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Nepal rights commission delays law revision after avoiding downgrade : Global alliance of rights bodies has called for NHRC Act revision in line with Paris Principles, by Binod Ghimire (kp 11/07/2024)

NHRC wants war crimes and crimes against humanity to be non-amnestiable : National Human Rights Commission unveils report today detailing its efforts and positions on transitional justice, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/07/2024)

Rights watchdog seeks progress report on probe into mysterious deaths, disappearance : In 2021, government promised to probe the mysterious deaths of Nankunni Dhobi and Sumarani Tharu, and the 2010 disappearance of Nirmala Kurmi. Families still await justice (kp 22/06/2024)

NHRC requests Home Ministry for details on Ruby Khan’s hunger strike and agreement (kh 21/06/2024)

NHRC’s 24th Birthday: We Would Like To Commend The Commission’s Continuous Vigilance, Adaptability, And Dedication, by Hanaa Singer-Hamdy (sp 14/06/2024)

NHRC to stay away from office-bearer nomination panel : Conflict victims want amendments to transitional justice bill before the process to appoint office bearers begins, by Binod Ghimire (kp 02/05/2024)

NHRC calls for promoting labor rights (kh 01/05/2024)

Government rejects rights commission’s secretary pick citing lack of transparency : Constitutional rights body asserts autonomy, claims that executive can’t demand confidential documents, by Binod Ghimire (kp 28/03/2024)

Dispute over secretary appointment divides Human Rights Commission : As an international team assesses commission's performance, calls grow for an executive decision to end the controversy, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/03/2024)

NHRC demands fair investigation of Chitwan school incident (kh 05/03/2024)

Is Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission really weak? What can be done to make it more functioning and relevant? When human rights violations occur and the citizenry expect a prompt and swift intervention, the Commission’s “grand” mandate and mission often crumble to pieces, by Shrawan Adhikari and Simone Galimberti (nlt 04/02/2024)

NHRC urges Karnali govt to protect quake survivors from cold (rep 12/12/2023)

Rights watchdog’s recommendations snubbed, persistently : Amid government inaction on the recommendations, individuals flagged for action promoted and rewarded, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/12/2023) [Oli, Deuba or Dahal, they are all the same when it comes to disregarding basic human rights!]

Rights watchdog grapples with internal feud yet again : Amid dispute over appointing secretary, commissioners trade allegations of misconduct and defamation. Spokesperson says the row will be settled soon, by Binod Ghimire (kp 07/12/2023)

NHRC submits annual report to President Paudel (kh 07/12/2023)

Conflict-affected communities demand passage of bill to amend transitional justice act (kh 21/11/2023)

NHRC urges govt to ensure child rights (kh 20/11/2023)

NHRC's 'A' category ranking to remain unchanged (rep 01/11/2023), Rights watchdog retains ‘A’ status—for now : Global alliance of rights organisations says it made the decision in view of pending court hearings on disputed appointments, by Binod Ghimire (kp 02/11/2023) [So again only temporarily, because the attitude of the politicians is still unchanged!]

Who will save NHRC?, by Ram Dayal Rakesh (ae 31/10/2023)

Human Rights Commission requests global alliance to save its ‘A’ status : The umbrella body of human rights institutions from 127 countries is expected to make the decision within a week (kp 29/10/2023)

Future of NHRC : It is useless to have a rights body when the govt does not implement its recommendations (ht 27/10/2023)

NHRC to remain operational during Dashain holidays (kh 20/10/2023)

Govt decides to draft a bill to regulate NHRC (rep 19/10/2023)

NHRC demands accessible treatment of mental issue (kh 10/10/2023)

NHRC faces alarming decline in standards, by Govinda Luitel (rep 07/10/2023)

As NHRC downgrade date approaches, pressure builds on office bearers to quit : A meeting of GANHRI later this month is set to downgrade the commission to ‘B’ category, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/10/2023)

National Human Rights Commission concerned over attack on doctors : Urges government and other stakeholders to create an environment for uninterrupted delivery of health services (kp 29/09/2023)

Human Rights Commission demands uninterrupted healthcare services, urges against shutdowns (nlt 28/09/2023)

NHRC to probe repeated incidents of clashes in juvenile correctional homes (rep 27/09/2023)

NHRC urges govt to make public whereabouts of missing ones (kh 31/08/2023)

NHRC launches investigation into juvenile correction centre incident (ht 25/08/2023)

The impending NHRC downgrade : What to make of the imminent slide and how to bring the National Human Rights Commission back from the brink (kp 20/08/2023) [Thank you KP Oli, you really are the greatest!]

NHRC calls for thorough investigation into assault on human rights activist and journalist Manohar Pokharel (rep 15/08/2023), NHRC urges government to book guilty (kh 15/08/2023)

National Human Rights Commission seeks political support to retain its ‘A’ status : Only the country whose human rights commission has the coveted grade can express its views in deliberations at the United Nations Human Rights Council and take part in voting on any of its decisions (kp 13/08/2023)

Appoint CJ pronto: NHRC (ht 01/08/2023)

Irregularities in 'free visa, free ticket' provisions : NHRC report suggests that human trafficking in the guise of foreign employment is rampant (ht 31/07/2023)

NHRC opposes govt bill offering amnesty to culprits of criminal offenses (kh 21/07/2023)

NHRC enforces code of conduct for its members (ht 08/07/2023)

Government ignoring Human Rights Commission’s recommendations to investigate the Gaur massacre : The victims from the incident have lodged a petition at the Supreme Court demanding its intervention in the investigation, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/06/2023) [The protection of top politicians from legal prosecution has absolute priority over rule of law!]

NHRC calls to protect MP Gautam’s life (kh 20/05/2023)

NHRC calls for improving rights of people with HIV (kh 05/05/2023)

Saving National Human Rights Commission : The decision to downgrade the NHRC’s status raises questions over our commitment to human rights, by Bijay Raj Gautam (kp 30/04/2023)

NHRC concerned over use of force against victims of shylocking (kh 18/04/2023)

NHRC’s recommendation to govt to ensure human rights of migrant workers (rep 14/04/2023)

NHRC urges govt to Conclude transitional justice as soon as possible (kh 07/03/2023)

Downgrade-wary NHRC asks for help to right itself : Court delay in settling appointment row, which influenced the global body’s punishment, concerns experts, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/02/2023)

22nd annual report of NHRC tabled in HoR (kh 01/02/2023)

NHRC recommends investigation against 130, including Upendra Yadav in 2007 Gaur carnage (kh 07/01/2023), Rights body recommends Yadav, others be probed for 2007 Gaur killings : As many as 27 individuals linked with the Maoists were killed and 115 others left injured, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/01/2023)

Rights activists request GANHRI not to downgrade NHRC to ‘B’ category (rep 26/12/2022)

NHRC's status: Why it went from A to B, by Shree Ram Adhikari (ht 23/12/2022)

NHRC received 101 rights violation plaints (ht 12/12/2022)

NHRC urged to not close office in Khotang (kh 28/11/2022)

NHRC urges all parties to play a constructive role in conducting elections in a free and fair environment (rep 19/11/2022)

National Human Rights Commission stares at a lower global status : Downgrade recommendation by global alliance of rights bodies takes effect after a year, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/11/2022) [see GANHRI Accreditation Report, pp. 38-41] [The then PM KP Oli and his still incumbent state president Bidya Devi Bhandari are highly responsible!], NHRC’s failings : The commission chairperson and members resigning would be the fastest way out of the current crisis (kp 11/11/2022) [This is true, but the main responsibility for the misery lies with KP Oli and BD Bhandari! No, not them again!], NHRC's status downgraded, credibility at stake : Former members seek resignation of the national human rights body chairman, members (ht 14/11/2022), Calls grow for NHRC office bearers to quit : After global body’s decision to downgrade the status of the National Human Rights Commission, its chair says his team will make their response public very soon, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/11/2022)

National Human Rights Commission slated to lose its top international status : Controversial appointments are to blame. Relegation by Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions will tarnish Nepal’s image abroad, experts say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 28/09/2022) [The main responsibility for Nepal's international loss of reputation lies with ex-Prime Minister Oli and "his" President Bhandari. But the Deuba government and the SC also have to face blame for their inaction!]

NHRC furnishes 12-point suggestion to govt on bill relating to transitional justice (kh 15/08/2022), Rights body wants transitional justice process to address minors’ issue : Bill to amend law fails to take cognisance of the use of children in insurgency, rights activists say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/08/2022)

NHRC deals with 4,214 complaints in fiscal 2021-22 (ht 01/08/2022)

NHRC settles 412 complaints (rn 30/07/2022)

NHRC takes decisions on rights of trafficking victims (ht 16/07/2022)

Govt rebuffs NHRC’s recommendations (kh 21/06/2022)

NHRC member accuses IGP of rights violation (ht 05/05/2022)

NHRC facing challenges for want of physical resources (ht 14/03/2022) [This reflects the value that government, state organs and political parties place on human rights!]

NHRC calls for dialogue to resume teaching-learning at university (kh 01/03/2022)

Strategic planning in place to achieve SDGs: NHRC Member Dr Dhungel (kh 22/02/2022)

Global alliance to wait for court decision before deciding on rights watchdog’s status : National Human Rights Commission could lose ‘A’ status if appointments made in it through ordinance are found unconstitutional, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/12/2021)

NHRC laments non-cooperation of government (ht 12/12/2021)

NHRC starts monitoring disaster-hit areas (ht 22/10/2021)

NHRC calls for impartial investigation into Motipur incident (kh 12/10/2021)

National Human Rights Commission to stay open during Dashain holidays (kh 11/10/2021)

NHRC directs district administration to investigate into contaminated biscuit (kh 17/08/2021)

Rights commission tells global body ‘court will test legality of key appointments’ : Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions is set to revisit the ‘A’ status of National Human Rights Commission, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/07/2021)

‘A’ status of rights commission under threat due to controversial appointments : Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions has asked the commission to furnish a justification over the controversial appointments of its office bearers, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/07/2021), The world is watching : It would be shameful if the National Human Rights Commission’s status were to be downgraded (kp 05/07/2021)

Book perpetrators to justice: National Human Rights Commission (kh 26/06/2021)

Govt urged to provide relief to underprivileged, needy people (ht) 17/06/2021)

Campaigners join global call for lawful postings at human rights commission : The National Human Rights Commission has the chance of becoming a mere shadow of the government, they say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 03/05/2021)

NHRC urges govt to handle health crisis effectively (ht 02/05/2021)

United Nations special rapporteurs urge Nepal to rectify the appointments in the National Human Rights Commission : They have pointed out the appointments were not in line with international practices and undermines the independence, integrity and legitimacy of the rights body (kp 27/04/2021)

United Nations questions rights body’s autonomy after controversial appointments : Five National Human Rights Commission office bearers were appointed after the Oli government introduced an ordinance in December to amend recommendation rules, by Binod Ghimire (kp 03/04/2021)

Jurisdictions of human rights protection ambiguous: NHRC (ht 28/03/2021)

Representation of women in state organs dismal: NHRC report (ht 20/03/2021) [see annual report of NHRC]

Rebuttal to international rights concerns draws flak : The National Human Rights Commission’s response to statements by Human Rights Watch and others is unprincipled, unwarranted, ex-officials say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/03/2021) [This is part of the destruction of Nepal's reputation in the democratic world by the machinations of Oli!]

Global bodies' statements against country's sovereignty, says NHRC (ht 09/03/2021) [The allegations of the NHRC prove that this commission in its present composition, fabricated by PM Oli, has lost all independence and is in thrall to the Oli government!]

Nepal’s Human Rights Commission’s integrity in jeopardy, three international human rights groups say : In a joint statement on Monday, Human Rights Watch, the International Commission of Jurists, and Amnesty International said that lack of transparency in appointments undermines effectiveness and public confidence (kp 01/03/2021) [see common statement of AI, HRW and ICJ: Nepal: Human Rights Commission’s Integrity in Jeopardy : Lack of Transparency in Appointments Undermine Effectiveness, Public Confidence]

'Reject contitutional appointments bypassing parliamentary hearing' : Rights activists are very certain that the National Human Rights Commission will not be able to do its job effectively as it lacks legality and validity (kp 14/02/2021)

NHRC introduces policy to ensure gender equality (ht 14/02/2021)

Country’s poor human rights situation continues: NHRC (ht 08/12/2020) [see report in Nepali]

‘Rights situation deplorable during pandemic’ (ht 09/11/2020)

प्रतिवेदनले जगाएको आशा [Hope raised by the report], by Charan Prasai (nag 08/11/2020)

‘NHRC report a positive step towards justice’ (ht 23/10/2020)

NHRC urges govt to ensure constitutional rights of citizens (kh 20/10/2020)

National rights body probe finds yet another extra-judicial killing : State protection for guilty giving rise to such cases, activists say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 17/10/2020)

To pile pressure for action, National Human  Rights Commission lists 286 violators : Rights abusers are also from conflict era and they could face national and global scrutiny as the government fails to implement the constitutional body’s recommendations, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/10/2020), NHRC Makes Public Name Of Human Rights Violators (rn 16/10/2020)

Many National Human Rights Commission recommendations go unimplemented (ht 12/09/2020)

Another case spotlights apathy towards rights body: Ministry of Home Affairs asks the National Human Rights commission to review its recommendations on alleged extra-judicial killing of Kumar Poudel, by Binod Ghimire (kp 14/08/2020) [The authoritarian Oli government continues to move forward on its path of anti-democratic and unlawful action!]

Govt urged to rescue Nepalis stranded abroad (ht 14/08/2020)

Quarantine centres are turning into Covid breeding ground, National Human Rights Commission warns: Government ignoring repeated calls to improve situation in quarantine facilities, says its monitoring report, by Binod Ghimire (kp 12/06/2020)

Khatri released in the presence of NHRC member (ht 10/06/2020)

NHRC concerned about journos’ rights, condition in quarantine (ht 07/06/2020)

NHRC deploys separate team to probe Soti incident (ht 01/06/2020)

NHRC urges government not to curtail social security allowance (ht 24/05/2020)

NHRC urges govt to follow WHO protocol for quarantine facility management: Asks it to ensure all facilities meet WHO standards (ht 20/05/2020)

Rights watchdog urges government to follow WHO quarantine practices: National Human Rights Commission suggests using the money in relief fund in coordination between the three tiers of government (kp 19/05/2020)

Rescue stranded migrant workers, says NHRC (ht 13/05/2020)

Govt told to handle crisis effectively (ht 10/05/2020)

NHRC member slams rumour-mongers (ht 06/05/2020)

After police and district attorney’s refusal to take complaint, lawmaker Surendra Yadav approaches human rights commission: Commission asks Nepal Police to explain in writing why it refused to register Yadav’s case and ensure his and his family’s safety (kp 01/05/2020)

Rights body urges government to study situation of Nepalis stranded in foreign countries: The National Human Rights Commission has asked the government to make arrangements for food and shelter for Nepali workers in foreign labour destinations and to plan for their rescue, repatriation and reintegration if the situation further worsens, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 27/04/2020)

Govt urged to protect rights of marginalised, needy people (ht 17/04/2020)

NHRC reports dismal state of Nepali women (ht 16/02/2020) [see report by NHRC]

National Human Rights Commission directs government to take immediate measures to evacuate Nepalis from China’s Hubei province: The rights body, in a statement, has also decided to call government officials to take stock of the situation of Nepali’s in the disease-hit area and the government’s effort to bring its citizen back, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 10/02/2020)

Nepal Police records criminal complaints against its officers, but only a few are brought to justice: Police spokesperson DIG Shailesh Thapa Kshetri says most complaints turn out to be baseless, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 10/02/2020)

National Human Rights Commission appointees should be independent and competent: The commission is in danger of ending its term in disrepute, largely over its role in relation to transitional justice, by Mohna Ansari (kp 02/02/2020)

Prakash Osti runs into controversy for his nod to transitional justice nominations: Osti represented National Human Rights Commission in the committee that nominated officials on Saturday at political parties’ behest, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/01/2020) [It should not be called controversy but total disqualification! This looks like party political bondage of the NHRC representative!]

NHRC stresses enacting rights friendly laws: House panel, PAs told to issue directives against rights violations (ht 28/12/2019)

Government and police fail to abide by human rights commission’s recommendation: The commission two months ago had recommended action against police officials involved in extrajudicial killing of Kumar Paudel, by Binod Ghimire (kp 26/12/2019)

NHRC urges govt to ensure fundamental rights of citizens (ht 25/12/2019)

What should NHRC do? While NHRC has to do the regular job of protecting and promoting human rights, it also has to ensure that those people who grossly violated human rights are punished, by Mohna Ansari (rep 09/12/2019)

NHRC concerned about status of its recommendation on differently-abled (ht 04/12/2019)

NHRC to hold international conference on migrant workers (ht 08/11/2019), NHRC international conference concludes (ht 15/11/2019)

National Human Rights Commission seeks progress report from police on Mahara rape charges: Though police say the woman's conflicting statements have made it difficult for them to pursue the case, criminal lawyers say the investigating agency can take the investigation forward as she had already called police on the night of the incident (kp 05/10/2019)

NHRC concerned about curbs on free speech (ht 02/10/2019)

NHRC concerned about deteriorating rights situation (ht 22/09/2019)

Anup Raj Sharma: We could not be bold enough to pressurise the government: The chairman of the National Human Rights Commission on the weaknesses of the commission, interview with the chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, by Binod Ghimire (kp 17/09/2019)

Human rights body to pull out of committee formed to select transitional justice commission officials: Rights body is recalling Prakash Osti from the committee, saying it does not want to be part of the process that has been heavily politicised, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/09/2019)

Nepal is attempting to cripple the National Human Rights Commission: The government’s introduction of the Amendment Bill is putting human rights, one of the pillars of democracy, at risk, by Chun Bahadur Gurung (rep 25/08/2019)

NHRC urges govt to end caste-based discrimination (kp 24/07/2019) [see NHRC report of 18/07/2019, in Nepali]

Team formed to monitor human rights violation (ht 20/06/2019)

National Human Rights Commission objects to Media Council Bill: If endorsed in present form, it will be against the basic principles of human rights and freedom of expression, watchdog says, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/05/2019), NHRC concerned about freedom of expression (ht 16/05/2019)

Justice, interrupted: The NHRC is an important constitutional body and it should be allowed to function independently, by Gyan Basnet (kp 14/05/2019)

INSEC raises alarm over NHRC Act amendment bill (rep 09/05/2019)

Undermining democracy: The government seeks to weaken the Human Rights Commission by changing the law, by Gyan Basnet (kp 06/05/2019)

Human rights commission might withdraw officer from recommendation committee, by Binod Ghimire (kp 05/05/2019)

Bill to amend Human Rights Commission Act raises fierce debate: The powers of national rights watchdog are being curtailed, say opposition MPs, by Binod Ghimire (kp 01/05/2019), Members, MPs flay govt for bid to keep rights watchdog on tight leash, by Jagdishor Panday (ht 01/05/2019), NHRC proposes making its recommendations binding on govt (rep 01/05/2019), For a strong NHRC: All these provisions have raised the suspicion that it is intended to give a clean chit to violators of human rights (ht 02/05/2019)

Amid reservations, government bent on amending Human Rights Act: Rights watchdog says the move is aimed at reducing its role as an agency subordinate to the government, by Binod Ghimire (kp 26/04/2019)

Human rights watchdog censures police bid to enter its Nepalgunj office: National Human Rights Commission terms the action an attack on its independence and autonomy, by Binod Ghimire (kp 23/04/2019)

Bill to amend National Human Rights Commission Act alarms experts: Provision authorises attorney general to decide on recommendations, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 15/04/2019) [A further step by the government to enforce impunity!], ‘Bid to render national rights body toothless’, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 15/04/2019), Human Rights Commission objects to bill to amend its Act, by Binod Ghimire (kp 21/04/2019), Don’t curtail powers of NHRC (rep 22/04/2019)

Women are still dying after being sent to menstruation huts, but no one is filing complaints: A new report by the National Human Rights Commision paints a grim picture of Chhaupadi and how it’s still taking women’s lives, despite being outlawed, by Bhrikuti Rai (kp 23/03/2019) [see NHRC report (in Nepali)]

Nirmala rape, murder report: NHRC to make public contents of probe, not findings, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 15/01/2019)

NHRC asks govt to remove ambiguity from penal code: Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission Anup Raj Sharma today said the new penal code contained ambiguous words that could be used to punish journalists (ht 17/11/2018)

Control pollution, NHRC tells government (ht 17/11/2018)

Human rights academy on the anvil, by Binod Ghimire (kp 06/11/2018)

Home ministry sitting on NHRC directive (ht 10/10/2018)

Ensure people’s right to live in clean environment: NHRC (kp 10/09/2018)

NHRC to launch drive against VAW, rape (ht 06/09/2018)

Government told to take Bishwokarma to court: Oli administration’s indecent behaviour irks NHRC (kp 27/08/2018)

NHRC concerned about spurt in rape, murder (ht 22/08/2018)

Credibility in question: The NHRC’s Maleth report tends to justify use of force by law enforcement agencies. It goes against human rights norms and standards, by Praveen Kumar Yadav (rep 02/08/2018)

RJP-N condemns NHRC report (ht 19/07/2018), Is no one responsible? A recent NHRC report on the Maleth incident undermines its intensity, by Kalpana Jha (kp 23/07/2018) [see corresponding NHRC report (in Nepali)]

Locals affected by road expansion campaign file complaint at NHRC (ht 29/06/2018)

Ganga Maya hunger strike: Govt and police snub rights body; NHRC Secretary Bed Bhattarai says the commission can summon the chief of the respective authorities if they do not to respond (kp 12/06/2018), Ganga Maya’s fast: NHRC questions Home secy, IGP (kp 29/06/2018)

NHRC lists Agni Sapkota, Suryaman Dong as human rights violators (ht 31/05/2018)

Officials ignoring NHRC recommendations may be tagged as rights violators (rep 24/05/2018)

Impart human rights education in schools: NHRC (ht 26/04/2018)

Rights abuses continue unabated: NHRC (ht 22/04/2018)

Human rights meet to issue ‘Kathmandu declaration’: All countries in South Asia face common challenges of impunity, endemic violence and discrimination (ht 07/04/2018)

NHRC urges govt to crack down on medicine cartel in Janakpur (rep 19/02/2018)

NHRC paints bleak picture of prison conditions: Many of the prisons damaged in the 2015 earthquake have yet to be reconstructed (ht 28/12/2017)

NHRC says human rights situation bleak, by Rupesh Acharya (ht 24/12/2017)

NHRC teams start monitoring polls (ht 26/11/2017) [This is extremely late!!]

NHRC tells parties to incorporate HR in poll manifestos (kp 16/10/2017)

NHRC in bid to blacklist rights violators: Culprits to be barred from travel abroad and state benefits; Individuals found guilty of human rights violations by NHRC probe will have their names made public, says Spokesperson Ansari (kp 27/08/2017)

Promotion of tainted employees worries NHRC (ht 21/07/2017)

NHRC protests govt neglect of its recommendations (kp 12/07/2017)

Over 6,000 trafficked in 2015-16, says NHRC report (kp 05/07/2017) [see NHRC report], NHRC report shows rise in human trafficking post-quake; 23,000 cases of trafficking or attempt to traffic reported in FY 2105/016 (rep 05/07/2017)

NHRC to step up vigilance (kp 21/06/2017)

NHRC tells govt not to make arbitrary arrests; The rights body also urged the agitating RJP-N not to disrupt the election process (ht 19/06/2017)

NHRC seeks action against those guilty of tearing up ballots: Constitutional body writes to the Election Commission underlining the need for increased vigilance to ensure that such events do not repeat in the future (kp 02/06/2017)

PM urges NHRC to protect rights of all (ht 28/05/2017) [This is only possible if the work of NHRC is no longer hindered by govt, parties and army!!]

Rights all year round: NHRC needs to undertake structural reforms to make it fit for purpose in the new federal set-up; Tikapur case shows that unless there is representation of linguistic and religious minorities in the NHRC’s structures, it would be difficult for it to win the confidence of these groups, by Mohna Ansari (kp 26/05/2017)

NHRC concerned about travel arrangement for elderly, differently abled, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 10/05/2017)

NHRC to monitor local level elections in three phases (kp 28/04/2017)

In a first, govt tables NHRC report in House, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/04/2017)

Human rights situation in Karnali region fragile, says NHRC team (ht 08/04/2017)

NHRC offers healing balm to Basbariya Hindu-Muslim rift: In a reconciliation function held by the NHRC recently, community leaders appealed to the villagers to live in harmony and respect one another, by Manoj Paudel (kp 10/02/2017)

NHRC report confined to PMO: Parliament panel sees breach of statute provision, by Dewan Rai (kp 16/01/2017) [see NHRC report of 13/01/2017 in Nepali]

NHRC role in probing conflict-era cases urged (rep 09/01/2017)

HR violators’ names will be disclosed soon, says NHRC (kp 02/01/2017)

NHRC appeals for Dr KC’s life (kp 29/11/2016)

NHRC stresses transitional justice (kp 21/11/2016)

Torture in detention in Dipayal: Army offers mea culpa for barring NHRC from probe; Says not letting investigating officials enter NA barracks a mistake, by Dewan Rai (kp 23/09/2016)

NHRC bats for ILO 169 action plan (ht 09/08/2016)

NHRC calls for laws to deal with cases of rights abuse (ht 24/07/2016), NHRC reminds govt to prosecute Godar massacre: The state security force killed five Dhanusha youths on suspicion of helping the insurgency in 2003, by Dewan Rai (kp 24/07/2016)

NHRC recommendations poised to be implemented: Amendment draft includes directive provisions for govern-ment attorney to register case against rights violators as recommended by the National Human Rights Commission, by Dewan Rai (kp 12/07/2016)

NHRC decries attacks on NCELL towers (ht 16/06/2016)

Deliver timely justice on rights violation cases: Sharma to govt (rep 27/05/2016), Govt won’t tolerate rights violation: PM (kp 27/05/2016) [blah blah blah!]

NHRC gets USD 128 million to promote human rights (ht 06/05/2016)

16,500 Nepalis trafficked in last two years: NHRC; Rights body’s report says majority of the victims were children and unmarried women (kp 26/04/2016) [see report by NHRC]

PM faces criticism for ‘summoning’ NHRC: Accused of crossing constitutional line for ‘reprimanding’ rights body, by Dewan Rai (kp 08/04/2016), ‘Statement delivered at UN was official’: NHRC Chairman Anup Raj Sharma makes it clear that the statement were not Ansari’s personal remark, by Dewan Rai (kp 11/04/2016), Fight the power: If independent institutions assert the way the NHRC has done, thorny issues will find an early resolution, by Pramod Mishra (kp 14/04/2016), PM Gave us a lecture: NHRC; The NHRC is looked upon as an enemy, they have to understand that we are partners, by Seulki Lee (nt 15/04/2016), Int’l rights bodies rap govt for intimidating NHRC: Urge PM Oli to respect commission’s independence in line with international standards (kp 16/04/2016) [see common statement by AI, HRW and ICJ, 15/04/2016]

NHRC staffer remembered: Pariyar, an assistant human rights officer at NHRC office in Biratnagar, was shot dead by Nepal Police (kp 29/03/2016)

NHRC to name names: Says recommendations for action against rights violators were unheeded, by Dewan Rai (kp 27/01/2016)

NHRC proposes hike in compensation for victims (kp 13/01/2016)

Rights watchdog seeks financial autonomy (kp 12/01/2016)

NHRC officials to get old pay: Parliament on Tuesday amended the bill, retaining the old provisions of the Human Rights Act, by Dewan Rai (kp 06/01/2016)

NHRC finds security forces’ excesses in Tarai; ‘Agitators misused the right to gather in public place’ (kp 02/11/2015), Both security forces, protesters violated human rights in Tarai, interview with Mohna Ansari, spokesperson of NHRC (kp 02/11/2015), NHRC seeks resolution to Tarai turmoil: Forty-nine people were killed and 729 injured during the Madhes agitation (ht 02/11/2015), Change nature of protest: NHRC to agitators (rep 02/11/2015)

NHRC offices to remain open during festivals (ht 19/10/2015)

Human rights situation: NHRC to release report on Tarai (kp 19/10/2015)

No compromise on human rights: NHRC Chair Sharma (ht 01/09/2015)

‘Recommendations of NHRC ignored by government’ (kp 22/04/2015)

NHRC seeks more allowance for jailbirds across the nation (ht 16/04/2015)

NHRC to assist TRC, CIEDP, by Dewan Rai (kp 01/04/2015), NHRC unveils its five-year strategic plan (ht 01/04/2015)

NHRC chief threatens to quit if govt fails to act (kp 27/03/2015)

‘NHRC success rests on winning victims’ trust’ (kp 25/03/2015)

NHRC retains top rating: ICC meet confirms ‘A’ status despite complaints (kp 13/03/2015)

NHRC wants report discussed in Parliament (ht 05/03/2015)

Conflict era cases: Govt disregards NHRC’s request (kp 29/01/2015), NHRC releases 100 days progress report (ht 29/01/2015)

NHRC clears 148 backlog cases, by Dewan Rai (kp 28/01/2015)

Relief delay concerns NHRC: Blames hoarding, black-marketing for cooking gas shortage (kp 21/01/2015)

NHRC concerned about VAW, abuse of children (ht 13/01/2015)
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Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI).
Report and Recommendations of the Session of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA)
Geneva, 03 - 07 October 2022

Nepal: Human Rights Commission’s Integrity in Jeopardy : Lack of Transparency in Appointments Undermine Effectiveness, Public Confidence, common statement by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Commission of Jurists, 1 March 2021

National Human Rights Commission, Nepal (NHRC)

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