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Gold price down by Rs 1,100 per tola today (kh 17/06/2021)

De-Pegging The Rupee?, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 19/01/2021)

Nepalis can now pay in dollars to buy foreign goods, services (rep 06/12/2020)

Precious metals slump by over 3pc (ht 29/11/2020)

Gold imports jump 12-fold as Nepalis spend despite pandemic : According to the Trade and Export Promotion Centre, Nepal imported  Rs737 million worth of gold between mid-July and mid-October, by Krishana Prasain (kp 25/11/2020)

Hopes of COVID vaccine weigh on gold, silver (ht 22/11/2020)

Gold Price Drops Rs 3,400 Per Tola (rn 10/11/2020)

Price of precious metals surges significantly (ht 08/11/2020)

Gold import down by 60 percent in last fiscal year : Despite price per tola at nearly six-figure mark, demand among investors rose and banks sold 105 kg in just one week after lockdown was lifted in July, by Krishana Prasain (kp 06/09/2020)

Bullion price edges down slightly after record streak (ht 16/08/2020)

NRB introduces new Rs 1,000 note which can be identified by visually-impaired: The new banknote is the first of its kind in South Asia, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 14/08/2020)

Gold prices down sharply by Rs 6,200 today (kh 12/08/2020)

Bullion price continues to surge (ht 02/08/2020)

As gold price soars to six-digit figure, sales plummet: People planning weddings and gold dealers are hit hard, but small investors and the central bank are smiling, by Krishana Prasain (kp 01/08/2020)

Gold price escalates to new record of Rs 96,300 per tola on worsening US-China row (rep 26/07/2020)

The Exchange rate system: Should Nepal revisit the Peg with Indian Currency?, by Nitish Shrestha (kh 03/07/2020)

Bullion price steady in domestic market (ht 28/06/2020)

Gold soars as virus fears drive investors to seek safety: Loss of income due to the lockdown forces Nepalis to sell their jewellery to cover living expenses, by Krishana Prasain (kp 23/06/2020)

Gold price rises, silver declines (ht 21/06/2020)

Bullion market reopens with record-high price tag: Gold was priced at Rs 87,400 per tola, a jump of Rs 10,400 from pre-lockdown days, by Krishana Prasain (kp 09/06/2020)

Rupee at all-time low [ht 16/04/2020)

Precious metals lose lustre because of economic fallout (ht 22/03/2020)

Rupee hits an all-time low against USD (ht 20/03/2020)

Weakening Nepali currency to hit economy (ht 12/03/2020)

How fast can Nepal go cashless? (rep 12/03/2020)

Gold price sets a new record of Rs 80,500 (rep 05/03/2020)

Gold hits all-time high of Rs 80,300 per tola on virus jitters: Traders said the bullion market was almost deserted on Monday as buyers fled high prices, by Krishana Prasain (kp 25/02/2020)

Gold at new peak of Rs 77,600 per tola (ht 21/02/2020)

Gold price at fresh all-time high (ht 20/02/2020)

Gold at new high of Rs 76,700 per tola (rep 19/02/2020)

Currency exchange counters deserted as demand for Indian rupees falls: Experts say an increase in the supply of Indian currency has led to reduced business for money changers, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 09/01/2020)

IFC required to invest capital from local currency bonds in Nepal for at least three years: The subscription rate of Nepali currency bonds in international markets will test the trust of external investors in Nepal’s economy, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 07/01/2020)

Gold hits new peak of Rs75,500 per tola: Bullion traders predict that prices will remain at record highs if the conflict between the US and Iran continues, by Krishana Prasain (kp 06/01/2020)

Time for a currency symbol: Matter of national identity, by Bhanu Kandel (ht 01/01/2020)

Bullion price fluctuates in domestic market (ht 15/12/2019)

On Bitcoin: Seek help of experts, by Dikpal Khatri and Anushka Joshi (kp 13/12/2019)

Fake Nepali currencies of 1000 and 500 denominations found in Waling (rep 21/11/2019)

Authorities discover new changes to old ways of illegally transferring money: Hundi traders are now using Indian shopkeepers along the border to exchange foreign currency for Nepali rupees, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 08/11/2019)

High price leads to worst sales record of gold: The high prices are making customers think twice about buying the precious metal, by Krishana Prasain (kp 04/10/2019)

Falling reserves: In county like ours whose economy is heavily dependent on imports, foreign  exchange reserves should be adequate to sustain imports for at least eight months, by Ranjin Ranjit (rep 01/10/2019)

Foreign exchange reserves decline for the first time in 10 years, reducing import ability by half: Four years ago, Nepal had enough reserves to sustain the imports for 14.1 months, but now that number has reduced to just 7.8 months, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 23/09/2019)

Central bank to issue new banknotes for Dashain from mid-September (ht 31/08/2019)

Impact Of Currency Depreciation, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn 23/08/2019)

Weakening rupee likely to affect festive market (ht 22/08/2019)

Gold climbs to yet another peak of Rs 71,500 per tola (rep 16/08/2019)

Everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies: Although digital currency is increasing in popularity across the world, in Nepal, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered illegal forms of financial tender, by Prajesh SJB Rana (kp 15/08/2019)

Record-setting week for gold as it hits Rs 70,000 per tola (ht 11/08/2019)

Gold price at a fresh peak of Rs 67,800 a tola (ht 06/08/2019)

Gold glitters at record high of Rs 66,300 per tola, by Muna Sunuwarn (rep 05/08/2019)

Gold at all-new high of Rs 65,800 a tola (ht 03/08/2019)

Prices of precious metals spike (ht 21/07/2019), Soaring prices and fall in demand see bankers struggle to sell gold: The yellow metal traded at Rs65,500 per tola on Friday—on par with an all-time high price first recorded on June 25, by Krishana Prasain (kp 21/07/2019)

Nepal’s rising trade deficit takes toll on country’s foreign currency reserves: The trade deficit grew 17 percent in the first 11 months of the last fiscal year, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/07/2019)

Gold price touches Rs 65,500 per tola, Nepal's highest, again (rep 19/07/2019)

Precious metals shine as trade war rages on (ht 23/06/2019)

Gold hits record high of Rs64,000 per tola: The precious metal has been moving up since the budget  statement was released, by Krishana Prasain (kp 21/06/2019)

Gold hits four-month high in Nepal: Demand for the precious yellow metal has plunged nearly 50 percent, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/06/2019)

Nepali currency is beautiful, but some say it’s time for a redesign: Officials at Nepal Rastra Bank, while appreciative of the look of the notes, appear to have no idea who designed them and when, by Abani Malla (kp 7/03/2019)

India for revoking ban on Indian notes, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 15/03/2019), India ‘agrees’ to lift ban on 200- and 500-rupee banknotes in Nepal (kp 15/03/2019)

Demand for gold plunges 50 percent year-on-year, by Krishana Prasain (kp 01/03/2019)

Foreign currency reserves fall 6.64 percent to $9.41 billion, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/02/2019)

Fake currency seized in capital (kp 11/02/2019)

Price of precious metals takes a hit (ht 10/02/2019)

Price of precious metals becomes dearer (ht 03/02/2019)

Gold price swells to Rs 62,200 a tola (rep 31/01/2019)

Foreign currency expenses to be tightened to check balance of payments deficit, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/01/2019)

Central bank issues notice on Indian notes ban (kp 21/01/2019)

Forex reserve fall continues as import bill continues to rise: Forex kitty dips $79 million in five months (rep 19/01/2019)

Indian lawmakers inquire about Nepal’s decision to ban Indian bank notes, by Suresh Nath Neupane (kp 05/01/2019), Nepal begins talks to make banned Indian notes legal, by Bibek Subedi (kp 06/01/2019)

Central bank tightens Indian rupee spending for cardholders, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/12/2018), Card payments in India for Nepalis limited to IRs 100,000 a month, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 26/12/2018)

Country’s forex reserves slump to 32-month low (ht 15/12/2018)

Cabinet bans Indian notes above INR 100: Government has also decided to exempt loans taken by small farmers from the then Sajha Co-operative (kp 14/12/2018), Nepal may lose Indian tourists after currency restriction, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/12/2018), Border residents upset by ban on large Indian notes: The Cabinet recently decided to disallow people  from carrying Indian currency notes larger  than Rs100 in Nepal, by Shankar Acharya (kp 21/12/2018)

Forex reserves fall below eight months of imports: Report; Nepal relies largely on migrant workers’ remittance  to strengthen its foreign exchange reserve, by Bibek Subedi (kp 06/12/2018)

Central bank selling dollars to buy Indian rupees, by Bibek Subedi (kp 29/11/2018)

It’s about time: Nepal’s currency policy has remained static for too long, by Paban Ran Pandey (kp 23/11/2018)

Central bank to swap old notes with new during all festivals (kp 13/11/2018)

Dollar Laxmi: The fall of NPR vis-à-vis USD is a bonanza for Nepal’s remittance-driven economy, by Anil Chitrakar (nt 26/10/2018)

Gold at five-year high of Rs60,000 per tola (kp 22/10/2018)

Exchange rate policy: The way forward, by Guna Raj Bhatta (ht 16/10/2018)

Implications Of Dollar Appreciation, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn 12/10/2018)

Market ends week on a positive note (rep 12/10/2018)

Rupee rout continues: 1 US dollar now fetches Rs 119.33 (rep 10/10/2018)

Falling rupee: It is time to have a long-term plan to manage the Nepali rupee, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 09/10/2018)

Nepali rupee plunges to a new low (kp 06/10/2018)

New notes to be distributed from Oct 7 (ht 24/09/2018), NRB to issue fresh notes from Oct 7 (kp 27/09/2018)

Rupee falls to record low of 117.07 against dollar (rep 19/09/2018)

Government waits before raising gold import quota: Rising value of US dollar, stress on external sector give government pause (rep 15/09/2018)

Rupee falls to new low against dollar (rep 12/09/2018)

Stronger US dollar threatens external sector stability: Rupee freefall against greenback likely to worsen balance of payment position (rep 09/09/2018), Currency depreciation could dampen festive mood (ht 09/09/2018)

Rupee slumps to record low against dollar (rep 07/09/2018)

Rupee hits an all-time low: The Nepali currency weakened by 35 paisa a dollar in just a single day. According to reports, the Nepali rupee’s fall is a result of the steady depreciation of the Indian rupee with which it is pegged (kp 04/09/2018)

Nepali rupee hits new low against US dollar: One US dollar fetches Rs 113.49, the most ever (rep 31/08/2018), Rupee devaluation to hit inflation, growth rate, by Sujan Dhungana (htm 01/09/2018)

Rupee hits to new low against the greenback (kp 30/08/2018)

Rupee hits record low of 112.20 per dollar: The depreciation of the domestic currency could further exert pressure on the balance of payments (kp 14/08/2018)

Ministry plans regulator to monitor bullion market: Move to curb dodgy transactions in precious metals, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 09/08/2018)

Price of precious metals dips slightly (ht 01/07/2018)

Nepali rupee drops to over 18-month low (ht 28/06/2018), Rupee tumbles to record low: Despite the fall, it could attract more tourists as it offers more purchasing power (kp 29/06/2018), Nepali rupee depreciates to all-time low (ht 29/06/2018) (compared to US dollar)

A case for crypto : Nepal’s apprehension on cryptocurrency stems from the notion that digital transaction could promote money laundering, by Ajaya Kusum Adhikari (rep 12/06/2018)

Foreign currency reserves depleting (ht 20/05/2018), Before the crisis hits: Measures that can jack up exports, attract FDI and bring in more tourists are a must to keep the foreign currency reserves from depleting (ht 21/05/2018)

Don’t over indulge: The price of gold is based less on intrinsic value and more on the beliefs of buyers and sellers, by Sarthak Karki (kp 01/05/2018)

Rupee hits 13-month low (kp 24/04/2018)

Gold hits 4-year high of Rs58,500 per tola (kp 27/03/2018)

Foreign currency reserve depletes by Rs 30.23bn (ht 20/03/2018), Downward trend: To increase foreign currency reserve, the government must focus on setting up export-oriented industries (ht 21/03/2018)

Price of precious metals decreases (ht 21/01/2018)

NRB seeks hike in gold import quota (ht 18/01/2018)

The future of cryptocurrencies: Instead of banning bitcoins, Nepal could study its value and perhaps create its own blockchain cyrptocurrency, by Atit Babu Rijal (kp 27/12/2017)

IC shortage hampers trade, life in Birgunj, by Shankar Acharya (kp 13/12/2017)

NRB to inject Rs20b into market today (kp 19/11/2017)

NRB to distribute new notes from Sept 13: Public to get exchange facility worth up to Rs 27,000 (ht 05/09/2017), New banknotes exchange for Dashain from next week (rep 05/09/2017), NRB issues fresh notes for festival (kp 14/09/2017), NRB circulates Rs11b in small demoniations (kp 22/09/2017)

Dollar depreciation to raise import, could hit tourism, remittance, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 30/08/2017)

NRB seeks G2G talks on INR exchange (ht 29/06/2017)

Nepalis waiting endlessly to exchange Indian notes (kp 21/06/2017)

'Fake banknotes entering circulation from rural areas', by Santosh Pokharel (rep 15/06/2017)

Gold imports jump to Rs19.25b in Q3 (kp 12/05/2017)

NRB burnt unfit banknotes worth Rs 26 billion in FY2015/16 (rep 11/05/2017)

Circulation of fake Rs 500 notes rife in Pokhara, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 19/04/2017)

Purchasing power of rupee declines 400pc in two decades, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 13/04/2017)

Dollar depreciation to boost consumption (ht 13/04/2017)

Nepali rupee hits 20-month high against dollar (kp 08/04/2017)

RBI proposes IRs4,500 note exchange limit (kp 27/03/2017), Don’t shirk responsibility: India’s decision to provide exchange facilities for banned notes worth IRs4,500 is inadequate (kp 28/03/2017), RBI rules out meeting NRB conditions (ht 28/03/2017), Demonetized Indian notes held by Nepalis may turn worthless papers: Deadline to respond to RBI offer expired on March 31 (rep 06/04/2017), Exchange facility to Nepalis soon: Nepal Rastra Bank (kp 10/04/2017), NRB gets nod to avail exchange facility of INR as proposed by RBI (ht 12/04/2017) [??], India delays process of exchanging banned banknotes (kp 25/04/2017), Demoneteized Indian banknotes in Nepal: India's silence over exchange facility frustrates NRB officials (rep 25/05/2017)

Rupee surges to nearly 17-mth high (kp 21/03/2017)

Rupee hits 16-mth high (kp 16/03/2017)

Foreign exchange facility from hotels illegal, says central bank (ht 14/03/2017)

Election effect: Rupee rises to four-month high of 106.87 per dollar (kp 13/03/2017)

Price of precious metals on a free fall (ht 12/03/2017)

Nepali money among 'world's most beautiful currencies', by Ashim Neupane (rep 09/03/2017)

Demonetized Indian banknotes in Nepal: RBI team arriving today to discuss exchange facility (rep 28/02/2017), Indian central bank officials arrive in Nepal, by Bibek Subedi (kp 01/03/2017), RBI team's report to decide fate of scrapped Indian banknotes (rep 02/03/2017), Indian FinMin says IC notes will be replaced (kp 04/03/2017)

Price of precious metals rises (ht 26/02/2017)

Forex reserves cross record $10b mark (kp 20/02/2017)

INR demonitisation: NRB rapped for ‘immature’ handling, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 05/02/2017)

Banks can charge up to Re 0.30 on sale of each dollar on top of exchage rate (kp 31/01/2017)

NRB hesitant to allow use of new INR 500, 2,000 notes ( 29/01/2017)

IMF mission sees 'limited impact' of Indian demonetization in Nepal, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 24/01/2017)

Gold price rises by Rs2,900 per tola in a month (kp 13/01/2017)

Demonetisation blues: Why Modi’s political stunt is bad news for Indians and Nepalis, by Atul K. Thakur (kp 06/01/2017)

RBI to provide INR 1 billion in 100-rupee banknotes (ht 06/01/2017)

The future of cash: A cashless economy and digital platforms are the way to go, but we have to prepare well for the transition, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 03/01/2016)

Border markets face acute shortage of IRs100 notes, by Jitendra Sah (kp 03/01/2017)

India to make ‘special arrangement’ for Nepal: Delhi to dispatch team to Kathmandu, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 29/12/2016)

Ripple effect: Since the Nepali rupee is pegged to the Indian rupee, the note ban could affect Nepal, by Surya Bhakta Pokharel and Bishnu Prasad Bhandari (kp 28/12/2016)

Nepal tells India officials: It’ll take at least 10 days to exchange defunct notes; The Nepal government still remains clueless about providing exchange facility to Nepalis holding the banned Indian currency, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 23/12/2016)

Demonetisation nightmares: Our govt and central bank cannot ignore the plight of poor seasonal migrant workers, traders and general public, by Chandan Sapkota (kp 20/12/2016), Exchange facility for demonetised INR sought, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 22/12/2016)

Indian banknotes ban hits trade conducted in cash, by Binod Bhandari (kp 20/12/2016)

Govt clueless about IC exchange facility (kp 19/12/2016)

India demonitisation move: No remedy for Nepalis as deadline nears; Indian bank notes in denominations of 500 and 1,000  will cease to be legal tender after December 30, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 17/12/2016)

Gold price hits 10-month low of Rs52,100 per tola (kp 16/12/2016)

Cash and corruption: Nepal should also think of demonetizing large currency notes as corruption in Nepal is as bad as it is in India, by Sukhdev Shah (rep 07/12/2016)

BFIs urged to provide Indian currency (ht 06/12/2016)

Fate of discarded Indian notes in Nepal still uncertain, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 06/12/2016)

Indian embassy enquires about legal status of IC notes in Nepal, by Bibek Subedi (kp 04/12/2016)

Black-marketeering of Indian currency rampant (kp 01/12/2016)

Nepalis demand NRB increase Indian currency exchange limit, by Bibek Subedi (kp 30/11/2016)

Rupee bounces from record low (kp 26/11/2016)

NRB: Don’t accept new Indian notes (kp 25/11/2016), NRB lowers INR exchange limit, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 25/11/2016), As IC stocks fall, NRB counters to exchange only up to IRs 2,000 (rep 26/11/2016)

Imports to be dearer as Nepali rupee slides (ht 25/11/2016)

Rupee hits all-time low vs dollar (kp 25/11/2016)

Gold price hits over five-month low of Rs 54,600 per tola (kp 25/11/2016)

India positive about replacing banned notes with legal bills, by Bibek Subedi (kp 24/11/2016)

Rupee weakens to over 8-month low (kp 23/11/2016)

FNCCI urges govt to provide enough IC for businesses (kp 22/11/2016)

Solution being sought for INR exchange: Stringent rules will be developed for exchange of high denomination Indian notes, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 20/11/2016)

Nepal Rastra Bank brings in $10m in cash from Singapore (kp 15/11/2016)

Gold hits five-month low of Rs55k per tola (kp 1n5/11/2016)

NRB urges India to facilitate exchange of banned Indian bills, by Bibek Subedi (kp 10/11/2016), India withdraws 500- and 1,000-rupee banknotes from circulation: Nepalis in border areas worried (kp 10/11/2016), Nepal Rastra Bank takes note of banned Indian currency circulating in Nepal, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 10/11/2016), Nepal Police hails ban on IRs 500, 1000 notes: Expects the move will help put an end to smuggling of fake Indian currency using Nepali territory (ht 10/11/2016), NRB making efforts to return demonetized Indian banknotes, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 10/11/2016), Traders, commoners in a state of confusion (rep 10/11/2016), Dahal urges Modi to provide exchange facility to Nepalis (kp 15/11/2016), IC shortage hits general public, by Shankar Acharya (kp 15/11/2016), Money for nothing: If the large banknotes are not exchanged, many Nepalis are going to be in dire straits, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 18/11/2016), No over-the-counter IC exchange, says NRB, by Bibek Subedi (kp 20/11/2016)

Shortage of dollar bills to ease by Monday: Nepal Rastra Bank is  bringing $10 million in cash from Singapore to ease the shortage of physical dollars in the domestic market, by Rupak D. Sharma (kp 09/11/2016)

MoF to intensify monitoring to check US dollar crunch in market (ht 30/10/2016)

Gold price slumps to over three-month low (kp 07/10/2016)

People facing hard time getting new banknotes: Say they have to wait for hours to get fresh bills for Dashain festival, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/10/2016)

Resurgent dollar extinguishes precious metals uptick (ht 02/10/2016)

Public to be able to get new banknotes from October 2 (ht 22/09/2016)

Banks to be allowed to sell five more currencies: Banks will be allowed to sell Swedish kroner, Danish kroner, Hong Kong dollar, Kuwaiti and Bahraini dinar (kp 26/07/2016)

Gold imports jump 55pc in first 11 months of FY (kp 09/07/2016)

Rupee weakens by one per cent (ht 25/06/2016)

Blind-friendly Rs100 banknote issued (kp 15/06/2016)

Rupee sheds value, gold glitters (rep 04/06/2016)

Gold price expected to fall by Rs2,000 (kp 27/05/2016)

Rupee weakens, gold loses luster (rep 14/05/2016)

Price of precious metals surges by over 3 per cent (ht 01/05/2016)

Rupee loses value against US dollar, gold price comes down (rep 26/03/2016)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 19/03/2016)

Rupee gains against US dollar, gold prices up (rep 05/03/2016)

Rupee depreciates against dollar, gold glitters (rep 27/02/2016)

Weakening rupee against dollar a big worry for Nepali importers, by Bibek Subedi (kp 24/02/2016)

Nepali rupee sails past 110 mark (ht 23/02/2016)

Rupee weakens, gold unchanged (rep 20/02/2016)

Nepali rupee hits all-time low of 109.93 per dollar, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/02/2016), Rupee hits another all-time low (ht 18/02/2016)

Rupee tumbles to fresh all-time low of 109.77 (ht 17/02/2016)

Madhes agitation causes Nepali currency to stock up in Indian markets (ht 15/02/2016)

Rupee tumbles to fresh all-time low of 109.48 (ht 12/02/2016), Rupee depreciates, gold glitters (rep 13/02/2016), Gold, silver prices surge by over 4pc (ht 14/02/2016)

Rupee strengthens, gold glitters (rep 06/02/2016)

To peg or not to peg: Nepali currency was pegged with Indian currency in 1992. Pegging rate is not reviewed even as economic reforms have taken place in both countries, by Raju Nepal (rep 30/01/2016)

Value of US dollar climbs to record high of Rs 109, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 22/01/2016)

Rupee tumbles to all-time low, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 21/01/2016)

Rupee hits fresh 28-month low of 108.54 vs dollar (ht 16/01/2016), Rupee loses value against US dollar, gold price falls (rep 16/01/2016)

Rupee tumbles to over 28-month low of 107.83 vis-�-vis US dollar, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 15/01/2016),

Rupee strengthens, gold price falls (rep 02/01/2016)

Pegging a fine line: A thriving currency black market drags the fixed INR-NPR exchange rate into the debate again, by Sarthak M Sharma (nt 18/12/2015)

Nepal Rastra Bank relaxes rules on Indian currency exchange, by Jitendra Sah (kp 27/11/2015)

NRB fixes limit on carrying Nepali currency to and from abroad, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 27/11/2015)

Nepali rupee plunges to 23-month low following yuan devaluation (ht 14/08/2015)

Gold price slides again to Rs47,800 per tola (kp 04/08/2015)

Gold in short supply as banks suspend imports, by Suman Bashyal (kp 29/07/2015)

Gold hits 8-month low of Rs49,500 per tola (kp 18/07/2015)

Rupee strengthens, gold glitters (rep 20/06/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold loses luster (rep 30/05/2015)

Gold, silver prices slump (ht 24/05/2015)

Rupee gains, gold price falls (rep 11/04/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold price stable (rep 04/04/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold price up (rep 28/03/2015)

Gold falls to Rs 50,500 per tola (kp 11/03/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold price down (rep 07/03/2015)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 28/02/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold stable (rep 14/02/2015)

Rupee gains, gold price down (rep 07/02/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold price falls (rep 31/01/2015)

1,000-, 500-rupee Indian banknotes allowed in Nepal, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/01/2015), India lifts ban on carrying 1,000, 500 bank notes to and from Nepal (rep 24/01/2015), Import, export of 500, 1,000-rupee Indian notes formally legalised (ht 24/02/2015), NRB lifts ban on import, export of INR 500,1,000 notes (ht 25/02/2015)

Rupee strengthens, gold price up (rep 24/01/2015)

Gold price at 5-month high (kp 22/01/2015)

Gold hits 4-month high of Rs 53,300 per tola (kp 17/01/2015), Gold, silver prices increase (ht 18/01/2015)

Rupee gains value, gold price up by Rs 940 per 10 grams this week (rep 17/01/2015)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 03/01/2015)

Rupee weakens, gold price down (rep 27/12/2014)

Prices of gold, silver slump in the week (ht 21/12/2014)

Rupee weakens against US dollar (rep 20/12/2014)

Rupee at 11-month low against US dollar (rep 17/12/2014), Value of Nepali rupee weakens: Exchange rate dips to 13-month low of Rs 102.09 on Thursday (ht 18/12/2014)

Rupee undervalued in border villages, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 13/12/2014)

Rupee sheds 90 paisa against US dollar (rep 13/12/2014)

Rupee dips to 10-month low of 100.04: Demand for dollars by oil importers weakens INR, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 12/12/2014)

Gold, silver become dearer (ht 07/12/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold glitters (rep 06/12/2014)

Gold leaps forward to Rs 51,500 per tola (kp 03/12/2014)

Silver imports soar by staggering 222pc in Q1, by Suman Bashyal (kp 01/12/2014)

Gold, silver prices slump (ht 30/11/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 22/11/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold loses luster (rep 15/11/2014), Gold, silver prices lose lustre (ht 16/11/2014)

Gold price down by Rs 800 per tola (rep 12/11/2014)

Gold up Rs 1,500 overnight, hits Rs 50,500 per tola (kp 10/11/2014)

India to legalise all IC notes in Nepal (kp 09/11/2014), India okays use of 500, 1000 IC notes, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/11/2014)

Rupee weakens against greenback, gold price continues to fall (rep 08/11/2014)

Prices of gold, silver decline heavily (ht 02/11/2014), Gold continues freefall, hits Rs 49,800 per tola (kp 04/11/2014), Gold price at over three-year low (ht 05/11/2014)

Where is all the gold coming from, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 01/11/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold price down (rep 01/11/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 18/10/2014)

Elephant image on 1,000-rupee bank note confuses even wildlife experts, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 16/10/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold glitters (rep 11/10/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 27/09/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold loses luster (rep 20/09/2014)

NRB to issue fresh notes from today (kp 17/09/2014)

Gold falls to three-month low of Rs 51,700 per tola (rep 15/09/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold loses luster (rep 13/09/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 06/09/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold shines (rep 30/08/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 23/08/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold loses shine (rep 16/08/2014)

Gold hits new high of Rs 55,300 per tola (kp 09/08/2014), Rupee weakens, gold glitters at four-month high (rep 09/08/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold price stable (rep 02/08/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold loses luster (rep 26/07/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold price down (rep 19/07/2014)

Rupee strengthens against US dollar, gold price down (rep 05/07/2014)

Gold price climbing up gradually (rep 02/07/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price stable (rep 28/06/2014)

Gold price up Rs 1,400 to Rs 54,000 a tola (kp 21/06/2014)

Rupee loses 52 paisa against USD, gold glitters (rep 21/06/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 14/06/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 07/06/2014)

Gold plunges to 5-month low of Rs 51,700 per tola (kp 29/05/2014)

Rupee gains as US dollar weakens against IC (kp 24/05/2014), Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 24/05/2014)

Dollar at 11-month low of Rs 94.37 (ht 17/05/2014), Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 17/05/2014)

Rupee gains value, gold loses luster (rep 10/05/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 26/04/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold price down (rep 19/04/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price up (rep 12/04/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold loses luster (rep 05/04/2014)

Rupee strengthens against US dollar, gold price down (rep 29/03/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold loses luster (rep 22/03/2014)

Gold hits six-month high of Rs 57,500 (kp 17/03/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 14/03/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold glitters (rep 08/03/2014)

Rupee gains 22 paisa against USD (rep 01/03/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 22/02/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 15/02/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price up marginally (rep 08/02/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 01/02/2014)

Rupee weakens, gold glitters (rep 25/01/2014), Rupee two-month low against dollar (rep 26/01/2014), Nepali rupee takes a dive to 11-week low: US dollar grows stronger again, rate fixed at Rs 101.27 for today (ht 28/01/2013)

IC supply may go up with India’s decision to recall currency (ht 24/01/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold price down (rep 18/01/2014)

Weak rupee lowers export-import ratio (ht 14/01/2014)

Rupee strengthens, gold loses shine (rep 11/01/2014)

Moneychangers to be given commission on Indian currency (ht 10/01/2014)

Currency crunch: The circulation ban on higher IC denominations in Nepal is not a lasting, pragmatic solution, by Achyut Wagle (kp 08/01/2014), Valley again faces shortage of Indian currency, by Dikshya Singh (ht 08/01/2014)

Manpower agencies get forex facility of $20k: Recruiting firms are also allowed to open dollar-denominated bank accounts (ht 07/01/2014)

Dollar crosses Rs 100 (ht 07/01/2014)

Rupee continues to weaken as gold glitters (rep 04/01/2014)

Central bank allows exchange of Kuwaiti, Bahraini Dinar (ht 03/01/2014)

Nepal Rastra Bank, Foreign Exchange Department: Exchange Rates for Current Day

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