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Upendra Yadav unanimously elected JSP-Nepal Chairman (rep 12/06/2024), Upendra Yadav re-elected JSP-Nepal chair, unopposed : Parties, where a single leader holds sway, are less accommodating and more autocratic, says Madhesh expert (kp 13/06/2024), JSP halts election process, prepares for unanimous election of party office-bearers (rep 13/06/2024) [This is indeed extremely democratic!], JSP Nepal’s convention concludes, Chair Yadav tasked with appointing central committee members (kh 13/06/2024) [Long live the policy of nomination by the party chairman! That is truly democratic!]

After mergers and splits, Upendra Yadav goes to convention to cement his position : Unity Convention comes at a crucial time when the court weighs a verdict on the legality of Ashok Rai forming party, by Puruashottam Poudel (kp 10/06/2024)

After 7 years of provinces, is Upendra Yadav’s grip on Madhesh politics loosening? If a new political party leads the province, it could improve governance, experts argue. After defeating Yadav in Saptari-2, CK Raut is growing in prominence, at least in Janakpur, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 03/06/2024)

Court issues interlocutory interim order against recognition of Rai-led party : Summons both sides for next hearing on May 21 (kp 16/05/2024)

Upendra Yadav expands JSP-Nepal’s Central Committee (kh 15/05/224)

Deputy PM Upendra Yadav resigns (rep 13/05/2024), JSPN withdraws support to Dahal-led government (ae 13/05/2024), Upendra Yadav challenges EC’s recognition of Janata Samajbadi Party, files writ at Supreme Court (kh 13/05/2024)

Deputy Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City to stay with JSP (rep 11/05/2024)

What caused Samajbadi Party to split?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 10/05/2024)

JSP's split threatens political stability (rep 09/05/2024) [Which stability??]

JSP row: Yet another faction emerges; leaders opt for neutrality (kh 09/05/2024)

JSP MPs, local level members' verification begins (rn 07/05/2024)

JSP splits during Upendra Yadav’s overseas trip, seven lawmakers registering new party (kh 05/05/2024), Faction exiting Upendra Yadav-led JSP to remain in ruling coalition, affirms support for govt (kh 05/05/2024), These are the seven lawmakers exiting from Upendra Yadav-led JSP to form new party (kh 05/05/2024), Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal, a ruling partner, splits : A faction led by federal council chair Ashok Rai applies to register a new party at the Election Commission, by Binod Ghimire (kp 06/05/2024), JSP Chairman Yadav ends foreign tour early, returning to Kathmandu today (rep 06/05/2024), Ashok Rai-led Janata Samajbadi Party officially registered at EC (rep 06/05/2024), There was no reason for party split: JSP leader Suman (kh 07/05/2024) [interview], Upendra Yadav to challenge party split in Supreme Court, calls it conspiracy (kh 07/05/2024), Yadav to move court against new party registration : Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal argues that the Election Commission registered its splinter group without the law to do so (kp 08/05/2024)

JSP to join new federal govt only if allowed to lead Madhesh Province govt (kh 06/03/2024) [So does this regional party also have a centralised mindset?]

Why Yadav is disavowing communist ideology, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 18/10/2023)

JSP implements new party statute, reshuffling committees from central to local- level (rep 26/09/2023)

JSP leaders see Gaur probe talk as tactic to rein in party : If the government reopens Gaur files, ‘Dahal will be digging his own grave,’ warns a Janata Samajbadi Party leader, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 05/09/2023) [Innocent politicians don't have to worry at all! But this way they make themselves suspicious. Political threats to prevent the investigation of crimes do not fit at all into a constitutional state!]

Deal with kin of Gaur victims puts coalition at risk : 27 Maoists died in a clash with cadres of Upendra Yadav’s Madheshi Janadhikar Forum in March 2007 in Rautahat, by Anil Giri (kp 10/08/2023)

JSP vows to lobby for directly elected president and fully proportional parliament : Party chair Yadav presented the draft of the statute on Sunday for deliberations among the party representatives attending the convention. The draft has proposed a two-term limit in the same executive post (kp 27/06/2023)

JSP expels five central members from party (kh 24/06/2023)

JSP leader attempting to cast double votes in Bara-2 arrested (kh 23/04/2023)

JSP recommends Manju Ansari as proportional MP (rep 16/03/2023)

Janata Samajbadi Party to field Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav for Vice President : The election to elect a new Vice President is scheduled for March 17 (kp 09/03/2023) [According to Article 70 of the Constitution, the offices of President and Vice-President must be held by persons of different genders!], Janata Samajbadi Party might have to pick a woman for Vice President : While the party has decided on Ram Sahay Yadav as candidate, election officials say the constitution calls for a woman, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/03/2023)

Vice President: Will Yadav favour women, minority? Janata Samajbadi chair has the chance to recommend one but insiders say he may trade the post for his own MP bid, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 06/03/2023)

Name dispute at JSP-Unified Socialist merger talks : Unified Socialist wants to include the term ‘communist’ in the new party’s name, but Janata Samajbadi Party is insisting on using ‘socialist’ instead, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 14/01/2023)

Unified Socialist to proceed with unification with Janata Samajbadi (kh 07/01/2023)

JSP forms committee for unity with various political parties (kh 03/01/2022)

Ashok Rai’s grip on Janata Samajbadi Party loosens : The party elected Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav, a confidant of chair Upendra Yadav, its parliamentary party leader, dashing Rai’s hopes, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 03/01/2023)

JSP and Unified Socialist working on party unification plan (kh 02/01/2023)

JSP holding Political Committee meeting today and tomorrow (kh 02/01/2023)

JSP not to join govt immediately : Party holding meeting on Jan 2 and 3, 2023 (kh 27/12/2022)

JSP open to joining government, and ruling coalition is positive : Chemjong, a Janata Samajbadi leader, says talks are underway and formal discussion on next move will commence after PR lawmakers are decided, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 10/12/2022) [????]

Government formation in Province 1 gets complex as JSP leaves alliance : Janata Samajbadi chair Uprendra Yadav has said that his party is no longer with the UML-led alliance, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 06/12/2022)

Janata Samajbadi manifesto fails to focus on citizenship issue : Party leaders, however, say the citizenship issue was mentioned implicitly, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 06/11/2022) [The JSP is forgetting one of the most important reasons why Madheshi should vote for this party!]

Is Upendra Yadav in red zone?, by Kusum Bhattarai (kh 29/10/2022)

Prime minister sacks four Janata Samajbadi ministers : They had believed that Deuba wouldn’t take such a major decision after the poll code came into force, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 14/10/2022)

JSP-UML electoral alliance shows politics makes strangest bedfellows : Bonhomie between Janata Samajbadi, a party advocating Madheshi rights, and CPN-UML, its ideological nemesis, suggests a decline of agenda-based politics, experts say, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 13/10/2022)

As nomination day nears, key partner quits ruling alliance : Unhappy with coalition’s offer, Janata Samajbadi reaches out to Oli. Loktantrik Samajbadi jumps in to fill the void, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 08/102022), UML offers Janata Samajbadi what ruling alliance has refused : Leaders say deal is almost done and negotiations are focussed on individual constituencies, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/10/2022) [Oli never means what he promises. He is always concerned only with his personal advantages! The JSP is losing face. Has it really already forgotten Oli's behaviour in 2015?], UML, JSP agree to share 16 seats each in Madesh Province (kh 08/10/2022), Janata Samajbadi Party gets 17 seats as it seals an electoral deal with UML : In return, Janata Samajbadi will support UML in 35 constituencies (kp 08/10/2022) [And I thought seats are decided by the voters!?]

As nomination day nears, key partner quits ruling alliance : Unhappy with coalition’s offer, Janata Samajbadi reaches out to Oli. Loktantrik Samajbadi jumps in to fill the void, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 08/102022)

Dr. Bhattarai announces not to contest in the November 20 election (kh 03/10/2022)

“JSP should get not less than 22 seats”, interview with Raj Kishor Yadav (kh 03/10/2022)

JSP “dissatisfied” with allocation of seats (kh 02/10/2022), Janata Samajbadi hints at leaving five-party electoral alliance : Leaders from Unified Socialist and Janata Samajbadi are irked as Nepali Congress and Maoist Centre want more seats while diminishing their prospects, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 02/10/2022), JSP-N unhappy with ruling alliance : Ready for poll tie up with UML, DSP-N or other parties, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 02/10/2022)

Bhattarai, Dahal say they are joining forces (ht 25/09/2022)

“JSP will rather quit coalition than shrinking to less than 32 ​​seats”, interview with Manish Suman (kh 13/09/2022)

Bhattarai keen to join ruling coalition (ht 10/08/2022)

Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Mahendra Raya Yadav picked chairmen of Nepal Samajbadi Party (kh 07/08/2022), Bhattarai at a crossroads as he bids to build new party before imminent polls : Observers say his intentions to create a new force are fine, but efforts so far have failed, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 07/08/2022)

Former PM Dr. Bhattarai forming Nepal Samajwadi Party (kh 26/07/2022), Baburam Bhattarai registers new party
The leader recently left Janata Samajbadi Party in quest for a ‘socialist centre’
, by Anil Giri (kp 29/07/2022)

Bhattarai set to launch new party : Yadav’s plan to inform Election Commission about expulsion of nine leaders shelved as he is still unsure of his exact strength in central committee, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 19/07/2022)

JSP row: Dr. Bhattarai to remain as a lawmaker (kh 17/07/2022) [An MP elected directly by the people cannot be deposed by undemocratic, power-hungry politicians!]

69 leaders including two CC members quit JSP (rep 16/07/2022)

Janata Samajbadi’s Yadav criticises Bhattarai at factional meeting in Birgunj : Claims attendance of two-thirds Central Committee members, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 14/07/2022), JSP ousts nine executive members, including Dr. Bhattarai (kh 14/07/2022), Baburam’s ouster is a result of his conspiracy to split party: Upendra Yadav (kh 15/07/2022), Dr Bhattarai condemns party action against him, demands cancellation of decision (kh 16/07/2022)

Dr. Bhattarai suggests two ways to steer JSP ahead (With full text) (kh 12/07/2022), Bhattarai raps Yadav at a factional meeting as split looms in Janata Samajbadi Party : Bhattarai faction held a central committee plenum in Kathmandu on Tuesday as Yadav prepares for a similar meeting in Birgunj Wednesday, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/07/2022), Yadav-Bhattarai honeymoon ends with split in JSP-Nepal (ht 13/07/2022)

Leaders close to Bhattarai faction stop visiting JSP office (rep 11/07/2022)

JSP heads duo Upendra Yadav and Baburam Bhattarai call separate meetings (kh 10/07/2022)

Upendra Yadav is the root of controversy and discrimination in JSP, interview with Amrita Agrahari (kh 05/07/2022)

JSP hands over list of new ministers to PM Deuba : Ministers likely to be sworn in today itself (kh 04/07/2022)

Bhattarai faction frets as Yadav goes solo with Cabinet reshuffle proposal : Deuba calls for consensus proposal. Observers say JSP dispute could impact the coalition, by Anil Giri (kp 30/06/2022), Janata Samajwadi Party row: Yadav, Bhattarai agree to part ways (nlt 30/06/2022), JSP row: Baburam and Upendra to part ways (kh 01/07/2022), Bhattarai, Yadav set to part ways 3 years after union as discord reaches tipping point : Two leaders, who are like chalk and cheese, have partnered longer than many expected, and a split is not if but when, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 01/07/2022), JSP row: Bhattarai and Yadav agree to part ways amicably, by Bhuwan Sharma (rep 01/07/2022)

As storm within JSP continues to rage, the party heads towards split (kh 13/06/2022) [Temporarily changing laws by ordinance to allow party divisions is criminal. Draft a completely new Political Parties Act that finally prescribes democratic structures and procedures for the parties and drastically curtails the power of party leaders!], Janata Samajwadi Party decides to recall ministers (nlt 28/06/2022), JSP decides to call back its ministers without Baburam’s consent : Dr. Bhattarai and Ashok Rai pushed aside (kh 28/06/2022)

Janata Samajbadi on the brink as conflict escalates between Yadav and Bhattarai : Two leaders came together in May 2019, but differences have surfaced now which could even alter national politics, by Anil Giri andTika R Pradhan (kp 09/06/2022)

JSP Chair Yadav urges LSP leaders for party unification (kh 08/06/2022)

Upset at local election results, two Madhes parties look for options : Will Janata Samajbadi and Loktantrik Samajbadi explore merger for upcoming polls?, by Anil Giri (kp 31/05/2022)

“JSP, in fact, does not need an alliance in Madhes”, interview with Raj Kishor Yadav (kh 24/04/2022)

JSP dissatisfied as ruling coalition allocates mayor of Nepalgunj to NC (kh 22/04/2022)

JSP Chief Whip Pramod Sah attacked; guard’s pistol snatched away (kh 26/03/2022), Federal MP Shah seriously injured in clash over land dispute, by Madan Thakur (rep 26/03/2022), JSP accuses UML of attacking their Chief Whip Shah (rep 26/03/2022)

Janata Samajbadi holding long overdue meeting amid power tussle in the party : Party chair Upendra Yadav calls the meeting after leaders from the Bhattarai faction threatened to launch a signature campaign to demand a meeting, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/02/2022), JSP’s “crucial” Central Executive Committee meeting underway (kh 25/02/2022)

JSP-N chair stresses need of strong political party in Madhes (ht 18/02/2022)

What is behind the rift inside the Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal?  Party insiders point to issues ranging from an unequal distribution of ministerial positions in the government to the recent ‘death threat’ by Renu Kumari Yadav against CK Raut, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 25/01/2022)

Two major Madhes-based parties in crisis : Disputes deepen in Upendra Yadav’s Janata Samajbadi Party and Mahantha Thakur’s Loktantrik Samajbadi Party over key appointments (kp 12/01/2022)

SP Chair Yadav advocates for change in socio-political system for Dalit liberation (kh 06/12/2021)

JSP holding Executive Committee meeting today (kh 21/11/2021)

Struggle continues: JSP-N Chair Yadav (ht 17/11/2021)

JSP Chair Yadav says people will make another constitution if existing one not amended (kh 08/11/2021)

JSP members burn effigies of party chair Upendra Yadav (rep 10/10/2021)

JSP finalizes names of Ministers to join Deuba Cabinet (kh 08/10/2021)

JSP organizing public awareness program in Humla (kh 24/09/2021)

JSP getting stronger in Province 2 (rep 05/09/2021)

14 HoR MPs supporting Mahantha Thakur verify signatures at EC (kh 25/08/2021)

Thakur-Mahato group to participate in govt if newly proposed DSP gets EC’s go-ahead (kh 21/08/2021)

Mahantha Thakur faction changes names of proposed party : New name is Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (kh 20/08/2021)

JSP’s Mahantha Thakur faction to register new party : Name and election symbol to be JSP (Democratic) and Bicycle (kh 18/08/2021), JSP’s Thakur faction applies with EC to register JSP (Democratic) : New party Janata Samajbadi Party (Democratic) will have "bicycle" as election symbol (kh 18/08/2021), Mahantha Thakur registers JSP Nepal (Democratic) at EC : "Bicycle" as election symbol (kh 18/08/2021)

After losing party chair, Mahantha Thakur is in dilemma : The Janata Samajbadi leader is organising gatherings in districts to test the waters as he awaits a crucial court verdict, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 13/08/2021)

Governance, constitution ought to be along the lines of a multinational state: JSP leader Mahato (kh 12/08/2021)

Election Commission updates central executive committee of Samajbadi Party : In the new body, party chair Mahantha Thakur and his 15 supporters have not been included, pushing the party towards a split, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/08/2021)

SC Rejects To Issue Interim Order On Petition Against JSP Unity (rn 09/08/2021)

JSP picks Chair Yadav as parliamentary party leader (kh 31/07/2021)

Why Mahanta Thakur is now in need of a makeover : The Janata Samajbadi Party chair was the face of Madhes politics but after siding with Oli, he has to give some answers to his constituency, and time will tell how he fares, by Binod Ghimire (kp 31/07/2021)

JSP sacks three of its lawmakers in Lumbini Province (rep 30/07/2021)

Thakur files writ petition at SC against EC’s decision to grant legitimacy to Yadav-led faction (rep 30/07/2021), Thakur challenges EC decision in apex court, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 31/07/2021)

JSP expels three lawmakers in Lumbini Province, notifies PA Secretariat (kh 29/07/2021)

JSP-N decides to join Deuba's government (ht 29/07/2021)

JSP’s Yadav-Bhattarai faction holding CEC meeting at 2 pm : Thakur-Mahato faction also invited (kh 27/07/2021)

Split certain in Janata Samjbadi as Yadav-Bhattarai group awarded party : Thakur faction can register a new party, but the idea of an alternative force has gone down the drain, say analysts, as their unity was out of compulsion rather than conviction, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 27/07/2021), Poll panel hands JSP-Nepal to Yadav's faction, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 27/07/2021)

JSP dispute: 34 out of 51 Executive Members sign in favor of Yadav faction (kh 26/07/2021), Yadav-Bhattarai group set to get Janata Samajbadi Party : 34 members of 51-strong executive committee sign in favour of Yadav and Bhattarai (kp 26/07/2021)

Plea against EC move on headcount quashed (ht 26/07/2021)

JSP-N factions hold hectic meetings prior to EC's head count (ht 25/07/2021)

JSP Yadav faction holds Executive Committee meeting in Balkumari (kh 24/07/2021)

जति नेता त्यति गुट : जुन समुदायमा आफ्नै सरकारसँग लड्ने शक्ति हुन्छ, त्यसले चिरकालसम्म उसलाई पराजित मनोविज्ञानमा रहन दिन्न । [The more leaders, the more factions : A community that has the power to fight its own government should not be allowed to live in a defeatist mentality forever], by Chandra Kishor (ka 22/07/2021)

EC summons JSP Executive Committee members for identification (kh 22/07/2021)

PM Deuba-Mahanta meet: JSP’s Mahanta faction likely to join govt (kh 21/07/2021), JSP demands 7 ministries; Thakur-Mahato faction willing to join govt (kh 22/07/2021)

JSP endorses parliamentary party statute unanimously (rep 20/07/2021)

Yadav-led Janata Samajbadi Party to join Deuba cabinet (rep 18/07/2021)

18 HoR Members Of JSP-N Yadav's Faction To Support PM Deuba (rn 18/07/2021), JSP to give vote of confidence to Deuba government : HoR's Sunday session witnesses confusion in JSP (kh 18/07/2021)

EC to begin hearing to resolve JSP dispute (kh 18/07/2021)

Five JSP MPs switch sides; leave Chair Thakur to join Co-chair Yadav (kh 17/07/2021)

Dhanusha’s Hari Narayan Yadav approaches EC to register RJP in his name (kh 10/07/2021)

JSP headed towards split as EC’s last-resort effort to strike deal between two factions fails (kh 06/07/2021), Janata Samajbadi Party decide to split a little more than a year after merger : The Election Commission will decide on which of the two warring factions led by the two chairs Thakur and Yadav will get the party’s name and symbol (kp 06/07/2021), Split in Samajbadi Party is no surprise as its formation was unnatural, analysts say : The Election Commission will decide which of the two rival factions will get the party name and election symbol, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 07/07/2021), EC to take a call on JSP-N factional feud, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 07/07/2021), EC forms a distinct bench to resolve JSP dispute (kh 07/07/2021)

Election Commission summons both factions of JSP to resolve dispute (kh 29/06/2021)

Testing times for the Janata Samajbadi Party, as a faction supporting Oli faces setback : Thakur-Mahato group’s ministers lost their jobs after Tuesday’s court order, but division in the party is so deep that a formal split looks like just a matter of time, by Anil Giri (kp 24/06/2021)

Thakur-Mahato faction submits list claiming majority in executive committee, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 20/06/2021)

JSP-Nepal expels nine ministers from party (ht 18/06/2021)

SP-N accuses poll panel of bias (ht 15/06/2021)

EC: Expulsions from JSP-Nepal not consistent with Political Party Act (ht 14/06/2021)

JSP asks its ministers for explanation within seven days (kh 14/06/2021)

Political briefing: The unraveling of Madhesi unity : The Mahanta Thakur faction breaking away and joining the Oli government may be pure electoral calculation, by Biswas Baral (ae 03/06/2021)

EC seeks documents from JSP-N factions (ht 03/06/2021)

Thakur-Mahato group mulls forming a new party with Tripathi (kh 02/06/2021)

Janata Samajbadi wants ordinance to split party before joining government : Thakur-Mahato faction wants a split fearing expulsion by a powerful Yadav-Bhattarai camp if Parliament is revived, by Anil Giri (kp 01/06/2021), JSP Yadav faction expels four leaders, including Thakur and Mahato (kh 01/06/2021) [Oli continues to succeed in dividing parties!], JSP Chair Thakur faction decides to expel Chair Yadav (kh 01/06/2021), JSP letter on party action registered at Election Commission (kh 01/06/2021)

Thakur and Mahato holding talks with PM Oli : Likely to join government soon (kh 31/05/2021)

Amid heightened rift, JSP leaders engage in a tug-of-war (kh 30/05/2021)

Four JSP leaders including Thakur given 24 hours to submit clarification (rep 29/05/2021)

JSP row: Thakur-Mahato group to coax Rai for majority (kh 27/05/2021), Thakur faction of JSP likely to register RJP at EC today : JSP on verge of split (kh 27/05/2021), JSP-N on the verge of split? Rift widens as co-chairs seek explanation from each other (ht 27/05/2021)

JSP on verge of split with both factions taking action against each other (kh 26/05/2021) [Oli is again successful in using the Hindu political means of bheda by division, betrayal, sowing discord among opponents!]

JSP’s Yadav-Bhattarai faction to seek clarification from 4 leaders including Thakur (kh 25/05/2021)

Political analysts wonder why JSP Chair Thakur constantly supports Oli (kh 22/05/2021), Thakur-Mahato faction of JSP welcomes House dissolution (Setopati 22/05/2021) [This means the end of the JSP and thus another success of Oli's policy!], JSP Executive Committee to take action against four leaders, including Thakur, Mahato (kh 22/05/2021), Thakur-Mahato faction of Janata Samajbadi to join government : An observer of Madhes politics says the party will split  if the faction joins the Oli Cabinet amid polarisation, by Anil Giri (kp 23/05/2021)

JSP leader Bhattarai calls to resolve imbroglio invoking Article 76 (5) (kh 21/05/2021), JSP holding PP meeting to dwell on power-sharing today (kh 21/05/2021), PM Oli-Thakur agree to form task force to amend constitution (kh 21/05/2021) [Oli promised the same in 2018 when he was elected prime minister, but later he would not hear of it. He belongs to the circle of those male Tagadharis, especially  Bahuns, who pushed through the constitution in this very form to ensure their dominance!], JSP PP meeting ends without concrete decision (kh 21/05/2021)

Janata Samajbadi in a bid to bring a new twist to the tale of Nepal politics : The party says it is ready to lead the government, a condition that could leave Oli in a precarious position, by Anil Giri (kp 19/05/2021)  [This demand is not new and it is understandable in one respect: The three other parties want to continue as before, with the same, largely failed and non-inclusive party leaders!], The difficulty of being JSP : It risks becoming a collateral damage in the clash among the big three political titans (kp 20/05/2021)

Leaders underplay spectre of split hovering over JSP-N (ht 18/05/2021) [The dissent within the JSP is also a result of PM Oli's use of the Hindu political device bheda (sowing discord among opponents)], JSP Chairmen Thakur and Yadav agree to consolidate party : JSP would rather lead the government than joining Oli-led govt (kh 18/05/2021)

Yadav-Bhattarai faction of JSP-N rejects idea of Mahato as PP leader (ht 16/05/2021), JSP’s Chairmen duo Thakur and Yadav holding talks at Balkumari (kh 16/0/2021)

JSP not in favor of an alternative government, Thakur and Mahato tells President (kp 12/05/2021)

Janata Samajbadi’s Thakur not to support government formation process : Thakur’s Monday midnight statement makes the government formation even trickier as the Congress and the Maoist Centre lack the numbers (kp 11/05/2021) [Obviously, you want Nepal to go further down the drain or prolong the disastrous Oli government, which is somewhat the same thing, Mr Thakur! How can you want to destroy your homeland so deliberately?]

JSP leaders likely to desert PM Oli (kh 07/05/2021), Can’t give a vote of confidence: Mahanta tells PM Oli (kh 09/05/2021)

JSP-N to back no-confidence motion : Opposition to the move by Thakur, Mahato might split the party, by Ram Kumar kamat (ht 01/05/2021) [This is all a consequence of Oli's policy of sowing discord among his political opponents, one of the traditional means (upaya) of Hindu politics to maintain a ruler's power!], Oli caused formation of Janata Samajbadi Party. Now he is prompting its split : Cracks have emerged in the party which was formed in April last year through the merger between Rastriya Janata Party Nepal and Samajbadi Party Nepal, by Anil Giri (kp 02/02/2021)

JSP’s “majority members” agree to bring no-confidence motion against PM Oli (kh 30/04/2021)

JSP still undecided on its role in Nepal’s political equation : Office-bearers meeting ends sans forming official stance on power-sharing (kh 27/04/2021)

JSP-N undecided, new govt formation in limbo (ht 25/04/2021)

JSP Chair Thakur calls meeting of lawmakers close to him (kh 22/04/2021) [Is it really worth risking party unity to support a putschist PM? Oli will never deliver what he promises, as he has proved so often!]

Govt decides to withdraw cases filed against JSP cadres (kh 19/04/2021) [Part of Oli's policy to win over the divided JSP? Not to forget: Already in 2018, Oli had promised the party all sorts of things without ever delivering!]

Janata Samajbadi, amid differences within party, close to a deal with Oli : Leaders say the government has given them word to free their lawmaker and to withdraw cases against their cadres in return for support to Oli on early polls and the MCC, by Anil Giri (kp 17/04/2021)

Janata Samajbadi seeks time to decide and politics is stalled againThree parties finally meet to discuss unseating Oli. Nepali Congress and Maoist Centre agree to join hands, but the fourth largest party wants to  wait for Oli’s response, by Binod Ghimire and Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/04/2021)

Govt agrees to withdraw all cases filed against cadres: JSP leaders (kh 09/04/2021)

As Congress and Janata Samajbadi Party hem and haw, politics has stagnated : Congress leaders say Deuba must take a lead, but he is still reluctant with one eye on the polls. Maoist Centre’s indecision on withdrawing support complicates things, by Anil Giri (kp 06/04/2021), NC's New Initiative JSP In Decisive Position, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 06/04/2021)

JSP leaders Yadav and Bhattarai discuss new power-sharing with Deuba (kh 01/04/2021)

JSP will not go against incumbent govt: Mahantha Thakur (kh 30/03/2021) [Putschists like Oli must be kept in power at all costs?]

Janata Samajbadi looks set to support Oli even as some leaders oppose idea : Those holding talks with the prime minister say there is  no harm in joining the government if their demands, including freeing Resham Chaudhary, are met, by Tika R Pradhan (kp) [If KP Olis, one of the biggest opponents of Madhesh interests, is supported, the JSPN will be permanently damaged!]

Oli and Janata Samajbadi Party take their talks one step aheadBut hurdles remain as not all in Samajbadi Party are willing to support Oli government, by Anil Giri (kp 24/03/2021) [No one from any party should support Oli after all the reprehensible and anti-democratic things he has done out of pure lust for power!], JSP-Nepal leaders offer support to Oli, by Ram Kumar Kamat (kp 24/03/2021), JSP won’t join Oli-led govt under any circumstance: Upendra Yadav (rep 26/03/2021)

UML and JSP discuss constitution amendment, government formation (kh 23/03/2021) [This is exactly what Oli had already promised the JSPN once in 2018. After their entry into his government, he no longer wanted to know anything about it! But even with the participation of the JSPN, the Oli government would not have a majority in parliament!]

As Janata Samajbadi rift grows, so does uncertainty over new coalition formation : While the Thakur-Mahato faction of Janata Samajbadi Party supports Oli, the Yadav-Bhattarai faction wants to join hands with the Congress and the Maoist Centre, by Anil Giri (kp 20/03/2021), To ally with Oli or NC-Maoist Center: JSP in Hamletian dilemma (kh 20/03/2021) [The Oli government should not be supported on moral grounds!], Mistrust for Dahal leaves JSP-N in dilemma, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 23/03/2021)

Janata Samajwadi Party meeting postponed (kh 18/03/2021)

JSP-N leaders set riders for support : Party emerges key player in formation of next government, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 12/03/2021) [Going into coalition with a PM who has repeatedly cheated the Madheshis and plotted against the state and the constitution is morally reprehensible!], Janata Samajbadi Party PP meeting concludes, no new decision taken to join govt (rep 12/03/2021), JSP-Nepal leaders meet Deuba (ht 13/03/2021), JSP and Maoist Center meeting concludes, no concrete decision taken regarding govt formation (rep 13/03/2021) [The CPN-MC is not capable of forming a government without dependence on the NC!]

No decision reached despite one-hour-long discussion between NC and JSP leaders (kh 12/03/2021)

JSP to stake claim government leadership : PP meeting fails to elect parliamentary party leader (kh 12/03/2021)

JSP leaders meeting PM Oli at 5 PM today (kh 11/03/2021)

Changed context catapults Janata Samajbadi Party into the spotlight : Both UML and Maoist Centre are in a bid to woo fourth largest party, for its 32 members in Parliament now hold the key, by Anil Giri (kp 10/03/2021) [The united NCP has repeatedly lied and deceived the JSPN in the past. Oli was not sympathetic to the concerns of the Madheshis as early as 2015!], PM Oli in mood to split JSP for new power sharing (kh 10/03/10) [A person without any morals and political culture, who destroys the entire state if necessary to safeguard his personal power interests!]

CPN (MC) holds talks with JSP over forming new govt (rep 10/0372021)

JSP unlikely to join joint agitation against HoR dissolution being led by Dahal-Nepal faction of NCP (rep 11/02/2021)

All’s not well inside Janata Samajbadi Party : While Bhattarai and Yadav want to protest against the dissolution of the House, Thakur and Mahato have other plans, by Anil Giri (kp 21/01/2021)

Congress, JSP-N rule out any : truck with Dahal-led NCP, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 31/12/2020)

JSP-N stages protest in Rajbiraj, Gaur (ht 24/12/2020)

Where the Janata Samajbadi Party is when  ruling and opposition parties are failing : At a time when the federal system is under attack, party leaders admit that they are disoriented, largely because they are trying to figure out their goal, purpose and ideology, by Anil Giri (kp 08/12/2020)

Dr Bhattarai named chairman of Janata Samajbadi Party’s federal council (rep 20/10/2020)

JSP’s Central Committee to have 801 members (kh 20/10/2020)

The way ahead for the Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 31/07/2020)

Janata Samajbadi Party registered at Election Commission: The party, with was born out of merger between Samajbadi Party and Rastriya Janata Party, now will be the third largest party in the Lower House withe 32 seats (kp 09/07/2020), Janata Samajwadi Party registered with EC (kh 09/07/2020)

Sarita Giri expelled from party, Parliament: Vows to move the Supreme Court against Samajwadi Party-Nepal decision, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 08/07/2020)

Janata Samajbadi Party decides to vote in favor of constitution amendment bill (rep 13/06/2020)

Janata Samajbadi Party gets registered with poll body but issue of hierarchy remains: Mahantha Thakur and Upendra Yadav will have executive powers in the party while Baburam Bhattarai will lead the federal council, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 08/06/2020)

JSP-N leaders discuss party leadership: Discussions focused on two co-chairpersons model, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 07/06/2020)

JSP-Nepal registers private constitution amendment bill (ht 02/06/2020), Janata Party and Samajbadi Party register private constitution amendment bill of their own: The regional parties propose amendments to 23 issues that are aimed at addressing the long-standing concerns of the Madhesis, Tharus and Janajatis, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 02/06/23020) [Both parties have joined in April under the name Janata Samqajwadi Party - Nepal! The author obviously has missed this.]

Madhes-based parties press own demands alongside constitution amendment for new map: While there’s no debate on an issue of national importance, the constitutional amendment bill could be an opportune moment to address long-standing demands of Madhesis, Janajatis and Tharus, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 24/05/2020) [The clarification of territorial claims is certainly important and decades overdue, but the inclusion of population groups that have been excluded for centuries, even under the constitution of 2015, is even more significant, a fact that the male Bahun at the head of the state and parties do not want to understand. It is problematic, however, that the leadership of the ethnic and regional parties is also exclusively male!], JSP-N seeks NC support for constitution amendment (ht 24/05/2020), Janata Samajbadi Party reiterates demand for constitutional amendment to incorporate concerns of Madhesi community: As the government prepares to revise the constitution to legitimise new map, Samajbadi leaders tell the Business Advisory Committee of Parliament that it’s also an ‘opportune’ moment to address their concerns, by Binod Ghimire (kp 25/05/2020)

Unity of the two Madhesi parties could be hamstrung by a lack of coherence among their leaders: Analysts are wary of welcoming the unification of the two Madhes-based parties as they see it as a reactive move rather than a unity born out of shared agendas, by Anil Giri (kp 28/04/2020)

SP-N alleges party lawmaker abducted (ht 24/04/2020)

SRJP-N, SP-N unify, register new party at EC:  Poll panel to decide by tomorrow; New ordinance proves to be a catalyst for unification, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 24/04/2020)

RJP and Samajbadi merge to form ‘Janata Samajbadi Party’ (kh 22/04/2020)

Janata Party and Samajbadi Party resume informal talks for merger but are stuck at leadership modality: While both parties are on the same page on agendas, leadership management will be key when it comes to unification, leaders say, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 11/03/2020)

With no signal from the government, Janata Party reconsiders merger with Samajbadi Party: Janata Party has preconditions to joining government but with talks stalled, an alliance with the Samajbadi party could preserve the coalition in Province 2, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 12/02/2020) [It's the only reasonable option either! The ruling NCP will neveer respect the inclusion demands of Janajati and Madheshi groups!]

What Yadav’s exit means: Withdrawal of support by SPN from the federal government is not likely to end in fiasco. It has created an environment of polarization of politics between the communist and democratic forces (, by Hari Bansh Jha (rep 02/01/2020)

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