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The kingdom within a republic : Mustang’s king grapples with the impact of climate breakdown and other challenges, by Durga Rana Magar (nt 14/06/2024)

NC-led govt in Gandaki Province loses majority as lawmaker Devkota ousted from his position (kh 14/06/2024) [The political chaos in the provinces is definitely not a consequence of the federal system, but is caused by the lust for power of the incompetent so-called top politicians at the central level of the system, who have not understood the functioning and purpose of federalism at all!], Devkota loses seat in Gandaki provincial assembly : The Samajbadi member, who won the election with Maoist Centre symbol, was removed for defying the Maoist whip (kp 15/06/2024)

Devkota and Manange set to become ministers in Gandaki Province (kh 11/06/2024), Devkota and Gurung sworn in as ministers in Gandaki Cabinet : Devkota had defied Maoist Centre whip to back the chief minister. This will be Gurung’s sixth stint as Gandaki minister, by Deepak Pariyar (kp 12/06/2024)

Gandaki CM Surendra Raj Pandey secures vote of confidence (rep 10/06/2024), Gandaki Chief Minister Pandey wins trust vote after floor cross : Phanindra Devkota, a lawmaker from the Nepal Samajbadi Party who fought the 2022 election using the CPN (Maoist Centre) symbol, votes for the chief minister, by Deepak Pariyar (kp 11/06/2024)

Surendra Pandey appointed Gandaki Province Chief Minister (kh 29/05/2024), CM Pandey and two other ministers of Gandaki Province take oath of office and secrecy (rep 29/05/2024), Pandey is Gandaki chief minister again after court order : Surendra Pandey’s party, Nepali Congress, has just 27 seats in the 60-strong provincial assembly, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 30/05/2024) [Incessant power struggles, creation of constant political instability, endless manipulations, prevention of the rule of law, disregard of basic civil liberties, neglect of the interests of both the State and the people - this is what Nepal's politicians do best!]

SC nullifies Chief Minister Adhikari’s vote of confidence, Gandaki govt collapses (kh 27/05/2024)

NC, RPP lawmakers’ absence leads to postponement of Gandaki PA Meeting (kh 24/05/2024)

Infrastructure development gains momentum up in Gandaki Province (rep 19/05/2024)

Court bars Gandaki government from taking long-term decisions : The bench issues a show cause notice to the defendants and prioritises the writ petition (kp 11/05/2024)

Gandaki chief minister expands Cabinet amid controversy : Bhandari Lal Ahir returns in Lumbini Cabinet 15 days after quitting, by Pratichya Kafle and Birendra KC (kp 07/05/2024), NC challenges confidence vote of Gandaki Province CM, files writ at Supreme Court (kh 07/05/2024)

Expert views clash over Gandaki CM’s confidence vote (kh 05/05/2024), With the Speaker’s vote, Chief Minister Adhikari secures vote of confidence in Gandaki Province (kh 05/05/2024), Gandaki Speaker announces majority in favour of Chief Minister Adhikari, Congress protests : The opposition party objects to Speaker Dhital’s recognition of 30 as a majority in the 60-strong provincial assembly, by Deepak Pariyar and Pratiksha Kafle (kp 06/05/2024)

Court quashes petition against Adhikari’s appointment as chief minister : The apex court suggests resolving the dispute through floor test from the provincial assembly (kp 30/04/2024)

Gandaki CM Adhikari assigns portfolios to Deepak Manange and Hari Chuman (kh 20/04/2024) [A person with a criminal past should not be made a minister!]

Gandaki Provincial Assembly set to kick off amidst political turmoil (kh 19/04/2024), Gandaki province assembly postponed indefinitely (kh 19/04/2024)

Gandaki CM adds ministries, plans to increase from 7 to 9 (kh 11/04/2024) [Originally it was said that there should not be more than 7 ministers in the provinces, but there are so many mainly male high-caste politicians who would also like to be ministers... ]

Khagaraj Adhikari of CPN-UML vies for the post of Gandaki Province CM (kh 07/04/2024), Adhikari appointed Gandaki's Chief Minister (rn 07/04/2024), Three leaders, including Chief Minister Adhikari, sworn in to Gandaki Cabinet (kh 07/04/2024), NC protests against UML leader Adhikari’s appointment as Gandaki CM (kh 07/04/2024) [Nepalese politicians obviously do not understand that they have to abide by court decisions!], UML defies top court precedent to form government in Gandaki : Nepali Congress, the largest party in the assembly, is set to challenge the province head’s decision to appoint Khagaraj Adhikari the chief minister, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/04/2024), Lumbini, Gandaki chief ministers sworn in : This is Adhikari’s second stint as Gandaki chief minister. He first took the post in January last year but lost it after failing to secure the vote of confidence during the floor test in the provincial assembly in April, by Ghanashyam Gautam, Birendra KC and Pratichya Kafle (kp 08/04/2024), NC to challenge Gandaki Chief Minister appointment in Supreme Court (kh 08/04/2024), NC appeals SC to invalidate appointment of Gandaki CM Adhikari (kh 09/04/2024), SC issues show cause order regarding Gandaki CM Adhikari’s appointment (kh 10/04/2024), Top court bars Gandaki government from taking decisions with long-term consequences : The order issued by Justice Binod Sharma applies until a final verdict is passed (kp 11/04/2024)

Gandaki CM Pandey resigns (rep 03/04/2024)

Gandaki Province undergoes Cabinet reshuffle: Deepak Manange named Minister for Physical Infrastructure (kh 18/03/2024) [Another politician with a legal background who has obviously been given a ministerial post to secure a majority!]

Public holiday tomorrow in Gandaki (kh 15/02/2024)

Attention drawn towards sluggish implementation of programs in Gandaki (kh 01/02/2024)

Gandaki government intensifies infrastructure development (kh 25/12/2023)

Gandaki province implementing 1,400 projects (kh 03/12/2023

Gandaki wasting resources in useless projects, by Keshav Sharan Lamichhane (ae 18/07/2023)

Various schemes of Gandaki included in Federal Policy and Program (kh 20/05/2023)

Gandaki govt makes changes in ministries (kh 12/05/2023)

Gandaki Chief Minister Pandey secures vote of confidence (kh 04/05/2023)

NC’s Surendra Raj Pandey to be appointed Gandaki Province CM (kh 27/04/2023)

Gandaki CM Adhikari fails to garner vote of confidence : NC Gandaki Province leader Pandey likely to become new CM (kh 22/04/2023) [The main thing is to maintain continuity: a male Bahun is exchanged for another male Bahun. Otherwise, it's all about power struggles as ordered by the central level. The concerns of the people in the province and the rules of a federal democracy are of no real interest to any of these politicians!]

Gandaki CM Adhikari stresses on safeguarding achievements (kh 22/04/2023) [Which achievements?]

Gandaki CM Adhikari likely to step down on April 22 (kh 15/04/2023)

Provincial pride projects in Gandaki in limbo : Political instability, lack of coordination between federal and provincial governments, budget crunch, and the pandemic are cited as the reasons, by Pratiksha Kafle (kp 10/04/2023)

Province govt cautioned not to take decisions having long-term impacts (kh 26/036/2023)

Maoist Center to quit Gandaki government today (kh 24/03/2023), Maoist Center withdraws support given UML govt in Gandaki province (kh 24/03/2023)

Gandaki Province reduces number of ministries (kh 23/01/2023)

UML’s Khagaraj Adhikari to be appointed Gandaki CM (kh 09/01/2023), UML leader Adhikari gets appointed as Gandaki Province CM (kh 09/01/2023)

Efforts to form new government in Gandaki begins (kh 18/12/2022)

Concept of Deukhuri as Lumbini’s permanent capital implemented (rep 06/12/2022)

NC’s Sherchan elected to Mustang’s Provincial Assembly (B) (kh 21/11/2022)

NC candidate Gurung wins from Mustang in Gandaki Province Assembly (kh 21/11/2022)

Gandaki government sacks another minister : In the last seven days, Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Krishna Chandra Nepali has sacked two ministers, accusing them of not supporting the ruling alliance for the polls (nlt 15/11/2022)

Gandaki Province Chief Minister sacks energy minister Hari Sharan Acharya (nlt 08/11/2022), Minister sacked for anti-alliance activities (ht 09/11/2022)

Gandaki Province passes RTI Bill (kh 12/08/2022)

Call to roll back tax increase (kh 07/08/2022)

Human resource crunch identified as key challenge in Gandaki Province (kp 13/11/2021)

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