashok Dahal (rep 28/12/2016)

Donors unhappy with move to raise individual house reconstruction aid (ht 26/12/2016), Donors pressing for roll back on Rs 300,000 quake grant: NRA; 'Govt will not back down on decision', by Sangeet Sangroula (rep 26/12/2016)

JICA hands over VDC building in Thokarpa (kp 23/12/2016)

Japan extends Rs15.1b to build Nagdhunga tunnel, by Rupak D. Sharma (kp 21/12/2016), Japan, Nepal sign deal on nagdhunga tunnel project, by Bibek Subedi (kp 23/12/2016)

World Bank to provide $55m additional loan (kp 20/12/2016)

US Embassy, ADB to rebuild 15 quake-hit schools (kp 17/12/2016)

More bangs for bucks: Proliferation of donors and increasing fragmentation of aid call for better coordination with the recipient government, by Tilakman Singh Bhandari (rep 14/12/2016)

ADB pledges $20m aid to spur investment in solar (kp 09/12/2016)

EU increases aid for PFM reform (ht 08/12/2016)

‘World Bank can help build Kathmandu-tarai fast track’, interview with Annette Dixon, the world Bank vice president for south Asia (kp 08/12/2016)

‘Any increase in annual lending must go hand in hand with higher utilisation’, interview with Kenichi Yokoyama, Country Director of ADB Nepal Resident Mission (ht 05/12/2016)

World Bank extending $150m loan to Nepal (kp 04/12/2016)

ADB okays $186m loan to upgrade key road sections (kp 02/12/2016), ADB approves $186.80 million loan (ht 02/12/2016)

AIIB ‘ready’ to finance 2 infra projects: Project areas and loan amount yet to be specified mainly due to the lack of preparations on the Nepal side, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 27/11/2016)

Germany pledges Rs 4.2b in support (kp 24/11/2016), Germany pledges Rs 4.2 billion in support (ht 24/11/2016), Germany to provide 36 million euros in next two years (rep 24/11/2016)

Nepal likely to get $300m credit from WB, ADB (kp 20/11/2016)

Prepare projects for funding, AIIB chairman tells Nepal, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 13/11/2016)

WB-ADB mission to discuss $1b loan to energy sector: The donors had expressed interest to lend $500m each  in response to Nepal’s request for funding to implement a 10-year Energy Emergency Plan unveiled last February, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/11/2016)

Government, ADB launch Sasec operational plan: The multilateral lending institution aims to implement projects worth over $100b in S Asia (kp 08/11/2016)

Feasibility studies of MCC projects to be completed within January (kp 05/11/2016), Nepal passes criteria to be re-selected for compact programme of US govt’s MCC (ht 05/11/2016), Nepal passes 16 of 20 indicators of US MCC Scorecard 2017: Performance ensures eligibility for grant for 2017, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 05/11/2016)

ADB approves $120m loan to improve education standard (ht 03/11/2016)

DfID extends 1.5m pounds to WFP for post-quake works (kp 25/10/2016)

Panel formed to coordinate aid (kp 24/10/2016)

ADB happy about project implementation: The lender, however, says achievements should not provide room to become complacent (kp 21/10/2016)

AIIB team to visit next month to discuss proposed projects (ht 18/10/2016)

Reconstruction of ADB-assisted school projects begin (ht 04/10/2016)

Govt, WB negotiate Rs16b soft loan for new project, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 28/09/2016)

Time to branch out: Changes in European foreign aid policies are going to affect Nepal’s renewable energy sector, by Bibek Raj Kandel (kp 27/09/2016)

WB hails post-quake rebuilding aid distribution (kp 23/09/2016) [??], ‘World Bank willing to increase concessional financing for Nepal between 2017 and 2020’ (ht 23/09/2016)

Norwegian ambassador concerned over post-earthquake reconstruction (ht 23/09/2016)

Donors seek refund of unspent Peace money, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 21/09/2016) [!!]

Preparations underway to decommission Nepal Peace Trust Fund (kp 18/09/2016)

UK’s DFID pledges Rs11.9b to Nepal (kp 15/09/2016)

Govt to bridge gap between foreign aid commitment and disbursement, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 02/09/2016)

Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel: Japan to provide Rs18b loan; According to officials at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, an announcement about the loan is likely to be made on Thursday or Friday, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/09/2016), Rs 1.832b Japanese grant for 2 projects: Officials from Nepal and Japan sign and exchange the agreements for the grant assistance (kp 01/09/2016), Japan approves Rs1.51b grant to boost air safety: The scheme will improve safety at eight airports across Nepal—five short take-off and landing airstrips, two regional airports and Tribhuvan International Airport (kp 01/09/2016)

Welcome foreign aid: Reconstruction of quake-hit districts should be assigned to different countries, by Dinesh Malla (kp 30/08/2016)

WB okays $55m loan for roads, bridges (kp 27/2016)

Agreement with development partners stalls, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 26/08/2016)

Donor-funded development projects: Issues causing low spending should be resolved, MPs say (kp 17/08/2016)

Role Of Foreign Aid In Nepal’s Development, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 06/08/2016)

Rs 105m Swiss support for Jiri School (kp 05/08/2016)

Japan pledges continued support (ht 31/07/2016)

Korean support to WFP for zero hunger in Nepal (kp 21/07/2016)

EU provides Rs6b to rebuild earthquake-hit communities (kp 15/07/2015), EU provides 50m euros (ht 15/07/2016)

Japanese govt provides Rs 5 billion (ht 08/07/2016)

Support sought for hydropower development (ht 30/06/2016)

WB, ADB ‘to extend’ $1b line of credit, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/06/2016), $1 billion credit to energy sector: WB, ADB insists on early introduction of reforms (kp 18/06/2016)

Foreign aid’s share in budget may cross 30 pc, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 23/05/2016)

Development achievements: In this bicentenary year, the exhibition Hatemalo helps us celebrate the things Nepal and UK have achieved together, by Richard Morris and Gail Marzetti (kp 20/05/2016)

Project to build homes for quake-hit (ht 20/05/2016)

EC extends Rs660m aid (kp 19/05/2016)

Government signs grant, loan mobilisation pacts worth $1.82bn (ht 19/05/2016)

EU, UNICEF to build 650 learning centres (kp 12/05/2016)

Govt urged to request for more int’l funding (kp 12/05/2016)

NHRC gets USD 128 million to promote human rights (ht 06/05/2016)

Govt set to receive 64 percent of the aid pledged by donors (rep 06/05/2016) [??]

Donor assistance fills quake survivors with new hope (ht 05/05/2016)

UN agencies spent Rs 25 billion: Report doesn’t show where bulk of funds went, by Surendra Paudel (ht 04/05/2016)

ADB and AIIB sign a major: infrastructure deal for Pak: Asian Dev Bank chief says regional connectivity important for Nepal, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 03/05/2016)

UN pledges int’l support to Nepal for reconstruction: UN official advises utilising domestic and foreign skills in reconstruction work (kp 03/05/2016)

DPM seeks UK aid through Nepal government channel (kp 29/04/2016)

Volume of technical assistance by donors growing (rep 27/04/2016)

Aid through govt channel down, by Prithvi Man Shresta (kp 25/04/2016) [No wonder since this would be wasted aid!], Donor's spending through own channel up 17 percent (rep 26/04/2016)

Health sector largest single recipient of foreign assistance (rep 25/04/2016)

EU pledges €105m grant (kp 25/04/2016)

UK assures continued help for reconstruction (kp 23/04/2016)

DPM Thapa seeks increased support from development partners (ht 22/04/2016) [Why? You not even invest the money admitted by the donor nations in the past?]

WFP begins programme for vulnerable groups: WFP pledges support to government’s livelihood recovery strategy in various sectors, including nutrition and disaster risk reduction (kp 22/04/2016), WFP to support livelihood recovery of quake vicitms (ht 22/04/2016)

ADB urges government to improve performance in project implementation (ht 22/04/2016), Nepal's portfolio performance suffered from prolonged procurement process: ADB senior official (rep 22/04/2016)

ADB urges strict action against slow contractors (kp 22/04/2016)

JICA’s aid scheme rekindles hope among quake survivors, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/04/2016)

Succour for Bahrabise PHCC (kp 19/04/2016)

Foreign aid commitment down nearly 30 per cent (ht 19/04/2016)

NGOs get $121 million US funds (kp 16/04/2016)

Development partners vow to extend Rs 200 billion (ht 01/04/2016)

Japanese support for building hostel for deaf, blind children (ht 18/03/2016)

Checkered history: Those who benefit from foreign aid and its patronage networks have an incentive to continue with the status quo, by Jeevan R. Sharma (rep 09/03/2016)

Rs 8m Japan grant to restore Patan Durbar Square (kp 03/03/2016)

No deadline extension for MCC projects: Sumar (kp 03/03/2016)

Canada announces reconstruction aid: A fresh $1.2m investment will restore housing, public buildings and infrastruc-ture, says the Canadian Embassy in New Delhi (kp 01/03/2016)

Japanese assistance for renovation of local learning centre (ht 01/03/2016)

India, China outline areas for rebuilding, by Prithvi Man Shrestha and Bhadra Sharma (kp 27/02/2016)

ADB agrees to boost lending to Nepal (kp 26/02/2016), ADB willing to expand annual lending to Nepal (ht 26/02/2016)

EU provides Rs 480 m support for education (ht 23/02/2016)

Rs3.5b JICA aid for bridge, hospitals, water project (kp 18/02/2016)

Shifting donor priorities: International commitment to community forestry in Nepal has sadly fizzled out, by Ghanshyam Pandey (kp 17/02/2016)

World Bank provides USD 22.5 million loan assistance (rep 05/02/2016), World Bank veep concludes Nepal visit (rep 06/02/2016)

ADB ‘dissatisfied’ with performance of major energy sector projects (ht 31/01/2016)

Koreans to provide therapy to quake survivors of Bhaktapur, Lalitpur (kp 27/01/2016)

Just 4 percent of foreign aid spent so far this year, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/01/2016)

Government told to revise foreign aid policy (ht 26/01/2016)

World Bank Group agrees to support SSRP (ht 24/01/2016)

UK spent £3m on quake rescue Chinooks for Nepal (ht 23/01/2016)

ADB ready to boost annual lending to Nepal by 60pc (kp 22/01/2016), ADB ready to increase annual lending level to Nepal (ht 22/01/2016)

Nepal to seek funding from AIIB to implement mega projects (ht 20/01/2016)

US aid for building crisis mgmt centre (kp 16/01/2016)

Govt urged to ramp up capital expenditure (ht 16/01/2016)

Rs 231m EU aid for Bhutanese refugees (kp 14/01/2016), European Union contributes Euros 2 mi to UNHCR to support Bhutanese refugees (ht 14/01/2016)

23pc funding pledges secured (ht 14/01/2016)

Working procedure to channelise foreign aid within two months (ht 03/01/2016)

Foreign aid commitment down 55.90pc (ht 24/12/2015), Aid diverted (ht 25/12/2015)

Japan formalises aid pledge for rebuilding, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/12/2015), Japan provides Rs 26bn for reconstruction (ht 22/12/2015)

Post-quake rehabilitation: Germany pledges Rs 3.51 billion (kp 15/12/2015)

ADB to give $15m for quake victims (kp 09/12/2015)

Development works disrupted (kp 23/11/2015)

UNHAS gets fund to aid quake-hit (kp 17/11/2015), ‘Humanitarian airlifts to continue’ (ht 17/11/2015)

ADB willing to help install solar plant, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 12/11/2015)

Nepal receives foreign aid commitment of Rs 55.4 billion (ht 06/11/2015)

DFID announces support for quake victims (ht 04/11/2015), DFID announces £10m 2nd phase of quake relief (rep 04/11/2015)

US announces initiatives to support reconstruction (ht 29/10/2015)

ADB okays $15m aid to help quake-hit districts (kp 09/10/2015), ADB approves $15 million grant to rebuild Nepal schools (ht 09/10/2015)

Hydropower development: WB approves $20m credit (kp 28/09/2015)

Global charities accused of ‘misleading’ public: Up to sixth of funds meant for Nepal being spent on overheads; quake-hit areas bear the brunt (ht 22/09/2015)

EU supports in reconstruction (kp 13/09/2015)

US provides Rs34m as rebuilding aid (kp 13/09/2015)

Recovery support to earthquake affected (ht 13/09/2015)

Result-focused project execution emphasised: NPPR highlights constraints in improving performance of donor-funded initiatives (ht 12/09/2015)

Bihar offers Rs 28m to quake relief fund (kp 10/09/2015)

Reconstruction process: Govt’s tardy approach worries donors, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 08/09/2015)

Nepal envoy urges handover of fund for quake victims (ht 03/09/2015) [???]

Sector-wise project review to be done (kp 24/08/2015)

Trade not aid: Foreign investment, more than foreign aid, will help Nepal recover from the quake, by Sumesh Shivakoty (kp 23/08/2015)

ADB plans to fund 3 power projects, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 16/08/2015)

Nepal could lose $100m in potential ADB aid, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/08/2015)

WFP begins assessing rural roads (kp 11/08/2015)

Allocation for off-budget programmes jumps to 24.67 per cent this fiscal (ht 05/08/2015)

IMF okays $49.7m budgetary support (kp 02/08/2015), IMF approves $49.7m credit for Nepal (ht 03/08/2015)

ADB: Nepal could lose funding if no improvement (kp 28/07/2015), Investment Board to consult with WB, ADB, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 29/07/2015)

UNFPA reaches out to quake-vulnerable population (ht 27/07/2015)

Half of $422m UN aid appeal met: OCHA (kp 25/07/2015)

Unicef aid for 450k children (kp 25/07/2015)

$8 million S Korean grant for Nawalparasi project (ht 25/07/2015)

Help gone wrong: The government of Nepal is equally responsible for the distribution of substandard food by the World Food Programme, by Prakash Budha Magar (kp 21/07/2015)

Poor guides: Why the preference among donor countries to give aid to Nepal but not to help it get back to its feet on its own?, by Max Mørch (rep 18/07/2015)

USAID launches hydro dev project (kp 14/07/2015)

Foreign aid commitment doubled this fiscal (ht 11/07/2015)

Germany to provide Rs 3.20 bn grant assistance to Nepal (ht 09/07/2014)

Utilising Aid For Welfare Of Receiving Country, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 04/07/2015)

Govt to request IMF to extend $50m in budgetary support (ht 04/o7/2015)

UNOCHA director terms media reports ‘nonsense’: Says damaged items never distributed to victims, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 02/07/2015), UN berates Nepali media: Threatens to withdraw supplies from Nepal, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 02/07/2015), WFP replaces rotten rice in quake-hit Gorkha, by Sudip Kaini (kp 03/07/2015), Do no harm: A return to rational, measured discourse is the only way to tackle the WFP controversy (kp 03/07/2015), NHRC objects to UN official’s remarks (ht 03/07/2015), Poor defence (ht), WFP pledges to continue support: Says will assist quake victims despite controversies (ht 04/07/2015), Media fraternity flays top UN official for his remarks (ht 04/07/2015), WFP ‘to clarify on damaged food’ (kp 08/07/2015)

WB okays $300m loan for quake recovery (kp 01/07/2015), World Bank approves $300 million to support Nepal’s earthquake recovery (ht 01/07/2015)

Parliament Secretariat, UNDP renew pact (kp 30/06/2015)

There’s a lot of intl commitment to help Nepal’s reconstruction, interview with Børge Brende, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs (kp 29/06/2015)

No More Loans, Please, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 29/06/2015)

Reconstruction and rehabilitation: If all pledged aid comes, govt need not use its funds, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 29/06/2015)

WFP plans cash transfer to quake victims (ht 29/06/2015)

No debt relief for Nepal, says IMF (kp 27/06/2015)

Donors’ meet a success: PM (kp 27/06/2015), A grand success: I think our incompetent politicians should be reminded that begging for a few dollars and getting some is not something to be proud of, by Guffadi (kp 27/06/2015) [satirical]

Generous aid pledges delight Nepal, by Anil Giri (kp 26/06/2015), $4.4 bn committed for recovery, reconstruction (ht), Sushma Swaraj pledges $1 billion Indian aid (ht), ADB okays $200m in immediate aid (kp 26/06/2015), 90pc ADB aid to go to infrastructure projects (ht 26/06/2015), Donors stress transparency on part of Nepal government in rebuilding efforts (ht), Fund transparency at heart of reconstruction, says govt, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/06/2015), PM seeks aid through official govt window: Assures full transparency of donors’funding, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht), ‘Outcome beyond expectations’, excerpts from an interview with Ram Sharan Mahat (kp 26/06/2015), Friendly nations stand by Nepal for recovery (kp 26/06/2015), UN: Nepal still requires humanitarian assistance (kp 26/06/2015), 2.8 million Nepalis still need humanitarian aid: UN (ht 26/06/2015), Thoughts on using the money (kp 26/06/2015), Beggars and choosers, by Hitesh Karki (rep 27/06/2015), Donors’ Conference On Reconstruction Mobilization, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km 27/06/2015)

Subcontracting kindness: Less than 1 per cent of global funding for earthquake relief will go directly to groups in Nepal, by Emily Troutman (nt 26/06/2015)

Spend it right: As in Haiti, foreign donors should not bypass the government of Nepal, by Rajju Malla Dhakal (kp 26/06/2015)

‘WFP sent substandard rice for quake victims’: House panel report says agency officials were well aware about the inferior quality of the food (ht 26/06/2015)

India, China indicate huge aid pledges: Together, the two neighbours ‘promise Rs 160m’; Substantive commitments also from other major donors US, EU, Japan, by Anil Giri and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/06/2015), Foreign dignitaries visit quake-hit areas (kp 25/06/2015), Foreign delegates visit Basantapur, Sankhu (ht 25/06/2015), Donors’ meet begins today: Govt needs Rs 402 billion for rehabilitation, reconstruction, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 25/06/2015), Donors start making sector-wise support, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 25/06/2015)

Govt has to justify its one-door mechanism for receiving funds, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 25/06/2015), What to expect: The donors will want to know how the money is going to be spent; PDNA is silent on how the quake affected families are to benefit from the whole scheme (ht 25/06/2015)

What Nepal needs: International friends of Nepal, I request you to invest in opportunities in our villages and towns, by Bibek Paudel (rep 25/065/2015)

Aid and conflict: That humanitarian operations can contreibute to conflict has been proven again and again in recent emergencies, by Rajendra Mulmi and Michael Shipler (rep 25/06/2015)

Govt sets up fund to funnel all resources for reconstruction, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 25/06/2015)

PM expresses concern about quality of relief supplies (ht 25/06/2015)

Rising from the rubble: Development partners can help build Nepal’s confidence by expressing solidarity with the country and pledging resources, by Govinda Raj Pokharel (kp 25/06/2015)

Accounts and accountability: As much as pledging money, Donor Conference is also about accountability (kp 25/06/2015)

IFC aid for hydropower development (kp 25/06/2015)

Cap-In-Hand Meeting, by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (km 24/06/2015)

Govt pins high hopes on tomorrow’s donor meet: Officials preparing for conference expect grant, loan commitments to the tune of $3 billion, by Anil Giri and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/06/2015), Int’l Conference for Nepal’s Reconstruction: Govt looking forward to grants, soft loans, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 24/06/2015), Int’l partners willing to help Nepal: PM (kp 25/06/2015), PM consults leaders on conference (ht 24/06/2015), Guests start arriving for summit (kp 24/06/2015), 53 countries, agencies confirm participation (ht 24/06/2015)

WB announces $500 million aid for earthquake recovery (kp 24/06/2015), WB pledges soft loan of up to Rs 50 billion (ht 24/06/2015)

Setting the agenda: Organising the donor conference is just one among the many things the government needs to do, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 23/06/2015)

Aid independent: Since total foreign aid accountsfor only six percent of GNI it would be wrong to say Nepal is aid-dependent, by Puru Shah (rep 23/06/2015)

Humanitarian disaster: Boost Nepali resilience, by Annette Dixon (ht 23/06/2015)

New Agenda For Donor Conference: Making Migration Free For Nepalese, by Lok Nath Bhusal (rn 23/06/2015)

Attendees’list for ICNR continues to grow: Delegates of 45 countries,agencies have confirmed participation for donors’meet so far (ht 23/06/2015)

Foreign delegates to visit Sankhu, Basantapur (ht 23/06/2015)

House panel asks govt to provide more details on donor conference (kp 22/06/2015), Call all-party meet to discuss donor conference: Lawmakers to govt (rep 22/06/2015)

Govt aims to check misuse of quake funds by aid groups, by Arjun Poudel (rep 22/06/2015)

APMDD calls for cancellation of Nepal’s external debt (ht 22/06/2015)

Donors' conference: Mahat, Pandey say no clash between them; Brief National Disaster Management and Monitoring Special Committee about preparations (kp 22/06/2015)

EU commissioner to attend donor conference (kp 20/06/2015), Donors’conference sans top leaders: Indian, Chinese prime ministers not to participate due to conflict of schedules (ht 20/06/2015), Preparations for donors' conference over (rep 20/06/2015), Swaraj, Wang to lead Indian, Chinese teams (ht 21/06/2015)

Govt urged to focus on grants, not loans, at int’l donors’ meet (kp 18/06/2015), ‘Aid must be prioritised based on nat’l needs’ (kp 19/06/2015), Friends in need: Plans for disbursement of home rebuilding grants and loans face obstacles, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 19/06/2015), How not to reinvent the wheel: Donor funding should not just go for reconstruction, but help build capacity, by Bihari K. Shrestha (nt 19/06/2015), Donors make big announcements, fail to keep words: DPM Gautam (rep 19/05/2015) [Just like Nepali politicians!!!]

Donor conference: 2 ministries in turf war over meet preps (kp 17/06/2015)

Low fund utilisation threatens development, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 17/06/2015)

WB to give at least $500m for recovery (kp 17/06/2015), WB to announce support package soon (ht 18/06/2015)

Donors spent major portion of quake aid on int’l staff: Govt, by Surendra Paudel (rep 16/06/2015) [claims a govt that is neither able to spend donated relief money nor donor supported development capital!!!]

Donor dilemma: Despite mistrust of Nepal’s institutions, the only way to rebuild Nepal is by working with them, by Ram C. Acharya (kp 15/06/2015)

Change mindset: Unless we can change this dependency mindset and act accordingly, we will be in the same situation years from now (ht 15/06/2015)

US pledges Rs 8 billion support for Nepal (ht 14/06/2015)

Reconstruction body ‘before donor summit’: Govt argues setting up committee ahead of June 25 conference will encourage donors to commit funds (kp 14/06/2015), Reconstruction body will have donors as observing members, interview with Govinda Raj Pokhrel, NPC (kp 15/06/2015)

JICA to help Nepal recover from quake (kp 13/06/2015)

Aussie govt supports schools (kp 11/06/2015)

World Bank extends assistance of $7.47bn for road safety project (ht 10/06/2015)

Dutch govt to reconsider Nepal for development grant: Visiting minister (ht 09/06/2015)

Tracking aid money, by Chahana Sigdel (kp 07/06/2015) [see tool by Open Nepal Initiative]

Ban, Modi, Li among invitees for donor meet (kp 05/06/2015), PM Modi likely to attend conference: Indian Minister Swaraj (kp 11/06/2015), Modi to arrive 'if schedule permits’ (kp 12/06/2015), Mahat invites Modi to donor conference, by Devendra Bhattarai (kp 13/06/2015)

25 June Donor Summit: Political aftershocks have spread uncertainty about the lifespan of the government at a time when it is preparing for a meeting of donors, by Om Astha Rai (nt 05/06/2015)

"We need help to rebuild Nepal", interview with Ram Sharan Mahat (nt 05/06/2015)

Australia to help affected micro-enterprises (ht 05/06/2015)

IFC invests $3.8 million in agribusiness sector (kp 05/06/2015)

Donors to pledge more aid at upcoming meet, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/06/2015)

Donors’ support sought to rebuild schools (ht 02/06/2015)

Deal with govt must for I/NGOs’ involvement, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/06/2016), Quakes of wrath: Massive monsoon exodus isn’t far away if government, int’l response remain tepid (kp 01/06/2015), Dealing with donors: The upcoming donor conference will be instrumental in planning Nepal’s long-term reconstruction, by Som P. Pudasaini (kp 01/06/2015), Highest level of donor participation sought: Finance minister hopes international meet on June 25 will generate hope and boost confidence (ht 02/06/2015)

Follow-up donor conference in September, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht)

Key donors keen to support beyond official window, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 30/05/2015)

Haiti donates $1m for Nepal earthquake recovery (kp 29/05/2015)

Germany to provide Rs 3.36 billion support (ht 27/05/2015)

Donors’ meet to be held on June 25, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/05/2015), Govt prefers grants, cash, says FinMin (kp 27/05/2015), Unclear plan: The government also needs to be clear about its priorities before it convenes the donors’ conference in mid-June (ht 27/05/2015)

Ireland ups relief to 1.5 million euros (rep 25/05/2015)

Friendly countries keen to host donors’ conference outside Nepal: Government to seek waiver or reduction of foreign debt, by Lekahnath Pandey (ht 24/05/2015)

Development policy credit: WB may extend additional $50m, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/05/2015)

Japan, UNDP agree to offer $1m grant for recovery works (kp 23/05/2015)

Humanitarian aid worth Rs 26.69b received so far, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 23/05/2015)

Where is Nepal aid money going? Britain is the biggest national donor to Nepal—but what will happen to the money flowing into a country where corruption is seen as ‘endemic’?, by Simon Cox (BBC 21/05/2015)

US announces additional $9 million for quake response, recovery (ht 21/05/2015)

Nepal may ask donors to write off part of debt: Many though do not want country to push for debt relief fearing it might lead to moral hazard, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 21/05/2015)

UK pledges continued support (kp 20/05/2015)

Campaign on to cancel part of Nepal’s foreign debt: Before the earthquake the country paid $215 million annually in debt payment (ht 20/05/2015)

ADB to boost trade finance by $40 million (kp 20/05/2015)

High-level representation sought in donor conference (kp 19/05/2015)

FRC triples its aid to Nepal (kp 17/05/2015)

Government postpones donor meet: The govt aims to assess he damage with the help of experts from donor agencies in two months (kp 14/05/2015)

Only 15 per cent of $423 million sought received so far: ‘Donors want their money to go directly to needy people and oppose cumbersome process’ (ht 14/05/2015)

Japan announces Rs 1.4 billion support to Nepal (ht 13/05/2015)

Govt to ask donors for cash aid (kp 07/05/2015)

UK govt boosts international aid effort in Nepal (ht), Germany provides 2.5 million euros (ht 07/05/2015), Germany, Norway scale up aid to Nepal (rep 07/05/2015)

5 donors pull plug on support to NPTF, by Anil Giri (kp 23/04/2015), Donors to continue support for peace-building initiatives, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 23/04/2015)

The donors’ new clothes: Donor attempts to provide technical solutions to a political problem like corruption are a waste of resources, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 17/04/2015)

Donors left out of PPP Policy consultative meeting (ht 17/04/2015)

Nordic lessons: While engaging in development cooperation with Nepal, Nordic countries try to consider what lessons, both good and bad, our region's history may provide, by Kisten Geelan, Kjell Tormod Pettersen and Asko Luukainnen (rep 14/04/2015), The Nordic dream: The ambassadors' suggestion of 'public educational revolution' is a day-dream, by Adarsha Tuladhar (rep 20/04/2015), Nordic response: Education builds social capital and a sense of social cohesion, by Kjell Tormod Pettersen, Kirsten Geelan and Asko Luukainnen (rep 23/04/2015), Nepal and the Nordics: Those who would assist Nepal must consider weaknesses in both donor mindset and superstructure, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 24/04/2015)

Far West receives lowest foreign aid (kp 12/04/2015)

One-sixth of foreign aid routed through INGOs (kp 11/04/2015)

Donor aid fragmentation raises govt eyebrows (ht 11/04/2015)

Half of allocated foreign assistance remained unspent in FY 2013/14 (rep 11/04/2015)

USAID to support smallholder farmers (ht 11/04/2015)

Nepal likely to get more aid in 2017: According to the report, Nepal is expected to get $1.09 billion in foreign aid in 2017, up from $1.02 billion in 2014 (kp 10/04/2015) [see OECD report]

USAID grant to improve reading skills of first, second, third graders (kp 10/04/2015)

USAID joins Multi-Donor Trust Fund (kp 31/03/2015)

Nepal risks UK aid cut for ‘endemic corruption’, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 28/03/2015), UK House panel recommends reduction in aid to Nepal (ht 28/03/2015)

KFAED extends credit of Rs 1.68bn to Nepal (ht 24/03/2015)

Foreign aid commitment up 259pc so far this fiscal (ht 21/03/2015)

Nagdhunga-Naubise road: Japan ‘agrees’ to provide loan for tunnel road (kp 20/03/2015)

Donors propose joint taskforce: Mechanism would engage in strategic dialogue to address development challenges (kp 19/03/2015), Donors ask govt to form strategic group: Seek a platform to discuss problems faced during project implementation (ht 19/03/2015)

Diplomatic norms and ethics: Contradictions and anomalies, by Niranjan Mani Dixit (ht 19/03/2015)

71pc foreign aid mobilised through budget, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 19/03/2015)

Japan grants Rs 9.8 million (ht 17/03/2015)

Japanese aid for Solu school (kp 12/03/2015)

WB-financed projects miss spending target, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 09/03/2015)

Direct payment ‘key problem’ in aid mgmt (kp 08/03/2015)

Govt, IFAD fund $37m project for small farmers (kp 28/02/2015)

Japan to provide Rs 12.4m for Bagmati cleanup, by Riwaj Rai (rep 28/02/2015)

Saudi Fund to extend financial assistance of Rs 2.41bn (ht 25/02/2015)

Swayne inspects DFID work (kp 21/02/2015)

World Bank to fund 25 MW solar plant (kp 21/02/2015)

Japanese assistance for drinking water project in Sunsari (ht 14/02/2015)

Swiss support for irrigation project (kp 11/02/2014), Switzerland extends grant assistance of Rs 1.78 billion (ht 11/02/2015)

ADB to provide $1b in loans over three years (kp 04/02/2015), ADB urges better investment climate (ht 04/02/2015)

ADB increases funding for ailing infra sector (kp 31/01/2015)

Foreign aid commitment up 300pc in first half of this fiscal (ht 29/01/2015)

World Bank VP for SAsia pledges support (ht 20/01/2015)

ADB-funded projects: Contract processing time rises sharply, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/01/2015), ADB dissatisfied with slow pace of projects: By the end of 2014, half of the bank’s active portfolio had not awarded contracts (ht 19/01/2015)

Blurred reflections: Old Nepal hand critiques Canadian aided projects in Nepal, by Ivan Gyozo Somlai (nt 16/01/2015)

Faults in foreigners: If donors are serious about their anti-corruption efforts, they should first conduct an appraisal into their own situation, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 08/01/2015)

Japanese government extends assistance: Emergency food supply to be provided through WFP (ht 27/12/2014)

Foreign aid commitment soars: Development partners pledge Rs 211.72bn in first five months (ht 26/12/2014)

WB okays $130m for solar farms (kp 24/12/2014)

Supporting education: Better education in Nepal has been the primary focus in Danish development assistance in Nepal over the years, by Kirsten Geelan (rep 20/12/2014)

US, China to raise aid to Nepal, by Mukul Humagain and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/12/2014), China raises grant assistanceto Nepal by 400 per cent, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 13/12/2014), Nepal picked for US Compact Program investment (rep 13/12/2014)

Delays in reporting aid details to AMP persist (kp 11/12/2014)

Nepal may be selected for US grant: Country could get Millennium Challenge Corporation’s compact funding (ht 07/12/2014)

Norwegian aid for SSRP (kp 06/12(2014)

German aid to Nepal up (kp 03/12/2014), Germany extends development cooperation to Nepal (ht 03/12/2014)

Aid flow shrinks due to reimbursement delays: Nepal received  Rs 5.16 billion in foreign grants against Rs 13.37 billion during the same period in the last fiscal year (kp 27/11/2014)

ADB provides Rs 6 billion in loan, grant for water supply, sanitation (ht 26/11/2014), ADB provides Rs 6 billion loan assistance (rep 26/11/2014)

Rs 1.68 billion Switzerland grant for Nepal (ht 26/11/2014), Switzerland giving Rs 1b for trail bridge program (rep 26/11/2014), Swiss aid for trails and river protection (kp 27/11/2014)

WB agrees to give $46m for Kabeli hydro project (kp 25/11/2014), WB extends additional funds for Kabeli-A hydro project (ht 25/11/2014)

World Bank to invest $130m in solar plants, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 21/11/2014), Govt concludes negotiations with WB: 25 megawatts of solar energy to be generated within a year, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 21/11/2014)

Norway pledges $60m grant for power sector expansion (kp 15/11/2014), ADB, Norway to helpcountry overcomeacute power shortage (ht 15/11/2014)

Donors pledge big money to transform agriculture sector, by Sangam Prasain (kp 14/11/2014)

Friend In Need: Announcing 360 million Euro for a new 7-year cooperation strategy, the European Union has shown that it is ready to expand opportunities for Nepal to prosper (sp 07/11/2014)

Foreign aid commitment in first quarter tops Rs 84.34 billion: Development partners’ pledge till October end surpasses total assurance received last fiscal (ht 02/11/2014)

‘DFID failed to tackle corruption’, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/11/2014), DFID projects creating graft opportunities in Nepal, says study, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 01/11/2014), Aid not abet: Donor funding in Nepal (rep 03/11/2014)

US to provide $500,000 for flood victims (kp 28/10/2014)

EU team visits flood hit village (kp 22/10/2014), EU provides additional 500,000 euro flood aid (rep 23/10/2014)

EU’s aid to Nepal increased by threefold (ht 18/10/2014), EU extends support of Rs 45bn (ht 20/10/2014), Nepal, EU agree to Rs 44.8b cooperation program (rep 20/10/2014)

FinMin urges World Bank not to curtail grant to Nepal (kp 12/10/2014), Dev partners should prepare strategy with country’s needs in mind: FinMin (ht 12/10/2014), WB suspends grant assistance to Nepal (ht 14/10/2014), World Bank may help Nepal in hydropower generation: FinMin (rep 15/10/2014)

Donor programs make Karnali folks vulnerable to food insecurity, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 11/10/2014)

Norwegian aid for flood-affected schools, children of three districts (ht 09/10/2014), Norwegian embassy to support flood hit Children (kp 11/10/2014)

ADB, UK aid for women, children (kp 25/09/2014), $3.5 million ADB, DFID grant to curb GBV (ht 25/09/2014)

Pact signed to achieve sustainable energy (kp 25/09/2014)

US pledges $402m dev funding over five years (kp 24/09/2014), Country receives help worth $402m (ht 24/09/2014)

World Bank dissatisfied with NIRTTP's work progress (rep 13/09/2014)

US support for heritage preservation (kp 11/09/2014)

Donors asked to explain their commitment to farm sector (kp 10/09/2014)

Finance minister rues under-utilised foreign assistance (kp 06/09/2014)

10 WB projects listed as risky, potentially risky, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/09/2014)

$70 million American support for disaster preparedness (ht 04/09/2014)

US announces three ‘Resilience Projects’ (kp 04/09/2014)

Govt capacity to utilise foreign aid falls, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/09/2014)

Aid and effectiveness: We need to figure out whether there is a problem with the aid Nepal receives or the way aid is managed, by Hari Pandey (kp 26/08/2014)

After ADB, WB likely to cut off grants to Nepal, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 24/08/2014)

Donors, SWC, I/NGOs findfault with new aid policy, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 19/08/2014)

FinMin asks ADB not to cut grant (ht 15/08/2014), ADB ‘unlikely’ to resume grants anytime soon: The lender used to provide $100 million in grant to the country annually under its Asian development Fund (kp 16/08/2014)

ADB proposes Rs 50bn local currency bonds (ht 31/07/2014)

Skills Business: With an aim to end extreme poverty and empower the vulnerable Nepalis, USAID is investing in business literacy (sp 25/07/2014)

UNDP-AEPC pact on supplying renewable energy (kp 22/07/2014)

USAID launches three-year business literacy project (kp 19/07/2014), USAID launches $4m Business Literacy project (rep 19/07/2014)

ADB okays $180m loan to ease power shortages (kp 08/07/2014), ADB approves $108 million loan to Nepal (ht 08/07/2014)

Australia to assist in agriculture research (ht 05/07/2014)

From Foreign Aid To Development Cooperation Policy, by Lok Nath Bhusal (rn 04/07/2014)

Foreign aid policy passed (kp 27/06/2014), New foreign aid policy: Govt to tame off-budget aid; Finance Ministry seeks to channel technical assistance through government system, by Mukul Humagain and Prtihvi Man Shrestha (kp 28/06/2014), Development Cooperation Policy sets foreign aid threshold (rep 28/06/2014)

Donors pump more money into local development sector, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (rep 24/06/2014)

WB launches two-pillar CPS for Nepal: Focuses on high, sustained, inclusive economic growth (ht 21/06/2014)

UK pledges 23.5m pounds aid to Nepal (kp 10/06/2014)

Country partnership strategy for Nepal: WB to focus on fewer dev sectors for greater impact, by Mukul Humagain (kp 31/05/2014), World Bank refocuses on unlocking growth constraints in Nepal (rep 31/05/2014)

Use the money wisely: How can Nepal benefit from the transition  from ‘trade as aid’ to ‘aid for trade’?, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 30/05/2014)

Foreign aid policy: Plan to fix minimum amount irks donors, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 27/05/2014)

Nepal likely to get increased support from WB (ht 24/05/2014)

New Aid Row: The 14-point directive on foreign aid issued by chief secretary Leela Mani Paudyal has sparked new controversies over who should decide the agenda of foreign aid (sp 23/05/2014)

World Bank Is Back: After pulling out from Arun III in 1995, the World Bank Group has decided to support Kabeli-A Hydroelectric Project (sp 23/05/2014)

ADB, Japan to modernise Nepal’s customs (ht 22/05/2014), ADB’S Japan Fund to aid customs modernisation (kp 23/05/2014), Nepal pleads with Asian Dev Bank to resume grants, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/05/2014)

Japan assures help to build tunnel road (kp 20/05/2014)

Nepal should not always depend on foreign aid, interview with Haoliang Xu, UN Assistant Secretary General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific (kp 20/05/2014)

Foreign aid has strengthened our sense of helplessness, interview with Pitamber Sharma (kp 19/05/2014)

World Bank okays $84.6m for Kabeli-A hydel project (kp 17/05/2014), World Bank Group approves financing for Kabeli-A hydropower project (rep 17/05/2014)

Finnish envoy promises aid for drinking water projects (ht 15/05/2014)

Denmark to support farm commercialization in eastern Nepal (rep 14/05/2014)

Policy lacunae or compliance failure: Foreign aid syndrome, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht 13/05/2014)

Fund only infrastructure projects: FinMin to donors (ht 13/05/2014), Failed development: Establishing order to foreign aid should not come at the cost of people's rights (kp 15/05/2014)

All aid cannot be channeled through the government, interview with Rameshwor Khanal, former Finance Secretary (kp 12/05/2014)

Knowing how to ask for help: Nepal’s new foreign aid policy must balance urgent infrastructure spending with investment in social sectors, by Bhrikuti Rai (nt 09/05/2014)

Beggars and choosers (nt 09/05/2014)

Danish Support For UN Women In Nepal: The Danish Embassy has signed an agreement to support UN Women in Nepal (sp 09/05/2014)

Women and kids service centres in 15 more districts (ht 08/05/2014)

FinMin asks ADB to expand its lending capacity (ht 05/05/2014), ADB to resume extending grant assistance to Nepal (ht 06/05/2014)

Donor aid fragmentation remains a concern, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/05/2014)

Foreign aid disbursement: Donors overlooking govt budgetary system: Report; As much as 36 percent of donors’ total funds disbursed in last fiscal year was ‘off budget’, by Mukul Humagain and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/04/2014), Aid disbursement from donors on the decline: The overall aid disbursement was affected especially due to the decline in disbursement from multilateral donors, by Mukul Humagain (kp 22/04/2014), Off-budget foreign assistance growing, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (rep 22/04/2014), More funds going to off-budget projects (ht 23/04/2014), 74pc of grants, 36pc of loans spent in last fiscal year (kp 24/04/2014), Nepal’s performance in foreign aid utilisation still below par: Poor implementation of ‘Sectoral Action Plan’ blamed for result (ht 24/04 2014), Slow capital expenditure worries donors (rep 24/04/2014), Foreign Financial Assistance Accountability And Transparency Are Hallmarks, by Pranav Bhattarai (rn 26/04/2014)

Japan to provide Rs 1.47 billion for Micro-Hydropower Improvement project (nn 21/04/2014)

Technical assistance: Govt unaware of spending under TA (kp 20/04/2014)

World Bank assures increased investment in Nepal (rep 20/04/2014)

Donor funds used without accountability: Lawmakers (kp 18/04/2014), Dixitspeak (kp 18/04/2014), Norway denies funding activities against ongoing peace process (nn 18/04/2014), Funds misuse allegation: Norway: Action to be taken if charges serious (kp 19/04/2014), PM asks Norway to be transparent (kp 19/04/2014), Norway to probe if its funds being misused: Assurance follows allegation against South Asia Trust (ht 19/04/2014)

Banking on the Bank: Making the restructured  World Bank more relevant to Nepal, by Bihari K. Shrestha (nt 18/04/2014)

Pvt sector, civil society to take part in NPPR, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 16/04/2014)

FinMin seeks more WB support for infrastructure development (rep 13/04/2014)

Swiss grant for road projects, nutrition (ht 04/04/2014)

ADB pledges $30m more to upgrade Bhairahawa airport (kp 01/04/2014)

World Bank plans 4-year assistance strategy (kp 28/03/2014)

Double standards: The term 'accountability' is exploitative as it aims to perpetuate influence of donors and supports exploitation and oppression of poor countries like Nepal, by Bhim Prasad Bhurtel (rep 24/03/2014)

EU to treble aid to Nepal: FM Mahat (nn 23/03/2014)

EU to chip in Rs 15b for energy, by Anil Giri (kp 22/03/2014)

Infrastructure holds key to WB support (kp 09/03/2014)

US cuts budget for Nepal for ’15: Slashes aid for third consecutive year, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 06/03/2014)

EU-funded water project, police station in Jhapa (kp 05/03/2014)

FinMin asks ADB to be more generous (kp 05/03/2014), ADB board delegation visit here to observe development, impact of its assistance (nn 05/04/2014)

Nepal vies to lure Danish investors (ht 04/03/2014)

Nepal gets foreign aid commitment of Rs 55.29bn: Of the total amount, Rs 37.46 billion pledged in the form of grants and Rs 17.83 billion in loans (ht 03/03/2014)

JICA to focus on dev of roads, hydropower (kp 22/02/2014)

Nepal requests WB for assistance within this fiscal (kp 18/02/2014)

Dead aid: Nepal has gone through major political changes but what has not changed is that we are still dependent on foreign aid, by Chandra Mani Bimoli (kp 16/02/2014

DFID aid for earthquake response for Kathmandu (15/02/2014)

SC frames rule for accepting foreign grant: Legal eagles oppose plan, see threat to judicial independence, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 15/02/2014)

Partner In Progress: One of Nepal's oldest development partners, the United Kingdom pledges more to alleviate poverty, by Abijit Sharma (sp 14/02/2014)

ADB to loan extra $25 million for Melamchi (nn 13/02/2014), ADB pledges $25m more to complete Melamchi tunnel (kp 14/02/2014), ADB to provide $25m loan to Melamchi (ht 14/02/2014)

WB interested in Upper Arun hydro project (ht 12/02/2004)

EF plans to train 16,000 youths in 2014 (ht 12/02/2014)

Let us be: The international community should not distract the CA members with seminars and study tours, by Binod Sijapati (kp 11/02/2014)

Donors make sure aid fulfils their vested interests: Minister (ht 11/02/2014)

AID For Water and sanitation (kp 09/02/2014)

Japanese assistance for Bagmati cleanup: The grant will be used to build a wastewater treatment plant, train local people (kp 08/02/2014), Japanese aid for clean Bagmati plan (kp 09/02/2014)

World bank, ADB assistance to be accepted (kp 07/02/2014)

UK will shift its aid towards Nepal’s growth: Duncan (kp 06/02/2014)

WB not happy with seven funded projects: Expressed concerns about under utilisation of allocated funds, lack of financial audits (ht 04/02/2014)

New foreign aid policy in offing (rep 02/02/2014)

Nepal portfolio performance review: NPPR meet to focus on dev effectiveness (kp 31/01/2014)

Australia concerned about low expenditure of aid (ht 23/01/2014)

Tracking national and international funding, a tool by Open Nepal Initiative, Young Innovations

Development Cooperation Report, FY 2016-17, by Ministry of Finance

Worldbank: Nepal

Nepal Development Forum 2009

DED in Nepal

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