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Sudurpaschim CM Sodari secures vote of confidence (rep 16/05/2024)

UML to back CM Sodari in Sudurpaschim Province without joining government (kh 15/05/2024)

Sudurpaschim govt spends just 34.5% of allocated budget in 10 months of current FY (rep 14/05/2024) [Governments and parties are only good for fighting over budgets, not for spending and investing!]

Sudurpaschim provincial assembly meeting for CM Sodari’s vote of confidence postponed for second time (kh 04/05/2024), Vote of confidence of Sudurpaschim CM becomes uncertain as UML leaders arrives in Kathmandu (rep 04/05/2024) [In the exceptional federal state of Nepal, all decisions are made centrally in Kathmandu!], Sudurpaschim Chief Minister Sodari’s trust vote uncertain as UML buys time : Assembly meetings scheduled for Friday and Saturday deferred due to dispute, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 05/05/2024) [Power struggles and the changing of coalitions and governments, usually in breach of original agreements, are the exclusive tasks of the political parties!]

Tika Thapa of Nagarik Unmukti Party appointed minister in Sudurpaschim Province (kh 30/04/2024)

Unified Socialist-led govt will be formed in Sudurpaschim Province: Rajendra Pandey (kh 18/04/2024) [The irrational and anti-democratic power struggles of the power-hungry and completely incompetent national leaders are simply disgusting!], Sodari appointed as Chief Minister of Sudurpaschim Province (kh 18/04/2024), Sodari takes oath as Sudurpaschim Province Chief Minister (kh 18/04/2024)

Sudurpashim Province Head Miya makes fresh call for government formation : Rejects both claims by Nagarik Unmukti lawmakers, by Arjun Shah (kp 17/04/2024)

Unified Socialist will form alliance with NC in Sudurpaschim: Rajendra Pandey : Might create ripples in other govts (kh 15/04/2024) [In a federal state, this should have no impact on other provinces. B, ut the decision must ultimately be made by the provincial level of the party, not by the national party leadership!], Unified Socialist’s Sudurpaschim switch strains federal alliance :After creating divisions in the province, the Ranjita-Resham power struggle causes rifts at centre, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 16/04/2024) [This is due to the centralised mindset of the top politicians in Kathmandu and their lack of understanding of federal politics. However, co-operation with a convicted murderer must be rejected.]

Two Nagarik Unmukti lawmakers claim Sudurpaschim chief minister post : Longstanding dispute between party chair Ranjita Shrestha and her husband Reshamlal Chaudhary leads to conflicting claims from the party, by Arjun Shah (kp 15/04/2024) [Nepal should have at least two Chief Ministers for each province. This would make it much easier for the national party elites to allocate posts. It would be best if these posts were then refilled every six months, not counting changes in coalitions at national level. What a marvellous federal democracy!]

Bhim Rawal criticizes Sudurpashchim CM tug-of-war, deeming it contrary to Constitution (kh 14/04/2024)

Laxman Kishore Chaudhary asserts claim to Sudurpaschim’s CM post (rep 14/04/2024)

Resham Chaudhary faction forms alliance with NC and Unified Socialist in Sudurpaschim (kh) [Resham Chaudhary is a convicted criminal with whom no one should enter into a coalition!]

Ruling alliance agrees to handover Sudurpaschim govt to Nagarik Unmukti Party for a year : The provincial government would be led by ruling alliance in rotation (kh 14/04/2024) [What anti-democratic and anti-federal nonsense!]

NUP’s Kailash Chaudhary set to be elected as Sudurpaschim CM (rep 11/04/2024) [Yes, the politicians really can't bring enough chaos into the country!!!]

Sudurpaschim Province lawmaker Indira Giri dismissed from position (kh 08/04/2024) [The Political Parties Act gives party leaders completely inappropriate power! The loss of party membership or the expulsion of MPs from parliament must be subject to the highest conditions and must not be so easily decreed by a single person!], SC orders reinstatement of NUP’s Sudurpaschim lawmaker Indira Giri (rep 14/04/2024) [!!!!!]

Maoist Center issues whip against Sudurpaschim CM Shah (kh 04/04/2024)

Sudurpaschim Province CM Shah to seek vote of confidence on April 4 (kh 02/04/2024)

Nagarik Unmukti directs to withdraw support given to Sudurpaschim govt (kh 29/03/2024) [Once again, the central leadership of a party decides how the party should behave in a province. This is further proof of th]e complete lack of understanding of a federal state!]

Ministerial portfolios assigned to two ministers from NUP (rep 28/03/2024)

Nagarik Unmukti decides to support new coalition in Sudurpaschim (kh 27/03/2027), Nagarik Unmukti Party to pull plug on Sudurpaschim government : Some central members boycotted the meeting expressing their dissatisfaction with the proposal to quit the government, party sources say, by Arjun Shah (kp 28/03/2024)

Sudurpashchim CM Shah appoints three ministers from Nagarik Unmukti Party (kh 09/03/2024), Nagarik Unmukti Party to take action against members joining NC-led Sudurpaschim government (kh 09/03/2024)

Sudurpaschim, FNCCI agree for collaboration (rep 22/10/2023)

Nagarik Unmukti Party recalls lawmakers set to take oath as cabinet members (kh 25/07/2023)

Three including Province Law Minister Singh die in Bajhang road accident (kh 20/06/2023)

Progress and perseverance in Sudurpashchim : Although much work remains to be done, the province is making remarkable progress in health, education, and inclusion, by Riina-Riikka Heikka, Nona Deprez , Gilles Bourbao  & Thomas Prinz (kp 02/04/2023)

NUP to participate in Sudurpaschim govt (rep 05/03/2023), Sudurpaschim CM Shah gets vote of confidence (rep 05/03/2023), Sudurpaschim Chief Minister Shah garners two-thirds majority in the provincial assembly (kh 05/03/2023)

There should not be mid-term elections in Sudurpaschim province: Madhav Kumar Nepal (kh 12/02/2023)

Sudurpaschim province has a new Cabinet : Congress’ Kamal Bahadur Shah was appointed chief minister after UML’s Rajendra Singh Rawal failed to win trust vote, by Arjun Shah (kp 11/02/2023)

NC PP leader Shah appointed Sudurpaschim Chief Minister, swearing-in on Friday (kh 09/02/2023), Congress in power in Sudurpaschim : Fall of UML-led provincial government suggests more problems ahead for ruling coalition, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 1002/2023)

Sudurpaschim govt collapses within a month (kh 09/02/2023), Sudurpashchim CM Rawal loses vote of confidence (rn 09/02/2023)

NUP to refrain giving vote of confidence to CM Rawal,  Sudurpaschim govt likely to face crisis (kh 07/02/2023), Sudurpaschim’s Rawal in trouble as Unmukti Party not giving vote of confidence (kh 08/02/2023), Vote of confidence motion of Sudurpaschim province postponed on Wednesday (kh 08/02/2023), Nagarik Unmukti Party will not surrender, says party Chair Ranjita Shrestha (kh 09/02/2023) [????]

UML's Rawal stakes claim for the post of province chief (rep 11/01/2023)

Nagarik Unmukti Party backs UML candidate for chief minister of Sudurpaschim Province (rep 11/01/2023)

NUP in dilemma over joining govt in SP (ht 08/01/2023)

Sudurpaschim Province Chief calls parties to stake claim for Chief Minister (kh 04/01/2023)

Province government formation uncertain in Sudurpaschim (kh 02/01/2022)

Shortage of textbooks affects studies in Far-west hill districts : Students, teachers left in the lurch while authorities concerned appear indifferent, by Menuka Dhungana and Tripti Shahi (kp 30/08/2022)

Far-West's potential : The govt must focus on human resource development to improve the living condition of the region (ht 14/06/2022)

More money than it can handle : This is how Sudur Pashchim Province can increase expenditure of federal grants, by Khagendra Prawaha (kp 23/01/2022)

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