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Govt urged to protect rights, interests of LGBTI people (ht 02/07/2020)

Socially isolated and in financial despair, LGBTIQ individuals are taking their own lives: The lockdown has taken away livelihoods and forced queer individuals back in with prejudiced families, leading to social isolation and failing mental health, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 27/06/2020)

Nepal might have made progress when it comes to queer rights but it still has a long way to go: Although the constitution enshrines equal rights regardless of gender, sexual identity or orientation, same-sex marriage is still not legal, by Ankit Khadgi (kp 17/05/2020)

For an already vulnerable queer community, the lockdown could make things worse: LGBTIQ individuals often rely on external support structures to maintain their physical, mental and emotional health, but the prolonged nationwide lockdown has closed them all down, by Monica Khanal (kp 10/05/2020)

The case for achieving gender parity: Formal structures like laws and policies play a decisive role in eliminating gender inequality, by Geeta Bhattrai Bastakoti (kp 10/03/2020)

With wider visibility and legal sanctions, parents of queer individuals are coming around: Accepting that their child is LGBTIQ can be difficult for parents who grew up in a more conservative time, but things are slowly changing, by Monica Khanal (kp 08/03/2020)

Gender Landscape In Nepali Media, by Kundan Aryal (rn 06/03/2020)

CBS will use census method to collect details of sexual and gender minorities, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 15/02/2020)

Herstory’ repeats itself: The misogynic politics of all political parties mustered to make women the political underdogs of Nepal, by Chandra Bhadra (kp 13/02/2020)

Think of their mental health: Evidence shows that even within the LGBTI community, Lesbian, Bisexual Women, and Trans-men (LBT) suffer profound adversities which have triggered alarming increase in mental health issue, by Ayush Joshi (rep 06/02/2020)

For most transgender women, sex work remains the only way to make a living: Faced with discriminatory hiring practices, most transgender individuals are unable to get jobs and resort to sex work, which comes with its own hazards, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 24/01/2020)

Murder of transwoman shows that things remain perilous for the LGBTIQ community: Ajita Bhujel’s murder in Hetauda has the trans community concerned for their safety and security, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 20/01/2020)


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