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HIV-infected avoid society fearing discrimination (ht 30/04/2019)

HIV doesn’t kill—deep-rooted stigma does: Many living with HIV prefer Kathmandu to their home districts for  treatment because they fear discrimination and social rejection, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/03/2019)

23 HIV-infected died in Kailali in a year, by Mohan Budhair (ht 19/02/2019)

People with HIV affected as lack of essential chemical halts CD4 count service: National centre of AIDS control says it lacks budget to buy reagent, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/02/2019)

A chance at happiness: An AIDS survivor leads a happy married life, inspiring others like her, by Pratap Bista (kp 01/01/2019)

Accelerate progress against HIV/AIDS: WHO (ht 01/12/2018)

Doctors refuse to conduct postmortem of HIV patient (rep 12/11/2018)

Three more ART service centres established (ht 12/11/2018)

Growing HIV epidemic a big challenge in Kailali, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 31/10/2018)

Prevalence rate of HIV among FSWs decreasing (ht 22/07/2018)

‘Over 32,000 people living with HIV’ (kp 13/02/2018). Docs stress condom use to avoid STIs (ht 13/02/2018), Migrant worker husbands infecting wives with HIV, by Tekendra Basyal (rep 13/02/2018)

HIV infected women struggle to survive, by Khamma Khatri (rep 10/02/2018)

Sub-standard medicines worsening HIV patients’ woes (ht 22/01/2018)

Poverty and social exclusion adds to the sorrow of HIV patients, by Bira Gadal (rep 17/12/2017)

HIV-infected children in Baitadi deprived of education, health care (ht 16/12/2017)

Early diagnosis, treatment can prevent HIV deaths (ht 02/12/2017), Focus on preventing new HIV infections, says UNAIDS (ht 03/12/2017)

New health policy aims to minimise HIV risk (ht 28/10/2017)

Free HIV test for returning migrant workers at Dhangadi bus park (ht 16/10/2017)

HIV/AIDS becoming a major threat in Bajhang: Five members of same family infected with HIV, by Jagat Khadka (REP 14/10/2017)

Kids face the brunt of society’s perception towards HIV/AIDS (ht 09/07/2017)

Bloody hell! Transfusion happening without testing blood for deadly diseases: No hospital in Nepal has kit to test HIV during the 'window period', by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 14/06/2017)

HIV rate high among male drug users (ht 24/05/2017)

Nepal HIVision 2020: The plan ensures access to services for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, by Bishnu Joshi and Binod Rayamajhee (kp 09/04/2017)

‘Investments needed to fast-track AIDS response’ (ht 07/04/2017)

Number of sex workers increasing (ht 17/02/2017)

HIV patients in Doti taking anti-retroviral drugs in absence of nutritious food (ht 17/01/2017)

HIV patients submit memo to minister, by Prakash Singh (ht 08/01/2017)

HIV patients up in Lamjung (ht 05/01/2017)

Fighting HIV/AIDS: Multi-sector response, by Jhabindra Bhandari (ht 28/12/2016)

Efforts to contain HIV spread affected, by Mukti Prasad Nyaupane (rep 24/12/2016)

Badi families struggle with HIV/AIDS (ht 20/12/2016)

Preventing HIV/AIDS Spread, by Jhabindra Bhandari (rn 17/12/2016)

Is the end in sight?With strong political commitment, the ambitious target of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 is attainable, by Jhabindra Bhandari (kp 06/12/2016)

HIV-positive mothers bear healthy kids (ht 03/12/2015)

Rate of HIV infections and deaths declining in Nepal, says report (ht 01/12/2016), Implement chronic care model: WHO (ht 01/12/2016), Sharp decline in new HIV infections in  past decade: NCASC; As of July 15, the reported HIV cases stood at 28,865, according to the centre (kp 02/12/2016), Govt launches strategic HIV plan (ht 02/12/2016)

All HIV-infected to get antiretroviral therapy (ht 08/10/2016)

HIV survivors get ARV drug due to expire in one week (kp 28/09/2016)

Saath-Saath completes five-year programme: The project met its goal of reducing transmission and impact of HIV/Aids and improving reproductive health in 33 districts (kp 27/09/2016)

Baitadi saw 27 Aids-related deaths in six years: DHO (kp 23/09/2016)

26 new HIV cases found in Siraha (kp 28/08/2016)

Hidden Epidemic Meeting The Challenge, by Jhabindra Bhandari (rn 09/08/2016)

People with HIV snub medicines in Bajhang, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 06/08/2016)

77 HIV-infected MUMs give birth to 72 healthy babies (kp 08/07/2016)

Govt to use female sex workers to identify new HIV infected, by Arjun Poudel (rep 23/05/2016)

Migrant workers fall easy prey to HIV infection, by Jagat Khadka (rep 17/05/2016)

Ignorance hurts HIV patients (ht 16/05/2016)

Training for HIV-infected people held (ht 13/04/2016)

Valley police arrest for selling fake HIV testing kits (ht 19/02/2016)

HIV infection rate in Chitwan declines (ht 18/02/2016)

Drive to prevent mother-to-child HIV (ht 18/01/2016)

Shift in strategy: HIV infections should be treated immediately instead of waiting for signs of illness, by Binod Rayamajhee (kp 03/01/2016)

Public-private partnership for HIV response launched (kp 29/11/2015)

Ending AIDS: Nepal has seen a remarkable turnaround in either decreasing or stabilising the prevalence of HIV among high-risk groups, by Satish Pandey (nt 27/11/2015)

Civil Society Partnership In HIV/AIDS Response: Reducing Stigma And Discrimination, by Jhabindra Bhandari (rn 27/10/2015)

ARV treatment doing wonders (ht 20/10/2015)

Battling the virus Political commitment is key to preventing and controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS, by Jhabindra Bhandari (kp 07/10/2015)

Over 200 infected with HIV in Palpa, by Madhav Aryal (kp 29/09/2015)

HIV in Nepal (infographics) (rep 20/08/2015)

HIV infected and poverty ridden single women struggling hard to survive, by Barun Paneru (rep 13/08/2015)

Emergency fund established for HIV-infected (ht 03/07/2015)

HIV-infected denied proper diet in Dailekh, by Prakash Adhikari (ko 22/04/2015)

People living with HIV becoming self-reliant, by Arjun Bhusal (rep 28/03/2015)

Zonal hospital guilty of gross neglect, say HIV patients (ht 26/03/2015)

HIV/AIDS control efforts: UNAIDS offers technical support (kp 31/01/2015), Nepal vows to end AIDS epidemic by 2030 (ht 31/01/2015), Nepal commits to wipe out AIDS cases by 2030 (ht 31/01/2015), Ending AIDS: Far West, with the greatest proportions of seasonal migrants, needs special focus (kp 03/02/2015)

‘Prioritise HIV/AIDS programmes’ (ht 15/01/2015)

Hospital negligence deprives HIV-infected of medical services, by Shankar Acharya (kp 07/12/2014)

HIV-infected youths facing uncertain future, by Madhav Aryal (kp 04/12/2014)

Arming Nepal in battle against HIV, by Manish Gautam (kp 02/12/2014), Closing the gap; National strategies and programmes should focus on adolescents and youth to improve their access to sexual and reproductive health services, by Jhabindra Bhandari (kp 02/12/2014), Awareness is increasing, but there are still a lot to improve, interview with Dipendra Raman Singh (kp 02/12/2014)

HIV/AIDS activist passes away, by Harsha Subba (kp 02/12/2014)

Drop in infections; testing unpopular: Govt says estimated infections falling while not many show up for tests, by Manish Gautam (kp 01/12/2014)

HIV patients still face social stigma (ht 09/11/2014)

Around 2 lakhs homosexuals and third genders at risk of HIV infection (Setopati 23/10/2014)

Coming out time: HIV infection rates in western Nepal have come down, but the stigma and ostracisation remain, by Sunir Pandey (nt 17/10/2014)

Doti HIV patients reeling under food crisis (ht 08/10/2014)

Superstitious beliefs: Doti villagers ‘celebrate’ death of HIV victims, by Mohan Shahi (kp 03/09/21014)

Five-year plan tocurb HIV AIDS (ht 24/07/2014)

People living with HIV becoming self-reliant, by Madhav Aryal (kp 06/07/2014)

HIV prevalence among IDUs falling (ht 08/06/2014)

1,379 living with HIV in Achham, by Arjun Shah (kp 01/06/2014)

HIV-Aids takes toll on dalit settlement, by DR Panta (kp 27/05/2014)

HIV-infected women struggle to earn a living in Dadeldhura, by DR Panta (kp 21/05/2014)

Integrate them: To address problem of pregnant women with HIV, we need to integrate services and programs related to sexual and reproductive health and HIV, by Latshering Glan Tamang (rep 06/05/2014)

Sub-regional AIDS conference in city (ht 17/04/2014)

Allowance for children living with HIV: 1,300 to benefit in first phase; Plan to be implemented in 44 districts (ht 30/03/2014)

HIV death toll rising in Kavre (ht 10/03/2014)

Hundreds of HIV patients suffer as CD4 machine breaks down, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 17/02/2014)

On the wane: Despite the decline in HIV/AIDS prevalence, many with HIV still don't have access to treatment, by Sumitra Sharma (kp 12/01/2014)

National Center for AIDS and STD Control, Ministry of Health

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