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Status Of Bhutanese Refugees, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 29/12/2019)

UNHCR to stop supporting Bhutanese refugees (ht 20/12/2019)

Seeking happiness the Bhutanese way: There is a growing understanding that the human population is consuming the earth. Development needs a higher goal—beyond GDP, by Dasho Kinley Dorji (kp 01/11/2019) [Does this happiness also apply to the 100,000es of Lhotshampa who were expelled from Bhutan, even if they had valid citizenship and residence papers?]

Japan hands over agricultural facilities at Bhutanese refugee camps (rep 19/10/2019)

Nepal, Bhutan prepare draft bilateral trade agreement: The two countries will prepare a list of export products which will get duty-free market access, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 30/08/2019)

As Modi goes to Bhutan: Modi could raise plight of the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal and elsewhere. Taking its own people back home would raise Bhutan’s Happiness index, by Tilak Niroula (rep 17/08/2019

Nepal and Bhutan poised to sign trade agreement: Analysts doubt the deal will boost trade much due to Nepal's small export basket, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/08/2019)

It’s time to repatriate Bhutanese refugees: The only viable path is to ensure a safe and dignified return of the remaining refugees to Bhutan; It is reported that 2,000 to 7,000 refugees have expressed their desire for voluntary repatriation, by Dinesh Bhattarai (kp 26/07/2019)

Who stands with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal? It is not too late to repatriate the remaining 7,000 Bhutan nationals still in camps in eastern Nepal, by Bhuwan Gautam and TP Mishra (nt 21/06/2019)

Hope to see you soon: The resettlement of Bhutanese refugees gave them a good life, but it also separated families, by Buddha Mani Dhakal (kp 20/06/2019)

Highly overrated: Bhutan cannot make claims of championing Gross National Happiness when some of its citizens are displaced, by Bhuwan Gautam (kp 24/04/2019)

A longing to return home, in safety and dignity: Over 6,000 refugees from Bhutan remain at camps in Jhapa and Morang and most of them are aching for their homeland, by Arun Rajbandhi and Dipesh Khatiwada (kp 07/04/2019)

Looking for a home: The onus equally lies on the governments of Nepal and Bhutan to repatriate Bhutanese refugees, by Tilak Niroula (kp 10/02/2019)

Nepal will resume talks with Bhutan on refugee repatriation: But formal discussions with Thimphu are yet to start, Foreign Minister Gyawali says, by Anil Giri (kp 04/02/2019)

10 huts of Beldangi camp destroyed in fire (kp 28/01/2019)

UN to enlist refugees who want to return, by Anil Giri (kp 05/01/2019)

Bhutan refugees rally for help to go back home: Bhutanese refugees held a rally in Beldangi Camp and appealed to global human rights bodies to help their repatriation, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 11/12/2018)

Guardian of peace and harmony: Bhutan needs trusted friends who will work with it instead of using pressure tactics, by Suraj Budathoki (kp 10/12/2018)

Bhutanese refugee issue resurfaces after provisions dry up, by Anil Giri (kp 05/12/2018), A place to call home: Government must reconsider its stance against integrating Bhutanese refugees (kp 06/12/2018)

Refugees request WFP not to stop food assistance, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 23/11/2018)

Let them go home: Bhutanese refugees are desperate to go back to the land where their ancestors lived. They must be heard. International community may facilitate repatriation process, by Dinesh Bhattarai (rep 15/11/2018)

Nepal pins hopes on new Bhutan govt for refugee repatriation, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 05/11/2018), Bhutanese refugees deserve to go home (rep 06/10/2018)

Changing lifestyle in refugee camps, by Yubaraj Bibash (rep 31/10/2018)

Bhutan refugee leaders protest preparations to settle them in Nepal (rep 28/10/2018)

Bhutan’s not-so-happy evicted minority, the Lhotshampa (kp 16/10/2018)

Elderly Bhutanese refugees alone in Dashain, by Yuvraj Biswas (rep 16/10/2018)

The forgotten tale of Bhutanese refugees: The elderly refugees wish to ‘die in Bhutan’, by Yubaraj Bibash (rep 16/09/2018)

Rizal appeals to int’l community for Bhutanese refugees’ repatriation (rep 31/08/2018)

Statistical feast in Bhutan: Numbers provide us with interesting insights into the country’s agrarian economy, by Mahendra P Lama (kp 22/08/2018)

Revisiting Bhutanese Refugees, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 12/07/2018)

Of mountains and imaginations: Nepal and Bhutan could build mountain ports to make it a global hub for highlands around the world, by Mahendra P. Lama (kp 27/06/2018)

90 per cent problems of Bhutanese refugees solved in Jhapa (ht 22/06/2018)

Durable cottages being built against refugee and local's wishes, by Yuvraj Bibas (rep 10/06/2018)

Home is where the heart lies: A painful wait of Bhutanese refugees to get back home, by Yubaraj Bibash (rep 02/06/2018)

‘Over 30 Bhutanese nationals obtained Nepali citizenship, by Shiva Puri (kp 15/04/2018)

Bhutanese refugees urge govts at all levels to resolve their problems: The refugees say that the facilities of health, education and drinking water have been curtailed in their camps, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 10/04/2018)

Howl, for Bhutanese Nepalis: The Bhutanese refugee suicide rate, with 21 in 100,000 according to the recent data, has broken all the records in the US, by Mukesh Baral (kp 18/03/2018)

Shifting faces: There are significant changes in the strategic determinants of the relationship between India and Bhutan, by Mahendra P. Lama (kp 14/03/2018)

Bhutan’s Queen Mother visits Buddha’s Land, by Manoj Paudel (kp 10/03/2018)

The end of the road for Bhutan's refugees: Camps are closing in 2018, and remaining refugees wait to return or move on, by Jenna Kunze (nt 05/01/2018)

Managing migration: Taking advantage of open border, India pushed Bhutanese Nepalis into Nepal, which was itself in dire need of international support to promote democracy, by Umesh K. Bhattarai (rep 02/01/2018)

After all theses years: The 7,000 Bhutanese refugees that will remain in Nepal after the third-country resettlement process ends in 2018 have vastly different ideas of how they want their futures to pan out, by Jenna Kunze (kp 23/12/2017)

No solution yet for 8,500 Bhutanese refugees in Nepal: UNHCR set to close third-country resettlement programme early next year, by Anil Giri (kp 19/11/2017)

Bhutan lessons: Nepal has a lot to learn from Bhutan on how to, and how not to, deal with India on hydropower, by Shraddha Gautam (rep 30/10/2017)

Children of refugee parents get birth registration certificates, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 11/10/2017)

Living as refugees: Statelessness of Bhutanese Lhotsampas and Myanmar’s Rohingya has been a cause of human suffering and needs global attention, by Suresh Sharma (kp 26/09/2017)

Looking out: With the end of transition, Nepal needs to be able to assert its position on the global stage, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 26/09/2017)

Squeezed by an India-China standoff, Bhutan holds its breath, by Steven Lee Myers (kp 19/08/2017)

India and China at tri-junctures: The Doklam standoff has driven a wedge between India and Bhutan, by Akanshya Shah (nt 11/08/2017)

Calls for relocation of remaining refugees (kp 02/08/2017)

Bhutanese refugees rally for repatriation (kp 01/08/2017)

Australian ambassador visits refugee camps (kp 26/07/2017)

Bhutan-Nepal bhai-bhai? Thimphu and Kathmandu must begin exchanging notes for the sake of Himalayan stability, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt 14/07/2017), Squeezed in the Himalaya: Nepal and Bhutan find themselves in a tight spot as Sino-Indian tensions grow, by Sean Shoemaker (nt 14/07/2017), The Himalayan thaw (nt 14/07/2017)

Bhutanese refugees urge PM Deuba for their repatriation (kp 09/06/2017)

Need for meaningful dialogue: It is time for forgiveness, compassion and practical solutions that will benefit both the exiled populace and the Bhutanese government, by Suraj B. Budathoki (kp 04/04/2017)

A humanitarian issue: International community should put pressure on Bhutan to uphold the refugees’ right to return home, by Tilak Niroula (kp 15/02/2017)

Arrangements in Nepal for US resettlement of Bhutanese refugees put off after Trump order, by Keshav P. Koirala (ht 02/02/2017), Another deadend, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 03/02/2017), Bhutanese refugee resettlement yet to resume, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 10/02/2017)

Refugee camps in Morang, Jhapa facing food crisis (ht 29/01/2017), Refugee students demand food, stage protest (ht 31/01/2017), Bhutanese refugees accept WFP food, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 03/02/2017)

‘No cut in food supply to needy Bhutan refugees’: WFP says it has been forced to reduce the amount of food provided to less vulnerable Bhutanese refugees due to a severe lack of funding but it will continue to provide full rations to some 3,100 of the most vulnerable refugees (kp 28/01/2017)

What after resettlement? Integration of remaining Bhutanese refugees in Nepal is the only viable option to end the protracted refugee situation, by Chandra Sapkota (kp 21/12/2016)

2,000 Bhutanese refugees demand repatriation, by Parbat Portel (kp 15/12/2016)

Little Bhutan: Former refugees have turned Albemarle Road into a microcosm of their Himalayan homeland, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 09/12/2016)

Bhutan journalist hit by defamation suit for sharing Facebook post: Namgay Zam, who faces a fine or jail, says case involving prominent businessman risks further subduing deferential media (Guardian 18/11/2016)

Third country resettlement: Bhutanese refugee families torn apart (ht 17/10/2016)

Dahal meets Tobgay at BRICS: PM urges Bhutan to resolve refugee issue (kp 16/10/2016)

Bhutan PM refuses to take refugees back: Calling those resettled Bhutanese Americans is erroneous: Tobgay, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 21/09/2016), ‘Right to return home must be respected’ (kp 21/09/2016), Int'l community continues to ask Bhutan to repatriate refugees: US envoy (rep 21/09/2016)

Bhutanese refugees asked to decide on repatriation (ht 14/09/2015)

Bhutan bound to take back its citizens: FM; Mahat tells visiting US official Nepal cannot assimilate 10,000 refugees (kp 05/09/2016)

UNHCR to exit Bhutanese refugee camps by 2019 (kp 18/08/2016), Writing on the wall: The clock is ticking for Nepal to take a decision on the remaining Bhutanese refugees, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 18/08/2016)

‘No change in policy’ on Bhutanese refugees: Nepal has hosted over 100,000 Bhutanese refugees since early 1990s. With the large-scale third-country resettlement underway since 2007, the remaining 15,000 refugees have now been confined to camps in Damak of Jhapa, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 14/08/2016)

Bhutanese refugees seek repatriation: Camp secretary fears there may be no one to take care of old refugees after their children chose to resettle oversees (kp 17/07/2016), Long-term fix to refugee crisis sought (ht 17/07/2016)

Aid to remaining bhutanese refugees: WFP warns refugees could face severe food shortages next year, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 04/07/2016)

PM’s 3-pronged strategy on Bhutanese refugee solution, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 20/06/2016)

Canadian assistance for Bhutanese refugees (kp 14/06/2016)

California’s Little Bhutan: Bhutanese refugees in the United States have a new life but hold on to their roots, by Ayesha Shakya (nt 20/05/2016)

Bhutanese refugees: Decision time for Nepal on remaining population, by Anil Giri (kp 12/04/2016)

US to provide $1 million for Bhutanese refugees (kp 09/04/2016), USAID pledges US$ 1m support to refugees (ht 09/04/20169

Bhutanese minister visits Tilaurakot (kp 20/03/2016)

Refugees pin high hopes on PM’s India visit: Bhutanese refugees say their problems won’t be resolved without India’s cooperation (ht 20/02/2016) [This has been trus since 1990, but why should this incompetent PM bring any change??]

Refugees to meet kin jailed in Bhutan (kp 22/01/2016)

Rs 231m EU aid for Bhutanese refugees (kp 14/01/2016), European Union contributes Euros 2 mi to UNHCR to support Bhutanese refugees (ht 14/01/2016)

Bid to boost air connectivity, tourism: Nepal, Bhutan agree on six-point agenda (kp 09/01/2016)

A (seldom told) Bhutanese story: Resettled refugees may not feature in Bhutan’s oft-lauded happiness index, but the community is taking strides of their own in the US, by Prapti Shrestha (kp 26/12/2015)

The 100,000th refugee: The camps for refugees from Bhutan in eastern Nepal are emptying, but some don’t want to be resettled and want to return home, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 18/12/2015)

Bhutanese exiles in Nepal appeal for repatriation (kp 10/12/2015)

Finding solutionsIt is time for all stakeholders to work together to bring the resettlement of Bhutanese refugees to a sustainable end, by Craig Sanders and Maurizio Busatti (kp 01/12/2015)

100,000th refugee from Bhutan to resettle in US (kp 20/11/2015), One lakh Bhutanese refugees resettled outside Nepal (ht 20/11/2015)

Dashain: A sad affair for Bhutanese refugees, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 20/10/2015)

WFP to cut down 30 pc food ration to Bhutanese refugees: The UN agency says it had to make a difficult decision in order to stretch decreased resources over longer period (kp 15/10/2015)

Elderly Bhutanese left behind at refugee camp, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 28/09/2015)

Bhutanese refugees demand repatriation (kp 09/09/2015)

Giving back to Nepal: Most refugees know the pain and hardship of losing homes and loved ones, so it came as no surprise to see them extend genuine offers of help, by Craig Sanders (kp 21/06/2015)

Bhutanese king keen to visit Nepal (rep 16/06/2015)

Refugees support Sindhuli (kp 29/05/2015)

US envoy urges Bhutanese refugees to resettle (ht 24/04/2015), Refugee leaders renew calls for repatriation (kp 25/04/2015), Bhutanese parties in exile: demand repatriation: Say those refugees who do not want to opt for third-country settlement must be sent home (ht 25/04/2015)

Bhutanese of Nepali origin held for terror threat in US, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 16/04/2015)

Refugee leader wants right to return (kp 28/02/2015), Bhutanese parties in exile seek permanent solution to refugee issue (ht 28/02/2015)

The outsider: As a Bhutanese refugee resettled in America, I have realised that being American is all about immigration, by Som Nath Subedi (kp 09/01/2015)

Bhutanese refugees devoid of IDs facing uncertain future, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 07/01/2015)

US resettles 80,000 Bhutanese refugees (ht 11/12/2014)

An (inter)national disgrace: SAARC fails to confront the Bhutan refugee issue, by David Seddon (nt 05/12/2014)

Bhutanese refugees want to be heard (kp 19/11/2014)

Refugees secretly reunite with separated families: An Indian town has served as a humble rendezvous point for Bhutanese refugees, by Parbat Portel (kp 24/10/2014)

Govt to sign trade pact with Bhutan (ht 22/08/2014)

Bhutanese refugees: Once powerful, now ordinaries, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 18/08/2014)

Happier days: Bhutanese refugees resettled in the UK have finally found certainty and stability, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 08/08/2014)

Refugees devoid of coal for fire, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 23/07/2014)

Gross national farce: The resettlement of Bhutanese refugees in the US has been traumatic, with many finding it difficult to adjust to a new life, by Devendra Gautam (rep 19/07/2014)

Refugee leaders demand asylum, by Parbat Portel (kp 17/ß7/2014)

UN commits on refugee solution, by Anand Gurung (kp 20/06/2014), Resettled and remaining: The resettlement of Bhutanese refugees, generally lauded as a success, has not been without unanticipated consequences, by Craig Sanders (kp 20/06/2014), Bhutan's Forgotten People: There are 75,000 Bhutanese refugees who have been resettled in the US alone, by Subina Shrestha (rep 20/06/2014)

Turning into a ghost town: As Bhutanese refugees are resettled in a third country, businesses in Tinai dry up, by Raju Adhikari (rep 17/06/2014)

Bhutanese refugees appeal to Modi to secure return (ht 16/06/2014)

Waste left by refugees makes life difficult for Damak farmers, by Ramesh Chhetri (rep 08/06/2014)

Bhutanese PM in Kathmandu (kp 29/05/2014)

90,000 Bhutanese refugees resettled in first world (ht 21/05/2014), 90,000 refugees from Bhutan resettled in third countries (rep 21/05/2014), 90k Bhutanese refugees resettled: UNHCR, IOM (kp 24/05/2014)

Nepal, Bhutan to sign deal for boosting air services (kp 17/05/2014), Nepal, Bhutan revise air  service agreement (kp 18/05/2014)

‘75,000 refugees resettled in US’ (kp 09/04/2014), Bhutanese facing resettlement ‘hassle’, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 10/04/2014)

88,000 Bhutanese refugees resettled in third countries (nn 26/03/2014)

Cabinet approval sought to revise ASA with Bhutan (kp 23/03/2014)

PM Koirala for early repatriation of Bhutanese refugees (nn 04/03/2014)

Refugees under depression spell, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 29/01/2014)

Bhutanese King starting India trip from today (nn 06/01/2014)

Nepal’s Successful Refugee Resettlement Operation – Analysis (IRIN 04/01/2014)

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