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Madhesh struggles with rising cases of missing children : Lack of study and authorities’ inaction hamper efforts to tackle the problem. Number of missing female children is higher than males, rescue group says, by Shiva Puri (kp 15/08/2023)

Flood, inundation survivors to get relief in Madhes (kh 10/08/2023)

Madhes CM expands cabinet for fifth time (kh 31/07/2023)

Two ministers from Janamat party resign from ministerial roles in Madhes (kh 31/07/2023)

Many local units in Madhesh are mired in disputes among elected officials : The discords have paralysed daily administrative work and development activities, by Shiva Puri and Ajit Tiwari (kp 13/07/2023)

UML obstructs Madhesh provincial assembly meeting : Accuses Minister for Economic Affairs Sanjay Yadav of corruption, by Santosh Singh (kp 08/07/2023)

Budget allocated to Madhes is less than revenue from there: Dr. CK Raut (kh 16/06/2023)

Exploring Through The Madhes Capital, by Nayak Paudel (rn 16/06/2023)

Madhesh CM Yadav to take vote of confidence today (rep 13/06/2023)

Maoist Center to boycott Madhes assembly today (kh 08/06/2023)

After Upendra Yadav-CK Raut rivalry, Madhesh politics—and government—won’t remain the same : After a minister was stripped of portfolio, Janamat Party considers pulling out of the provincial administration, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 25/05/2023)

Madhes Province CM Yadav expands Cabinet (ae 23/05/2023), CPN (MC) decides to pull out of Madhes government (ae 23/05/2023)

A tug of war in Madhesh for chief minister’s chair : Observers say a power-sharing deal in the province looks trickier, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 17/04/2023)

CM Yadav instructs UML ministers to resign (kh 04/04/2023), Madhesh govt: UML ministers resign (rep 04/04/2023)

LSP to sit in opposition bench in Madhes province (kh 15/02/2023)

Maoist Center joins Madhesh Province government (kh 07/02/2023)

Madhes Province Cabinet expanded CPN-Maoist Centre stays out of the government, by Bal Krishna Sah (ht 04/02/2023)

Madhes province: Cabinet expansion in limbo (kh 01/02/2023)

Madhes province govt’s development expenditure dismal (kh 29/01/2023)

Madhesh Province: Two independent provincial assembly members join JSP (rep 22/01/2023)

LSP to participate in Madhesh Province government (kh 13/01/2023)

Saroj Kumar Yadav appointed chief minister of Madhesh Province (nlt 11/01/2023)

Who will lead Madhesh? As federal coalition partners Janata Samajbadi and Janamat parties haggle with the CPN-UML over the chief minister post, the opposition Nepali Congress is trying to steal the deal, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 29/12/2022)

10 parties to represent Madhesh Pradesh Assembly (kh 11/12/2022)

Polls in Madhesh: JSP and LSP lose ground (kh 30/11/2022)

UML stands first, NC second in Madhesh in Nov 20 elections (kh 29/11/2022)

CM Raut dismisses NC ministers (kp 14/10/2022)) [Once again, a sign of complete misunderstanding of the federal state: if a party leaves the government at the national level, it is logical that its ministers must quit. But the provincial level must not have anything to do with this. If everything depends on the power-hungry losers at the national level, you can forget about federalism!]

Madhes Pradesh has 2.9 million eligible voters (kh 09/10/2022)

NC Madhesh Province decision not to accept the coalition without 60 percent seats (kh 09/09/2022) [In view of the poor performance of the NC in the previous elections, such a demand is completely out of touch. completely absurd! Regardless, candidates should be chosen by the voters and not selected by party politicians!]

Madhes government announces protest over delay in police adjustment : Internal Affairs Minister Bharat Shah says the first phase will start Sunday (kp 13/08/2022)

Madhesh govt demands extension of payment time (rep 12/07/2022)

Madhesh Provincial Assembly passes tax and non-tax related bill (rep 10/07/2022)

Daughter insurance scheme to begin in Madhesh Province soon: CM Raut (kh 09/06/2022)

Policy and programs being presented in the Madhes Provincial Assembly today (kh 05/06/2022)

In Madhesh Province, the political landscape is changing : Analysts say the CPN-UML will likely gain from the deep divisions in the Madhesi parties and the alliance politics of five ruling forces, by Anil Giri (kp 09/05/2022) [KP Oli has also pursued a sometimes brutal anti-Madhesh policy since 2015 and has shown no understanding for the concerns of the Tarai people. It is hard to imagine that the people have already forgotten this!]

Dr Jha is the 'great fool' of the year (rep 19/03/2022)

As Election Nears, Trend Of Switching Parties Rises In Madhes, by Shiva Shankar Mishra (rn 16/03/2022)

Madhes Pradesh Assembly discussing implementation of Provincial Police Act (kh 22/02/2022)

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