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Elephant calf born by C-section : In a rare veterinary feat in Nepal, an elephant calf was delivered by Cesarean section at the Elephant Breeding Centre in Khorsor, Chitwan on March 8, by Ramesh Kumar Üaudel (kp 17/03/2023)

Over 2,800 pigs die due to swine fever (kh 27/02/2023)

Bird flu detected in Bhaktapur (kh 23/02/2023)

Over 11,600 birds culled following A(H5N1) confirmation : An avian flu outbreak at a Lalitpur-based government farm around two weeks ago has been confirmed to have spread to at least six local units in the Valley (kp 17/02/2023)

Human contraceptive jab Sangini found used in dogs for sterilisation : Thirteen dogs were found to be infected with pyometra, an infection in the womb. The cause behind the fatal infection was the use of human contraceptives on dogs, according to veterinarians, by Laxmi Gautam (kp 16/02/2023)

Bird flu cases confirmed in three places in Kathmandu Valley, by Sara Pahari (rep 07/02/2023)

Four days since bird flu detection, authorities yet to jump into action : Experts say complacency in handling highly contagious viruses could spell disaster in the country, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/02/2023)

City calls on organisations for vaccination and sterilisation of Valley’s street dogs : Kathmandu metropolis has announced Rs2,500 for sterilisation and Rs200 for anti-rabies vaccine for a stray dog or cat, by Anup Ojha (kp 30/12/2022)

Drug authority approves new Nepali vaccine against Newcastle disease found in birds : The vaccine manufacturer says it will produce sufficient doses for the domestic market and export as well (kp 12/10/2022)

Over 15,000 pigs died in African swine fever outbreak in Nepal since March : Nepal reported an infection of the highly contagious virus for the first time in May (kp 03/10/2022)

100 succumb to rabies infection annually in Nepal, by Mahima Devkota (rn 28/09/2022)

Nepal starts vaccine trial for highly contagious cattle disease : The lumpy skin disease has already spread to 31 districts, killing at least 463 cattle and infecting 27,816 in the last two years, by Arjun Poudel (kp 24/09/2022)

Diphtheria is killing yaks in Manang highlands : The District Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre has launched a vaccination drive against diphtheria in the affected area, by Aash Gurung (kp 09/09/2022)

Unidentified disease spreads on Manang yaks (kh 06/09/2022)

Swine flu cases rise amid fourth wave of the pandemic : At least 57 cases of H1N1 known as swine flu have been reported in the last two months. Experts suggest that authorities concerned should step up surveillance measures, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/08/2022)

African swine fever cases detected in pigs in Panauti (kh 01/08/2022)

Over 1,000 fowls culled after bird flu (kh 24/06/2022)

Lalitpur Metropolis launches veterinary ambulance service in coordination with Sneha’s Care (rep 22/06/2022), Lalitpur launches animal ambulance service : The City has handed over the veterinary ambulance to a non-profit animal shelter. The non-profit plans to use the ambulance to rescue street dogs and stray animals in need of attention, by Anup Ojha (kp 25/06/2022)

National Veterinary Conference kicks off in Pokhara (kh 18/06/2022)

Classical swine fever detected : A team of experts and technicians confirmed classical swine fever in Dharan’s pig farms as commercial farms report a high number of swine deaths in the past two months, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 15/06/2022)

Nepal reports first deadly African swine fever outbreak : 934 pigs have died so far from the highly contagious virus in the Kathmandu valley, according to a report, by Arjun Poudel (kp 20/05/2022), Govt urges pig farms to be on high alert : Highly contagious African swine fever ravages six farms in valley (ht 21/05/2022)

Bird flu confirmed in 116,000 chickens in Chitwan (kh 07/05/2022)

Bird flu detected in Hetauda (rep 29/04/2022)

Bird flu spreads in 13 districts, govt appeals for high vigilance (kh 05/04/2022)

Bird flu detected again in Bhaktapur (kh 12/03/2022)

High alert measures put in place in Kavre to avoid bird-flu outbreak (kh 24/02/2022)

Experts Warn Bird Flu Could Become A Pandemic, by Mahima Devkota (rn 17/02/2022), Bird flu outbreak: Ways to protect poultry industry, by Kedar Karki (ht 17/02/2022)

Bird flu detected in Chitwan, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/02/2022)

Bird flu detected at two locations in Morang (kh 01/02/2022), Government issues Bird Flu Control Regulation (ht 06/02/2022)

Campaign launched to sterilise stray dogs in Besisahar : Authorities in Besisahar underscore the importance of sterilisation and vaccination to control stray dog population and protect people from rabies, by Aash Gurung (kp 22/12/2021)

Nepal Targets To Reduce Rabies Cases To Zero, by 2030 (rn 28/09/2021)

74 thousand goats in Parsa vaccinated against PPR (kh 04/07/2021)

Nepal Veterinary Association starts free phone consultation service for livestock farmers and pet owners : The 24-hour service is available only on calls made from Nepal Telecom numbers and will be available throughout the pandemic, the association says (kp 10/06/2021)

Bird flu detected in Kathmandu again (kh 26/05/2021), Bird flu detected again at three places in Kathmandu (kh 27/05/2021)

Viral infection stalking canine population of Biratnagar and surrounding areas : Puppies between the ages of two and six months prone to the infection, veterinarians say, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 05/03/2021)

Kathmandu Valley reports bird flu for a second time in less than a month (rep 26/02/2021)

Bird Flu detected in Kathmandu (rep 30/01/2021), Nepal bans import of poultry products after bird flu detected : Docs urge to take precautions (kh 31/01/2021), Bird flu scare : The outbreak of bird flu is particularly worrisome at this period of time when the country is battling against the coronavirus (ht 02/02/2021)

Lumpy skin disease hits livestock (ht 02/08/2020)

Govt implements health strategy to control zoonosis (ht 30/01/2020)

Livestock service business to be made systematic (ht 29/12/2019), Animal care: The health of animals should also be of concern to everyone, as there is an interdependent relationship with that of humans (ht 30/12/2019)

More than 20 cows found dead in Surkhet, by Suyamani Gautam (ht 31/08/2019)

Mysterious deaths of cattle send wildlife officials scrambling for answers: Last week, 44 cattle died in Sunsari which conservationists and veterinarians say could pose immediate danger to park animals and local residents, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 12/08/2019)

Yaks left to graze in the meadows dying of hunger, by Ananda Gautam (kp 12/05/2019)

Bird flu detected in Nawalparasi (East), by Navin Poudel (kp 10/05/2019)

Risk of rabies among animals rising in Chitwan: In Bharatpur, 12 animals have died because of rabies in a span of just eight months, by Pramita Dhakal (kp 08/05/2019)

Bird flu outbreak confirmed, but under control, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 08/04/2019)

Samples of dead crows and chickens to be sent to Australia for laboratory tests: Over 350 crows died of H5N1 virus in Kathmandu in recent weeks, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/04/2019)

Over 2,900 H5N1 virus infected chickens culled in Bhaktapur: A separate team was deployed at Tokha Municipality in Kathmandu  to slaughter bird flu-infected poultry, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/04/2019)

Eggs worth Rs 185,000 destroyed in Ramechhap (ht 04/04/2019)

Over 41,000 chickens to be slaughtered in Hetauda, by Pratap Bista (kp 17/03/2019), Bird flu detected in two Kathmandu poultry farms (kp 18/03/2019), Over 77,000 chickens slaughtered: H5N1 outbreak in Kathmandu, Makwanpur and Kaski confirmed, by Arjun Poudel and Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 19/03/2019)

PM Oli inaugurates livestock vaccine plant in Kavre, by Krishana Prasain (kp 15/02/2019)

Hoof-and-mouth disease breaks out in Ramechhap (ht 24/01/2019)

Rabid dogs terrorising Triyuga locals (ht 06/01/2019)

Right against epidemics: Poultry experts show red card to Newcastle; Animal husbandry provides 150,000 jobs across Nepal, by Nayak Paudel (kp 21/11/2018)

600 fowls die of ‘Ranikhet’ disease in Rukum West (kp 18/06/2018)

Stray dogs call the shots in city: Five people die in Kathmandu after dogs infected with rabies virus bite them, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/06/2018)

‘Bird flu’ fear brings down consumption, price of chicken in the country (ht 06/06/2018)

KMC to sterilise stray dogs, vaccinate them against rabies (ht 02/06/2018)

Bird flu outbreak in Kathmandu (ht 26/05/2018)

Bird flu detected in Chitwan (kp 19/05/2018), Epidemiology team starts work in areas affected by bird flu (kp 21/05/2018)

Wildlife hospital of Sauraha in final stage of construction, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 12/04/2018)

Chitwan on high alert for bird flu (ht 26/03/2017)

Avian influenza: Fowl plague, by Kedar Karki (ht 22/03/2017)

DoAH boosts surveillance after outbreak of H5N8 virus confirmed (ht 15/03/2017)

Rabies-infected wild rats terrorise locals (ht 13/03/2017)

Bird flu detected in Taltalaiya children park (kp 09/03/2017)

Chitwan taking measures to check bird flu, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 07/03/2017)

One swine flu case detected in Kathmandu (kp 03/03/2017)

Bird flu in poultry farm in Pokhara alarms officials, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 26/02/2017), 300 fowls culled in ‘flu infected area’, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 27/02/2017)

Warning against mongoose-transmitted rabies (ht 31/01/2017)

Bird flu biggest threat to poultry industry, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 12/01/2017)

Kathmandu to get advanced vet hospital (ht 18/08/2016)

Only veterinary hospital struggling to survive (ht 09/06/2016)

PPR epidemic still not under control in Bajura district (ht 14/03/2016)

20 tuskers infected with tuberculosis (ht 26/02/2016)

Viral disease affecting goats and sheep spreads to Humla, by Jay Bahadur Rokaya (kp 20/02/2016)

3k goats, sheep dead from viral disease, by Arjun Shah (kp 18/02/2016)

Free health camp for pet, stray dogs (kp 27/09/2015)

Three dozen sheep die of ovine rinderpest (ht 25/04/2015)

Veterinarians object to Act amendment move (ht 01/04/2015), Vets rally against government move: As per the Cabinet decision even non-veterinary personnel can qualify for key positions at the Nepal Veterinary Council (kp 02/04/2015)

PPR taking toll on sheep (ht 06/03/2015)

Without vehicles, livestock service thrown out of gear, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/01/2015)

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