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On 7 May 2019, the Nayan Shakti Party- Nepal unified with the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) to form the Samajbai Party - Nepal

Desperation and diversity: Baburam Bhattarai claims his roadshow is aimed at listening to the people, rather than selling them new dreams, by Mohan Guragain (kp 16/03/2019)

Keep politics away from development activities, says Bhattarai (ht 15/02/2019)

Government has failed people: NSP-N coordinator Bhattarai (ht 05/02/2019)

Bhattarai rues delay in institutionalisation of democracy, federalism (ht 02/02/2019)

Naya Shakti chief Bhattarai slams local units (kp 12/08/2018)

Naya Shakti party mulls name change (kp 25/02/2018)

Naya Shakti blames ‘failure to convince voters’ for defeat (kp 05/01/2018)

‘Merger only if left alliance abandons communist label’ (ht 01/01/2018)

Democratic socialism, not communism, is need of the hour: Baburam Bhattarai (ht 04/12/2017)

In defense of BRB: The muscles UML and Maoist leaders flex are powered by the money of private education and medical mafias, by Kaushal Ghimire (rep 19/11/2017)

A dozen NSP-N Gorkha leaders join CPN-MC (ht 30/10/2017)

Naya Shakti unveils manifesto  that promises rapid growth: Party has drafted separate development plans for each province (kp 28/10/2017)

NSP-N mulls exiting left alliance (ht 13/10/2017), Bhattarai hints at quitting left alliance (kp) 13/10/2017), Naya Shakti back to poll symbol ‘eye’: Party led by former PM Baburam Bhattarai says it has not severed ties with the left alliance (kp 14/10/2017), NSP-N exits left electoral alliance: UML terms decision emotional; CPN-MC says it will only harm party, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 14/120/2017), Bhattarai counts on NC in Gorkha bid (kp 16/10/2017), Bhattarai asks Nepali Congress to leave Gorkha-2 for him (ht 17/10/2017)

206 Naya Shakti central council members quit (kp 21/08/2017), Jha returns to Maoist Center (rep 22/08/2017), Deserting A Sinking Ship (rn 24/08/2017)

NSP-N leaders form broader polarisation coordination panel (ht 19/08/2017)

Naya Shakti Party ousts Poudel’s team (kp 19/08/2017), Poudel-led Naya Shakti team to merge with Maoist Centre (kp 20/08/2017)

Bhattarai faces the heat in party (kp 11/08/2017)

Bhattarai turns down Maoist chair’s unification proposal: 'No more unity talks with Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum-Nepal' (kp 29/07/2017)

Mantle Of Leadership, by Bhimsen Thapaliya (rn 05/07/2017)

BRB to champion alternative politics (ht 21/05/2017)

Naya Shakti leader joins Maoist Centre: Accuses BRB of failing in mission; Gurung displeased with NSN’s electoral alliance with the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal (kp 09/05/2017)

NSP-N pledges to increase per capita income to $2000 in five yrs (ht 02/05/2017)

Naya Shakti to go to polls with SSFN’s symbol (kp 26/04/2017)

BRB to join forces with Yadav for joint movement (kp 18/04/2017)

"Inclusion must be ensured to avoid conflicts", interview with Bhai Raja Pandey (ht 18/04/2017)

BRB dares parties to dissolve Parliament for federal polls: Naya Shakti Nepal-led 68 parties announce struggle for election symbol (kp 14/04/2017), 68-party front begins hunger strike for election symbols (kp 16/04/2017)

Splinter of Naya Shakti forms talks team (kp 10/04/2017)

BRB issues 48-hr ultimatum to PM: Demands participation in local polls (kp 31/03/2017), NSN to protest at EC, election offices (ht 02/04/2017), BRB caught from EC, released (kp 03/04/2017), Police detain Bhattarai among dozens from demo outside EC (ht 03/04/2017)

Naya Shakti Nepal ousts four ‘errant’ leaders (kp 28/03/2017)

Bhattarai explains Maoist transition: Bhattarai, who severed ties with the Maoist party in September last year, also made a case for the need of a new political force, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 16/03/2017)

Disgruntled Naya Shakti leaders to hold separate gathering (kp 05/03/2017)

Poll date a ploy to prolong govt’s life, says Naya Shakti’s Bhattarai (ht 27/02/2017)

Naya Shakti, SSFN join forces against scheduled local polls: 9 NSN leaders oppose Bhattarai’s move, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 24/02/2017)

Bhattarai urges PM to end political deadlock (kp 12/02/2017)

UDMF, NSN to forge working alliance (ht 20/01/2017)

Federal Alliance, Naya Shakti Party to forge working alliance (rep 16/01/2017)

Yearning for reunion, Dahal heaps praise on Bhattarai: Former comrades agree on the need for unity to implement the constitution (kp 27/12/2016), Land revenue offices most corrupt: TI-Nepal study, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 27/12/2016)

BRB slams protests against amendment (kp 25/11/2016)

NSN will attract cadres from other parties: BRB (ht 13/11/2016)

Naya Shakti Nepal applies for party registration at EC (kp 11/07/2016)

151 members in Naya Shakti top committee (kp 01/07/2016)

Dr. Bhattarai And New Party, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 15/06/2016), Old wine in a new bottle: An appealing prospect that is hollow from within,  how long will people believe in Naya Shakti?, by Sarin Ghimire (kp 18/06/2016), Bhattarai’s new challenges: You can do a lot of things on paper but when it comes to people, it is always trust that matters, by Khagendra Nath Sharma (kp 19/06/2016), Glimmers of hope: Bhattarai’s party alone can forge a common front with the Janajatis and Madhesis to unite the country, by Pramod Mishra (kp 23/06/2016), Out-Oliing Oli!, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 23/06/2016)

NSN to continue with existing leadership (ht 15/06/2016)

Naya Shakti leftists in tug of war with democrats, by Ashok Dahal (rep 14/06/2016)

SJP merges with NSN (ht 12/06/2016)

Bhattarai's new 'leftist' party to be democratic (rep 26/05/2016)

Commitments of New Force Nepal: It’s a political movement that will build on the latest achievements in the realms of knowledge and science, by Baburam Bhattarai (kp 06/05/2016)

Naya Shakti close to unveiling party, ideology (kp 13/04/2016)

Naya Shakti to be registered ‘in April’ (kp 23/03/2016)

Naya Shakti launches city clean-up drive (kp 20/03/2016)

New test: Bhattarai has named his party Naya Shakti but most members are former Maoist leaders and retired civil servants, by David Kainee (rep 16/03/2016)

Why Naya Shakti: Those involved in Naya Shakti have proven their commitment and dedication to serve the people at the grassroots for many years, by Pradeep Man Tulachan (rep 27/02/2016)

Naya Shakti unveils party principles: BRB says his new force would make efforts to maintain transparency and corruption-free society and politics (kp 08/02/2016), New Force awakens: Society and the country should give Baburam Bhattarai a chance to change if he wants to, by Janak Raj Joshi (kp 12/02/2016)

Naya Shakti forms 35-member Interim Council (kp 25/01/2016), Dahal, BRB playing one-upmanship, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 25/01/2016), Baburam Bhattarai inducts 35 members in his New Force’s ICC (ht 25/01/2016), Maoist leaders join Naya Shakti (kp 27/01/2016), Naya Shakti forms four depts (kp 28/01/2016), Of Naya Shakti and ‘halal’ revolutions, by Biswas Baral (rep 30/01/2016), Naya Shakti: Another Gimmick Of Bhattarai?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 31/01/2016), Riddled with contradiction: Baburam Bhattarai needs to come clean and perform public penance before Nepalis accept his new incarnation as a respected leader of Naya Shakti, by Kul Chandra Gautam (rep 01/02/2016), Checkered history: Naya Shakti leader Baburam Bhattarai has missed real opportunities to show his commitment to humanitarian values and peaceful development, by Kul Chandra Gautam (rep 06/02/2016), Bloody old wine: It is harder to forgive Bhattarai because he is an intelligent man capable of seeing the world from other people’s perspective, by Kul Chandra Gautam (rep 13/02/2016)

BRB says ‘Naya Shakti’ structure within a week (kp 21/01/2016), Bhattarai's new party not communist, just leftist (rep 21/01/2016)

New, old politics: Bhattarai’s new force will need to prove that it is not just another party among many others, by Surendra Regmi (kp 26/11/2015), BRB starts process to give shape to new party: To form organisational structure from grassroots (kp 29/11/2015)

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