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New bill empowers jailer to enforce code of ethics in prison (ht 20/02/2020)

Inmates of Tanahun District Prison worry as demand for traditional wicker stools declines: The price of wicker stools made by inmates is steeper than the ones available in the market, say buyers, by Samjhana Rasaili (kp 19/02/2020)

Jails in Karnali Province overcrowded, by Ganesh Bishu (rep 16/02/2020)

All 10 prisons in Gandaki Province in dismal state, lawmakers find: A committee comprising members of the provincial assembly suggests immediate reforms, by Pratikshya Kafle (kp 13/02/2020)

Udayapur prison bursting at the seams (ht 18/01/2020)

Nepalgunj prison inmates end agitation following agreement (ht 03/01/2020)

New bill ensures reproductive rights of inmates (kp 26/12/2019)

Female jailbirds stage protest (ht 21/12/2019), Probe into Naike starts, two inmates transferred (ht 22/12/2019)

Jailbirds reeling under drinking water, sanitation woes in Syangja (ht 17/12/2019)

Prison capacity increased to 15,466: Jails across Nepal are cramped with over 23, (ht 16/12/2019)

Banke District Prison in sorry state (ht 06/12/2019)

Overcrowded Rolpa District Prison in dilapidated condition: There have been numerous attempts to demolish the old prison and construct a new one, but lack of appropriate land plot has put the plan on hold, say prison officials, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 19/11/2019)

Bhimphedi inmates excited about a new library inside the prison: The setting up of the new library has not only excited voracious readers but also worked for the benefit of inmates who are pursuing education, by Pratap Bista (kp 16/11/2019)

Bill seeks to transfer mgm't of prisons to provinces, by Ashok Dahal (rep 09/11/2019)

Communicable disease a real hazard for jail inmates: Home ministry report (rep 07/11/2019)

Nepalgunj prison inmates complain of misconduct: The inmates have submitted a demand note to the local administration accusing the jailer of bribery, by Madhu Shahi (kp 02/11/2019)

Kanchanpur Prison houses three times more jailbirds than capacity (ht 18/10/2019)

Siraha jail crammed with inmates (rep 14/09/2019)

Behind bars : Inmates at the central jail weave and spin, by Urza Acharya (rep 13/09/2019)

Inmates kept in custody in Humla and Mugu for lack of prisons: The accused, remanded into custody, have to stay in police custody until the court’s final hearing, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 12/09/2019)

Video conference facility built in Central Jail but it has not come into operation yet: The facility will be used only for court hearings, and not for inmates to video chat with family members, authorities say, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 08/09/2019)

Rautahat prison bursting at the seams (ht 21/08/2019)

Overcrowding of Saptari Prison puts inmates at risk of contagious diseases: Six inmates have died in the Rajbiraj-based prison in the last one and a half years, prison officials say, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 16/08/2019)

Round-the-clock surveillance of inmates (ht 25/07/2019)

Overcrowding of inmates inside Taplejung’s district prison: The prison currently holds five times its capacity for inmates, by Ananda Gautam (kp 18/07/2019)

Teachers and officials of prison schools call for better study environment, by Arjun Poudel (kp 16/07/2019)

Waterlogging in district prison (rep 16/07/2019)

Two out of three prisoners who made a daring escape from Bungamati prison have been caught, by Nayak Paudel (kp 12/07/2019)

Chances of tuberculosis spread high in prisons, officials say: Both infected and healthy inmates at the Central Jail live at close quarters, even though doctors recommend treating TB patients in isolation, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/06/2019)

President grants amnesty to 434 jailbirds on Republic Day (ht 30/05/2019)

Probe committee formed to inspect mismanagement in Dhading District Jail, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 23/05/2019)

Prisoners in Nepal are living under ‘inhumane conditions’, Office of the Auditor General says: Monitoring teams have found overcrowded prisons where lack of access to clean water, proper food and health care continues to plague prisoners, by Bhrikuti Rai (kp 15/05/2019), Silent screams: Overcrowding and inhumane conditions are the hallmarks of Nepali prisons (kp 16/05/2019)

Community Police Partnership Programme launched in Rautahat: The drive aims to tackle child marriage and dowry practices, by Shiva Puri (kp 15/05/2019)

Jailbirds on war path (ht 13/05/2019)

Government urged to improve state of jails (ht 15/04/2019)

Inmates in Birgunj prison subjected to torture, extortion, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 10/04/2019)

CM Shahi launches ‘Books in Prison’ drive (ht 07/04/2019)

DoPM installs CCTVs to boost security in jails (ht 21/02/2019)

Birgunj inmates deprived of proper treatment, care, by Shankar Acharya (kp 17/02/2019)

Six teenagers escape detention centre, by Krishna Prasad Dhakal (ht 13/02/2019) [72 persons living in 3 roome?!]

27 inmates die in six months (rep 13/02/2019)

Prisoners to be engaged in public work (ht 04/01/2019)

An exemplary prison of Dailekh (rep 26/01/2019)

‘Open prison’ concept to be implemented soon (ht 19/01/2019)

Jhumka prison installs 28 CCTV cameras to monitor inmates, by Amar Khadka (rep 16/12/2018)

Winter diseases stalk packed Mahottari prison (kp 03/12/2018)

Ramp-up support to Nepalis in jail abroad (rep 05/11/2018)

New home for Central Jail inmates, by Krishna Thapa (kp 03/11/2018)

nmates’ children arrive at prison for Dashain, by Shankar Acharya (kp 16/10/2018)

Health vulnerability of those barred: Widespread gender discrimination and social stigma isolate female prisoners, by Sanju Maharjan and Riya Talitha Samuel (kp 29/08/2018)

165-year-old prison holds inmates three times its capacity, by Suresh Yadav (rep 25/08/2018)

Improve prison conditions: OAG (ht 22/08/2018)

Overcrowding increases security threat at Banke jail (ht 11/08/2018)

Time to reform prisons as correctional homes: Mahara (kp 05/08/2018)

Central jail to boost CCTV surveillance (kp 29/07/2018)

Police detention center in Dharan is overcrowded (rep 14/07/2018)

Jailbirds to get Rs 60 daily allowance: Some 19,000 inmates are living in 74 prisons across the country (ht 31/05/2018)

Inmates to be ensured right to procreate, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 27/03/2018)

Government to improve prison conditions (ht 21/03/2018)

Chitwan transfers inmates to Bhimphedi prison (ht 16/03/2018)

Sending investors to prison, by Anil Chitrakar (nt 16/03/2018)

Kavre jail prisoners demand transfer of their 'leaders', by Madhusudan Guragain (rep 06/03/2018)

Population of foreign inmates on the rise (ht 22/02/2018)

Psycho-social centre to open at Nakhkhu jail (kp 30/01/2018)

Jailbird escapes from Dillibazar prison (ht 20/01/2018)

Jailbirds prone to mental health problems (ht 13/01/2018)

Shortage of drinking water hits Jumla prison: Inmates suffering from water-borne diseases, by DB Buda (rep 02/01/2018)

NHRC paints bleak picture of prison conditions: Many of the prisons damaged in the 2015 earthquake have yet to be reconstructed (ht 28/12/2017)

Central Jail needs overhaul: Probe panels (kp 27/12/2017)

Waste management a serious problem in jails of eastern region, by Amar Khadka (rep 21/12/2017)

Kavre district prison bursting at the seams (ht 05/11/2017)

Infection spreading unchecked in congested Morang jail: Two dies and 36 infected (rep 26/10/2017)

MoHA asks DoPM to lay groundwork for allowing inmates to work outside prison (ht 30/08/2017)

When jail helps change lives, by Amar Khadka (rep 04/08/2017)

700 inmates crammed in Nepalgunj prison meant for 300, by Arjun Oli (rep 03/08/2017)

Kaski jail inmates’ condition miserable (ht 08/07/2017)

Govt plans overhaul of prisons: There are 74 prisons housing over 19,000 inmates, including 1,000 foreigners, in 72 districts (ht 03/07/2017), Prison management: There is a need of overhauling the prison management which can be achieved if the government takes up this issue seriously (ht 04/07/2017)

More is needed: Prisoners should be treated as humanely as possible according to widely accepted standards (ht 22/05/2017)

DoPM building 17 prisons with support from ADB (ht 21/05/2017)

Dolakha prison overcrowded (ht 17/04/2017)

Bill moots open prison for inmates with good conduct (ht 26/03/2017)

Prisoners deprived of human rights: NHRC (ht 25/03/2017)

Female inmates victims of ‘misbehaviour’ (ht 22/02/2017)

Innocent victims: Kids growing up in jail as parents serve terms, by Shankar Shrestha (rep 18/02/2017)

Overcrowded Birgunj jail raises safety concerns (rep 14/02/2017)

‘Inmates living in poor conditions’ (kp 31/01/2017)

New bill proposes open jail, by Ashok Dahal (rep 19/01/2017)

Psychiatric hospital to be built in Nakhu Jail (rep 07/01/2017)

984 foreigners doing time in Nepali jails (ht 21/12/2016)

Elderly inmates pose burden for prison management: 308 sexagenarian inmates in prisons, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 08/12/2016)

Eastern regional prison: Jhumka inmates lack access to health care, by Bedraj Paudel (kp 04/12/2016)

Inmates use weaving skills to make money (ht 21/11/2016)

Jailbirds deprived of medical care (ht 19/10/2016)

Ilam jailbirds’ kids deprived of education (ht 16/10/2016)

Children of inmate mothers deprived of education, by Daman Rai (rep 13/09/2016)

Hike in priosoner allowances: SC directive brings relief to inmates (kp 14/08/2016)

Unable to post bail, many languish in prison, by Gyanu Sapkota (rep 13/08/2016)

New law requires prison staff to behave with inmates, visitors (ht 07/08/2016)

Khotang prison, inmates at high risk of landslip (ht 02/08/2016)

Nepalgunj prison overcrowded (ht 31/07/2016)

Regional prison bursting at the seams (ht 10/07/2016)

President grants amnesty to 887 jailbirds on Republic Day (ht 29/05/2016)

Jailbirds reeling under water crunch (ht 07/05/2016)

Govt indifferent to inmates’ plight, by Tika R. Pradhans (ht 26/03/2016)

Prisons across country being upgraded (ht 10/03/2016)

Seven-month-old languishing in police custody with mother (ht 20/02/2016)

Cases to be filed against inmates fleeing prison (ht 20/02/2016)

Young mother in prison with two daughters, by Aash Gurung (kp 11/02/2016)

Inmates ‘happy’ at Bhimphedi, by Pratap Bista (kp 07/02/2016)

Depression seen among prisoners (kp 29/01/2016)

NHRC, Nepal Police discuss custody management (ht 21/01/2016)

Majority of inmates have developed mental problems, by Kishan Sangeet Nepali (rep 18/01/2016)

850 foreign criminals doing time in Nepail jails (ht 30/09/2016)

House panel calls for making prisons human-friendly (ht 23/09/2015), Locked up The government needs to fulfil the basic needs of the prisoners (kp 25/09/2015)

Sobhraj files writ demanding hike in prison food allowance (ht 15/09/2015), SC show cause notice over Sobhraj’s writ petition to hike daily, dietary allowance (ht 16/09/2015)

Prison, detention centres of Chitwan in sorry state (ht 05/08/2015)

Jailbirds constructing prison house (ht 15/07/2015)

NHRC urges govt to improve prison facilities (rep 13/07/2015)

‘Open prison’, ‘rehabilitation house’ concepts to be implemented: Will ease pressure on inmates in jails which have capacity of 10,434 but are crammed with 16,000 (ht 09/07/2015)

House of horrors: Sixteen prisoners were killed and 93 others injured when section of central jail in Kathmandu collapsed, by Hari Bansh Jha (rep 18/06/2015)

Rs 50 million to repair,rebuild jail infrastructure (ht 13/06/2015)

193 fled jailbirds listed as fugitives: Had run away from prisons after the quake hit the nation (ht 31/05/2015)

541 jailbirds to walk free on Republic Day (ht 29/05/2015)

No general amnesty to jailbirds, says home secy (ht 24/05/2015) [But you are responsible for their safety!], No amnesty plan for inmates: Govt; Forty prisons across the country were destroyed in the earthquakes, forcing hundreds of inmates out in the open (kp 24/05/2015), Govt urged to protect lives of jailbirds (ht 25/05/2015), Kaski jail inmates spending sleepless nights after quake (ht 28/05/2015)

366 inmates in tremor-Hit Palpa prison, by Madhav Aryal (kp 23/05/2015)

Precarious buildings make jailbirds jittery: Inmates say old structures on the verge of collapse (ht)

General amnesty sought for jailbirds (ht 21/05/2015)

Jailbirds at risk as prison building develops cracks, by Janak Nepal (kp 18/05/2015)

Amnesty likely for some jailbirds in post-disaster situation (ht 18/05/2015)

French national doing time in Nakkhu Jail found hanging (ht 24/04/2015)

NHRC seeks more allowance for jailbirds across the nation (ht 16/04/2015)

Unconscious inmate dies in Bharatpur jail (kp 05/04/2015)

Kaiali prison jailbirds facing problems (ht 28/02/2015)

Prisons in East turning into ‘torture chambers’, by Awadhesh Kumar Jha (kp 23/02/2015)

Crowded jails pose security threat (ht 27/01/2015)

Ghorahi prison crammed with 170 jailbirds (ht 11/01/2015)

Prison inmates forced to sleep in plastic sheds, by Durgalal KC (kp 08/01/2015)

Save jailbirds from cold: Court (ht 25/12/2014)

Nepalgunj prison bursting at seams, by Arjun Oli (rep 25/12/2014), Crumbling prison building threatens inmates' lives, by Daman Rai (kp 25/12/2014)

Case filed against crowded prison (kp 20/12/2014)

NHRC team inspects Saptari district jail (kp 17/12/2014)

Inmates forced to live under open sky at Dadeldhura prison, by DR Panta (kp 11/12/2014)

Special surveillance for notorious inmates (ht 24/11/2014)

Nepalgunj prison holding inmates twice its capacity, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 05/11/2014)

First juvenile detention centre opens in Pokhara, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 05/11/2014)

NHRC carries outmonitoring inKaski prison (ht 04/11/2014)

Hanumandhoka detention centre in a sorry state, says NHRC after inspection (ht 22/10/2014)

Nakkhu jail inmates protest against 'poor facilities' (rep 16/10/2014)

Inmates to ‘entrepreneurs’: A story of Parbat prisoners, by Argandhar Tiwari (kp 13/10/2014)

Inmate supports family with his prison vocation (kp 08/10/2014)

Prez pardons 469 jailbirds on the occasion of Dashain (ht 08/10/2014)

Prison construction in limbo (ht 08/10/2014)

Housing capacityof prisons up (ht 07/10/2014)

300 Birgunj inmates suffer skin diseases, by Shankar Acharya (kp 07/10/2014)

Secondary schools to be set up in jails (ht 26/07/2014)

Bhojpur and Sindhuli prisons holding more than capacity (ht 26/07/2014)

Solu district jail with double number of inmates than it can hold (nn 19/07/2014)

New Central Jail to be constructed in five years (ht 15/07/2014)

Ramechhap jailbirds become self-reliant (ht 08/07/2014)

Educating inmates: For education to be a tool for change, it is imperative that prison inmates be provided with opportunities to study, by Pratyush Nath Upreti and Asmita Dhital (kp 22/06/2014)

Packed like sardines: Awful conditions for detainees at immigration custody, by Shreejana Shrestha (rep 01/06/2014)

Prez pardons 156 jailbirds (ht 30/05/2014)

Kaski prison overcrowded, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 24/05/2014), Disease fear grips crammed Kaski prison (ht 25/05/2014)

Mentally ill jailbirds having hard time (ht 18/05/2014)

New prison buildings (ht 13/05/2014)

School for jailbirds’ children (ht 17/04/2014)

Depression widespread among Dailekh inmates, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 14/04/2014)

Dhading, Parsa prisons overcrowded, by Sudip Kaini and Shankar Acharya (kp 07/04/2014)

Central Jail to be relocated, by Manish Gautam (kp 04/04/2014), Govt to relocate Central Jail to Bidur (ht 04/04/2014), Govt to relocate Central Jail to Nuwakot: New prison for 5,500 inmates to be built in five years, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 04/04/2014)

Dailekh prison lacks space for inmates, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 14/03/2014)

Open prison to be built in Banke, by Manish Gautam (kp 05/03/2014)

Weapons smuggling suspected in Jaleshwor prison (ht 27/02/2014)

Samata to run school for inmates’ children in Birgunj jail, by Shankar Acharya (kp 05/02/2014)

589 doing time in Birgunj jail for drug abuse, smuggling (ht 26/01/2014)

903 foreigners cooling their heels in Nepali jails (ht 24/01/2014)

Crammed prisons taking toll on inmates’ health: Many suffering from mental disorders while others are facing ailments of different sorts (ht 18/01/2014)

Women inmates with children in Rukum jail undergo suffering (ht 13/01/2014)

Inmates jump out of prison, by Himal Joshi (kp 13/01/2014), Jailbirds flee, three cops kept in custody for investigation (ht 13/01/2014)

District prison to get rid of horse stable (ht 05/01/2014)

Cold hits jailbirds in Bajura, Okhaldhunga (ht 03/01/2014)

Palpa prison in dire straits (ht 29/12/2013)

A lucky escape: Security lapses in prisons have more to do with negligence and corruption (kp 13/12/2013), Manhunt launched to nab prison escapee (ht 13/12/2013), Wait for Rs 1,000 lands jail-breaker in police net, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 14/12/2013)

Harrowing Tales Of Jails In Mechi Zone, by Raju Adhikari (rep 05/12/2013)

Number of people behind bars rises, by Manish Gautam (kp 04/12/2013)

Inmate dies, child left uncared for, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 30/11/2013)

Tihar fails to bring joy to jailbirds (ht 01/11/2013)

Dang jail adjudged country’s best (ht 26/10/2013)

Rolpa jailbreak attempt foiled, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 23/10/2013)

Jailbirds suffer in Mahottari prison (ht 18/10/2013)

Inmates cry for jailhouse repair (kp 29/08/2013)

Inmates bring cheers to peers, by Shankar Acharya (kp 21/08/2013)

Budget crunch hits Dhankuta inmates (ht 13/08/2013)

Jhumka prison overcrowded (ht 21/07/2013)

Sunsari jailbreak: ‘Subrata Bayen bribed Jhumka prison officers’, by Madhav Ghimire and Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 09/07/2013)

22 inmates shifted from Nepalgunj jail: The move follows recent clash, by Surendra Kafle (ht 06/07/2013)

Two hurt in clash at Panchthar jail (ht 08/06/2013)

Jajarkot inmates padlock jail (ht 06/06/2013)

Jailbirds clash, 5 hurt (ht 30/05/2013)

Detainees in Tarai suffering worst abuses: Report (ht 04/05/2013)

Jailbird seeks support for her twin daughters, by Durgalal K.C. (kp 21/02/2013)

Jailbirds to get respite from hardship (ht 20/02/2013)

Jailbirds suffer in overcrowded prison (ht 08/02/2013)

Six hurt as jailbirds clash in Karnali prison (nn 20/01/2013)

Jailbirds clash in Sindhuli prison, one killed (nn 03/01/2013), Indefinite curfew in Sindhuli district HQ (ht 03/01/2013), Curfew in Sindhuli municipality as jailbird’s death triggers tension, by Rajkumar Karki (kp 04/01/2013), Protests over prisoner’s death trigger tension (ht 05/01/2013), Sindhuli banda affects normal life, by Rajkumar Karki (kp 05/01/2013)

Whither conjugalrights ofprisoners?, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 27/12/2012)

Syangja prison lacks space, by Janu Pangeni (kp 27/12/2012)

Govt urged to improve prison infrastructure (kp 07/12/2012), Make prisons livable: NHRC (ht 07/12/2012)

Seven hurt as inmates clash in Kaski jail (nn 24/11/2012), 20 inmates injured in Kaski jail clash (ht 25/11/2012)

Bad to worde: Overcrowded prisons (rep 19/11/2012)

Overcrowded prison in Jaleshwor (ht 11/11/2012)

12 inmates flee prison; 47 cops suspended, by Abadesh Kumar Jha (kp 10/11/2012), 12 flee jail, guards caught napping (ht 10/11/2012), Jail escape due to ‘poor security’, by Abadhesh Kumar Jha (kp 11/11/2012), Police ‘involved’ in prison break (kp 12/11/2012), Jhumka jailbreak premeditated plan, says probe (ht 12/11/2012), Sunsari prison break: 'On-duty officials culpable' (nn 24/11/2012), Jhumka prison brake: MoHA ‘delays’ probe report publication, by Abadhesh Kumar Jha (kp 25/11/2012), Prison break probe confirms police hand, by Abadhesh Kumar Jha and Dradip Menyangbo (kp 28/11/2012), 18 policemen found guilty (ht 28/11/2012)

Bhojpur jail seeks funds (kp 04/11/2012)

Viral fever hits 700 jailbirds, by Shankar Acharya (kp 29/09/2012)

Rickety cages: Infrastructure and security problems at the Central and Bhadragol jails in Kathmandu are putting the lives of close to 2,000 inmates at risk, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 11/08/2012)

Rajbiraj inmates taken ill (rep 12/06/2012)

Foreigners at receiving end as woes hound detention centre (kp 10/06/2012)

Food crunch looms large over Biratnagar prison (ht 01/06/2012)

District prisons face shortage of budget, by Bhim Ghimire (kp 27/05/2012)

Kaski prison overcrowded (ht 27/05/2012)

Inmates on strike seeking amnesty (ht 27/05/2012)

Jails in the east have turned into hell: Prisons chock-full of inmates; Summer takes a toll on jailbirds, by Somnath Bastola (ht 04/05/2012)

Need for ‘open prison’ stressed (ht 04/05/2012)

Panel for shifting Central Jail: Bidur Municipality appropriate site (ht 03/05/2012)

Prisoners sans health care, by Biplav Maharjan (kp 22/04/2012)

Prisoners go hungry as Jhapa jail fails to provide rice; telephone also not working (nn 19/04/2012)

All 74 prisons overcrowded (ht 04/04/2012)

Prison reforms: Panel suggests infrastructure expansion, by Pranab Kharel (kp 08/03/2012), Inmates suffer as crammed cells lack basic facilities, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 08/03/2012)

Tension runs high in Birgunj jail (ht 25/02/2012)

Gachhadar checks out security at Dilli Bazaar Prison: Meets convicted former ministers Jaya Prakash Prasad Gupta,Chiranjivi Wagle inside jail (ht 24/02/2012)

Prison cloth mill barely afloat on lama orders, by Arjun Poudel (rep 14/02/2012)

Higher education eludes central jail inmates, by Arjun Poudel (rep 06/02/2012)

Panchthar jail inmates on hunger strike (ht 02/02/2012)

Central Jail school has 100 percent success rate, by Arjun Poudel (rep 14/01/2012)

40 inmates share a room for 5, by Raju Adhikari (rep 04/01/2012)

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